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tv   Headline News  RT  October 2, 2013 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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we view our government shutdown begins to bite with iran's three hundred million dollars trickling away each day of the stalemate while washington's lawmakers showed no sign of finding a quick resolution that. three senior members of greece's far right golden dawn party are released pending trial three more remain in custody following the killing of an anti-fascist rapper last month. and russian investigators charging five greenpeace protesters with piracy after that attempts to board an oil platform as part of an anti drilling campaign in the arctic.
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this is r.t. coming to life from moscow hello and welcome to the problem washington's triangle to govern its south has already lost america around three hundred million dollars on the first day of the government shutdown and things are likely to get even more expensive with neither republican or democrat lawmakers willing to band down from their stands on barack obama's signature health care bill while she's in this war looks out how the deadlock is affecting ordinary people that. it's really frustrating for the american people and for myself to see you know our government be so inefficient local businesses say they're getting worried we depend on the government here especially for this business and we have a lot of agencies around here so we're just going to turn a little quiet around here he is among the businesses offering special shutdown deals we don't know with the purchase of a donor with a government id still big both tourism is at
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a standstill with iconic landmarks shut down most of the places. for business are closed today all thousands of people come to d.c. each year to visit the monuments and museums but today at many of these places like here at the natural history museum they're greeted with a sign like this one announcing that they're closed this family traveled from arizona to do some sightseeing we drove our kids' friends over in arizona thousands of miles across the country hoping to. you know show him the national treasures and teach him a little bit a little bit about american history and show him how great this country is instead we're learning about government the world war two memorial was closed off to visiting veterans until members of congress came to help break the barrier among them congresswoman michele bachmann maybe eight to twelve of us members one member had a scissor cut the tape and then we just passed corded veterans bachmann blames the
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democrats for the shutdown we haven't even gotten return calls most of the time from the president or from harry reid even the last one the last bill said will fully fund the government bob would you sit down with us so we can hire an out some concerns that we now harry reid said not to do that you just take our way or no way but many others point their finger out the republicans they're the ones who put the obamacare bill into the funding bill that has no business being there the hope now is that a deal comes through. so everyone can get back to business as usual in washington liz wall r.t. . the us government shutdown sponsored by disagreement on capitol hill that's been brewing for years is alarming those across the world relying on america's economic and political leadership and the u.k. prime minister david cameron said america's biggest standoff is a grave risk to the global economy and headlines around the world echo the
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sentiments the french daily figaro said the shutdown is a blow to the credibility of the u.s. in germany to go on a line called america a superpower paralyzing itself one of china's major news for tolls pointed out that the u.s. lawmakers are holding their own country hostage and the australian pointed things washington struggled to agree a budget doesn't inspire confidence about the world's largest economy and economist marx fred wolf said washington is off so-called top in its internal squabbles it doesn't see the ramifications for the country's people and its international standing. the truth here is what the federal government the united states congress and the white house have exhibited rather aggressively over the last several weeks including through the shutdown is that there's literally nothing the u.s. government can't and won't do for unclear reasons sending whatever shock waves they feel like sending into the u.s. and global economies i can't imagine
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a recipe that would undermine confidence in the dollar and the u.s. or particularly the u.s. government faster or more effectively than what we see on every news channel in the world every day for a week and counting we're already starting to see hundreds of thousands of people get an involuntary unpaid vacation those hundreds of thousands of people are going out to dinner they're not going to the dry cleaner that are buying a new car or going to have trouble making house payments are going to have trouble making mortgage payments and rents and all the rest and we know the money they didn't get today and tomorrow and the next day is money that they're not spending now and if they get paid later it will still be damaging to the economy and france's lead managing directors have been mentioned and company at least in holdings warns that if the u.s. dollar plummets following the government shutdown it will take a number of economists if it. if you as the show and the us dollar flaws shall be china but you know most need because that is told to go for a big change. and the same problem goes. and also you'll carry
