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had to do something to look strong after the stone debacle but this grandstanding just comes across as silly passing something like a new jackson verda commandment yeah that is how you could show people that you're really mad even if your anger is irrational because stone pretty much did the right thing but that's just my opinion. an issue free cretaceous free storage free. arrangement free. three stooges free. download free broadcast quality video for your media projects free media oh don carty dot com.
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hello and welcome to technology bates on today's show we learn how it's cool to be sally brown i'd like to hold my feet. i would design classic still has room for improvements. on how to recycle tires and improve roads in one fell swoop. but first we're all familiar with the lengthy security procedures that we recently found out that the technology that keeps us all safe can also be used to put a smile on a girl's face. or check diamonds a price the pulled over for their astounding physical properties and things that six there also it kills best friend also the song goes no months away you'll the queen of england with the crown jewels or you prefer something more subtle one thing is true the launch of the diamond the rarer it is and the more it's worth thus why bush and diamond producer struck up an online partnership with a complete specializing in explosive to. texas neutron technologies is located
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a two hour drive and allegedly bike right outside of moscow in the tranquil town of . the town doesn't look much like a scientific field but appearances can be deceiving we've come to the joint institute for nuclear research institute currently unites eighteen countries in a seven labs carrying out pioneering research in particle physics. and this is where the magic happens hidden away behind these radiation proof doors lies a hive of innovation and the home of neutron technologies which was founded in part by the nuclear research institute the explosive and narcotics detectors produced here are used in airports train stations as well as by the russian security services one of the latest developments is this mobile detector for use in the field the device can identify the chemical make up of any objects located in anything from a cardboard box so to thirty centimeters of solid concrete all of which is thanks to the compact neutral and it's inside. this is the heart of our unit the neutron
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accelerator was only thirty centimeters tall and weighs only eight kilograms which is a dramatic reduction compared to last centuries accelerators which were six stories tall yet it generates the same number of neutrons fifty million a second and on top of that it has a built in alpha detector. which allows us to track the time being see how much progress has been made thanks to the research and development of the past fifty years before the new but not. the main components of the device for the neutron generator alpha detector tritium targets and gamma detector the device works by emitting two tron particles when the future hits the tritium could be misplaced into alpha neutron particles the neutrons penetrate the objects in question while the alpha detector is responsible for determining the location of any dangerous substances the neutrons excited nuclei of the atoms they hit causing them to give off gamma rays which are then to detect. the energy of the camera is unique to each
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element which allows the substance to be determined based on its elemental composition this method offers many advantages over x. rays which can misidentify system and guess to texas which don't receive objects the laser great on the front of the detector corresponds with a neutron themes allowing the user to target the object computer ten processes the information received by the detector and identifies any potentially hazardous materials on their location. in addition to the mobile detector the company has designed a device for inspecting vehicles another for shipping containers and an underwater device for examining unexploded torpedoes and mines all of the detectors can identifiable to thirty types of explosives and be operated at a safe distance while a computer program takes care of the number crunching to get to the bottom of the matter that's way over two hundred thousand dollars the devices don't come cheap so he better to foot the bill the russian diamond joints rosser which is having problems of its own them but this unit has been set up to see whether we can detect
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a large valuable diamond within a lump of kimberlite without having to crush them if there was a large diamond was ground down first the way it usually is the shattered diamond loses a lot of its value so if we were able to detect a large valuable diamonds in the or it would offer a really good return on investment since such large diamonds are quite rare very lucrative. following the requests small role so the scientists at a base rate to see if their technology could be applied to the diamond industry then sent fifty kilograms of kimberlite rock samples which is the best source of primate diamonds for the company to try out its detection system after hours of testing neutron technology is finally struck gold story diamond the next step is for the detect to be upscaled so it can pick up the rocks containing larger diamonds on the conveyor before the destroyed. this video because all is for bad use we can work with we do. indeed find diamonds inside the door and we're planning
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to continue testing this method next year and then to make improvements to the detecting device in cooperation with neutron technologies. we're planning to use this method for the detection of large diamonds in the kimberlite extracted from the mirror and internet. will be focusing on the largest size segment five carrots and above. the theory of using this technology has been proven. says the practical side of implementing it on an industrial scale neutron technologist can reduce the time it takes to take diamonds i'm sure the companies will have a bright future together not only will it lead to increased profits and open up a whole new market for neutron technologies but also puts a smile on the face of many of the earth is a place of wonder and beauty of this rolling hills in los forests and as you just
