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tv   Headline News  RT  August 15, 2013 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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i am. so. more than five hundred people have been killed nationwide in egypt and the bloodiest violence the country has seen since the toppling of the dictator hosni mubarak but almost no sign a solution to the crisis is as on the horizon. we can explain u.s. army whistleblower bradley manning has been forced to apologize for revealing room crimes in the hollow easing his sentence and spend. on the reign of the dollar as a global reserve currency is being threatened amid mounting fee is the u.s. central bank may not hold all the foreign gold it claims it has and it's called.
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this is our c n n two live from moscow hello and welcome to the program. the death toll from street battles in egypt continues to rise every hour and has now exceeded five hundred according to health officials the unrelenting bloodshed is about to become as deadly as it was during the twenty lebanon revolution when scores of people were killed and on a quanta down the latest news we've just received from the capital is there is the most have begun torching the headquarters of the regional government in cairo we have to warn you some of the images you are about to see are disturbing cairo descended into chaos on wednesday when security force swept through two of the biggest protests counts full of supporters of the ousted president mohamed morsy the clashes have now ratcheted up by multiple levels away from the stone throwing
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mobs of the morsy era the capital's now seen shit hours between groups of masked gunmen and police snipers violence was quick to spark in other cities and of don't tear and twist as islamists paul supporters of the former leader raided christian churches all over the turmoil which is raising this specter of civil war. in cairo . this morning egyptians seem to be getting on with their daily lives despite the fact that so yesterday so probably one of the most bloodiest days in a gyptian modern history however we are expecting more protests as the day goes on and in particular funerals for the people who were killed yesterday across the nation in these very bloody clashes between supporters of ousted leader mohamed morsy and security forces now the muslim brotherhood who are largely spearheading these protests are saying they are not going to back down the bloodshed is really just adding to their defiance as they will push for morsy to be reinstated and the
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constitution many people are actually saying this is going to intensify the protests in the coming days as protesters have now launched several friends and family members in these extremely bloody clashes and i was there yesterday on the scene in the city sit in the main encampment for boise and it really was continuous gun. fired from security forces firing on protesters both inside the come up with anyone attempting to access them with live ammunition and gunshots automatic weapons as well as tear gas it's also sectarian violence across the country which exploded yesterday as it is impossible to. the christians accusing them of basically being responsible for the ouster so you've got a lot of bubbling tensions here in the capital with a very fractured government we expect a lot of violence on the horizon. and do follow through on twitter she's always on the move to be the first to know and to keep you posted online. meanwhile turkish president has said the situation in egypt could wire certain under become similar
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to what's happening in syria now. doesn't saying the country will return to democracy any time soon either let's now take a look at how egypt has been trying to achieve that elusive democratic change for the past and a half years president mubarak was forced to step down early twenty eleven after a near three thirty year stranglehold on power because she voted in a parliament a year later but the results of that election were not and declared unconstitutional the muslim brotherhood's mohamed morsi. a slim elektro be true to become the new president he granted himself sweeping powers and trying to push through an islamist type constitution last december that caused huge public outrage which continued until most it was finally ousted by the military last month so the country is come full circle back to military control and autonomy an award winning journalist and author says she can see no way for egypt s.k.
