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tv   Headline News  RT  August 1, 2013 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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if you're away from your television it just doesn't matter how would your mobile device if you could watch your t.v. any time and you were. breaking news and i'll see whistleblower edward snowden a house reporter going to london transit zone of moscow's sheremetyevo airport after being issued big paper while alaskan entry into russia. this is own senior carries her life from moscow hello and welcome to the program and of course we'll begin this hour with breaking news representatives of moscow's sheremetyevo airport edward snowden has led the transit zone where he's been
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stranded for over a month the news comes minutes after the whistleblower has been issued the crucial paperwork allowing him into russia and let's now get the details from. she is joining us now live. looks like his stay in limbo is finally over what can you tell us and see that's completely it is so according to the russia's a news agency the end always which is quoting a mr snowden's lawyer. who has been assisting in the recent days to with mr snowden's people work here in russia as well as according to the federal immigration service now the former and the say contracture has just laughed the a building off the international share a major airport where he has been stuck in a transit zone for more than a month now earlier before the breaking news coming to well has hit the news space really the lawyer often. mr snowden on the should in the south that's the
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former n.s.a. contractor today god told the necessary paperwork to leave the airport and set foot on the russian soil now he now is can freely stay here in russia while his asylum request is being processed at the federal migration service and now as i said again he has been stuck in a transit zone for more than a month and this day he has just left the airport building one hundred and won't say his next move likely to be ok we expect while the situation really remains unclear still as before mr snowden was actually planning to get to the countries of south america as three countries believe nicaragua. said that they could offer him asylum but than it turned out says that some mr snowden is no longer able to travel and really
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a recent incident with the bolivian president's plane really proved that just the plane was forced to ground and reportedly searched us there were some speculations that mr snowden might be on board so that recent recent incident really proved that he's no longer able to continue his journey and he is going to stay here in russia and that he is lawyer on the side that snowden will stay in russia for at least a year while his asylum application is being processed and then he might even become a russian citizen now that is going on meanwhile the u.s. continues to demand his extradition but still there is no extradition treaty between russia and the united states and earlier several weeks ago president putin sad that so mr snowden can actually stay in russia but on one condition if he stops any activities which are aimed at harming the u.s. interests now according to. mr snowden said that this is something that he could
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actually do and as i said before now the breaking news is that he has. airport building finally after more than a month that he has been stuck at the airport. on the latest. developments and let's not just pass these news with. crotty i welcome to two very serious thank you nice to see you as always how well all this story all this latest developments a fact russia u.s. relations. snowden's arrival in the moscow airport was not a particularly welcome one from moscow's point of view they felt snowden's arrival muddied the waters and bilaterally in a way that moscow didn't really want relations with the u.s. were were tense enough on several key areas i think. moscow's been very careful not to overplay the snowden card right now i think the probably looked
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at how realistically snowden can be accommodated given the potential persecution that he faces in the united states. though i think the u.s. on the other hand has played a double. strategy and barack obama famously quipped that he was not going to heigl or make deals for what he called a hacker although i'm not sure but however having said that then there was the that was followed up shortly afterwards by the extraordinary morale as jeff debacle in which obviously united states intelligence in moscow had informed washington d.c. that snowden was on a plane bound for bolivia with believe in present rights so. i think the how this plays out in terms of russian u.s. relations is a tough one to answer right now i don't think i don't think either. or barack obama
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would like this to become an issue between them personally where do you think he will head next what are his next steps. i think there's been a little bit a lot of talk about what snowden will do if he gets his feet on the russian terra firma. although one hundred you can say well he's got an opportunity to stay in russia as far as i can see him he'll be issued a one year right stay. under certain conditions but i think i think it's probably more than likely that he might try to get himself onto diplomatic territory of any of the nations that are on solomon in latin america venezuela nicaragua or believe you and i may go straight to an embassy there. but hard hard to say at this stage absolutely and in the light of the. latest case at trial how do you think. the whistleblowing as a whole will it. well. i think i think it's necessary to this is
