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tv   The Big Picture With Thom Hartmann  RT  August 6, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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well i'm sorry but in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture the da isn't just busting people for nonviolent drug crimes it's plus people for nonviolent crimes and then refusing to tell them the truth about their arrest for happen to getting a free and fair trial in this country talk about that and more and tonight's big picture panel politics also a new investigation has revealed the truth about how the right ginned up support for it's been gazi conspiracy theories when did our objective media become a mouthpiece for partisan propaganda and speaking of having a journalistic agenda the mainstream media totally failed the american people with its coverage or lack thereof of the bradley manning trial or on that in some nights
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. you need to know this the drug enforcement agency has a secret spy program and it allows police and government officials to lie under oath. on monday reuters published a blockbuster story about the little known wing of the da called the special operations division the d.e.a.'s special operations division or sod as it's called and government documents was created in one thousand nine hundred forty fights central and south american drug cartels and coordinates with other intelligence agencies like the n.s.a. and the f.b.i. to catalog wire taps and electronic intercepts the division is based in virginia now operates under a veil of secrecy in fact most of its activities remain classified while the existence of a shadowy beltway government agency isn't in itself news what is news is how these
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special operations division saga hides its role in capturing and prosecuting american citizens accused of drug crimes the technique is called parallel construction and that name sounds orwellian well it's because it's an orwellian technique here's how it works let's say the n.s.a. intercepts a phone call between a pot dealer and a potential buyer somewhere in california the n.s.a. then forwards that phone call to the person agents at the sog special operations division the da special operations division and sends that information about the pending drug deal to local law enforcement but the side has to keep its existence secret they do this by asking local police to fake a routine traffic stop and harass the pot deal it sounds like your usual drug bust stuff right not so fast even though those local law enforcement officers received a tip about the drug deal from the special operations division they're required by sod policy to keep the origins of that tip secret in all investigation documents in
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many cases the da actually falsifies documents to hide the information trail but that's not even the worst part when law enforcement agencies testify under oath in court they're expected to keep up the lie as far as the judge jury and attorneys are concerned the cops got a lucky break during a routine traffic stop and so. the name parallel construction law enforcement totally rewrites the history of the case in question so as to hide the role of the special operations division predictably the da is defending this unconstitutional and illegal practice two senior agency officials for example told reuters that parallel construction is a law enforcement technique that we use every day it's decades old the bedrock concept parallel construction may be a bedrock concept for the n.s.a. and the da but it's wildly unconstitutional the core of the american justice system in the guiding principle of the six fifth sixth seventh and eighth amendments to
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the bill of rights is the right to a fair trial if someone's accused of a crime the prosecution is expected to present the court with honest and legally obtained evidence of their guilt special operations divisions use of parallel construction throws all of that under the bus it also raises the question does the da lobby so hard to keep illegal just as an excuse to prop up the surveillance state keep in mind around forty percent of americans have used pot at some point in their life which makes almost half of us law breakers that the da could then justify having a giant spy operation keep an eye on it's pretty damn big sweep. joining me for tonight's big picture politic panels are hewing is a member of the national advisory council for the project twenty one black leadership network sariah shamali writer activist and contributor to the huffington post and marc harrold libertarian commentator and attorney thank you all for being
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with us and i don't want to have you here you heard my my opening rant and i'm curious your take on this you know is the is the do you think it's possible that they're lobbying so hard to keep the drug war going because if it goes away they can't spy on forty percent of americans they can only spy on the people who use heroin l.s.d. which is maybe two or three percent of americans think i think that's a very clear very clear presumption that you have the problem that i have with this you you laid out a very very good case against what the d.e.a.'s do with side is up to this and other things that we have to look at also in terms of the ramifications of such policies you talk about you know you talk about the selective enforcement of drug laws and obviously this is the process minorities obviously are heavily affected you talk about pots being used by fifty percent of the population but yet the jails are full with so many more minorities but you just reported more i know where you saw this and you think about the activities of side and who's been victimized so
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far we don't know about the surveillance in the present permissibility of what's been going on so far we do know that the victims of this have been disproportionately african-american hispanic cetera so it's very concerning to me from that angle that this is going on it is very unfortunate that the mainstream media has it hasn't put any light on this whatsoever yes very troubling. it seems like this story popped up and then got buried writers had this giant you know exclusive this big story and you know they may have i had a caller to my radio show today saying you know as the reuters journalists who were murdered. you know him or killed you know in the story the bradley manning out of the video on they might be a little more skeptical of intelligence agencies in the military than other news agencies but. it seems like the rest of the press is just going there's no drugs in this car or you know what do you what's your take on why that's happened i'm not sure that this is any different from the way the mainstream media chooses to be
