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tv   Headline News  RT  October 3, 2013 3:00am-3:29am EDT

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a u.s. default is looming the warning from president obama scolded republicans for undermining the credibility of the u.s. this as america's government shutdown shows no signs of ending. fourteen greenpeace activists charged with piracy in russia after trying to storm an oil rig in the arctic talk to a former leader of the environmental group who feels that protesters overstepped the mark. and a group of gunmen attacked the russian embassy in tripoli opening fire on the building and attempting to force their way to.
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the top world headlines live from moscow this is r t with me and welcome to the program today barack obama has warned america may be moving towards a default this is the u.s. government shutdown drags on with lawmakers failing to agree on the budget the president meantime has slammed the republicans for undermining the full faith and credit of the united states he said actually the country is in real trouble when one faction is willing to default on the government's obligations and he warned wall street that it should be getting seriously worried this time congress also has a much bigger issue than the federal budget still ahead to result with washington running out of cash and therefore needing to bump up the debt ceiling meanwhile experts say that at least three hundred million dollars are going down the drain every day of the federal seizure and the losses are expected to accelerate with the
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shutdown depressing businesses and consumers are rocky anderson a presidential candidate for the justice party he believes the congressman a not capable in the first place or even fixing the problem. we do not have a functioning democracy we have a bunch of yahoos in congress who are acting only for their own self-interest to please a very narrow set of people to keep them in office on emotion who continue to buy their way into office and it's all contrary of course to the interests of americans throughout the country what we need is a mass movement in this country we we can't depend on our elected officials to do the right thing any more we know that they're bought and paid for by the moneyed interests we know the role of corrupting money in our political system we the people regardless of political affiliation need to join together and draw our line
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and make it clear we will never ever support these people again. some of those feeding the biggest pinch from the shutdown took to the streets in washington a federal workers of so called known essential services protested against the leave of absence with an eight hundred thousand employees are currently affected by the federal holt here's what max keiser the host of the kaiser report had to say on the matter. america is run by what i call of financial as you hottest who are basically suicide bankers and america from the outside of course looks like they're trying to commit financial suicide to outcomes either anyway the federal reserve bank will increase our monthly buyback of bonds from eighty five billion a month to one hundred twenty or one hundred thirty billion dollars a month or america defaults on its sovereign debt like it did in one nine hundred seventy one when they close the gold window those are the two outcomes so what we see here is jockeying between these two powerful sources in washington congress in
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the senate by the way they all own stocks they were insider trading is legal they're all trading on this information they're on their little phones and they're trading stocks up and down and making money at the expense of the american people because they are financial terrorists as well america is the most watched soap opera in the world right now it's a huge hedge fund you've got c n.b.c. covering it like some episode from breaking bad the a lot of people will get hurt by the people in washington consider the american public to be expendable here you don't need the american public they don't need their taxes they don't need them working because when they need money they just print it it's like saudi arabia and america or saudi arabia when they need money they just pump more oil they don't need the population that's why they live in destitute that's why there's so much poverty in saudi arabia same thing in america there's a huge amount of poverty because that top princes class in america when they need some cash they just get ben bernanke you to print it. and you catch on much more cars are very soon blasting the u.s. federal reserve bank goes in about half an hour's time but for more on the shutdown
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and its effects right now you can just head online from the mean time the n.s.a. and the u.s. military complaining that federal stuff which is undermining their work with intelligence chiefs calling for ploys or recruitment dreamland for foreign spying details on the right now you don't. want your government shutdown until congress funds it again. it's all it's the law for moscow and fourteen greenpeace activists have been formally charged with piracy by a russian court and they're part of a group of arrested after attempting to scale an oil rig in the arctic last month and that in protest of offshore drilling in the region greenpeace insists their actions were not violent however authorities say they posed a serious threat to the security of the oil platform and they could now face up to fifteen years in prison for their actions but my colleague bill daughter spoke to
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patrick moore who's a former greenpeace leader and believes the activists should have found a better way to express their outrage. you can't expect to have people allow you to continue to storm their oil rigs oil rigs are a very serious operation with really big safety issues and you start scaling the rig and then people have to come and try to get you off it puts them in danger and so i can certainly understand why they were apprehended and finally towed away from the site the other thing that's quite ironic is greenpeace is using a diesel powered ship to. occupy a loyal rig and so they use they needed oil to get there if they had sailed there or rode there in a boat maybe it would make more sense i do tend to agree with president putin that they are not pirates. obviously i think their intentions were not to loot the rig or anything like that but they're still putting people in danger and it is
