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tv   The Truthseeker  RT  August 25, 2013 4:44pm-5:01pm EDT

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please. a pleasure to have you with us here on our team today i'm sure. will. science technology innovation all the list of bellemont from around russia we've got the future covered.
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when i was on your bushel was the us government preparing for war coming up large sections of the us prepare for revolution. points of the d h. m's that fire is on your computer the army no links to systematic covert operations on anyone who criticizes multinationals. explain. we're here for drones. to some of the poker lives movies top current fia's knows the theodoric to new global companies new book goes to shows america as a good will state he says this isn't science fiction this is today this is no two in three americans now say the country is going the wrong direction host of them
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they could require a revolution the new york times most americans prefer movement people preparing for the worst has now gone mainstream. joins us thanks very much for coming on you wrote the code was coming on whole fintry of us would you say that fascism has come to america i don't say that as an inflammatory statement i use it as a statement of fact the merger of state and corporate powers by definition. is called chance and i could back up that fact with four simple words too big to fail. in capitalism there is no too big to fail so it's a been a corporate takeover a military industrial complex is so big that if you just take out one pig underpinning of the too big to fail the entire system collapses they essentially
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called martial law a state of seeds in boston magnified that in a couple of cities going on at the same time you're going to see the entire nation breakdown is the as long as the united states keeps waging war the chances of retaliatory attacks grow great her hey that was another drone strike. another war being fought is a bronc saying that we used to have a kid payback's of the united states can't win a war whether it's iraq or afghanistan whether it's libya whether was vietnam so the people have lost faith in the military aspect of the government the policing aspects of the government and so they realize on the economic end that they're on their own only the too big to fail are there to be say.
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deposits you know when they move them they take them if you want your money in your own possession you don't have your money here this is a fact when nine eleven happened i know this personally i try to get my money out of certificates of deposit c.d.'s. and i call the fleet bank their gun now they fleeted away i get exe citi group or one of them bank of america bought them out and i wanted my money transferred to my local bank and they said no you can't get it i got shafted by m.f. global's scam when jon cause i'm brought down the company and they stole my money out of my segregated account so the first thing the golden rule
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if you don't have any gold you're not going to rule anything you have bet avner money and in more than one denomination and gold and silver is the popular to nomination among neo survivalists if you were greek cypriot and they closed the banks you out almost two weeks. well you wish you had some gold and silver to buy what you needed that was the canary in the mine shaft america's canary has actually stopped singing rose finance. your bank savings will be rooted in the upcoming crush quietly admits this new government documents which suggest the collapse will be much worse than in two thousand and nine new rules by the federal deposit insurance corporation reveals quote. operations of the globally active systemically important financial institutions the too big to fail banks would be provided by converting unsecured bit from credit to confer thing unsecured debt is fine and
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speak for taking regular savings all this leaves americans will form a wall street bank if smith was of. canaries in coal mines or a popular analogy at the moment target health as it's to be even with the systematic poisoning all there will be war rights investors websites to really this is what your grocery store looks like if bees die out only they compiled in eight much of all food nine in ten days in the states have already died corporate an industry paid media issued but independent scientists have told the daily mail that oh the new pesticides could have killed over ten million bees instantly as happened in florida here beekeeper charles moose of the smith family honey company points to some of the millions who suddenly drop did so really get it and these investigated
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the corporations behind these chemicals thanks very much for coming on you roy it is very all right exactly the the b. scenario could potentially spawn world war three and it could also potentially spawn a massive economic collapse and starvation and that's not an exaggeration and we've read reports time and time again where these diplomats go in and say us you have to stop approving these past aside and the reason for that is that america the united . states refuses to stop using these neo-cons and pesticides in his food supply killing all the bees and then also yes exporting over to other countries what's interesting here is that it shows the united states government is so owned by these major chemical corporations like du pont others that they would rather fund them with millions upon billions of dollars in these neo continent pesticide sales than actually care about the bee monsanto knows it's killing the bees and that's why i bought one of the major research firms the logic if we allow the corrupt officials inside the united states government that no longer represent us if they don't stop
