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this is why you should. only. russia's granting a temporary asylum to edward snowden infuriates washington with the u.s. government threatening to cancel a joint summit as american lawmakers aim vitriol at. potential job offers further revelations go public exposing britain's financial dependence on the u.s. when it comes to spying. the last british resident in guantanamo bay says he's being sexually assaulted by guards as new figures show the facility has cost u.s. taxpayers almost five billion dollars since it opened our top stories this hour.
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international news and comment this is a twenty four hours a day live from moscow where it's now just turned nine pm so a new chapter is beginning for one of america's most wanted men who's finally left a moscow airport transit zone after more than a month in limbo whistleblower edward snowden is temporarily free to live and work in russia and job offers are already coming in as. reports. now that snowden has managed to leave the transit zone of settlement or to this is a whole new chapter in this story but if earlier we knew at least approximately where he was now his location is even more secret. to some of you to the fact that he's the most wanted person on planet earth to do he'll be concerned about the issue of security that includes questions of city and the police where he is going to live it's all up to him i will consult and advise him but on other issues it's up to him as we're meeting the press yes he's ready to meet the russian media but
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you need to understand you still need some time to adapt to russian realities a lawyer are going to be on the personally accompanied snowden and so we can leaks representatives harrison out of the airport and put them in a taxi initially it was expected that snowden was supposed to leave the airport last week but had to take time for all the necessary legal procedures that in a statement published on thursday snowden outlined how everything was done in full compliance with russian and international legislation the former n.s.a. contractor did agreed to the conditions voiced by president putin under which he could stay in russia and that is to stop farming washington's image and so while concerning his latest revelations he did pass all these documents to journalists before he arrived to show he meets with airport from a not only that we know that snowden's looking possibly at finding a job here in russia nothing concrete at the moment but russia's largest social
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network has already made an offer to him as an eighty specialist in charge of the privacy and security of users. so russia's decision is made the blood of american politicians boil while the white house signaled it may cancel september's summit between russian and u.s. leaders some congressmen are hurling threats of dark consequences at moscow including possible sanctions arties going to check on reports. together with edward snowden russia has now become the object of washington's wrath fiery remarks are coming from congress senator lindsey graham says americans in washington should consider this a game changer in our relationship with russia senator john mccain goes it is a slap in the face of all americans we cannot allow today's action by putin to stand without serious repr cautions the white house touched upon some of those are precautions saying moscow's decision on snowden undermines the growing cooperation
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between russian and u.s. security services the white house spokesperson said washington is quoted extremely disappointed with moscow also this. is not a whistleblower who is accused of leaking classified information and has been charged with three fairly villany counts and he should be returned to the united states polls show the majority of americans actually disagree with the white house on whether or not mr snowden is a whistle blower they think it is but it seems the white house and some lawmakers are only happy to focus on russia because it takes the thunder away from the conversation about the surveillance state but the conversation is happening as much as the government would want to be can't put a lid on it new laws are being proposed to rein in n.s.a. surveillance last week congress killed one such bill by only twelve votes lawmakers have indicated there will be more such proposals in response to snowden's revelations senior intelligence officials have testified in congress releasing classified documents but they wouldn't be having that conversation if it weren't
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for snowden from snowden we first learned about the prism program a system the n.s.a. uses to gain access to the private communications of users of nine popular services the government said the n.s.a. does that only with a warrant from the feisal court those are secret court orders snowden said the fisa court merely rubber sems such warrants and he revealed one such secret court order for a telecommunications company to hand over its clients data in bulk the government has acknowledged all collection of communication. but said no one can look at the content of those communications without a warrant snowden said yes they can this week the guardian were lying on the documents that snowden had earlier provided his release details of a program that makes it possible we learned about x. keyscore which allows to search through vast amounts of data collected by other programs having sekret finest his career and his comfortable lifestyle snowden said he wanted to expose the government's lines in washington i'm going to shut down we
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spoke to political analyst babbitt she thinks that if the roles were reversed the us would do exactly the same as russia and i think that snowden is a very special case because he didn't serve any foreign government what he did you don't his own and he revealed this information to press north to foreign agents i'm pretty sure that the united states would shield such a proceeding if he had been over russian origin and if he had been found in the united states russia i think was not very willing to have him here i think it's clear from mr bush's statements that he was not particularly a bit but the question is so what put it wouldn't do if he had delivered mr snowden out of the united states mr snowden will probably face life imprisonment in the united states so no civil list country can do it or this country will be respected .
