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tv   Headline News  RT  August 14, 2013 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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blood ballasts and drowned they can't so it's claimed hundreds have been killed as police moving to plash sixteen supporting be toppled is going to the president. also this solid middle eastern peace talks are set to resume after three years of stalemate amid israeli airstrikes in gaza and announcement of thousands of new settlements on palestinian land. and then brought up as eavesdropping trash cans in central london spark a new surveillance count all the.
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news from russia under wrong the world this is she was me your national. a vigorous police crackdown on this citizens supporting egypt's ousted president mohamed morsi have turned tire cairo into a battlefield in terms gunfire puddles of blood snipers on rooftops and love to barricades have been seen in the egyptian capital today health and security official are so far talking of dozens of confirmed casualties although the muslim brotherhood claims five hundred lines have been lost the fighting escalated after security forces began their operation to crush two major pro more succumbs early in the morning violence quickly spread to egypt's other main cities where street battles and attacks on churches have also been reported a little get more live from parties about troops who was inside one of the protest camps while it was being attacked. you are in the midst of the water you
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seeing that please bring us up to date. well i just being inside all the way in which is their main income. what i saw was critique a don't think violent there was gunfire. coming from all directions it was almost impossible to see where the security goes where the tipping that surrounded the incumbent they were shooting into people trying to fight street to one of the main streets coming up into the kitchen there were protesters hiding behind concrete behind some fog some people were trying to get some rest other. people. dealing with the injured and they know the people had gone out and these people have been shot mostly in the head the neck on the chest area which would imply a shoot to kill it was very. very defiant they were chanting back at the security
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forces saying that basically they will be mocked longer than the courage from this . very chaotic but also a very defiant at the same time they're not going to budge sound the other sitting across the city in the camp has already been played. to move people on but the people in iraq are telling me that they're not going to go any last minute children still inciting kampman. trying to take cover people trying to. help i was keeping safe and sound. financial and just tell as how real was the danger you experienced. it was very. trying to get into the several hours every five street was blocked by . the army and police firing literally anyone attempting to get comments including janet. inside being fired up by.
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fired. differentiating between. protesters that was. on anyone in the area. he was shot said i'm still trying to get. to number john telling me to. find security. cameras memory cards with pictures on because extremely comes in a very dangerous environment for journalists meanwhile the person does not see trucks inside the turkey for this promise that they would be sent back certain that people would be allowed to sleep. peacefully and would not be arrested. several hours. very vicious fighting there is no way to get out the. people to get in.
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people. dying from. it's extremely chaotic very violent but the sound of gunfire everywhere coming from multiple directions. extremely hostile environment and it looks like. please bow the capsule and try to stay in a safe place we will warn about she that line from cairo saying. and you can follow about on twitter for instant updates on what's happening current from the day she has been sharing her thoughts on what it's like to be caught in the very. storm the police moving on protested. and dr scientists sontag politico say syllogistic the american university in cairo things the action taken by the security forces is justified the strategy of the muslim brotherhood
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was to control and these stop the lies sky will by controlling that by controlling some districts and even try to expand them they also try to use flash mob to beseech some ministries like they did try to beseech seven ministries and close the . troubling traffic of. the egyptian government after all the men and we did enough to start acting. in the media. human rights organisation to see how things being done the egyptians didn't want to wait until you know the country is destroyed after four years of his rule and then the whole world would believe the egyptians why didn't you act and stop and put an end to this president who is destroying your country and you waited until four years democracy doesn't mean you will give a carte blanche to the to do whatever he pleases and he miles has written extensively about cairo and the revolutions in the middle east and he believes no
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one will be able to raise the muslim brotherhood from egypt's political spectrum it seems that anything is possible egypt is obviously sliding into a very desperate condition and the future is highly uncertain and all the predictions about what's going to happen in egypt vault and out to be wrong what's clear is that egypt is a very divided society the islamists having won the last four democratic elections or elections. very popular they can't just be swept under the table it's not possible to turn the clock back to the mubarak era. for general sisi and his backers to try and i'm go back to the kind of status quo ante before two thousand and eleven revolution but i think if that is our plan they are dreaming because islamists in egypt are now used to being free and being able to practice