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selective in general about what they cover in the news so was it that there was no ed snowden here or no face to put you know i think that there are decisions that are made about what's important what's not important and that's not necessarily something that's done consciously but in the scope of available options of what to cover or what not to cover editorial decisions are made and you end up with stories like this that don't get as much coverage as you would hope or you would think that they would so in a story like this in a time when we're talking about big data what strikes me most is that there linkages to be made between the practices that we see here with saddam and the ability of our government to use big data data mining techniques and predictive modeling to further practices like these having established precedence and so i think that it's really a shame it's a it's a dangerous thing when the media doesn't pay attention to stories like this mark setting aside the possibly ironic name they're calling the sod which is like grass
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and this is the deal you know it's like ground. we have in the united states and this is well established both in the constitution and by precedent the supreme court the right to face our accusers the right to know the chain of evidence that is being used against us there have been apparently i mean if they've been doing this for years like this guy's bragging about it there must be thousands maybe tens of thousands of people in prison right now who never did have that opportunity to face their accusers you're an attorney or you go are we going to see an explosion in particular drug cases where there. coming forward and doing for filings to determine if they if they were the victims of this and if so have you having the basis for appeals challenge hopefully they will the war on drugs the war against the american citizens by the government what we're seeing here and we seeing it ninety four when this started because of the cross national way that drugs come into the country it gives the excuse early on in the early ninety's and even before france the controlled substance act to blur the lines
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between intelligence community the intelligence community the cia the n.s.a. and law enforcement domestic law enforcement after nine eleven they became completely intermeshed part of the problem too is after nine eleven the money that goes out there to local law enforcement state law enforcement federal law enforcement the money really moved even to specially the f.b.i. it moved towards terrorism it moved towards intelligence gathering so the d.a. yea probably in a lot of ways followed suit because that's where the money was but this is a major problem the bill of rights the part of the bill of rights that you mentioned what we call the you know the criminal procedure part of the bill of rights absolutely do but again it's this idea it's sort of i think more of an intelligence approach where it's ok to lie it's infiltrated law enforcement it's a major problem but a lot of this stems from the private prison industry and it stems from the war on drugs if we end that war a lot of the transparency will come forward because it'll be clear when law enforcement is acting in a law enforcement capacity versus an intelligence capacity i think very very very good analysis republican governor rick scott is preparing to purges voter rolls
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he's up for reelection he's very unpopular in his state particular with hispanics and so the last time he tried this he came up with one hundred ninety was one hundred eighty thousand people's names something like close to two hundred thousand and said look at all these people they must be illegal aliens they have hispanic names and when they actually started looking at it they got down to two hundred people and then they checked out those two hundred people and they didn't have anybody but this time he says that we're not going to bother with checking them out instead what we're going to do is we're going to come up with another one of these lists and we're going to post cards out to all these people and when they get the postcard the postcards going to say we're not sure that you're a citizen please come down to prove your citizenship so you have to take a day off work get your birth certificate get your passport get out of the office maybe get a sworn affidavit that you are who you say you are and you live where you say you do. i think a lot of people are going to do that be a lot of people are going to miss the postcard see i think it's just so obvious and beyond that in fact let me start with you mark is. the attorney on the in the group
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here isn't this cajun isn't this what the republican party has had a restraining order since one thousand nine hundred two i think against them to prevent them from doing you know what it would it would edge up towards what you know the caging the restraining order it certainly would what i've seen more and more is first of all i've always said that to me that this is all a solution without a problem there's been no empiric if there really is a problem of course you have to address that nobody wants fraud but they don't really what happens what they do is they assume there's a problem they send out a dragnet approach and then when you really get to the facts hopefully after the election after this is frustrated people not show up then you find out that the goes from thousands to two hundred people something like that i think it's an approach but i agree with you it could it could edge up against that restraining order and some of what's happen in the past with the republican sort of gets pulled us right i think that it's a very effective technique for people it's the same technique that the republican party uses with roe v wade for example so it's not so much a matter of making it illegal but just making it so difficult for people to do what
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they have a right to do that many see ground and they don't and polling place challenges as well let me the devil is in the details right obviously there is a way to purge purge voter rolls but that has to happen right we still have to make sure. that we have voter rolls that are consistent up to get mostly what is now the dead yes what most of it is and there has to be so we would methodology to do it now should the government should the governor come up with a no other approach let's have it but he says he's not looking for dead people or people who've got a state he's looking for people who are illegal aliens and have hispanics and that that just like sends off all kinds of bills for i think a lot of and you know we got to take a break more of tonight's big picture politics right after.
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i would rather as questions put people in positions of power instead of speak on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our key question more. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm trying hard welcome to the big picture.
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here is mitt romney trying to figure out the name of that thing that we americans call a dollar. i'm sorry i'm just a guy who cares an awful lot about my country you sir are a fool you know what that is my terrorist cells in your neighborhood watch t.v. listen to feature a sufi on the lip all the christian point just. to secure the beliefs of others because it's going to support you to distract us from what you and i should care about because they're profit driven industry that sells us sensationalistic garbage because that breaking news i'm happy martin and we're going to break that. disk.
