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tv   Headline News  RT  August 2, 2013 5:00am-5:29am EDT

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edward snowden leaves the. moscow airport after russia grants him years. it's a decision the cost in washington fresh threats including the possible cancellation of a. published leaks reveal the u.s. . into the biggest british spy agency ultimately highlighting london's dependence on washington. by the last british resident of the guantanamo bay prison. special investigation.
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thank you for joining us here today. u.s. it was a blow edward snowden is free to live and work in russia now for up to twelve months without fearing extradition and the former n.s.a. contractor has been granted temporary asylum here in the country meaning he finally left the moscow airport where he's been trapped in transit limbo since june. has been following the developments in the snowden. now that seldon's managed to leave the transit zone of sydney to the airport to this is a whole new chapter in this story but if only we knew at least approximately where he was now his location is even more secret. due to the fact that he's the most wanted person on planet earth to do he'll be concerned about the issue of security that includes questions of safety and the police where he is going to live that's
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all up to him as hughes lawyer will consult and advise him but on other issues it's up to him as for meeting the press yes he's ready to meet the russian media but you need to understand you still need some time to adapt to russian realities a lawyer on the personally accompanied snowden and we can weeks representatives harrison outs of the airport and put them in a taxi initially it was expected that snowden was supposed to leave the airport last week but had to take time for all the necessary legal procedures that in a statement published on thursday snowden outlined how everything was done in full compliance with russian and international legislation the former n.s.a. contractor did agreed to the conditions voiced by president putin under which he could stay in russia and that is to stop arming washington's image and while concerning his latest revelations he did pass all these documents to journalists before he arrived to show he meets with board from another we know that
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snowden's looking possibly at finding a job here in russia nothing concrete at the moment but russia's largest social network has already made an offer to him as an eighty's specialist in charge of the privacy and security of users. not if you go to pissing off right now russia's granting of temporary asylum to edward snowden has infuriated washington the white house hinted that september summit between obama and vladimir putin could now be canceled that's all or some republican senators have called for a major rethink of relations between the two countries and washington gauging the response guy nature can. together with edward snowden russia has now become the object of washington's wrath fiery remarks are coming from congress senator lindsey graham says americans in washington should consider this a game changer in our relationship with russia senator john mccain goes it is
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a slap in the face of all americans we cannot allow today's action by putin to stand without serious repr cautions the white house touched upon some of those are precautions saying moscow's decision on snowden undermines the growing cooperation between russian and u.s. security services the white house spokesperson said washington is quoted extremely disappointed with moscow also this mr snowden is not a whistleblower he is accused of leaking classified information and has been charged with three fairly villany counts and he should be returned to the united states polls show the majority of americans actually disagree with the white house on whether or not mr snowden is a whistle blower they think it is but it seems the white house and some lawmakers are only happy to focus on russia because it takes the funder away from the conversation about the surveillance state but the conversation is happening as much as the government would want to be can't put a lid on it new laws are being proposed to rein in n.s.a.
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surveillance last week. by only twelve votes lawmakers have indicated there will be more such proposals in response to snowden's revelations senior intelligence officials have testified in congress releasing classified documents but they wouldn't be having that conversation if it weren't for snowden from snowden we first learned about the prism program a system the n.s.a. uses to gain access to the private communications of users of nine popular internet services the government said the n.s.a. does that only with a warrant from the fights a court those are secret court orders snowden said the fisa court merely rubber sems such warrants and he revealed one such secret court order for a telecommunications company to hand over its clients data in bulk the government has acknowledged all collection of communications but said no one can look at the content of those communications without a warrant snowden said yes they can this week the guardian relying on the documents that snowden had earlier provided his release details of
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a program that makes it possible we learned about x. keyscore which allows to search through vast amounts of data collected by other programs having sekret finest his career and his comfortable lifestyle snowden said he wanted to expose the government's line in washington i'm going to shut down well russia and its pilots those up salute you know the reason why the decision over snowden's asylum should damage relations with washington and that's also the view shared by a london based legal expert alexander mchugh verse. the ball in a sense is in the american court that the russian authorities have been extremely careful to do this by the book they've insisted on mr snowden making a problem application he's done it through a lawyer there is a well founded case here for asylum the u.s. has no legal grounds to object to this now that he is in russia proper i think he the intention will be to apply for full refugee status if the u.s.
