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it's. fixed. coming up on our t.v. n.y.p.d. stop and frisk program was dealt a serious blow today a federal court ruled the police department has violated the constitutional rights of minorities for years with excessive stop and frisks so what does this mean for the practice moving forward find out in a moment and you likely heard a lot about immigrants trying to enter the u.s. but how about americans who want to leave the number of people really now saying their u.s. citizenship is on the rise we'll explore why and do you have a student loan a group is launching a nationwide video campaign to raise awareness of the student loan crisis will look at the campaign later in tonight's show.
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it's monday august twelfth eight pm in washington d.c. lopez and you are watching r t well a major federal court ruling out today will have huge ramifications for the new york police department's controversial stop and frisk policy federal judge. handed down a one hundred ninety five page decision that says new york's finest has violated the constitutional rights of minorities for years here's part of that ruling the city acted with deliberate indifference toward the n.y.p.d. is practice of making unconstitutional stops and conducting unconstitutional frisks even if the city had not been deliberately indifferent the n.y.p.d. is unconstitutional practices were sufficiently widespread as to have the force of law in addition the city adopted a policy of indirect racial profiling by targeting racially defined groups for stops based on local crime suspect data but while this ruling is a major victory for opponents of the stop and frisk law it does however fall short
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of repealing it all together to talk more in depth about what this ruling actually means i was joined earlier by carl dix he's the co-founder of stop the stop and frisk movement and i asked him to explain why he thinks this ruling falls short. you know it doesn't go far enough because what stop and frisk is it's a policy of treating black and latino as especially youths as criminals guilty until proven innocent if they can survive to prove their innocence and that's not just me trying to hype this marley graham was a stop and frisk that went fatal he's dead in the cop is now free to walk the streets so that's why this policy was no good it was illegitimate and it needed to be gotten rid of this ruling is not any reason for us to stop our resistance not only to stop and frisk but mass incarceration over all and all of its
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consequences including the criminalization of black and latino youth now carl part of this ruling requires a monitor to oversee the stop and frisk actions undertaken by the n.y.p.d. already former assistant district attorney and n.y.c. lead attorney peter and then roth has been selected for the job do you think that this monitor position will have an effective check and balance kind of effect on the discrimination that the judge alleges. well i think that if the monitor is acting under the direction of the justice department then i have a problem with it because the justice department has presided over racial profiling . law enforcement targeting black and latino communities across the country and what we're going to have here is maybe a rounding of the edges of the racist be a legitimate policy that's why i said last year when cornell west and i issued the
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call to stop stop and frisk and founded the stop mass incarceration network that reforms in tweaks won't cut it stop and frisk has got to go now realistically how does this ruling change the lives of the people who have already been stopped and frisked of which there are. only five million in new york city alone. well from one end it doesn't change what has already been done to people what it holds out is the potential promise that that practice will no longer be allowed to target blacks and latinos but we just have to remember that stop and frisk itself was a reform of previous abusive n.y.p.d. practices by the giuliani era street crimes unit so what we got was a policy that spread out the targeting of blacks and latino's from elite units to the entire n.y.p.d.
