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tv   Breaking the Set  RT  August 8, 2013 7:29am-8:01am EDT

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not solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used to create them i mean that we have to keep reinventing the wheel if we want to better society and that's the driving force behind an organization called the venus project it's a movement offering an architectural plan for human beings technology and nature to coexist create a sustainable future the man behind the project is short fresco is a self-educated industrial designer engineer and futurist who truly believes the ills of society can be cured only if we throw away the rules that govern it and ourselves first go poses a question for us all of humanity create the paradise we know is possible or will drive itself into oblivion the choice is ours i spoke to him earlier and i first asked him what drives this system of greed and war and why haven't political social institutions evolved along with technology. curiosity.
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so i made people who want to grab as much territory as they can and as much arable land as eight and as much water as i think. she needs to be will have to do with their behavior a more scarcity tomorrow. what does the venus project propose to redesign society in a way that is possible today. oh it's too huge to bringing all the nations together as one nation and their greed to take him as he urges and everything on the. nature to restore nature as near a natural condition as possible and it goes you know dumping toxic materials into rivers lucky oceans can you break down some of the specifics about the transportation and energy capabilities in said society. i would say he and his
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behavior believed would be based on geothermal energy the natural he of the earth when you rely on solar if there's clouds in the way you don't get is my to electric generator but geothermal energy is a natural fumaroles launder the ocean and on the land and we can tap those made steam and this team can turn a turbine and and generate power continuously with around worrying about whether the sun's out or not and what about transportation. transportation would be wind marel and other ones about thirty feet off the ground so it doesn't have to stop at every corner i thought that something was really interesting in one of your presentations talking about cities clear describe what those would look like. because really it is circular and it looked like
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a series of really and been meeting out from a central dome has sent a little don't know who how this socially integrated computer which has its tentacles way out into the agricultural bell and deep into the soil so if the water table drop and unit can pump water. where is man has to take too much time to do to decipher the conditions jock if all of these amazing technologies exist today what is prohibiting them from for shame right now the established institutions once you were invested ten million in oil platforms you're on deal like the car you don't want anything little end of here with your income so where you come self-centered that way is there anywhere in the world that's practice in a society such as the one that you're proposing right now. i would say ben ninety
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percent of the societies are corrupt and i scarcely know i can say has any decent society though will maybe maybe iceland. might be ok you've said that all world systems that's far communism socialism fascism and free market enterprise have all failed to eliminate racism it only does them and scarcity can you explain how your vision would eliminate those things. try. and money. on in all areas you can pay all of the judges senators politicians whose use the money we must need to money and go on to a resource based economy where we make things available of people just like the
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public library if you have to be moving understanding mad you can check on any book in the library with down payments of any kind who are going into debt then he kind that is into the whole of society to society gender it is dead and obligations which people cannot fulfill rock you've said that greed and endless war are based on average behavior based on social conditioning alone would you say that the need for competition for reward is also based on our societal conditions yes and that it's not innate within human nature. no there's no those are saying is human nature human nature we're human behavior shaped by coach and big supporters and a patriot the nazis were just as patriotic as the americans propaganda makes them
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a lie i hate americans and we hate the germans before the war and mids after me is use the same take me a propaganda to get them to want to do away with the americans it's all environmentally determine every word you use you learn your mother's cup table right papa mama every word you use and all of facial expressions come from movies folks that you read role models that you look up to and still there seems to be nothing if humans can say because they reflect their culture when you are brought up in the south and you hear all day long the same thing will get. in and go ahead you want a tree and it is an inborn that's learned in the south so the new areas of the south of an educated region of those where do you think prisoners taubes from and
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isn't in born children will play with anybody afro americans chinese japanese filipinos and tell mother says you are lutheran you don't waiver that catholic she means well but he doesn't understand what he's doing. jacques i commend you for actually presenting solutions to the multitude of problems that we face in the world the scarcity. all the problems that we're facing it seems really overwhelming and i think it's amazing that you've actually produced something that could be a solution however how can we ensure that putting forth trust and one concentrated planning system of society will work and not become corrupted because i'm just worried that we're not there yet and that i feel like that's how socialism is failed in the past as you do when you was the number one man you do with
