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tv   World Apart with Oxana Boyko  RT  August 18, 2013 2:29pm-3:01pm EDT

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different mentalities and lead them to. compete with each other let them discuss their differences openly rather than imposing one particular right way but coming back to the game theory this reference to you know one zero sum game or what the chinese call win win was also stressed last month when the chinese president xi jinping visited the united states and i guess such references are good for diplomacy but i wonder whether there is anything more to add because. what essentially. the chinese are asking americans is to abandon america's auld sometimes very arrogant ways and why would have americans ever do that even for china. well i mean it's not going to be easy i think conflict is possible but i think i'm positive because today so globalized you know somehow someway china us have to find a way of living together peacefully and the collaborating way in
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a win win situation i was was still turned out to tell me no other alternative you know so but i do think it is time for the east including china to make a contribution to some of the global challenges. you know the confucius notion the notion of the unity man of heaven is particular to relevant to today's discussion of stand ability i think we may have to redefine the relationship between humanity nature the notion of unity a man to have been these far more advanced irrelevant for full humanity in particular compare with the notion of may is measure all things we place our self to high priority but that's one reason why we get ourselves into deep trouble into persistent ability but in terms of chinese ways of seeing global governance is again coming back to confucius notion unit diversity is a precondition for for for harmony so one china was number one child was number one
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for many centuries you know and then china should be a member pursued it had money tried to impose a political system a religion in a country so we truly believe that we may be the way we leave you deeply and we shouldn't cherish this disparities and diversity and there understand you correctly that one of the reasons why china did that and tough to install here this huge damage is not because it couldn't do that but because it thought that it was not the right in the right into their practical way to is the right thing for everybody use the same systems you need to encourage the diversity because we always there's always a possibility we can't collect we make mistakes we owe our wisdom always limit it whatever to. you're talking about so we got allowed this diversity the differences so this is very sensual you know for chinese philosophy and cultures well now. during that visit to the united states president he also talked about the so-called
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chinese dream and obviously are all countries have troops but it's only great nations that feel the need announce that dreams out loud and i think could be argued that the existence of this so-called american dream is ultimately responsible for a lot of suffering in the world so it's probably not an exaggeration to say that when great countries like the united states or china are dreaming the rest of the world has a worry to dread. but i you know i look at the history of china and no source my understanding of the chinese dream one sun two element of harmony i mean that's an essential notion of a confucius some which has been practiced for many centuries you know i think my read of the current chinese leadership they were pursued at the same policy you know how many it will be a central part of everything we do know not only in china but also coloe bali but the same time today if you look at in particular was the global financial crisis
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into a wait. of several concerns number one the national debt for many democracies is no longer sustainable i see at least difficulty for us to settle the issue within democracy number two is very difficult for democracy to attract the best and the brightest to government to positions given so much uncertainty we really need more talented people to be in the position of government and the third limitation maybe in a compare with the chinese system like a presidency who was ahead of you camille county vice mayor governor you know. you have to you have to go through all ranks to be considered for the possibility of president you know if i choice but you know worst more likely popularity context for the limitation is a myopia behavior because you know this election cycle for years five years the
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last one is a more global issue like today you know you commie investment trade to so global but you look at the politics it was very nation state i mean that's a key reason why focal ople financial crisis so i mean this is the limitation some limitation of the western democracies but from chinese point of view we have some really positive elements in our political system number one ruling by elites just because of confucius and i confucius says the highest honor you can do to your community no matter whatever you do after two well serving as a governor officer is the highest honor you can do to your community and less so ask you another question about these chinese mentality and looking for harmony and maybe sometimes avoiding direct confrontation yes i think one of the metaphor is that is often used in relation to china is running a marathon that china is in for