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and while snowden valid to keep his mouth shut to enjoy russia's asylum his earlier revelations continue to shape the world the guardian newspaper has published a report suggesting that britain's government communications headquarters is not only spying on its citizens but has been funded by the us well let's check out how the tit for tat spying chain actually worked the u.k. g c h q pumped large amounts of money into efforts to gather personal data for mobile phones and applications saying it wanted to be able to exploit any phone anywhere any time in the past five years alone the amount of data gathered from the internet and mobile traffic by the intelligence agency has increased by more than seventy times. takes a closer look at the role washington is playing in all of this the us government has paid at least one hundred million pounds to the u.k.
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spy agency over the past three years now in return for this money they've got access to and influence over britain's intelligence gathering programs now these were allegedly top secret payments the americans expect a return on their investments in g c h q so do you see if you have got to work very hard to meet the n.s.a.'s demands which almost makes it sound as though that the u.k. intelligence agency is working for the n.s.a. i mean for such a prestigious agency these revelations are likely to be extremely damaging one g c h q strategy briefing that the guardian has seen says to quote that g c h q must pull its weight and be seen to pull its way. the sort of the work ethic in g c h q and the how hard they're trying to please the americans really the guardian seen other documents that reveal that d.c. h.q.
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is actively pouring money into spying on personal mobile phones and applications and according to the guardian some staff that work for d.c. h.q. have expressed concern about the more reality and about the ethics behind what it is they do they are given the level of deception in their work as well apparently a number of employees have been concerned about that now the leaked papers also show that the u.k.'s biggest fear is that the u.s. becomes dissatisfied with the work that d.c. h.q. is doing and as a result will invest less money into the u.k. spy agency which brings us to watch a number of observers are concerned most about in this story which is just how close the relationship between g c h q and the n.s.a. really is certainly considering the amount of money that's been poured in and just to remind you that it's over one hundred million pounds over the past three years it would seem as though the british side is almost dependent on their american
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counterparts. this is all to live here moscow there's now no legal restrictions stopping the e.u. from deeper involvement in the syrian conflict as an arms embargo on the country expire we report on how schools of european families are being damaged by the conflict raging for thousands of miles away that and other stories coming up after the break. the. economic downturn in the final. days the long.
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night and the rest. a few will be every week. if you. come up to twelve minutes past the hour now this is all to life here in moscow and back to our top story and that is edward snowden being granted asylum to live and
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work in russia for twelve months let's cross live now for more analysis to u.s. blogger and journalist dave lindorff dave so we know that snowden is going to be in russia if he wants to for up to twelve months but what do you think about his long term future what happens to him next. well he obviously he can renew apparently the the current asylum permit i don't know whether it gets renewed to permanent or gets renewed on a regular basis or whatever but he has the option of staying in russia i believe subject to you know following the rules and conditions of his asylum which i think included not further releasing damaging information that hurts the united states. and otherwise he has expressed a desire to go to venice well adamantly which has offered him asylum and i don't think i don't know is whether russia has given him a document which only is valid in russia or whether it allows him to travel
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he would have i think he would have to get a special travel document from russia to allow him to get on a plane so much anger and consternation coming from the u.s. and you just mentioned the fact that snowden has said he will stop now releasing any information that is harmful to washington to the united states but that doesn't seem to be enough really to placate the anger there in washington does it. it what the what we're seeing in the us is a charade i mean it is the anger is i think. not so much that russia granted him the asylum as they really want to make an example of snowden to the maximum extent because they're afraid of more whistleblowers coming out because of the reach of spying that's going on so the whole idea here with with him and with aaron swartz and with me and with bradley manning has been to come
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down like a tonne of bricks on the skies and make their lives as miserable as possible so that nobody else will do the same thing but you can understand the anger towards more sky who do you think most goes played it right by granting this i will perhaps could they have rejected out of saddam but because really a lot is at stake isn't it over the relations between the two will is it not going to be as bad as some in moscow to say i think the united states looks absurd. and then the u.s. looks like a two year old child that didn't get you know the cupcake it asked where something is a very small issue in the large scale of things it's not a geopolitical issue it's it's just russia saying that the need think that he has a legitimate claim that he will suffer. you know. unfair lack of justice and unfair treatment at the hands of the united states that these
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returned and i think that's totally valid i think russia has done exactly the right thing the u.s. has done it many times from people from other countries and now that we know that the united states tortures people that it takes people like manning like it did with u.s. citizen jose padilla earlier and bradley manning you know puts them in jail holds them. in solitary for a year's time deprives them of you know all sensory deprivation for months these kinds of her ific things that you used to associate with the worst dictatorships and the u.s. does it to selected targets including its own citizens so i think russia did exactly the right thing and that's why the united states is so irate is that they've been called on their lack of it here and to the rule of law and just very briefly u.s. will make as they seem to be split fifty fifty on whether to condemn or condone the n.s.a. that committees but actually not