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seen there are many treasures hidden out of reach but you don't always need explosives to get them. brains overbroad oil from the liquid gold that makes the world go around without it we have a slow and painful holds fortunately oil supplies are on depleted quite yet but the bad news is that easily extractable sources all running out so we demand for oil higher than ever engineers have been forced to look for new ways to get to the black stuff and keep the world spinning on its axis oil and gas deposits can be located on to anything from less of something clay to solid rock flight granites them so all companies need a drill that can make short work of anything that gets in its way there are currently three main types of drill bit the tricorder drill which is made up of three spikes roll it's the fixed cutter which often has diamond edges and works by scraping away the rock below and the turbo job which spins much faster than the other two and requires less downward force unfortunately diamonds on forever and old. drill bits wear out and have to be replaced which can be both costly and time
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consuming this combined with the increasingly complex nature of drilling means that traditional methods are being pushed to the limits. the institute's of high technology physics in thomas has a laboratory that specializes in pa lasting through solid rock with high paula electrical sparks the first experiments were conducted way back in the sixty's when the theory if using electrical pulses to drill through blocks was tested the results were impressive but the technology the time did not allow for the idea to take and put that now the university has a prototype device the office many advantages over traditional training methods over soko what and when the advantage of the high voltage electrical impulse method is that we use the bore bits they do for ordinary steel while and yet the model we don't use any alloy great or diamond our spark or discharge method makes these very expensive materials redundant. and this is how it works
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a generator produces electricity which is then stored in the capacitors and fed through the drill the drill bit itself has one electrode in the sense that surrounded by in a rate above the electrodes when they come into contact with the ball the potential difference between them it's a powerful spot which troubles through the rock bottom like a micro explosion causing bits to break away the dead piece then carried by to the surface with a liquid pump the size of the polling can be controlled by adjusting the distance between the electrodes the drills ability to make short work of solid blocks even joint attention from the super bowl the field with the. norwegian companies like oil the total construction for. you know drill from the university of trondheim have supported our work in developing this new technology akin to what we have supplied them with a submersible high voltage impulse generator with which to. drill an experimental
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well granite rock so that we can investigate the potential of this technology in the field. our device is of great interest to total engineers and of course great interest to oil companies. the potential of mechanical drilling methods that lead either with diamond heads or with load of bits has been almost fully exhausted with morton and this is why every company is now looking for a new method nor a new technology to ensure a fast boring speed especially through hard rocks like granite him in. the drilling speed is determined by the size of the fragments produced so in general the bigger the better however if the phones become too large the system may have trouble removing them from the hole by controlling the energy produced by the generator the distance between the electrodes and frequency of the electric pulses
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the ultimate speed can be achieved so who knows more major oil plays see the benefits of this technology we may soon have the bright spots in toms to thank for keeping the world in motion. just the end of the first half so don't reach the remote see you after the break. exactly what happened that day i don't know but a woman i killed. here's later is when i got arrested for. for a crime i did not do. we have numerous cases where police officers lie about polygraph results. innocent people to confess to police officers don't beat people anymore i mean it just doesn't happen really. in the course of interrogation why because there's been this is like meant no because the psychological techniques are
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more effective in obtaining confessions than physical abuse and they were often they could do what they wanted they can say what they wanted and there was no evidence of what they did or what they said.
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but he sees things that sighted people don't notice. these days. but he hears things that most people never to think call him disabled but he's the world's first deaf and blind doctor of science. professor i think other civil out of. the great life lived against the all odds.
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region has been overhauled as part of the project. is a joint mission between the european space agency and. the russian ministry of defense held an innovation. over one thousand applications were made. available at the exhibition. university students and representatives from. the opportunity to demonstrate their latest developments to the. defense minister. gave his seal of approval to the redesigned military fatigues which will be shortly one of the highlights was the moscow state university. one hundred kilograms with ease the event was such a success that the ministry plans to hold it every six months russian railways
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officially unveiled his double decker train carriages at the beginning of the month . cope with. police during the winter olympics next year with conditioning and facilities for disabled passengers while the increased capacity means that the average ticket will be twenty two percent cheaper. two thousand and thirteen competition held in san diego idea of the competition is for competitors to design and build an all to me to sabrin capable of fulfilling specific. competitors from all around the world small cone with a three thousand dollar price some of us like to go for a stall in the pockets the time when all this professor just a little bit more extreme the parachute is a design classic with safety being of almost importance. to still room for improvement. second way. team headed.
