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tv   Headline News  RT  October 8, 2013 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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video for your media project free media. dot com. this is our top story. furious after police allegedly beat up and detained a russian diplomat in the hague president putin demands an apology. from him to explain. flush with cash finest snapping up crisis right european corporations and brands lining shut his mighty manufacturing industry with western no one. and syria's chemical disarmament track with the u.n. . progress is praised by the u.s. and russia at the age because if somebody.
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just person pm here in moscow my name's kevin though in this is r.t. international delighted to have you company our top story that russia still wants an apology from the netherlands the softer noone over the treatment of a russian diplomat in the hague police reportedly beat up the official and detained him overnight but news comes against the backdrop of another spot between the two countries he's going to be following this story all day for us all of the developments for the last because that earlier on today six o'clock was the deadline to his only but for the netherlands a statement wasn't that's right kevin the netherlands responded to russia's demand for an explanation and an apology by saying that they're investigating the incident and that they will apologize when they prove that the line foresman violated international law is not at all satisfied with such a response moscow says such an evasive and incoherent response is unacceptable and that the dutch authorities violated not. the diplomats rights but simply human
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rights because according to the russian foreign ministry dutch police broke into miss about ideas or russian diplomats apartment in the hague hit him with a baton ignored his diplomatic and they they took him to the police station where they held him for four hours having ignored his diplomatic status and without explaining anything later he was released and missed the boat i dean says they broke into his apartment on the pretext that the neighbors called the police now dutch authorities have not said anything about this but mr bardhan says that. they they. they said that the neighbors. suspected that there was and there were the children in the apartment where it was but he said it is it is absolutely ridiculous and he said that that. is just not the case and like i said we're still waiting to hear the dutch explanation of the incident. but but we do have
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the russian president's reaction to the incident and here is what he said. if it could be should ensure you can see this is a flagrant violation of the vienna convention we are we clarification an apology and punishment of those responsible for our reaction depends on how the dutch side will behave. there is a back drop of all the tension between the netherlands and russia right now. that's right the relations between russia and the netherlands have been tense lately the netherlands are taking legal action against russia for the greenpeace ship the arctic sunrise which sailed under the dutch flat russia has blasted the netherlands for having systematically ignored russia's request to make the arctic sunrise stop illegal activity near the russian oil platform in the arctic now according to russia it's been going on since august of last year russia says all its warnings
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were ignored by the dutch and three weeks ago we know what happened greenpeace activists tried to climb on board the russian oil platform and they were detained together with everyone on board the ship now the russian foreign ministry says the day before the incident they the activists again yet again tried to climb the platform but but that attempt was prevented and the same day. the same day that is on september eighteenth. the russians have summoned the dutch ambassador to issued yet another warning with regard to arctic sunrise russia says that warning was ignored the activists and those who were on board the greenpeace ship are now facing piracy charges because russia argues technically it was an attempt to seize the platform it's obvious to everyone that the activists are not pirates but according to russia they still broke the law russian foreign policy experts believe
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that the incident with the russian diplomat in the hague is related could be by the related to the tension between the two countries with regard to the queen peace activists interesting to note was going to be up to. diplomatic wrangling between russia the netherlands model mccauley joins me to roy truly specializing in russian affairs for a piece of the program i wanted a russian diplomat apparently gets beaten up for the netherlands just as things get tense between the two countries over the greenpeace case as you see it. i don't see it as a coincidence it's just one of those things because it is a very very strange case which i've never encountered before because i don't know the law what is the does the vienna convention cover. a person a diplomat abusing his children or take a case of diplomat x.
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murdering his wife he's a diplomat for country x. country why are the police local police allowed to intervene or do they report that to his ambassador i don't know what the law is probably the vienna convention doesn't cover this because the vienna convention is really about diplomats going about their business and so on the present and some of the think it does but i mean moscow is demanding an apology which way what do you think will happen if one isn't forthcoming we haven't heard even yet we've heard that there's going to look into it. well the usual thing then is to ask a dutch diplomat to leave. and if that happens then the dutch will expel. a russian diplomat from the netherlands tit for tat that's the normal thing in diplomatic and development behavior. and they obviously are very annoyed by this because this is an extraordinary case which i've said before i've never encountered
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before because it involves a russian diplomat in his own flat. the flat was untouched not the target of the russian federation because it wasn't in the embassy so technically he was in dutch soil now was he a lawyer doesn't do the local police to the dutch police have the right. to break into his flat arrest him and then take him to the take him down and quiz him. despite the fact that he declared apparently in his flat that he was a russian diplomat he had diplomatic immunity very very strange case. the netherlands taking russia to the international tribunal over the greenpeace arrest what kind of legal action is that likely to result in do you think. not very much because international law is very very very big and you can go to the united nations and what i think they're trying to do is to embarrass russia. so
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that when the case these so-called pirates come up in a russian court then they'll have a lenient sentence or perhaps the journalist who was he says he was doing his job that he be released so the dutch appear to be trying to embarrass. russia in new york so that. this case will not be treated very seriously but i think on the face of it russia is going to really lay down the law here. because they have warned they warned the greenpeace activists on numerous occasions not to do what they did and i think they're really going to lay down the law here or at not in fancy thought as much because of their rights are and they specialize in russian affairs could see the. culture of the deeds of the green priest and of two following we attempt to paul that article platform on our website we're following the intensively there are three dot com. write the scene. first rick. and i would think that you're.