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that's why i am. suspicious of the approach that says we're going to reform stop and frisk because if you allow the system that's been responsible for the abuse to reform itself and i'm not talking about new york because new york is not the only place that racial profiling goes down if this system is allowed to reform itself then expect those reforms to bring you the problems in another way similar to the way the jim crow segregation was gotten rid of in part by a powerful movement from among black people and others but today fifty years later we're facing mass incarceration with most of the people incarcerated black and latino we're facing torture in prisons and more so let me ask you this does this lawsuit have national implications for the practice of stop and frisk and this generally doesn't go beyond this lawsuit with the ruling of being unconstitutional several of these top does it open the way for more lawsuits. it possibly opens the
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way for more lawsuits but let's just be clear what the judge did the judge did not rule that stop and frisk was unconstitutional the judge ruled that the n.y.p.d. application of it was unconstitutional and the monitor is going to oversee. see we're forming this stop and frisk policy so the policy is allowed to stay in the effect and they're going to hone it and round off some of the edges my feeling is that this came down to racial profiling illegitimately targeting blacks and latinos and it is a policy that was no good and needs to be stopped and it represents a system that has historically and current day targeted blacks latino's and other oppressed people and the finally self has got to go finally on one of their response to the people who say that the huge racial disparities in the stop and frisk program are a reflection of the people who actually commit the crimes in new york city well
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first off this is a criminal system let's look at what happened with the big recession and what the people on wall street did that violated numerous laws none of those people got targeted by law enforcement they are all walking around free today most with most of the wealth that they stole so don't tell me about it's blacks and latinos who commit the crime it is blacks and latinos who have been criminalized by this system and that's a part of why i say that we have to get rid of this system through revolution and nothing less carl dix co-founder of the stop stop and frisk movement thank you so much. thank you also happening today u.s. attorney general eric holder announced steps that he plans on taking to come up minimum sentencing laws when it comes to minor drug offenders and a meeting with the american bar association san francisco holder presented new policies to reserve the most severe sentencing penalties for serious high level or violent drug trafficker here's his reasoning. because they oftentimes generate
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really long sentences the disrespect for the system but applied indiscriminately they do not serve public safety very well let's be honest some of the enforcement priorities that we have said have had a destabilizing effect in particular communities largely poor and of color and applied in appropriate lee alternately children productive. and statistics to support that claim after all the us spent a staggering eighty billion dollars in two thousand and ten alone incarcerating people and the federal prison population has grown by about eight hundred percent since one nine hundred eighty four saying federal prisons to operate at nearly forty percent above capacity the smart on crime crime plan that holder presented today offers a number of changes in lieu of mandatory minimum sentences it allows judges to decide at sentence length here's how instead of listing the exact types of the
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drugs or the quantities that they were actually collected when the offender was arrested holder has new instructions for federal prosecutors on how to write criminal complaints when charging low level drug offenders the plan will also allow for the possibility of early parole for nonviolent elderly people who have served a significant portion of their sentences but again this does not work to repeal or rewrite minimum sentencing laws currently on the books. while he was the army private first class responsible for the biggest document drop in american history so it is only appropriate for someone to leak video of his very secretive court hearing right well that's how the australian blogger asher wall fell to anyway when she leaked a sixteen second video of bradley manning's trial now or t. is choosing not to show that video because it does not have any bombshell revelations it is simply a snippet of the hearing wolf claims that she received the video from an anonymous
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source this leak has sparked outrage digitally not only from the government but from manning supporters who are livid because they say that this leak give just gives judgment justification to close. the press during manning's trials this week as defense as the defense team begins its sentencing robot will at this point in time judge will and has not imposed any new restrictions of press coverage for her part actual wolf says that she was just doing her job when she leaked that video manning is slated to speak for the first time since his pretrial hearings at his sentencing in the coming days meanwhile u.s. drone strikes have ramped up in a major way in yemen at least nine strikes have been reported in last ten days alone now this comes at the same time that the u.s. and other western nations tighten security at embassies across the middle east after a tip came in about a potential terror attack yemeni president monsour hati has been supportive of
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these strikes over critics argue that there are future consequences for these drone attacks in an article published by the independent yemeni journalist for the leaves argues the u.s. is running to drones every time its counterterrorism efforts fail on each occasion the public rage against al qaeda in the arabian peninsula grows and its image is tarnished and the u.s. drone strikes restores it again in its recent actions the u.s. has become a public relations officer political commentator sam sachs looks at these recent drone strikes and what they have or what they have not accomplished. the last two weeks drone strikes have pummeled yemen here in the arabian peninsula we know there's been at least nine strikes in the last ten days and last thursday alone yemen was hit by three drone strikes and one dead thirty four so-called militants have been killed in these strikes or the administration admits they're not entirely sure who's being killed and what effect it's having as the washington post reported
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officials said tuesday there is no indication that senior al qaeda operatives in yemen have been killed in the drone strikes it's too early to tell whether we actually disrupted anything a senior u.s. official said and as american robots reign bombs on a foreign country like yemen there's not even an acknowledgement by the president the united states that this is even taking place at all he was the last friday when asked directly about it. i will not have a discussion about operational. issues now this is all in response to that terror threat allegedly gleaned from that legion of doom conference call but ask ordinary folks on the ground in yemen the only terror they see are robots with bombs talking with scott as one some based lawyer told the huffington post it's like there are two different yemens the one that the u.s. and yemeni government claims is always under a terrorist threat and the one that we actually live in with drones it's like they stepped through the looking glass and we can't know for sure but estimates suggest
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that as many as six hundred people perhaps more have been killed in both confirmed and unconfirmed drone strikes in yemen but as foreign policy noted this month for all the strikes and all the dead al qaeda in the arabian peninsula continues to attract more members growing from three hundred in two thousand and nine to well over a thousand today and investigative journalist chris woods told me the u.s. is entirely unaware of the long term consequences of this drone bombing campaign. or aware of the consequences of the invasion of iraq already the us when you. ten years ago. this is the. radicalization of. terrorists of course you tend to disperse. which. is a joint or consequence of. drone strikes in this you.