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money and make things a bit like the public's mind really make it go to the public library we have a camera well anyone can go in and check out a camera now you're going to the cameras and there's music you know an instrument you can change kind of violin and so i took a phone just trying to public library no payment to learn behind and we have all known as moving around the central building and that makes it impossible for people to take bribes. and steal anything if you made goods and services available people who do not steal do need to or we need to reinvent our value system in order to share the resources of this planet how much would you say that language and mental trappings of these social orders that have failed in the past trap us prevent us from being able to progress with revolutionary ideas. one of our languages was designed hundreds of years ago and that cannot communicate with
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people we know that because we have democrats republicans socialists route things catholics and language is a terrible thing it's never been invented so that people can draw the same conclusions you see language is subject to interpretation when you read the bible someone who says this is what jesus meant and i'm another person oh no he meant something else and the third person says your bones this is what he meant that's why you have the lutheran the seventy ad it is the catholics only because the bible is subject to interpretation and our language used terrible who was is subject to interpretation but there is a language that is not subject to interpretation and that is the language used by engineers when they talk to each other they don't say believe me this is a strawman his roots aerial could give you the specifications what's in nonmetal
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how much torsion lonely can take how much tension how much compression so engineers want to talk to each other they don't say i think he means illness or i think he means that when you talk to normal people they interpret it in relation to dan background as a major problem. math and science and these things are not really open for interpretation at the mind blowing to see the technologies that do exist that are available to us right now joc frausto thank you so much for coming on to explain a little bit more about the vs project everyone check it out and take a quick break but still had to talk about the tragic nuclear legacy of japan say ten. it was terrible. the city was on fire nobody knew what was happening. five days without
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a break we were terrified. and there was no communication only tanks all around us we came out to find georgian democracy in our streets. that any one of us could have left straightaway but we knew that our first duty was to defend our homeland now that we've had peace since two thousand and one of the places reviving and coming back to normal suffered since april twentieth twelve i've been the president of the republic of south ossetia i'm very pleased to see his own people is so positive about building and strengthening our country's state. we live in the city and we love it everyone loves his homeland right now you know we didn't expect to live through five years of such peace and quiet. there's no war.
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and. i took. two years ago a massive earthquake and subsequent tsunami crippled a nuclear power plant fukushima japan resulted in the meltdown of three nuclear reactors since it's been out of sight out of mind however despite official reports
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suggesting that radiation was contained it's just been confirmed that contaminated water has been pouring into the ocean at a rate of three hundred tons per day for the last two years but as tragic as the situation may be japan is no stranger to nuclear disaster this latest update on fukushima's crisis also happens to coincide with the anniversary of one of the deadliest and most horrific events in the world history the dropping of two nuclear weapons on the cities of hiroshima and nagasaki between the two attacks hundreds of thousands of people died some instantly and many others from the nuclear fallout that preceded them here in america many of us grow up learning that dropping nuclear weapons was necessary and done in self-defense we've been told that had the u.s. not destroyed hiroshima and nagasaki more people would have ended up dying for the sake of providing an accurate account of reality it's important remove the lens of propaganda nationalism that tends to shape the storable narrative because these
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narratives often lack context and this story in particular for goes the fact that a war between empires in the pacific and already been ongoing for half a century see the us already conquered the philippines and built a strong military presence in the pacific as a stepping stone for a greater foothold in eastern asia one that the us was eager to expand which it did later on when it entered south korea singapore south vietnam indonesia and taiwan japan a rival power was also keen on controlling the region having already occupied several countries including parts of mainland china and while most with so. it was japan who struck first with the attack on pearl harbor a little is said about how the u.s. huge harsh economic sanctions in an effort to bait japan into war even allege now that u.s. cryptographers had broken japan's naval code which gave them foresight on the attack. yet despite all of this three thousand americans tragically died and the
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u.s. had its justification for war what then preceded was multiple fire bombings on several japanese cities eventually japan made overtures of surrender and top u.s. military brass even acknowledged that the war could have entered ended diplomatically but it didn't because for the first and the last time in the history of the world nuclear weapons were used against the civilian population on august sixth one nine hundred forty five a nuclear bomb was dropped in the city of herat. an enormous fireball the heat of the sun the favorites to everything and everyone within a mile radius and only hours after the first bomb dropped president truman addressed the nation. a short time ago an american airplane. hiroshima destroyed its usefulness to the enemy that has more power than.
