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free. video for your media project free media. syria submit initial data of its chemical weapons program to the hague watchdog under a roadmap agreed by washington and moscow. crew in the midst of the syrian war reports from an ancient christian village which victims of the squads of hardline jihadists who make up the hoff of the anti-government forces in the country. the us tonight space the president nicolas maduro of venezuela wanted. to blackmail his government u.n. delegation. in the arctic russia's coast guard captures a greenpeace ship. saying they threaten the lives of oil rig workers by trying to disrupt their work.
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life from our studio center here in moscow where it's just turned ten pm this is with international news and comment the hague based chemical weapons watchdog has received data on syria's toxic this comes as part of the country's chemical demilitarization plan hammered out by top russian and u.s. diplomats last week. as the details. well under the deal a brokered between washington and moscow in geneva last weekend a syria has until saturday to disclose its arsenal of chemical weapons and the process has begun the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons or o.p.c. w for short a spokesman for that organization says we have received part of the verification and we expect more that's what the spokesperson was quoted as saying it's believed
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that the initial declaration outlining syria's chemical weapons program has been handed over however when contacted by our take p.c. w. did confirm that a meeting on syria that was sunday has been postponed no reason was given and no future date has been set now it's believed that syria has one thousand tons worth of chemical weapons dotted around the country making it logistically difficult for this process to be carried out president bashar al assad was quoted in made to wake saying that the process could take over a year just about over a year of course under that deal struck in geneva syria has until the middle of two thousand and fourteen to complete the process for the united nations are set to discuss a possible u.n. resolution in new york next week on the syrian crisis that will give a legal backing to the deal struck in geneva however the two sides have slightly different views on the wording of that possible resolution with the united states
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britain and france king for the threat of military intervention to be on the table to remain on the table if damascus fails to comply with the u.n. resolution russia saying that any threat of military intervention is counterproductive i'm not needed in the initial resolution russia says that only if damascus fails to comply should the matter then be taken back to the united nations well those discussions a-g. to take place in new york next week but the early signs are that damascus is keen to comply with that deal struck in geneva last weekend. in syria al-qaeda linked groups which by some estimates make up to fifty percent of the anti assad forces have turned against their more moderate rebel allies also there's now a truce earlier this week radicals pushed the free syrian army out of a village they were in control of and i spoke to security expert gregory copley who says that there's never been a conventional civil war there we've got an artificial civil war and it has been so
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over the past couple of years when we had saudi arabia qatar and turkey backed by the united states putting in a century foreign elements to trigger what was believed a civil war and they've caused massive chaos. the there was not a civil war there to begin with certainly there was discontent with but shallow sides government by many elements of the population but largely this was not a civil war which was naturally occurring and if you remove the foreign elements of the foreign funding there wouldn't be a civil war there today and it seems that al-qaeda affiliated brigades are being boosted from within as well hundreds of rebels have declared their loyalty to al-qaeda affiliated groups in northern and eastern syria not even if a nation has more on the dark consequences of rising extremism she visited the ancient christian village of mali which hasn't yet recovered from a siege by radicals further in the syrian village of my luna is where the aramaic
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language believed to have been spoken by jesus christ was in daily use but not so much these days after jihadists attacked this mostly christian village in syria more than two weeks ago local residents were forced to flee the battlefield that was once the need flamed and calm organized life. many of them to graph huge with christian families in all damascus we try to meet them all of the thirty hours vocal music stores for us all that. many refused to talk because their relatives remain missing they say is the missed kidnapped people and they fear these could put them in even more danger and these people know well about danger three members of and two on its family were killed on the first days of the violence siege. in the morning by the shouts of a lot closer to the doors and all gathered in one interview i thought i was the one
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that and we won't harm you and one mikel and shyly went there and surrounded pointed their guns at them and started shooting i was intending my chest and our way down one of them off but i ignored him and the other one said let them die but hundreds gathered for the funerals of the three men who've they now called walters those muslims and christians the attack on malala village syrians say was an attack on their country and its way of life. in the form of what's going to be their a game other than the. area that was there and christians live in mar luna but it's surrounded by one of five muslim villages my the labor they see their last obstacle in their park and the stone with here on to on it's father in law is eighty eight years old he says nothing like this has happened in his lifetime. we were living in peace and now it seems they want to throw all the christians out of the country who
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prayed to god that would defeat them and kick them out another relative who's afraid to show her face says it's hard to say how many people were killed in the lula because militants holed in the village often keep bodies for further rennison and to instill fear their goal is not assad their idea is to establish an islamic emirate in all of the middle east however find countries are helping. with weapons money whatever they need helping them destroy the country and people of this region special sweets sanctified bread is served in the family to commemorate the dead. in church they held special ceremonies for several days. and again are the syrians equally shocked prayed together for their dead and alive the ancient language in my lower united people for thousands of years they have now is that it can sustain them for a little longer and all over the country the two and a half year long conflict is taking lives language and shattering people's hope.
