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tv   News Weekly  RT  August 4, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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this week's main headlines are private bradley manning faces more than one hundred thirty years in prison after being found guilty of the biggest leak in u.s. history. while fellow whistleblower edward snowden breaks his cover spending his first days in russian territory after receiving a way to paperwork allowing him to leave a moscow airport and live and work in the country. in the u.k. revelations show how leading telecom companies. data to british intelligence which is funded by america's controversial spy agency. also this hour prisoner held without charge of guantanamo bay accuses guards of carrying out procedures that amount to sexual abuse critics say the invasive searches are used to break the result.
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with a look back at the past seven days top stories and the latest developments this is the weekly. an american judge has found private bradley manning guilty of almost all charges against him the former intelligence analysts now faces more than one hundred thirty years behind bars for leaking a massive amount of classified data the soldier was however cleared of the most serious and controversial charge of aiding the enemy when it's taken to get a timeline of events surrounding manning it all started when he was deployed to iraq back in two thousand and nine and several months later he exposed to the world a video showing u.s. troops killing civilians in iraq is arrest didn't stop revelations as we could leaks publish a new trove of classified data including diplomatic cables it faced twenty two
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charges including aiding the enemy the united nations called manning's confinement conditions as told terse and inhumane as he waited the court martial which started this june but the judge didn't allow the u.n. inspectors to testify finally he was found guilty of nineteen of the charges against him with the leak scene is the biggest in u.s. history political analyst mark mason thinks that this verdict is an attack on free speech this is really all about not only of course bradley manning but tacked on journalism and wiki leaks and julian or sarge that's the one they want to catch they're in the state court had to try terror about wiki leaks that's really their goal really we have a massive attack i'm free speech and on freedom of the press this comes back to the larger context here that we have the wrong person in the court george bush
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should be sitting in a courtroom facing charges for war crimes. supporters of bradley manning are ready to put their lives on the line as they offer to serve a major part of his sentence on his marine important went to new york's union square to hear what u.s. citizens think of the verdict. union square has been something of a stomping ground for bradley manning supporters in new york city you see over the years many rallies have been held here in honor of the army private first class intelligence analyst now manning has been found guilty of downloading and releasing confidential u.s. documents that subsequently disclosed illegal activity and crimes on the part of washington manning faces up to one hundred thirty six years in prison instead of telling you how the public is reacting to this news we're handing our microphone directly over to the citizens bradley manning didn't commit any crimes would be like is if you shot me and the camera man said hey i've got this footage of this
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crime and he. you know put it out there for justice and instead of trying you they try him and it doesn't make any sense it would appear to me that the manning verdict would be sending a message to edward snowden i'm sure he's listening. you know because it's a really similar situation and i think they're doing a good thing because the american people are basically enslaved and they're you know they're told what to do by the media and they follow orders if you look at the apache helicopter video which probably the most famous one. for the american public at least know what is actually going on in the war they're fighting a war fighting at that point i just hope maybe somebody like obama. may be doing is the last leg news a lame duck president this is ours to blood money now although manning has been acquitted of aiding the enemy charges he may be punished for the rest of his life
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for presenting the american public with the truth reporting from new york for an up or nine our take. and given him a tried in the director of the london based center for investigative journalism says manning's leak was an act of conscience. he thought that the crimes committed by the army should be made public and what they're admitting to was the fact that he broke the law in getting those documents and sending them out to wiki leaks the justice of what he did is another matter and i think in that most people are agreed except those who regard i'm automatically as a traitor most people would agree that indeed he did it as an act of conscience certainly beat attempted to publish these documents in the new york times the washington post and other sources but none of them would do it until they were a wiki leaks that then they all took up the case but it's a very strong case that nobody would gain from this certainly not bradley manning who was affected abused very badly so it's very confined. this week also sort of
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benchmark moment in the plight of another u.s. whistleblower i see attempts to avoid u.s. prosecution edward snowden left his limbo in a moscow airport and as he was granted temporary asylum by the russian authorities he can now move around freely and work in the country for up to twelve months russia's top social networking website has already offered him a job but the story has a fresh twist with his current location unknown frustrating journalists overflowing with questions on tuesday france takes a look back at how snowden's airport saga unfolded. on sunday june twenty third when reports surfaced that the u.s. is newest whistleblower edward snowden was in russian airspace on a flight from his hong kong hideout every journalist knew the weekend was over and they all scurried here to section a i said to metro airport snowden and his wiki leaks advisor sarah harrison are
