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tv   News Weekly  RT  October 6, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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silicone we've been a hydrogen why handful of friends dash all corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once told to us by job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem trucks and rational debate in a real discussion of critical issues facing and thereby feel ready to join the movement then walk a little bit there. was . something i'm going to take your time computing. welcome to russia value the clay makes it to the finest torchbearers and out taking the torch on a marathon four month a relay through russia until it launches such a twenty four thirty. u.s.
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special forces are reportedly forced to follow bond during a militant raid in somalia but a separate operation in libya it says a top terror leaders seized last claims while that washington is especially pake a in its war against and set it. on the nothing runs goes to an international tribunal to try and free the fish to greenpeace all activists the russians taking to court on piracy charges. hello and welcome to all see twenty four hour news line from moscow i mean you know main story now and it's a big day for russia the olympic flame is now in mosco for the final countdown to the twenty fourteen winter olympics.
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i. amassed a convoy of bikers and brought it safely to red square and a cheering crowd before present peyton sent the torch on its way on cheesy group as cannot wash the festivities in red square for us. well it's truly a historic event for the whole nation and possibly even for the history of the olympic games themselves the olympic flame was first delivered on board the special flight from greece to local airport there was a sported by the. biker gang one of the most famous ones in the country many of these guys are after these themselves and also known for their various charity projects they said that it was a great honor for them to be able to take part in this event then several thousand people waiting for the flame to arrive to the heart of the capital it's red square where it was greeted by president putin and celebrities congratulating pretty much
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the whole nation with the flames finally arriving to moscow and basically laying the foundation ahead of the start official start off the a longest olympic torch relay in the history of the games and all of this was happening of course and some mishaps are always possible and at some points when the olympic torch was being taken inside the kremlin for a brief moment the flame actually went out it had to be religious but we have spoken to experts and they say that this is a normal practice and specifically for these reasons they brought several lanterns with the original flame from greece so no worries it is ensured that the flame which is going to end up in sochi on the seventh of february is going to be the original one from greece know like i said this is going to be the longest one in the history of the olympic games we're talking about one thousand nine hundred cities and villages across the whole country it's planned that the flame will be
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taken on top of the biggest mountains like the war on the bottom of the biggest lakes. it's also plans of that the olympic flame will be taken on board the international space station and even outside into outer space but cosmonauts themselves so far have been hiding the secret help technically that. going to be possible fourteen thousand people are going to be taking part in this really it's estimated that around one hundred thirty million russian citizens will be at a reasonable distance to the flame at one point or another to be able to see it with their own eyes or possibly even participate in the relay itself when it comes to the transportation then this flame is going to be transported via all the possible. means of transportation not only airplanes and trains but dogs and reindeer camels even hot air balloons and space ships so this is truly a historic event what we've seen here today in moscow but it's also really the
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start of i guess the final stretch sort of before the actual start of the winter olympics which so many people have been waiting for. follow that plain old away from greece on board the very jet that brought it here and he shared his impressions on the road. which is going to take you back a week because this flame started its life in a limpia this time last week and the reason it's been increased for the last seven days is just to remind us about the history of these olympics the birthplace of the olympic games two and a half thousand years ago two and a half thousand years ago and in the limpia there are still the remains of the great temples that were there then and you can also still see the original running track that the europeans used back in seven hundred b.c. so essentially what happened was they used the rays of the sun as they did back then to light the flame that flame is used to light the first torchbearer in