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hard to separate manning from from snowden snowden is a civilian and manning is a man in uniform so there are very different different situations. legally but the brief to the media this morning was that snowden was due to issue a statement quote unquote in the light of the verdicts that were handed down to bradley manning. secret the united states my government my guess is and i think anybody who's been watching the two cases would be forgiven for. is that snowden had a look at how manning was treated and looks at but looking at the fact that manning could spend up to one hundred thirty six years or resented two hundred thirty six years. in prison i think probably was it was a red flag to snowden that may have triggered his decision to leave although it's interesting that it seems to have been his decision to move after all given the will he won't last week when when he was supposed to come out of the airport and or when he was rumored that he wouldn't he didn't and also i'm well managed to get the words from edward snowden's father let's now listen and listen in and discuss it
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later. watching your family as well and we love you i hope to see you soon i would also like to thank president vladimir putin the russian government for the what i believe the courage and the strength and conviction to keep my son safe we have tried to relapse rate work with the justice department to lay the groundwork to ensure that my son would receive a fair trial here although i know that assurances have been provided that he would not be executed or tortured if he were brought back the fact is no assurances have been provided that he would be given the fair trial that he deserves or any citizen of this nation. should be afforded given our constitution. so the father said that the f.b.i. had tried to persuade him to fly to moscow to convince his son to return to the
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united states what do you make of that. i think it was very interesting that the russian news channel managed to produce an interview between the lawyer who was reportedly working on on edward snowden's behalf. and snowden's father. i think there was the there had been a great deal of suspicion around about culture and his role in this that he did seem to have been a little bit too close to the kremlin for a lot of people's liking but. snowden's father was involved in the interview and that he made this impassioned plea to his soul and to president obama and extended his gratitude to. to vladimir putin and the russian federation was very surprising to me personally at least. i think i think if. if if guarantees could be given and if the necessary assurances were there that snowden
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would be. guaranteed what his father called a fair trial i'm not quite sure what he meant by that but i think it was efficient as could be done well then there's every chance that his father might try to persuade him to to to face trial in the u.s. i mean if he doesn't snow is going to face a life in exile and that's not a particularly easy prospect to face. and. figure out a way to next so we can't confirm yet that snowden has in. transit . but this information comes from stop at sheremetyevo airport and right now. we should also say that. airport also briefed last week or to the media that snowden would be leaving the airport and he didn't he didn't really take that with a pinch of salt all right and so but he. has spoken to.
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that appears to be. what you are. yes. ok with then we see you have all your love that was all going to talk. to you on behalf of. holding up what seemed to be a very simple listen to him later on absolutely. let's not try to listen so we can't i should say we can't confirm that snowden has indeed left the transit zone of share metro airport this information comes from stuff the airports the law assisting snowden says the paperwork issued today. allows him to leave the airport and later listen to his lawyer anatoly richer and he hasn't and it's only katrina hasn't gone far and. that information but there's just one source that has indeed
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sound that. it was snowden left well i guess i guess the big question is there under what conditions i mean did snowden walk i expect to be greeted by a flanks of media who will soak up his every word and distributed tweeted to the world or has he been brought out quietly head of the media pack put into a car with blacked out windows and driven off to a secret location where he'll be loved. and would prefer. quiet around. again i think it's worth considering that. snowden does not want to make his nest any messier than he's made it for himself right now he's pledged for two reasons one he's facing very serious charges in the united states and to his asylum or his refugee status should it be granted or if it's been granted in russia. stipulates that he may not. continue to harm our american partners so.
