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tv   Headline News  RT  August 7, 2013 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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the un tells r.t. it's investigating the horrifying reports of radical militants killing hundreds of kurdish civilians in syria coddling groups push to expand their control to set up an islamic state. it's black wednesday at britain's state funded hospitals as new staff arrivals coincide with rising patient death rates meanwhile as major medical gaps at an h s facilities leave hundred suffering we examine the problems and. we were told not to interact with them not to look at them as humans talk but not to speak with them. we talk to former guantanamo guard about he's disturbing day job at the tortillas jail which led him to quit and convert to islam.
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it is three pm in moscow are you watching r t with me maria joshua welcome to the program now the united nations is launching an investigation into disturbing reports of civilians being massacred in syria and that's according to common from the un to r.t. and iranian news channel said four hundred fifty kurds were killed by al qaida linked rebels and the northeast of the country hardest correspondent in the region is following the developments. according to various reports at least four hundred fifty people have been killed by the on their front in north eastern syria reports say that at least one hundred twenty of those are children and now we have requested information from the united nations in regards to the situation we have received their response according to the united nations they their team is in the region investigating these reports which haven't been confirmed as
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a few odds and issued this in fact to be confirmed to be true then the united nations are saying that this amounts to a war crime and that probably should provide some sort of stimulation to the international community to act quicker when it comes to syria and the situation which seems to be spiraling out of control and that is exactly what russian foreign minister sergei lavrov said when he urged the international community to come together and solve this issue a stand in syria that is in this action we were shocked by the reports of around four hundred fifty kurds massacred in the north of syria including children just because the men were fighting against us and it's not the first report of the un security council all these terrorist attacks we've seen some of its members refusing to condemn terrorist attacks in syria justifying it with the fact that the people behind them are fighting against the outdated regime this stance is totally unacceptable terrorism should be treated without double standards in fact we have spoken to a number of
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a number of people whose relatives are in the region they have described the carnage and horrifying details let's have a listen. that's another rebel force surrounded they started going from door to door entering every house if there were any men. and took women and children hostage the rebels came into the house of my cousin she was at home so they murdered took the women and children and. one of the reasons why people are saying that kurds come under such harsh attacks from the front and the groups such as they are as your friend is because they have been. quite successful in pushing the extremists out of this region where unfortunately al qaeda is also dreaming of establishing its own state of waiting for syria to essentially disintegrate and also kurds are saying that they are not even if they are not trying to pursue the dream of their own state who today at least would love to live in the country and the state and in the region where peace would prevail so definitely the situation doesn't seem to get any better only seems to get worse and of course there has been
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encouraged from russia to for the international community to pay closer attention and step up peaceful efforts in the region all were two years of fighting have split the country raising concerns over the ability to piece syria back together it's now divided into three distinct parts let's take a look at the general outlines here well the syrian government is keeping its grip . of a large area in the south. huge section of the population here belongs to president our with muslim sect while the rebels most of them representing the sunni majority are in control but a large chunk of the northern provinces stretching to the rocky border in the east and there are many al qaeda affiliated groups in the ranks of the opposition talked in the eastern corner here is the syrian kurdish minority enjoying a large degree of independence but they are in claves and other areas have become the targets of heavy attacks from will qaeda linked fighters the free syrian army
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insists it's only targeting specific kurdish political parties but the ethnic group says there is a wide scale war against them syria's kurds are raising the alarm over ethnic cleansing by groups connected to al qaida it comes amid reports the militants are about to announce an independent islamic state in northern syria while there is likely to be international silence to the allegations of kurdish genocide according to german journalist model and writer whose closely followed the syrian conflict. i don't expect any international reaction except. protests to right now i don't think so because they are international interests especially the international geopolitical interests of turkey was a very important nato member we shouldn't forget that nato troops also german troops are now at the turkish syrian border with patriot rocket systems heading against syria so we have turkey on this site and it's not turkey place this
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important role in this conflict i don't think that there will be any serious international reaction a former member stated that the leader of the most or a front is a verb king or working close with the cia and we have other information from the kurdish popular defense units who claim that the front is also organized and supported by the turkish intelligence and i think this is not a coincidence when we know how the kurds are treated in turkey itself. well we've just received a letter from the u.n. human rights committee that says our team in the region is investigating these reports if there if i had such acts would amount to a war crime and there perpetrators should be brought to justice armed groups also have responsibilities under international law and should not saying that they are immune to persecution will be closely following the escalating tensions between different groups in syria and the situation for civilians there on air and online
