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what's up guys i'm at a martin this is breaking the set so remember the government initially justified the afghanistan war well they said it was an act of retaliation for nine eleven you know to find bin ladin take out those training camps and find them terrorists of course the war has lasted more than twelve years market the longest in u.s. history and no it isn't over just because most of the troops on the ground of life see there are still tens of thousands of military contractors on the ground and there's been absolutely zero victory in fact the us military ended up attempting to negotiate with the very same enemy it vehemently tried to annihilate that entire time but what do you know it seems afghans don't like having puppet dictators chosen for them by the us government because now an interesting figure with strong
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ties to the alleged mastermind behind nine eleven is running for president that's right. as a former islamised warlord and was named by the nine eleven commission report as the mentor of cold lead were ahmed while twelve years later i guess we can finally say mission accomplished. the the. it was a. very hard to take a. look. at you ever had sex with her right there are those. that believe.
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that. if you ever get the feeling that arguments you hear on t.v. are mostly baseless oftentimes the certainty we hear from pundits and politicians alike is really just a smokescreen for a lack of a logical argument here's an example. for a member there were two government shutdowns in the month before ronald reagan ran for president in one nine hundred eighty four and he won by a landslide the american people fear obamacare it's more in popular now than ever before well i was michele bachmann engaging in what's known as a fallacious argument ok so she's nonsensically stringing together a bunch of random events all to assert her position on obamacare and while someone like michele bachmann might be an easy one to call out for lacking the logic fallacies come in many forms in fact we're all guilty of committing these on
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a reasonable arguments on a daily basis so how can we better understand logical fallacies and work to combat them every day or earlier i was joined by matt berkowitz corner with the movement and a lecturer of logical fallacies i first asked him what the most commonly use fallacies are today. three prominent ones i guess i would say is one of go. well there where we hear what i know we hear an idea and we tend to make sense of it with a pump to understand already so if someone is criticizing for example the free market system it's a natural tendency to dis go ahead and label that communism or socialism of course anything that's that's not or must be one of those two things so that's the most efficient and then of course the the straw man fallacy which means a lot. and then they don't understand what you're what. you putting
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forth so again they try to misrepresent it to make it easier to attack. and i guess another really common one would be called the argument from ignorance which did a lot of home up in says come up a lot of religious debate but also and social. we tend to inject our own preferential nation it's perceived gaps of knowledge so we don't understand why someone behaves the way that it must be because of human nature must be because of their dreams we haven't really studied the reason for why this behavior is manifested in the way it has but you know we were just like that once before so we just plug in whatever nonsense sounds best to us without actually looking at the data right then you have the ad hominem which is just right insult changing the goalpost which is what jane the subject of the argument that i needed to hear when in sweeping generalizations of course you know it seems like these fallacies are often so obvious when you deconstruct them why do so many people continue to commit them. i think it's largely because of the value system that's
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dominant in our society today we live in the we do live in an established system where institutions and individuals themselves product referred to a verb themselves one way we do this is by attaching ourselves to different ideologies different emotional comforts like religion and such that when these ideas all of these are challenged when these beliefs are challenge it becomes very painful to consider. that you're wrong well they certainly don't like to be called out on their logical fallacies i know that you know it's all just a failure in the education system i think in part but i think the education system is really just a result of the economic system the economic system is predicated on on institutions perpetuating themselves this trickles into the education system so i mean i know for one i went through
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a whole university degree the top of lagerfeld never came up at all maybe i didn't take the right courses but i mean it's just simply not taught and the education system very well right and you know you're talking about how you dealt with a logical fallacies and in terms of his eyes any kind of debunking any bunkers specifically in dealing with social and advocating for social change how has this tool helped you to analyze that. well in the communication and for myself i suppose it's just. allowed me to not get too emotional about discussing these ideas if someone gets angry at me i just remind myself ok well they're just a victim of or they're the result of whatever upbringing they've been subject to and if people or people don't want to hear the information then there's really not much you can move on to the next person but in terms of actually applying the understanding that people make these is a logical fallacy and simply just try to counter them. beginning so you practice
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your your explanation by saying that what we're proposing is nothing to do with this this and this and those and those are the main. fallacies that they make so you just you just try to overcome them and. i guess anticipate them wherever possible in the short answer and i guess what's the danger of not recognizing these logical fallacies from the media politicians and really amidst each other and society one of them is division i mean if you're if you're against just you're vulnerable to for example the association fallacy where everything that's not a right wing is left when the new it really. artificially limits your frame of reference things start to analyze problems with a much smaller box rather than actually seeing much larger picture so by by not
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recognizing these fallacies you're not going to stir yourself and everyone around you by not really taking the whole picture. and that are there any tools that you can give people in general to use in the ciphering fallacious argument being used against them. just for review whatever topic that you're studying is and become familiar with the most often used launce. once you once you read on many different all there are there is and become comfortable with. the media and yet it isn't just this force pretty much everywhere all we need to start combating them calling them out so we can really move forward with intellectual discourse because it's a very lacking in society thank you so much and that berkowitz coordinator and lecture of his like i say have been. thanks so much.
