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tv   World Apart with Oxana Boyko  RT  October 6, 2013 6:29am-7:01am EDT

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afghanistan another was shot dead by a security guarded what's believed to be an insider attack instance follow a nato air strike on saturday's at the port and killed four civilians. a fresh surge of violence to report in iraq with suicide bombers targeting a primary school now and a police station in the country's northeast at least eight children and two police officers were killed in the attack dozens of people are reported injured those blasts follow saturday's attacks in baghdad in the city to create also the claimed over sixty lives bombings and shootings in iraq have left over three thousand people dead last month. some five hundred pro british soil is to take to the streets of belfast in northern ireland in defiance of an official ban protesters try to complete the july twelfth orange order parade that was blocked by local authorities the ban on the july march through areas separating loyalist international communities and five nights of clashes back then dozens of injured policeman. in spain hundreds of rallied for an anti
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corruption demonstration in madrid people voiced their anger over the ruling party's use of public money to repay debt syncro by private banks the testers also called for the nation's prime minister one of her holy to step down recent figures show the unemployment rate in the country is top twenty six percent. plans for the construction of a new mosque in athens have brought city residents to boiling point with the country going through waves of stir it emerges the project supposed to be funded from the taxpayers' pockets and is r t zero piskun off reports it's not so the greeks are eager to put up with the. of. the evening prayer one of the five daily spiritual rituals for muslims worldwide some prefer to do it at home others visit a mosque. this one looks more or less ordinary from the inside but there is one detail which makes it stand out from the rest in other parts of the globe this is
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a literally an underground mosque set up inside the garage of an apartment building things and every day muslims from nearby neighborhoods come here to pray while in total there are around one hundred twenty of similar unofficial mosques all across the city it's hard to tell the difference between unofficial and illegal but the makeshift facilities are the local muslim communities only choice there's simply no official mosque in athens we're talking about thousands of people that hold the great passports and they. vowed to this country and they are equal but now it's at the time of their prayers greece is among the main points of entry for migrants to the e.u. and it's estimated around three hundred thousand muslims live in athens alone. so for the first time since gaining independence from the ottoman empire in the eighteenth century greek authorities are planning to build a mosque in the capital but as it turns out many of the crisis hit a traditional orthodox christian nation are not happy with the idea that the mosques price tag is one million euro plans to be paid from the state budget that
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doesn't exist doesn't lose this money should be given to poor people pensioners who are starving in are collecting trash on the streets so they can eat the government should give the one million euro's to these people and not build mosques for the churches to be again of and if then we have debts and then there are thousands of unemployed sick poor starving people it's like telling me to build a house without even having money to eat can this happen no it can't be clearly it's only a drop in the ocean for many greeks who once again dove into a wave of mission wide strikes against. rush austerity measures. and while the government redirects anyone am happy with the mosques construction to the courts it seems that stories like this a reminder that the financial crisis is not only about cash but it's exposing the most sensitive social problems that for many are becoming too expensive to tolerate you go to school of athens greece.
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it's exactly fourteen thirty three now here in moscow things play where this is r.t. live from yes kevin i with you right now back to the main event we're covering live here within the past few minutes that olympic torch for the twenty four team sochi winter games touched in the russian capital look at the airport there is the plane air a flight specially decked plane with the saatchi twenty fourteen logo on it the guards there ready to saluted as it comes down the plane will be cross into our correspondent jeff ski shortly he's covering it for us that plane got in around about twenty minutes earlier than shared over the plane doors are open there's been no sign of anyone coming out yet we're thinking first of all this is what they call an official opening of the plane doors some of the officials will come out go into the terminal then run about five minutes later or so the official opening of the plane doors will happen that's when the guard of one who will play that some will see the flame coming down and then the journalists will be coming on behind that
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a little bit later so we're still as we've got our cameras trained on there you can see that especially on a. plane if you can take. everyone waiting really for the moment to happen just a moment moment to tell you about the special torch which will be seeing a lot of over the next hundred twenty three days as it makes that epic journey across russia it's been specially designed we'll talk about it a minute let's go to artes and. jet ski. lots of anticipation but nothing happened yet. well you can say it safe to say that it is almost tangible here in the airport the planes over here everyone is waiting for the vice prime minister of the russian federation to be the cause of to come out with the olympic flame of course you will be greeted by the presidential regiment orchestra playing allowed here to greet the olympic flame certainly historic moment for russia for the first time in more than three decades the olympic flame has landed at the russian capital the
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last time this happened was of course in one thousand eight hundred one moscow hosted the summer olympic games now it's the turn of the city to host the winter games in the next year we understand the olympic flame off to carry down from the plane over here it will be catered to the red square by a group of bikers called the night pool. regular bikers group. privileged people. businessmen athletes and even a coach of the russian team of this biker group so they will they will motorcade the. olympic flame to the red square where we'll see the culmination of the ceremony where thousands athletes volunteers of games and there and the country's top politicians including the president will greet the olympic flame in russia. flames just there i think what's happening. yes yes we usually can
