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tv   Headline News  RT  October 4, 2013 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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russian diplomatic sources say they've seen evidence suggesting a chemical weapons attack in the syrian capital. was. backed by saudi arabia. an investigation is launching to help police came to shoot female driver in front of a child after she had rammed her car into security barriers. in egypt protests in support of the deposed islamist president turned deadly again as the votes to force to block access to sites across the country.
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from us to the center here in moscow were just turned eleven pm this is. the deadly nerve gas attack in the suburbs of the syrian capital in august was orchestrated by an al qaeda linked group backed by saudi arabia and that's according to russian diplomatic sources speaking on condition of anonymity to interfax news agency a middle east correspondent has. this is the position that moscow has held all along that the rebels are provoking the situation as an attempt to see foreign forces and the international community becoming involved in the conflict inside syria both moscow and damascus believe that there is more than enough evidence that points to the opposition being behind this attack and yet despite the huge body of evidence the united states and allies continue to put the blame for this attack on the shoulders of the syrian president. this is also despite the fact that
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a number of former high ranking members of the american intelligence community have been solved stated that there is a lot of evidence that points to the fact that in fact it may very well have been the rebels behind this attack now what is also important to point out is that these this intelligence community says it is a growing body of evidence that shows number one that the attack was preplanned and number two that it was to see the united states becoming involved in the conflict they also say that it is in israel's interest to see military intervention in syria but not to the point that the opposition would be strengthened enormous to me. but it states remains committed to seeing the overthrow of the syrian president bashar al assad and it continues to support a very fractured opposition this despite the fact that even western analysis says that the opposition is becoming increasingly more and more radicalized as you have
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groups like al qaida that are becoming more and more powerful. meanwhile experts from the world's chemical weapons watchdog say they are making encouraging progress towards dismantling syria's stockpiles a team from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons is in damascus for talks with officials a u.n. report earlier concluded that nerve gas had indeed been used on a large scale in august but the consistency of the findings are under question as works on the board to explain to my colleague. what the inspectors did they either went to several sides of the area or the. horrible videos of children and bodies and. at one location they spread around to all or another location is spent around five hours and they try to collect samples environmental samples tissues fabric soil and also interviews survivors and take
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blood samples from them and the biggest problem there is none of the environmental samples that they concluded was due to a test of positively for sarin but all the survivors for some reason tested positive i suggest we listen to one of the sound bites from the interview that i did with angela kane the u.n. high representative for disarmament affairs of things that would read things into perspective they did prove the siren was evident in the samples they found but on the other hand if they did not find samples in the environmental the environmental samples if they did not find certain the environmental samples it just testifies to the honesty of the reinspection so they're saying this is what we found this is what we took now of course it's interesting. miskin would talk about the almost you know the inspectors if you would expect nothing less from the year the personnel but. you need to understand what actually happened whenever the
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investigators had a chance to do that job whenever they had the freedom to go around and collect samples none of them test positively and yet whenever they tried to get some tissue samples from people who were pre-selected by the opposition they all test positively and this is that she simply it's simply impossible i mean there are just two possible explanations either the. hard to do that job. there's environmental samples for the opposition tried to influence the investigation and brought people who were probably exposed to sarah but at some other location and you make your pick and it's up to you who you trust more the u.n. inspectors or the opposition what i find extremely interesting and inexplicable to me is that the union specters in the u.n. reports would still claim that they have clear and convincing evidence that sarin was used worse as we just discussed those evidence i'm not there clear north
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insisting. on being the situation is continuing of course but of course the report suggests all the mass chemical attack near damascus ranges from hundreds to thousands. well actually did the inspectors examine the bodies well it is also a very interesting case because we all remember that you know those pictures of dead children adult bodies were the main case for president obama the main reason for president obama to go to war in syria he wanted to punish president assad for killing all those people and what's strange is. the u.n. and specters didn't even request. of those bodies they didn't want to see the autopsies they didn't want to go to the morgue and. this is how this can explain the reasons why such a request for money. there were so many victims who were still alive that there was
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really no need to to exuma bodies and basically to tissue from them because there was so many victims who were alive but we had also complete case history meaning that the victims were able to tell how they were affected what they felt what the symptoms were which is much more powerful than taking tissue from from me from a body well. in my humble opinion autopsy is a very very rich. source of any sort of information and war over the un inspector aside a lot of stories about a lot of interviews about how many people were killed at some point and they reported they say that. they were like. a family of fourteen people killed in them as a marker and yet for some reason they make absolutely no after it's you go and see those bodies international chemical weapons experts will be hard pressed to keep politics out of their work in syria that's the view of journalist and broadcaster neil clark we know that the u.n.
