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tv   Headline News  RT  September 27, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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the u.n. security council agrees a landmark deal on syria's chemical disarmament with permanent members reaching a consensus the first time since the start of the bloody conflict expected on friday. this campaign is remain in custody for two months while their attempt to board an offshore russian oil rig is investigated the activists could be charged with privacy. and the poll suggests the majority in britain support a ban on muslim women covering up using burkas. as the beethoven tradition with the just clothing sparks back into life.
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and online with world news and comment this is r.t. . un security council's permanent members have finally agreed on a draft resolution that would reduce syria of its chemical weapons and document imposes a legally binding obligations on all parties of the syrian conflict all the penalties for noncompliance will not be automatic is on the way the details of an agreement being seen as a landmark diplomatic breakthrough. that attack and rest ambassador to the u.n. has said that the council could vote on friday on this resolution the five permanent members of the u.n. security council reached an agreement on thursday over the wording of binding and forcible text to eliminate syria's stockpiles of chemical weapons now the resolution doesn't allow for immediate chapter seven action of the u.n. charter which allows for military and nonmilitary action in case of noncompliance
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but would need to be reviewed and put to a vote if that becomes the case here foreign minister sergei lavrov is a go to the resolution that will be submitted to other u.n. security council members conforms to the geneva agreement on the destruction of syria's chemical weapons it does not provide for any chapter seven actions the resolution includes an agreement that was reached in geneva stating that the security council can go back to reviewing the resolution only in the case of a breach of its proceedings by any of the sides including the opposition or in the case of chemical weapons use by any side if that happens the council can act on those cases under chapter seven as well but only in accordance of the degree of that violation and if it is one hundred percent approved. now as the foreign minister mentioned the draft resolution backs the agreement reached in geneva regarding serious commitment to place its chemical weapons stockpile under international control if there's any violation by any party as the resolution calls
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on the opposition to assist in the disarmament process this is an important point for russia that both sides hold accountability and really this is a major breakthrough when you think about how less than a month ago it looked like russia and the u.s. would never agree and obama was ready to bomb damascus now with russia and the u.s. that put forward this resolution on syria and the steps to eliminate its chemical weapons and it's important to point out that it also endorses fully the. nieve a communique which was put forward in june which for one that calls for all members all sides i should say in the syrian conflict to me as soon as possible to discuss a possible transitional government which have full executive power and that would be able to have members of the current government so really this is a breakthrough in the two and a half year both conflict and deadlock on the syrian crisis
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eugene per year from the un see what. says the agreement on syria's disarmament doesn't mean some of the diplomatic successes should be expected to get shows there were turning towards a diplomatic solution at least on the issue of chemical weapons but the other issue that still remain outstanding is what will happen outside of the issue of chemical weapons will diplomacy be pursued by the united states or will they continue to find as they have the opposition an arm the opposition and so that day that happening and try to deepen the conflict over there was it another way i think certainly the security council reconvenes and this chemical weapons agreement is off track we could be in a place where we're going to happen again but i would like to hope that you see that the syrian regime has been far more willing than does the rebel forces to engage in diplomacy on many issues if you remember it was the syrian regime that accepted the russian and american proposal for the geneva two peace talks and the rebels that rejected it so i certainly think that despite what we hear in a lot of united states media there's no reason to think that syria won't hold up
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here is a bargain particularly after they so enthusiastically pursued the russian proposal for a diplomatic solution to the conflict in syria is also the focus of the latest edition of something incoherent so this talks to lebanon's exon chief to discuss how the long lasting conflict is affecting his country. syria shattered into pieces the wall has left nothing intact little remains of the peaceful past little kept for a peaceful future. as rebels fight the government and each other the ones who suffer the people. how does it feel to share the border with such a neighbor. to lebanon's ex chief commander. in
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another major breakthrough at the un general assembly us on the reigning officials held one of the highest level meetings in more than thirty years of frozen relations american secretary of state and his iranian counterpart that face to face as part of seven nation talks on reviving stalled negotiations over tyrone's nuclear ambitions the iranian foreign minister said his country is hoping a deal on the contested issue can be made within a year the u.s. and british diplomats praising the tone and spirit of the meeting never he said sanctions against tehran that counterproductive and expressed hope they would be lifted in the future the u.s. warned there be no major concessions on sanctions until taiwan makes its nuclear program completely transparent but despite this apparent clash of opinions experts say the newly adopted approach of reconciliation is bearing fruit. around feared in
