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tv   Headline News  RT  September 12, 2013 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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law war president putin addresses political and public circles in the united states saying america should not attack syria as it would diminish u.n. and international disarmament efforts. a terrifying week pillaging executions and forced conversions ends in the christian village of. syrian army units for some more than a thousand jihad it's out of town. and the u.s. exports its citizens to israel as the n.s.a. shares raw intelligence reports with the country though with a secret deal setting no limits as to how this can be used.
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good morning to you from all of us here at r.t. moscow where it's now or just after eight am. with this hour's top headlines president vladimir putin has warned against throwing the entire system of international law out of balance as he addressed the american people and politicians in a new york times article this threat to the established order may well happen according to the russian leader if indeed washington proceeds with its plan strikes against syria joining me live now for the latest on this sean thomas a very good morning to you sean the russian president putting pen to paper outlining russia's stuff what else did he have to mention well rory is certainly an interesting developer. and writing in the new york times op ed piece titled a plea for caution from russia now the message was strong but hopeful it directly address the. american people and the politicians of the united states mitt's what
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he called. era of insufficient communications between societies he related the different stages of ally ship and the time during the cold war between russia and the united states and saying that the world does not need to have such conflicts which is why the united nations was created and that it is an important institution he also went on to say how that unilateral action from one country basically defies the idea of the united nations and it weakens their mandate which is to keep peace around the world now in terms of a strike against syria the president said that it is against the will of the international community even bringing up the pope as someone who's against the idea he says it will result in more innocent victims spread of the conflict in the entire region it would destabilize the peace effort. palestine it would also
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undermine the negotiations in trying to solve the iranian nuclear problem this is what he said about the reason to act in accordance with international law that would react if you cannot count on international law then you must find other ways to ensure security versus a growing number of countries seek to acquire weapons of mass destruction this is logical if you have the bomb no one will touch you we're left with talk of the need to strengthen nonproliferation when in reality this is being eroded. as he has done before the president talked about the need for the unite us security council saying that the un charter mandates that action militarily against another nation can only happen in self-defense or if authorized by the u.n. security council he also talked about how alarming it is that u.s. military intervention in foreign internal conflicts has become commonplace and i
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ask why would a miracle want to repeat the mistakes of the past making an allusion to iraq but he also talked about the importance of. waiting for all of the information from the u.n. to come in something that he has done repeatedly in the past alluding to the fact that it might not be the syrian regime that use the chemical weapons but there's also evidence to suggest that it was the rebels as well take a listen to what he actually wrote no one doubts the poison gas was used in syria but there is every reason to believe it was used not by the syrian army but by opposition forces to provoke intervention by the powerful foreign patrons who would be siding with the fundamentalists reports that militants are preparing another attack this time against israel cannot be ignored. now the president went on to quote obama on the idea of american exceptionalism saying that
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that is a dangerous notion and even went as far as to invoke the idea of america's famous declaration of independence saying that while there may be powerful countries rich countries poor countries weaker countries smaller countries that really in the eyes of god of all countries are created equal now one thing it's important to note that it was a hopeful op ed piece and the president basically talking about the need for diplomatic relations and saying that he is looking forward to seeing how that plays out in the international community social the russian president writes an op ed article for the new york times expressing expressing russia's concerns about america's on stereo syria right now but you made a mention just a moment ago about diplomatic efforts by the russian president what else did he have to say on that well the president mentioned diplomatic talks that were happening as far back as the g. eight and also we know that obama and putin were discussing this current scenario
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on the ground in syria at the g twenty now later on thursday. sergey lavrov the foreign minister here in russia and his counterpart the united states john kerry will be meeting in geneva there will be chemical weapons experts at that conversation as well as well as other international parties who are interested in the outcome of what's happening in syria to syria it really is a global event at this point in time but basically he also talked about his working relationship with president obama as being marked with. hope and now media reports about what is happening at these talks say that syria needs to join the organization for pro live for a against the proliferation of chemical weapons excuse me also needs to reveal the places where chemical weapons in syria were produced. and stored that u.n. inspectors or international inspectors need to be allowed into those sites and then
