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i never really. i a day of bloody riots seize a month long state of emergency declared in egypt at least two hundred eighty one people were killed nationwide after security forces deployed to take gas snipers and on the diggers to clay protest camps. unexpected apology military whistleblower bradley manning says he's sorry for the biggest leak in u.s. history sparking speculation he's being pressured to soften his stance. and sitting on my gold mine no more the u.s. federal reserve loses trust amid mounting concerns that it no longer holds the amounts of precious metals that he claims.
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to have your company watching this morning with me and three pharma. now egypt is locked in a state of emergency after nationwide street battles which saute gas gun fire and nearly three hundred deaths security forces swept through two protest camps full of supporters of the ousted president mohamed morsi and we have to warn you that you're about to see some disturbing images from the scene these are just some of the two hundred eighty one victims of the deadly clashes between protesters and security forces but the muslim brotherhood claims the real number of casualties is nearly ten times higher than officially admitted authorities are now enforcing a curfew in cairo and several other provinces across the country the interim prime minister defended the military operation insisting his government is committed to
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democracy but vice president mohamed el baradei resigned saying there should have been a peaceful solution artie's bell truth is in cairo. this morning it seemed to be getting on with their daily lives despite the fact that so yesterday so probably one of the most bloodiest days in egyptian modern history however we are expecting more protests as the day goes on and in particular funerals. people here were killed yesterday across the nation in these very bloody clashes between supporters of ousted leader mohamed morsy and security forces now the muslim brotherhood who are largely spearheading these these protests are saying they are not going to back down the bloodshed is really just adding to their defiance is they will push for morsy to be reinstated and the constitution many people are actually saying this is going to intensify the protests in the coming days as protesters have now lost several friends and family members in these extremely bloody clashes now i was
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there yesterday on the scene in the way another city sit in the main encampment for boise and it really was continuous gunfire from security forces firing on protesters both inside to come up with the most anyone attempting to access them with live ammunition and gunshot automatic weapons as well as tear gas it's also sectarian violence across the country which exploded yesterday as it is impossible to mohamed morsi attack the christians accusing them of basically being responsible for the ouster so you've got a lot of bubbling tensions here in the capital with a very fractured government we expect a lot of violence on the horizon. and do follow bell on twitter as you see she is at the scene and she will keep us updated also we're everything that is happening in cairo right. now these images apparently show the authorities confiscating guns and ammunition from one of the pro morsi says incomes but mona. because as he was a spokesperson for the muslim brotherhood in the u.k.
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told us that security forces are to blame for all the violence signaling signaling a return to a military state. the violence is only you need not to and it's coming from the part of military forces the violence and the killing has only been from one side trying or not trying to frame some of the peaceful protesters will not help because the number of casualties is actually striking the international community to a one of the worst massacre in the modern history of egypt hundreds were killed in cold innocent peaceful egyptians who went out there calling for the democracy back where shoki protest had spread all over egypt what's happening now is much bigger than the muslim brotherhood is much bigger than the president morsi it's about egypt it's about free egypt it's about the democracy it's about the human rights in egypt were saying that are terms of a military state or turn of. emergency law which which has only been used to
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violate our human rights as free egyptians. there has been plenty of shocking footage after the military use full force when swooping on prime mostly protesting camps now let's have a look at what has been caught on camera we do warn you it is pretty graphic you can see people moving in one direction and one appears to shoot another man in the lower part of your screen the muslim brotherhood as we just heard says the government is responsible for all of the violence but there have been accusations of morsy supporters firing at police it's not player who is shooting a. video and i'm afraid to not know whether the victim died or no war correspondent eric margolis who's written extensively about the middle east says western powers aren't doing anything to help the situation which means the violence could get even worse. we are very close to the civil war in egypt not only in cairo but in xandra and down the nile as you head into upper egypt the people get more
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militant there and it's historically an area of larger violence so it's very worrisome what they've done is they've overthrown one of the arab world's only democratically elected governments they reimposed the reactionary group of security officers police bureaucrats judges they've taken over the media completely and all this is being financed with money from saudi arabia and kuwait and it's being allowed to happen because the western powers are turning a blind eye to what's going on they're saying tut tut tut it's not good but in fact they really haven't done anything substantial to stop this putsch egypt cannot live without foreign financial support it cannot feed its own people it has to put fifty percent of its food so that. it is either as patron in the united