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number less wants to jeopardize its very important relationship with russia because russia has done something which it is legally fully entitle to do that is a decision for the u.s. but many people will i think feel that if the u.s. does that then the u.s. frankly is behaving in a very strange and self destructive way. and snowden's leaks continue to span the atlantic for example the latest revelations now published by the guardian newspaper ultimately show british intelligence has not only been spying on its own people extensively but a huge amount of it has been funded by washington d.c. let's bring up the numbers here in the stats and show you how this intelligence gathering operation has been working for you k g c h q pumping huge amounts of money in order to gather personal data from mobile devices and applications saying it wants to exploit any phone anywhere any time in just the past five years alone
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the amount of data gathered from the internet traffic by the intelligence has increased more than seventy times he's probably boyko now takes a much closer look at what exactly is a part of being a finance what exactly is washington's role in this program the u.s. government has paid at least one hundred million pounds to the u.k. spy agency over the past three years now in return for this money they've got access to and influence over britain's intelligence gathering programs now these were allegedly top secret payments the americans expect a return on their investments in g c h q so g c h q has got to work very hard to meet the n.s.a.'s demands which almost makes it sound as though that the u.k. intelligence agency is working for the n.s.a. i mean for such a prestigious agency these revelations are likely to be extremely damaging one g c
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h q strategy briefing that the guardian has seen says to quote g c h q must pull its weight and be seen to pull its weight which gives you an impression of the sort of the work ethic in g c h q and the how hard they're trying to please the americans really the guardian seen other documents that reveal that g c h q is actively pouring money into spying on. and personal mobile phones and applications and according to the guardian some stuff that works for d.c. h.q. have expressed concern about the morales c. and about the ethics behind what it is they do they are given the level of deception in their work as well apparently a number of employees have been concerned about that now the leaked papers also show that the u.k.'s biggest fear is that the us becomes dissatisfied with the work that d.c. h.q. is doing and as a result will invest less money into the u.k.
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spy agency which brings us to watch a number of observers are concerned most about in this story which is just how close the relationship between g c h q and the n.s.a. really is certainly considering the amount of money that's been poured in and just to remind you that it's over one hundred million pounds over the past three years it would seem as though the british side is almost dependent on that american counterparts course one a political right now still ahead for you this hour here on r.t. a syrian war affecting families in europe but the number of young men leaving the e.u. to five alongside the syrian rebels. told a belgian man whose son joined the jihadists about just exactly how we ended up in the war torn country. and while politicians in paris are trying to paint a picture of national unity social and even racial divisions in france are only gaining steam and we report on more offer a very short break. but
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the best for the world the week show strong. for sure but we just showed we. still believe that rick about his birth as it was a stroke about. speak your language. programs and documentaries in spanish what matters to you. but a little too much of angle is story. here. the spanish. visit.
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the. economic down in the final. days. and the rest. a little bit every week. from moscow it's auto. the last british resident of the guantanamo bay detention camp now claiming that god's sexually assault him during prisons is all this coming out and president obama's new push to shut down the camp over the white house is all quote steps keep stumbling upon a no go from congress so auntie's been carrying out an investigation into the story with the help of our correspondent. chucker armor the alaska british detainee at the guantanamo bay prison who's been on hunger strike since january against his
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unlawful detention the claims that he's being assaulted sometimes sexually during prison search as i am or was arrested in afghanistan in two thousand and one he's been at the prison a for eleven years without having been charged with any offense and he says he that he still faces a daily quote unquote a forced cell extractions they flip me over for the surge mostly that's just an assault sometimes a sexual assault we call it the get my message they carry me like a second potatoes which is really painful for me. this information was revealed in a due process for a conversation between elmer and his lawyer in the united states this news comes just weeks after u.k. prime minister david cameron had said that you had raised the case of amr with the us president barack obama at the g eight summit over concerns that the u.s. was trying to render armor to saudi arabia we contacted the british foreign office
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and this is what they said. we take any and the geishas of mr mistreatment seriously mr ramos case remains a high priority for the u.k. government and we continue to make clear to the u.s. that we want him released and returned to the u.k. as a matter of urgency stories of inmates at guantanamo have been coming to light especially with attention on every hunger strike that's been going on inside most of this information revealed through lawyers of the detainees one other example for instance is more have described the prison as a quote unquote place without walls he said that he had suffered repeated abuse of interrogation techniques including sexual humiliation of water torture as well as sleep deprivation in response to artie's queries if the deputy joint task force public affairs officer at guantanamo sent us this reply. that was all right that clive smith a lawyer representing shock in the u.s. says his client is not the only one subjected to degrading procedures. we have now
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raised it with the american courts that they shouldn't be doing this they shouldn't effectively be sexually assaulting the prisoners and it was the government i believe who first started using the term scruton search if you'll believe it the they actually admitted doing this sort of thing and it's been done to try to intimidate prisoners out of talking to their lawyers so that unfortunately the truth would not come out of crown tonneau babe in arms out that most of them are resisting jack has been going through this for months and months and months now and i've got a proud woman and weighed it and his response to that is when they leave him in his cell he starts singing you know both molly's arms near get up stand up or be your rhythmix at the guards to show that he's not to be cowed persons i think the shock is standing up for his rights and the rights of other prisoners prisoners has motivated their guards under orders from the more senior offices to trees very bad
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but actually it's not had the effect the desired effect on her and it's made shock a stronger mentally because he recognizes that he is now at least in some parts in control of his life so i've actually been impressed by the psychological improvements and even though physically isn't very tough strings. and from on it's online news now including internet users be aware of what you're looking for on the web to avoid some rather unpleasant consequences even a search for a pressure cooker and a backpack on you a visit from the terrorists squad those details right now on the web site all to you dot com. and a french cool rules in favor of the controversial g.m.o. produce monsanto paving the way for genetically modified crops to be used by the country's that's not going to go smoothly with the public online you can find out what's behind the decision and if the e.u.