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the japanese began to work in the air and broke over. many. yet it is going to make. it is going to see the basic power of the universe shelling words from an era that was not too long ago and he was right about it not being the end because you see three days later the us dropped a second nuclear bomb and nagasaki resulting in tens of thousands of innocent people being instantly a vapor and countless thousands more injured and despite the unspeakable horrors that run least at the time it would be future generations that would be damned to suffer the most from the horrific effects of nuclear radiation. guys this threat still exists today multiple countries have stockpiles of nuclear weapons that could destroy our precious planet several times over. moreover countries continue to pursue nuclear energy adventure that could be equally as dangerous it seems that
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humanity is too quick to forget the lessons from chernobyl eight mile island fukushima and world war two as a species we continue to risk future generations of every living thing on the planet for greed and empire so as we reflect on the strategy convent keep in mind in a matter what our history books say one thing is clear this didn't have to happen and frankly humanity can't afford to let it happen again. so by now i'm sure you've all heard about the ominous u.s. terror alert which is called for not only a reduction in international travel but also for the closure of nineteen u.s. embassies throughout the middle east but what started as a vague caution to americans worldwide has now morphed into
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a specific warning against one country that apparently poses the largest threat of all. the state department is telling all americans to leave it yemen immediately u.s. officials insist the danger has not passed and intelligence analyst increasingly now believe the most likely target of an al qaeda strike is inside yemen today the state department ordered the evacuation of most of the u.s. embassy personnel and yemen and urged all u.s. citizens to get out of that dangerous country that's right all americans should leave that they can there is country and the very afraid part of this yemenis be afraid of us for all the u.s. has sponsored a drone bombing campaign in the country for over a decade now in light of the latest terror alert those drone strikes have only searched for the past ten days the obama administration has authorized a series of bombings in yemen which they say is an effort to combat al qaeda. plot but who is really threatening whom and why is the u.s.
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targeting yemen to talk about all that more i'm doing my root always your i'm an american and. founder of support collective what's going on thank you so much for coming on thanks for having me so talk the damage has been done just in the last couple weeks so we begin to begin to see a lot of u.s. drone strikes happen within the last two weeks five joint strikes killing many civilians including children younger than the age of ten the same day that the yemeni president came to talk with the u.s. president. he had seen another drone strike hit yemen lots of just struction lots of heartbreak lots of psychological trauma so that this is exactly what's happening in yemen today do you think the drone bombing in a country is an act of war yes of course i think drones are our new way of waging war without calling it war or not seeing troops on the ground where it's easy for us to get away with it we're not losing we're not bringing back body bags so it's
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easy for us to wage war in numerous countries without meeting with a little accountability with little transparency and get away with what they were their agenda is why do you think that this point what you just said is completely not acknowledged by the corporate media or by the establishment all we're talking about this alleged the right coming from yemen i mean i think the dominant narrative right now is this huge threat that we're seeing on the american people oh there's this danger but there are always supposedly has been an imminent threat that's why we had this drone program to start with there's this imminent threat that's why we couldn't capture them and that's why we killed them by drone strikes but suddenly now we're seeing. a huge amount from the white house and reinforced by the media that there's again another threat but didn't we always have this threat and i think you know i think the threat is there but the threat. bigger to the yemeni people and to the yemeni government the yemeni people do not want to.
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but what their focus is right now is not about. not about you know these embassy closures that's not what they're focusing on right now they're focusing on how they're going to be able to eat tomorrow what are they going to are they going to have a job tomorrow these are the things that are on people's minds this is the real thing the real reality and yemen right now and of course like you just said i mean what came first the chicken or the egg who's threatening who here i mean how do the u.s. bombing yemen and then turn and there's a threat like what do you expect when you have a bombing campaign going on for a decade plus so what is this all about i mean do you think that this is just a distraction from something else because as you said i mean the threat is there what is going on here i mean i think a part of it really is i mean if you just look at the timing. the timing is weird the history of the united states it's very important to keep in mind with what's going on today and so i think part of it is psychological warfare really to kind of justify the drone program to justify the n.s.a.