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states or with the gulf arabs of the gulf arabs are deathly afraid of a revolution. other people so of course they're hoping the cultural revolution in egypt. one is much more in what's happening in egypt on our website a detailed timeline of events and first hand accounts from people who were there we put it all covered at r.t. dot com and while you're browsing our website make sure to check out fota gallery to get lined up the most striking pictures for you there in the country's capital and it's all just a click away. now u.s. private bradley manning has apologized to the court hearing the whistleblower responsible for the biggest leak of classified data in american history says he never meant to cause harm to his country manning faces ninety years in jail and is awaiting his
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sentence artie's this war has more. bradley manning took the stand he remained silent throughout the trial but he did give a very brief statement and i think what he said during that statement shocked a lot of people he started off by apologizing he said quote sorry that i hurt the united states he has suffered from issues and there's no excuse for that he said i can't go back and change things i want to go forward i want to be a better person and it got to the point where it seemed like he was just leading to the judge pleading for his life he said to the judge i hope you can give me an opportunity to be a productive person and i say that these statements come as a shock because it was a very different bradley manning than the one we heard during the pretrial hearings where he said that he did what he did because he was trying to do the right thing and that he was a whistleblower. well bradley manning is perhaps most famous for exposing this
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video and it shows civilians being killed by u.s. troops in iraq he's also passed diplomatic cables and war logs which were all published by wiki leaks so his apology in court did come as a surprise to many people just several months ago the whistle blows attitude was very different he said in this quote i felt i had accomplished something that allowed me to have a clear conscience based upon what i had seen and what i read about and knew was happening in both iraq and afghanistan every day we can link says that manning's apology was extracted by extreme force and that he simply run out of options earlier we spoke to norman solomon who is spearheading a petition for bradley manning to be awarded the nobel peace prize more than one hundred thousand people have signed it already. well the prize has been tarnished in recent years for instance to give the nobel peace prize to president barack
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obama obama when he was in the midst of escalating the war in afghanistan the nobel peace prize needs bradley manning at this point much more than bradley manning needs the nobel peace prize and by that i mean that no one can doubt the advocacy and the risk for peace that bradley manning has undertaken but there is serious doubt about the commitment by the norwegian nobel committee to peace on an independent basis in the form of awarding the nobel peace prize so i had for you this hour we tell you how china may make its currency a major player by putting the financial brain back in plus. that can still put in place in britain are accused of racial bias and abusive over the targeting of black people for random checks despite no evidence of wrongdoing which is coming
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up in a company. called . technology innovation all the developments around. the future covered. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything is all. i'm trying hard welcome to the big picture. speak your language. news programs and documentaries in spanish matters to you. there's
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a little tonnage of angola's story. here. to try to. find out more visit i. follow again the world is losing trust in the dollar as a safe haven a major blow to jimmy's bundy's bank demanded the repatriation of a big chunk of its gold being held in the us because as aussies gani reports. the assets of foreign nations in the federal reserve on not secure or even. behind these walls is one of the most secretive organizations in the world u.s. federal reserve websites to audit them it's a wall this place is impenetrable for we years the u.s. federal reserve has been the place where many countries of the word
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a big chunk of their nations well as the countries weathered different waves of economic crises around the instability the federal reserve seems to them like a more or less secure place to keep their funds but are the funds really secure or are they even being there has been speculation for a long time that the fed doesn't actually have much gold that he has either sold it all lent it out or used it as collateral for borrowings either way there are many claims that the gold that is being stored on behalf of many nations doesn't actually exist germany has recently decided to bring home all these gold but the federal reserve says that it's not possible that it would need until two thousand and twenty to be able to accomplish such a transfer germany then asked to visit the fed vaults to make sure that the gold is actually there but the fed first refused to permit germany to exempt examine its own gold then the germans apparently assisted in the fed did open only one of nine
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rules but they were not permitted to either enter or touch the gold the german government has stored about half of its schools supply with the us federal reserve so they are understandably nervous this makes not only germans nervous of course u.s. financial institutions have a history of selling things that don't exist one example last year goldman sachs were proven to have been selling gold certificates to the public saying that they were backed by real gold in their vaults but the story leaked out that they'd fact it held no gold at all and were doing the so-called fractional reserve gold banking on the basis that few people would want to claim their gold at any one time and looking further back in history during world war two when the fed came to many countries in asia latin america and africa. and told them their gold holdings might not be safe because of the war and that they should permit the fed to take all of it to the u.s. for safekeeping many countries have done that receiving said gold certificates in