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trees that whole huge. as it is so even though maybe in twenty years time china may be over but right now. still with the major currency reserve currency have closed and so if anything happened to you as is is going to cause chaos. across the globe china holds more than one trillion us dollars so the risk of them and then if the us government for any reason fail to repay. china's finance there's a deep hole it is something nobody wants to see a wide range of social sections and services that are being affected by the political stalemate ninety seven percent of nasa employees at night that whacking nor being paid on the agency's fifty fifth anniversary and we spoke to tony jones
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a former nasa astronaut. i experienced the same thing myself back the last time we had a government shutdown in one thousand nine hundred five and i was an astronaut and i was told i was an essential part of the agency so i did report to work during those days but it is frustrating because everyone has deadlines everyone has a schedule to keep and to be told to just mark time and lose this time and makes everyone feel that they are there or not they're not able to do their job. and of course we're following the developments on capitol hill for you head to our website where our online team is constantly bringing you the latest updates on america's federal shutdown that's waiting for you at r.t. dot com. much more government must now shut down until congress funds are to go. the leader of
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greece's far right golden dawn posse is set to appear before magistrates on charges of criminal activity and three senior members of the group have been released pending a future trial linked to the murder of a left wing activist and rapper under families that are. well the crackdown against golden dawn continues pace scimitar heavy police presence and paste from the party have appeared in court here in athens charged with being part of a criminal organization and that followed police making a direct link between the party and the death of an anti fascist rapper while that action did quell a wave of public come arrest following that death it has also produced a backlash from golden dawn and also from their supporters one of whom spoke to r.t. anonymously. to show my support for the golden dawn. it's unfair of the government to level these charges that i know will backfire we demand
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because at the moment we don't have a golden dawn will continue and it will remain strong the party has the ideology not its people well you have to remember that despite all these events golden dawn still remains the biggest political party in greece is has eighteen elected m.p.'s and getting rid of them will not be easy it is against the law to ban any political party here in greece and even if you did put the politicians in jail they would still remain pays what's more golden dawn is now threatening to remove all of its politicians from the parliament and that would trigger by elections and perhaps destabilize an already fragile coalition and in turn could jeopardize greece's chances of securing more european bailout money with the country already waiting to hear if it will receive the latest try and shift e.u. i.m.f. money worth one billion euros andrey farmer r.t. . russia investigators have filed formal charges against those who took part in
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a green peace process in which they stormed and oil drilling platform in the last month so far for him campaign it's had been charged with piracy which could land him in prison for a decade and out his group is kind of joins us now live with the details hi there. actually it's not being formally charged at tell us what's happened while the investigative committee has begun pressing official charges and the activists are being accused of piracy if found guilty they could be looking at up to fifteen years behind bars and authorities say that their actions didn't only threaten the lives of the oil rig staff but the environment as well greenpeace denies all the accusations claiming that it was a peaceful protest and just to remind you on the eighteenth of september a group of its activists tried climbing onto an oil rig in the north of russia they were arrested by the can by the federal security service and then all thirty were taken to the northern city of more than one square most of them are right now their
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arrest was prolonged for two months spending an investigation we've heard earlier from president who said he didn't view the add to this actions and the activist us pirates but he did say that they violated the law and greenpeace itself says that this is the biggest attack on the organization since the french secret service destroyed its rainbow warrior vessel and killed seven activists protesting against the nuclear tests in the pacific ocean and of course this is not the first time greenpeace anxious have attempted to board the very same platform tell a small plane well as a matter of fact it's not the first time that this particularly platform is targeted by greenpeace in august two thousand and twelve another group of its activists actually didn't manage to dock to the oil rig but back then they criticize it for a lack of security saying that it could potentially become a target for terrorists now
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a lot of people are also raising the question why did they decide to target this particular rig for the second time since clearly it's not in operation while there are others in the same region belonging to other countries which are in operation and finally from the technical point of view. this particular wool rig is stationary which is in general considered to be a much safer technology compared to other similar sea clot forms obviously this this discussion this process is going to continue and of course we will be monitoring how it develops further show us he's igor is going all the light there you go thank you very much indeed weber shade it and in the latest protests greenpeace activists interrupted a football game in switzerland they descended from the stadium roof and beating banners with slogans against gas from a supposed soul of the game they ban is cold for the session actually was held in russia to be released. this is o.c.