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see from damascus in syria correctors has declared america's decision to deny air space to the venezuelan president is nothing short of an act of aggression nicolas maduro was on route to china for a state visit when he was reportedly turned away from puerto rican space or more than that venezuela says its delegates could potentially be denied american visas ahead of a major u.n. meeting next week. is following the story for us. after initially denying airspace to the venezuelan president the us did an about face and granted approval for mr nicolas maduro to fly over puerto rico on his way to china as spokesperson for the u.s. state department so the u.s. initially denied then as well as requests because it was submitted only one day in advance instead of the mandatory three days but nonetheless the u.s. authorities granted over flight approval to the venezuelan leader now this happen
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only after as we earlier reported venezuelan foreign minister elliott howard told the media that the aircraft carrying the door to china was forced to find an alternative flight plan because washington prohibited the plane from passing through u.s. airspace over puerto rico president or was due to arrive in beijing this weekend for bilateral talks with the chinese government now in addition to this fall out the venezuelan leader while speaking on state television also is accusing the u.s. of attempting to set these conditions for one of his ministers who is planning on traveling to new york next week for the united nations general assembly debate see this you know you don't know your brain is where you can do a good will attend the u.n. summit but the u.s. . saying it might don't issue a visa to one of my ministers we're not going to the u.s. tourists but is delegates representing your country so the u.s. embassy must issue visas for the entire delegation people have to take diplomatic
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measures against the u.s. government will take them to the most drastic level if necessary but i'm not going to accept any type of aggression the united states government must understand it doesn't own the u.n. before these latest incidents will likely add more animosity to the already strained relations between washington and caracas let's remember that the u.s. and venezuela have not had a masters in each other's capital since two thousand and ten president maduro announced that his government was halting taps. tends to improve relations with the u.s. the move was in response to comments made by newly appointed u.s. ambassador to the u.n. samantha power who told a senate committee that her new role would include challenging the top down on civil society of broad including and as well the biggest reaction is coming from bolivian president evo morales who has called on latin american countries to recall their ambassadors from the u.s. in response to this recent incident our viewers may remember that president or
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alice was caught in a similar situation this summer when several european union countries denied their airspace to his jet allegedly because the u.s. suspected that n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden was on his plane so this latest incident against the venezuelan president demonstrates according to evo morales he says the u.s. is predisposition to humiliate other governments. we report on that let's get some more perspective now on this latest spat between the united states and venezuela with some world versed in the country's relations joining me now is gregory will put he's co-founder of venezuela analysis dot com also the author of changing venezuela by taking power the history policies of the chinese government. the u.s. says the request was improperly but permission was granted anyway this is all just a misunderstanding isn't it or is there more to it than just. well i think there's more to it partly because we know the similar request for use of air space was
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denied to us and the united states obviously could've. eventually had to give permission for the overflowed. just shows that it was within their discretion of doing so in the first place i think it's basically just a show of force of muscle. and when the united states is increasingly isolated and this is really one of the few resources it has to show it's it's it's power internationally you mentioned incident concern even though lars of bolivia he's actually as a result of this latest incident called for mass withdrawal of latin american ambassadors to the u.s. this is that an overreaction. well yes i think it wouldn't really hurt the united states as much as it would hurt latin america actually so i'm not sure if that would be really the best course of action because after all the united nations is a forum for all the countries to come together and an american countries would
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would be missing in the general assembly and i think that would probably hurt the unit u.n. much more than the united states and my fact the united states might even welcome the shutting out of latin american voices so therefore i don't think that really seems like the best course of action but certainly something needs to be done. perhaps the internet general assembly resolution but also some other more diplomatic measures taken in order to show that this kind of actions cannot be tolerated and talking about hurting either side here overall looking at the very highly strained relations between south america and the u.s. who's got to lose this current strain particularly amongst significant national merican countries. well i think the united states actually has quite a bit to lose and it's losing more and more as my fact if we look just in the last week over this past few days actually. brazil's president.