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guys every day i ask you to visit my social networks and let me know what you think about the show so today i'm going to give you some feedback on your comments start with you tube severed three two one response to my segment calling out representative peter king for islamophobia in the wake of the shooting he said quote the labels on a phobia is just a tool used to discredit anyone that criticizes islam as a racist bigot except or even though the studies show the vast majority of moderate muslims support suicide bombings and other forms of jihad wow men learn all these scholarly studies you speak of that prove that a majority of moderate muslims support her own weight they don't exist and guess what you're islamophobia for saying that when we go into another youtube comment by styles bitch who says was there ever an apology for that whole clearest of bach goal or even acknowledgement of the negative up work caused nope absolutely not why
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would i apologize for a segment that i'm proud of doing sorry that speaking about female sexuality and empowerment might have rattled a few cages but i think addressing societal taboos is and heritage you know if everyone in society felt comfortable talking about these things maybe the world would be much happier on the facebook michael richmond says not that i don't appreciate the constant whistleblower and i stand my facebook feed from your program but how do you ever reported on a positive story. thank you for preaching the news that i provide it by positive you mean firefighters saving kittens no not regularly but i think it's very positive to highlight the grassroots journalists activists and overall bad asses that are working every day to change all the terrible problems plaguing this planet and i feature on this. i also constantly ask us what can we do to fix these problems and i provide the tools for the audience of ways to make a difference that being said i do want to cover strictly positive stories and i'm
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working on a new segment that will be ready to air shortly so stay tuned and another awesome facebook comment of my clutter of segment is from samuel storing xu says i'm so sick of women these days get over yourselves you're not that effing important nor necessary my hand imagination is quite factually and literally just as good as any women has ever been. the ladies that you encounter while holed up in your mother's basement must love you and lastly from you tube durand spare a man says great show abby on literally every show in every segment i've ever done look man i don't know who you are but you're awesome and that's hilarious so thanks to everyone even the trolls for writing and all your feedback love and support still i had guys all talk to jesse ventura about his new book they killed our president don't mess it.
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did you know the press is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy albus. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and our press. we've been hijacked by handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once built by john mark and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem. rational debate real discussion critical issues facing to find a job. ready to join the movement then walk a bit of.
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luck. live. little. cross-talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want. not many people can cross over from being a combat veteran to
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a hollywood actor to the governor of a state unless of course you're jesse ventura after leaving the world of professional wrestling ventura ran for mayor and then governor of minnesota as an independent candidate proving that defeating the two party monopoly is possible and since leaving politics he's hosted his own t.v. show called conspiracy theory of jesse ventura and he's now a bestselling author his new book is called they killed our president sixty three reasons to believe there was a conspiracy to assassinate j.f.k. he joined me earlier to break it all down. i want to get your take on the shutdown taxpayers elect congress they pay their salaries congress seems to have no disagreement on bombing countries and spine and they know that they have a ten percent approval rating so how is it that they have the gall to hold americans hostage indefinitely. i'll tell you it's beyond my comprehension i don't know how you know these congressmen and senators they shut the government down because they don't want us to have health care for everybody yet they. have
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four different plans they can be choose from for very health care and these are not provided by the government so it is not government run health care the hypotheses years are stalin being to me it is indeed especially the g.o.p. cutting food stamps yet receiving millions of dollars in subsidies for their farms let's talk about your new book you're promoting it called they killed our president sixty three reasons to believe there was a conspiracy to assassinate j.f.k. thank you so much for study meat as i can't wait to read it and the book outlines sixty three reasons to believe this was a conspiracy can you elaborate on what you found to be the most compelling reason of all all there are so many compelling reasons that the sixty three. well one i'll give you a few things one thing the warren commission lied about jack ruby and lee harvey oswald knew each other very well jack ruby had stated that he knew lee wald since he was
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a kid now and i didn't matt that that there changed the whole assassination because the warren commission told us so there was no connection jack ruby killed him because he didn't want jackie to face a horrible trial like we're all supposed to buy into that and remember this the only quote that jackie kennedy ever said about this she said they killed my husband they she didn't say he killed by a husband she was poor all and then you know there's there's so many like you've got the cats in back memo which i lead the book off with because i felt that was so important mainstream media has never even shown it to the public nicholas cats and backwards the acting attorney general monday morning naturally bobby had lost his brother he wasn't common in to work on monday so he was the acting attorney general this is a memo from him to lyndon johnson the new president and he explains how in the memo