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welcome back here with me for tonight's big picture politic panels he knew some sariah shamali and marc harrold let's get back to it on monday r n c chairman reince priebus letters to the heads of c.n.n. and n.b.c. threatening to withdraw from both channels two thousand and sixteen presidential debates if they don't cancel two planned television programs one by each network focused on the life of hillary clinton he wrote if you have not agreed to pull those programming part of the start of the r. and c's summer meaning august fourteenth i will seek a binding vote stating that the r. and c. will either partner with you in two thousand and sixteen primary debates nor sanction primary debates which use bonser so i don't get this these these are the same folks who flip the stars upside down on the logo and went all the way to the supreme court to defend you know citizens united what ought literally all the way to the supreme court to defend a movie that was a hit job on hillary clinton they wanted
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a movie about hillary clinton before the elections now they don't want a movie about hillary clinton here and what's going on i think we compare it to different things i think that citizens united that is the whole idea of free speech of corporations which is fine as the saying is that as party chairman have a right to decide. on involvements that whatever the proper term is from the from from the debate now here's remember would have words that are from the from the networks make sure that they're completely out of the debate so i guess c.b.s. will give them whatever but here's here's the point is that a very important point remember that what happened with candy crowley during the c.n.n. debate and that was very important what happened so you remember candy crowley inserted herself into that debate into effect even came back later and apologized for that even if you know if you have that with a i got that yeah you're not supposed to do that does very troubling so you know you feel it's important you know you're supposed to be invisible as a moderator and for her to insert herself so actively into that debate as i said
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about. the big problem with american political discourse in american media i see these people on meet the press every single week just bald faced lies and you know david gregory always they're free to challenge him because they don't want to lose access to. the republicans can challenge quite a bit more than democrats but this neither here nor there but still we have to be to be concerned there needs to be some concern about this right i mean if you're talking about hillary clinton the two thousand and sixteen presidential nominee for you for president you're very concerned about you know the over you know the that these biographies by n.b.c. and c.n.n. are going to be biopics how do you know they're going to be you know. i mean they might be really brutal treatments she's got a lot of skeletons in her closet she was on the board of directors of wal-mart for guns well this let's look at talks negatively about hillary rodham clinton's past and less also look at what happened with w versus some of the dock to be used that
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have been done on democrats. so you know i'm going to disagree with a cornucopia ok so first of all there's this assumption of neutrality which is false because we have to we have to admit that any assumption of neutrality is false secondly the way he put it was that this represented a special interest and really if you look at media and media diversity it's entirely male dominated and so the special interest he should talk about is domination of media conversations and the way that plays out across all media that's not what he's doing he's cherry picking and he's kind of pandering to people who are already don't like hillary clinton it's three years ahead of the curve right so we have excessive coverage of male politicians compared to female politicians we have coverage of female politicians that's already slanted in ways that are overtly sexist and we have a presumption of neutrality that's false so almost from any angle. you look at his
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complaints they're kind they're empty it's totally sort of. kind of argument to say that this shouldn't be on this television show because it represents a special interest so he's looking out for a partisan standpoint but i don't you know this is that's his job yes it's hard to understand you think this is huffing and puffing versus a genuine threat oh i think this is a pitch in the dirt and they're swinging at it i agree though they have every right to do if they want to do this they have every right to draw this line in the sand they can you know if they they can do what they want as a party i think this is a pitch in the dirt i don't see this is a major problem she's a very well known person she's been well known to americans for a long time i don't think that anybody's view is really going to be changed no matter how positive these are towards hillary clinton specially if there's two of them and if anything it's going to draw more people to watch this thing you know the controversy is going to bring people to watch it that otherwise wouldn't but to me this is very early on we're a long way off the from the campaign i think this looks a little bit petty at this point it looks like a pitch in the dirt and there are serious issues and problems to be addressed and
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when you look if you know that this may appeal to hardcore partisans who are not going to vote for hillary clinton anyway but this is all about the independents in the swing vote and the swing voters and independents i think they might say cheese is this really what we have to worry about here at i can't imagine anybody saying i don't know much about hillary clinton i'm a bridge voter i go vote i'm mad active with it i don't know much about hillary clinton i watch this thing to change my mind i don't see that i think this is something should just laid off and let him have their their documentary or mini series by up and just leave it alone as an adult perspective. holy cow ok in july freedom works announced it's bernier ogata obamacare card campaign just like the old after it's trying to get young people to resist the health care laws individual mandate according the organization's web site the campaign will include live audio line video trainings to activists on how to beat their mandate and educational manuals outlining how to protect a person's rights while resisting the health care draft the whole point here is to sabotage obamacare there is no obamacare card there. freedom works is going to have
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to make their try to try to reprisal the sixty's and you know maybe they'll get some old folks out there who were there or in the sixty's got mother bird my car but i you know that was the tea party but i. what's your take or this is what i think they're just doing their damnedest to widen our our wealth gap just let's keep going let's make a bigger you know let's contribute to the fact that we have kind of unconscionable poverty and i just i think it's obscene and extremism. the methodology ok. question it just like you do but there is a serious question to be yes obamacare depends on the young paying into an insurance system that will disappear soon lisa poor middle aged older americans and so did we have that conversation on christmas eve or the days before christmas eve when the senate passed obamacare right before everybody had their holiday dinner