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mean the definitions of terrorism have been blurred where is the terror coming from . the conference calls or killer robots stalking the skies if there are legitimate terror threats emanating from the arabian peninsula that is our drone bombing campaign they're keeping us safe or radicalizing more who want to do us harm those are questions for the administration once it comes around to acknowledging these strikes or even happening in the first place in washington same sex are two when congress comes back into session in september emigration reform will no doubt top their agenda but while congress eyes the immigration ball perhaps lawmakers should not only be worried about keeping foreigners out but also about keeping americans in why while the number of americans who have chosen to renounce their citizenship has increased six fold in the second quarter of this year as compared to the last year to discuss this story i was joined just a short time ago by our to correspondent aaron a and i started by asking her to
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break down the numbers of defecting americans. a lot of people are leaving no longer not only do they now want to stay they don't want to pay taxes they're willing to give up there are u.s. citizenship so it starts off in q q two of two thousand and thirteen one thousand one hundred thirty residences according to an ira list of i r s a list of those who are now their citizenship this is in the second quarter of twenty thirteen they're gone no more u.s. citizenship and this is from the previous high set q four of two thousand and twelve of six hundred seventy nine people and that was the high of all time it was never above that so obviously seen an increase and their kind of the u.s. estimates of tax evasion by u.s. citizens it results in as much as one hundred billion dollars in losses for the federal government so it's quite a bit of money that they're losing and they really want to stop and they're thinking that this is a way with this big bill that they're instituting is a way to kind of curb all of this exodus that is a lot of money that could be used on a lot of different things what are some of the reasons that people are giving for this mass exodus it has to be more than that or is it really does it all come down
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to money well i actually think it's important to point out that it isn't necessarily a mass exodus is an exodus yes absolutely but mass not so much is a little over a thousand people and this is of the six million people that they have recorded globally working and living abroad so it's not a tremendous amount of people but yes it is an increase more than we've ever seen before and they're saying that a lot of the reason this is happening there could be personal reasons there could be professional reasons but a lot of it has to do with the provision within the hire act which was instituted two thousand and ten the provision in the act that specifically is the foreign account tax compliance act it's called that kind of like the second that's gone so the fact is basically what it says is they want international banks foreign banks to tell the i.r.s. they are a saying you have to tell us whatever u.s. citizen or green card holder has an account with in your bank we need to know withdrawals we need to know their address we need to know all this information about and basically what these foreign banks are saying are we don't want to do that so the easier way instead of going up against the federal government. is to
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not accept u.s. citizens as clients so if we have a bunch of money we want to put in a bank overseas do you want to pay all the taxes they're like no never mind i'd prefer to work with a french person or german person or someone else not from the us to avoid having to deal with the i.r.s. and let's talk a little bit more in detail about the foreign account tax compliance act does the u.s. have the only is it the u.s. that does that or do other countries kind of implement this on other citizens that go and live abroad the u.s. is the only truly developed country an economic power that institutes this on their citizens living abroad now there's three point port portions within that need to be addressed and the first one is it's requiring like i said before the us to disclose names account numbers account balances withdrawals etc whenever a u.s. citizen does these sort of financial things within their own financial institution that's number one number two you have people with foreign bank accounts with over fifty thousand dollars in a foreign bank account need to fill out paperwork it's just