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a long run and it doesn't concerns itself with you know small gains it has a very long term perspective and i think some of the russian politicians are starting to use these chinese way of thinking and to these and i would like to play you something that russian president had to say just recently about his approach to competition but. it's like a race where the front runner leads for one two three four laps and then he just burns out and falls behind and it's usually the guy who was tailgating the leader who we've the race now i think this is. there and usual statement to hear from the russian president because russians also like to be in the lead but i think he's really behind him. these chinese mentality and i wonder whether you think it is just a strategy well yes you know i mean i mean some of my friends actually in the private conversation be paid by they what they want to worry about
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a confucianism they say ok maybe you know it's too soft it giving some pricing conflicts that could be true because to the chinese it's very very reluctant to prion a way of dealing with companies to military means you know so it's always council consultation i mean it's very confucius in nature but if you take some of the views expressed in the west you know some of the critics of china also point out that your relations with your neighbors are not so harmonious and the chinese approach to settling some of the territorial disputes is re pretty aggressive so i think some of your critics would say that you know china may play a you know this soft spoken philosopher are a global scale but when it comes to its immediate interest it could be pretty tough china has alone way to go to become advanced nation. peace was so essential for china why china has any incentive has any trouble with anyone give you one reason
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ok and secondly china is the lower east the larger economy with the more highs to decree of dependence on global trade so from the chinese point of view china deafening the have no trouble one no trouble with no one but i wonder how do you draw the line between trying to avoid unnecessary confrontation on the one hand but on the other hand protecting your national interests and putting your foot down when it's needed when it's warranted you know if you read if you strip china you know that i mean china what either invaded by a minority from the north a recently by foreign powers so understand this mentality of this people of china so in the past i've done shoppings a policy is it's a strategy is very i think it's a very realistic one just for those disputed areas let's shelve that argument you know solve and see dispute this have a co-development leave to each year for the next three or four generations to
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settle let's have a g o v colbert developing a where all your gas whatever maybe fifty fifty percent you know that's the best the way over solving order to spit was like data from the past twenty some years was not a problem but today all the stubborn you know some of the issues coming up teflon today you know china has no etiology of export i mean we don't want that we have no religion to export you know i think that you have your own way of life and your own way of earthly. let's discuss that after a short break. i
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would rather ask questions for people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on r.t. question more. more news today violence is once again flared up. saying these are the images cobol has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to pump racial to rule the day. wealthy british style sun rolls it's not time to write.
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a book in. the markets find scandal find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines just to name two kinds of reports on our. welcome back to all the parts where we are discussing china's rise of assange being founding dean of the kang kong graduate school of business before we went to the break we were discussing the philosophy of china and i think the best case study
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for seeing that philosophy that approach to both politics and economy in practice would be africa because china is investing a lot in africa just for comparison let me say that the united states currently has troops in thirty five african countries but china is the continent's largest trading partner and i think the trade round two hundred billion dollars last year so i think that in itself is very reflective of very different ways these two countries assume while projecting their power around the world first all the trade with china voluntary china has not of use of military force to force someone to trade with china so just because of nature of china's economy is a far more open a lot of people think for example in two zero zero eight forty percent of china's
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g.d.p. was export about seventy percent of g.d.p. of china was trade and so people realize in two or nine china overtook germany as the largest exporting nation but very few people noticed that majority of export from china were provided by forming invested company that's one of only country are earth because american exports don't buy american company to pay export by japanese come only china and you look at china or truck it two point two treating us dollars apart ten years or so you mentioned china trades with many countries not only africa but i think in africa. the influence of china very revolutionary to some extent influence of chinese feld mostly and i think all dab investment chinese investment into africa is of course very much noticed by the united states and i would like to play you something bad president obama had to say