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with the american president been able to attend china's leader who was front and center at the asia pacific economy cooperation summit in barley the urging responsibility and caution in today's economic uncertainty and underscore just how far beijing stars written on the political map that arise mirrored by the economic fortunes joyed by china chinese money and money is flooding the right now snapping of iconic european firms as beijing's business savvy elite moves in to pick up companies it considers to be severely undervalued as taylor the news was showing you may recall a couple of years ago in twenty ten a chinese car maker decided rather than competing with it it would buy up troubled
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volvo ford one of the sell it easier way of doing it than compete with it in january last year one of germany's premier concrete pump makers also fall into beijing's richest then that serve reflash italian your builder ferretti snapped up by a company controlled by the communist regime just a few weeks later french fashion brand sagna reichl taken over by a hong kong based firm in keeping with these growing fondness of luxury china also investing heavily in the u.k. buying shares now in london's heathrow airport and pumping billions of pounds of the country's nuclear industry and its polyploid to reports to chinese money is also propping up a very london i can too. this time last year it looked like the iconic london cab would be consigned to the history books after it's made because the financially troubled london taxi company went into administration chinese manufacturer g.d. which already owns volvo stepped in and bought the company for eleven million pounds the factory is now back in business this part of the assembly process is
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called the marriage of the carriage where the shape of the taxi. meets with the shafi of the taxi here but it isn't marriage between the chinese manufacturer and she on the london taxi company that managed to save a british icon from going out of production g.-d's pledged to invest in getting fifty million pounds into the coventry based business over the next five years promising to create jobs and develop new engines to future really previously when we were. the financial resources to continue to develop the product as we would like to now that. gives us the ability to develop. a which we could have only dreamed of financial analysts have called it a win win situation comes back from the brink of extinction while a major chinese manufacturer gets to invest in an exciting new project but what
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does it say about the state of british industry business secretary vince cable called the chinese buyout a clear demonstration of the strength of the british car industry but the london cap is just the latest in a raft of u.k. businesses being sold off to foreign companies cadres chocolate is now american. indian and the british airports authority spanish represents a hollowing out of corporate britain and i'm happy that it's not going on that but it shows government policy for a long time now as encourage foreign companies to take over our british companies and that means our british companies are not competitive across the globe. so we're not putting in the right tax policies we're not dealing with regulation that hinders these companies six welcome to have new investment it always is in the long term this takes away economic productivity from this country it means that staff and jobs are more liable to go because there's allegiance between the companies that are owned by foreign entities and their country rather than britain peace has
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been a cabbie for over forty years in a scene the london taxi company go through several british onus i hopped in for a ride and asked him how he feels about turning chinese this is a shame that it's not owned by a british company but it's better then going to the wall a dynamic a company they're still british they way be faced with anything seen. i see london. meantime china's richest man into time and tycoon a one german limbs unveiled his plans for europe targeting hotels luxury brands and cinema chains political analysts professor joseph chang one comes to the university told me now is the perfect time to do so to sign a has a very big was a monk into morgan three point two trillion u.s. dollars chinese exporters would like to stand there are reasons to drop upstream and downstream to mean king and even expand their market share he will want to
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acquire technology and bonds management this is of course of good kind because prices are low in inexpensive because of the financial difficulties in europe. online we've got much more about china's expanding investment abroad as well including a story about beijing buying our high end of inyati from says bordeaux region drink up that story online r.t. dot com now it's not just france is fretting about foreign news for a either the year swiss have been preparing for invasion from a breakaway french region they've been holding army practices which vision having to raise arms to guard the gold interesting story more on that than just a few minutes time. but next the destruction of syria's chemical arsenal successfully ended its the day with the government of an international team working together on it both russia and the u.s. have been hailing progress there on the sidelines of the asia pacific leaders'
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economic summit foreign minister sergei lavrov is optimistic but cautious saying that disarming is not enough to win the war and peace is unreachable whether radicals fighting in syria. people are moving closer. to the free syrian army which is being put through because the secure armed opposition so the throne views. in the favor of jihad just radicals among those who fight on the road . and it is not all of. our conviction rippers because fiction miracles. can work and must not talk to scruple. to disarm the process is in line with the latest u.n. resolution that followed global outrage over that gruesome toxic attack in august well the main fear is remains though that that extremist could hijack the revolution as lavrov said the international community was starting to realize that was a threat as well. as the. actual situation of the ground
