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tv   Headline News  RT  October 12, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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so there's something called the truth edward snowden speaks out about washington's witch hunt on fellow whistleblowers as we keep leaks releases the first footage of him in more than two months. activists stage a global march against monsanto in hundreds of cities across the world where thousands are rallying against what they see as dangers or genetically modified food and its biggest producer. as budget bickering in the u.s. brings the country closer to default the federal government shutdown stopped millions from getting vital services including this cancer patient. the matter of life or death it's not a matter of inconvenience or just your patient for us we need this treatment.
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to am in moscow i met president good to have you with us here on r t our top story footage of edward snowden being honored for his contributions to integrity and intelligence work has emerged courtesy of wiki leaks and his first public appearance since august when he was granted asylum in russia the former n.s.a. contractor was presented with a sam adams award from a group from the u.s. at the event snowden spoke out about washington's alleged persecution of fellow whistleblowers lucy cavanagh reports. the n.s.a. whistleblower was very passionate in talking about the problem of government surveillance in the united states now he said the issue wasn't with any specific spying program rather the relationship between the states and the american people a relationship which he described as increasingly coming into conflict with democratic values snowden also lashed out at the prosecution of whistleblowers accusing the government of what he called effectively misplaced priorities because
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the more you know relationship to god we're. exactly. sure this is on the last. night. live to the bombs. but they will stop the. person. holding the snowden made these remarks at a ceremony right here in moscow at an undisclosed location where he was given the sam adams award for integrity in intelligence now that award was presented to him by a group of prominent american was the blowers and former government officials they joined our t.v. for an in-depth studio discussion on thursday this is of course the first time that the warden a world has been able to catch a glimpse of mr snowden since he got asylum here in russia the last time we saw him was at the sheremetyevo airport transit zone back in july and while snowden himself may be safe and sound there have been questions about the fate of those who have worked with them and of course that is
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a worry that's been expressed by wiki leaks founder julian assange on more police in terms of prison people at risk. journalists sarah harrison as we know the newspaper was rated grills part of the time for nine hours and the formal investigation before the terrorism investigation has started up so there you have it to julian assange describing a difficult political climate for whistleblowers and those who helped them it's not a man himself meanwhile we are told at least has no regrets about what he did and believes that it was the right decision. all the whistleblowers and activists who presented snowden with the sam adams award have leaked confidential information themselves in the past they visited r.t. earlier this week to share some of their secrets you can watch the full final discussion on our you tube channel. activists around the world rallying as part of a day of protest to vent their anger at biotech company monsanto demonstrators
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claim genetically modified crops produced by the company could be harmful to humans even resulting today in death they also accuse the multi-national firm of aggressive lobbying influencing food and safety research and monopolizing the industry from australia to europe hundreds of cities across more than sixty countries saw demonstrations in the u.s. thousands joined marches some of them still going on or teas and he said now it has more from washington. many cities across the u.s. took part in this second organized march against the agricultural giant monsanto protesters rallying against the company's use of genetically modified organisms and trying to raise awareness about its corporate practices some protesters told us that even though the government is shutdown months onto a lobbyist are hard at work here in washington many pouncers by actually came up to activists while we were standing there holding and g.m.o. signs and asked what is the g.m.o. so awareness is very low in terms of what exactly genetically modified foods are
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let alone the dangers they cause in the capital the protests began with activists going into large grocery stores and retailers trying to ways raise awareness about controversial in fact decides which affect the nervous system and have been repeatedly linked to. the demonstration then made its way to the white house all sorts of activists students even young children our gannett farmers caterers chefs so real wide range of people there are a lot of veterans actually showed up to talk about the dangers of g m o's just outside the white house they then began to march made their way through the i.m.f. world bank and eventually to monsanto offices here in washington d.c. now other cities across the u.s. los angeles portland denver orlando just to name a few held similar demonstrations also up in canada and vancouver british columbia there was quite a large turnout for their march against monsanto organizers say this is just the