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from this dark path. i think actually the worst thing that's happening now is not actually to the deaths but it's how injections themselves have changed the amount of people i've heard just yesterday talk about how square has been cleaned and even the word in arabic it's such a strong word to use that it's been cleaned up the muslim brotherhood there's so much hatred i have never seen so much hatred from egyptians for their fellow egyptians and it isn't just christian muslim which is already a problem we had in egypt but just in difference an ideological perspective say muslims talking about their other fellow muslim egyptians in the sense that they deserve to die that we're so sad they die but at least now we can be free of the terrorists in and that i think is one of the worst in the scariest developments and that's what's going to lead egypt down a dark path i think everyone is playing here everyone has their own agenda everyone has their own reasons and in a very sad way everyone has something to benefit from this whether the muslim
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brotherhood's going to benefit from being back again in the victim position which they do very well and it gives them a chance to kind of rig group in size to even become more radical in a track the wider public sympathy but again like i said i think the biggest loser is just egypt as a country you know the footage we've been seeing aerial footage everything varney you know when you sit in with the new here things like your economies and prefer all the banks of close the stock markets lots of cairo airport emergency a lot of churches a train burning tires police and it's just like oh my god am i watching we how is this how are we two and a half years on and things are only get worse and worse and all correspondent eric margolis has written extensively about the made a nice says western powers on doing enough and a thing to help the situation which means the violence could get us. we are very close to the civil war in egypt not only in cairo but in that alexandria and down the nile as they head into upper egypt the people get more militant there and it's
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historically an area of larger violence so it's very worrisome what they've done is they've overthrown one of the arab world's only democratically elected governments they've reimposed the reactionary group of security officers police bureaucrats judges they've taken over the media completely and all this is being financed with money from saudi arabia and kuwait and it's being allowed to happen because the western powers it turning a blind eye to what's going on they're saying tut tut tut it's not good but in fact they really haven't done anything substantial to stop this putsch egypt cannot live without foreign financial support it cannot feed its own people it has to put fifty percent of its food so that. it is either as that of a patron in the united states or with the gulf arabs in the gulf arabs are deathly
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afraid of a revolution by their people so of course they're helping the counter revolution in egypt. and there's much more on what's happening in egypt now website for you are going to find a timeline of events and finds time to count strong people porton but think about it we've got you covered. u.s. army whistleblower grantley monica has startled his supporters a by saying sorry for orchestrating the largest leak of military data in history but according to wiki leaks manning who faces up to ninety years in prison for espionage made the apology under duress in the hope of appeasing the drudge of his court martial. what he said during that statement shocked
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a lot of people he started off by apologizing he said quote sorry that i hurt the united states he has suffers from issues and there's no excuse for that he said i can't go back and change things i want to go forward i want to be a better person and it got to the point where it seemed like he was just leading to the judge pleading for his life he said to the judge i hope you can give me an opportunity to be a productive person and i say that these statements come as a shock because it was a very different bradley manning than the one we heard during the pretrial hearings where he said that he did what he did because he was trying to do the right thing and that he was a whistleblower. bradley manning is perhaps most famous for exposing this video which shows us mood shipowners so now gunning down iraqi civilians in cold blood and who also leaked hundreds of thousands of documents including u.s.
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diplomatic cables and the logs which were published by we can leaks even u.s. officials have admitted that manning's actions did not directly home anyone the whistleblower had previously defended the leak saying quote i felt i had accomplished something that allowed me to have a clear conscience based upon what i had seen and what i had read about and knew what was happening in both iraq and afghanistan every day and earlier we spoke with norman swan the one who spearheading a petition by bradley manning to be awarded this year's nobel peace prize more than one hundred thousand people have already signed it. well the prize has been tarnished in recent years for instance to give the nobel peace prize to president barack obama obama when he was in the midst of escalating the war in afghanistan the nobel peace prize needs bradley manning at this point
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much more than bradley manning needs the nobel peace prize and by that i mean that no one can doubt the advocacy and the risk for peace that bradley manning has undertaken but there is serious doubt about the commitment by the norwegian nobel committee to peace on an independent basis in the form of awarding the nobel peace prize. this is all see i'm still ahead for you in the process of all shocks lines the british police both writing to address complaints of racial bias which hold to those who claim they've been abused just.
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choose your language. killing the killer though if you're going to kill some of. the consents to. choose the opinions that degrade to. choose the stories but in. truth be sent off to.