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a serious situation but let's just quickly talk about the oil rig itself it is static as opposed to floating offshore platform is it true to say that this is actually a much safer way of extracting oil for the environment it's my understanding that this is the first oil platform that is done zines specifically to withstand ice the intention is to make it a safer way of extracting oil but you know when it comes to oil this is a this this is the problem with the greenpeace situation their tactics i know they're not trying to hurt anybody but their policy is ridiculous they live in this dream world we're now they are against fossil fuels they're against hydroelectric energy they are against nuclear energy which between the three of them supply about ninety eight percent of the world's energy and they seem to think that civilization can operate on wind and solar alone these technologies disappear for five days at
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a time when there's no wind and no sun how do you run factories and schools and hospitals and businesses and homes with this kind of energy so i think it's their policy that should be rejected but all that concerns justified when it comes to the elop take it is a pristine the last remaining wilderness it is in danger is it and also of suffering environmentally by this exploitation the arctic environment is no more fragile than the tropical environment or the temperate environment or the environment of england or the environment of anywhere else in the world it's just you know mostly ice as most people know which is not alive they talk about how the glaciers are dying and all of this is if these things were alive they're not alive and the world might actually be a better place if there wasn't so much ice. and it's not exactly unusual of a greenpeace to be grabbing the global headlines with its stunts last hour i spoke to r.t.c. a corporate. the action and the drama it's also full of controversy for instance
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the same exact alric was already targeted by another group of greenpeace activists in august two thousand and twelve back then they did manage to climb onto it and didn't get arrested but later greenpeace itself criticized russia for failing to provide the proper security saying the route could become a potential target for terrorists second gasper his platform is clearly not enough peroration unlike those used by other energy companies working in the arctic like norwegian and also this particular all rig is static which means it's standing on the bottom of the sea this technology is widely considered to be much safer than that used in floating offshore platforms so many are raising the question why is all the attention focused on this particular one and finally in two thousand and six the same ship which was involved in this latest incident the arctic sunrise tried to ramming a japanese fishing boat in protest against wheeling the same year police detained sixteen greenpeace activists after being baited an amazon river port owned by
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a us green producer sit ins when we need peace activists block entrances to different governmental buildings across the world are also part of their tactic or breaching the premises of the nuclear facilities so frankly greenpeace is not new to controversial projects. so a lot to come for you here on r.t. on this program but is cash for compliments for example israel of its students a side job is on the cover of propagandists as part of a so-called digital diplomacy program the full story still ahead for you with the rest of this hour's top world headlines.
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place. science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered. first street. and i think. for the kaiser report about her fifteen minutes time here on our teeth and now
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although a group of armed militants have tried to force their way into the russian embassy in libya's capital tripoli it's hackers opened fire on the diplomatic building and tore down the flag this footage from the scene exclusively provided by video agency ruptly a parked car was set ablaze by the militants who were reportedly armed with grenades and rocket launchers russian officials say no one was injured and the situation is now under control but the motive for the attack is still unknown and the raid on the russian embassy comes a year after four people died in an assault on the american consulate in benghazi that was when the u.s. ambassador was killed a political activist a joint rispoli the ongoing since the lifting in the country both is a direct consequence of the nato led intervention of twenty eleven. the truth of the matter is that the western intervention in libya destroys any process or organic transfer of power from the gadhafi regime to the to the opposition if you
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come to power. under the a goose of a nato air bombardment you aren't necessarily going to have the popular with its legitimacy that is necessary to be able to find a stable never mind a just administration and that's the and that is now the the legacy which the west into. interventionists bequeath to the libyan people they've bequeath a state which doesn't have a popular legitimacy which is challenged on all sides by militias which is breaking apart which is an arm supermarket in which many of the jails are actually not run by. russia fragments of the giant meteor ride that exploded over the russian city of february being raised from the bottom of a mountain lake we've got the latest pictures for you right here from the scene of the operation coming to you from a video agency ruptly an enormous fragment of the space is believed to be buried at the bottom of a year old lake it's estimated to waste hundred kilos. soared over the russian city
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of last winter injuring about fifteen hundred people and sending shock waves across the region again these are the latest pictures we have for you from roughly three degrees celsius out there it's a chilly day to be going to the depths. of stories from including opposition unrest ukraine's riot police and thousands of activists trying to take over the city council in kiev all the details. and see how one. voice being well. here we have the footage for you right now. very close so obviously not obeying the rules of the road you can. see more on that. over a billion it's. a new
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way to relieve the financial plight they can get easy money by simply posting positive tweets for the government and clicking the like button in all the right places. came up with the idea of offering young salaries and even scholarships for the protection of the government's interests in fighting them on the web ironically though the father of the whole digital diplomacy program has now come under fire for himself posting racist comments the very thing he was supposed to be combating . the story. public opinion against israel is at an all time low the recent wars with gaza and the seemingly never ending occupation have left the country waging a p.r. war this is a very massive wave of these false propaganda and attempts to do to the legitimize our right to defend ourself and even our right to leave. in our historical and so