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a fairly comfortable position and they felt that the policy of. the previous i thought of mr rouhani was not helping at all from a legal standpoint iran feels that it has done everything it could and if there is anything it wants to gain public opinion it knows that the media has waged a war against it it has verified it is devolution and it has portrayed it in a position of a threat to the international community now it is trying to make a case to the international public opinion and they have changed the tone of british judge who ordered that a woman could not testify in court while wearing a muslim veil covering her whole face except her eyes feel debate and recent poll suggested that sixty seven percent of britons support a ban on muslim women covering their faces playboy has been to gauge public opinion
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in london on a subject which is proving highly divisive. two weeks ago students at a college in birmingham accused their teaches of religious discrimination when the college try to impose a ban on full face veils nine thousand students signed a protest petition and the ban was subsequently dropped but the war of opinions isn't dying down i don't think it helps their integration by using the full face veil you know as long as the face can be seen. to some extent you know expressions country a lot we shouldn't be judged because you cause you to freeze stiff their religion and that's what you and us would do in the us he should have been wearing it in the mission banner so. it's up to the people or they were just any and like any other type of clothing yeah i think there should be a law for example airports or even just shop which places would be interact with
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people especially people who don't know them because it's it's very difficult to speak to buying the sort of surface you you want to speak to someone you don't want to speak you just are it's all to talk about the issue i'm joined by columnist and be live from danny could be that france and belgium have imposed a blanket bans on the cab in public spaces but britain prides itself on being a multicultural nation how do you think the government is supposed to respond on the issue here well the experience in france has proved to be a complete failure it has really pitted communities against each other and it has led crucially to an increase in the suspicion and indeed hatred against muslim communities and i firmly believe that it's not in the d.n.a. for me put it that way of the british. to indeed stifle liberties do so the banning itself is an assault against fundamental human rights but surely this isn't a religious issue this is a professional issue and surely there are some circumstances when
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a cab simply isn't appropriate for example when you're teaching children providing evidence in court or treating a patient in hospital i'm by no. means an advocate of the niqab and i do think that there should be rigid restrictions against in the curb in certain situations like you've just pointed out and but we are talking about is the expression of prejudice against a religion. there's a tiny minority of women wearing the niqab and that it would be ridiculous to legislate against an entire religion effectively nibble around any thank you very much for your comments well while britain prides itself on its individual rights and ethnic tolerance the debate is waging on and the government may find that it can no longer maintain an official silence on the issue reporting from london i'm poly. britain is not the only country pulled into a debate over western clothing in recent years a number of european states have moved to prohibit the full face veil
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a report. could have expected a dress code to become such a heated topic of political debate and yet the issue of the muslim veil and variations thereof has gripped not one not two but several european states france home to the largest muslim community in western europe with some five million followers became the first country to ban the full face veil in public places in two thousand and eleven a new woman breaking the rule faces a penalty of around one hundred fifty euro and a lesson in citizenship those forcing a woman to cover her face or looking at a much stiffer fine of up to thirty thousand euro neighboring belgium followed suit just months afterwards with a similar ban on the muslim veil that covers the full face though the fine here is slightly lower than maximum punishment could result in a seven day jail term a similar belen face covering in public is to become effective this year in the netherlands home to roughly a million muslims although scholars say out of that number only
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a few hundred women wearing the carbs are workers which either leave the eyes open or cover the entire face within three and three and a half million muslims live in germany the second largest islamic population in europe after france there is no universal ban here but this it has banned its civil servants from wearing head scarves and veils following an eight year old ruling from the federal constitutional court which left the issue up to individual states to decide both in spain and italy moves have been made in the past to outline the carbs and workers as well as head scarves for muslims but in those both predominantly catholic countries supreme courts or legal ministers have thrown such propositions out citing them as unconstitutional and this was cunto enough to cino two thirds of the population voted in favor of a ban on face covering veils and the ban is currently waiting approval by the federal parliament these developments across the european continent are raising the question is there a broader clash with the liberal values themselves when the right to religious
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identity is pinned against the need for all to respect the law. the bolivian president calls for a trial against barack obama exclusive interview to the artists from iran is explaining why he thinks. this you know where your promises. on the president feels the pressure to take radical steps to. wealthy british.
