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tv   [untitled]    August 15, 2013 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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i. a day of bloody riots a month long state of emergency declared in egypt at least two hundred seventy eight people were killed nationwide after security forces deployed to gas snipers and armored dig is basically a protest camps. unexpected apology military whistleblower bradley manning says he's sorry for the biggest leak in u.s. history sparking speculation he's being pressured to soften his stance. and sitting on a goldmine no more the u.s. federal reserve loses trust amid mounting concerns that it no longer holds the amount of precious metals that he claims.
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are good morning it's nice to have you company watching r.t. with me andrey. now egypt is locked in a state of emergency after a nationwide street battles which saw tear gas gunfire and nearly three hundred deaths security forces went through to protest camps full of supporters of the president mohammed morsi we have to warn you that the images you're about to see very graphic from this scene these are just some of the two hundred eighty one victims of the dead be clashes between protesters and security forces but the muslim brotherhood claims the real number of casualties is nearly ten times higher than officially authorities are now enforcing a curfew and several other provinces across the country the interim prime minister defended the military operation insisting his government is committed to democracy
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but vice president mohammed el baradei resigned saying there should have been a peaceful solution artie's bell to describe what she witnessed in cairo. the security forces moved in on protesters at around six thirty and started firing at them at seven am using birdshot bullets tear gas and also live ammunition which i have actually seen with my own eyes i may have been surrounded if it continued to surround the entire city and firing both out protesters inside and also anyone attempting to get in as i approached this city and security forces as i said had blocked off every entrance even the smallest sorry streets which resulted in was basically the side road battles where the police and the military would fire heavily on anyone approaching including journalists like myself residents and families of people trapped inside i had to duck behind cars behind any concrete barricades that i could find as i mean mission was being fired at me both from
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above and from the front including tear gas the air was stinging it was almost impossible to breathe it was on i was unable to ascertain whether this was in fact like i mean mission but i heard a lot of automatic weapon fire and also i heard. like rifle rounds i then went i managed to make my way into the sit in after hours of being shot at and found protesters as i said trying to find shelter and i said women and children in there as well the field hospital itself is in the heart of the clashes you have to run through a corridor of the night i mean to get some protesters were doing meanwhile others that were wearing the qur'an around their neck and chanting defiantly against the police post saying they will not be intimidated paramedics were carrying stretches to the front line with their uniforms covered in blood saying that number of people had died in the ambulances i then watched one particular protester shot in the chest he was actually killed he died in front of me the paramedics in the ambulance attempted to resuscitate him but it didn't work he died right there with
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a gunshot wound to his chest and another one to his leg so clearly it looks like the security forces are shooting to kill for my contacts inside the field hospital they say that people have been shot to the head the face the neck and the chest the background to this is that the supporters of ousted leader mohamed morsi said that they wanted him to be reinstated and the constitution they started these two sit ins in the capital and across the many different governorates over a month ago saying they will not leave until he is put in place there has been movement from within the interim government particularly from the liberal leader mohamed el baradei who is the vice president to not have this kind of violent crackdown instead preparing a kind of democratic reconciliation through talks to this idea of some kind of peaceful dispersal clearly never happened well these images apparently show the authorities confiscating guns and ammunition from one of the pro morsy city cams but mona because as who is a spokesperson for the muslim brotherhood in the u.k. told us that security forces are to blame for all the violence signaling
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a return to a military state. the violence is on the union that it's coming from the paramilitary forces the violence and the killing has only been from one side trying or not trying to frame some of the peaceful protesters will not help because the number of casualties is actually striking the international community is. one of the worst massacre in the modern history of egypt hundreds were killed in call of innocent peaceful egyptians who went there calling for the democracy back where shoki protest had spread all over egypt what's happening now is much bigger than the muslim brotherhood is much bigger than the president morsi it's about egypt it's about three egypt it's about the democracy it's about the human rights in egypt we're seeing that return of a military state at a turn of. emergency law which which has only been used to violate our human rights as free egyptians while u.s.