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we have to do everything to tell the truth for sixty five years israeli diplomats have struggled in their posts in the modern world they need all the help they can gate into the undergrads the idea is to pay students to tweet pro israeli propaganda leader or band of it has been doing it for a while but as a volunteer it's another way to a student to give back to society even in israel you have a bunch of people or a few people there foreign affairs minister office. who do social media for their living so it's ok for people to getting salary on this kind of work the new student sales force will share a p.r. commission part of nearly a million dollars and in universities across the country they'll eventually even receive scholarships for waging israel's digital diplomacy but before these new recruits could even start tweeting and liking or hash tag ing it was a p.r.
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blunder the guy tapped to head the social media advocacy has a way to be put to pasture take a look at his facebook page daniel seaman is known for being abrasive to the foreign media but that's not all seamen called palestinian stupid and an expletive laden rent critics pounced taking the opportunity to question the basic ethics of the new approach. so you're basically turning a human being into human commercial we are going on is a second year philosophy student who says he won't be signing up he's angry with his government trying to tell him what to think stead of trying to make. a good democracy for instance giving out scholarships for people that will try to make this place a better place and gives out scholarships for people to say that it's a good place i mean if this was such a good place then these people would tell it anyways those in opposition say there
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will be some major whitewashing and using students to tweet israeli propaganda is part of that i think the prime minister's office is trying to cover up the human rights violations that are happening by paying young folks to be involved i think you'd be better off investing the funds. in education infrastructure and community development that he hasn't done in decades israelis are no stranger to war but at the online front line it's in an interview bill battle to turn public perception of israel from zero to site kindest policy r.t. tel aviv before we get to the r.t. was update for now the hunt for syria's chemical weapons is on but international inspectors beginning their mission to disable the country's chemical production facilities after the first one team has secured the sites where they'll work that's just a stone's throw away from the deadly clashes between rival factions on the edge of damascus opposition fighters have been trying to seize the area hoping to get
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closer to president assad's center of power it does demonstrate the immense security challenge that the dozens of disarmament experts will have to face it was just last week that their mission was indorsed by a u.n. security council resolution and later today in artie's worlds apart program oksana boyko discusses the issue with the u.n. high representative for disarmament affairs for now a quick preview of what's to come later. there were so many victims who were still alive that there was really no need to to exuma bodies and basically take a tissue from them because there were so many victims who were alive but we had also complete case history meaning that the victims were able to tell how they were affected what they felt what the symptoms were which is much more powerful than taking tissue from from me from a body usually believed to be. pretty persuasive evidence where you're told that the old devices have already been buried at that point of time that we
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did not ask for bodies to be we assume that they have been. that they have been buried simply because that's a muslim tradition to bury people very quickly and a quick preview there for you right now for the interview with the u.n. high representative for disarmament of you can watch the entire version in our program with. well let's get some global headlines in brief now for you this hour it's time for the r.t. world update to iraq and nineteen people have been killed in a wave of attacks across the country and the crew of an army helicopter died when that was shot down also a car bombing near a government building cook left two dead and fifteen injured a recent u.n. report shows nearly one thousand iraqis were killed in just september as one of the
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highest monthly death tolls in years. while police in mexico city scuffled with an angry crowd of protesters who describe themselves as an accused at the mosque wearing rioters through fire bombs out of rocks at police twenty officers injured twenty people detained at the fashions broke out during a demonstration commemorating the forty fifth anniversary of a student massacre back then it was claimed anything from a dozen to several hundred students were killed by government forces in the city square just ahead of the summer olympic games in honor of those that died teachers and students had been blocking one of the main roads into the city. and to egypt where clash between the backers and opponents of president mohamed morsi have turned deadly for a high school student was killed in the city of suez on the same day muslim brotherhood supporters held a rally in cairo's tahrir square for the first time in over two months the brotherhood accuses the army of escalating
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a crackdown on their activists the group was recently banned by the courts following a military coup that overthrew the islamist government. the head of iran's cyber warfare program has been shot dead in a suspected assassination or was found with two bullets to the heart. in a wooded area just outside of tehran he was last seen on saturday leaving home to go to work iran is accused outside forces of the killing this is the sixth attack of its kind targeting the country's security and military services. now europe's powerhouse is looking east reaching out to asia germany's boosting its international economic ties with china which is now its third largest trading partner and with beijing poised to grant bolin special access to its markets the rest of europe's in danger of being left behind as peter all of a now reports. when china wants to speak to the e.u.