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see that it was a carrying down the flame and a little lamp aid over there. and there are even people protecting the lamp and from the wind as you can see we swing our camera around a bit to see if you think. this is now carrying it to the protest or where he will say probably some words of introduction welcoming the olympic flame to. the first vice prime minister of the russian federation he was the one who handed the flame in in athens by the greek side and now he's brought it to moscow. the media i think these are good yeah. i think. so this is. happening this efficient protocol the they're welcoming by the by the regiment the presidential regiment. they're now playing the greeting tune. to greet the olympic flame in the russian capital for the first time in three decades that
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is. of course what we should wear is the lympics live in that lantern that was lit from the cold room yesterday it's not the official olympic torch itself is it yes. we understand that the olympic torch will be lit at the ceremony at the red square now it will be carried in this little lantern to the red square supported by as i said the motorcade of the night wolves biker group and that's where that the rest where that's where the biggest ceremony will take place . over the north and well a lot of time africa is in the making sure this goes smoothly of course perish the thought what should happen if the flame of a blue out is there a spare. to your bigger question it's a bit loud here i'm getting the terrific support loud i'll tell you what i'll let you talk us through a little bit more rob i'm interrupting you every two minutes because it's hard for you to hear. tell us a little bit more about where the flames going to go and what's in store for it and
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then a little bit more about sochi itself. well definitely this this is the start of an epic journey for the for the olympic flame which will take part of course in the longest olympic torch relay in the history of winter olympics it will cover more than sixty five thousand kilometers it will pass through almost three thousand towns cities and villages across russia from kaliningrad zula give us talk it will be carried by more than fourteen thousand torch carriers and another peculiarity another record breaking aspect here is that more than a hundred and thirty million people across russia will be able to participate. relight because ninety percent of the russian population will be within one hour's reach the points to the to the route of the olympic torch relay and that's why one hundred thirty million people will be able to in one way or another participate in
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the store to relay the olympic flame during this exciting one hundred twenty three day long relay will find itself in the outer space at the bottom of the lake baikal the biggest lake in russia at the top of the mountain the highest peak in in the country and also it will be carried by a plane a train and even the troika of reindeers so it's an exciting journey for the olympic flame and in hundred twenty three days starting from monday that will be of course the february the seventh the torch relay will become united at the opening ceremony of the sorts the twenty fourteen olympic games in the city of sochi i've been there over the past several weeks a few times and i've seen that the city is pretty much ready for the olympics although there are still some some things needed to be completed but moreover more or less we can say that it's ready we had the assurances from the international olympic committee that infrastructure wise hotel wise transportation wise the city
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is completely ready now for the olympics and this is certainly of course that the whole of the one hundred forty million countries now anticipating very eagerly here just reminding our viewers what they're saying over your shoulder there will stay on those pictures for a minute the olympic torch relay if you have just joined us. will be starting when he gets to moscow but what we're witnessing now the plane just flown into the new airport we're seeing the heard the russian national anthem now the delegation is. taking place to the microphones they're going to give in to an official speech and so some very pleasant things about it the lamp with the olympic flame is then going to be placed and looted think it already has on that special podium there it is in the in the lantern. we transferred over to the olympic torch of course a little bit later when it gets to red square in moscow president putin will be covering that as well you'll be talking at length and a spectacular fireworks display is likely later it's got a heck of a journey ahead of it for the next hundred twenty three days sixty five thousand
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kilometers to cover and they've planted in such a way they say the organizers that at any one time hopefully ninety percent of the population will be able to get to that as it goes around the host country russia so little bit of history being made there lecturer jessica thanks very much for that now outside that arafat special especially late on flight there thank you very much . ok so the olympic torch has touched down in moscow to travel even further into it reaches its final destination in sochi and as the launch of the winter games draws closer we take a look at how it all began and what technologies and there are so many of them have been used to make these a lympics a reality and a very special thing to. hello
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and welcome to technology update while the sun and palm trees may not immediately scream winter olympics the clock behind me shows that time is ticking as russia sochi transforms itself from a sunny summertime resort into a cutting edge winter sports complex all over russia in fact the final countdown is on. not so little reminders were placed in a smattering of the country cities announcing that the next winter olympics are fast approaching and that it's time for the final push. and adding fuel to the nation's olympics mad fire it was the recent unveiling of official uniforms and torch for the run up to the games really the torch is meant to resemble a feather as well as conjure up the image of a firebird or phoenix from russian folklore the torture edition began at the one nine hundred thirty six olympics has been kept alive at every one since the initial iterations are relatively simple each host country has tried to use a torch with something special from the nation itself. the flame carrier for the
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one nine hundred sixty games in the us was designed by disney engineer. a hummer torch was aerodynamic enough to allow it to be delivered by a ski jump. the torch has even been transmitted by a satellite that was transported underwater at the great barrier reef before the two thousand sydney games. for the most recent winter olympics in vancouver the torch was built by plane and train maker that year. the ninety five centimeter tall torch has been specially designed but the low center of gravity for a more ergonomic the shape the body is made of aluminum and weighs a total of one point eight kilograms the flame is powered. by propane tucked inside the system for which it was designed by rocket engine maker preston yes the machine is to eat only plant given the stakes designers and engineers want to make sure everything works exactly as it should be a religion first of all the torch has to stay late under any condition and it must