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their religion the way they want and it's not going to be easy to deny these people . and of course also help you keep track of the developments on our website r c dot com we've got a live feed of the camp raids and all the pictures and reaction from social media as well. israeli drones have carried out an air strike on the gaza strip just hours ahead of the much anticipated resumption of peace talks with the palestinians negotiations have been in deadlock since twenty ten and with israel recently announcing plans for more than two thousand new settlement homes in the west bank and east jerusalem the already fragile looking talks around ever greater pressure now she's policy or the details. today for the first time in three years israelis and palestinians will
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be resuming direct talks in jerusalem this follows preparatory talks that will hold of launches in washington but both sides are skeptical and no one is expecting a breakthrough the problem is that these talks are resuming against the backdrop of an announcement by israel that it is expanding its settlement now the european union has warned that this is in the eagle palestinians also warning that this will cause the negotiations to collapse before they even begin they accuse the israeli government of trying to sabotage these talks and they also complain that current israeli settlement growth is at president of levels israel has rejected this criticism it says that every peace initiative so far has proposed that the settlements affected become part of the israeli territory the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has officially said that he wants these talks to succeed but the problem is that both his government and the israeli public split
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over them earlier twenty six of one hundred and four palestinian prisoners that israel is releasing as a confidence measure to bolster these talks we'll see if we convicted by israel of carrying out attacks against israelis before the also accords of the nineteen ninety three israeli government said that this was a difficult but necessary stick but there have been demonstrations in this role by both weisman protesters and also friends and family of israelis who were killed in attacks carried out by at least some of these prisoners you should know that the jury it all petered out eighty four point nine percent are gangs deal many people here and he's out here to the point you and i greet prime minister and government we feel betrayed because we are we trusted them as for the palestinians themselves hamas which is the leadership in gaza is not part of these negotiations and refuses to be now the palestinian. president mahmoud abbas as he comes to these
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talks is definitely not talking with a united palestinian voice as is neither israeli prime minister. meanwhile the hamas movement has slammed the talks saying israel is not committed to any. peace negotiation want to succeed like the others negotiations we've tried the negotiations for more than twenty years before what we got there is only losing our learns losing our people continue for the killing by the israelis for our people when what there is it is not going to actually continue in the. settlement and doing whatever they want and. tell them and all the palestinian cities there is no faction is agreed to go to the negotiation even some parties who belongs to the p.l.o. they refused to go into the negotiations mr mahmoud abbas doesn't represent the put a c.m. people he only represent himself he doesn't have the right to negotiate by the name
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of the palestinian people while palestinians in gaza and the west bank have been celebrating the return of twenty six prisoners released early from israeli jails and pay paul murphy believes the move simply diverse attention from the reality of israel's tactics. the release of prisoners i mean it's twenty six were released thirteen were arrested simply on on one day so half as many as were released and it's simply it's something to give to abbas to say that the israelis are serious but the true story is told by the settlements it's the palestinians who have their lands occupied who have or are only able to access military justice in the occupied territories who face a inhuman humane and illegal blockade in gaza. that the concessions here have to be made by the israeli establishment in terms of you know laying the basis for a viable palestinian state with
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a capital in east jerusalem with control and rights of control over its own economy over its resources that they already did preconditions for a peace and they're all moves that in my opinion need to be made by the israeli establishment side and the head of the palestinian israeli peace and for him ron pundak says neither side in the upcoming peace talks are going to them willingly the two sides were coming coming to this negotiations not by issue. by the push of a move. to come to day into a fund a study disagreement between the current israeli government led by begin to turn the oh and the policy side led by mahmoud abbas is impossible mainly because we have a policy partner for final status negotiations but we don't have it really easily publicly colleen plea and now comes the question of whether the americans would try to push push what john kerry was talking about six to nine months that died months of negotiations towards finding stuff. this is all see coming out leaving the
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danger zone but is that enough to ease later i think is by is the blocks not formally out of recession what's the plane shortly why they still are. people can breathe a complete sigh of relief that's like. the air base. i dreamed of becoming a pilot ever since i was a child. i loved just playing live.
