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tv   Headline News  RT  August 28, 2013 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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it's eleven pm here in moscow tonight evidence of a chemical attack in syria is found but no proof the government was behind it says the u.n. envoy to the country western powers ready for a strike. washington says it has enough evidence against saddam waves away comparisons with iraq we look at how the u.s. paved the way for previous military campaign. sectarian violence claims dozens more lives in iraq in a series of bomb attacks in baghdad looks going price of the u.s. led liberation from saddam hussein. and. his fails a stress test in the united kingdom with an anti muslim lobby blocking the expansion of islam calling it violent and incompatible with today's britain.
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very good evening my name is kevin irwin this is our t.v. our top story then the u.n. arab league envoy to syria lakhdar brahimi says there's evidence suggesting that some kind of chemical substance was issued in an attack near damascus a week ago but there's no proof at this point that the assad government is responsible but such an assault in itself could be enough for the u.s. and its allies to launch a military offensive against the war torn country despite the u.n. in syria saying the inspectors need more time to go to the site ok let's check out what the latest is now in washington our correspondent john h. you can is there a lot of high level talks today would have. been of those high level talks. i'm sorry kevin the u.s. and its allies are in a rush to act they're ready to start bombing syria even as the u.n.
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secretary general for one to give you one inspectors on the ground in syria time to do their job he said let us give give peace a chance give diplomacy a chance stop fighting and start talking russia says the same thing it says the u.n. security council should not consider a resolution on syria before the u.n. inspector team reports on the chemical weapons use spanking moon said to you when weapons inspectors needed four days to conclude the probe in syria and that their findings would then be analyzed and the results essential to the u.n. security council but the u.s. and its allies are talking about an attack as early as thursday the media site their sources saying it could be a two day attack we hear the drums of war loud and clear in washington of course by the u.s. media the u.s. the u.k. and france are basically they have basically brushed off in advance any results of the u.n. investigation they basically discredited the u.n.
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fact finding mission and said they know best what happened here is the u.k. you case of foreign minister. the u.n. team are all doing their work as i've said they are but there we have to be realistic about what we can achieve it's not with him. through apportion blame it is to try to assess scientifically what has happened but i think we're very clear we've been very clear from the outset. where blows. all of the evidence points and one direct from. washington london also stressed that the u.n. investigation will not determine who used chemical weapons only whether they were use nato chief just said that any use of chemical weapons in syria quote cannot go on and search syria says it wants the u.n. investigate it wants the u. . and to also investigate who carried out the attacks and not just whether they were carried out the syrian ambassador to the u.n. also said he he had. he had requests that u.n.
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secretary general ban ki-moon that these one thousand investigating the alleged use of chemical weapons to also investigate quote story more locations where the syrian soldiers inhaled the nerve gas last week on the outskirts of damascus but it seems at this point calls to investigate and to give diplomacy a chance are falling on deaf ears in the u. whereas the u.k. and in france before but it's also important to remember that before every. u.s. intervention in the last fifty years there was a high ball flies misinformation and discrepancies and every time washington would present its case for war as the ultimate truth leading people to believe that waging war was the only way to peace but was it take a listen to a report. as the u.s. is preparing an attack on syria striking similarities can be found at how lossing
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can makes its case for intervention material i will present to you comes from a variety of sources some are u.s. sources and some of those of other countries we have additional information about this attack and that information is being compiled and reviewed together with our partners and we will provide that information in the days ahead some of the sources are technical such as intercepted telephone conversations and photos taken by satellites what have we learned about the actual proof the white house claims it has on syria's use of chemical weapons yet wolf are u.s. official is telling me that this intelligence assessment contains forensic evidence that actual chemical attack took place as well as some intercepted communications among syrian forces that suggest the regime was responsible a separate sources also telling c.n.n.'s john king that the report contains some satellite images of activity at potentially chemical weapons depots back in two
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thousand and three in the run up to the iraq war the media also diligently repeated what the white house said we know that iraq and al qaeda have had high level contacts that go back a decade we've learned that iraq has trained al qaeda members in bomb making. and poisonous. and deadly gases before the u.s. step to tame washington's claims that the government which was about to be attacked did not cooperate thus this crediting any u.n. investigation that was underway saddam hussein and his regime are busy doing only possibly can to ensure that inspectors. finding absolutely nothing. well they found nothing because there was nothing but it was an argument that couldn't be heard through the deafening sound of war drums iraq is not be on. example when the u.s. effectively rendered a diplomatic solution obsolete the serbian leaders on the other hand refused even
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to discuss key elements of the peace agreement before the us started a two month long bombing campaign of the former yugoslavia the us love government had accepted proposals for the near independence of kosovo within the republic of serbia as well as an international peacekeeping force in kosovo but the agreement that nato put forward had a clause that they could not accept in the words of former secretary of state henry kissinger the text which called in serbia to admit need to troops throughout yugoslavia was a provocation an excuse to start bombing runway is not a document that an angelic could have accepted years later we see diplomacy brushed off again in syria even as the un team is working on the ground at every turn the syrian regime has failed to cooperate with the un investigation washington has bypassed the u.n. both in the case of the former yugoslavia and that of iraq in libya the u.s.