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members might be poised to follow suit. first rate. and i think your. orders. are to busy world up to get to you shortly first though i would. go on syria now officially expired fears are growing that european countries might get more involved in the conflict indeed if they start supplying the rebels with weapons but some in europe are already affected by the never ending war up to six hundred europeans and that's only the official figure have left their families to fight against the syrian government and my colleague bill dog he spoke to dimitri from
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belgium whose son ended up joining that she had just since area. to want to hold on to it friends with muslim brothers when they become eighteen and there's nothing wrong with that to go holiday for the wall to know and after. that they may send those much as though there's entire euro that they give him money that they give him a scholarship that pay money to study to continue the study of this muslim religion and some of his you know but i didn't trust it to have the feeling that something was going wrong you have that wind just cereal i know i'm going to make it fast. you want to serious i started this cover every day thousand pictures and videos of syria and one day i recognize my all son in the video with other belgian guys so i moved to syria i was in the way i've seen so many cruel things even the one in the fighting group and got the word that you got me that put the cuffs on me i was almost debts and at least i came back to the question with empty hands because
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these radical people these leaders this show you know they don't give me the opportunity to see my own son if you experience the horrors of war do you think he would want to come back but they may not let him in effect has he been kidnapped. because they. were standing above all these children from the west not only from the west but many of the young guys from all over the walls they are using this young children and all months that they see they see their family are they go back to europe is a very traumatic time for him what do you say to other parents who could well experience the same thing what you say offer in terms of advice that this could happen to their children it's time five to twelve that the international community little stand up and react i am very realistic and not only me but this is a much it's all the parents and that's why the international community in the direct they're doing nothing doing nothing the west is doing nothing to bring our children back they do
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a chance even sabbat this radical fighters. all right off to fester in cairo now with the anti world update with thousands of supporters of the ousted egyptian president mohamed morsi have marched straight to the headquarters of the country's military intelligence defying the government calls to abandon their demonstrations in cairo police were ordered to break up all in any rallies after the cap on a rule but further rioting posed a threat to national security it was back in early july that morsi was overthrown the demonstrations by his supporters have been continuing unabated and demanding his reinstatement in calling the current government illegitimate. a former goldman sachs trader has been found guilty of six fraud charges and a high profile credit crunch case for greece touré misled investors about the risks of mortgage securities back in two thousand and seven it own goldman sachs a fortune and torrie a personal bonus of almost two million bucks the trader faces fines and
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a ban from the industry when his punishment is announced later. time for a bust up as a taiwanese lawmakers brawled and threw water at each other just ahead of a vote that would green light a referendum on whether to finish building a fourth nuclear power plant in the country a members of the ruling nationalist party who favor the use of atomic energy plashed with the opposition which is strongly against the idea if indeed the referendums are passed the problem could become operational by two thousand and sixteen. before we get to sophie co a final france's secular laws have put a dent into the country's relations with its lama community a recent riots and clashes with police over the ban on face covering burkas have sparked a heated debate on whether uncontrolled mass immigration is the true cause of failing multiculturalism and this story goes to wattis more of. vincent born in france from french parents has been teaching philosophy and running again in paris
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where he has spent his whole life now he's getting ready to emigrate he says he no longer feels at home here. there are zones around paris and around other big cities where even the police don't dare to enter we call these places could gorge cutthroats they're ruled by a parallel economy of drugs and remain hermetic to ordinary french people these areas are dominated by immigrants from france's former african colonies and are often the scene of violent confrontations. just last month five were injured during protests over the enforcement of france's ban on full face religious veils we go to one such place. twenty kilometers from paris and indeed it has a flavor of the countries its residents came from but what native to reasons complain about most echoes what locals here denounce welcome they get that we feel