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and we don't have the conversation to the november two thousand and eight when we voted possibly but i think we do thousand and twelve we we had in two thousand and twelve we talked about silliness such as legitimate rape unfortunately dealt with but if you're saying that we didn't have a conversation i would say no we have an election that is that covers travel some are troubled that we did not have a clear discussion on that because we spent a lot of time talking about other legitimate issues that we should not have even been dealing with such as voter suppression voter id legitimate rape and that type of nonsense unfortunately i don't think we had a long detailed discussion about obamacare in the twenty twelve election because of that the the right is now finally itself forced to supplement that and have a conversation now a it's too late i get that but at the same time i think that the youth of this country need to understand the demands of the being placed upon them through obamacare and the way youth unemployment is what in the upper teens right. people
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get a free go to be subsidized yes but if once you get twenty six you make less than eighty thousand dollars a year you're going to get a subsidy but no four to have about how many twenty seven to thirty five year olds in washington d.c. or some you know only one thousand dollars i mean less have to. be to have this are you really saying eighty one thousand dollars is is a lower middle that's what i'm saying is that those that are in that income bracket me maybe and i'm sort of need. i must but the we need a there still needs to be clear understanding by that age bracket what their device exam i think that you know you just happened to the day the government says you got to buy insurance that understands going to hit them and it's going to work one of the two ways and this is mark i what i think is going on i respectfully disagree with you and i think that what's going on is that the republicans are scared to death that this is going to work and you know it's just i mean if you go back and you look at the history of social security in the year before social security when when it had been proposed
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roosevelt was working it out thirty thirty four you had republican i mean that was the year the smedley butler was was enlisted to do to do a coup d'etat you had republicans calling roosevelt a communist i mean saying that he was part of the bolshevik revolution and always been seriously covered by the media same thing with medicare ronald reagan record of a record album saying this is the road to associate you know the soviet whatever i mean once we had both those programs a week later or a month later or a year later no way you can get rid of just the fear of republicans i don't support obamacare it's not something that i was in favor of i'm particularly worried about the enforcement provisions the i.r.s. and the sharing of health records and in again this orwellian surveillance state that i see emerging that aside as a political thing that this makes some sense people will give money when they say they're scared of something or they're mad about something in the midterm elections you're talking about people have to run every two years and they're able to run single issue elections especially in the districts or small and some of the rural areas and some of the southerners you can run
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a single issue election and if you can get people mad and. they're scared enough about one issue you can raise money on and i think that's what we're seeing divisive politics doesn't play as well in the general election but it helps to raise money and get people to pound in yard signs when they're mad about something and i think this is one big issue that they found a lot of people who are really mad about it and really willing to spearhead especially some of the tea party campaign as well and speaking of the tea party for years after the tea party surge swept the country and the so-called tea party activists find themselves disillusioned with the republican party backed according to a recent article published in the neighbor's dealing news many tea partiers plan to sit out high profile races in some important swing states next year so do you all think mark you're probably the closest to the tea party here you think the tea party folks are going to be out the race i don't know i think that's hopefully an empty threat i can't imagine the idea that you would be passive in that you would stay out of because you're really not happy with the way things are going to stay home that seems to you that doesn't make any sense to me i would think they'd be more likely if they're not happy with the republican party to form their own party
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and be a third party if they really don't think that they can integrate into the republican party is going to get a lot of sariah do you do you think that it's possible that they're saying this because they see a defeat coming and they're trying to say when the defeat happened see that was because we didn't show up. i think that they're just in an untenable position in the republican party and they probably just understand that and they need to look at options. and that's what this is saying this is one here i think you're going to see a lot more activity as for as far as a home i think is going to be store twenty fourteen is going to be part of mary's going to see a lot of activity in the primaries this to me is a lot of me to talk i don't think that they're going to allow the democrats to take the house in twenty four to rather deal with republicans that are rondo's forces versus liberal democrats take over nancy pelosi think speaker's gavel but soraya haven't has the tea party done a certain amount to damage the republican party and the tea party largely i funded by the koch brothers and other billionaires and i think it's i think that it's done
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a lot of damage to the republican party and. and i think if you look at. the general tendency towards obstructionism that we see and the inability to compromise it's exacerbated all of those things. and surveys show that the majority of republicans are not happy with those opinions are not happy with the extremism and they're disconnected from it and so yes i think there's been a lot of damage done by the you know you go to mitch mcconnell you know freaking out about a primary challenge right then this might cause him to shut down our government just because he's afraid of losing his seat back and talking this was crazy stuff. mark great to have you all but thank you very much for coming up it's now been sixty eight years since the bombing of hiroshima but if we don't do something soon the next great nuclear disaster might be just around the corner more there right after the birth.