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a lot of tangible vocal support for snowden that. well it's well it's interesting you know first of all the public poll latest poll i read showed that the public even after snowden was granted the asylum is fifty five percent favorable for what he has done and only it's staying at around thirty five percent which is mostly hardcore republicans who say that he's committed an act of treason which of course is absurd. so those numbers aren't moving that much there has been a slow drift upward in support for snowden and at least for his action in releasing the information now in congress it's a different story the split in the house from what i saw show that someone did some research and found that all the votes that supported the n.s.a. program. were people who were getting big money contributions from the telecommunications and. intelligence industry and the and the votes against it were
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people who weren't getting that money so it seems to be buying votes by this fly industry davidoff great to talk to you thank you very much and they feel perspective on all of us u.s. program telling us they have little flight hit on altie. the last british resident at the guantanamo bay detention camp shaka a man claims that god sexually assault him during prison such as the revelations come as new figures show the facility cost nearly three million dollars per prisoner each year to keep it open to senate reports. shucker armor the alaska british detainee at the guantanamo bay prison who's been on hunger strike since january against his unlawful detention the claims that he's being assaulted sometimes sexually during prison searches however was arrested in afghanistan in two thousand and one he's been at the prison a for eleven years without having been charged with any offense and he says he that he still faces a daily quote unquote
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a forced cell extractions they flip me over for the surge mostly that's just an assault sometimes a sexual assault we call it the get my message they carry me like a second potatoes which is really painful for me. this information was revealed in a declassified conversation between elmer and his lawyer in the united states this news comes just weeks after u.k. prime minister david cameron had said that he had raised the case of amr with the u.s. president barack obama at the g eight summit over concerns that the u.s. was trying to render armor to saudi arabia we contacted the british foreign office and this is what they said. we take any and again mr mistreatment seriously mr ramos case remains a high priority for the u.k. government and we continue to make clear to the u.s. that we want to be released and returned to the u.k. as a matter of urgency stories of inmates at guantanamo have been coming to light especially
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with attention on every hunger strike that's been going on inside most of this information revealed through lawyers of the detainees a one other example for instance is more or not to have described the prison as a quote unquote place without walls he said that he had suffered repeated abuse sedentary geisha techniques including sexual humiliation of water torture as well as sleep deprivation in response to artie's queries if the deputy joint task force public affairs officer at guantanamo so this reply we don't comment on i need to you tell me on occasions made through the defense attorneys regardless of how ridiculous and absurd to the allegations might be we also contacted the u.s. state department for their comments on the shocker on most case but we have yet to hear a reply reporting from london i'm tess are cilia. well there has been incarcerated for eleven years without charge and his lawyer clive stafford smith says the
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invasive searches a been done to intimidate prisoners. with the with the thirtieth we have now agreed ordering rid the american courts that they shouldn't be doing this they shouldn't effectively be sexually assaulting the prisoners and it was the government i believe who first started using the term scruton search if you will believe that the they actually admitted doing this sort of thing and it's been done to try to intimidate prisoners out of talking to their lawyers so that unfortunately the truth would not come out of crown tonneau bay and i don't doubt that most of them are resisting jack has been going through this and months and months and months now and i've got a proud moment away in his response to that is when they leave him in his cell he starts singing you know both molly songs new get up stand up or be your rhythmix and the guards to show that he's not going to be cowed. i think that shack is standing up for his rights and the rights of other prisoners prisoners has motivated the guards under orders from the more senior officers to treat very bad
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but actually it's not how the effects the desired effect on us and it's made shockers stronger mentally because he recognizes that he is now at least in some parts in control of his life so i've actually been impressed by the psychological improvements and even though physically isn't very tough straits. then he's nick from the london guantanamo campaign says the strong arm tactics they used to unsettle detainees. all of it was going on with the with the search is making noise during the night time these sexual abuse it's all part of seems to be part of a pattern of intimidation of the person of the detainees and part of a ploy to try and break the hunger strike so the detainees are carrying on with their hunger strike most of them in spite of all the abuses it's clearly a sign of weakness on the part of the u.s. administration and the military guantanamo that they're having to resort to these