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secretary of state john kerry has strongly condemned the bloodshed which happened in egypt saying it's a major blow to democratic transition but war correspondent eric margolis who's written extensively about the middle east says western power is doing anything to help egypt which means the violence could get even worse. we are very close to the civil war in egypt not only in cairo but in that alexandria and down the nile as you head into upper egypt the people get more militant there and it's historically areas larger violent so it's very worrisome what they've done is they've overthrown one of the arab world's only democratically elected governments they reimposed the reactionary group of security officers leaves bureaucrats judges they've taken over the media completely and all this is being financed with money from saudi arabia and kuwait and it's being allowed to happen because the western
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powers are turning a blind eye to what's going on they're saying tut tut tut it's not good but in fact they really haven't done anything substantial to stop this puts egypt cannot live without foreign financial support it cannot feed its people it has to put fifty percent of its food so that. it either as the patron and the united states or with the gulf arabs of the gulf arabs are deathly afraid of a revolution by their people so of course they're helping the counter revolution in egypt on this plenty more on what's happening in egypt on our website a detailed timeline of events and first hand accounts from people who were there we put it all covered it r.t. dot com while you prizing on our website make sure you also check out our egypt photo gallery we've lined up pictures that for you from the country's capital it's
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all just a click away. now u.s. private bradley manning has apologized at a court hearing whistleblower responsible for the biggest leak of classified data in american history said he never meant to cause harm to his country manning faces nineteen years in jail and they're waiting his sentence out he says wall has more. bradley manning took the stand he remained silent throughout the trial but he did give a very brief statement and i think what he said during that statement shocked a lot of people he started off by apologizing he said quote sorry that i hurt the united states and he said he has suffers from issues and there's no excuse for that he said i can't go back and change things i want to go forward i want to be
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a better person and it got to the point where it seemed like he was just leading to the judge pleading for his life he said to the judge i hope you can give me an opportunity to be a productive person and i say that these statements come as a shock because it was a very different bradley manning than the one we heard during the pretrial hearings where he said that he did what he did because he was trying to do the right thing and that he was a whistleblower for bradley manning is perhaps no spying is for exposing this video which shows civilians being killed by u.s. troops in iraq he's also passed diplomatic cables i'm war logs which were all published by wiki leaks so his apology in court as a surprise to many just several months ago the whistle blows attitude was different he said quote i felt i had accomplished something that i live me to have a clear conscience based upon what i had seen and what i had read about and knew was happening in both iraq and afghanistan every day wiki leaks says that manning's
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apology he was extracted by extreme force and that he's simply run out of options well earlier we spoke to norman solomon who's spearheading a petition for bradley manning to be awarded this year's nobel peace prize more than one hundred thousand people have already signed it. well the prize has been tarnished in recent years for instance to give the nobel peace prize to president barack obama obama when he was in the midst of escalating the war in afghanistan the nobel peace prize needs bradley manning at this point much more than bradley manning needs the nobel peace prize and by that i mean that no one can doubt the advocacy and the risk for peace that bradley manning has undertaken but there is serious doubt about the commitment by the norwegian nobel committee to peace on an independent basis in the form of awarding the nobel peace prize. there's
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plenty more to come this hour we tell you how china may make its currency. by putting the financial bring back into gold plus black and white police in britain are accused of racial bias an abuse of power over the targeting of black people around them despite no evidence of wrongdoing. the u.n. ready. for an inquiry into allegations of chemical weapons use in syria finally get the go ahead. good lumber tour to mccurry was able to build the needs most sophisticated. fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything mission to teach music creation why it should care about
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humans and. this is why you should care only. we speak your language or not a. news program says documentaries and spanish more matters to you. it will turn into angles to these stories. here. that the spanish. visit. why do you consider it is to be in there when the bill right up to any athlete started preaching homosexuality to minors one parents for example are against it and as you probably know it. has an almost well meaning support around eighty percent and all the public strong disappointed when i'm asked comes from a certain country of course is his. right to use to freedom of speech.