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beginning that momentum is going to pick up and they will continue their fight against the g.m.o. giant monsanto reporting from washington and you so now we are. well inside has been defending its products saying the food it produces is the only way to feed the world's growing population and also maintain that many people already consuming genetically modified foods with no ill effects or teasing marina portnoy takes a look. in the land of supersize approximately eighty five percent of all processed foods contain genetically modified organisms g.m.o. is an acronym that owns its notoriety largely to the agriculture giant monsanto a multinational billion dollar corporation generating global criticism revolving around the safety of its products and growing a monopoly over the world's food supply they are able to patent their genetically modified foods with a very strong patent for farmers can only beef the seeds from monsanto each year
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and they can save the sea researchers have documented dozens of health risks associated with the consumption of a modified foods and the majority of americans have campaigned for g.m.o. foods to be labeled just like these organic fruits are labeled but so far the will of the people has been silenced by the money of monsanto according to open secrets dot org the companies spent nearly six million dollars last year lobbying federal lawmakers and food regulators to payoff came this year with the passing of the so-called monsanto protection act a bill that gives the biotech companies immunity from lawsuits pertaining to the production and sale of genetically modified seeds the new reality of the world is that chemical companies are feeding us and our families to now sort of laugh or eat the table rather farm to table and in an effort to widen its power and profit the agriculture giant has recently purchased a corporation which sells climate data to farmers the price tag of nine hundred
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thirty million dollars of wasn't a problem for monsanto which grossed a reported thirteen point five billion dollars in revenue last year but decades before g.m.o. is and fears about modified foods came along monsanto was already in the business it helped bring pesticides agent orange and terminator seeds to the market agent orange was used by the u. . military during the vietnam war where it's estimated to have killed hundreds of thousands of people its effects are still being felt today vietnam says some half a million children have suffered birth defects due to herbicide monsanto's current practices have ignited protests around the globe. millions are taking to the streets demanding that big food comes clean by either illegally genetically engineered products or not selling them at all marina. in new york.
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collin o'neil from the center for food safety n.g.o.s says giant corporations like monsanto pressured governments to get their products to the market. these marches are raising awareness about the issue and bringing awareness not only about monsanto and its influence in agriculture but also other chemical companies that have become major agribusiness influences on capitol hill i think you we see an overwhelming influence in governments and and that really has to do with money that these are major chemical companies the top i mean fifty three percent over fifty three percent of seeds are owned by just a handful of these major agribusiness chemical companies so they exert tremendous influence in politics and have millions upon millions of dollars to spend to ensure that their products yet spread through reviews and also to ensure that consumers are not informed about what the products they are eating so for instance not
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labeling genetically engineered foods. it's on the global activism against monsanto online and r t dot com we also find more opinion and analysis. all still ahead this hour of panic attacks we look at claims made by western politicians a series of deadly civil wars left the country without critical water supply was. a new book published may mean the worst places in the u.k. and the number one choice of where you don't want to be if you're in britain that after a short break. the millions around the globe struggle with hunger each. one of someone offers a lifetime food supply no charge. against g.m.o. and we think that's. the. right products are pretty cool
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. there is no. evidence any problem with going into. engineering's would you make a deal. or is free cheese always in the mousetrap i don't believe that's the. end of. golden rice.
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twelve minutes past the hour now the u.s. treasury chief is sounding the alarm that america might run out of money in a few days while republicans and democrats continue to bicker over spending confrontation has seen the government shut down and sent almost a million people on unpaid vacations and put vital federal programs on hold we heard from a cancer patient whose trial with the national institutes of health was one of the ones affected by the standoff michele langbehn explain what the shutdown means to people like her lives are at stake two hundred people are trying to get into trials at an age each week and if each week passes that's another two hundred that are turned away at the time and it's a matter of life or death it's not a matter of inconvenience or just an irritation for us we need this treatment and the show was diagnosed with sarcoma a rare type of cancer after nine months of chemo she applied for the additional treatment from me and i h. but she and hundreds of others were turned away when the government shutdown took
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effect we asked michelle what she'd like to say to the politicians whose bickering had set off the deadlock. i have heard a couple of instances where they find that this is just that the game between them and it's a matter of winning and i'd like to say that it's not a matter of win or lose i mean it's a please listen to the people and know that it's affecting so many that are in need of help more news still to come out r t v dot com also including this and not alone after all the discovery of a water heavy asteroid reinforcing scientific belief that there might be more habitable worlds beyond our solar system you can find that whole story online plus this dramatic video. little really. good news luckily the driver managed to escape before the train crashed into the truck and drive to the along the tracks that video and more a click away on archie's you tube.