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to the south of moscow to find. the modern power she was invented at the end of the eighteenth century in france now they can be found in all these very same carnations in the military spatial tolls and even used to help the curiosity rover . journalling junkies looking to get their fix although i won't describe myself as a fan of extreme sports i have always wanted to try parachuting was having witnessed this unlucky car she's take a hard landing i started to have second thoughts so it looks like it's back to the drawing board for the par shoes for the scientific research institute of design computer which moscow founded in one thousand nine hundred forty six the institute is part of aviation week in holding which is the main development for two ship partially to russia it is one of only a few companies in the world that carries out the full range of partially development. institute's. development and production as well as ground and flight tests of all these partially systems
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a base era job. we were lucky enough to touch with one of the research institutes karshi testers. and of course here on the field we have all the right conditions surface and things like that in reality those soldiers have to land on various different terrain here but the and they'll have to have time to maneuver so that they can lead safely. billeted to maneuver around the horizontal speed of a parachute the paramount importance for descending and of course especially for landing these in. so conditions are partially tough to jump in not to mention all the equipment they carry minutes a special approach has to be taken when designing parachutes for use by the military today the design institute was testing one of its latest developments the deets well beastie the twelve is their latest hardship produced by the russian airborne troops the lease to still be subject to precarious testing but is expected to enter into service by the end of the year it's capable of carrying up to one
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hundred sixty kilograms at the speed of four point five new to the second the spare parts should be stored in the body leaving room for the touchable it didn't contain on the front which helped take some of the weight off when landing we went back to moscow to learn about the evolution and benefits of this harsh. the boat gives you an idea the evolution of the parachute design over the decades they have been used in the army but. here's the six model that developed in the soviet union in the mid seventy's. basically featured a circular canopy with steering belts and a top of internet and apex. because the shape of a hemisphere in profile thanks to the course. with the new developments in the aviation industry and the increased need for massive air drops we had to invent a new design and we could deal with midair collisions better between parachute and that's how the detainee shoot. one of the industry continue to push the even
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heavier capacity better maneuverability and improved safety when landing in very strong winds used to be. the only requirement was to keep the same size and weight of the chute. will be here. it is a. d. twelve has proven to be the perfect solution thanks to its unique design of the canopy shape and the fact that it's this angle that. pushes the chute forward in the. war with. the truth if the tests prove to be successful this new model will replace the previous generation of parachute the theme of. the institute uses the latest in computer design and modeling technologies in addition to the least the institute has made over five thousand different partially types one thousand of which have entered into mass production they range from anti
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spinning cargo chutes to low altitude and rescue power chutes some of them have an area of up to three hundred seventy five meters squared and can carry up to twenty tons. been ironed out the computer design is then sent to this factory to be turned into reality. in addition to this production facility the institute also has research engineering and technology schools over generations the institute has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise which allows it to create such a diverse range of parachutes advances in materials mean that power issues can be more compact enjoyable than ever in addition we use new materials in parachute construction but in the past it's parachutes were made from nylon fabric no we use more modern materials so all this has enabled us to reach our goals of the city armed with this knowledge we return to the airfield in moscow i'm told it jumps up to twenty times a week and his goal of tracking down to a t.