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exchange but when they later tried to cash in those specific days and reclaim their gold they were told the certificates were fake that they contain spelling and other mistakes so on and so forth and the fed still has all that gold the power of the u.s. federal reserve has grown dramatically especially since the one nine hundred seventy when the u.s. cut the link between dollar and and gold that allowed the u.s. dollar to be bought and sold freely on the market and with the u.s. dollar being the main reserve currency the u.s. has basically been able to tax the whole world in just the value of the country holdings by printing more money now we see many countries trying to maneuver away from the u.s. dollar is the main reserve currency and we see many central banks increasing their own gold reserves and he seems after all these years the world decided they put too much power in this one building. meanwhile china's gold consumption has skyrocketed by more than half this year it's been buying up gold all mushed fueling full cost
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is preparing a revolution in the wills financial system the wildest speculation suggests beijing could be holding up to ten thousand tons of yellow metal and preparing a return to the gold standard and that slicing up the whole market is ati's venture capital show host katie pilbeam explains. the chinese buyers have been snapping it up because it is cheaper prize music currently consider a ball good also a feeling demand is a desire for a physical assets instead of bombs or betting on foreign exchanges so here we go then these other countries are the world's largest gold reserve. although it's actually suspected that china has far more than these official figures suggest it may even have more than that of the us china is also the world's largest producer of gold and could soon become the biggest consumer pushing india off the top spot in that department. so despite your all the dole years ago china's recent
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interest demonstrates the precious metals lost none of its sign is growing interesting gold is part of its attempt to float one as part of nor turn it into the world's leading currencies at least that is the view of george who an analyst on china u.s. relations. i think china is moving towards becoming. another. currency for a foreign exchange reserve and they've lost a lot of confidence in the future of the dollar and i think that's something they were shaken by the financial crisis of two thousand and eight and nine so it's fair to say that they're now looking to. ameliorate their risk by having some other alternatives to in a in addition to holding dollars and one of the alternative is to move towards
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having the be the chinese currency as an alternative as a reserve currency alternative to the dollar euro and the japanese yen and the speculation a lot of talk in fact about china's rimini become fully comfortable currency by two thousand and fifty. now let's have a quick look at some of the things that are on our website at the moment at r.t. dot com it will kill eighteen crime a us hospital technician has killed dozens of people by him facing them with hepatitis c. tainted needles you can read about that at our website and also if you keep you go under the radar online on r.t. dot com you can watch this rescue operation of a whale who accidentally got caught in sharp nets enjoy the life saving forty jobs this gentle giant on are in motion.
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the news today violence. these are the images the world seeing from the streets of canada. showing corporations rule the day. is coming up to twenty past eleven here in moscow some international news in brief some news just in a string of blasts has killed at least fourteen in the iraqi capital baghdad four among them are reported dead in one explosion near the green zone a highly fortified area housing u.s. diplomatic mission up to five bombs have gone off in different different neighborhoods across the capital according to officials dozens more are wounded.
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the u.n. says its chemical weapons experts are ready for an imminent departure to syria this comes after assad's government gave its formal approval for the team to conduct an inquiry into the possible use of toxic weapons led by the swedish scientists akki cell storm they will conduct investigations at three sites one of them is a cell near aleppo where the rebels are accused of using chemicals in march. and in the german city of selling them there were wide scale anti angela merkel protests on wednesday demonstrators came out in their droves the chancellor launched her new election campaign merkel's reputation has been seriously damaged by recent revelations that her government had been spying on citizens foreign agencies like the n.s.a. hamiliton protesters gathered in pakistan's eastern lahore amid rising tensions in the kashmir province supporters of the militant group demanded their new prime minister open a dialogue with india to prevent further violence deadly attacks struck along the
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volatile border just as the peace talks over the disputed land were set to reopen. racial injustice is still an issue in britain figures show that black people are seven times more likely to be searched by police on the street than white people and most of the time without any evidence artie's test or a similar investigates accusations of intrusive stop and search discrimination. one morning while driving to work nathan was stopped by the police and asked to step out of his car. so. you know. he was walking. you know. of anything. nathan says they grabbed his wrists at which point he started getting angry is anyone going to the police station he told me when he told me. fifteen a for speeding yeah so.