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a no show reporters found out that snowden and his advisor were due to be on a flight to cuba the next day so what did they do search around for the nearest hotel to get a good night's sleep before getting on that flight. june twenty fourth dawns the doors to the flight close seat seventeen a is empty galleys and restrooms are searched the cargo hold is suspected a drinks trolley is found in business class hangovers are reported june twenty fifth president putin confirms that snowden is still in the transit area of the airport foreign minister sergei lavrov dismisses a u.s. request for extradition this stakeout continues because you just never know when he'll come out from hiding everyone with the press badge gets to know airport food courts and the coin operated massage chairs very well july second wiki leaks says snowden is seeking asylum in nineteen more countries including china cuba nicaragua venezuela and india. the next day at another airport this time in austria drama
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unfolds the president of bolivia's plane is forced to land on suspicion that snowden is on board the heat and the debate turns up on the heels of this bolivia nicaragua and venezuela make their offers of asylum well known denouncing the pressure exerted by america but one little problem remains getting to any of these destinations without falling into the hands of american law enforcement it was here on the second floor terminal where snowden held a conference with human rights activists and with his advisors made the announcement that he was scared to fly not for heights and that he was thinking of asking russia for asylum the video and photos make it out of that meeting and are quickly uploaded for our stories finally we have something to bring back to our newsrooms now the wait for the paperwork in this case a response to snowden scribbles on
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a blank sheet hey whatever works staff only this unassuming door here on the first floor of the terminal at the airport was headquarters july twenty fourth when everyone thought anatoly snowden's russian advisor would be bringing that very important piece of paper from immigration services allowing him to at the airport instead all he brought were a bag of books some new clothes and a healthy dose of consolation for snowden and the journalists. until august first when they know himself shows the press that fateful document making edward snowden free to travel through the russian federation until july thirty first two thousand and fourteen he says edward is gone and his lips are sealed but it's due to the fact that he's the most wanted person on planet earth today he would be concerned about the issue of security that includes questions of safety and the place where he is going to live that's all up to him as he was where we consoled and advised
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him but on other. shoes it's up to him according to our sources when a plane from paris was emptying out he took a chance and jumped in to lend him. edward snowden had flown in and then walked out nearly an outcast much to our chagrin in moscow the frat party. london based legal expert alexander mature as police russia has operated with in the letter of the law when dealing with snowden. the russian authorities have been extremely careful to do this by the book they insisted on mr snowden making a problem application he's done it through a lawyer there is a well founded case here for asylum are not just the person who says that amnesty international says it him and rights watch says it given that this is so the u.s. has no legal grounds to object to this now if the u.s. number less wants to jeopardize its very important relationship with russia because
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russia has done something which it is legally fully intitled to do that is a decision for the u.s. but many people will i think feel that if the u.s. does that then the u.s. frankly is behaving in a very strange and self destructive way. and cause a great deal of anger in the u.s. with american politicians rushing to aim barbed rhetoric out of moscow more and that no from art is going to can. the moment edward snowden walked out of that moscow airport russia became the object of washington's wrath we heard calls for president obama to boycott the g. twenty summit in russia the president's press secretary said washington is quote unquote extremely disappointed with moscow's decision on snowden and that it undermines the growing cooperation between russian and u.s. security services certain members of congress used even harsher term senator chuck schumer said russia has stabbed us in the back and each day that mr snowden is
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allowed to roam free is another twist of the knife senator lindsey graham says americans in washington should consider this a game changer in our relationship with the blushes and john mccain goes it is a slap in the face of all americans we cannot allow today's action by put into a stand without serious repercussions of course for many politicians here attacking snowden and russia is much easier than defending this surveillance state the white house keeps repeating this mantra mr snowden is not a whistleblower he is accused of leaking classified information and has been charged with three fairly felony counts and he should be returned to the united states polls show the majority of americans actually disagree with the white house on whether or not mr snowden is a whistle blower they think it is so what else they disagree with a gallup poll shows fifty three percent of americans now disapprove of the government surveillance programs as opposed to thirty seven percent who approve another poll by the queen a parent university conducted just in the wake of snowden's revelations shows forty
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five percent of americans say the government's anti-terrorism efforts have gone too far we're striking civil liberties three years ago twenty five percent of americans thought so it's a massive shift in attitudes a shift that the lawmakers and the government can't ignore as much as they like to attack snowden his revelations have put the white house on the defensive you can complain about big brother and this is. a potential. you know program run amok but when you actually look at the details then i think we've struck the right balance well let's look at some of those details from snowden we first learned about the prism program a system the n.s.a. uses to gain access to the private communications of users of nine popular internet services the government said the n.s.a. does that only with a warrant from the fight to court snowden said the court merely rubber stamp such