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like we live in ghettos our kids are born here they're french citizens but they're treated like aliens the authorities have to do something if they want europe to resemble what they claim it to be french politicians frequently send mixed messages in these two thousand and eight speech french president at the time nicolas sarkozy exulted nixon ethnicities warning that racial purity could lead to the end of civilization for the city's assure the so shitty that's just a year after he promised to wipe the suburban streets clean and two years before a controversial law that prohibited islamic vails. they come here to get our votes they come they lie and they leave they simply use us the next french leader was a bit more consistent when running for president as well and promised more respect for these distressed areas and after becoming president he votes to improve education and create jobs there. but locals complained they were just empty promises and the figures seem to back that up unemployment here averages twenty two
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percent which is much twice the national average. if you look for an apartment or a job they see that you are not of french origin and put your c.v. to one side if you like to live in the times of slavery this feeling many fast as south in behavior like this or open violence this teenage boy of african origin is accused of raping fifteen women. on the field in africa i saw that little kids were raped and abused by white people so when i came here i was full of anger. although i did you respond to this by doing bad things to others. i just imitated what i saw in a vicious circle violence causes more violence a month ago pregnant muslim woman lost her baby after she was attacked for wearing the hijab experts say politicians could help overcome mutual hatred and intolerance but they seem uninterested in even trying. there is racism in how they treat people
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with announced it but in the case of that pregnant woman we only heard from the local brief and they even say maybe she lied to the mere fact that we are from here allowed them to doubt our words ultra right ideas gaining more and more popularity now here as well as in the rest of europe such concerns are becoming more and more serious the french more and wrongly your wild currents comes from two words leo an old unit of the sons and long feudal law applied in certain areas outside large cities people who live here a few dozen corners from the heart of paris say they still feel like they're living under putin all rule under entirely different system to the city dwellers the feeling is mutual on the other side and this difference in the mindset makes the gap between these two worlds to excrete. revolution on arts. from france. going to pleasure having with us here today on show you just
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a moment now in the latest interview from oxys so if you go. remember we talked about clothing for regular folks like you and me that can make you invisible to drones well freedom fashions as i like to call them are continuing to expand although the fact that our drones infrared eyes are very scary the more common street cameras are way more likely to want to average day violate your privacy and thus they invented the justice cap this hack blocks your face with the lights from face recognition software all the camera will see is an anonymous glowing ghost i personally haven't tested this thing out nor have i seen it with my own eyes and wearing three aaa batteries on your head at all times does seem like
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a bit of a bother if you really want to be left alone and you're willing to throw down a few dollars this looks like a pretty good fashion statement to me the sad thing is that this sort of invention shouldn't need to exist people shouldn't have to live with the constant fear of unlawful consent list observation but sadly they do so invaders keep the freedom fashions coming but that's just my opinion. hello welcome to sophie and me shevardnadze gas and oil is something that feels the modern society unfortunate. it also feels a lot of it's conflict russia is one of the richest countries when it comes to
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minerals and the biggest kind of ever shasta rise. problems are coming down the pipeline for the old energy barons show you is shaking the market players into rethinking its rebooting dispelling confidence in self secured regional monopolies which will heat europe next winter sure how the future will be arctic have a chance how are players changing tactics in the great game to fuel the world. to discuss the changes in the gas field and how it affects russia i'm joined by exciting mediates of the director general of guestrooms export arm gas from export it's great to have you with us today on the show mr midriff nice to hear you all right so before we get into the serious business i got to ask you this in a tourist tablet computer i pad for gas from c.e.o. that may cost three point seven million dollars what's that all about with. the
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sophisticated to information technology. is there more than there was this is will soon for all the members of the. so for me i pad is enormous progress problem. i don't know where you did this figure i hear it for the first time about forty four million dollars. but those were actually less expensive. to the business talk not even to stitch and chief executive of state oil company and one of president putin's closest advisors says the guy was too late to realize the robbery threat posed by u.s. shale gas and russia is now risking to lose the race for the gas markets if it fails to act do you feel like you've slept through the shale revolution. gotten calls of more than a.


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