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you know nathan's experience is just one of numerous other stories of black and minority ethnic youths who feel they've been unfairly targeted or treated by police a sentiment that's fueled riots in the past. home secretary theresa may order the police watchdog to conduct its first ever study into the use of stop and searches and deemed wanted for were unlawful warning that black and minority ethnic groups were stopped more than white people janet hill's a detective at the metropolitan police service says she's been stopped herself and more times than she's personally use the power on other people i've been stopped in my time and again the way i view it is that whenever i've used that power it's always been about the intelligence around stopping an individual not just because they just happen to be hanging on the street corner and have more than one million
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stop and searches recorded each year only about nine percent result in an arrest which the home secretary described as quote far too low for comfort many of the people we've spoken to don't have a problem in theory with the stop and search powers of the police but the problem arises in individual cases where people walk away feeling like on the receiving end of injustice and the repercussions these experiences may have. it can have a very negative impact if it's done in the wrong way and it can make people feel really hated it can make them feel to me and they can leave very serious mental emotional trauma if it's if they feel they've been abused which then creates resentment and then the trust and confidence that you know the police will destroy the community should have in the place is lost in response to a report by the independent police complaints commission which found that startling yard is failing in the way it handles complaints of racism and discrimination the metropolitan police sent us this statement we determined to be less defensive in
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except when we're not performing as well as we should be it's powerful sharing the way we deal with complaints involving racism is letting down the public we need to understand more about what we're doing wrong as well as taking the best out of where we get it right i do realize that the police have a job to do but in winning a court of about nine times in one year you know it gets a bit. frustrating are you so angry. well you know when i when i think back when i do i do get angry but i try to keep i just try to go materially from you know cheap you don't fit in again let me show i do take it well and to put in a complaint as he really gets telstar cilia r.t.e. london. with more news in about half an hour's time next head there when i say it's months and stacey we're talk about the state of our global economy to come is reporting that he's.
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the video game company of heroes two is facing a lot of heat from gamers inside the former soviet union in fact fourteen thousand people thus far have taken the time to sign a change dot org petition to get the game removed from former communist shelves across the land why are people so mad this looks like some sort of world war two game i mean in this type of game there isn't going to be any murdering of hawkers or virtual rampaging through cities with rocket launchers so why did they start a petition for you to blogger called the bad comedian made a detailed twenty five minute video depicting all the gross historical inaccuracies and exaggerations throughout the game but he prefers the soviet army as a pack of slave driving before with every soviet officer wanting nothing more than to shoot his old soldiers in the back or send them to the gulag forthwith according
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to polygon dot com the game exploits where moments in the wars history like some very limited battles were soviet soldiers went in unarmed and made it look as if something rifle is infantry directly into machine gun fire was part of the soviet army manual maybe it is a bit oversensitive to flip out over a dumb video game but lives repeated often enough will become true in the minds of millions of people who play the game and that's why you can't back down when it comes to. historical false vacation but that's just my opinion.
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welcome to the kaiser report imax kaiser scientists say we can now control rates with our minds lose for ben bernanke and mark carney the canal just stare at the interest rate yield curve think real hard and make it do what they want now understand forward guidance x. x. x. is the rate it's a rat it's we can now control rats with our minds next up human oh oh i say yes i read about that. you can think your thoughts can move a rat make the red wagon stay out of people saw the news yes but it is a good idea to control rates maybe mark carney and ben bernanke and all the central bankers just sit around stare at the interest rate curve well it's everybody's interest to use and they should make a later class to keep interest rates artificially low so they're staring about or
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older it's like the modern day we board but you know here there is speculating that maybe one day we might be able to control humans as well with our mind but in fact in london you can control humans with a recycling bin this recycling bin is following you recycling bins in the city of london are monitoring the phones of passer by so advertisers can target messages that people whom the bins recognise so since the story broke in the independent they've now changes to the city of london has asked them to stop monitoring it but this is the trend this is what is happening and by the way it's too late for the two million phones that have already been tracked in the first month after installing the trackers renu said it picked up over a million unique devices on july sixth a record day it's been identified one hundred six thousand six hundred twenty nine . people taking note of their presence nine hundred forty six thousand and sixteen
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times according to the company in addition to the satellites being able to track people and track people's cell phone they now have these trackers and stalled in bins or or wastebaskets garbage baskets on the street that contract people's phones and then target them for advertising and things like this and so you've got now in that you've got these objects that are now all hooked up and into the network so people are walking through kind of a matrix of surveillance for two purposes either one they are being sold stuff or two they're being tracked by security for reasons that could be innumerable or so you end up being kind of a society of spy or be spied it's like little mad magazine spy versus spy eyes everybody is spying on everybody either to get a cell to pay off interest on their debt that's being foisted on them through the legal bank when.


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