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here in r.t. . it seems that too many patients being treated by britain's state medical system are enduring more pain than gain and there have been hundreds of serious blunders at national health service hospitals in recent years causing people severe disabilities or even killing them at n.h.s. hospitals today is known as black wednesday a time when death rates traditionally go up with a rival of new less experienced staff who has examined the problem. it was meant to be a routine operation to remove her varicose veins but after a surgical blunder lorraine previn suffered from complications that were left on treated she ended up having her leg amputated. you know. what to do next basically just seemed to fall between. the thing that was going on this is the hospital where lorraine's routine operation
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went wrong and why she had to have her leg amputated as a result three years later and she's finally got an apology from grantham hospital but she's still fighting for compensation with the n.h.s. over the catalogue of errors that took place with her care trying to get answers after the surgery merely added insult to injury puts a complaint in three ospital and claim the said last medical file was it was just. play and i still didn't get to all the questions are always asking lorraine isn't the only patient to receive substandard care from the national health service over recent years john i bow it was left with excruciating pain after a bladder operation only to discover three months later that doctors had left seven inch forceps inside her the n.h.s. course such incidence never events blunders deemed so serious that they should
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never happen but freedom of information requests have revealed that over the past four years there have been seven hundred and sixty two such mistakes we measure patient satisfaction every every year i suspect at the moment it probably is pretty though i came into the n.h.s. in one nine hundred seventy seven and i was told i only had five years to last because it was on its knees every year that i spent in it it was the worst it ever been i think it's in a crisis i think it has to change its culture recent scandals have exposed higher than average death rates in failing. spittles not just myself but my colleagues also higher management you know we're just more stressed now and we have a lot of pressures to complete things on time and you know we're not being able to deliver the care that we want to swap patients haven't quite the best effect from the more well and a chest staff talk about being nervous stretched hospital managers of blaming the problems on squeezed budgets a senior and h.s. official recently said that they're about to run out of cash in
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a very serious fashion all the countries in europe by and large spend a lot more money on health care than we do reason report by reason. as one of the terms of efficiency we're paying too much or too little care the rain is adjusting to life as an amputee she now has to rely on her husband to care for her it was a run to show during i think something larissa locked into so view it happening to other people but when it actually happens to you. and you feel down you feel lying we open it and it was just a mixture of all those rolled into world and it was to start. things nothing she now says that she can only hope that no more patients have to go through what she did. r.t. london good well and no hidden agendas these are ron's terms for negotiations with the west towards nuclear program new iranian president hassan rouhani proposed
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direct talks with washington and his first news conference since being sworn into office the details from r.t. lindsey friends. iran's new president hassan rouhani has called for dialogue with the west but warned the language of sanctions will not work he won june's a vote by promising to put an end to the country's international isolation over its nuclear energy program rouhani made his stance clear in his inaugural address. i see this kind of if you seek a suitable answer speak to ram through the language of respect not through the language of sanctions. so iran's president has extended an olive branch and what have we seen from western countries so far new sanctions had to be imposed just a few days before the president was sworn in the u.s. house of representatives overwhelmingly passed new restrictions on iran's oil sector and its mining and construction industries even though invited some western
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leaders didn't even attend the president's inauguration some say it was an opportunity missed to break the ice there is a new president but does that signal a new approach every action is sure to be analyzed and gesture evaluated now the possibility of direct talks between the united states and iran hasn't happened you know were three decades although in september a new round of negotiations expect the between iran and the international community we talked to hillary a man who has extensive experience in negotiations with iran and she was a u.s. diplomat involved in talking to the country during george w. bush's administration and thinks washington won't make the concessions that tehran wants. it's hard to see how they're they can meet in the middle the two issues or the islamic republic of iran that i think are ensconced in international law or that the united states recognize its sovereign right and its treaty right to enrich uranium that's something that the united states has shown no evidence it is willing or able to do with the obama administration and congress the other piece that
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critically important for the islamic republic is for the united states to ease lift at least some of its sanctions that it has imposed on the islamic republic and forced or tried to course countries from around the world to impose on the islamic republic of iran that too will be very very difficult for president obama to leverage because many most nearly. sanctions imposed on iraq are now are now legislated are now in u.s. law president obama simply does not have the power to lift those sanctions without the acquiescence of congress there are three main areas that are problematic in washington the pro israel constituency is the neo conservative elements on the right and what i would call the liberal imperialists they don't care so much about the nuclear program but they are just set against the political structure of the islamic republic and so many of the same sions that have been pulled from washington are not just about the nuclear program that they're about iran's
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domestic politics that's going to be very difficult not to crack well stay with us here in our team in just a few moments we hear from people who used to work at one time a bay and they'll be sharing their harrowing experiences of how prisoners are treated there right after the break here in our. world. it's technology innovations all the developments around russia we've got the future covered. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm target welcome to the big picture.
