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country that they have been ordered back to work now you probably think i'm talking about safety inspectors considering how ninety one percent of imported seafood isn't being checked and the fact that three miners have already died since the shutdown because of lack of oversight on the job but no i'm talking about the industry that this government favors the most defense secretary of defense chuck hagel recently ordered most of its three hundred fifty thousand civilian defense contractors back to work citing that they are so critical to protecting national security they have got to keep the military industrial complex move in keep them happy after all war is what's funny in this economy am i right look i'm not knocking the fact that people are getting their jobs back that's a good thing what's ridiculous is why defense is more of a priority then a safety and education what's absurd is need oil barons to keep headstart afloat you heard that right an ex enron executive just pledged ten million dollars to
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allow the underprivileged preschool program to continue operating amidst the shutdown sham and really that's what the shutdown is one giant sham yes of the suckers are us. of the atlantic a. very large atlantic a long. line that you ever had that would set her right there. was. such a. little.
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sleepy. but. at least. it would say. this country is just days away from an unprecedented default on the debt and that might just be our easiest problem to deal with say right now america's wealth gap between the rich and the poor is the widest it's been since the great depression and although predatory corporate banks are largely responsible for the dire state of the economy not one banking executives seem inside of a jail cell obviously the current crony capitalist system is broken and ripe for criticism but what's the alternative one man co-developed a new economic theory called participatory economics or para con his name is michael albert and he joined me earlier to break down how this philosophy would work for all and why pear con is different from other alternatives to capitalism in the past. because during economic says really a different economic system is just where you are economic solutions good.
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everybody or just a. system basically equally. the corporate division of labor is replaced we're going to arrangements in the workplace which a lot of questions see each person going to air. well a combination of tasks and responsibilities. that both empowers them and you know takes up the requisite amount of of responsibility in doing so house that are somewhat onerous or work tedious but we all share in that there are new aeration of the amount people get instead of being a function of power or property is basically dependent just on how little we were how hard we work and also the onerous of the conditions under which work markets are a place by something called participatory planning and this self management each person has a say in decisions and before to the degree there are affected that's a brief overview of thank you for every variance and then to get into some focus on
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fun events additional commitments that you outlined with para com you mention them briefly but let's let's hone in on some of them equitable remove reman aeration a diagram to say talk about more specifically what that is. but it just means that there's only a few ways that any economist anywhere regardless of their politics has suggested that you can allocate stuff that is your share of the social product so for instance society produces a certain amount and each person gets a certain share of it that's what your income determines so what determines your income well in a market system it's basically bargaining power if you have more power you take more income property gives you a tremendous amount of power but other things can be a factor in that too for instance if you have a union as compared to not having a union or if you work in a very sexist society and you're a man instead of a woman or if you happen to have a skill set that is it conveys to you some power so that's
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a norm of remuneration remuneration according to power numeration according to property participatory economics takes a different approach it says but if you work longer if you go more if you work harder you should get a little more and if you work at worst condition. conditions that are more onerous that are more debilitating you should get more but those are the only reasons you should get more you shouldn't get more because you have more power because you own some property you have a deed in your pocket i mean literally that's what it is little gates has a deed in his pocket or how did the news pocket but as a result he is worth more than the entire populations of numerous latin american countries that's ludicrous so the alternative approach to remuneration is called equitable because it yields very fair very similar incomes not identical by any means but similar incomes and their fair everybody would understand and agree that it's appropriate once you have such a situation that you should get more for working longer harder or worse condition
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who is determining the value in a scenario that's not the case in other words under participatory economics you don't have workers value differently what you have is simply remuneration for how long you work how hard you work and the onerous of the conditions as long as you're doing socially valued labor so that's where the question comes in who determines that producing a car or producing a piano or growing food is socially value well the answer is the population if the population wants the product if the population wants the result of the work the service or the output then it's socially value if they don't then it isn't so for instance i can't in a participatory economy play shortstop for a baseball team why not i want to do it and i want to get paid for i can't do it because i'm no good and nobody would want it and therefore it's not socially value
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on the other hand i can and you know grow food or even to a certain extent at least right or publish things online and so on because those things are valued and therefore i can get an income for that you know the main criticism here is just where is the incentive. to have to pursue higher skill sets and ever say these jobs that require you know doctors on x. that are if there is no incentive at that higher compensation right so no words that's it that's a question i often get want to give a talk i'll give it's all come now somebody will get up at the end and sad sounds very fair but listen i'm want to become a doctor and i'm going to become a doctor unless i'm going to earn a doctor's salary in your system michael in your system i would earn basically the same way everybody else would i'd learned for how long how ard how onerous but what not for my skill set not not an extra amount is that right and i said yes that's