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that was a new alert animation scared me a little. there is breaking news tonight and they are continuing to follow the breaking news. the alexander family cry tears of. great things other than. a war zone. is the story. playing out in real life.
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is it possible to navigate the economy with all the details such as dixon information and media hype to keep you up to date by decoding the mainstream status if in your. years old broken presidential promises the congressional the never ending war on terror all forces and fire together to keep this prison open but now a hunger strike to tear it all down as this hunger strike near six months takes a closer look at the prison.
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welcome back to the big picture i'm tom hartman coming up in this half hour today marks the sixty eighth anniversary of the attack on hiroshima unfortunately the people of japan are having to deal with another nuclear crisis one that has once again entered the emergency stage also america used to have unbiased and independent journalists but those days are long gone what does a new report reveal about the roles and influences of conservative journalists in political messaging and within the next week or so bradley manning will likely be given a very lengthy prison sentence for his role in leaking classified documents to wiki leaks but the real significance of his actions has been lost on most americans thanks for the thanks to the mainstream media which has chosen to vilify him since
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day one more on that in tonight's daily take. the best of the rest of the news today marks the sixty eighth anniversary of the bombing of hiroshima august sixth one thousand nine hundred five an atomic bomb was dropped on that city of three hundred fifty thousand people killing up to one hundred forty thousand people three days later an additional nuclear bomb was dropped in the city of nagasaki killing tens of thousands more earlier today fifty thousand people stood for a minute of silence in hiroshima's peace park near the epicenter of the blast and while the people of japan are marking the anniversary of these catastrophic events they're having to deal with another nuclear crisis at the same time. yesterday spokes person with japan's nuclear regulatory authority told reporters that highly radioactive water spilling into the oceans surrounding the stricken from the.
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daiichi nuclear power plant is creating an emergency their word emergency that plan officials are struggling to control a spokesperson said that tepco the operator of the crippled fukushima plant has no real plan to deal with the radioactive water leaks and that the company is quote sense of crisis is weak and joining me now to talk more about the situation in fukushima is kevin camps radioactive waste watchdog with beyond nuclear kevin welcome back thank you tom great to have you with us do you agree with japan's nuclear regulatory agency that there's an emergency right now at fukushima well the news is really bad there seems to be an underground flood of radioactive leak contaminated water that's defying any constraints that tokyo electric is trying to put in place and the had of the nuclear regulatory regulatory authority in japan has said that tokyo electric should just admit that the water will need to be released into the ocean the fishing cooperatives in the region are up in arms about
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that. proposal as are other governments like china which are downstream with the current so the seafood supply off of fukushima is very much at risk at this point this is the next big crisis at fukushima including the fact that they are piling up the water behind these underground walls softening the ground and you have three destroyed reactors and a fourth building with a very precarious high level radioactive waste storage pool and there are warnings by seismologists and engineers that you are softening the ground and you could cause the collapse of those buildings because fact of the ground is soft you get that effect the san francisco had during the plague of nineteen or whatever it was ninety eighty or something where it amplifies the motion above it and there's ongoing earthquakes at the site there was just a five point six so so weeks ago. let's let's recapitulate the history of this because you know when we first talked way back almost two years ago it's
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a two and a half years that this would have to really go you were to. you and paul were talking about how if the corps melt through the bottom of the of the steel containers and they start going into the ground there's a lot of concrete under there but if they get through that concrete and start heading toward ground water there were a couple of possible outcomes one was the contamination of the groundwater the other was that there could be so much heat colliding with enough water and it could produce a steam explosion is that what the china syndrome. definition is and what's going on right now relative to those scenarios yeah china syndrome is a description of a molten core entering groundwater at that point you've got such hot material that it causes steam explosions if there's no venting for that pressure to escape otherwise you have sort of like radioactive geysers erupting from the ground and releasing you know just unimaginable amounts of radioactivity so the crazy thing about fukushima is we don't really know the status of you know one two and three as
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core or the reactor pressure vessels or even the radiological containment structures so if you were to listen to tokyo electric whose credibility was nil before this catastrophe even began actually they would say that the containments are damaged but they're largely intact and most of the radioactivity is still inside but what's to account for one hundred fold increases in cesium strontium tritium in the groundwater in the bay off the coastline just in recent months and just today another press report. that in the last five days there's been a fifty fold increase in radioactivity levels in certain of the groundwater samples so something is changing and questions start to need to be asked what has given you know have one of these containment structures given away allowing the flow of the radioactivity to increase dramatically we just don't know that one of those i mean they've been pouring hundreds of millions of gallons of water on these things with for the last two years to keep them cool to keep them from melting down themselves