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canceled a trip to the united states that was planned a long time ago over the whole spying scandal that the u.s. was involved in in brazil and other shows that more and more people are more countries are resisting the exercise of u.s. power around the globe and in other words the united states is becoming increasingly isolated and so this is another step that actually that is the denial of the airspace is another step that furthers u.s. isolation internationally i think because other countries were rejected in solidarity with them as were the author an expert on that as well gregory will put thanks very much indeed for your thoughts on. israeli security forces have seized an emergency aid convoy accompanied by a delegation of european diplomats dragging people out of their cars in the west
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bank and forcing them to lie face down in the dust the supplies were intended for citizens of a palestinian village choose homes were demolished by the army after a court ruled people didn't have proper building permits well let's get an opinion on this story from human rights activists people actually. why do you think the army was so hausherr i mean dragging people out of their vehicles forcing them onto the ground some of them had diplomatic immunity or all. it does seem quite extraordinary israel prides itself on being a nation that is governed by the rule of law yet every aspect of this incident is in defiance of both israeli and international law the starting point of course is that this incident happened in the occupied territories which the global consensus is that israel is illegally occupying since they were seized in the one nine hundred sixty seven war so israel shouldn't even be there but if it is going to be
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there as the occupying power it has a duty to safeguard the welfare and interests of all the people in that territory and quite clearly denying a two destitute palestinian families who've had their homes demolished by the israeli military that is quite clearly not fulfilling their obligations under international law to safeguard people in the territories they control or this is against international law really really damaging but what could what could happen i mean clearly the israeli authorities should be held accountable for this but will they. well of course that is the big problem we have israel backed by britain the united states and most other western powers and time and time again they have looked the other way when israel has violated fundamental human rights i think the time has really come for western powers to say to israel if you don't abide by international law and by june accepted international human
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rights standards we're going to cut the aid on without that israel cannot survive it depends on that and i think it's time that was cut back or at least the threat was made to cut it back while israel continues to act in this provocative way it is a huge own goal any reasonable person even people who are sympathetic to israel will find this treatment of european diplomat absolutely shocking and inexplicable but of course that you mention european diplomats france involved britain and indeed australia what sort of reaction do you think we could see from those countries. well you would think that these countries would protest in the strongest possible terms and would hold the israeli ambassadors in their countries before the foreign ministers and given give them a proper dressing down because this is no way to treat foreign diplomats it defies
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all conventions and protocols between countries but i'm sad to say that israel has done these kinds of things perhaps not and served with diplomats but certainly serious human rights abuses and all we've got from western countries is mostly taught you know that is not good enough the israel palestinian conflict is a cancer on the world today. instrument or means of so much will it has to be solved and these kind of actions denying aid to destitute whether one refugee who have had their homes demolished by the israeli military this is not the way to go human rights activist peter tatchell live in london thank you very much indeed for your thoughts good to hear from. the live here in moscow coming up reviving relations between iran and the u.s. president rouhani calls an obama to join efforts and work together to bring peace to the middle east r.t. takes a look at just what they might have to overcome to achieve that. and
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a bleak future for europe twenty five million more people living in poverty in a dozen years from now that's the number estimated by a new report which blames the aggressive financial cuts supposed to shore up the economy those stories and more after the break. as the media. so we leave that maybe. privacy potions to cure. play your part of the musical. where shoes that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all on politicking only on r t.