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the linn is the number beijing calls not brussels germany has the most pivotal role right now to kind of defining and shaping how europe will interact with china coming years at the moment that role is more trailblazer than economic shepard's close to fifty percent of e.u. exports to china come from germany trade between the two was with almost one hundred forty five billion euros last year they did to talk of the special relationship i mean it's to very difficult for any country to ignore china at this point it's in europe's interest to make sure that no one gets left behind but some of germany's e.u. partners have been left behind as they're being battered by the wind backed cuts austerity is never a solution to a crisis like this it just made the matters worse and in that context. the german export industry started targeting china as it was a growing market it's not all plain sailing between germany and china questions have been raised over which side berlin is on in the trade disputes over low cost
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chinese solar panels flooding the european markets and concerns germany is ignoring china's human rights issues in favor of the sting trade jim. grass trade with china with both hands to sports car manufacturer a porsche is regarded as one of the top three targets for the last seven years we have a ten fold in increase in cars sold in china and right now we have to extension from fifty six horses centers to about a hundred times over the next three years we are very happy to have a very broad relationship and customer base in china not only for us i think it's true for all german car industry which is the leverage for having also local production and for a mass producer the car industry is the driving force behind the german economy twenty eleven figures show this will. but three hundred feet up his sleeves and
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goes off to the us federal reserve and all the bankers that's because reporting just a moment. you know i'm old enough to remember a reruns when gomer pyle used to cry citizen's arrest when he saw something wrong in mayberry and a new law in russia could allow our city average to do the same thing by helping to enforce law in the country this low allows citizens to protect public order by becoming volunteer workers deputy policeman and even forming peoples militias which will in theory prevent crime or at least allow the police to be informed more quickly and accurately of course this like any project which sounds nice on paper is all about the implementation so we'll see how these deputies and militias will
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work overall i think this won't have much of an effect on crime but it could have a huge impact on non-criminal bad public behavior you know i am not the bravest guy on the planet and it's hard to confront a group of five drunk guys who are just as big as you who are acting like idiots on the street but doing so with ten stone sober militiaman buddies could provide a much more convincing argument for the drunkard's this could be a big step forward for democracy when you actually have at least a scrap of power or control over the events in your neighborhood then you are sure feel like people actually have a lot of power and this could be good for the country but that's just my opinion. real damage and complexity of this oil spill is not something you just by looking at dirty birds we have between forty. by billion people in this directly affected area of the co's and it's pretty clear why it's not being reported because b.p.
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can't afford to have a reported all along the gulf coast are clean they are safe and they're open for business if b.p. is the single largest oil contributor to the pentagon the us war machine is heavily reliant upon b.p. and their oil this is a huge step backwards for the marker see it's a step forward a little carex it is toxic is a look a lot like spray. it was a it was not a picture that either the government or b.p. really wanted to have out there i don't want dispersants to be the agent. this.
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welcome the kaiser report i max kaiser hey you there in liverpool thanks so much for this max graffiti you can now see on your screen i asked people around the world but max your feet up in your city liverpool thank you this is got to be five or six cities now around the world that huge max portrait they're feeding yes. ok now the lilliputians let's talk about them they looked upon fraud as
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a greater crime than theft for with care.


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