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and their story. much of that water as you pointed out could it be that some of that water that has been stored is starting to itself contaminate ground water there have been reports that this tank farm that's growing up the hillsides at fukushima daiichi giant tanks of water themselves have sprung leaks they claim that the cooling water used on the cores and that's four hundred tons per day at those three melted down units is largely being recycled that's how the wall street journal reported it today but there's another four hundred tons of water per day that's the groundwater flooding the basements of these destroyed reactors getting radioactively contaminated that's what's getting pumped into that tank farm that's growing up the hillsides so it's out of control it's a hemorrhaging of radioactive water and they're proposing all kinds of things freezing the ground solid creating walls and even a cap of things like asphalt to try to contain this water that's that's what they did with chernobyl as they did do some freezing with liquid nitrogen under turn
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noble to prevent the china syndrome of of the core eating the groundwater dr. yeah while they've got the sarcophagus under overturn noble which is failing and so they're building a second sarcophagus over the top of the first one it's like a russian doll that costs billions of dollars each time right so and and fukushima has not yet. gotten to that point but arguably is as bad a disaster as charles was effect arguably worse while the myth in the mainstream media is it's the second worst nuclear catastrophe in human history but both of these catastrophes we use turn over and focus ema are ongoing and turn over all the news has been very bad for months in recent days it's gotten worse so one comes the point when fukushima surpasses and you know meanwhile we have two new nuclear power plants that are being built in georgia as i recall this is this is you know it will go three and four in the way they're getting away with that is there gouging rate payers georgia ratepayers to pay for those things in advance no electricity is
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being provided these are unwilling shareholders who get none of profit the. it's in the end kevin camps thanks for being with us thank you think it's great to see you again for two. in tonight's green report solar power is one of the safest and cleanest forms of energy and according to a new study by the university of california it has the potential to provide a great deal of energy for the united states researchers say that solar power could supply up to one third of the western united states power needs by two thousand and fifty if federal cost reduction targets are met along with reasonable current policies cost of solar power has already been declining in the united states and as a result the us is just one of four countries in the world to reach ten gigawatts of solar capacity roughly the same amount of energy capacity as ten nuclear power plants unfortunately despite the declining costs of solar power and the growing capacity of it solar power accounts for barely one percent of total energy
7:39 pm
production in the united states meanwhile in countries like germany solar power is bearing more of the energy production load in two thousand and eleven solar power accounted for three percent of total energy production in that nation a nation in the german government has a goal of producing thirty five percent of its electricity needs from solar power by twenty twenty and one hundred percent by two thousand and fifteen remember germany is the quality as country in europe right now massive solar power plants dot the german countryside and plans to build even more are in the works on a more local level solar power panels also dot the roofs of many houses across germany it's time for our government to break this nation's addiction to dirty and dangerous forms of energy and instead start investing more in the cleaner and greener energies of the future.
7:40 pm
it's the good the bad in the very very now foliage and honestly i believe the good habitat for humanity housing nonprofit won a big victory for the climate earlier this summer when they finish construction on and off the grid empire our house here in washington d.c. designed by a group of architecture students the house is outfitted with energy efficient annulling and windows that help retain heat because it's heat it's big it's built with more efficient materials empower house doesn't require as many solar panels as other environmentally friendly houses good work habitat for humanity the bass brothers is a big black cloud hanging over detroit and no it's not the city's pending bankruptcy proceedings it's waste from the alberta tar sands every day koch industries purchases tons upon tons of high petroleum high sulfur petroleum coke
7:41 pm
the high carbon isotope of control and go left over from the tar sands oil extraction and ships it down the great lakes storing it at a port along the detroit river as you can see in this video wind often blows the coke off cross the river and into the surrounding neighborhoods as if detroit didn't already have enough problems now it has solidified our ways sans it whipping through its streets great job koch brothers and a very very ugly the hunger games can a day camp in largo florida has a great idea for summertime fun for kids a fight to the death at the end of every week counselors gather their campers together and organize them into teams the counselors then order the teams to hunt arrivals down and kill them the game is based on the popular movie the hunger games that parents and educators think this fantasy is far too real teaches kids that violence is fun and rewarding and they have
7:42 pm
a point the last thing kids need these days is more. violence even if it's just play but they turn up with it every day on t.v. they certainly don't need it some of this is just theory here. coming up listening to government officials complain about the damaging effects of bradley manning's leaks on u.s. foreign policy. like listening to a cheating husband complain about getting caught with another woman explain why i still. isn't talking about the same story doesn't make it news. no pocky says the new
7:43 pm
tough question thank you. for. coming in. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture .