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also to negotiate how that arsenal will be dismantled and by whom now this is all of it's the backdrop and within the past two weeks there are reports stating that cia weapons shipments into syria have increased in the past two weeks which is greatly inflated u.s. role in the syrian civil war also a separate report from u.s. officials saying that the state department is sending in other types of gear in vehicles there as well so hope for a diplomatic solution talks in the works on thursday in the international community and right now of letting your putin making a direct appeal to the american people and politicians there the u.s. not get involved militarily but as you say that. the russian president rises autocrat for the new york times expressing russia's concerns on syria as you mentioned a moment ago still though destine operations being carried out by western intelligence agencies and others still ongoing in the war torn country of syria thomas many
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thanks for that indeed well it's not exactly clear yet who was behind last month's chemical attack in syria which sparked america's war preparations and while washington and its allies of blaming damascus we decided to ask a chemistry professor whether the rebels could have done this as well and my colleague bill dog spoke to james tool from rice university and he told us production of illegal agents is child's play on certain circumstances. anybody with access to some raw materials the raw materials are not gotten into at a grocery store but they can they can come in very easily one can buy on the chemical market items from sarin easily two steps away so a chemist with about a masters level of training can produce air and quite easily but the rebels in syria could easily have used chemicals and cells in an attack of that kind. they could if they if they had recruited some chemists with with
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a few years of training in chemicals there's many different types of chemical weapons that are available some of them easier to make than sarin not quite as effective as sarin is but easily made and easily brought in easily transported no i understand that you conducted and explain the prove that making chemical weapons is very easy to do if that's the case why haven't we seen more terrorist attacks using chemical weapons well one of the reasons is probably because of natural selection those that try to make it are if they don't know what they're doing they're going to die in making it and so it's risky business if you don't know what you're doing if you know what you're doing if you have a good about a masters level of training we did several tests to assess what level of training one would need and one can pull this off really quite easily and access to the chemicals is easy and then dispersion is easy why there have been not as many
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attacks with with chemical weapons i'm not sure but there are there are actually dozens of documented chemical attacks i know in the united states they don't receive a lot of attention but there are are documented attacks. now after a week of looting executions and forcing residents to convert to islamic gun point syrian rebels are reportedly now fleeing the christian village of my lula. tells us that an ongoing me offensive has now dislodged jihad ists from any part of town but the fighting remains heavy. the national reports from the village. but i think now indeed soldiered heard you say the army are consoling the situation here all the big ones are we are essential to a square right now. could have been possible to get the college to the city center
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is early this is a village is not controlled by the army but we are told that the rostrum in a turn to two hundred i didn't been trying to knock down trees that are surrounding malinda village and this is why it pays to kill a dangerous to do here and this is why they say they need some time to finish it frankly i told her see how tall the troops taking on the first day of the taj by the military are not charged by the end seven days they say the army prayed that eighteen right now and again there are no military and also we were told that they were up to thirty five bucks to local residents who were held hostage in this whole saga basement of a false child and they are now free just maybe you can hear it from time to time on the rock we're here sharing the we here separate shots into the army yes to tugging on positions they think are held by the military not my village is
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a known worldwide as one of the people who are they kill each other make language the language of different cries. and so we told to you and number all a very anxious monetary christian monetary value all to the current catholic should be that she was taken by islamic groups like you said about the loot and there may be other members of the father. who had a good will but the thing is that this is a bad note only upgrade to a model of actually all copiously. now on to its merits and ocean is one of the very few. international correspondents reporting on the ground from. she is keeping us updated on what's happening there twitter feed and one of her most recent tweets she says that she and her crew were caught in the crossfire and sound engineer was slightly injured by a ricocheting bullet the latest updates the fresh pictures as well just
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a click away at. underscore say. are for the marines are here on the program cherry picked from overcrowded refugee camps in lebanon germany has received its first syrian asylum seekers all one hundred seven of them and their arrival was greenlighted only after opposition parties called chancellor merkel out for not doing enough to help the displaced more than two million syrians or so far fled their war ravaged country reporting from berlin. over one hundred syrian refugees have arrived in germany as part of a new program of resettlement that's expected to see five thousand people fleeing the ongoing violence in syria come here to germany to settle now this is paul to a brand new initiative by the german authorities these people won't go through the traditional asylum program they going to be given work permits and allowed to stay