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olympia and then this torch went around greece the flame was handed over to the russian olympic committee it's a beautiful stadium it's called the palace and i call stadium in athens and that's where the first modern olympics were held at the end of the nineteenth century and the public were allowed to go in and watch and they did in the hundreds so it was well received there and then the question was what happens to the flame now how will we get it to russia well i found it so the question is how do you take the flame from sunny athens all the way to moscow well it's quite simple you put it in a small lantern and then you put it on a plate but that's not just any old thing that's to be i paid plain and i've got a ticket. we're now cruising at thirty thousand feet and turns into you see twenty five billion pick flame you might notice it has been used to light a couple of other lanterns and that's because one of them might go out god forbid so they've got those extra ones just in case now they are in good company because on board among other people is the president of the sort she organized in committee
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dimitri tunisia and he sat just over here dimitri you spent the last eight years of your life trying to bring this flame to russia you must be pretty excited yes. very much so because it's once in a way of democrats going to do for the generations. is the new more than russia after the war with the global war goes. with this several billion so viewers you're in the opening ceremony which will be held on in one hundred twenty four days in the very heart of my image of city of sochi ok well you've got a busy time ahead so i will let you get some more rest we are g.'s to touch down in moscow in a bank to you as time. and we have just landed in moscow it is in the story moment and if you look out of the door you will see the olympic flame for sochi twenty fourteen is a bank to receive a very warm welcome. paralympics of course is all about this
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sport but how do you keep wild wild visitors into taint of and absent culture correspondent martin andrews is a man who knows how to spend his time and money wisely for good nights out how they're marching great to see you here in this studio so of course it's a massively important issue of course and the authorities they do try hard to make their city hospitable so what's hospitality like in the house that's the question i think first of all it's important to talk about when it comes to russian russian. that's just super bass part of your culture you know it's part of russians culture to be open to guests you know i've been to seventy five cities around around this gigantic country and they are the most missed mistaken people really because they come seem cold they come seem shy but actually they're more generous and hospitable the most people including there are people from the u.k. however that said it's very important to compare the differences between hospitality and the service industry because that is about that is very different i
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know i know that's not all good well yeah let's just yes let's just try to be balanced although you've done i think if i compare the service industry germany in hotels and restaurants here in moscow not just in russia. you get your food in the wrong order. certainly face waitresses people don't speak english but that is slowly changing i've seen the difference here in moscow in the past eight years i've been in sochi several times and that is changing to the resorts for example where they're going to be having the events in crescent pollyanna i know from having spoken to the managers they are desperately giving everybody english lessons most of the hotels are managed by westerners so they're trying to give the best experience of people and in my experience seeing the hotels in the restaurants they're doing a great job i'm sure many people would be disappointed it means that things are not perfect but they're slightly changing our present. i mean i think that it's very
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important not to compare which is the old soviet style of like beach resort where the airport is to this new. experience where all these gigantic you you know skiing accommodations of being you know built. because menus in all sorts of are still in russian so there's still a little bit of work to be done right so this is all about restaurants how about night life what about clubs and actually what's one of the things with my clubs and i love this about moscow is that it's really a comparison with the old meets the new you will still have the club playing our public servants which is a great thing to experience but at the same time you've got this you've got. the same time you've got this capitalist boom where you've got clubs and d.j.'s flying in form from my big clubs opening moving the bases from moscow down to such. life in moscow. is second to none and many of them trying to have that experience
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in sochi so lots to look forward to absolutely cause waiting for something exciting absolutely fantastic to happen to happen yeah definitely so i'll just have to wait and see there martin thank you so much for sharing your insight all right. with me here in the studio and i'll be back with more news after a very short break to stay with us. the olympic torch is on its epic journey to structure. one hundred twenty three days. through two thousand nine hundred ton two cities of russia. relayed by fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand kilometers. in a record setting trip by land air sea an outer space. a limpid torch relay. on r t r two dot com.
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her. basis with economic ups and downs in the final months day the london deal sang i and the rest of the life during the making it will be every week on. morning news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china corporations are today.