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to freedom of expression. pretty free. free. free free. free. free. free. for your media project free media r.t. dot com. coming up to quarter past eight here in the russian capital let's have a quick look now at some other news happening around the world the u.n. says its chemical weapons experts are ready for an imminent departure to syria this comes after assad's government gave its formal approval for the team to conduct an
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inquiry into the possible use of toxic weapons led by the swedish scientists akki sellstrom they will conduct investigations at three sites one of them is a sound near aleppo where the rebels are accused of using chemicals in march. in the german city of selling. wide wide scale anti anger merkel protests on wednesday demonstrators came out in their droves as the chancellor launched her new election campaign merkel's reputation has been seriously damaged by recent revelations that her government had been spying on citizens for foreign agencies like the n.s.a. . a militant protesters gathered in pakistan's eastern lahore made rising tensions in the kashmir province supporters of the militant group demanded their new prime minister open a dialogue with india to prevent further violence deadly attacks struck along the volatile border just as peace talks over the disputed land were set to reopen. this
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is the worst flooding china has seen in three decades heavy downpours have wreaked chaos across the country's northern regions the surging and then jang river inundated oil fields interrupting production and cutting off clean water supplies and one border checkpoint with russia was even forced to close after a local river burst its banks submerging at. racist injustice is still an issue in britain figures show that black people are still seven times more likely to be said by police on the street than white paper land most of the time without any evidence tests or similar investigates accusations of intrusive stopping discrimination. one morning while driving to work nathan was stopped by the police and asked to step
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out of his car aggressively showered. and useful of paris so i said to him you know sort of your own. kind of b.s. a police lady was walking past me so i said you know two men of anything and her reply was let me just going to check your car maven says they grabbed his wrists at which point he started getting angry is anyone to go to the police station what he told me is when he told me. to do fifteen or forty speeding yeah so. i don't you know nathan's experience is just one of numerous other stories of black and minority ethnic youths who feel they've been unfairly targeted or treated by police a sentiment that's fueled riots in the past. home secretary theresa may order the police watchdog to conduct its first ever study into the use of stop and searches and deemed wanted for were unlawful warning that black and minority ethnic groups
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were stopped more than white people janet hill's a detective at the metropolitan police service says she's been stopped herself and more times than she's personally use the power on other people i've been stopped and searched in my time and again the way i view it is that whenever i've used that power it's always been about the tech the intelligence around stopping an individual not just because they just happen to be hanging on the street corner at of more than one million stop and searches recorded each year only about nine percent result in the rest. which the home secretary described as quote far too low for comfort many of the people we've spoken to don't have a problem in theory with the stop and search powers of the police but the problem arises in individual cases where people walk away feeling like on the receiving end of injustice and the repercussions these experiences may have it can have a very negative impact if it's done in the wrong way and it can make people feel really hated it can make them feel to me and they can leave very serious mental
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emotional trauma if it's if they feel they've been abused which then creates resentment and then the trust and confidence that you know the police the destroyed the community should hide in the place is lost in response to a report by the independent police complaints commission which found that scotland yard is failing in the way it handles complaints of racism and discrimination the metropolitan police sent us this statement we determined to be less defensive in except when we're not performing as well as we should be it's powerful showing the way we deal with complaints involving racism is letting down the public we need to understand more about what we're doing wrong as well as taking the best out of where we get it right i do realize that the police have a job to do but in winning the port of about nine times in one year you know it gets a bit. frustrating are you so angry where when i when i think back on it i do i do get angry but i try to keep i just try to get on with it really from you
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know treated unfairly again i can make sure i do take it and to put in a complaint. just are still you r.t. london. now the world is losing trust in the dollar as a safe haven a major blow came after germany's bundy's bank demanded the repatriation of a big chunk of its gold being held in the us because as artie's reports are concerned the assets of foreign nations in the federal reserve are not secure or even their. behind these walls this is one of the most secretive organizations in the world u.s. federal reserve whoever tries to audit them hit the wall this place is the kind of model for years the u.s. federal reserve has been the place where many countries steps toward a big chunk of their nation's well as the country's weathered different waves of economic crises economic instability the federal reserve seems to them like a more or less secure place to keep their funds but are the funds really secure or
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are they being there has been speculation for a long time that the fed doesn't actually have much gold that he has either sold it off lent it out or used it as collateral for borrowing either way there are many claims that the gold that is being stored on behalf of many nations doesn't actually exist germany has recently decided to bring home all its gold but the federal reserve said that it's not possible that he would need until two thousand and twenty to be able to accomplish such a transfer germany then asked to visit the fed's vaults to make sure that the gold is actually there but the feds first refused to permit germany to exult examine its own gold then the germans apparently assisted in the fed did open only one of nine rooms but they were not permitted to either enter or touch the gold the german government has stored about half of its pool supply with the us federal reserve so they are understandably nervous this makes not only germans nervous of course u.s.