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the russian court has ordered that twenty two people arrested during a greenpeace protest in the arctic last week should remain in custody pending an investigation another eight campaign is out to be held for three days until the next hearing on the activists were detained aboard a greenpeace vessel after attempting to scan an oil platform in protest at drilling in russian waters. as more. as of now twenty two people who are on board the arctic sunrise will remain in jail for the next two months says investigation continues that's not a sentence that's basically time that the court gives for investigators to do their job and present their case there will be another hearing on monday as we understand and the court the more minds will decide what to do with the other eight members of the crew on board the greenpeace ship with their words thirty people citizens of seventeen countries including russia canada and the united states the captain of the ship is an american citizen they were all detained now the greenpeace activists
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so were detained last week having ignored russian authorities warnings while trying to climb the russian oil platform greenpeace says they actually did in peaceful protest against oil drilling in the arctic russian authorities believe whatever their intentions the activist technically broke the law russian authorities maintain that the greenpeace international ship had ignored many warnings including not to enter the restricted northern sea route greenpeace has drawn a lot of attention to their cause and some suggest they probably knew what to expect given all those multiple warnings even warning shots that were fired but the activists went on anyway possibly knowing how much public attention the action would generate especially ahead of the arctic conference this week where leaders of arctic nations experts with the you know who together with experts from oil industry were discussing ways to explore the resources in the arctic as well as
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ways to minimize the damage to the environment and the russian president was asked about the detained activist and t. said to us of course they are not pirates but he said greenpeace had clearly violated international law by sending activists from the ship in a slate of all boats to try to shore it was the russian oil box for the president suggested that the activists should choose other forms of dialogue. it's not only greenpeace activists who are being detained by russian media staging a protest by refusing to publish images for a day after russian photographer was arrested along with others on the ship website don't come to find out more. plus the story of a u.s. soldier who's launching a campaign for former afghan interpreter who had american visa revoked twenty years of service alongside u.s. troops.
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addressing the u.n. general assembly in new york livia's present even morale is call for barack obama to be put on trial for crimes against humanity blaming him for aggressive foreign policy we are to spanish channel managed to speak to him shortly after his comments here's what he said. i want to remind you all that when obama was elected president his abilities aim was to end all wars but during a time of his presidency the number of words only increased libya for instance the us organized an outrageous military intervention that was followed by the killing of the country's president and after that libya's oil wells have fallen under their control the finance rebels the fight against the rulers and don't support
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imperialism and capitalism on top of that they run a worldwide surveillance network we need to establish a court where world powers and international human rights organizations take the rule judges we need to file a collective lawsuit aimed at putting an end to this genocide i think that the threat exists for any country with vast natural energy resources especially willing gas i understand that this is a direct threat to venezuela in order to secure energy resources for his own country obama will invade any other country but he's not the leader of the world or well what's the full interview with the bolivian president at our web site r.t. dot com for another some other world news in brief for you this hour in pakistan secure pressure while seventeen people have been killed by explosion that struck a bus carrying government employees of an fourteen more have been injured by what police say was a bomb attack just last sunday over eighty people were killed by a suicide bomber to christian church.
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more than twenty five people are feared trapped under a collapsed five story building in mumbai rescuers are trying to reach those still thought to be inside and least seven people have already been pulled from the rubble in june at least five people were killed when a three story building fell down or such incidents are not uncommon in india often due to poor standards of construction. two blasts have rocked a busy street in yemen skeletor son are leading at least twenty people now almost hurt in the first explain. and off the crowd began to gather the second bomb went off injuring bystanders comes just days off the nation's president vowed to eradicate terrorism i mean has been plagued by turmoil since twenty eleven of the kind of seize control of some towns and surrounding areas in the south of the country. and in kenya militants from in this movement
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have attacked two terms on the border with somalia at least three people have been killed including two police officers somalia based group which killed schools of people last friday said in a message that attacks will continue the can even troops withdrew from the country the moment can use military presence in somalia in a surge of else about violence is exposed explode in today's cross-talk programme can watch the full debate next tuesday but here's a quick preview. i think we have to look at this in two ways first told as a somali issue going on here and then there's an international issue if you look at the statement made by al-shabaab it about the westgate attack one thing was kenyans you better get out of somalia or else you'll face more than this and the second thing was the international community you better stop stop supporting the kenyans and supporting the others in fighting in in somalia we are meddling and somalia targeted assassinations air strikes drone strikes all of us active to billions