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as the real life was producing more and more facts that this is a large extent and more and more so about radicals trying to get hold of these huge rigid. people who already committed themselves to a different interpretation they had difficulty in admitting that they were wrong but because rules and this understanding will be of the danger of the radicals which they presented to syria the north african region in general it's being understood more and more. and if you can make sure you're here with r.t. next hour for full exclusive interviews russia's foreign minister. now our middle east correspondent paula sleeze into mask is she's got details on the disarmament process so far. tuesday is the third straight day that angle wind and cutting torches have been destroyed in missile warheads as well as aerial bombs and chemical equipment used for mixing the whole process is being overseen by some
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thirty three international observers there will really is to ratify a record an opposite of the process while the actual destruction of chemical of syria's chemical weapons is taking place by syrian forces now the international team as of yet is not giving any interviews to the media we did however manage to catch up with the spokesperson who told us off camera that everything was going ahead as planned the important point to make though is that this whole process is not straightforward and this was because some of these stockpiles are in care in combat zones at the same time there's been no confirmation or indeed any kind of comment from the rebels that they're prepared to allow the international teams to actually reach the sites where some of the stockpiles are because they are currently in their positions so there's no indication whether or not indeed they're going to participate in allowing those stockpiles to be destroyed the u.n. chief banking moon has also called for a hundred member team to be set up that would be based partly in damascus and
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parking in cyprus and the purpose of that would be to ensure that syria's chemical weapons are destroyed within the timeframe that has been established which is the end of july next year but certainly so far the indications are that the process is happening smooth me and according to the timeframe that has been say it already is correspondent coming up with a program israeli prime minister is trying to win hearts and minds but instead of throwing a remark or roses good or laughing all the way to twitter or motherhood and falling for it it's the olympic torch is fine although you are more screwed over this recount for a router. legolas . leg length.
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this leg it was a leg very hard to make the among the club that are saddled with the earthquake there are no legs let's play. lists the i'm lists.
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really program this does of which to move to the public relations onslaught to win over the iranian public the something of a farce it's the first speaking directly to the people of a rather more than two decades and top level politics but for the bit as well the differences with more details of what went well you know kevin as odd as it may sound he got quite a dressing down for saying iranians aren't allowed to wear the trousers they want that's right he made the way were comments during an interview with b.b.c. persian saying that if iranians were actually free they would wear blue jeans they would listen to western music and they would actually have free elections this made quite an impression to the iranian public as you may imagine now twitter is officially banned in iran but plenty of people are using software to get around
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that block and they took to the twitter sphere to point out this inaccuracy for instance doctoring up the famous shot of the pm during an ominous drawing an ominous red line threw a bomb at the united nations general assembly well this time it's a rather attractive pair of feminine blue jeans speaking of clothing censorship skaters even took to the internet posting their clothing item of choice blue jeans and it's not just the fabric that's remarkable in this photo the content of the couture is also explosive correct me if i'm wrong but that's an american flag t. shirt not only this we can see a whole collection of blue jeans in a mosque in iran men wearing blue jeans now in his blog on the israeli newspaper ha'aretz website but david writes the gaff about iranians not wearing blue jeans was not the prime minister of the only memorable moment in the interview that's right that's on yahoo got just two words out in persian and one of them translates into soccer another means nonsense which basically sums up quite
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a bit of this whole sorry episode if you didn't read it or advise. i got there and . what's next i don't know yeah all right now i want you to imagine this a bankrupt breakaway french region launching a surprise invasion across the border to raid swiss banks and get the money back that was stolen that's the scenario cooked up for the most recent war games carried out in switzerland which has the biggest army in europe relative to his population peter all of us got the story. the idea of two western european nations going to war with each other may seem on thinkable however exactly the contingency that the swiss military being preparing for it article in the newspaper it was revealed that the swiss armed forces had conducted war games and which they depicted an invasion by neighbors friends to find out a little bit more about this i'm joined by the author of that article. thanks very