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this isn't he welcome bach and you promise his candle has erupted in the u.k. outrage was revealed high tech trash cans are spying on pedestrians in london the business place in the city's financial district by an advertising fog are able to
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identify and track mobile phones through a wireless connection authorities have ordered this surveillance to stop and the country's data protection watchdog says it will investigate all he's been a boycott as well. just have been think. again these nifty looking lesser bins are connected so why five and that means that they can track the movements of each and every person walking down this street as long as they've got a smartphone that's connected to why fine now the digital stalking is all in the name of advertising simply by knowing who you are and where you're going they can alter the images on the screen here to tailor the advertisement to whoever is walking down the street in the city of london corporation have said that they also use the sun why despite technology that they've asked the company responsible for the bins to switch them off the local authority here say that schemes like this require the backing of an informed public but just how aware are the british public of the erosion of the so-called digital privacy in the wake of the n.s.a.
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scandal it's been revealed that it's not just camacho companies but entire governments that are spying on their citizens and just last week we found out that just telecom on the verge of phones have been secretly processing on details of their customer's conversations over to intelligence agency g c h q coming into my privacy on those issues without my knowledge it would be a cause of concern is a breach of law as a breach of confidentiality i just wouldn't have nothing to hide so i don't really care but still i don't think that. that's fair from them not telling us that to me because information to governments who are true in your twenty's citizens private information should stay private i've got nothing to hide so it doesn't matter let's have identity to go along all that stuff is very much the other side is there anything in the final things i shouldn't do. to be honest with you must surveillance is now a reality of our everyday lives c.c.h.
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to call it a day so hoovering according to experts they screw up as much information as possible online and through telephone traffic in order to school through it so there's that there'd be paying him much more information than many of the news. even back when the boy. on the cross the atlantic the white house tracked on suggestions intelligence chief trains clapper will lead a probe into the n.s.a. spy scandal clapper was forced to apologize to congress for denying the n.s.a. collected information about millions of americans meanwhile the price of the fallout from the scandal is skyrocketing as well he's going there to check our reports. it's very difficult to put a price on trust but in business customer trust consumer confidence is money according to the information technology and innovation foundation the n.s.a. leaks will cost us tech companies up to thirty five billion dollars in the next
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three years according to the cloud security alliance after the leaks ten percent of two hundred seven non us companies canceled contracts with the u.s. providers also fifty six percent of non-u.s. respondents are now hesitant to work with u.s. based cloud operators this is bad news for us tech companies because cloud computing and storage is a huge expanding market a market based on trust but do companies have a choice other than to share their users private information most recently the highly encrypted e-mail service called level bit has gone off line among its users was edward snowden lavabit claims the company is legally barred from explaining why it shut down but its owner wrote this i've been forced to make a difficult decision to become complicit in crimes against the american people or walk away from nearly ten years of hard work by shutting down lavabit after
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significant source searching i've decided to suspend operations i wish that i could legally share with you the vents that led to my decision i cannot all other u.s. internet services that cooperate with the n.s.a. are also legally required to keep their mouth shut but tech companies are of course not the only ones grappling with a costly trust issue the white house is doing its own damage control the president has announced that a group of quote unquote independent outside experts will review the government surveillance and intelligence gathering programs the privacy advocates do not expect that this so-called outside review could actually result in changes in the programs but one change that we can expect the. is more measures to stop future leaks and one of them could be this the director of the n.s.a. said the agency is going to cut the number of its system administrators by ninety percent less people knowing about the details of the programs less chances to have sex and those who do know something or are strictly required to keep their mouth
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shut like the founder of that e-mail service level bit in washington i'm going to check out. more of the does the privacy is becoming a relic of the past as presented to you online legal advice from google has surfaced warning mail users they should never expect their communications to be kept secret so deep on that home. and now you tube channel you'll find a massive sinkhole which shows no see sawing a whole building and leaving it buried under mud check out the full video online. agencies such as the blockers in our family out of recession hopes are high this will herald a long awaited return to regular economic growth and the end of the financial crisis get the numbers scanned or assurance for the likes of greece and spain and