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and if they destroy the b population inside the us we're looking at some form of a collapse of the food supply and an economic collapse as well so other nations actually have to come in and say us stop killing your own country they have to come in and speak for us other nations are speaking more for the united states population than the united states government itself they're with the future if these corporations keep control the biotech corporations are already on to the next phase which is something called biopharmaceutical crops where they actually have vaccines and pharmaceutical components already made inside the crops and now you're actually getting pharmaceutical drugs on your dinner table experimental vaccines on your dinner table but the f.d.a. also will likely not label these vaccine component crops and these pharmaceutical component crops to the point where you'll be feeding your family unknowingly all of these different vaccines and stems and everything like that even for infants black so smith kline monsanto and mark the vaccine industry the pharmaceutical industry
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and the biotech industry all coming together to deceive you on what's on your dinner table coming together to make massive profits completely unheard of in this country for example we have the aids vaccine which they're now looking to infuse into these biopharmaceutical crops which will be on your day dinner table there were one thousand participants in this experimental aids vaccine study and actually three die for. adverse reactions to the aids vaccine of one thousand people three die and this is what they want to put into your food supply things of. people complaining that can be considered under homeland security an act of terrorism if you have a complaint about your tap water if you're concerned about the chemical contamination of it the fluoride in the water you're a terrorist and you going to be put on the terrorist watch list first they came for they came after nine eleven or the bad guys mean to go and get al qaeda then they came for the extremists the left wing right wing extremists whatever the extremists
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of the bad guys now it's you done this report anyone that says they don't want their food or hey hey does this have g.m.o. then it got to be a terrorist polls show that ninety six percent of the country once g.m. was labeled and are against. so in fact ninety six percent of the country now are terrorists if you complain about monsanto's. massive tumors in rats where they can even. if you'll receive expect punishment computer virus is sustainable pulse reports two days before he was due to make a presentation on pesticides a bizarre of virus completely disabled adrian betts computer but the government now feels so above the constitution and the law it doesn't cover its tracks. found computers critics accessed by the us army intelligence we can leak
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shows obama administration agencies now conduct illegal black ops for multinationals. questioning the war on terror agreed to its ninety six percent of the population. how will the us like so many other places is quite corrupt in some ways the more corrupt than most places and it's just better concealed or a traditionally has been but it's it's all crawling up front of iraq now the internet has really ripped off the bail and shown what's what's going on at the highest levels of power in the us i mean openly turn their guns against the american people and now they have a military command that's up to us in blatant violation of posse comitatus that says that the us military cannot be used in the us against american citizens that's been thrown out the window now and there openly militarizing the police having the police work with the u.s. military in violation of a tight is and they appear to be getting ready for some kind of civil war some kind
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of turn people were in a really dangerous time here in the us the guns of the military are now turned against the american people in a way that just never happened before in history and we sell a point bullets are real legal to use in warfare and yet d.h.s.s. . these huge numbers of them you know they have more than enough to kill off the entire population all types the hollow point expands on impact to almost three times its size. the expanding effect means that the bullet dumps its power inside the body damage or tissue a larger wound means a greater chance of hitting an organ cutting nerves or severing an artery so it's quite worrisome i know a lot of people who are getting out of the u.s. and maybe they're the smart ones nationwide protests hunger strikes and fittings like karlie sweeping the united states knows the website popeil resistance but with a corporate media blackout of any news that threatens the they most is
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a more realistic pool traits of america today maybe at the cinema this is the truth because. it was a. very hard to take a. look again there is a cloud that that would that make their lives.
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exactly what happened that day i don't know but a woman got killed. fears later is when i got arrested for. for a crime i did not do. we have numerous cases where police officers lie about polygraph results. and people take interest the police officers don't beat people anymore i mean it just doesn't happen really. in the course of interrogation why because there's been this is like meant no because the psychological techniques are
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more effective in obtaining confessions than physical abuse they were off taking they could do what they wanted they can say what they wanted and there was no evidence of what they did or what they said. what do you think would be high enough price for americans and the west in general to realize that this noting with minds is actually extremely counterproductive to the our own national interests and that of vino they are logged in to be many of them in the least in companies the created over the create a feed state and when above it is a failed state this is the best place for actually and i think a lot of guys ation to establish bases. in.
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damascus allows u.n. inspectors access to the site of an alleged chemical attack the u.s. says it has little doubts the assad government carried it out but russia is warning against jumping to conclusions. also this week minute. bradley manning request a presidential pardon after being sentenced to thirty five years in jail for the biggest leak in america's history plus. we were faced effectively with an ultimatum from the british government that if we didn't hand back the material or destroy it they would. law. the editor of the guardian newspaper reveals how he was pressured to destroy files he received from n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden our top stories this hour.


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