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weapons inspectors in iraq for instance were put under enormous pressure from the u.s. to come up with a sort of find if they wanted and so i think that that's the big problem what we want is the u.n. team to be able to do their job properly without outside interference of outside pressure and i think we've got to be able to trust the u.n. i mean if we don't trust the u.n. who can we trust but the trouble is the u.n. doesn't work in a vacuum it works in the real world and there's going to be pressure put on them by the u.s. and of course what's going to happen is we're going to get the neo cons the the warmongers coming out with any kind of mind of any kind of discretion discrepancy coming out to use as a pretext for war so i think we've got to be alert and alive to the fact that the u.n. inspectors will be put under enormous pressure they've got to be strong enough to withhold that pressure i'm afraid in an exclusive interview with r.t. spanish channel ecuador's president referral career condemned barack obama's exceptionalism and even compared his tone to that of the nazis here's a brief preview of what he had to say. you know i still think president obama is
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a good and smart man but only speeches remind you of the speeches the nazis made in the run up and during the second world war they considered themselves the selected supreme race such speeches and ideas pose an extreme threat. or george galloway british m.p. for the respect party joins me live now from london some harsh comments there from president career what's your view of this idea that america is exceptional. well i wouldn't first of all compared to the nazis nothing is comparable to the nazis but it is dangerous idea that one country is god given for on top of all that greater than the others that cannot be true i once had an experience on an american radio show in seattle where the the presenter introduced the item by describing his own country as the greatest country on god's
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green earth and so i challenge. afore i said the other countries on god's green earth are less than you and i'm certainly not going to accept and i don't think people in other lands would either but if it was just rhetoric it wouldn't matter so much if it was just vainglory but it's put into practice by the international law lessness of the united states of america which draws on the side of exceptionalism and when president putin challenged in his us telling us newspaper interview or statement the americans were greatly offended and yet a moment's contemplation would tell them that no one in the world will accept the any one country can out a gate to itself the right internationally to break any law invade any country occupy any land change any regime on its own personal whim that's just not
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acceptable but it's been the practice in the last sixty years seventy years nearly when the united states has invaded more than fifty countries five zero fifty countries have been subject to america american exceptionalism in action but you do wonder is that not the role of the world superpower after all that's how it seemed by so many people and it has a moral duty to intervene that's how it sees itself well these are two separate questions morality and the possession of a large stockpile of thousands of nuclear weapons are not the same thing not synonymous in any way in any case the united states is not the only superpower in the world russia is a superpower china is a superpower or other countries will soon be superpowers and they cannot get to
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themselves. to police and adjudicate the world either and i don't believe the others will want to what we have to strive for is a world that is governed by mortality and the only adjudicator of world morality can be the world body itself the united nations but a very different united nations to the one that we currently have a democratically constituted one with power to share and where no country has a veto on the actions of the security council while you're there in london and many countries including of course the u.k. particularly u.k. really do propagate this image of america's exceptionalism why is that they clearly assume there is some substance in it. well it's a cultural cringe in part in the united kingdom our belief that we were greece
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and america is rome and our best policy is to cringe along behind them in the hope of picking up some of the spoils some of the glory but there's less and less glory from the kind of thing the united states model standing in the world has shrunk almost to vanishing point they still have a lot of hard power thousands of nuclear weapons chemical weapons lots of it indeed they abrogated their obligations under the chemical weapons treaty talking about syria so that they could keep their chemical weapons stockpile for a decade or more longer they have a lot of hard power but they're soft power is diminishing rapidly let me just give you one example people all over the world tonight are watching russia today but they're not watching fox news all over the world indeed anyone with half
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a brain in the united states is not watching fox news the soft power of russia and in time of many other countries will overtake overhaul the united states soft soft power you're really reduced to being of big bully with a big stick and nobody likes it's not an attractive look interesting you mention t.v. and media just how much of a role though briefly does the media have in propagating this image of the u.s. being exceptional just briefly. well as has done in the past i grew up in an era where we watched american television programs and watched american movies out of hollywood and so on but nowadays the most familiar image from the united states is the kind we saw yesterday of a woman in a speeding car being shot dead and trying to run through security about our kids
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and so on it's really a country that's more marked by columbine by massacres in colleges and universities nowadays and they'd be better to attend to their own sickness home instead of swaggering around the world trying to solve other people's problems talking to millions around the world here and i'll tell you we really appreciate your time george got away thank you very much indeed for joining us here on our live there in london thank you thank you welcome well we'll have more news coming away right after the break including coverage and the reaction to that into the in washington yesterday concerning that shooting. with the wording of war with syria at the last second and the opening of some kind of dialogue with iran it would appear washington's neo-cons an armchair generals are falling on hard times ever since the end of the cold war washington has always been in need of an enemy talking to iran certainly is one of their worst nightmares
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so is there a plan b. . today. these are the images. from the streets of canada. for asians to rule the day.