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and still ahead in the program the conservative party conference in britain concludes with a grandstanding speech from the prime minister david cameron boasts about the economic achievements of his government but after the break we'll look at whether behind the opium ism has actually made much ground. zero. science technology innovation all the developments around russia we've got the future covered. this point being an expensive car saloon. like the new fashion show. also designer bags and shoes
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in the best shop windows. luxury is the school. this is the last card. to play. on our cheap. this is coming to life from moscow welcome back the k. prime minister david cameron has portrayed the labor opposition as out of touch and a speech to close his policies annual conference in manchester he also took swipes
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at coalition partners the liberal democrats but it was very complementary about the performance of his own conservatives and for more let's now go live to our correspondent laura smith phrase in london hi that laura so what exactly did david cameron say. well i just want to start by referring back to ed miliband speech last week the leader of the opposition everyone trumpeted that as this as some people said it was the best speech of all time but it's kind of easy to make a speech if you're the leader of the opposition because all you have to do is talk about what you would do if you got into power but if you david cameron if you're going to talk as prime minister about what you're going to do unfortunately you've also got to what you've failed to do so far what you just don't go around to your shortcomings if you like so what do you do well david cameron started by trumpeting his considerable in economic excitement so on employment in the u.k. is down construction manufacturing that there are good figures in inward investment
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good figures in retail sales buildings on the increase business and consumer confidence that all up fabulous. you have to talk about the stuff that you haven't done yet of course you can try and blame it on the previous guys ultimately it's down to you now because you're the prime minister so for example in this first world country he's talking about this proud nation he's got to tell us to a number of primary school children so eleven year old children who leave primary school without being able to read or write so essentially illiterate so he says we still need to eliminate literacy in this first world country and given this land of opportunity that he kept on referring back to give those children a chance we also have a massive north south divide in this country which david cameron referred to the north is way less economically active than the south in fact unemployment in the north east is according to some figures twice what it is in the southeast so in london the surrounding areas the tories are looking at addressing that but how are
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they doing it they're doing it with this highly controversial high speed rail link will called h s two and if you go to any town or city that's being affected by it just to practically on any day of the week you'll find a small or a large demonstration against h s two and what's more it's costing fifty billion pounds it hasn't even started being built yet and of course the debt crisis it's not over yet three years in three years of cuts in we still have in the u.k. one of the biggest deficits in the world and the damning prognosis made by david cameron in his speech is that of course if you don't deal with debts what follows with the afterwards is the rising cost of living alone or about to lose that and saying he failed to mention. or interesting his. earlier in the week in his speech said that they would clear the deficit by twenty twentieth's and everyone was waiting for him to mention the words twenty twenty nothing and that is
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a prognosis that's already up from twenty fifteen so whether he. goes into trouble for pushing it such a such a straight statement we don't know but certainly david cameron made no mention of the of the time frame for guessing where the death of. trumpeting the u.k.'s position on the international stage which is something always does there wasn't very much international stuff that he mentioned he did mention the british parliament decides to vote on syria but there was no mention at all of the u.s. government shutdown which of course is what everyone's talking about he did acknowledge that there is a rising cost of living but he didn't go into any measures to address it the labor party says that's because he's got absolutely no idea and talking of the labor party the main opposition party david cameron did talk about the last twenty five times he mentioned either the naval party or the leader ed miliband of course he was doing it to do down the loss of their policies but ultimately as they say there's no such thing as public but really what matters is what people thought of
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the speech and as far as we can see at the moment it's a stark contrast to what they were saying about ed miliband speech last week they were bloggers are calling it a holding speech they're saying it's ok saul it's not necessarily what they become it's going to look to harry. smith live in london laura thank you very much. a new u.n. report says torture and treatment often leading to death is widespread in leave in jails and estimated eight thousand prisoners are held behind bars without trial on suspicion of having food for ousted leader monica duffy let's not talk about this with the british political activist john reese mr reese welcome to our team is good to see the you one report says torture and brutality are rife in libya's prisons what do you think is behind that. well if this were a country in the world to which the west were hostile it would be being described
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as a failed state or a rogue state the truth of the matter is that the western intervention in libya destroyed any process or organic transfer of power from the gadhafi regime to the to the opposition this is the only regime. in the entirety of the arab revolutions where the first government was installed at a conference in paris with nicolas sarkozy hillary clinton president and what the intervention did is to create a state which is barely functioning even in term in terms of a stable it's not in control of large swathes of its territory there are separatist movements which seem on the verge of pulling the state apart it's been described as an arm supermarket for the whole of the middle east and always through the internal regime is one in which the state isn't even in control of its own prisons and at the same u.n. report also says that without of action torturing the country will become