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this is our sea welcome bank there are fears the u.s. dollar is losing its former glory on the world it's just it's trust in the currency as save haven major blow came up to germany's central bank demanded the federal reserve return three hundred tons of gold bullion says it needs bank she's going a trick and explains now the assets of foreign nations in the fed may not be secure or even their top behind these walls is one of the most secretive organizations in the u.s. federal reserve whatever tries to audit them it's the way it's going to be kind of . three years the u.s. federal reserve has been the place where many countries of the word a big chunk of their nations as well as the countries where there are different waves of economic crises not because the military the federal reserve seems to them like a more or less secure place to keep their funds but for the fun. are the reason being
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there has been speculation for a long time that the fed doesn't actually have much goold that he has either sold it all lent it out or used it as collateral for borrowings either way there are many claims that the gold that is being stored on behalf of many nations doesn't actually exist germany has recently decided to bring home all these gold but the federal reserve said that it's not possible that it would need until two thousand and twenty to be able to accomplish such a transfer germany then asked to visit the fed vaults to make sure that the gold is actually there but the fed first refused to permit germany to exempt examine its own gold then the germans apparently assisted in the fed did open only one of nine rules but they were not permitted to either enter or touch the gold the german government has stored about half of its schools supply with the us federal reserve so they are understandably nervous this makes not only germans nervous of course u.s. financial institutions have a history of selling things that don't exist one example last year goldman sachs
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were proven to have been selling gold certificates to the public saying that they were backed by real gold in their vaults but the story leaked out as if they'd fact it held no gold at all and we're doing the so-called fractional reserve gold banking on the basis that few people would want to claim their gold at any one time now we see many countries trying to maneuver away from the u.s. dollar is the main reserve currency and we see many central banks increasing their own gold reserves and he seems after all these years the world decided they put too much power in this one building. so back in nineteen forty four economies exhausted by world war two and seeking security agreed to use the us dollar as a global reserve currency it was fixed to gold at thirty five years dollars per ounce the federal reserve started gathering other countries gold for safe keeping giving them certificates in exchange but in the nineteen seventies the link between
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the dollar and gold was cut and the world moved from gold standard to a paper money system it says than the dollar's been printed out of thin air with the banking system expanding and debts soaring and there's a growing feeling that dollars days are numbered meanwhile china is pushing its you want to become the new international reserve currency beijing has been gobbling up gold and masts and there's speculation it could be holding to up to ten thousand tons in its reserves his venture capital show to peel them now explain some of the chinese buyers have been snapping it up because it's cheaper price means they currently consider a bargain also feeling demand is a desire for a physical assets instead of bonds or betting on foreign exchanges so here we go then these other countries are the world's largest gold reserves although it's actually suspected that china has far more than these official figures suggest it
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may even have more than that of the us china is also the world's largest producer of gold and could soon become the biggest consumer pushing india off the top spot in that department. so despite your all the dole years ago china's recent surge in interest demonstrates the precious metals lost none of its sign if the dollar era ends the world could change back to the gold standard and if that happens china is most likely to come out on top that's all dream school but at the show the colbert report news website told my colleague andrew farmer. if we start to see that us dollar being chipped away as a global reserve the question is what will be around to replace it and one of the answers one of the possible answers could be a system like we used to we saw in the wake of world war two we saw the bretton woods system of fixed exchange rates so it was a system that in some way you could say was backed up in some form by gold mostly
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gold that was held by the u.s. at the time and i think we could see a similar type of system take take the place of the current u.s. dollar fee reserve system ok so less ashamed that does happen what impact on the well to call me will that have well it would certainly put. a central bank like china which presumably has been adding furiously to its stockpile in recent years although we don't know the exact numbers on that but it would put a country like that in a relatively stronger position than other countries which have either not been adding quite as much or even under-rating some of their their their gold supplies so it would create a very different economic landscape the chinese owned state owned companies have been buying up so much of the mining infrastructure around the world for gold mining and i think that nancy in that game if it ever did come to that. dollar screen and on line twenty four seven and to hear what we have covering for you at
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home right now. to public diplomacy government said to recruit students as undercover agents find out more about the new force in the making. of you on a train going to moon calls for unmanned aircraft to be used for surveillance and not as weapons and got the full story for you at all to you don't. write. it would be true. and. some other news headlines this hour u.n.