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please. welcome to. science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got this huge you're covered. this is welcome by the destruction of syria's chemical arsenal has begun international inspectors in the country have confirmed that warheads chemical mixing installations and rockets are all undergoing dismantling and eradicate from the process is expected to take months and a more now was that middle east affairs specialist and historian tariq ali mr tariq ali welcome to r.t. or would you say it's been a rather smooth start to the d. weaponize ing process. so far so good. it's very positive
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the weapons being removed from syria and of course even more also clear that this intervention by the. russian government and by the british parliament and many other ranking war forces stopped the united states from the sharing an air attack on syria i hope that this example will be followed in neighboring countries i mean we know that israel has arsenal of chemical weapons and so does egypt so it would be useful now to use state is so mean of syria as far as chemical weapons and rockets attached concerned to neighboring countries there's an absolutely knows
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reason why this should be done in but will require the right ben who are well who understand that the task ahead is quite extensive to say the least did believe president assad will really give up everything all his chemical weapons also well it's in his interest to do so because in return for their he gets a pledge that they will not be. heir invasion of the country which would create havoc not just for him but for large numbers of ordinary people so i course have no idea what he intends to do but it would be very foolish off and totally irrational to keep some weapons hidden not that he isn't capable of doing there it would just be a completely crazy as some rebel groups a bell actively impede inspections why would they do that isn't it in their interest to see asaad chemically dissolve and. yeah i think it is that they should
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be chemically. and who the best authority in the world to do all that is i don't i'm not a expert on that but there's absolutely no doubt that these weapons should be disarmed immediately they should be taken out will you know end up in the hands of other forces inside or outside syria and the inspectors say a lot of that what depends on corporation from the government and the opposition what are the chances that one side or another that will cause a problem well look the opposition is very disturbed because they were banking and this applies to all sections of the opposition. even those sections like the more religious extremist groups who loathe the united states who are hoping for an invasion which which they could then use to take the concrete and then fight each other like it's happening in libya but that hasn't happened where the sections
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of the opposition are going to disrupt the inspectors from taking off disarming doing whatever they're doing to the chemical weapons i don't know what totally surprised me of some section from within but tried to create of procreation and then blame it on the government because they were very upset when no war. tariq ali historian made me especially thank you very much indeed for your time thank you thank you and our middle east correspondent days out right now on very to damascus to report on the destruction of syria's chemical weapons traveling from lebanon by car is the report point to say it centers across the border. we've just driven through the lebanon syrian border and aside from a couple of bureaucratic delays the whole process was relatively smooth it took only about twenty minutes for our passport to be checked and stamped on the
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lebanese side and there in the departure swore they were around two hundred two hundred fifty people everybody staying in and in a queue everything or to be the lebanese army managing and controlling everything the situation is really stable here at the border post it took us around an hour and a half to drive from beirut to the border at this time in the morning it's around ten o'clock the traffic is mostly in the direction we are going which is from beirut to damascus and here there are a number of mostly civilian cars there are a number of taxis that also some buses i mean side those buses on mostly women and some with children i managed to speak to some of the taxi drivers and they say that business is still good between beirut and damascus you still have a number of lebanese gangs that are working inside syria at the same time you have a number of businessmen while being based in beirut are still having to come through to damascus on
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a fairly regular basis i tried to speak to some of the passengers particularly the women that no one would speak on camera of course they're afraid of any kind of retribution that the situation as you can well imagine is still very sensitive here paula slee our team on the lebanese syrian border. turning to developments in egypt this sunday clashes have broken out between muslim brotherhood supporters and anti morsy protesters leaving at least fifteen people dead fish the battles broke out in the west of the egyptian capital thousands of supporters of the muslim brotherhood was stopped on their way to to have square riot police who reportedly fired live rounds into the ground square it was already full of pro-government demonstrators come on rating this force anniversary of your mckay pour israel's last war with egypt. traces how egyptian society has become a divided. egyptian security forces stormed to cairo incumbents
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for ousted muslim brotherhood president mohamed morsy back in august tents are torn down over six hundred people are killed a month on brotherhood activists like mustafa say they have been driven underground so. i have started to hide my identity every day i shave my beard i have a second phone number that has to be changed and show it's not a truck now i can live in my apartment or move from one place to another life has become very difficult for over a month this was the site of one of cairo's main promo see citizens of the august body dispersal by security forces it's become just a busy street since that day for many missing but their activists like mr furze they say they aren't able to attend rallies and their leaders are in jail or in hiding with last week's court order banning them is a brotherhood many fear this crackdown will just get worse. egyptian human rights organizations say the military led government is being harsh. all the activities of