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right me said well i'm not going to be a doctor and i said and i would say i don't believe you and they said well you can say that all you want but i'm not going to be a doctor i said let's try a little experiment you just getting out of college your choice is to go to medical school or to go work in the coal mine ok and the coal miners earning with sakes sixty thousand dollars a year sake of discussion versus ok and i say ok you're you as a doctor are set to earn when you get finished you know doctor and you know going through all of the prerequisites and so on you're set to earn let's say five hundred thousand dollars a year and you're willing to do that right yes sorry i'm going to start lowering your salary and you tell you when you're going to for a go college and medical school and the somewhat onerous you know early days of being a doctor and then being a doctor in order to go work in the coal market or at mcdonald's i'll start lowering the sour you tell me when you're ready and i do it and the person who five minutes earlier was absolutely adamant that there was no way anybody would be
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a doctor under this new system had to admit as i lowered the salary and it went to three hundred and two hundred everybody in the audience is now laughing and one hundred the person finally asked what's the lowest salary i can take and still survive because i'm not going into the coma. or into mcdonald's and the point of that is that it reveals that what you have to actually remunerate people for in the form of an incentive is the the painful part the the you know the sort of harmful cart of work so in other words the duration which it takes away from some of the things you might want to do and the onerous snus in the case of coal mining or you know flipping hamburgers it's pretty obvious oil and the hardness of the work that you're doing into it in terms of you know the effort but that's what you have to be remunerated for and the reason the doctor gets more now has nothing to do with incentives it has everything to do with power doctors have bargaining
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power and so they are able to extract a higher salary but that's the only reason it's not a function of you need to pay somebody that much in order for them to agree to do something creative and interesting and engaging until they talk about how the current capitalist system thinkers and decision making cornet or class in a decision following working class how a participatory economics abolish that structure it's not even just capitalism i'll use in a second but i just want to clear about something this problem exists not only under capitalism that is to say managers and lawyers and doctors and engineers have something which gives them a great deal of power and influence but it also happens under what had historically been called socialism that is to say the kind of system that existed say in the soviet union or china and so on in those systems to the owner was gone so the equivalent of you know bill gates was gone the person who owned the work players but it was still the case that there was this set of people and in the modern
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economy it's about twenty percent of the population who had jobs that were different they did work that was in power so in other words doctors lawyers engineers managers and so on they do work which conveys to them information and access to circumstances in the. a place that gives them power and they are then able to use that power to accrue more wealth and to have more influence so the question becomes if you really want an economy in which it isn't one percent over ninety nine percent but it also isn't twenty percent over eighty percent and that's the soviet economy then what you want is an economy in which everybody basically participates fully and equally with others and to do that you can't have a structure which don't vives twenty percent off for meeting percent so you can have a school system which is designed in such a way that you elevate twenty percent and you subordinate eighty percent and you know you're proposing that this is actually different than what failed as and what
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we've referred to as communism socialism in the past the end goal participatory economics almost seems like marx's vision of the end goal of of communism what are you proposing differently how can you prevent this corruption in the system if you see call it corruption makes it sound like the system maybe was ok people went bad and corrupt it but that's not true the old socialist system was horrendously flawed flawed in a in a way like our system that is to say it served a few at the expense of the many the few that it served were people in the party that's true but also people who monopolized empowering circumstances and because it served those people so well compared to the rest those people dominate and once they start to dominate they view themselves as superior and deserving and of bowl norms and so on and then some corruption creeps into but corruption is
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a minor part of it it's the system operating as it was meant to operate which is unjust because it's benefiting a few so to get rid of that you have to get rid of that distinction that class distinction in the way you do that is by having what you called balance john. complexes which means we all do a fair share of empowering and disempowered work michael albert political there is everyone check out the book eric hall make it's the story of you and your theory of participatory economics everyone check it out thank you so much for your time thank you. just ahead we'll take a closer look at the store event behind the documentary let the fire burn.
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told you my language as well but i will only react to situations i have read the reports so let me put it to the no i will leave that to the state department to comment on your letter play safe to secure a car is on the job here no. thank you no more weasel words when you say you did the right question and be prepared for a change when you punch be ready for a. freedom of speech and a little bit on the freedom to watch. wealthy british style stock.