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for upwards of two years then their situation will be reassessed now the group who arrived here in germany they comprised mostly of women who were described as bun ripoll young girls people who had serious medical situations as well as people who'd been described as survivors of torture now this has been welcomed by those that work with refugees here in germany however they're saying it's really less than a drop in the ocean. this is just a first step but it's come way too late and there is much more that needs to be done it's tragic that we have two and a half years of war without any answers from europe to this human catastrophe europe tells lebanon and others to open their borders but the e.u. keeps their borders shut. in the period between january and july of this year around twenty one thousand syrians are believed to
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have fled the violence in their country and applied for asylum here in the e.u. the e.u. has taken on only around four percent of the huge numbers of refugees who are fleeing violence in that country the majority of those have come here to germany or to countries other countries in the north of europe like sweden however as we've heard those who work with the refugee saying it's just not enough being done after these countries helped to continue this conflict by supporting the syrian rebels with training and advice. part of the cause of the program here on. counter protest on the anniversary of the nine eleven attacks as a demonstration that brings together hundreds against the discrimination of muslims is overshadowed by a full throttle bike a parade right through the heart of the u.s. capitol. also a cattle show that metal forging a human chain that stretches the length of catalonia as they lay their claim to
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a vote on a future separate from that of spain. for the meantime here on the program serving up your citizens private information on a silver platter to another state it's exactly what happened in a hush hush deal between the u.s. and israel and washington didn't bother to clear key data from ror intelligence reports it shared with its partner. has more on the revelations what we're talking about here is a top secret a five page memorandum of understanding that lays out all the details of intelligence sharing between the n.s.a. and its israeli counterpart what it does reveal is that the n.s.a. routinely shade intelligence with israel without first sifting this information to remove information that was inside relating to american citizens it states that israel is allowed to receive intelligence signal it includes i mean valuated and
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minimize transcripts just faxes telex voice and digital network intelligence metadata and content and that is a quote at the same time the agreement places no legally binding limits on the use of the daughter by the israelis so while the memorandum does say that the material has to be handled in accordance with you miss lorne at the same time these raids have agreed not to deliberately target americans who identified in the datta there is no kind of legal obligation to back up these claims in. respect what it reads is that the agreement is not intended to create any illegally enforceable rights it is not an international agreement and it is not legally binding it also says that these raids were required to destroy upon recognition any communication that is either to or from an official in the us government this includes the white house cabinet departments the house of representatives and the senate amongst others
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n.s.a. so far has declined to answer specific questions about this agreement and n.s.a. spokesperson has said that the agency insists that the shade intelligence complies with all the laws governing privacy they was a statement that they did release and in that statement they said and again i'm quoting we are not going to comment on any specific information sharing arrangements or the authority under which any such information is collected the fact that intelligence services work together under specific and regulated conditions mutually strengthens the security of both nations so that has been their their formal response. some journalists and activists hope that edward snowden's revelations will inspire a security revolution a professional opinions on the n.s.a.'s ways of doing business are being met with daggers cryptographer matthew green published a blog post on how the agency is waging its war against privacy but was shortly hasta by the john hopkins university where he works to take it down in an interview
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to r.t. explain what he found out from the leaked documents what we learned is that the n.s.a. has a hard time breaking encrypt and so what they've done is they've actually tried to take the products that that form and groups and make them worse make the weaker so that it's easier for them to break that group in the n.s.a. is willing to make us security a little bit weaker because remember it's not just. for using these products it's americans too and they're willing to you know in a sense put our credibility on the line our tire industry on the line in order to access that communications of whoever it is they want to listen to we have a big debate ahead of us how much spying i mean there is there's a range anywhere from zero percent spying to one hundred percent spying and i think we have to figure out what the right balance is i think what we're learning is that the american public is not comfortable with what we're learning about that. or was a many more stories on our website right now among them for this hour at the fukushima nuclear plant spewing more radiation groundwater checks the facility
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showed them levels of one radioactive isotope have a sort of fifteen fold in just the past three day more on that on line for you right now plus a mystery of a subglacial lake scientists discover a new set of life forms and. dating back only about one hundred thousand years. we are right. right from the sea. first rate. and i think that you're. on a reporter's twitter. instagram. to be in the.