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speak your language. programs or documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world talks about six of the p.r.p. interviews intriguing stories are you. trying. to find out more visit our big. welcome back this is our team you know hunger strike it went on a monday has receded during the holy month of ramadan and the tension has now turned to how the detainees are being treated there we've heard accounts from several prisoners who describe the daily routine of invasive body searches which sometimes included sexual assault terry holbrooke's worked as a guard at the prison camp and he revealed the instructions he was given. we were
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told not to interact with them not to look at them as humans not to talk with them not to speak with them had nothing to do with them unless it was absolutely necessary important to work we were told to be very aggressive in searching growing . i don't think any of us as guards felt comfortable doing that as a result of such we didn't do that there were certain rules that we were given that many of us just didn't all of we didn't see on those as being the political logical or ethical in some circumstances and those were all such we didn't implement them and over a hundred sixty six remaining we've had a living year to find any shred of evidence to charge try and convict them and we've not been able to do that nor we've been able to falsify the evidence i would think of america being the great nation that it is and having the wonderful legal system that it does can extend the courtesy of sending people home after ten years eleven years twelve years of captivity. maybe we need to have
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a good look in the mirror and take a look at ourselves and james he is a former u.s. army chaplain who worked and one ton of mine he was arrested and charged with aiding the enemy but had this and other charges dropped at a court martial but he claims the real reason he was imprisoned was for objecting to the prisoner at the silly. basically after objecting to. the horrible conditions the enormous amount of abuse that was going on there i was we'll roaded and accused of being a terrorist myself and that landed me in prison by the u.s. military i was very much aware of the qur'an being desecrated there were reports stories from prisoners how they were maybe subjected to being put in you know what you might call this a tonic circle where interrogators attempted to force them to you know make prostration like in the form of the muslim prayer in the center of the circle and
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then of course there was such a humiliation being carried out on the part of female interrogators down in guantanamo on other surveillance kal has struck the united states this time it's america's anti drugs agency that investigated for spying and then lying about it as a report online. and big brother captious want to dishes bear redhanded the full video is on our a billion hits youtube channel check it out when you have a chance. to see. first for you and i would think that your. orders would. be in the. now is
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exactly six months to sochi twenty fourteen olympics and except cost and corruption would make the next winter games untenable so martin anders had to the southern russian resort to check out how the money is being spent. ok i'm not too bad but i think it's best to leave it to the professionals when they arrive next year insanity for the winter olympics twenty fourteen the countdown is getting lower the olympic park with its brand new arenas is almost ready and in february next year many of the world's top athletes will compete against each other right here have a skating palace. it's the first time since one nine hundred eighty that russia has hosted such an event and with an estimated three billion viewers russia will be in the spotlight once again when all the construction is finished such will boast some of the best and technologically advanced sporting facilities in the world although
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with many cynics tells of corruption local opposition and concerns with overspending is such ready well the proof as they say is in the putting. the finishing touches are being added now and the amount of work that has been done in the city is huge the whole area is being improved and made more comfortable and beautiful with new pedestrian zones and underground passes being constructed the city has got a completely new look now it's newly built and very beautiful and there cannot be any doubt that everything will be on time to host the olympics. but it slowly and surely each piece of the jigsaw is coming together another example is this next stadium. the ball sure i stone sits twelve thousand people and as you can see well it's an impressive stadium it's a new so ready various competitions have been staged here over the past few months and during the olympics will be used for ice hockey and after that it can be transformed to more accommodate
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a plethora of other sporting activities ranging from basketball to boxing. the mountain cluster of course the pole yellow and the rosa khutor resorts will host the biathlon and ski center and there will be a freestyle ski and snowboarding park. the two parks are to be connected by a forty eight kilometer highway as well as a high speed train that will run every five minutes and transport tens of thousands of passengers a day the winter olympics is only the beginning for the whole area after the main event early next year such she will set about hosting twenty two international sports events ranging from the grand prix of figure skating to the formula one next november. the olympic sign here at the newly built airport represents what the entire occasion is for us together and brings out the best in people and sporting events and politics aside as the whole world focuses its attention on saatchi and the surrounding area the final preparations we put into place and what promises to