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light immediately the one that i with that has to function twelve minutes in temperatures lower than forty five degrees below zero has to work properly whether there is wind blowing from the left from the right behind from the front and so on it has to work in the rain snow or any other weather most of the torch has to function in a high mountain altitude where there is low pressure which is important but in my limited number of torches it will be produced especially for this purpose. before the torch can be used to light the cauldron in sochi next year it's got quite a busy travel schedule ahead of it it will make its way all over russia being carried by many of the country's biggest and brightest personalities the list of those carrying the flame will likely include summer olympians who will have to sit on the sidelines as their cold weather compatriots carry the national banner into competition. over seventy the torch will be lit in greece and flown over to moscow
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from there it will be taken on a whirlwind one hundred twenty three day tour around russia is slated to pass through nearly three thousand cities and to cover around sixty five thousand kilometers in the process a total of roughly fifteen thousand olympic and paralympic torches will be built specially designed to deal with whatever the russian winter throws at it come rain wind or snow the olympic flame and ideals it represents simply won't be extinguished. the journey to this point started five and a half years ago when precious and vicious plan was chosen. the olympic park and a company to rename it will be down to the water's edge amid sochi subtropical weather in an effort to make the. experience more accessible for visitors all the coastal cluster will be within a ten to fifteen minute walking distance. has had to be built from scratch what you see today is completely. from what was here just a few years ago but that's only half the story here. some fifty kilometers away.
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jumping sledding and other downhill competitions given the commute between the two clusters transport solutions have taken a front seat. change. their train station. to everything. the airport and even moscow. the country's largest train station. traffic up to fifteen thousand people in our existing track. of all the transport projects. up the hill roughly fifty bridges spanning almost twenty kilometers had to be built including this. bridge stretching eight hundred meters is the first of its kind in the south of russia. high concrete pylons. for.
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the first stop on the way to the top station for all intents and purposes ready for action. it will. help some twenty thousand fans of their high altitude destination. only heavy machinery and supplies are being tugged up and down the line. by the time. new electric. along it speeds up to one hundred sixty kilometers an hour thirty minutes from bottom to top. it all of the olympic projects under expert rude . you to make sure that they don't unnecessarily threaten the environment or spectators and that the sunk the sliding center off in the distance russian technology is being used for that very purpose. billed as the
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longest track in the world key here is the only top of the line sliding complex in the whole of russia like all of the venues here it was built from the ground up but it's already begun hosting tests to make sure everything is working smoothly in anticipation of the world's attention the technology required to create such breathtaking displays is often overlooked giving ice at just the right temperature and consistency is a major part of the task in many world class facilities like this one that's done via mechanical cooling maybe brand new so far the results speak for themselves. super i like to track the ice is getting better every day is becoming. i think the track was designed properly. in the case safety on and around the course is really priority number one that in mind there are three inclined hills to help keep a lid on over the top speed russian made since keeping an eye on the potentially dangerous but necessary chemicals used to make the track ice cold traditionally
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ammonia and freon have been the two main ways to keep big things cool ammonia refrigerants have always been valued for the relatively low cost as well as better cooling stats that's been balanced against their overpowering smell and serious toxicity freon on the other hand and lower toxicity levels and is totally odorless which actually may make freon leaks more difficult to spot it's uses waned in recent decades as it's destroying qualities have become better known a major reason both then cooper and so she opted against it. freon doesn't have. any kind of smell. it's going to have a gas and in case of major leaks it settles down to the ground. presence there so if they enter a room with a freon leak they can experience oxygen deficiency which may result in always on thing or even death when you know them. so while the sun keep track does it use the
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silently dangerous freon the gallons of ammonia pumping throughout. the company responsible for producing the first. in case of a leak they have three levels of warning depending on the concentration of whole sections of the piping can be closed off. prior to implementing the system so it would take fifteen to sixty minutes for information about emergencies to reach those who needed it at times it was even covered up now it's impossible to conceal this kind of data. the company actually develops and produces a wide array of different detecting sensors they run the gamut from electro chemical catalytic to acoustic to heart they all have fast acting technology after going through calibration and testing here in comes off as they're ready to be plugged in for round the clock contamination monetary. need to all works
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automatically it's constantly running constantly doing what it's supposed to do and in the case of an emergency within forty seconds enough data is transmitted to trigger the warning system and allows the necessary measures to be taken it all happens very quickly. with. all the data from such sensors are sent nearly instantaneously to local and then federal branches of the country's emergency services ministry wherever potentially harmful chemicals are used information from the connected sensors are sent to monitoring stations like this they act as the nerve center and another pair of. monitors failed to spot a problem those in the local and federal watchdog offices should be able to react in real time that allow those in sochi to devote all their attention to record breaking feats. for the ongoing construction and coming influx of sports mad fans the region's power grid with a native much more juice louder the station here is just the tip of the iceberg.