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financial institutions have a history of selling things that don't exist one example last year goldman sachs were proven to be selling gold certificates to the public saying they were backed by real gold in their vaults but the story leaked out of they'd fact held no gold at all and were doing so called fractional reserve gold banking on the basis that few people would want to claim their gold at any one time and looking further back in history during world war two the fed came to many countries egypt like america and africa. and told them their gold holdings might not be safe because of the war and that they should permit the fed to take all of it to the us for safe keeping many countries have done that receiving fed gold for tickets in exchange but when they later tried to cash in those who defected and reclaim their gold they were told the certificates were fake that they contain spelling and other mistakes so on and so forth and the fact still has all that gold the problem of the us federal
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reserve has grown dramatically specially since the nine hundred seventy s. when the us cut the link between the dollar and the gold that allowed the u.s. dollars to be bought and sold freely on the market and with the us dollar being the main reserve currency the us has basically been able to tax the whole world it can just the value of the country holdings by printing more money now we see many countries trying to maneuver away from the us dollar as the main reserve currency and we see many central banks increasing their own gold reserves and he seems after all these years the world decided they put too much power in this one building well the germans were infuriated when the us federal reserve didn't even let them examine their own assets properly to bring in the founder and chairman of the german press the german precious metal association says that some by its side. we have pressured this bank a lot we have sent a lot of questions there and other people parties have as well we have to know why
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they are not doing a proper audit we're not pressuring their partner central banks especially the fed to do the proper audit if that's not possible for whatever reason whether or not repatriating the gold so there's a lot of reasons and questions unanswered the u.s. or the fed is nowadays monetizing between sixty and eighty percent of newly admitted federal debt federal treasury treasury bonds there's basically no. foreign free market buying for the u.s. dollar treasury debt and that is bad news it says something around the quality of the u.s. dollar as a reserve currency of china and india will probably consume two thousand three hundred tons together of gold this year which is almost one hundred percent of world mining production meanwhile china has been buying up gold on mass fueling forecasts it is preparing a revelation in the world's financial system while the speculation suggests beijing
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could be holding up to ten thousand tons of yellow metal and preparing a return to the gold standard and that's lighting up the whole market as artie's venture capital show host caterpillar being expects. sadly chinese buyers have been snapping it up because is cheaper price means a currently consider of all good also fueling demand is a desire for physical assets instead of bonds or betting on foreign exchanges so here we go then these other countries are the world's largest gold reserves although it's actually suspected that china has far more than these official figures suggest it may even have more than that of the us china is also the world's largest producer of gold and could soon become the biggest consumer pushing india off the top spot in that department. so despite a role the dollar year for gold china's recent interest demonstrates the precious metals lost another sign. now here's
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a quick taste of what we've got for you it ought to come today inoculating crime a us hospital technician he's killed dozens of people by infecting them with hepatitis c. with tainted needles gets his sentence reduced after a plea bargain the details of that story on our website also that keep surfing to go underwater with our online team and watch this rescue operation of a whale lacks a dental he got caught and shot nets enjoy the life saving footage of this gentle giant on the in motion. thanks to its prime interest here not a. wealthy british style sun. spot on the rise.
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market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm trying hard welcome to the big picture.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. again these are the images will world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations rule the day. and good afternoon welcome to prime interest i'm handling and i am bob inglis it seems to me about. the london whale has experienced the prosecutorial in that we know excel the j.p. morgan chase trader who earned himself the nickname at various six billion dollars trading loss last year is off the fishing hook so to speak the recent agreement with the us authorities yesterday so it looks like the mainstream media has successfully floated his freedom but now it seems federal authorities have another
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fish to fry today they've moved up the food chain charging pixels former boss with wire fraud and a conspiracy to all supply records now they've decided not to go after extolled so that could crack the case wide open and that's because he will be used as a witness for the prosecution so let's see how far they can swim upstream. and don't break out your teeth just yet sequester squabble could put a damper on the fed's plan to wind down key according to economists the risk of a government shutdown this october made away any tapering moods expression of fed officials are on the fence and if you're in jim rickards camp who believes the fed will taper and september or never then a q eternity may just become a key reality bubble talk about the unprecedented expansion and base of money with gold silver might maloney and a bit plus billionaire activist investor carl icahn is at it again this time he is snapping up apple's rather than nutrition supplements now he's taken
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a position in the tech company and is pressing for a greater return of cash to shareholders that would be either on of course so i don't plan is for one hundred fifty billion dollars or actually hundred fifty billion shares of apple stock buybacks however most of the company's cash is held overseas so remember that little issue looks like apple's ira's tax scheme might know. so tasty to the dietary supplement i profiled the make icon later in the show and here is what's in your prime interest.
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the history of money and wealth is a tale prone to repetition it earlier i spoke with mike maloney founder of gold silver dot com and he recently created a video series the hidden secrets of money and this is all to explain monetary history wealth cycles and the financial crisis so here's a clip. let's see where we've come from you can get a much clearer understanding of how the seven stages of the empire are playing right. the thing that amazes me is how history just keeps on repeating and repeating and repeating and we never learn from all of our stupid mistakes. i first talked to michael maloney about why he created the series and here's what he had to say. what stuck out at me was the every thirty to forty years the world has a new monetary system we're coming up to one of these shifts in monetary system right now and the dollar standard is actually falling apart rather quickly and.


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