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news today. these are the images we're seeing from the streets of canada. operations rule the day. a marathon day of negotiations on afghan security has left us secretary of state kerry with little to celebrate so far saying only a partial deal was reached on just how many u.s. troops will stay in the country after the nato pullout next year washington hopes to the lead in a running counterterrorism missions after twenty fourteen as well as keeping at least bases around the country lawrence freeman from the executive intelligence review says given its checkered history with the states kabul may be more likely to
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move closer to its asian neighbors. president karzai is going to be leaving office so he will not be the president in two thousand and fourteen he wants a agreement from the united states that they will defend afghanistan from an attack from about kate or from pakistan after we have been in afghanistan been a force and we've left the country in no better shape there's no policy for the future of afghanistan right now the country actually increased the growth of its poppy opium production during the period of the occupation by the west and therefore you have an even more drug infested economy than you had with before the invasion started so there's been no positive development in the future as i'm saying with lyingly leadership it's gonna sleep aligning itself with the chinese silk road corridor of economic development that includes the countries that are in
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the planning stage because not the state and this would be a different approach a different geometry to the current policies that have dominated afghanistan for the last dozen years now since the terror attacks of september eleventh the u.s. has done a lot to boost surveillance and increased security but the policies don't necessarily make people feel safe and sometimes risk fueling paranoia about terrorists lurking around every corner so says abby martin who takes a look at the issue in breaking the set coming your way at three am g.m.t. . and listen light from d.c. to orlando hosted what can only be described as a terrorist. take a look at how they figured it out. crewmembers say that shortly after takeoff a group of four quote middle eastern men caused a commotion the witnesses claim one of the men ran from his seat in coach toward the flight deck door he made
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a hard left and entered the forward bathroom quote for a considerable length of time you know the reason stories like this even gain traction in the first place is because of the fear of the other or by that i mean anyone who remotely looks brown and to prove my point it just so happens that i have acquired some rare footage of what really went down on that flight. yeah i think you get the idea. turning now to syria where two mortar shells i've hit the capital damascus killing in a year old girl and wounding a love and other people just three hundred meters from the hotel where chemical weapons inspectors are staying the international team overseeing the disarmament of
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the country's toxic weapons arsenal meanwhile some politicians claim the syrian people face not just civil war but critical water and food shortages artie's policy or when to see for yourself what lake is really like in damascus now that we have been able to make progress on the chemical weapons issue we should not forget we also needed to make progress on the humanitarian issue a warning echoing throughout many corridors of power in the wastes is on track to be the biggest humanitarian catastrophe of the twenty first century and this is building into one of the great your manager. crisis on the face of the planet. no this is not true we hardly know if they're all liars we don't care what they say here as you can see we have no trouble in this bakery in downtown damascus tens of thousands of traditional floats are churned out each day the machines work sixteen hours a day six days a week shorter yet we have extra quantities enough for another fifteen
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days. while in this public market and the thousands like across syria shoppers and management tell us in two years they've never been any shortages in this big and growing rice and sugar there are always available you never have a shortage of them in our warehouses aromas. isom adani recently arrived in the country and was shocked to find that local stores of food i thought that there would be nothing nothing at all everywhere in the supermarkets and nothing to eat and nothing i was really very agreeably surprised there is a lot of everything in fruits. vegetables. ok the reality is that most people here are going about their daily routine far removed from the hardships depicted in the foreign press but when it comes to shortages there is one that is crippling the economy queues like this are
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commonplace for gas stations around the country caused by sanctions imposed by the united states and the european union i want to create the very countries that are calling for humanitarian intervention. the syrian people need a solution not the governments or the media who are trying to use everything we have even the small things like bread to justify their own objectives the fight for syria is far from over and the psychological war the battle of perceptions over reality is likely to be fought for as long if not longer than the sides who have taken up arms against each other. damascus taking a look now at some other stories making global headlines in barcelona thousands rallied against independence for catalonia time to coincide with spain's national day festivities marchers chanted slogans against separating from spain a move that's overwhelmingly supported by the cattle and population other demonstrations also staged by far right parties that were met by the left wing
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opponents. at least five people have been killed after a psycho infalling made landfall in eastern india bringing winds in excess of two hundred kilometers per hour so far orissa state has been the hardest hit area or huge waves swamped whole villages rescue workers and soldiers are on standby but the full extent of the damage is only likely to be seen after sunrise hundreds of thousands have been forced to flee their homes. in iraq at least fourteen people killed more than thirty injured when a car blew up in the city of samarra civilians made up most of the casualties many of whom had gathered in an overcrowded shopping center still unclear who was behind the attack iraq has been struggling against a record spike in violence that's claimed more than five thousand lives since the start of the year. at least seven people dead in the chinese port of new when a three hundred ton tanker exploded initially the vessel caught fire during repairs