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snowden has has left the airport he's done it very quietly and he's trying to keep away from the media absolutely and so do you. ok right now i'm guessing i'm getting reports that. the russian assisting noir of edward snowden has indeed confirms that address has left port of course we're closely watching all of the develop a. bunch of questions there you know who's going with where's he gone. who set it up to set up the example. if you remember correctly around the time when snowden arrived in the airport there were there was a visit visit to the airport by the ecuadorian embassy to return not mistaken who turned up a new diplomatic car despite denials by the embassy that he was going to go there as he stepped into a diplomatic car belonging to the nicaragua believe you or venezuelan is heading for an embassy now and maybe our correspondent will be able to confirm if there's
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any traffic jams on on learning i also mentioned the culture is joining is ready to join us right now with the moment you know how can you hear us yeah yeah all right fantastic so what more can you say looks like his stay in limbo is finally over what's new do you know that's true here he has finally last year for the shooting made to international airport now the breaking news here and he has been staying at the airport for more than a month basically as you just mentioned stuck in a trance with the transit limbo now what we've been receiving are some some of the recent comments coming from on the. the lawyer of mr snowden who has been assisting the former n.s.a. contractor whether he is people who work here in russia for the past couple of weeks now what. the status quo out that ad was snowden now is in a safe place and that the people who work that he has been given is valid for up to a year which means that for this period of time for
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a year he is free to stay work and travel around the russian federation now this is something new that we've been receiving and though these people work as we've just mentioned. given him this chance to finally leave the airport and third on the russian so well. i mean i thank you very much indeed and joining us now live for more reaction to this that we can get from john killick executive director of the open rights group mr killick welcome to r.t. so what's your reaction to the announcement that snowden's whereabouts will remain undisclosed for now. while i guess he wants to have some privacy. something that everyone has been lacking a little bit perhaps feeling the lack of since his revelations i guess he needs time to recuperate think about what he's going to do next and think about you know
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whether he's got more than he wants to reveal i mean we had more revelations in the last week about the extent of united states surveillance he's been very careful with the documents it seems that he's gotten perhaps he just needs time to review what information he has in cases more to be said yes and if he's in high day can this really be regarded as an asylum. well i would hope it can be i mean he if he's you know he's lawyers and him have got to make a judgment about his safety i know that putin tried to put some informal conditions on his. asylum request by asking him not to campaign against the united states i don't think he is campaigning against the united states by the way by making revelations i think he's attempting to reinforce and actually strengthen the united states democratic culture so i think he's every right to stick to
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continue to disclose and i really do hope he does so after all that we've had about mr snowden should we expect more revelations from him. i think we should i mean he's certainly not said that he's run out of things to tell us and i think part of the what reason he wants his freedom is so that he can continue to talk about what he's learned if he had said everything that he had to say i think that would be a case you know from the things he's previously with the edward snowden has previously said i think is a case of he might say well i'll face trial and. see what the government has got to say and you know use that as a platform but he one of the reasons he asked to keep his freedom and said he wanted to seek asylum was so that he could continue to talk as a free man. and continue to discuss what he knew and now in the official decision and place what reaction can we expect from washington well i'm sure they'll put a lot of pressure on the russian government to. to to arrest him
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obviously the probably are the laws in place to do that but i think they will put pressure in that kind of way and i think this is going to be quite an uncomfortable situation i dare say that edward snowden may want you know in the long term he may have other destinations in mind. but i'm sure it will not be a good thing for united states russian relations and because of that i have to say we you know i have to say that the there's been some courage from the russian government in doing this and they have done the right thing are i actually think that the real rippin governments also should have been open to applications of asylum from edward snowden not least because it's european setters and had their rights impinged you know with impunity in all of this by the british and the american government i think many of the european states should have said that they would regard him not just as
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a whistleblower but somebody who had revealed very important things about what was going on and they should have been prepared to offer him asylum as a result yes and mr killick. just some information for you we just got a report from a. lawyer for edward snowden and he says that edward snowden is in a safe place right now indeed but not. to airport all right john king look executive director of the open rights group thank you very much thank you. alright and ever snowden has indeed loved the transit zone at moscow's sheremetyevo airport this information being confirmed by the law assisting him and that's all it could cheer and so he says that paperwork issued today allows him to get to work and remain in russia for up to twelve months and his whereabouts is according to the lawyer snowden went to quote a safe place and to remind you it's not snowden is they a thirty year old intelligence analysts from north carolina who leaked details of
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a number of top secret surveillance programs the revelations sparked massive public outrage with a wave of criticism coming from across the u.s. and around the world and on the seas i have a cross here with me to discuss the latest development in the edward snowden tsonga . well it's. all right as a. journalist i'm pretty happy he's out i think i think the moscow will be happy to say that forever well he could stay there forever sure i mean i mean he was he seemed to be doing all right when we saw footage of him that was smuggled out of that meeting that he had with human rights activists a couple of weeks ago he looks fine absolutely fine i can't imagine staying in a. transit hotel for as long as he has a couple of months or is that much fun. i'm glad he's out it opens up a very very interesting stuff as to what will come next for edward snowden. snowden
