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as a wave a bomb attacks rips through syria when a key rebel group refuses to sit down for peace talks we visit a once prosperous citizens have been split by the conflict and forced to take up arms. and unprecedented global crisis is now just days away all at the whim of u.s. lawmakers who are threatening to renege on america's debt to get their way report on the fear and panic among creditors and why china wants to deal americanize the world's economy. a search and seize crackdown on illegal migrants is launched in turmoil with a public outrage by the murder of a local resident. from
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our studio city here in moscow and we're just ten nine pm this is. a car bomb in northwestern syria has killed at least twenty seven people and wounded many others the powerful blast came just a day after twin car bombs rocked the center of damascus one their hotel where international chemical weapons inspectors state. reports now from the syrian capital. car bomb has exploded in a rebel held northwestern town in the province of italy which is not far from the syrian turkish border the explosion happened at a busy marketplace all of this coming just hours after two massive car bombs exploded here in the heart of the syrian capital on sunday night they took place in front of the syrian state t.v. building and not far from the hotel where foreign experts who are investigating and overseeing the destruction of syria's chemical weapons stockpiles are staying
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a short time ago the head of their team criticized the opposition for not allowing them access to some of the sites where rebels have control now there has been a number of warnings posted online by rebel fighters that they would use water shells to rain down on damascus all of this is hampering peace efforts and the two sides continue to dig in the hills nowhere is more evident than in the city of homes we traveled there and visited the quarter of that and where we found that the two sides are often just meters away from each other. this is the front line as watched by a syrian army sniper. after a thousand days of war this is what victory looks like and the eerie silence of what once was the vibrant quarter of. a twenty meters from here rebel fighters hold
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the ground while the army does this to squeeze between a few streets that threw up unexpected heroes from among the rubble every herbalism account and this was unknown in syria before now i knew nothing of this very little more a cyclical. two and a half years ago last summer was a school teacher the twenty nine year old signed up for war that it suddenly shattered white inside his classroom some volunteered his pimp for kalashnikov. feel that something happened because i was teaching a little more show landed in the studio there were a lot of victims i remember as i held one little girl who had been killed and seeing her blood i felt so sorry for her family. they seem to like beheading even icons and start she is insulting me these are the messages they want to send us the syrian army was based here there was no military for years only in the sense of. some people here were praying for peace and this is one of the bombs that fell the
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one of the bombs that caused all this devastation this is their message to put it here just as a reminder of. the church of babel shame was built in eight hundred eighty five four hundred twenty six years it served as a house of sanctuary overnight it became a house of sorts. so you hate about how. this yard is for the children but also for many families as well they were killed because they refused to be militants and stuff in a couple of would be all the militants have been cleared out of this project but we're still here and we keep up a presence to take the area and prevent the terrorists from returning and trying to get the area back to normality but what if we defeat them we will rebuild the structure and children will once again until your prayers will be heard wasn't any animal to be a handful of families are starting to return in the ravaged streets the sound of children's laughter punctuates the rumble of machine gunfire and i remember when i
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used to play football just like you know i have to carry a gun just sort of they can play here safely when i was their age i dreamt of being a professional footballer and i'm sure they've got the same dream of protecting them so nobody comes along to destroy their dreams. they were approaching sniper valley it's about twenty metres from here all the snipers and. explaining to me that our backs on the right now are going to go so well i think it's going to take my hand and we're going to run. ok. ok he's telling me not to be afraid and i don't know if it. was that you ok ok all right i trust him and we're going to make a run for it ok two three. if i can i cannot do that participating in the best interest we've got across the government.