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institutionalized is there anything that that fishel government can do about this. well i think this was a broken back administration from the beginning the problem is this that if if you come to power. under the a goose of a nato air bombardment you aren't necessarily going to have the popular legitimacy that is necessary to be able to find a stable never mind a just administration and that's the and that is now the legacy which the west into the intervention is bequeath to the libyan people they bequeath it a state which doesn't have a populous legitimacy which is challenged on all sides by militias which is breaking apart which is an armed super market and in which many of the jails are actually not run by effective state control at all. and also go down his removal was that one saw it as a relief for the people of libya but how far has the country's democracy come in the two years since he left well this is exactly the exactly the problem i'm sure
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that. most libyans want to see the back of the gadhafi regime but the way in which that that happened didn't allow them to build institutions from the bottom up which had a capacity to to have the support of the majority of the population and this is now the result of that. and also many worry the tribal conflicts between armed groups could tear the country apart so what can be done to prevent that. well i think the very little at this point the the beginning of wisdom here would have been not to intervene in the first place and i think it's the one of the one of the features that led into the british government's. desire to put to the vote in the commons the syrian intervention and one of the reasons why the british house of commons voted against that intervention is the serial disasters that they've seen
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in afghanistan iraq and in libya and i think that it was a an incredibly sensible decision to reflect what's been the majority opinion in this country for over a decade there intervening in these countries internal affairs doesn't necessarily produce a stable result and certainly doesn't produce an independent democratic country in which the majority of the population feel they have a stake in a political activist jong raise mr aris thank you very much indeed we appreciate it thank you. supporters of egypt's ousted president mohamed morsi how to run in cairo is to have a square for the first time that over two months it resulted in clashes with police and and to islamist crowds the muslim brotherhood is accusing the army of escalation a crime down on their activities while the military says it wants to hound back power to a new government belcher reports now from cairo. egyptian
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security forces stormed to cairo incumbents for ousted muslim brotherhood president mohamed morsi back in august tents are torn down over six hundred people are killed a month on brotherhood activists like mr. say they have been driven underground. have started to hide my identity every day i shave my beard i have a second phone number that has to be changed so it's not tracked now i can live in my apartment if i move from one place to another life has become very difficult for over a month this was the site of one of cairo's main pro morsi citizens after august body dispersal by security forces it's become just a busy street since that day for many missing but there activists like mr fair they say they aren't able to attend rallies and their leaders are in jail or in hiding with last week's court order banning them as a brotherhood many fear this crackdown will just get worse. egyptian human rights organizations say the military led government is being too harsh. all the
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activities of the muslim brotherhood. and it's. related to the muslim brotherhood this is a week of course as a collective punishment prescriptions. for muslim brotherhood also will not lead to anything but supporters of the interim government say there is documented evidence the brotherhood uses violence so silencing its membership they say is necessary to ensure stability and the transition to democracy to hang with the ministry in the thirtieth of june revolution which was the second wave of the twenty fifth of january revolution muslim brotherhood killed a lot of egyptians they had no problems killing innocent people they proved they were to push egypt into civil war morsi supporters maintain they are being prevented from peacefully protesting the brotherhood's newspaper was also shut down its website announced this week they had to move operations to london due to the escalating crackdown rather than stifling the movements mr and his fellow activists
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say it makes them more determined than ever potentially pushing egypt further towards a bigger crisis. true for r.t. cairo. and coming up next our special report on the values that shook russia two decades ago out it's black october ninety three. this is the media leave us so we leave the media. by the sea bush and see your. mother your party years ago. where shoes that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all on politicking only on our t.v. . the
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fact that. we're going to go digital the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy albus. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and our crafts to mco we've been hijacked lying handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once built on my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem trying to fix rational debate and a real discussion critical issues facing america ready to join the movement then welcome to the big picture.
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the white house says muscovites no it is the building at the very heart of the city . it's now the headquarters of the russian government but it was once home to the supreme soviet of russia the main legislative body in the country. in october one thousand nine hundred three russia was on the brink of civil war. and to supporters on the other. two days of street fighting left hundreds dead and injured. not far from the supreme soviet building. often comes to visit son's grave.
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was only seventeen when he died in the turmoil of october ninety ninety three the official record says he was killed by multiple bullet injuries. why has the prosecutor's office for my son's closed to see where he was wounded they didn't give them to me and destroyed them before the investigation was completed. college student said it was a supporter of neither the president nor the legislative assembly he simply went to the white house with a friend to see what was going on on the eve of his death. with his mother. he said why don't you go to. why is it that you vote for father instead of him i want to vote for myself that's why i'm going there to find out who is right and who is wrong want i.


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