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much for talking to me why did the swiss military think that this was necessary. well. there's a history to this in two thousand and twelve the swiss army already held exercises on the premise that europe slides into economic chaos that in many immigrants flock into the country or just this time around they went even further and created another legend suggesting that a financially stricken france breaks apart into warring regions one of the new countries that will appear it will be called sonia a small but very nationalistic state for. thirty percent unemployment want to huge debt and it will blame switzerland for creating this debt so saionji preparing an attack on switzerland also retrieve the money it had allegedly swiped from france. what's the reaction been in france to being portrayed as the v it is here i don't french media made fun of this in march we received lots of corn calls from the
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french press that he didn't take it seriously but in switzerland people are very serious about whatever the army does so public opinion is split some believe the story told for the drills was quite realistic and supports the idea of an exercise with this premise others think the swiss army put itself in a discredited position. thank you very much so swiss war games underlining real tensions between neighbors and western europe. all of that the moscow leg of the sochi winter olympic torch relay is on the second and final day before its incredible journey begins. and we're following it what she will impact towards his route across the capital. off either yet wrapping up that two day trip around the capital take us through it . all given ever since the plane was brought to moscow on sunday it stayed here in
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the capital has been very unique it was a sport it initially from the airport to red square by the night was a biker gang very well known in russia they're often involved in last charity projects a lot of these guys are athletes as while they said it was a great honor there was pretty much i mean greeted there with the president himself all in red square and he was taken into the. cauldron basically awaiting the olympic cauldron and ever since it was being taken up through the key sites of the city for ordinary moscow has to be able to see it with their own eyes but all good things have to end some time and the rest of the country has to be able to see it as well so later tonight it's going to be returned into the olympic cauldron marking the end of the moscow way off the relay. just one in the history of the olympic games are we talking about twenty nine hundred villages and towns really across the whole country is going to be taken on to the highest mountains and of ok nose and on the bottom off the biggest lakes
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including lake by called seem to be taken on board the international space station and outside into space but cosmonauts themselves have been keeping it a secret so far off how technically that could be possible now fourteen thousand people are going to be involved in the really and they say that at some point a ninety percent of russia's population will be a reachable distance to the flame to be able to see it with all nice until it's basically delivered to its final destination the city of sochi in february well will be there following its progress for the next hundred twenty three days or so thanks for the go. and thank you for your company this fire of news i'm kevin zero in saying goodbye for now to next in half an hour's time between now and then breaking the set of the mountain looks at the latest u.s. terror raids in africa.
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i recently read headlines all over the russian internet screaming in full paranoia mode that china has just bought five percent of ukraine now they are writing that china will lease five percent of ukraine over ukrainian officials themselves claim that china won't be getting either and that this is a deal about some drip irrigation system the situation didn't explode onto the internet to the fantasies of bloggers the south china morning post reported that one company does have a crop and pig farming plan design utilized nine percent of ukraine's territory also last year the ban on foreigners of buying land ukraine could instantly been lifted although i am the distrustful pro sovereignty type getting a rich foreign country to pay to develop your nation's agriculture my. not be too bad of a deal it would definitely take a lot of money to restore ukraine's farming to its former glory they see that ukraine used to be the bread basket of europe agree that status spec could really help the country but selling off or even just leasing nine percent of the nation's
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territory is absolutely unacceptable doing a large project with the chinese that is mutually beneficial is one thing but selling or leasing off your country is another and by another i mean treason but that's just my opinion. the the. code needs you up i'm having martin this is breaking the said well the tokyo electric power company is officially one of the worst companies in the world see there's been a rather bleak discover the case of a nuclear plant and this time it's one of a thousand tanks housing radioactive water you know this is really starting to get old tepco is responsible for what seems like one catastrophe after another since the two thousand and eleven earthquake first they lied about the scope of the damage then they had the fact that three hundred towns tons of radioactive water
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has been leaking into the pacific every day for the last two years and now another recontest goes poorly built storage tanks is responsible for spilling another three hundred tons of radioactive water into the ocean and if that isn't ridiculous enough just check out today's headline worker accidently switches off cooling pumps seriously oh i'm glad there's so much room for human error with such a deadly technology you know and also the point thinking that tepco has deliberately trying to destroy the planet and if you're an american seafood or all concern of radioactive fish and you know up on your plate you should be because ninety one percent of imported seafood is not being inspected during the government shutdown so while congress continues to act like petulant children i guess we'll hope for the best. at the lead.


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