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program to kind of say ok this is exactly. the threat that we heard against the united states we heard through the through the program of the n.s.a. and this is why we need it and this is why we need the drone program because where . we're being targeted there could be a possible threat to the united states we need to be killing them so i think it's just another way to brainwash people's minds i mean this is the only thing they know we need to keep our border safe we need to think those are the brown muslim people we're scared of them and they're going to wage war on us. of course if it's if you i mean you're not we're not listening to we're not hearing about the stories of the hundreds and thousands of innocent people that are dying by the terrorist. drone strikes that's the real terror we should be talking about not the terror alert of the. terrorism a bigger level it is very convenient isn't it the. the timing of this i mean just as we're having this nationwide debate about
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a. blanket dragnet surveillance all the sudden there's this worldwide terror alert really bizarre reminds me of right after nine eleven just being constantly fearmonger with really no justification or premise to where those threats coming from the u.s. claims that it's in yemen to fight al qaeda yet the yemeni government pretty much seems like they're dealing with it on its own they just claim that they thwarted this attack who even knows if that's true or not but i mean so why is it that the u.s. is not allowing the yemeni government to deal with its own problems i think a part of it is it's lack of trust in the yemeni government there's been lots of different stories of how it trusted yemeni intelligence of when when and how it's going to in the earlier days of the drone program and it ended up striking a political. a political person that was running against the government and strikes that person instead so i think there's a lack of trust between the u.s. government and the yemeni government and also another point is now our president
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hasn't had the is appointed by the u.s. and by the saudi government and he has little to say that stand against the u.s. government he has to do everything that he says the u.s. government says so i think you know we're playing with fire right now they're pulling him on one and also kind of putting and putting him to the side on the others and of course of the just because you know sort of for not releasing prisoners of which most are from yemen saying that they you know why is that that we can carry a drone strikes in the country we can't trust the government to really take these prisoners you mention that the president just visited obama here what was said you know that if you voice your concerns about drones at all or if you like you said you just kind of been told along to do whatever the u.s. wants him to do according to the press release it was mentioned that they discussed about guantanamo about the possible transfer of the fifty six cleared for release since two thousand and seven nothing exactly about. the drone program was mentioned in this press release however
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a partnership of continued counterterrorism efforts was established and was discussed and was embraced by president had to do so i think this means that we're going to continue to see more drone strikes up until hopefully more popular resistance by the american people as well as the yemeni people and what can we do to stop these drone wars rumors because we have about thirty seconds left but i think a lot of people feel really helpless when they look at what's going on i think it's really important to consider who really is at the table and who is waging these wars to start. shaming the people that are profiting out of these drone wars is the number one thing i think educated educating yourself about waging these wars and profiting from these wars thank you so much richer always here organizer for support thank you that's it for our show tonight you guys have a great night and please join me again to break all over again tomorrow.
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i heard you saying that you believe that all environmentalist want is to shot down there was some i wonder who do you believe are the masterminds of these global communist conspiracy it is very clear that when the. z. extreme communist or marxist faction had to find somewhere else to go to do the damage to the west they want to do and they found that in the environmental movement. we speak your language i mean some of the worn out of the. news programs and documentaries and spanish more matters to you. a little too much of angles to these stories. so you hear. that
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toll t. spanish. visit. it was terrible. the city was on fire nobody knew what was happening. five days without a break we were terrified. there was no communication only tanks all around us we came out to find georgian democracy in our streets. that any one of us could have left straightaway but we knew that our first judy was to defend our homeland now that we've had peace since two thousand and one of the places reviving and coming back to normal but it since april twentieth twelve i've been the president of the republic of south ossetia i'm very pleased to see that all people are so positive about building and strengthening our country's state. lives in the
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city and we love it everyone loves his homeland right but you know we didn't expect to live through five years of such peace and quiet. there's no war. mission for. cretaceous three guns for judges free. range month three. three stooges free. download free broadcast quality video for your media projects a free media and don carty dot com.
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kurds in syria calling world powers for protection of the united nations probes reports of hundreds of kurdish civilians massacred by al qaida linked rebel forces . while the cia warns the collapse of the us and government could make syria al-qaeda haven with a potential to create chaos across the region. and no tete a tete moscow is disappointed with president obama's decision to cancel a summit with one more prudent after russia gave asylum to n.s.a. leaker edward snowden.


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