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market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report. may thirteen one thousand nine hundred five one of the darkest days in the philadelphia's history it was on this day that the philadelphia government decided to fire bomb an entire neighborhood killing eleven people and generating sixty one
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homes all name of taking out the political group move something that filmmaker jason decided to investigate as documentary let the fire burn. where is it written that we could not have a. system. to kill more people or to put us in prison the strongest us sisters did it ever occur to you that this might have been dangerous peabody's your smear. no doubt dropping a bomb on a residential neighborhood was an inexcusable and unprecedented action on the part of the city's law enforcement shockingly most people don't even know about this dark stain on america's history but the shame of such an act shouldn't prevent us from memory in those who died in examining what happened that day and why so how did a raid that was intended for serving arrest warrant and with the murder of eleven people including the five children well move was a philadelphia based black liberation group founded by
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a man named john africa the group advocated a radical form of politics advocating for the return of a hunter gatherer type lifestyle they were also vehement environmentalist's moves stage political demonstrations against zoos and members of the group maintain giant compost piles in their yard for refusing to kill the rats and insects they attracted all of which cause a lot of scrutiny from neighbors and police after a year long standoff with law enforcement over the group's refusal to comply with an order to evacuate their headquarters tensions came to a head in one nine hundred seventy eight both sides fired weapons and one officer was killed by a spray of gunfire. you know i don't want to. have. the death of one of their own prompted police to disregard the rule of law see one move member delbert africa came out of the headquarters of surrender police grabbed his dreadlocks threw into the ground repeatedly beating
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and kicking him in the head in total nine members of the mover put behind bars for the death of this officer to this day members of the group have continuously denied that move purposefully killed the officer and are still trying to get their brothers out of jail after the standoff moves headquarters were bulldozed so they form a new group house on the job but this time they were better equipped they board up the front of the house created rooftop bunkers and even put up the loudspeakers calling for the release of the nine incarcerated moved members in response to neighbor complaints on may thirteenth one thousand nine hundred five police showed up to the home with the intent to serve the members arrest warrants but would move refuse to let the men police to use force water cannons tear gas and even ten thousand rounds of live ammunition. and when those methods didn't work a police helicopter carrying a large brick of military grade c.
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four explosives dropped a giant bomb on the house where the fire burned forced members out however the members were met with police gunfire were told to move the force them back to the raging inferno but those fire hoses police were using to draw move members out while they were used to stop the fire and over sixty houses in west philadelphia were burned to the ground as a result eleven people were burned alive six adults five children the only two members to escape were immediately arrested and to this day not one member of philadelphia law enforcement has been charged with a crime. so as we reflect the twenty eight year. the later there's two ways to look at the event they're all move members currently rotting in prison and the eleven people who died in this tragic day are all guilty as charged for the death of one police officer or the more likely scenario was that the treatment of this group was meant to send a chilling message to the rest of society stay in line kids avoid any sort of
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radical lifestyle revolutionary thought because one day you might get a bomb dropped on your neighborhood. one of the last time you took a good look at your neighborhood cops you might have noticed but today police like a hell of a lot different than you did fifty years ago yet we've come a long away it's the days of blue shirts done with billy clubs and in fact between the helmets have wore body armor and old proof shields today's right cops are more like storm troopers than peace officers but it's not just police uniforms that have evolved it's also the change in tactics and technology that are turning city streets into battlefields and over some of the most disturbing. breaking the separatists or man well below is going on man so really crazy because you know this
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for the record no i know this firsthand i mean so many types of quote less than lethal rounds because first of all you can't call them non-lethal because they still kill people is right next to scott olsen got hit square in the face with a being nagged around and all the benefits shot out of a good rule of thumb is that it's not like it very well and they're doing this at point blank range and so you know a lot of these people already know that being dragged around the spawning grounds die around stinger rounds pepper ball rounds actually a bunch of little balls within like i don't even know the arsenal a grenade and it's crazy and i guess point blank isn't good enough they just flashed a. kind of a photograph of one of these new devices which is you know from the most trusted name in electrocuting people to use or international shotgun that fires this is there it is right there is projectile which actually. a person it's insane what
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they're able to do with this thing it's called the x. twelve it's a twelve gauge shotgun that can fire a extended range electronic projectile because hundred feet away because that's what we need you know i mean we're not taze enough people people already dine. related deaths oh my god five hundred people since two thousand and one have died as a direct result of what we do you can argue that if you want but that's that's amnesty international that's a.c.l.u. that are providing the statistics we been reporting this on the show we have we already have such a police force so really militarized we really need to be arming cops with taser guns now it was just unbelievable just shotguns i mean that's all about crazy everybody state education created saying it's crazy to use economics but look talk about the stuff because it can get crazier it is eight hundred thousand volts in these stun cups that you're looking at right now they're actually already in use believe it or not the buchanan sheriff's became a county sheriff's department. is already using these things there are two of them