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warrants and he revealed one such revealed one such secret court order for a telecommunications company to hand over its clients dead or in bulk the government has acknowledged the bulk collection of communications but said no one can look at the content of those communications without a warrant snowden said that's a lie this week the guardian relying on the documents that snowden had earlier provided has revealed details of a program that makes such warrantless snooping possible we learned about x. keyscore which allows to search through vast amounts of data collected by other programs snowden has leaked the n.s.a.'s training materials where the agency boasts that the program is the widest reaching system for developing intelligence from the net having sekret fives to screw ear and his comfortable lifestyle snowden said he wanted to expose the government's lies in washington i'm going to check him. from reporters without borders thinks washington's tough stance on the stand is
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aimed at dissuading any potential whistle blows from coming forward but just would like to remind you they're the most fair of war of war against we saw glowers scenes. which was adopted in one thousand nine hundred seventeen. prosecution have been launched against whistleblowers event and they are the obama administration it's clear that the obama administration hopes that the war will discourage any potential we saw glow or to reveal any information but you also have to understand that here and us any information related to national security is considered a secret it's considered classy fight so everything is classified so it's really easy to become a creamy now in the days of the obama administration if you're revealing any information which are related to national security and snowden's revelations continue to send reverberations around the world his latest publish leak show that
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telecom giants like the royson vodafone and british telecom allowed a british intelligence agency to look through their clients' private data she h.q. and unlimited access to millions of phone calls emails and facebook conversations this comes shortly after it was disclosed the n.s.a. poured millions of dollars into the british agency securing it access to surveillance data for over five officer says the close ties between the u.s. and u.k. intelligence services are nothing new one thing that people tend to forget is there is an old program of mutual assistance which was called echelon which was exposed in the one nine hundred eighty men fed into the european parliament in one thousand nine hundred eight so this is a resistance to be going on for decades let's have no doubt about that and it's also been a very good way for the n.s.a. . to circumvent domestic laws and domestic warrant to requirements so they
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can spy on each other and then feed each other the thing the information they need back without having to go through the courts these revelations that came out in the guardian take it to a whole new level we are now looking at d.t.h. q effectively prostituting itself to the n.s.a. . possibility of shipments to syrian rebels but the black leaders are rushing to send weapons to the country amid fears it could backfire with hundreds of europeans leaving their homes to fight against president assad. iran's new president. is sworn in before parliament. more punitive sanctions on the country my expert analysis coming up in just a moment after the break.
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the. economic down in the final. and the rest. a little bit if we.
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use continues here on auty this is the weekly has signed ron the has been. before parliament in iran a day after being indorsed as the next president by the country's supremes leader when he was elected with support of the reformist vote and vowed to end the country's international isolation as part of his election platform but the u.s. is welcomed the new president with new economic sanctions more than seventy american senators have also signed a letter calling on president obama to further clamp down on iran's economy let's go live now to political analyst shabbir razvi serbia just how significant is this new change in leadership just how much power will he really have. hello good evening dr hassan rouhani his election is really quite interesting he's the
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seventh president since the revolution in iran iran has had continuous elections been different sort of views of the president over the last thirty five years if you like some gorani has been polled trade in the western media and generally everywhere as a moderate however what's interesting as your opening comments said that the congress in the usa has passed a further legislation to slap more sanctions on iran and that really to use mr mccain's senator mccain's phrase is that an american administration and the american politicians continuously pork fingers in the eyes of iran all the time and they expect iran to respond in a more positive or more constructive or more so called sensible way however you key question does it make much difference as far as policy is concerned dr hassan
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rouhani has quite clearly said that in so far as geopolitics is concerned and international relations really there isn't much change in the iranian policy and why should there be because really for the last thirty five years there hasn't been any change from washington london or paris in so far as iran is concerned and the iranian administration and the government is concerned so it's a quid pro quo situation if you like iranian politicians in public are very intelligent knowledgeable and stewed a nation who knows very clearly that in so far as iranian politicians are applying a policy of really not opposing washington consensus just for the sake of opposing. but really wanting justice and respect for iran as a nation and less has in the foreign policy if let's talk about the reining in
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people what about their future now the economy is in dire straits forty percent inflation will life become better for them what are going to do to sort out a very very poor economy at the moment. now that is a question that dr hassan rouhani consistently through his election and also the. acceptance speech yesterday commented that in so far as the economic situation is concerned yes that is one of his key plans if you like and if you look at it in the global context you know one talks about the iranian of economy completely shattered yes there is high and unemployment there is no doubt they remain currency has lost thirty to forty percent on the exchange rate no doubt at all on that however iran is still trading and continued trading with natures so there is a strategy in iran to improve the economic situation of the why the public but at