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the muslim brotherhood. and its. related to the muslim brotherhood to this is a week of course so that as a collective punishment restrictions. muslim brotherhood also will not do anything but supporters of the interim. verman say there is documented evidence the brotherhood uses violence so silencing its membership they say is necessary to ensure stability and the transition to democracy to help with the ministry in the thirtieth of june revolution which was the second wave of the twenty fifth of january revolution muslim brotherhood killed a lot of egyptians they had no problems killing innocent people they proved they were to push egypt into civil war morsi supporters maintain they are being prevented from peacefully protesting the brotherhood's newspaper was also shut down its website when web announced this week they had to move operations to london due to the escalating crackdown rather than stifling the movement mr and his fellow
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activists say it makes them more determined than ever the tension in pushing egypt further towards a bigger crisis. true for r.t. cairo u.s. special forces in somalia have reportedly had to pull back after neighbor resistance from militia attempts to capture their leader but another terror raid over four thousand kilometers away in libya was more productive as the military countered a suspect from the nine hundred ninety eight u.s. embassy bombings in kenya and tanzania peace activist around dawson says washington is very selective when it comes to fighting terror. the war on terrorism has really replaced the cold war to justify massive military spending and so when they're supporting a dictator like hadi in yemen who want an election because it is the only name on the ballot or they are supporting al qaeda or going to areas in syria or whether it's the mujahideen in afghanistan or any of these terrorist groups or drug cartels and so on if they are supporting u.s.
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policy in the region then it's not terrorism it's not spoken of if they're opposing neocolonialism in us to money then they're terrorists it's not about how the actor who they kill us has no problem supporting terrorists all over the rest of the world so for them to be fighting terrorists in somalia sounds a little disingenuous when they're supporting. al qaeda in syria as well as on nursery and many other terrorist groups all over the world. the netherlands started legal action against russia this week it's finding a claim with the international maritime court to when they were released a flashing green peace activists arrested after trying to scale a russian oil rig nearly three weeks ago their protests were traveling on board the dutch registered summarize they face up to fifteen years in prison on charges of piracy and duck currently in custody awaiting trial russia says it's well within its rights to defend its assets under international law saturday so demonstrations calling for the release of the activists in dozens of countries for my greenpeace
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leader patrick moore believes the axiom is true have found a better way to get that message across. you can't expect to have people allow you to continue to storm their oil rigs oil rigs are a very serious operation with really big safety issues and you start scaling the rig and then people have to come and try to get you off it puts them in danger and so i can certainly understand why they were apprehended and finally told away from the site i do tend to agree with president putin that they are not pirates it's pretty obvious i think their intentions were not to loot the rig or anything like that but they're still putting people in danger and it is a serious situation it's my understanding that this is the first oil platform that is done designed specifically to withstand the intention is to make it a safer way of extracting oil. as the news this hour let's take
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a few moments to look back at the day's main event the sultry twenty four seen winter olympic flame is now on its epic four month tour of russia. the olympic torch relay is currently touring moscow after a colorful welcome ceremony a few hours ago let's now take another look at the highlights of the flames arrival .
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daily beast you're going down fifth year.
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is on its epic journey to such a. one hundred twenty three days. through some nine hundred cities of russia. relayed by james. some people for sixty five thousand killings. in a record setting trip by land air and sea another's face. a limp a torch relay. on r t r g dot com. there's
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a nine story building i noticed that standing on a true for some men in civilian clothes holding a sniper rifle. to say something that offends so they delayed that they didn't use blank or wooden shells by the building was burning through my how much time it took to restore is. we voted for yeltsin in the referendum deputies of the supreme soviet didn't appeal to us out all we had to support yeltsin otherwise it would have been civil war. right on the scene. first strike you and i putting pictures. on our reporter's twitter. and instagram.
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to be in the know. on the. satellite that was inside the capital on a day to believe it's all timed so thank you feel company now this week the us government sets out. now you know hey. guys we paid our bills as a budget issue this calendar. years economy was beginning to show the first size of our recovery it manages to buy into a wall well a ceiling anyway so how did the help of the biggest most powerful economy in the world manage to get itself into such a mess well actually it's all to do with the squabbling between politicians over health meanwhile the health of the us economy is at risk the question seems to be about who can hold the longest obama's health care supporters while the tea.


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