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be for the greatest sporting events held ever and after my trip here i can confidently say that the winter olympics twenty fourteen will be one to remember martin and bruce r.t. . well earlier martin discussed with my calling to say another issue that's come up ahead of the sochi games president obama has slammed russia saying he has no patience for countries that intimidate got gays lesbians and transgenders that's after our russian officials confirm the country's new law banning the promotion of nontraditional relationships to minors will be enforced at the winter olympics. i've lived here as an ex-pat for for eight years i've party in every single club from you know from the straight clubs from the grungy underground clubs to the moscow elite to gay clubs and no tourist will be arrested for walking outside and you know being you know it's not going to happen and i think people in the west
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should realize that not that i'm agreeing with the ruling on the new law i think it's a bad thing i think it's not a good thing for the community that said it's all very well and good for the west to actually preach the views and moments but it's actually no different than the rule that margaret thatcher brought in called section twenty eight in one nine hundred eighty eight that was basically to protect minors and protect children regarding the promotion of homosexual culture. a look at some other international news from around the world the u.n. is a warning bahrain of serious consequences if the country continues its violent crackdown on anti-government demonstrations it says newly passed illegal amendments infringe on fundamental human rights bahraini legislators have made a series of major changes to national anti-terrorism laws ahead of a mass protests planned this month gatherings and sit ins of the capital are banned and courts could strip convicted protesters of the earth citizenship.
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anti-government anger in tunisia has brought tens of thousands on to the streets calling for the resignation of these law misled government the country's constituent assembly as ground to a halt until the government and the opposition open negotiations this recent spate of unrest was barred by yet another assassination of a prominent opposition politician two weeks ago. and a gas explosion has killed at least eight people in argentina sources say up to a dozen people may have died in the massive apartment block blast caused by a gas leak fifty more were injured in the ensuing blaze which trapped many residents in the upper stories of the building fifteen others are still unaccounted for and firefighters warn the building may collapse any time. over a thousand people have been evacuated to safety in the a more region in russia's far east which has been delusion by floods for over two
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weeks now more than three hundred houses were submerged as the more reverse and vast amounts of water into surrounding areas dozens of homes and around sixteen thousand residents are under threat with more floods expected as the local dam is forced to release more water the floods are close to being the region's worst since records began with water levels already reaching almost seven meters. brings you up to date here in r.t.l. next peter lavelle's gets square off over u.s. military maneuvering in the pacific that's crosstalk in just a couple of minutes. there's a medium leave us so we leave the navy. by the sea potions to cure the other your
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party there's a bill. for shoes that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all on politicking only on r t. choose your language. of choice make it with zero in federal court today still some honest. truth is that the consents to. choose the opinions that you think great to. choose the stories that entire life choose be access to often. easy easy easy easy easy easy easy easy easy easy easy easy easy easy
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easy to feel. limited. such. it's. such a. place . i i play
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. hello and welcome to cross talk where all things considered i'm peter lavelle rising china in a pivoting america according to a recent white paper china's military establishment is carefully watching and becoming very concerned over washington strategic planning in the pacific ocean the americans say their pivot is a natural reallocation of resources the chinese see it as
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a regional policy of containment. to cross the chinese defense concerns i'm joined by neil gupta in washington he is a professor of strategy and globalization at the university of maryland and c. ard also in washington we have matthew skinner venza he is an associate editor of the china channel at the atlantic and in boston we cross to john walsh he is a contributor to counterpunch and antiwar dot com as well as a founding member of come home america right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want john if i go to you first in boston do you think that the chinese feel like this is a policy of containment we had containment during the cold war of the soviet union we have containment of iran now so china's next well i think there's little doubt about that because the united states secretary john kerry secretary of.


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