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a new form just incredibly long tax returns that your citizens are subject to and it's not millions millions dollars it's yes it's a large amount of money fifty thousand dollars but it's not what we think you were thinking of like offshore bank accounts it's smaller than that relatively so that's another added negative for the individual with a foreign bank account and the third point is that trying to close this tax loophole that we see and we hear about all the time with foreign investments and foreign bankers just making all this money overseas so those are the three portions of the fad that need to be looked at and just so not going after the mitt romney is of the world just going out exactly. but can you give us some examples of famous people is there anyone that is notable that has a bunch actually which is really surprising and kind of makes you wonder hey if you had all this money would you do. the ones of no it's tina turner who knew tina turner she actually applied for citizenship and is in all the time because of your husband have to travel
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a significant other is in zurich so she's going to be. over there bobby fischer the chess player no longer an american as well denise rich she wrote amazing hits for marriage a drama she didn't want to hear in the u.s. she got out of here because of a daughter sobber and a facebook fan you know that original investor he gave up his u.s. citizenship last year that was a big hoopla as well and he's in singapore now and there was a lot of noise that was our to correspondent aaron a well one nonprofit organization based in new york wants to know what's your number but not in the sleazy haven't you graded boy comes up to a girl in a bar way the student debt crisis is launching a nationwide video campaign where participants from all over the country are encouraged to share their personal stories about how the financial burdens of higher education have impacted their lives take a look at a few of these submissions. my name is emily and i am about ten months away from a medical doctor and coming out with my student loan debt in currently one hundred
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forty four thousand dollars what would i do if i didn't have that student loan debt well first you know i probably wouldn't live in a one bedroom apartment for the rest of my life answers or my inter budget will go to wants to. change for the rest of my life to talk about this campaign i was joined earlier by natalia abrams she is the co-founder of the student debt crisis and i first asked her about their new campaign and why she thinks it is important to share these stories. well it's important to join the out with student debt campaign because we need to shed the stigma of student debt students no longer need to feel ashamed of their outstanding student loan debt it's it's everyone feeling this or everyone with that is feeling this and they no longer need to hide and we took a point from the l.g. b.c. community which encouraged their members to come out over the last twenty thirty years and we've seen great achievements in legislation coming out by putting
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a face to the name of the issue and that's what we're trying to do here we want to if we feel that if there's a face to the issue and people understand that this is everyone it's your brother it's your cousin it's your mailman with student debt then maybe you can help change the legislation because we can as i said before have a face to it and it haha if you don't mind if i ask you but what's your number i know the last time that you were here you actually brought in your diploma and you're educated show it to everybody yet my number is quite low my number is fifteen thousand i'm lucky but i also only went to school for two years i was a transfer student to u.c.l.a. so when i burst fifteen thousand for two years i'm to tell you abrams and i had fifteen thousand dollars in student debt and talk about what that fifteen thousand dollars has mean for you personally and professionally when it comes to your finances and your career goals. right well for me like i said it's a smaller amount but i still spend one hundred fifty dollars a month that could be sponsored on other things and it changed my whole career
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direction i saw how this problem got has become worse and worse and donate a lot of my free time to student debt crisis that org where a nonprofit organization and you know i don't get paid for this this is out of the kindness of my heart but because i feel that there's a really big issue and so does all of our other co-founders that we need to talk about it so it's changed my life incredibly because i feel lucky to only have fifteen thousand and debt when as you saw in that video people are suffering with one hundred thirty two hundred thousand far more debt than mine and thousand dollars is still a lot and a lot of interest can actually collect on that but i do want to quickly play another one of those submissions that your organization received great back in ninety two to ninety four i went to graduate school and i borrowed money. about fifteen thousand dollars. between seven and eight and there's it today.