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we have to make the public know that walled acted alone that he had no partners who are still out there conspirators who acted with him and that he would have been convicted had there been a trial all of this laid out in a memo if that's not a smoking gun to the government's cover up see to cover ups took place two conspiracies there was the actual conspiracy to shoot j.f.k. and murder him and then there was the conspiracy afterwards to cover it up. and you know it's so unfortunate that so much evidence has been destroyed and yet there are so many unanswered questions i mean how much is available that's more than just circumstantial all there's still a lot they're still withholding tons of evidence and you know what you can't get today you cannot. at least harvey oswald's tax returns now someone might see why it was that important first of all you'd say well why can't you get it fifty years that can't be national security i'll tell you why it's important if we could get
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lee harvey oswald's tax return that would leave a paper trail to who was paying him and that paper trail would lead right back to our own government because lee harvey oswald was a low level government agent and we know that back to you in fact he was involved when he went to the soviet union it's already been proven he was involved in what they called a false defector program that the united states government was running at that time getting young guys to allegedly defect to the soviet union just a majority of americans believe that they believe that j.f.k. was assassinated by a conspiracy and also a majority of people have questions about nine eleven also knowing this how does it feel to go on shows like piers morgan and other shows in the mainstream media and to be ridiculed and painted as a lunatic for bringing up these issues well because we'll show you in the book that that was the cia's. mission to anyone that question it that's all they do they try
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to marginalize you they try to make it seem like you're a conspiracy not that that's where the mainstream media comes in because they are also culpable in this deal because excuse me many times you hear while someone would have talked to many people have talked it's simply mainstream media won't report that they did i'll give you an example i have an audio visual and written confession from howard hunt from watergate of the cia he did a deathbed confession to his son john we've got it all on tape we aired it on my t.v. show it should have been headlines across america the howard admits he was. part of j.f.k. conspiracy to kill him it didn't receive one word of mainstream media coverage not a word that easy howard hunt had confessed to outside participation even named who
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did it you know cord a cord meyer of the cia morales who was. i forget the other guy who was the head of the cia's assassination team and all that and where do we get off having cia assassination teams at what point in time did our country allow premeditated first degree murder of someone without in the rest a trial and a conviction things like commonplace now you've also said speaking at the cia that there are cia operatives working in every state and government first of all how do you know this and what are they doing there well i don't know what they're doing there how do i know this because there's a governor i was introduced to the person wow and they wear two hats they work at a high level of government but they don't come and go with governors or anything very very all the time they do one job for the state and they were a second to have as a central intelligence agent and what troubles me about badly is in the cia's
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mission statement it states there not to be operational inside the united states that's the f.b.i.'s job. you know speaking of extrajudicial assassination i wanted to get your opinion on this as the renowned journalist seymour hersh just came out saying and the loddon narrative is a big lie do you agree that we've been lied to about what happened in bin laden i have a lot of questions because he had a disease that had him on one of those machines i alison thank you it's been a long days he was on dialysis machine how could this guy be wandering around the hills of afghanistan with a dialysis machine and we can't find him for. well let's look at the whole nine eleven conspiracy for a moment here's what the government told us that nineteen islamic radicals armed with box cutters defeated our multi-billion dollar air defense system all while
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conspiring with a bearded guy in a cave in afghanistan you know i just find it shocking that the american people don't demand evidence or any sort of closure about this event that they have you know obama campaigned on it the death of bin laden killing this guy no trial nothing at all just really bizarre and jessie and as a former navy seal do you find it weird that seal team six a group that in bodies this extrajudicial assassination has been glorified in the mainstream and no i'm i'm upset that people even know about the seal team because back when i was in the navy they weren't even hardly known to the public now they've turned them into the green berets movies about them about them bad about them it was much better in the old days where we simply wore green uniforms would jump wings of war no other insignias at all to indicate who we were. seal team six was the highly secretive one in fact my good friend dick marcinko was the creator