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the start of the veritable avalanche of transmission power. substation was built in two thousand and nine using techniques that reduce the impact of construction on the surrounding area its unique design set the standard for all the other substations popping up in the area after it given the sometimes twenty degrees below zero temps engineers house and much of the machinery behind closed doors. including the federal grid company has increased the number of mountain substations many times over the. transformers are already hooked in and deliver the right voltage to the mountain venue sites while under construction is said to be ready for action this march at the same time six more have been built and will provide the juice to the coastal cluster events and surrounding areas if that weren't enough the existing substations have been updated to ensure the lights don't go out on the olympics. as construction has progressed over the past few years demand for
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energy has been on a constant uptick. as more and more projects have been completed and start operating the string on the grid has increased threefold. to ensure that safe and stable supply of electrified energy to already operating generating stations across the hydro electricity and so she thermal power plants will renovated additionally three brand new stations have been constructed to give an extra nine hundred megawatts of capacity to the region considering russia is the globe's largest natural gas producer it should be no surprise that the clean very combustible is a person first fuel for the generators and to get that gas to where it's needed has built into the. pipeline of us one hundred seventy two kilometers about one hundred sixty of that the contours of the sea floor about four to have kilometers off shore the entire length of that portion was laid over four short months back in two thousand and ten and after makes landfall there so she began to makes its way to
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the distribution station this pipeline network features that absolutely in terms of technology with electronics. the station much more efficient and safer operational capabilities of course workers are always on hand to check that everything is running smoothly but the cutting edge kids. from the equation. technologically but at the same time simple in terms of operation safety and reliability. also it gives us unique opportunity. the production process. and much of that gas is ultimately shipped to the recently opened thermal power plant. cycle station will help keep both the juice and heating flowing steadily before during and after the olympic and paralympic games employs what's called a drive into. three
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hundred. twenty. and. a successful project is dependent upon the. russians. the breakdown is about fifty fifty perhaps the russian share is even. the power plant.
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the temperature five hundred degrees. which in total three hundred sixty. park. even power generation. panels those construction. companies. right next to the h q. take. extra support to the region. this. on this building. part of the building's energy demand. this estate
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is able to generate its total of thirty two kilowatts that is more than enough to compensate for spikes in energy consumption the air conditioners are running simultaneously. the russian solar array snatcher of choice is handled which is currently gearing up for the big launch of a new factory our saudi the company is a joint venture between. the production lines here incorporate the very latest in solar power technology their third generation panels draw on improvements made but still a con film in the past decade the new heavy panels will be. jewels which are able to harness in direct and if used light each generating between one hundred twenty five and one hundred fifty five watts such panels could eventually have some of the lowest cost to want to the world marking a major step forward from the reigning in film panels. made with just about
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identical at first glance crystal panels and their single layer of silicone inside are mostly cloudy conditions heavy produced modules will be able to capture and convert the whole spectrum of sunlight into energy the two layers of silicone and heavy allow them to harness both the visible and infra red soled rays best theoretically to see the former at some thirty percent. we need to of course the performance. very close cooperation with. we do have a team of sophisticated. scientists working on the premises of the well known you're. certainly a wise choice when you consider that the campus has long been russia's leader in photovoltaics just for research and innovation new facilities have sprung up including especially sinter for thin film energy technologies so by the time the olympics roll around devil may be in the position of even more cutting edge tech.
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wealthy british. economy. mission to teach me.
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this today at the. olympic flame is already arrived. ready for a. journey across the. country of course we're following its progress live for you again this hour. covering two other stories that shape the u.s. government shutdown and a looming default threaten to severely damage the country's economy. down the spine of international. the prosecution of. the protests as a. threat to the environment.


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