7:44 pm
i would rather as questions for people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on r.g.p. question more. looking every guy up in the field that they won't find it here if you're looking for relevant stories unique perspectives on top class scans and are easy.
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in screwed news according to a new report by mother jones as david korn conservative journalists are part of a secretive group is trying to defeat moderate to progressive lawmakers in washington d.c. and to defeat karl rove the secretive group known as groundswell is made up of various conservative journalists tea party activists and politicians who have everyone from allen west to frank gaffney to ginni thomas the wife of u.s. supreme court justice clarence thomas according to corn rounds well is a messaging strategy coalition kind of was announced really to the world that was set up by some conservatives after the republican defeat last year's election all these advocates are sitting around hatching talking points messaging points strategies for beating back progressive groups congressional democrats the white house but also karl rove. also claims the groundswell helped to gin up his words
7:46 pm
the benghazi scandal and the conservative journalists were steaminess his word with activists politicians and legislative aides to help advance a conservative agenda so have conservative journalists officially become the latest part of the conservative propaganda machine and if so what does this say about journalism in america joining me now for more on this is tommy christopher a political editor and white house reporter for media dot com tommy welcome back thanks for having me always great to see you tommy are you surprised by david corn's reportings i mean is this a startling revelation or something that we just sort of expect. no i mean our time getting that worked up about it i mean the idea is used. as a sort of an antidote to all the rage about the journalist but beyond that no. you know a lot of what's described in words or go reason. but look at last avenue writing in iraq a lot of what's described in courts are those being done out in the open anyway you know there are you know if you look at stories in conservative publications there's
7:47 pm
this sort of upfront about where sources are and where they're not you can sort of tell anyway you know they're being they're being spoon fed things from these are these are republican staffers and you know so the fact that they get together i mean about it no not a shock at all but i do think that they should have come up with a better name a groundswell it sounds kind of like maybe somebody septic tank is overflowing i would go something like cool like you know operation falcon strike or something like that but you know that's just me but other than that no it's not that surprising when i don't i don't to sidetrack the conversation here but what what i think is really of the problem is that you know this is a semantical warfare would be the one that conservatives talk about the media being liberal having a bias they're trying to discredit something that is viewed as legitimate or david corn is doing is describing something that nobody sees as legitimate anyway so the real harm to me is when you have mainstream journalists like you know i when a.b.c.
7:48 pm
news did their did their reporting about the benghazi memos and they didn't disclose that their sources were republicans you know to me that is far more disturbing and much more and it's not that far off from what these people get together meet to talk about well and i accordingly unicorn the big guys the stuff that you're talking about was actually ginned up by this very group this groundswell group they came up with the messaging points and work that out with their allies and fox and friends and i don't mean the program but you know i mean and and launch and their friends yes exactly and and pump the thing out. and the thing that's dense really bad about this is that it was a.b.c. news that ate it up you know that that's the real you know i don't want to hear some more help for the guys get together yes. yeah i mean i don't care how much he's got to get together the problem is when it makes this species jump into the mainstream media and you know what does it isn't isn't this though tommy also
7:49 pm
a symptom of the loss of what used to be considered at least relatively unbiased journalism in washington d.c. in the united states. i don't know i mean i i think this is at you know if anything just sort of a ribbon on that or you know. not what this is not a surprise you know what they're doing is a surprise. hello so don't tell me final thoughts. ginni thomas on this there was a proposal that is actually legislation that is being proposed by democrats in both the house and the senate to impose on the supreme court which the constitution article three section two gives congress the power to do to regulate the supreme court to impose on the supreme court the exact same code of ethics that the supreme court imposes on all the other federal courts they don't they operate outside those
7:50 pm
at the go boundaries right now so you can have you know a supreme court justice go hunting with some with a litigant and then rule on their case two weeks later as as happened with scalia. or thomas for that matter ginni thomas actively campaigning in lobbying against obamacare and then. mr thomas. not recusing who chief justice thomas not recusing himself what are your thoughts on where that might go and how that's going to be received. the questionnaire it sounds like a great idea. and. you know i guess. it will be a lot like i think the arguments over the filibuster you know the people in power always want to have you know make it is that it's quo and since there's a bit of a conserved on the court i would expect republicans to oppose that i'm in. and obama gets to nominate few more judges then maybe we'll see they're there to change a little bit yeah i guess at that point all of a sudden they'll be all in favor of the right to just go to conduct although if
7:51 pm
scalia and thomas are still on the court i would think they would resist it because these guys are behaving very strangely tommy christopher thanks again for being with us tony thanks for average are. crazy alert potty training politicians move over michele bachmann and al franken there's a new minnesota political bigwig in town his name is bobby tufts is four years old and he just won his second term as mayor of the small northern minnesota town of dorset only twenty eight people live in dorset bobby's position is really just a ceremonial one but that's not stopping him from enjoying the power that comes with political office he's got some big plans for his hometown check it out. as mayor bobby leads town events and greets visitors but his legacy may be making his
7:52 pm
favorite food ice cream that top of the food pyramid because that he's good at what you're beautiful you just kind of made me laugh we can because. rainbow shoot. sounds like a plan for minnesota's newest political star better watch out though rumor has it the more as a streak at running for mayor in mexico has decided to move to minnesota to challenge bobby in next year's race citing concerns would be corrupting power of the tumbling sea nobody really likes carpetbaggers however so it looks like body types has the pick of the litter when it comes to rival can't.