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chemical weapons experts say they are ready to head to syria to probe claims of chemical weapons use the announcement comes after damascus gave the yuan a green light to conduct the inquiry the inspectors are planning to stay for at least two weeks and visit three sites where talks and substances may have been used however diplomats and experts have come down to one of the u.n. teams will find anything since that alleged attacks took place several months ago. although thirty people have been killed and dozens wounded after a wave of car bombings in the iraqi capital baghdad one of them targeted the so-called green zone highly fortified area housing western diplomatic missions today's blast are the latest and most are almost daily sick terror and at times which have claimed nearly four families and lives so the start of the here. in the german city of shelling a shot. why it's k. i'm to angela merkel protests on wednesday demonstrators came out in bed grows or
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as they try so launch a new election campaign locals reputation has been seriously damaged by recent revelations that her government had been citizens for foreign agencies like the analysts say. listen to protests was gathered in pakistan's eastern lahore and with the rising tensions on the couch me a prophet is supporters of the militant group demanded their new prime minister open a dialogue with india to prevent further violence that left on its track a longer volatile border just as peace talks over the disputed land were set to reopen the. u.k. watchdog says british police need a cultural change in a bid to tackle ever snowballing claims of racism figures show black people are seven times more likely to be such by police on the street than white people understand saucier found out whilst of the time it's without any evidence. one morning while driving to work nathan was stopped by the police and asked to
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step out of his car aggressively. and. you know. a priest lady was walking. you know. of anything. nathan says they grabbed his wrists at which point he started getting angry is anyone going to the police station he told me when he told me. fifty to forty speeding yeah so. you know nathan's experience is just one of numerous other stories of black and minority ethnic youths who feel they've been unfairly targeted or treated by police a sentiment that's fueled riots in the past. home secretary theresa may order the police watchdog to conduct its first ever study into the use of stop and searches
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and deemed wanted for were unlawful warning that black and minority ethnic groups were stopped more than white people janet hill's a detective at the metropolitan police service says she's been stopped herself and more times than she's personally use the power on other people i've been stopped and searched in my time and again the way i view it is that whenever i've used that power it's always been about the intelligence around stopping an individual not just because they just happen to be hanging on the street corner ed of more than one million stop and searches recorded each year only about nine percent result in an arrest which the home secretary described as quote far too low for comfort many of the people we've spoken to don't have a problem in theory with the stop and search powers of the police but the problem arises in individual cases where people walk away feeling like they've been on the receiving end of injustice and the repercussions these experiences may have. it can have a very negative impact if it's done in the wrong way and it can make people feel
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really hated it can make them feel to me and they can leave very serious mental emotional trauma if it's if they feel they've been abused which then creates resentment and then the trust and confidence that you know the police will destroy the community should hide in the place is lost in response to a report by the independent police complaints commission which found that scotland yard is failing in the way it handles complaints of racism and discrimination the metropolitan police sent us this statement we're determined to be less defensive and except when we're not performing as well as we should be it's powerful showing the way we deal with complaints involving racism is letting down the public we need to understand more about what we're doing wrong as well as taking the best out of where we get it right i do realize that the police have a job to do but in when it poured over about nine times in one year you know it gets a bit does get frustrating are you so angry. well you know what when i think back
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on it i do i do i do get angry but i just try to get on with it really if you know treated unfairly again i can make sure i do take it well and to put my complaint and see where it gets me sylvia r.t.e. one did and coming away what goes on behind the scenes of black shows away now and . sweat and tears just ahead an aussie. why do you consider it is to be and now in the wide open any athlete if you start preaching homosexuality to minors one that parents for example are against it and as you probably know based law has an almost well meaning supported around eighty percent and all discussion public strong disappointed when an asteroid comes from
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a certain country of course it's his or her children right to use the freedom of speech to freedom of expression. he believes it's. zesty what happened that i don't know but i won't get killed. piers later is when i got arrested for. for a crime i do. we have numerous cases where police officers lie
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about polygraph results you get innocent people to confess the police officers don't beat people anymore i mean it just doesn't happen really. in the course of interrogation why because there's been this is like meant no because the psychological techniques are more effective in obtaining confessions than physical abuse and they were often they could do what they wanted they can say what they wanted and there was no evidence of what they did or what they said. i. don't want my dream of becoming a famous ballerina. stuffed with a crowd mission to think to say. oh it's just made now i really want to dance that
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kind of twine and that crack and i laugh that i want to. i've dreamed of being a prima ballerina since i was a child that i like to dance solo parts of course but i have no problem dancing in the core of the ballet i don't want other ballerinas to be jealous of me to the point of putting glass in my shoes they did that once to a dancer i want everything to be smooth. getting in and do it like yesterday thighs towards the bar shoulders away from it raise your legs far as it will go you stay where you are with shoulder pointing backwards janie your elbow feedback shift to fit backwards. while my free mother bringing her child to the academy believe she will be an accomplished
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delayed dancer you've raised your child and gone through all the trouble to hand her over but not my words at best she's going to dance in the back grove quarter ballet mother's once when they hear that eighty percent of the girls and out of there even though all of them dream of a crown and pink tutu just take all those rose colored spectacles pulls you see how graceful they are when they step but you should know that makes them very miserable because of the pain they suffer from the sekret feiss have to be made here. or it is so basic that's why i want to be a part of it but when i first went on stage i felt very scared my heart was pounding the first time i performed on the variance the stage. was. ok everyone.


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