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mostly because of so called a hot work like welding or cutting the tankers already been removed from the river workers at the scene tackling the slick that emerged following the blast and investigation is underway tower bridge buckingham palace st paul's cathedral couldn't save london from being named britain's worst town according to a tongue in cheek book identifying the fifty least desirable locations artie's laura smith talk with one of the authors about the book about the reasons why the capital fared so poorly. it's interesting the dreary didn't the day here in london typical i'll tell you the weather which made the public say to me to tell you that in london has been the worst area in the u.k. to live in despite the fact that within a mile radius from here it houses the parliament westminster abbey the london eye and other really famous landmarks it's a book called crack hounds returns which names the fifty worst places to be in
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the u.k. as it took to london i didn't really understand this is a city of london being the what place but luckily i'm jordison say to explain that to me with an umbrella and his gopi across town to tell them you love it i mean i can think of ten worst places just off the top of my head what are your criteria there are all kinds of criteria i think one of things that people write in about a lot it's the daily grind it's so hot in london getting on the northern line having your all but i mean you have no use jammed into someone else's all hours of the time expense the fact that it costs so much to to buy property or is in fact impossible for most people to buy property in the center of london is be hollowed out a union as can afford to stay there not even professionals like doctors can and there's also a lot of anger with london coming from the rest of the computer had the banking crisis which is all centered around london and then we're told that subsequently the recession is over and there's growth but only london really seems to be getting the
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benefits and he's staking up another housing bubble it's primarily it's a book that people read in the toy that it's made to make them laugh that it does it doesn't approach the mind it's got people thinking about the times and the way we treat them and the way we live and hopefully start a conversation quite serious conversation it's certainly easy to say on a day like today why london might not be everyone's idea of paradise because because it's the capital fit to get inside and out space it is from the outside they think could be expected to visit the. well to make it very reliable and people very very it might just be possible for london to pick up its behavior in the next ten years and become no quite so awful. as protos voiced their anger at biotech firm monsanto we take a look at the genetically modified crops the corporations say can save the world from a hunger crisis for this break stay with us. i
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recently read headlines all over the russian internet screaming in full paranoia mode that china has just bought five percent of ukraine now they're writing that china will lease five percent of ukraine over ukrainian officials themselves claim that china won't be getting either and that this is a deal about some drip irrigation system the situation didn't explode onto the internet to the fantasies of bloggers the south china morning post reported that one company does have a crop in pig farming plan design utilized nine percent of ukraine's territory also last year the ban on foreigners buying land ukraine could instantly been lifted although i am the distrustful pro sovereignty type getting a rich foreign country to pay to develop your nation's agriculture might not be too bad of a deal it would definitely take
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a lot of money to restore ukraine's farming to its former glory they see that ukraine used to be the bread basket of europe i'll give you that status back could really help the country but selling off or even just leasing nine percent of the nation's territory is absolutely unacceptable doing a large project with the chinese that is mutually beneficial is one thing but selling or leasing off your country is another and by another i mean treason but that's just my opinion. mission free credit take three days for charges free. range mission three. three. three. young old free broadcast live video for your media project a free video dog party dot com. you know did you give consent for your child to eat golden rice. we didn't know it
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at the time they didn't tell us it was g.m. food. if i had known it at the time i wouldn't have allowed it and it. looked as though the flour many of the parents now regret out. for the tanit they said the food was very healthy for the kids they said something about spirulina or something we didn't really understand they only said it was very good that's why we signed the consent form and let our children eat the meals but let's. say. i'm furious my daughter in law and i sung were not here but they left their child in my care the day. you'll note if anything happens i'm the one who's responsible this is coming i
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don't know what will happen didn't that we're we've got. some time it's just very frightening. these people feel betrayed what were the responsible authorities thinking the study was financed by the national health office of the united states and conducted by tufts university they made no official comment only that the research project was the subject of an ongoing investigation how does this story fit in with the inventor's humanitarian ideals vias into for us here we assumed that everything was being done properly and i'm still assume that. i don't know the chinese park knows but i know the partners from the us i actually still believe that they did everything correctly. why do they need to know why and how was the spanish produce that was used in the trial how was the gelatine
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produced that was in the capsules that surround it each of the doses of the beta carotene that was given in oil where did the oil come from there is no evidence that there's any problem with genetic engineering is genetic engineering of plants harmless an experiment involving rats raises a few doubts at the university of colorado friends rats were fed genetically modified corn for two years it was the first ever long term experiment with genetically engineered food the result that genetic corn caused tumors the study was conducted by french genetic researcher seven. the tumors appeared as early as four months into the study as you know the earliest a tumor can develop is after ninety days they exploded in quantity as well as the number of kidney and liver diseases that resulted in the death of the rats beginning.


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