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of seal team six he writes all the rogue warrior books dick's the one that created seal team six the anti-terrorist unit and i've had personal. friends that have served in seal team six they weren't even known the they would even acknowledge seal team six six existed and now today they're like every day everyone knows that everyone wants to be one in hollywood wants to exploit jimmy carter who said that the us has one of the worst election processes in the world pretty strong words from former president and governor you've called for paper ballots to replace voting machines but my thing is that you know we have the technology should we be able to use the technology that exists today the problem is when the machines are own by mitt romney or bush or obama or rude whoever else i mean really what is the root of the issue we're here here's the problem and i'll disagree with you we don't want these electronic voting machines because they can be hacked into like any other computer let me put it to you in a real easy sense would you go were jew go to
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a cash machine the didn't offer you were seat you know i'm a.t.m. machine would you go to an a.t.m. machine that didn't offer you a receipt no why would you vote on a voting machine you have no way of knowing when you say you vote for barack obama and you push the button on barack obama you have no way of knowing if barack obama if that vote was registered to him it could go to his opponent and there's no way to have a recount because all those machines do is they give you a number like that like a bad big machine twelve hundred votes for this guy's thirteen hundred votes for this guy we some things are better left old how about paper ballots where you simply fill in the circle my point is doing that since first grade when you took tests in school fill in a b. c. or d. if a person is incapable of doing math they shouldn't be voting in the first place good point i mean same is extraordinary hacking into already over the past few years
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with these machines and you've also said the electoral college should be abolished i couldn't agree more that's an antiquated system that needs to be completely rebuilt we're almost out of time and i wanted to bring this up. jesse you recently floated the idea of enter howard stern twenty sixth presidential ticket can we get this going for going now you have the floor you can make the announcement right here well it takes howard i won't do it without howard and there's a method that my madness i need howard stern number one i despise raising the money it's bribery it's legal bribery what what our system is and you know you bribe the candidate you give the money that's how you get in you know if you do that in the private sector you go to jail but we have an entire political system based upon bribery while my deal is howard can raise the money then i don't even have to pay attention to the money i'll do the governing let howard raise the money and also when i ran for governor of minnesota i had a statewide talk radio show when i filed to run i lost my job i had to go six
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months unemployed because the f.c.c. won't let you howard stern is not with the f.c.c. as was sirius radio we could use his radio show to be our platform to the united states of america and it would cost us zero in money i find it obscene that my father once said to me when i was sixteen a world war two vet he said you know all politicians are crooks i said come on dad you can't make a blanket statement like that how do you know that he said easy he said they pay a million dollars for a job that only pays one hundred grand. about that a moment one minute and no one in the private sector would ever pay more money for a job than what they're going to earn that's the status quo except for jesse ventura when i ran for governor of minnesota i only raised three hundred thousand dollars and i made four hundred eighty thousand my four years in office authored
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twenty thousand a year so i actually made more money doing the job than what i spent to get it so if my father would have been still alive. you could say by the song is not a crook. everyone you heard of everyone needs to get howard stern on board thank you so much jesse the body inventor awesome out of iran they killed our president everyone check out the new book sixty three reasons to believe there is a conspiracy thanks so much fred you very much. well you guys that's going to do it for our show tonight if you want to know what i'm doing when i'm not on air card what are dot com slash abby martin my little twitter handle there you can follow me will find all my tweets linking the segments from the show as well as just read and i have the day like pictures of my little cat oh so please help us get a break in the trending on twitter ok jle throw them hash tag to get twenty one us here we're with your guy says hello so how do you twitter dot com check me out at
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abby martin you guys thanks so much for tuning in today and hope you all have a great and we see record breaker set again and. this point being an expensive car saloon. clueless a new fashion show. also designer bags and shoes in the best shop window. luxury is the school. this is the last kong.
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concert. on our cheap. one of the new will come on in a life should be making news all the face type you know. pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm sure. the mission free cretaceous free in-store charge is free. range month free risk free studio time free.
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download free broadcast quality video for your media projects a free media oh don to our teeth on top. it looks like it's. over but. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution which says that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy which. the one. that i know i'm charming and on this show will reveal the picture of what's actually going going on we go beyond identifying the problem to try to rational debate real discussion critical issues facing america by a member ready to join the movement then welcome to the big picture. oh i'm tell marvin in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture. why.


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