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and its allies have effectively carried out a regime change although the un mandate was to protect civilians we came we saw he died. because we acted quickly a humanitarian catastrophe has been avoided but for many libyans a humanitarian catastrophe has just started as the nation plunges deeper into chaos and tear like in iraq where the intervention was followed by a decade of terror for those wondering what awaits american politicians found to have light no weapons over there. to be under here. to check on r.t. washington d.c. earlier i was joined by a panel of experts to discuss the rising tensions around syria. there seems to be a consensus around the world that the assad regime needs to pay for the alleged chemical weapon attack here but this is at the same time as the u.n. is still investigating are we going to see an attack before that year before that
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you investigators actually reported for hard concrete facts back to you. no i don't think there are. president obama and certainly in the u.k. on prime minister cameron to show for evidence you know before they take any action today the labor party says they're not going to support any intervention in terms of the u.k. unless the prime minister comes to the house of parliament with the evidence can i just say i think the question actually should be asked to people at the moment in britain. except for america and its allies to be deciding which country is liable to be attacked in the world and which country isn't liable to be attacked i'm quite pessimistic i have to disagree with you first of all i think that the united states could very well go it maybe not alone but certainly without the un security council i mean we've seen that before it's a surprise to me that anybody would debate that the us go ahead and it doesn't hide
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that it doesn't hold very much value for the decisions that are made in new york at the un with that said the questions being asked and debates that are happening are not the debates that marcus was talking about does the united states or anyone else have the right to intervene when we haven't seen that evidence and we are still hearing very strong rhetoric out of the u.k. william hague just today speaking about how the un investigation taking place is scientific basically implying let them do their work but we have our work and it seems very obvious to me at least that they have made some kind of just as it is justified it was me by saying international laws been broken so therefore there's no problem we're going to go now. without a consensus is that really the way forward. to right. or wrong as you see it this idea that the united states and the u.k. are suddenly into being in the country is just ludicrous i mean it doesn't. start up to scrutiny because syria is already
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a bunch of fields who decide what's going on in terms of the future of the middle going to grow and grow. to yes i think it. very important to make this clear to domestic audiences in the west because they don't hear this from the mainstream media they don't hear this from their politicians the american west stance on syria is not going to buy a human rights democracy or the rule of law go on said it was serious issues because syria pursues an independent foreign policy it has a close relationship with russia and iran that's why it's being targeted if there was an intervention if it does happen what would russia do and moreover what if in the next forty eight hours or so this proof that has been talked about that america has been declassified that we're hearing is going to be made public pressure is definitely not going to war use its nuclear deterrence to change to change the situation what is important to trust. is indeed a mess but it is a most to
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a large degree due to the outside influence from from outside forces in syria so basically when somebody argues that now. the intervention should have been employed two years ago well it shouldn't have and it shouldn't be considered now at the point when the forces are actually gaining ground really important here excuse me for interrupting to not discuss so much the what ifs but we have and we have no proof a lot of the press is copying and pasting these statements that we're hearing from very high ranking officials in the west like i said we heard from william hague u.k. foreign secretary saying that they do believe this is a chemical attack by the regime u.s. vice president joe biden there is no doubt who is responsible for this heinous use of chemical weapons in syria chuck hagel u.s. defense secretary i think that intelligence will i think that intelligence will conclude that the government is syria was responsible are we going to see this
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evidence or are we going to see it after the fact. stands in the security council showed some years ago. seeing the evidence doesn't mean to have it in fact there are lots of videos which have been uploaded by syrian doctors as well as it hospitals i mean this idea you had that your this gentleman is saying that there is not this is a lie about that one of these there is that clearly now we have big deal evidence which is we publish to you tube and it's already. in the new york times are there how do you have a letter going to finish my point please let me say that i try to extend the video as we know you did and you're going to get your blue showing across the way so here let's listen how you guys. ok look we want to go to culpability in pictures of independent investigation into that is what israel wants pictures that sees only its own chemical to start citing opposition stop citing opposition activists look let's let's cite u.s. and u.k.