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be effectively sponsored in russia will the guy have to go back to get a job. go and work somewhere how will he be able to get a job that fulfills the conditions. set down for him by none other than vladimir putin that he's he's he's not allowed to continue to harm the american partners television has several television channels have ordered him. off and i should say plates to what i can imagine yeah i can imagine it was also this hilarious offer from. two to get married at some stage as well on a chapman being the. famous one who who everyone loved. who was exported or deported from the united states. more interested me i think it's the question of how snowden's security can be guaranteed while he's in russia could prove costly to
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the russian state who could prove too costly to the russian state and it may not be a given that his conditions the conditions under which is on them will remain unchanged i think it is that for the year that's. probably a point to stating russia for passing. well it's absolutely i mean it's the best it's the best game and it's the only option he's got on the one hand and on the other yeah i think you know the protection of the kremlin is considerable safety net show us on the ground and yeah i will try to prove that it is safe for edward snowden to stay here in russia because the whole world is watching absolutely absolutely and it's probably a potential two to inadvertently. put a bill on the faces of the white house administration the state department in the pentagon who have been. falling over themselves falling backwards over themselves since snowden's revelations started to come out going right back to the. national security administration's boss saying flatly. some claimed telling an untruth
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to convert to congress inquiry and then having to backtrack on. that and saying that he thought he was telling the least or giving the least erroneous answer possible extraordinary linguistic twists and turns in order to justify what had gone on so i think i think that. from a very. strategic international p.r. perspective the ball is in moscow's court they've got snowden and he's going to be looked after and i think every chance that they'll probably know about as much of the conflict as we have a future. and let's sound discuss the latest with intelligence expert and your political analyst. calls. thank you very much for joining us now about this story so what's your reaction to that announcement that edward snowden. has left the airport and about his whereabouts will remain
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undisclosed for a while. so first of all that's a great day it's a great day for the human rights record and it's a great day for russia because the united states now will be on the heavy pressure to try to stop him to. publish more. from the point of human rights it's really a great those that is like you know if it's very probably not always. the first use of the word what you do have affected his human life because what he has done is something that has to do with human widespread checked their privacy and i'm very very happy and very russians. have done what they have to sink you very much for russia. can he now really be considered
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a safe. bet of course from the russians. to within the next month. by saying he will be very safe in russia he doesn't have to fear for his life because if the americans if the who is going to try to kill him that would be very very bad. and i'm really happy what happened now. do you expect more of our relations from edward snowden off of course off. notes through moscow up through london and. he has always said you know you to do that and many of his papers are already how russia they are already and. the americans will try to stop. i'm convinced we will have much more substance or more use will come out with the
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next months and i say i'll kind of plan should can be put on most sky by washington now in order to get a hold of snowden well that's always the same game that we will see you know the americans will try to. go to expose some russian diplomats maybe that tomorrow or next month they will come out with that news and say that the respect. from russian diplomats but that's the old game what what you do and you had such a situation and it is a bad game. we will see things like that expelling diplomats and. putting more pressure on russia. now i say intelligence experts. all have caught sat mr alcott thank you very much into it thank you thank you. and the latest news outlets not only has indeed left the transit zone. to add hold
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this information being confirmed by the norway assisting him and that's all he could sure anna as has the paperwork today i louse him. walk and for made in russia for up to twelve months his whereabouts is unknown according to the law snowden quote a safe place to remind edward snowden is the set here old intelligence analysts from north carolina who moved to details of a number of top secret surveillance programs they revelational sparked massive public outrage with a wave of criticism coming from across the us and around the world. so far as he's media agency ruptly has spoken to edward snowden's a new anatoly creature analysts now take a listen as promised. to the fact that he's the most wanted man on. his be concerned about the issues of security.
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he will be concerned with he should have saved his place of living and it's. slower and i will consult him vies he won something. or most of the cases is up to him for a meeting the press sees ready to talk to the russian media but you need to understand that he needs some time to adapt to russian realities. so i have got a job for the n.s.a. one of the largest and most seekers he will be u.s. intelligence agencies as a security guard but in two thousand and six he managed to win an information technology job with the cia disappointment the credit due to credential in the following years he discovered the full extent of the government spying programs in one interview he said he was willing to blow the whistle on the practices back in two thousand and eight but chose not to because he believed the promises made by president obama the revelations began in june with snowden first exposing the will
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rise and files which detail the way intelligence officials collected people's phone records and they were later followed by the exposure of the prism program there was a blow was in hong kong when his leaks made the headlines and then fly to moscow on during the twentieth aired it was believed he was intending to use russia as a stopover to a third and final destination thought to be in latin america but the paperwork problems have let him stranded in transit until today. so the man of the hour edward snowden is responsible for one of the largest intelligence leaks in modern history less than twenty four hours ago the way it was lifted and more secrets the n.s.a. were hoping to hide and this time it concerns their secret spying browser. can has the details on the vast operations remember when edward snowden said he could wiretap.


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