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twenty minutes past the hour moscow time this is r t the anniversary of the nine eleven attacks on the u.s. that still draws roller emotions all across the nation and they certainly came close to getting out of hand as counter protests suckled each other in washington liz wahl was there for. the million muslim march but it was a million american a march against. the nine eleven attacks protesters here want to bring attention to the flight. american community after the nine eleven attacks people want to try to come together as a human race as human race and whatever your religious views. were coming together here is the human race to say hey we don't agree with everything we do. they don't even trust yes i have been discriminated.
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according to what. we muslims condemn turns we must against violence and hate. and we will slims all just like all americans one still work hard to build the second but perhaps definitely the louder demonstrations of his two million demonstration it's actually a counter protest to the original protest they came out on their bikes to make it their voice says loud and clear. that this is. their lives the families our troops who are still fighting for all the families that have lost . here. so a lot of different points of view being displayed signaling that twelve years later some of the decisions. nine eleven remain divisive.
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police and protesters are angry at the. demonstration over the weekend. to try and disperse crowds and. confrontation and offer a funeral was held for the twenty two year old man who died in disputed circumstances. and thousands of mexican teachers are taking to the streets again after the president signed into law a controversial new education reform of the protests have been ongoing for a month as you can see again today resulting in clashes and paralyzing much of mexico city the new law will see teachers' pay adjusted by outside monitors who will evaluate and grade them when the performance. and the massive fire has broken out in a warehouse in the city of showing glue in central china over two hundred emergency services personnel battled the blaze for more than four hours before getting it under control as far as we understand nobody was injured. well before we
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get to the kaiser report from our own are more than a million people have turned out in the spanish breakaway region of catalonia pushing their claims for independence by forming a human chain four hundred kilometers long from and and now they're calling on the national government to let them hold a referendum on separating from the rest of spain more from barcelona now and. well the human child did it so let's just. did that a little bit so it was good to have to let you have the ability with the lights so the cows know it's capsulated. i mean this action to put pressure on the spanish government could close catalonia independence referendum and instantly of course catalonia to become an independent state that sort of thing to the gazans
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are people taking part in this action today the big question for everyone watching this around the world why do you guys want independence in the benz because we are . all in culture language and history and also because we have economic reasons. the heat study out today no doubt sibly the economic crisis in europe has certainly placed the bullying on these schools full independence. castling use the richest region in the sky a little bit economically they would be better off independent the economic world. very much to speak to your own today i played to at least that's a form of economics of the field of the light at least the lucy and she told me she had no doubts the calculator would be better off why it's become independents with
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our taxes. we would have. higher. revenue for our government because at present on the fifty cents of the euro that we face taxes came back the following year in his investor. post shows a majority support for independents and the two thugs of the politicians in the parliament ahead. all private enterprise end of them might not happen as early as twenty fourteen but one thing seems clear with more than a million people turning out in support of independence last year hundreds of thousands of votes are taken part this get the momentum ahead calling for independent doesn't look like it's fading any time say serve on a bus. or to just a moment here on the money makers who rule the world and the rule your money they
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get taken to task with the cars reporting just. world. science technology innovation all these developments from around russia we've got the future covered. lead. the leaves with these economic ups and downs in the final. day of the london deal sang night and the rest of the life during the case it will be every week the uk a lead.
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the interview. to. choose your language killing the killer though if they're going to kill some of. the consensus. to the opinions that immigrate to. the stories that implicates troops be access to.
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max kaiser this is the kaiser report we started our journey down on wall street but that's not really the heart of darkness in this financial armageddon this apocalypse it's actually in midtown manhattan which you see in me so we've come up river looking for colonel kurtz who we will attempt to exterminate with extreme prejudice stacey on to tell us more max i assume that you mean colonel kurtz is jamie diamond who works at j.p. morgan he's the c.e.o. of j.p. morgan which you might see behind the chrysler building right there on the horizon j.p. morgan.


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