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officials that say they have the evidence why can't we see it what i would like to stress here is that there is no good no win wins of the bombing campaign it's either would lead to nothing as it did in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight with bombing of somalia or it would lead to further deterioration and dilatation of the station of the country of syria on the nature and split and complete complete change of the balance which has been achieved first in iraq and now it has been for for for the determinate in the balance in the region. it's really what mark marcus is talking about a geopolitical geopolitical strategy i don't see it it's going to strategy is in complete shambles there is no foreign policy objectives here it just pure senses or steve it is to some reactions really. a conversation just a short while but will washington and london's push for military interventions taking its toll on the financial world the threats have spurred oil and gold prices
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while investors rush to pull their money from stock markets or he's katie pilbeam looks at how the rhetoric's affected the world economy. bombs they aren't falling yet on syria global financial damage is already being done gold is what people usually turn to in these uncertain times that russia is very much being felt in earnest hey we got the billion up forty dollars an ounce just over the last two days alone oil prices are surging to their highest level since twenty eleven that is over concerns that are american and british an attack on syria will bring about a serious consequences and threaten global surprise now the middle east as a whole accounts for over a third of all oil production and holds even more reserves leaving bank associate general has said the u.s. led attack on syria could see the price of oil spiked to
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a hundred and fifty dollars per barrel such a level could have a disastrous impact on the global economy already challenged by storing grow that and own growing recessions as well our sanctions have also severely restricted or like spots from syria already so the economic situation there could get even worse as the violence continues our stock markets are witnessing a sell off to the markets in the middle east leading the cash exodus neighboring turkey has also taken an economic beating as stocks plunge the reefer send even more worryingly this is all happening before the attack has even gone so most likely more bad news if it doesn't go ahead. from a business to their well let me tell american lawmakers argue it's up to them to decide whether the u.s. should strike syria artie's people develop new skills discuss the political standoff between congress and the waters was full version just over ten minutes of
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is a little of what we've spoke. u.s. military that's supposed to be deployed for u.s. interests and it's supposed to be approved by congress congress has the constitutional authority to declare war not the president not the white house and if congress had an advocate its constitutional authority there we wouldn't be so close to the precipice and that's a huge problem you know just the other day speaker boehner spokesperson said you know the speaker made it clear that he wants congress to be can be in consultation with what and he doesn't need congress because little dish will strip the western media out of all western media is over here or so that people know who to blame when there is a war. and focus on some other news now to iraq still suffering from spiral of violence and terrorist attacks that continues to claim thousands of lives every year on wednesday a series of coordinated bomb attacks in the country's capital killed more than seventy left dozens injured restaurants markets and car parks in predominantly shiite areas were targeted by the attack is violence the country's gone the roys
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since the start of the new year with the sunni minority protesting against the. government well let's take a look at the tragic figures of sectarian strife as it pans out in the news will twenty ten so over four thousand people killed while the elections no clear winner even the country with no leadership then both slight increase on the graph here with u.s. troops pulling out of iraq by the end of the year there was in this spike in death over the twelve months that followed with the sectarian violence sparking fears of a possibility of full scale civil war but still going up there this year even bigger spike in violence continues to go up more than five thousand people killed in just eight months which is the deadliest month since two thousand and eight when the religious strife between shia and sunni muslims is rising ever more worryingly as you can see there on the used war it's eighteen minutes past eleven at night more news just ahead including a look at what's behind the growing opposition to islam in the u k.
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well the. technology innovation called the least developed around russia we've got the future covered. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought. i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. please speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world talks books fifty yard p. interviews intriguing stories are you. trying.