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he can do it in around ten minutes when he's not being distracted by technology they present my experience of the parts you constituents and there are restored my faith in the safety of the sport and who knows maybe next time i'll be joining these guys in the not too distant future. to four million cars in moscow alone which not only has a negative impact on the capsule's roads but also produces huge amounts of waste tires every year but luckily one russian company has a knack for killing two birds with one stone. on something a lot of. bushes scorching summers and bitterly cold winters take a. heavy toll on the country's road this along with the millions of cars and each t.v.'s that pound the surface every day i mean the road repairs and replacements are a constant struggle not only to potholes and trucks represent a hazard to drivers but they're also a burden on the government's put it so the need to find a type of road service cake full of better withstanding the daily because of moscow's traffic and weather is pretty clear that's why scientists have been experimented with different ways of modifying both services and testing them with
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this mobile lab one of the most promising technologies involves mixing old tires into the alsop mixture. the practice of using rubberized asphalt was pioneered in arizona in the mid one nine hundred sixty s. with limited success while the rubberized road service offered a number of advantages over previous technologies the relatively large chunks of rubber and gravel used were prone to coming loose and damaging cars so the project was abundant in one nine hundred eighty nine. it all started with the old non-recyclable car tires go by leaving them all around the place people do harm to the environment the problem is you can't burn these ties put them in landfill sites if you can traditionally this kind of waste has been used in construction or road building so i'm rude you. says in recycling technology mean that their own more and more large scale uses for all tires this type of processing putting check of is responsible for recycling some of the estimated one hundred twenty five thousand
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tons of worn out tires discarded by the capitol every year old size of fish shredded and then the fiber and steel components are separated and sent for further processing the remaining robot is think ground down to produce tire chrome which can then be used to produce even more ties create safe playground services as well as a whole range of other applications one of the biggest consumers of type from however is unicom which specializes in producing a super fine but powder for use in both construction unicom be sponsored nano technology company boss nano this lab in podolski is way unique and carries out much space. wrote surface research here the stuff child various combinations and ratios of materials to trying to attain the ideal road surface in general roads are made up of gravel and sun. and has been successfully used in roads for almost two centuries there is still room for improvement and this is where unicom stands out from the rest. unicom which transfer universal compazine materials produces
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a fine powder that beats anything else in the markets hands down. some would say you can take any rubber powder. but that's not true so what you need to make it work is a physical and chemical reaction between the big human and whatever powder you have . the extent to which the powder reacts is determined by the area of the powder in contact with the bitumen you were poor shoe. laces be the one despite being very fine the roll tide can lacks the surface area completely with the pitchmen always still improves the road surface the full potential the robot has not been a lot the cauliflower like surface of the nano part of produced by means that just one gram of it has a surface area of up to five thousand said to me to sweat. however none of this would be possible were it not for the work of the team nikolski institute of chemical physics in moscow the team discovered even to his own surprise it is
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certain temperatures proper and plastics substances can be ground down to a very fine powder which led to the development of this machine with the only ones in the world to use the dry method if you take the mix for making mixed asphalt concrete. and put the required amount of time in it you know this method helps a few amounts of time before. the invention of the shear in juice grinding machine builders had to use the so-called method of adding the robot to the pitchman this involved heating the mixture full day which is what is required excessive amounts of energy and time to cause the bitch to deteriorate it's no wonder that other countries are trying to follow suit coats with around fifty pages and somebody machine it might take them a while. known for two despite our best efforts machina parts
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but into the studio show you exactly how it works. and here it is. now the only main difference to an industrial version the prototype is the size the principle is exactly the same three finals at either end and archimedes screen compression zone and cooling section don't shoot its highs effect into this funnel the screw them pushes them towards the stock but as more and more bits of tire build up the pressure increases the friction creates a cause attempted to rise to about one hundred seventy five degrees c. at which point the tie begins disintegrates and see through the tiny gap between the two sections the fine tire part is then cooled and comes out the full and bob's your uncle that size ready to hit the roads the institute in moscow was originally created for starting the process is that a nuclear weapons but one thousand nine hundred fifty eight the specialist working there turned their attention to chemical reactions in creating new synthetic materials but teams study the properties of these materials and developed
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instruments for examining the structure the prototype for producing the nano powder was created in one nine hundred eighty one and laid the foundation for today's industrial machines. we started using these powders very successfully. but because of the positive properties you feel boys. will feel the materials if you modify your child like you are very stable. their structure doesn't change time little tool. so like little they can be used is decades in their properties would remain tracting unchangeable. and the benefits don't end there it's also offers better groups of vehicles reduce noise levels as well as increased resistance to roasting and cracking in addition to all the safety and economic benefits it also provides the perfect solution to the world. growing disposal problem with these workers said that they won't have to do this section of road
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again for another couple of decades i'm afraid that's all for today but with. recently throughout the world i'm sure more of you will enjoy the ride. what defines a country's success placeless figures of economic growth. or a factual standard of living.
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the interview. cut. to. speak your language they will not advance. news programs and documentaries in spanish more matters to you breaking news a little turn a tip angles kitten's stories. you hear.
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it all teach spanish find out more visit i to al a dud. it was a little very hard to take on a. little longer here. that we have had sex with her but there are no. one. with.
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the u.s. military is reportedly waiting for the green light to intervene and see where it would be fun to get moving naval forces close up and sending another missile carriage to the region. they says the yuan pushes foreign intervention into an alleged mosque chemical a top man damascus with the european states blaming a son despite a lot of evidence. from. also spying for cash major tech companies are accused of taking handouts from the u.s. intelligence and exchange for how it sweeping surveillance programs. and about to get some real recognition of the german government decides that some of the money and base call in a set of legal and private means of payment.


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