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he's continues here in our still not knowing what led to a car chase in washington d.c. which caused a security lockdown of the government and did with an unarmed woman being shot in front of her baby by police on thursday details now from some sex. suspects been identified by law enforcement miriam carey's thirty four year old from connecticut she's a mother she's been suffering from mental reportedly suffering from mental illnesses including post-partum depression she was recently laid off from her job as a dental hygienist and her family have no idea why she did this they are completely confused by all of this but around two pm yesterday she tried to gain access to a secure area near the white house here in washington d.c. just really a block away from the studio here she was confronted by police she did a three point turn striking a police officer and sped off to the u.s. capitol where she was again confronted by police shots rang out she alluded police again where she drove another few blocks near senate office buildings the car was
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then crashed and police opened fire killing her only then realized killing her in front of her one year old child it's worth noting she was completely unarmed the only shots fired during this entire incident were from the police and some people are saying this could have been a misunderstanding if you know this area around d.c. there's constantly drills going on there security checkpoints going on. you know it's hard to drive around and figure out if someone made a wrong turn and were confronted by police someone who might have a history of mental illness could get confused and drive off it's tragic that it would end in someone's death will be investigations into this i mean we're talking about the two most secure locations probably in the plain of the u.s. capitol the white house which might be why police were quick to jump to lethal force but a lot of people be saying you know why he why didn't police try and shoot out the tires when they had the vehicle cornered why wasn't another police car brought in to further box in the suspect vehicle and once the suspects car was immobilised the
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third time why was she just shot dead of course this comes with a string of incidents of people being unarmed and being held by police you may remember recently there was the case bieber on two dosh of who was being questioned by the f.b.i. . and during that question he was shot dead he was unarmed even with the case. the boston bomber he was captured alive but after several shots rang out by police in the boat that he was hiding and it was discovered that he was unarmed and really on a week to week basis unfortunately in the united states where we're hearing stories of police shooting unarmed people who they perceive as a threat and weren't so this is just another tragic instance of that unfortunately here in the nation's capital and you can see how the chase unfolded throughout central washington by taking a look at this map here starting at the white house the suspect advances all the way to the capitol building coming under police pursuit and almost two miles away
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from the white house where the driver was killed brought back a director of the coalition against war racism i spoke to maddy he said there was no reason for the police to act the way they did. she's from out of town she may have panicked she may have been confused she may be mentally ill we just don't know that but you see there's five or six police officers just inches away from her head with guns drawn and that's when she starts the lead she runs from them she's running away and they start opening fire and they keep shooting and finally when she's when her car is immobilized she's riddled with bullets why would please now terry gainer who's the sergeant of arms of the u.s. senate formally the chief of capitol police he said there was no possibility at all that she could have gotten access to the capitol grounds because there are so many barricades so if her car is disabled and the police chief or the sergeant at arms says there's no possible way for her car to pose a danger to congress why then did they open fire i mean it's because they shoot
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first ask questions later the police in washington and around the country have a license to kill they know there's never a prosecution and as we saw in congress the congress members just cheered they cheered over this slaughter and it really was the slaughter of an unarmed black woman in front of her baby. egyptian military continues its crackdown on the protest movement troops in cairo reportedly fired live realms of supporters of the deposed president mohamed morsi to prevent them from occupying tone here square now here's bill true with an update on the escalating tensions there these friday clashes between supporters of ousted leader mohamed morsy and security forces that have rocked the capital have turned deadly we have bloodshed on the streets multiple clashes explodes in multiple locations across the come across the country as well as the city i was down just a square when the thousands of supporters of morsy essentially attempted to access this main rallying point that had been sealed off by security forces with tanks
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concrete walls basically barricades made of barbed wire basically after that there was an old cations between security forces which descended into clashes i heard automatic weapon fire can't confirm whether it was live ammunition but it certainly was green through the air as well as volleys of tear gas really making the entirety of downtown almost impossible to breathe we have had reports of a possibly a fatality there also running points in giza which is the site of one of these sit ins for mohamed morsy earlier on in august by the dispersed by the security forces that also there were clashes in additions to thousands gathering at the site of one of the main incumbents in support of our list of leader mohammed morsi in the rubble of the way in nasr city we've also heard of clashes in the northern city of alexandria and in the nile delta and this comes to few days before we expect a mass demonstrations on sunday which is the national armed forces day or the anniversary of the nine hundred three war morsi supporters have vowed to come to