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to find out more visit or a big. dog called. counterterrorism forces in the united kingdom looking into a series of c.d.'s featuring pornographic and abusive images insulting the prophet muhammad that have been sent to several of the mosques the instant adds up to wave offensive acts towards british muslims but parts of society desperate to keep the u.k. islam free. finds out next what it takes to strike a balance. my name is gavin bobi and i'm the lawyer behind on freedom foundation we start. that is we help local neighborhoods resist planning applications for mosques and we went that's now sixteen wins out of eighteen cases a controversial meme a summer further to the mosque buster objections raised by locals pertaining to
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mosques include traffic congestion on the general noise and disturbance which does concern people on the first one was the loss of a retail facility all of which are legal objections but he says his motivation is deeper than that islamic doctrine it is a violent doctrine now exactly is called for retiring the shuttle if a catholic church was passing death sentences if a synagogue was blessing armies to commit acts of war on he would immediately say that has to be stopped when you have a man who is soon ideologically opposed knows little about the islamic faith even if what he is suggesting that he doesn't give credence to some of those views really but the gruesome murder of a british soldier by self-confessed islamic fanatics fueled anti muslim sentiment i'm a muslim myself and and and speaking to muslims a across print and across you know london where people. slightly vulnerable
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because the they do feel as if the muslim community has been picked we have had instances where a local mosque had source and she's thrown into it last year after a decade of dispute the new and council rejected an application for a so-called mega mosque the site of which is just down the road over here it would have accommodated up to ten thousand worshippers the group that had campaigned against it called themselves mega mosque no thanks and some muslim groups have also opposed a project but beyond just the construction of mosques the polarized opinions but the spotlight once again on why this is happening in the first place the polarization of opinion we see i think is poor little to the failure within multiculturalism most simply become the symbol i think for this greater. recent you gov poll compared answers given by respondents in event by two thousand and twelve and may twenty thirteen and showed an increase in the number of people
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who agree that there will be a clash of civilizations between british muslims and native white britons in recent times a growing number of voices have stated that multiculturalism has failed as a concept which is a controversial way to put it but what's certain ignoring this issue both make a clash of cultures any less likely to us or so you r.t. london. go to websites and some of breathtaking a high speed aerobatics number leave a ball stumps in the sky watching talk of asian i'm talking about the world's best pilots and states being put through their paces about my show in the russian capital one of the largest shows kicking off there are some great pictures and two or three don't come for the details also to social network users it appears some credit agencies could be checking out the loan history of people you're close to on facebook before deciding whether to lend you money that's. r.t.
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dot com if you want to read up more on. a story of russia now ongoing one russia's far east braced for flood levels to pay as authorities warn that those water levels will not recede for another month but residents of the regional capital aren't giving in the using sandbags for improvised dams to try to prevent a deluge advancing paul scott literally waves in well up until now it had been a remote rural areas that had been worst affected by these flood waters but as you can see now the waters are beginning to encroach on to the city of how about a loss canal just twenty yards behind the camera is a residential area and some residents are being evacuated as we speak in deciding to go to the temporary accommodation centers that have been set up but the first thing you notice about the city actually is the amount of hills that there are meaning that it's communities in streets in the lowlands that are most at risk of
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being worst affected communities and areas like this one and there's a surprising number of residents although many are going to the accommodation centers in their hundreds there are still those who are resolutely staying with their properties and deciding not to leave now. my family has been evacuated from my home but i decided to stay today the electric power supply has resumed pumps are working and there's no water in the stairwell any more water evaporates and the pavements become visible so we're still living here those that stay on those that go basically those who have their properties ruined attention is slowly turning to the future and what happens when this water subsides when it receives and the extent of the damage is revealed when the authorities have said that they will argue compensation of up to one hundred thousand rubles people whose properties have been damaged the compensation will range from fifty to one hundred thousand rubles depending on the severity of the damage. in western india recent levon
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people have been killed in the collapse of two residential buildings or those several people were rescued ten others we believe are still trapped under the debris firefighters the army and national disaster response teams were deployed to the sea the buildings were part of a huge housing complex that supported to have been in poor condition a key posted over get on. the u.s. army major who massacred thirteen people at the fort hood base in texas in two thousand and nine has been sentenced to life in prison by a military judge delos san was granted the opportunity to deliver a closing statement but declined to do so during his trial he says he was provoked by violence committed by u.s. troops against muslims during the wars in iraq and afghanistan updates from japan the country classified that leak of three hundred tons of contaminated water at the fukushima plant is quote a serious incident it is therefore the grave us warning about the crippled site since the twenty eleven earthquake and tsunami that caused the meltdown of those
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three reactors there on choose there the operator of the nuclear plant said it would invite foreign experts to advise now on how best to try to deal with the contaminated water a big mess. a suicide bomb attack on a coalition convoy in afghanistan's southern helmand province has killed at least four afghan civilians a series of separate attacks including a taliban assault on a base operated by polish and afghan troops so over a dozen more lose their lives and fifty others injured the incidents follow choose days killing of twelve civilians by insurgents with the violence on the rise ahead of the planned pullout of international forces next year. thanks for being with us for this news update off the brake pedal avails guess give their perspective oh i'm serious. i was circling above that scene a few minutes to see if maybe for another update and.
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three both video for your media project free media. hello and welcome to. from the fog of war to the drums of war washington and its western and. allies are again agitating for a senseless conflict in the middle east this time against syria again it's all about weapons of mass destruction an echo of the catastrophe called iraq will western military intervention in syria only make things worse.


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