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eighty nine thousand dollars eighty nine thousand dollars in the tally i can't believe that so as he showed there are some graduate students that is filing out of control like you say what kind of reform do you think would help these people that you show in these videos well first and foremost we have to restore restore consumer protections the student loans and we're actually working on a new bill with the members of congress to create consumer protections they've been stripped away over the last twenty years where it's near impossible to declare bankruptcy that you know compound interest is out of control so that would be first and foremost the second step is we're big advocates of h.r. thirteen thirty the student loan fairness act where we need to readjust lending programs that students can enroll into where they can pay off their debt in a reasonable amount of time and get out from under this overwhelming number so we believe in many reforms but first and foremost we need to restore consumer
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financial protection for student loans pacifically and all of those a reforms that you spoke about how realistic do you think they are in the short term versus the long term. we're a bit discouraged in the short term especially after the new bill that president obama just signed which we don't feel goes at all far enough and actually can in the next few years hurt students but we're hopeful there's a lot more attention to this matter than there has been in the last two years my team members of my team have been fighting this for over the last four years and only in the last two have we really seen other organizations our legislation in our senate and congress come on board and care about this issue so i would say i feel more confident today than i did two years ago that we can actually see systematic change and italian people have been talking about student debt for years and years we've seen it on so many different news programs obviously a lot of people are talking about it is there something do you think is misrepresented or under republican or under reported in these public discussions
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absolutely i think that the students that are is viewed you know for lack of a better word as a loser when in fact as you seem seem these videos these are people that would happily pay their loans back but they don't want to pay back eighty thousand dollars for a fifteen thousand dollar loan so something has to be done and that's why we're we want we launched this out with student debt campaign to show that face to show that that person once to pay their loan back they just want to fair deal on the table and i think that's been misrepresented that students are just trying to get by and it's actually you know it's education debt it's not student debt over sixty percent of the people with education that are over the age of thirty they're myself they're my my mother people like that so we really need to put it a dull turn and face on this and show that this is everyone's problem not just students problem natalia abrams co-founder of the student debt crisis thank you so much thank you meg and many companies spend a lot of money on researching ways to attract new customers but that can include
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research on a simple sound or color of a product to influence our buying decisions for more on that the residents lori her finished. at this point i think to say that corporations must think americans are pavlovian it is case in point car companies spend heaps of money just on the sounds a car makes in the belief that you will be more likely to buy the car if it makes sound that you expect to hear many of the noises that cars can make have nothing to do with how the car runs the audio experience of your car is carefully designed and
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tweaked by going to engineers according to kara gordon and noise and vibration performance engineer at g.m. lauren teams of people work for years on a single car's sound there's someone the focus on excess the reason someone just for alternators someone for heating and air conditioning and are the. two engineers work soley on squeaks and rattles which could be anything from suspension or just plastic panels touching all of those sounds that you hear are actually the machinery functioning they are manufactured audio tricks made to sound like what you expect to make you buy the car. some sound are completely artificial the clicking of a turn signal has to be a real artifact of a mechanical process that turn the light on and off but that mechanism was replaced a long time ago by an electronic circuit that operates silently gordon says that
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now your turn signal that sound like anything it could sound like a burned. but instead that they manufactured the old clicking sound because that's . but people expect to hear in a car that's right apparently we are utterly gullible in our habit and car companies are not alone in this idiocy of course our food companies are an easy way adept at faking aspects of what's known as user experience hillshire far lakes processed sliced deli meat he added fake dark edging to their turkey slices to make it seem more natural and less processed not only is that stupid it's incredibly healthy as they use caramel coloring which has been linked to many forms of cancer are we really that stupid to the point where humanity needs to waste so much time and resources on this kind of stupid bakery the amount of time money and human
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brain power corporations expend are trying to trick us into feeling good about their products in the stupidest way is possible is absolutely insane but we still buy their products to the tune of billions in profit. so who is the real idiot here tonight let's talk about that by following me on twitter at the resident. going to do it for now for more on the stories we covered go to youtube dot com slash r t america or check out our website r t dot com slash usa and don't forget to follow me on twitter at meghan underscore underscore lopez plus stay tune for nine pm the larry king now show is coming up tonight's guests are denzel washington and mark wahlberg will be talking about their latest film with two guns that director of the film star comac or will also be on tonight's episode for now have
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a great night. good afternoon and welcome to prime interest i'm harry and boring. let's get to today's happening. this hour now a national security issue that's according to the new york department of financial service is a very thinly veiled threat slash press release compared virtual currencies to the wild west of the domain of narco traffickers and criminals the state of new york said it is in the common interest to bring virtual currencies quote out of the darkness and into the day into the light of day a compelling use of dramatic metaphor is new york this is mr spitzer yes we do in prime interest last week we called it the mainstream media when they floated the idea of the.


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