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measures to try and break the hunger strike so clearly they're feeling the heat and you know the detainee's they you know they have to decide what to do with their bodies if they want to carry on with this or not but obviously this is an act of desperation on their part to be on hunger strike for six months in some cases and that they've got nothing to lose they've been there for eleven and a half years most of them without charge or trial and this is a desperate act on their part just to remind you we have more stories for you on our web site of the moment had there now to find out how the olympics in sochi will bring reprieve for gay rights activists in russia and peace in moscow say the new laura gets home a sexual propaganda will not be enforced during the games we're going to dot com to find out activists reaction. and be careful what you google find out how an anti-terrorist squad knocked on the door of a new yorker who randomly searched pressure cookers and boston bombing on the
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internet all. with an e.u. arms embargo in syria having officially expired there are concerns the bloc could become further embroiled in the conflict the deadline passes figures reveal up to six hundred europeans have already left their homes to fight alongside government troops think the father of one of those who join jihad his forces in syria claims his son is being forced to fight against his will. you want to hold on to it friends with muslim brothers. and there's nothing wrong with. the war you know and after. that contact with him. they give him money that they give him a scholarship to pay money to study to continue this study of this muslim religion and. you know but i didn't trust it i had a feeling that something was going wrong i started this cover every day thousand
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pictures and videos of syria and one day i recognize my also in the video with other belgian guys so. i was in the way i've seen so many cruel things. in the fighting group that me that put the gun on me i was almost there it's. because these radical people these leaders this show you are wrong to look at the scene this standing above all these children from the west not only from the west but many of the young guys from all over the walls they are using this young children now to some other world news in brief in a world up to this hour the military government in egypt has announced it will. be pro morsi protest camps that have been set up in the capital from where we bring you live pictures at the moment the police plan on not allowing anyone in while promising safe passage for those who decide to leave the sit ins this comes after thousands marched on the country's military intelligence headquarters overnight
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despite authorities claims that any further demonstrations would be dispersed live coverage there from. the tunisian army is door to massive air and ground offensive against islamist militants near the border with algeria the operation targets a region that saw overnight clashes between government forces and groups earlier this week eight tunisian soldiers were killed by militants in the area. also i will update the official results of the parliamentary vote in zimbabwe have given the incumbent president's party a two thirds majority robert mugabe's supporters say they are shore of a landslide victory elections have been called free and peaceful by international bodies however the opposition candidate has called the vote a farce declaring it void. more news with me in the team in just over half an hour from now in the meantime the toll american military endeavors of taking on the country's budget is the focus of breaking the says with the money that's up next of
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the break. remember we talked about clothing for regular folks like you and me that can make you invisible drones well freedom fashions as i like to call them are continuing to expand although the fact that our drones infrared eyes are very scary the more common street cameras are way more likely to on average day violate your privacy and thus they invented the justice cap this hat blocks your face with l.e.d. lights from face recognition software all the camera will see is an anonymous glowing ghost i personally haven't tested this thing out nor have i seen it with my
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own eyes and wearing three aaa batteries on your head at all times does seem like a bit of a bother but hey if you really want to be left alone and you're willing to throw down a few dollars this looks like a pretty good fashion statement to me the sad thing is that this sort of invention shouldn't need to exist people shouldn't have to live with the constant fear of unlawful consent less observation but sadly they do so inventors keep the freedom fashions coming but that's just my opinion. to live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how fabulous. i mean. i guess i just feel really messed up. for so. actually. it's. worse for to live a long life for the. guy. you
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want. to have you ever seen anything like. this up guys and i mean martin was scraping the set so just yesterday glenn greenwald disclose more damning information about the fishbowl we all live in this time it involves an n.s.a. program called x. keyscore which allows for the agency to collect a vast amount of data about everything a person does in the digital world and guess who's on board it on facebook is the x. keyscore enables the n.s.a. to collect every single thing done on the social media site including chats and private messages if you want this kind of search only applies to people under suspicion you're dead wrong because we've already learned that the n.s.a. is tracking everybody you know it's sad despite facebook's complicity in the latest layer of surveillance not enough people seem to care to take
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a look at this that's right facebook stock is only rising in light of the recent revelations in fact its profits jumped by thirty percent to blowing away all of wall street's expectations however it's not just facebook that's benefiting off of scandal look at how britain which inexplicably saw its shares arrives after admitting to the destruction of evidence in the b.p. oil spill in other words how a burden admittedly criminal negligence and its. because of it see their stock also went up in the aftermath of the bad press you know it's fascinating that in the wake of the n.s.a. leaks faith in government fell to one of the lowest points in history so why are these feelings reflected on wall street americans need to wake up at these corporations are in the wrong but it's our job to stop investing in them and force them into irrelevancy if you agree to join me in the break to set.


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