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earlier we discussed this would be host of aussies new business show venture capital k. to people being so all about germany and france we've actually got growth in terms of their economy and is positive at no point seven percent the germany not point five percent for france it's just building the momentum finally i'm not here with bad news. so good news for germany and france but what about the rest of europe and all the rest of the zone the euro zone growth no point three percent so again we've got guys i know that doesn't sound particularly sizing certainly not parties in the top but when you consider they've endured six quarters of contraction is a positive bass the concern is with the other peripheral southern countries that a father entrenched in debt is going to take longer for those countries to crawl themselves out of recession which mean at the moment i'm thinking about spend a greece in particular the unemployment rate that is the real problem still stubbornly over twenty percent in europe as a whole twenty six million people still looking for work so at the moment the data
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is positive a long way to go on day. when while the greek government is trying to save some money when it comes to caring for the country's children more than one hundred state funded elementary schools and kindergartens are due to close this summer we're going be total number of educational facilities shop of twenty eleven to more than one thousand. has been looking at the austerity measures at work. another employed single mother agree saw has been dealing with what any loving parent would class as a nightmare for five days of the week her child has to live elsewhere because she can't afford to look after her i didn't have anything. to feed my child. only god knows how i'm. sorry. she says she's gone looking for a job for three years but now aged forty knows the chances of her succeeding are
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slim she tries to shield her four year old daughter as much as she can from the grim reality until she's old enough to understand and in the meanwhile the girl lives in the skinner garden along with other children from needy and problem families how do you explain to your child you're not able to take care of them full time because of problems with the economy and perhaps to completely understand what these people go through every day you have to be in their shoes but what's clear for many kindergartens like this one are the only chance for their children to have more or less decent lives but since they're financed by the greek state they're now under threat of being shut down. a street that open since one thousand one hundred this garden has helped thousands of families throughout the years but because of a lack of financing for the past twelve months its staff have been working for free and it won't be long before what little funds they have dry up completely. in a political agreement that we're facing severe and multiple problems and they're
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now and then you've been closed down there using every means possible to continue working and are open to any help when i'm sure home we could last due to various austerity measures by greece's creditors the government has been cutting jobs and reducing financing in the public sector teachers and schools including the sheet yes it is terrible it's getting was. nothing gives us an. we hope that this will change soon the next. two three four years it seems that this economy our economy with greece in general is going. to tell. us why grim for gas from economists and a downgrade of the greek economy from the votes to emerging markets officials are promising an economic miracle promises you were greeks are finding the strength to believe in with strasser in the it's going off towards the athens. and some other world news in brief hundreds of members of the pakistani hardline party have poured
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into the streets of the city of karachi to protest against bob a call unprovoked indian aggression and crush mere earlier the pakistani military accused delhi of a new round of shelling along the disputed kashmir border and killing a civilian there rally follows a week of mutual cross border attacks that threaten to talk paedo planned peace talks between the nuclear armed rivals. a huge explosion and fire onboard a russian built indian maybe it submarine has killed a number of sailors the incident in a port in mumbai caused the sub to saying it was reported up to eighteen people were trapped on board it's thought the explosion may have been caused by a buildup of hydrogen gas as batteries were being charged. and a large u.b.s. cargo plane has crashed on approach to birmingham airport in the u.s. state of alabama a three hundred jet was on route from the state of kentucky when it came down in
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a field short of the airports around the perimeter the shipping company said the two crew members on board were killed and up next our pool to russia's best known defense aircraft coming up after a short break. well . sorry it's technology innovations all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered.
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