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the same time you know the continuous sanctions from the west does not help the iranian situation in that context if you like so dr hassan rouhani has absolutely an uphill task to improve the economic situation internally however i don't think that you really mean situation it's as bad as some of the european countries situation whether they be greece or cyprus of portugal italy wayne lot of these countries unemployment is twenty five percent and above and you term unemployment is fifty sixty percent so if you look at it in the global context it's probably not as bad as it is but obviously continuously is being read as the iranian economy is down the tubes and is about to completely. implode and that's not the reality at all at this moment shabbir razvi thank you very much indeed for your
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thoughts live here on r.t. good to talk to you. and in may to guantanamo bay's accused guards of carrying out procedures amounting to sexual assault the invasive routines were described by the british resident at the facility. in a private talk to. his lawyer now he says that during the searches an extraction team walks in and forces a detainees to the floor putting down their arms and legs to prevent movement and procedure takes place anytime a prisoner wants to leave his cell to see a lawyer or a relative and it happens again when he returns prisoners believe this is a tactic to intimidate them break the ongoing hunger strike and prevent them from taking legal steps to defend themselves but only clive stafford smith representing shaka says that the measures that the camp have the opposite effect we have not raised it with the american courts that they shouldn't be doing this this should not strictly be sexually assaulting the prisoners there is the go to leave through
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first started using scruton search if you're the leader the they are she admitted sort of and it's been done to try to intimidate prisoners out of talking to their lawyers so that unfortunately the truth would not come out of guantanamo bay and most of them are resisting has been going through this for months and months and months now and i'm not proud of them in a way that you know his response to that is when the leave him and his sort of he starts singing you know marley songs get up stand up or be your rhythmix and the guards show that he's not to be coward. artie also going to the authorities for response to the accusations a facility representative says that they were unwilling to comment on such claims regardless hell ridiculous and absurd they may be. and e.u. arms embargo in syria have officially expired this week which means there's nothing stopping the block from sending weapons to the country it appears that some
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european countries are already deeply involved in the civil war e.u. citizens are flocking to syria to join and as sad fighters and the scale appears to be vast a french official said that in nine years of conflict in afghanistan only fifty jihadists left the country to fight meanwhile in syria's case more than one hundred people have gone there from france in just one year alone up to one hundred thirty five according to some experts in most cases they join al qaeda and other terror groups the total number of europeans who have left to fight in the syrian war is now over six hundred and as artists as a silly reports this could be why the e.u. is weary of starting weapons shipments. what the u.k. on the syrian rebels would not that's a question that's been answered a number of different ways it's a conflict began a mostly in varying degrees to the right but ultimately always sending signals of support for the opposition it will be no political progress it lets the opposition
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is able to withstand the onslaught and put pressure on assad so he goes there is no military victory so we will also increase our efforts to support and to shape the moderate opposition we propose to. we must ensure that these arms go to the syrian national coalition into no one else to one half years on syria continues to pay the delicate and complex picture a battleground constantly shifting as it is with western leaders rhetoric in american twelve hour meeting in may need or is agreed to disagree on syria with the u.k. and france successfully getting their way even though they were at odds with the twenty five other member states the european union has agreed to bring to an end the arms embargo only syrian opposition this is the outcome of the united kingdom it wanted rhetoric in the millicent and the need up to the libyan intervention also
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led by the same players it's remarkable there you go they could simply try and override the experience of libya because as a recent report said libya is no supermarket for the entirety of the of the middle east and and if they were to go into syria that would be true to the power of ten and listen reports from syria show all kind of affiliated groups wanting to establish an islamic caliphate and dissolution rebels and defecting back to the government side before the the war in afghanistan and before the attack on iraq there was no al qaida in iraq there was no al qaida in yemen there was no al qaida in somalia there was no al qaida in syria but there is not an idea that's not lost on the british prime minister there's too much extremism among some of the rebels but frankly we do need to do more to help promote those parts of the opposition that want a free purchased a democratic syria and so we're not being the rebels this are cilia r.t.
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london. still ahead greece gets another fix of bailout money from e.u. coffers total almost six billion euros but not only does its tattered economy need a big dose the stereotype that comes with it has been linked with drug addiction in the country. and as the first round of the presidential election concludes talk to locals about their way of dealing with the left by war those stories and all this still ahead. first we have a chance to get updated with the latest financial twists and turns with katie and our new program venture capital. from. reverberates through the centuries when vengeance called for blood. hanging and this man.


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