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there. they've scattered. groups but also created new ones and clothing al-shabaab so yeah the idea of blowback here is a surprise we are we are seeing. the. remnants or the growth of what our policy the united states' policy is in the last twelve years there. combating industrial decline while boosting economic growth the french government faces a tough agenda in the coming years as president of the tries to maneuver his country out of financial turmoil and pressures coming from both brussels on berlin to make sure he fulfilled his promises and growing skepticism so also has a story. this year where your promises are among. the boiling over frustrate ssion caught on camera priority is employment we need to
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eat but at this point the bad news no longer calm a surprise to many french popular self-styled mr normal condemned for having no power to stop economic uncertainty from becoming the new normal at the research that is palpable with only eleven percent of the french thinking their economy will improve over the next twelve months running out of economic initiative at home alone recently unveiled a three point five billion injection into thirty four key sectors hoping to spur a third industrial revolution that the same time cut eight hundred million euros for the next year's budget and still. ordinary people have managed to survive the crisis because france has been a rich country for the past ten twenty thirty years and older generations have proportionally more money than the younger ones so in the family the transfer phenomenon is common meaning the grandparents are helping their grandchildren
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finances studies but we can't go on like this for much longer. and then there is your skepticism it's rises reflected not just in opinion polls but increasingly in the election outcomes as well so i asked the president to hold a referendum in january two thousand and fourteen and ask the french do they want to stay in the european union do they want to stay with this do they want european lewis to be stronger the national polls. it is right here the decisions on everything from public finances investment unemployment and the euro zone are debated and made the problem seems to be that there are more debates than decisions prompting the french foreign minister to say that this place needs a boss but france cannot afford to stall as french president francois hollande is still under great pressure from berlin and brussels to deliver on his economic promises in a draft text in april alone socialist party attack merkel and her selfish intransigence and called for
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a confrontation with germany over policy reforms. if the economic situation in france dramatically worsens compared to germany it will take from some different political course that will diverged from the german one this will create a complicated conflict inside the e.u. if that happens tensions will get worse a collision course that will rock an already unstable boat as germany itself is dealing with a growing add to your frustration over having to bailout the now actually on healthy neighbors. we seem to stick to germany only because anglo merkel never said publicly the fronts belongs with southern europe not yet at least to us or cilia r.t. paris. coming up safely seven us it takes a look at how the syrian turmoil is affecting lebanon stay with us.
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i bet anyone who lives in the united states knows a few people are just dismal geography a certain small percentage of the country just can't get it that canada is above us but how important is knowing geography anyways what one author on the washington post blogs recently wrote that no one geography really doesn't matter that much he was writing in response to the game where is damascus which challenges people to find syria's capital on a blank map he said that whether americans can find here on a map doesn't affect the wisdom of a punitive strike meant to uphold international norms against the use of chemical weapons and often disasters draw our attention to places we'd never heard of before like pearl harbor or columbine or syria but let's look at this way i don't exactly know where persons kidneys are or how exactly they work so by all normal logic that means i'm not qualified to have an opinion about whether we should remove john
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doe's kidneys my opinion doesn't count because i am kidney ignorant so if you know so little about syria that you can't even find it on a map then you are more likely to believe from a guy in a suit on t.v. that there must be an intervention to save the people there you have no idea who they are or why they are suffering or how to save them but gosh darn it that intervention sounds nice knowing at least where a country is on the map is the first step in building informed opinion but that's just my opinion.
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hello welcome to sophie and i'm sophie shevardnadze today we were in beirut capital of lebanon one year in this beautiful middle eastern city it is hard to imagine that there was a battleground next door in syria with endless blood tears and destruction and the echoes of this conflict cannot but resonate around lebanon and whoever you talk to they would has one question on their mind when is it going to be over. syria shattered into pieces the wall has left nothing in tax little remains of the peaceful pasta little kept for a peaceful future. as rebels fight the government and each other the ones who suffer the people. is president just sad right over rome a would stepping down contribution how does it feel to share the border with
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such a neighbor. to lebanon's ex chief commander the person who had his share of fighting with this syrians general michael. general michel aoun thank you very much for being with russia today you're always come so a year ago when you were asked about the conflict in syria you expressed confidence that the opposition would lose he still. thank so. they lost already. help oh was it is no indeed what you know rush states about the crisis. started by a major. compromising you know. between. syria and their mightiest ace in giving up its.


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