7:53 pm
yesterday a senior state department official testifying at bradley manning's sentencing hearing said that manning's leaks of classified documents to wiki leaks had a chilling effect on u.s. foreign relations much of the manning case comes down to one simple fact the u.s. government got caught spying on innocent civilians and on diplomats both inside the united states and outside the united states and diplomats don't take that all that well and now they're going to be our government is going to metaphorically shoot the messenger by sending the guy who spilled the beans bradley manning to prison think about that for a second. this approach that the federal government is taking in the manning case sort of like a shoplifter saying that his big problem is that he got caught red handed or like a cheating husband saying that his marital relationship has been harmed because he was caught in bed with another woman rather than owning up in accepting responsibility for their actions our government seems to be playing
7:54 pm
a game of pass the blame that appears to be designed to divert our attention away from our government's own misdeeds and to make matters worse the mainstream media has fallen hook line and sinker for the government's attempt to shift blame from itself on to bradley manning rather than question in the government's real motives in the manning case and discussing the actual context of manning's document leaks our media has been vilifying manning since the day he was arrested jeremy scahill so the best last week when he attacked the mainstream media's coverage of the manning trial speaking on democracy now with amy goodman skiing this. window down power want to gin up support for war you know who to call in the powerful media what would they want to happen down any public awareness of an issue you know how to make of the. story and there we are the media have been utterly complicit in that you know we did more bridge would be indictment about real
7:55 pm
housewives glady r. and r. and then there had to bradley manning and. media in the country right now and it is just devastating that we don't have a media culture that. trial should have been gavel to gavel coverage let's revisit the details of what the mainstream media has missed over the course the bradley manning trial they've missed the fact that manning's leaks revealed that u.s. defense contractors were complicit in child trafficking in afghanistan according to the leaked documents done corporate giant defense contractor a firm that makes almost two billion dollars a year in revenue from taxpayer dollars through a party for afghan security recruits using boys purchased from local trash child traffickers for entertainment the mainstream media also missed the appalling revelations from the guantanamo files which could describe how some detainees at that military prison were arrested based on what the new york times described as quote highly subjective evidence and quote for example in one case poor farmers
7:56 pm
were captured after they were allegedly seen wearing a style of watch or jacket that was the same as those worn by some al qaeda terrorists get those innocent farmers may still be in guantanamo today along with the eighty some prisoners who have already been cleared for release but are still there and the mainstream media also missed reporting that u.s. military officials deliberately withheld information about the killings of two reuters staff members and a dozen innocent civilians in baghdad on july twelfth two thousand and seven it was the release of that video footage of that attack that ignited the firestorm over wiki leaks in the first place and started our government's efforts to hunt down bradley manning the bottom line here is that while the u.s. government is using bradley man. as a scapegoat for their own less than desirable actions the mainstream media is letting them get away with by not doing their jobs not reporting on the real
7:57 pm
significance of the story within the next week or so bradley manning will likely be given a very long prison sentence fortunately there is still time for mainstream media to wake up and report on the real significance of man's actions we'll all be watching and listening and that's the way it is tonight tuesday august sixth two thousand and thirteen and don't forget if you have a question or comment send us your video questions for our your take my take segment on thursday just grab your phone turned horizontal get record and e-mail your video questions to your take my take that she mail dot com for more information check out our website so tell arbonne dot com free speech dot org dot com and hulu dot com slash will be rich and don't forget democracy begins you get out there get active tag your occupy something suitable.
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i would rather as questions for people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on r.g.p. question more. is
7:59 pm
it possible to navigate the economy with all the details of his text misinformation and media hype so keep you up to date by decoding the mainstream status if in your right.
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coming up on our t.v. today is the six month mark for the guantanamo bay hunger strike even with growing calls for the detention camps closure its future remains unclear we have extensive coverage of the hunger strike in the calls to close the facility up ahead. and it's tuesday august sixth eight pm in washington d.c. i'm sam sachs and you're watching artie's special coverage of the hunger strike at guantanamo bay. so what exactly are we talking about when.


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