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during his recent visit. to the continent and i think you would understand which countries he was alluding to look at what other countries are doing in africa i think are only. our only advice is make sure it's a good deal for. somebody says they want to come build something here are they hiring african work somebody says that they want to help you develop your natural resources. how much of the money is staying about now president obama didn't mention any names but i think it's clear what country has actually means and on a personal note i think it's interesting that the american president would say something like that after american companies were present of the continent for more than fifty years and look at what they did see in natural resources to the
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environment. people on the ground because it could be argued that the presence didn't really benefit the indigenous population of africa in any comparable way compared to china but the question is whether chinese practices now better than american practices other more beneficial for populations who live there in those countries engagement with africa long before today's investment boom you know resources poorest breaches you know china has extended to much help to africa but building roads whatever you know rails you know i think a china should have document all this eight investment but it's not that they're the matter of aid because many countries including european countries latin american countries provided aid for africa but what chinese do there is they're really quite different because the bridges surely the structure after that yes you
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can never have you know so you know we've got infrastructure you have not to talk about you know so for whatever purpose one china build the infrastructure of africa what is wrong with that you know so as the do not use the military to have unfair trade it's ok i mean you can make a say market a for us compress in china in a much the pollution in china don't buy if somebody imagine the companies so the because the environment is not fully considered i mean we got thirty five cents of a ten dollar retail value so i mean if you talk about the value capture of the chinese visited a u.s. corporation we could make the same case actually as a president obama has made. now i think what's very interesting at least to me you ask what's wrong with that and i think many critics of china would say that the main difference in the chinese approach is that chinese don't concern themselves with human rights and then they don't attach any political constraints to their projects whereas the west supposedly does but when you look at the extend of
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infrastructure that was built with the help of china's companies you know road schools hospitals you can argue that it's not just preaching good governance it's actually doing the job all those governments in the country because again previously when the western companies were operating there you know none of those profits ever went into the social structure the populations have never had a share in that country's natural wealth i think china has never done a good job of explaining the self you know explains a contribution to i think if you look at recent developing africa if no rules no paws to no substantial investment from china africa africa could be really different story i mean not only baby the trade with china but with africa is mutually beneficial because nobody twenty going to do trade with me you know so there are smart people very intelligent people so everybody gain from this trade so
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trade with china investment from china i do believe it must play a positive role maybe essential role in today's rice of africa yes the chinese have benefit from that but it's a fair trade of so you know what i mean ok you have a role and if you ever are. even much better you have better future because whatever political system you have in either. hospitals so what is wrong with people living better has a better hope because you mentioned the china. has never used or has never used extensively its military power to productive its economic influence but if you look into the future considering all the challenges that you just mentioned and considering all the investments that you've done around the globe and again particular in africa the united states has a military presence there african was created with a very explicit purpose of protecting america's interest in the region and actually
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they even say that one of the reasons for afrikaans existence is preventing other countries from gaining monopoly or preferential treatment so that would be somewhat in competition with chinese interests as well do you think sooner or later china will have to resort to using military force to simply not your time to do fact what it is as. i look at the history of china china does so well because. it konami clee every dynasty when we were open would do so well and disputed to number one globally so today we're on track but one with china was number one china truly used the philosophy of confucius. to be a much more me not imposes we are others not export is a religion is political system not ours i still believe that china would not do anything like that of course today's mold globalized and chinese have to learn how
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to protect its economic interests globally so i don't know but i think very likely china will be very peaceful nation but i mean you can be peaceful by only. for example the united states when it comes to your own political system they simply don't see there's a legitimate system they see it as a flawed system that needs to be fixed and i think your president talked about that in the in this. your relationship proposal that you offered to americans again respect for the core system and for china's rights you have its own political system but again if americans see it as as a mistake as as a flaw that needs to be primed then ultimately a conflict is unavoidable oh i think that this issue will be settled as time goes by what the two or eight the global financial crisis the west has is.