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choose your language. of choice make it with zero if they still. choose the buttes the concentric circles choose three opinions that invigorating to . choose the stories that in particular. choose to access to often. news continues here on r.t. iran's new president hassan rouhani has reached out to barack obama through an article in the washington post urging him to join hands and work together towards a peaceful middle east it's the latest in the recent steps taken by tehran to for the current icy relations with washington but this is likely to become
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a thorny path for the country's let's have a look why and here's how the tensions have been building up it all started over a decade ago when george bush labeled iran an axis of evil following a cia report claiming that tehran had one of the most active nuclear programs in the world three years later the white house started making its first threats that the us was considering an attack in two thousand and eight bush went as far as accusing iran of being the world's biggest sponsor of terrorism urging the global community to confront the danger before it's too late two years later the u.s. joined with israel in order to a cyber attack in a bid to derail its nuclear program in twenty twelve u.s. force world banks to stop competing oil transactions with terrorism now this dealt a huge major blow to iran's economy aggravating inflation and accelerating the nation's currency devaluation and this september a bomber reiterated that he still considers military action against iran along with other options to apply pressure well joel rubin his director of policy and
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government affairs a plow shares fund that he told me little earlier that the whole of the middle east will win if iran and the u.s. start diplomatic communications. it's clear that there is time and space for diplomacy it's clear that the same sheens that the international community the united nations russia the europeans the united states have put on iran have really gotten the iranian leader's attention the deal recently between the united states and russia on syria's chemical weapons has demonstrated that diplomacy can work now it's a question of will it be followed through by assad the same can be said for iran if we can see these issues resolved diplomatically it's going to create a sense of stability in what has been a very unstable region and that certainly is in the interest of the people who live there as well as the united states and russia the russian coast guard has seized a greenpeace ship in the arctic arresting twenty seven activists on board the action was taken after the environmentalists tried to disrupt the work of an oil
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platform. the protests threaten the minds of the crew and activists may not face the charges of piracy. the details. greenpeace say that at the moment thirty or so of their activists are being held at gunpoint all nerved boat the arctic sunrise in the barents sea they say that fifteen mosques men with guns that they believed to be from the russian security services stormed their boat and arrested them on it that comes after dramatic scenes yesterday asked for greenpeace activists tried to board the oil rig up their own by gastronomy its gas from first attempt to try and drill for oil in the barents sea greenpeace say that that operation threatens very dangerously a very delicate environment up there shots were fired across the bow of that that greenpeace ship up there and those activists were removed from from that from that
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oil rig the foreign ministry takes a very different view to greenpeace it calls their activities aggressive and provocative and says that it threatened people's lives on board that oil rig and that is why they took the action they did there is also another potential dimension to this is that the the arctic sunrise that greenpeace ship is flying under a dutch flag the dutch ambassador has been called to the foreign ministry in moscow over the issue and the dutch foreign ministry says that it is giving this issue its full attention greenpeace has in the past been criticized by various governments for some of its more direct protest methods. auntie's tom bought reporting there at least forty soldiers and policemen have been killed in yemen where al qaeda has carried out coordinated bomb and gun attacks on several army bases yemen has been in open war with al qaeda since two thousand and ten with the fighting claiming
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hundreds of lives and displacing tens of thousands of people political analyst dr hani alba believes the u.s. involvement could help solve the problem if only there was more cooperation between the governments i think all karla members in yemen is still functioning up to now despite. their leaders by the united states army by the yemeni government i think you us involvement. would have a cultural effect on the yemeni people because they would consider the united states as foreign in between. if there had been some cooperation between the yemeni government and the united states army in such a situation i think people would understand the united states army came to him in your money to invade your man because such extremists. would keep their own attacks on a daily basis maybe it's no secret that europe is in trouble with inequality unemployment
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and soaring debt alone spending a protracted crisis to combat european states have leveled an arsenal of a sturdy measures a tactic that has hit the most vulnerable the hardest we're now a new report suggests matters could get even worse with a hundred fifty million europeans potentially vulnerable to poverty in the next decade he spoke to the tally along from the charity organization oxfam which published that report and she said the idea behind us there and he is right the cuts target the wrong areas. our state is not really working the growth that we've seen it's very welcome it's really needed but it's not really affecting the people who are more in need the question is that our strategy has been dismantling the social protection systems for those who are suffering the crisis the most so people are hit twice in fact first because for example they lose their employment but then second time because any kind of social protection system that was in place to
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protect them and be able to to get back to work is this a pretty thing so if growth is happening now is not going to affect those most in need. i'll be back with a news team with more from just over half an hour from now in the meantime tough questions and answers that matter in auntie's interview program so because it's coming away after the break. as diplomats are grappling with the complexities of dismantling syria's chemical weapons all sides in the conflict continue to escalate the carnage on the ground or
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the western powers truly interested in negotiations with the assad regime or are they biding their time searching for new opportunities to bring about regime change in damascus. right from the sea. first street. and i think pictures. on our reporters twitter. and instagram. could be in the. lower welcome to sophie and co i'm sophie shevardnadze and egypt is at
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a crossroads actually it's been there for quite a while without finding the way to move on after the closing dictator barricades. black to first green shoots of democracy appeared but just after a year in office egypt's first ever democratically elected leader mohamed morsi was removed as well now the question is what's next. mubarak. morsi ousted protests continuing people dying. how much more blood has to spill to achieve stability and how many more changes at the top are egypt's leaders just puppets of the real pharaoh the military will disown the ever rise over egypt will the ancient land of no oil find peace and flourish again. and our guest today is not being a fox needed minister of foreign affairs of egypt's.


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