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to be the guinea pig that's off to say we've covered similar device before which is probably the line of the future of these are already in production these can do i can administer drugs yeah let's talk about this because this is really shocking i don't understand how police would justify using this on protesters less than lethal land mines i mean that's kind of the way things are these days i mean you take it from the battlefield and you play it to the streets. this is where well i mean if for veterans watching the show anybody that is a vietnam veteran definitely recognize what this looks like it looks like a claymore mine point this side away from enemy it has it's full of little rubber pellets the same as some of the projectiles that you described at the very beginning you know you step on it you trip over it and it shoots these rubber rubber bullets out there i mean it could easily shoot. that's very much the case with that's great so now is the worry about tripping over these and having bullets . we have to worry about money well let's talk about you know on the meat ball
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chemical agents of course we know already about pepper spray tear gas these are things that are regularly used. you see those all the time actually the footage that we're looking at right here is something completely different this is called the skunk spray. a report on this it's actually used in israel and if it's been used here in the united states i was actually looking into this i couldn't find out what the actual chemical that's used inside this is but it's putrid putrid rotting smell it will burn your eyes and leave a horrible taste in your mouth and it's absolutely powerful to do that because they did that it's like rotting the sewage water i mean. protesters i've heard the same of her that it's just raw sewage and it's with such force that it actually you know i don't want to go in there and you know i don't to be around at all and of course they use you know water cannons here in the u.s. let's talk about the sound cannon because this is something that's really crazy you can actually have a sound. that can actually make you this is yeah absolutely i was looking into this
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they're also called acoustic hailing devices or long range the cue stick devices i think people are more familiar with the l. rad this is able to travel you know five hundred meters at a time very powerful powerful sound they're using this off the horn of africa to you know send loud messages to pirates but this is this is a very effective crowd to turn it's actually already been in use for a few years here in the nets it's very. sound waves at you and it can actually move you out of the way it can there's been reports that it produces it and it has a sick feeling in your stomach it was used in two thousand and eleven at the chicago nato protests it was used at the last super bowl it was used against occupy protesters this is you know it seems like science fiction and i mean it is very scary if they're able to do this today you know we're finding out you know a few years later what are they capable of doing today is the question right and it also i mean it can totally incapacitate you making crap your pants here and there you know it's no matter no it's not
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a lot of matter this is how powerful this thing is i mean picture that's been used during protests i mean these days you're piercing not even your p.c. i mean body piercing where you are just completely incapacitated really disturbing let's talk about the heat cannon as if we thought that was disturbing we're talking about an active microwave weapon used nail on the head that's actually exactly what it it's an open air microwave device it's capable of producing burns on your skin heating heating the human body to one hundred thirty plus degrees actually this is no longer a watch i don't know if that's true it was first used in afghanistan and it quickly was pulled out for political reasons because they were thinking that it might be you know something that could be used against the united states saying that the u.s. is torturing people using this device but the last i heard about this he can and or order the a.t.f. the active denial system active denial technologies what it's called is that it was used in a pilot program at a california prison. and prisons across the country are looking at this calling it
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the holy grail of riot control using this technology to disperse crowds to disperse and just present no this heats the skin off its targets up to one hundred thirty degrees this is how powerful this thing is what if something now functions i mean they're going to be said that this has all the potential to be a deadly device this is this is not less than lethal this is one of those things that we that we should look at right now and say look this is a little bit too much yes you can use this for torture yes you can kill people with this there's really no reason to be pulling things off the battlefield and using them here at home these are the things that we really need to resist thank you so much. b.t.s. producer appreciate breaking all this down. it's a wrap for us here in d.c. you guys see record breaking all over again my. activism in politics in a cold place and a whole lot of media publicity what is greenpeace all about today because it is
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smug and self promoting for a brave environmentalist group opinions vary and at the very center of the debate surrounding organizations such as greenpeace is the question whether they have the right to operate outside the law. i know c.n.n. the m s n b c news slightly but the fact is i admire their commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be accurate. that was funny but it's closer to the truth and might think. it's because one call attention and the mainstream media works side by side with you actually on you. and our team we have a different brain. because the news of the world just is not this funny i'm not laughing dammit i'm not how.
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you guys stick to the jokes i will hand over the stuff that i've got to. player mission free to couldn't take should free in-store chargers free. range month three. free studio time free. download free blog video for your media projects and free media. dot com. this is the media leave us so we leave that maybe. push the security. party. that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from. politics only on our team.
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real damage and complexity of this oil spill was not something you grasp just by looking at dirty birds we have between four to five million people in this directly affected area of the coast and it's pretty clear why it's not being reported because b.p. can't afford to have a reported all along the gulf coast are clean they are safe and they're open for business if b.p. is the single largest oil contributor to the pentagon the us war machine is heavily reliant upon b.p. and their oil this is a huge step backwards for the marker see it's a step forward. carex it is toxic is a look a lot like spraying in vietnam it was it was not a picture that either the government or b.p. really wanted to have out there i don't want dispersants to be the agent. of
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this. president obama says no talks with republicans until they agree not to raise the debt ceiling and reopen the federal government as u.s. lawmakers remain a stalemate with just over a week left until a possible default. unexpected alliance israel and saudi arabia are reportedly coordinating their policies in the region and this despite the two countries having no official diplomatic relations. and the spine in the sky unmanned aircraft camouflaged as evils are being marketed to armies across the globe.


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