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right now maybe has some time to think about limitations and also has some type of think about the merits of the chinese system after all you economy has done well for posterity to thirty four years you must have done something right you cannot just write it off like a nothing ok as i said to essential elements of the chinese system one the ruling by elites like a five percent zero e.m.b.a. in our school from come in office or i would say by far the represent the brightest the best china has so that's one reason why china succeeded and secondly you know this promotion through ranks step by step you cannot jump the queue by helicopter become the president you know recently ranking officer you know you need to go through twenty thirty hurdles i mean to be in key position you know so that's very sensual in the chinese system and number three you know the ruling party c.c.p. has over eighty two million members that's bigger than the population of germany
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and also the c.c.p. does have a very decent leadership development program the son in the catcher to study around the globe including kenneth school you know school be a public policy you know so the more i travel is between man and china taiwan korea and japan more i realize so much commonality divorce reaching have i mean. professor inference of confucius was of one critical difference how do you select your leaders you can go by popularity context democracy you go by tom fuchsia system you can no tell me which one is a better one i mean x. and t. . i think it's a matter of preferences but if you look at the data and a couple of days ago i had a chance to interview rich here sharma he's one of the world's leading economist and he did a study on whether a liberal democracy or western democracy has any relevance on to the country's
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economic success and he found that this is no correlation absolutely but in your own view do you think the chinese political system will have to. change as china changes itself not necessarily to assume the pressure from the u.s. over yeah but i mean the fire through its own internal that knows we i think we have our own course of development i think we need to think of beyond the current democracy what i call the next generation between relations and the relationship between the state and business we see the merits of democracy and rule of law i would like to have a system where ruling by elites is attended by at the same time we have a system which can mitigate the power of government you know singapore is one example i mean is a city state but it's you know very talented people in the government very clean government and also you know some rule of law you know i'm a limit to freedom of press you know and secondly i would like to system which can
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encourage promote intrapreneur ship growth. at the same time as inclusive i mean japan as a said really beautiful example of a harmonious society i mean the more i go to japan's monica my god you know the practiced confucianism to the limit you know but but you know where you have we have too much harmonics society it might be no also conducive to innovation like a google and facebook you know so that no perfect system here you know anyway so this is many essential elements i would like vision for the next generation relation between the state person for china in the structure problems three hundred years done a steel bear i think we need some mechanism to live to limit the power of government like a rule of law of course a social media internet play fair positive role no so we're experimenting i mean we look at western democracy as a one case we look at our only history another case we look into the future will
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think about the next generation and that leads me to my very final question of you've already discussed how different our western and eastern philosophy is of a also mentioned that that our interests are sometimes at loggerheads but ultimately china is ability to grow to invest in africa to invest around the world to such an extent to such extent is dependent on trade with the united states you have a significant trade star flies and it's an enormous very important source of revenue for them the same for the united states they need china it's your pain that well being so when you look at the at it from that perspective it's almost like inning yang i mean they're always in competition but ultimately they lead you to balance and you cannot even argue some sort of harmony do you think that the current relationship between these two countries the united states and china could be seen as a balance and an easy balance but the vice. europe you
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is the largest trading partner. china u.s. number two definitely u.s. remains very important for china from an economic point of view but there's a lot of complete complimentary aspect of the relationship and also you know the chinese have to continue to buy treasury appeals to finance you know the deficit of the government there so the base the mutual dependence on nature of china us giving me a lot of confidence about you know china and us were such issues being in a pleasant way in the collaborative way and then as i said if china the u.s. cannot get a loan a get a loan well none of the global issues can be settled period so let us follow the sec of humanity for common good i mean we really have to learn to be open minded you know to try to straw you for more a one way or is already a woman relationship so we should think about more women relations in
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a positive way constructive way so i'm very positive you know because no other way just no other way well i guess confucius would they agree with me on that point unfortunately this is all we have time for but we join us again same place same time here on worlds apart. from. the interview.
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liz. liz. liz. liz. liz. liz
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lemon. live. exactly what happened that day i don't know but a woman killed. piers later is when i got arrested for. for a crime i did not do. we have numerous cases where police officers lie about polygraph results. innocent people to confess to police officers don't beat people anymore i mean it just doesn't happen really. in the course of interrogation why because there's been this is like meant no because the psychological techniques are more effective in obtaining confessions than physical abuse they were off taking
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they could get what they wanted they can say what they wanted and there was no evidence of what they did or what they said. right on the scene. first struck. and i think picture. on a reporter's twitter. and instagram. to
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be in the know. on. egypt's violent spinal zz the deadliest week since the revolution says more than eight hundred people died in clashes between pro bowl see protest as and security forces. government lead global condemnation of egypt's crackdown to stop short of suspending military aid worth over a billion dollars a year. also this week's headlines a saudi prince who's defected from the royal family slams the monarchy for widespread human rights abuses and violently suppressing the opposition in his exclusive interview go to us t.v. . london spying trashcans these wife i waste units are causing a heap of trouble by scanning the smartphones of passers by without their permission.


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