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his square which they have been forbidden from accessing in addition pro-military protests are expected the same day so we really will see this gearing are as we get this rival protest day in addition we're just hearing every day of more aggressive of various different leaders so really there aren't very many of the missing brotherhood figures still. on the ground they're either in jail or on the run so this is how direct effect on their protests on the ground there has been quite tense because these people aren't going home the most haven't ever they've seen a number of their fellow protesters killed they say they will keep going until mohamed morsy is reinstated or until at least the military step away from power bill true there in cairo well earlier i spoke to dr mohammad ghanem who is a representative for the muslim brotherhood in the u.k. and he believes the military is stripping egyptians of the human rights what morsi done may be a mistake may be the muslim brotherhood. has feed the people ballistically you
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correct that politically not by a military coup which they killed the people if you do it do you part of the land the land of. every inch of. egypt is belong to the egyptian people become a ball you have the right to do ministry any time they like denying that's the law and the people's right. to rock this guy it's a human right is freedom it's a moral and ethical issue you can not conquer the will of the keep the majority of the egyptian people have understood now the conspiracy behind this thirty june third of july sisi young guns now people will come back to ask for the world back for retaining be democratic. one more time it will carry on their evolution in school lifting its power again
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and it will reverse that without any doubt in just four years time switzerland could become a beacon of social security by then everyone in the country could be guaranteed a basic income to live on r.t. teamed up with roughly video agency to follow the story because one of the reports from byrne. what we're seeing here in switzerland is a completely revolutionary outlook towards the social welfare system what's being proposed by a group of swiss citizens is a guaranteed minimum income now what that would mean is that every citizen whether working in whichever job or not at all would receive a set amount of money this new revolutionary plan has resulted in this outpouring of outpouring of gold coins is well it's caused some consternation is it just free money or will it result in people not even bothering to work now those behind the scheme say that it will actually encourage people to work it will encourage people
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to to follow their dreams they say that this will allow them allow people in the country a right to dignity a right to choose exactly what they want to do not pressured by the stream precious of having to finance their every day lives they say that the modern world has created a situation whereby people don't work for what they enjoy they worked in order to to just pay their bills and they want to change this now when it comes to financing it well that's where it gets into the real political wrangling and if this does get beyond a referendum that's certainly something that's going to be discussed it has been put forward to perhaps taxes could be raised it's also being put forward that could be a financial transaction tax of course switzerland one of the the major banking centers of the world if not the major banking center of the world also rise in v.a. t. in value added tax could be brought in but it's a certainly a revolutionary scheme that they're looking forward to putting to parliament here
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and to change perhaps even the the very way that we concept what work is. after bilateral talks russian president vladimir putin joined prince albert of monaco at a unique olympic exhibition here in moscow but brought his own collection of olympic torch is to the russian capital on what was his first official visit putin added to the collection by presenting his guest with the torch that will be used at the upcoming winter olympics in the russian resort city of sochi the prince of monaco is a keen sportsman and has taken part in five olympic games has a black judo belt and has traveled to the north pole. well that brings up today for the moment more news with the team in just over half an hour from now in the meantime with neo conservatives falling from favor in washington artie's peter the vel discusses whether they do have a future now with his guests in cross talk just ahead on r.t. .
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you know i'm old enough to remember on reruns when gomer pyle used to cry citizen's arrest when he saw something wrong in mayberry and a new law in russia could allow our city average to do the same thing by helping to enforce law in the country this law will allow citizens to protect public order by becoming volunteer workers deputy policeman and even forming people's militias which will in theory prevent crime or at least allow the police to be informed more quickly and accurately of course this like any project which sounds nice on paper is all about the implementation so we'll see how these deputies and militias will work overall i think this won't have much of an effect on crime but it could have a huge impact on non-criminal bad public behavior you know i am not the bravest guy on the planet and it's hard to confront a group of five drunk guys who are just as big as you who are acting like idiots on the street but doing so with ten stone sober militiamen buddies could provide
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a much more convincing argument for the drunkard's this could be a big step forward for democracy when you actually have at least a scrap of power or control over the events in your neighborhood then you are sure feel like people actually have a lot of power and this could be good for the country but that's just my opinion. hello and welcome to crossfire for all things are considered on peter lavelle twilight of the neo cons with the averting of war with syria at the last second and the opening of some kind of dialogue with iran it would appear washington's neo cons and armchair generals are falling on hard times.


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