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if i was to do apparently one person was killed here bet i'm ok thank you as night falls the streets of bubbles become more dangerous the soldiers light fires every few metres to help them see as i believe some asks me to pray for him and his comrades and most of us he says will probably. not here the next time you visit policy or r t double shot. syria. kidnappers have released a four out of seven aid workers abducted in syria on sunday they were captured during an attack on their convoy while working in the rebel held province the same region hit by today's car bombing three people remain in captivity red cross spokesman sean mcguire told us the humanitarian effort is hampered by all sides of the conflict on all sides of the conflict there has been a misuse of. of the right to humanitarian assistance i think
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we've seen on all sides of the conflict that medically has been denied to people who need it the sick and the wounded. and there are areas being besieged by both the government and opposition forces so we're seeing. this sort of denial of the right to humanitarian aid which is which we expecting to see observed we're seeing that being denied by both sides by all sides in this conflict already in shut down the united states government now verges on another crisis or there is this one could go global washington is seventy two hours left to raise its debt ceiling or else face default but lawmakers are refusing to budge holding any possible deal hostage to their own interest or he's in these annoy explains to us just how serious the consequences could be. well there's been no headway over the weekend between democrats and republicans coming to some kind of agreement on how
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to raise or whether or not to raise the debt ceiling if the u.s. doesn't secure a debt arising of its debt ceiling will have to default on its over sixteen and a half trillion dollars of borrowing so you have the rest of the world very wary they're panicking you have the heads of various major financial organizations global financial organizations like the i.m.f. talking about how american legislators need to be responsible but this bickering is ridiculous they need to find a way to get through this to the rest of the world doesn't have to pay for these dire consequences huge economic partners what will happen to them if the u.s. does go head into fall will according to experts whether or not it happens on thursday china is still going to rethink the way it does business with the united states here's jeffrey summers of the university of wisconsin milwaukee and united states of course is an economy which leads global credit and the foreign purchase
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of its treasury bills so this puts it in a very precarious position moving forward in terms of the ability to fund many of its programs domestically for those countries in the late shift line and the very very very clear within their economies they're very very nervous so i think this is you further. of course china has been trying to see if it could coordinate a new order which would be less dollar based you have protests breaking out especially in the capital here over the weekend a group of truckers came in towards the u.s. capital you have veterans this sunday coming together and coming to memorial so there was thousands of protesters who in fact broke through a barricade on sunday to try to get to world war two monument they were peaceful just chanting slogans like break down these walls singing patriotic songs but yet there were riot police there ready to go to control these veterans and if the u.s. does go ahead and default of course those protests are expected to get worse not to
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mention the effects it will have on the rest of the world. beijing is the single largest holder of u.s. debt with washington owning it about one point three trillion dollars and drew an independent specialist on china says the asian giant is making great progress in striking out the economic independence situation is changing because china's plus and falling down as a reserve is mounting and the us seems to be printing money with no end in sight the us dollar has lost. its value since the. rushed and there is little return for. investment and then with china's brutalize trade opportunities opening up in terms of resources you know times of assets china has been diversified we are seeing. special
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feature a zones in shanghai and high hong kong to speed up the process of. the roman bay i think the national currency so all signs point to the fact that the renminbi is likely to become fully convertible maybe within the bank it. with china looking to wind down its american holdings the u.k. is making clear it is a perfectly good alternative london office chinese firms political visas and access to the u.k.'s most lucrative projects in exchange for beijing's billions coming to britain more on that coming your way.
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news continues here on r.t. britain is not afraid of china and is willing to take its money to prove it declares finance minister george osborne currently in beijing he's leading a trade mission there at a time when london is vying for china's favor and billions to boost the u.k. economy and there are reports there are perks in it for beijing to. britain's doors are open to china and more importantly the u.k.'s recession hit economy is ready for chinese money to start flowing in that's the message that the u.k. chancellor george osborne is sending on a trade mission to china this week he told students at a beijing university that unlike some other western countries he doesn't want to resist china's economic progress or put up trade barriers but he wants britain to share in that economic progress that means seeking chinese investment in british infrastructure such as british airports and water and energy and eight hundred
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million pound deal for a chinese company to develop manchester airport has already been unveiled george osborne said that he's determined to open a new chapter in u.k. chinese relations and make britons see that the chinese economy is no longer low wage or low tech one of my tasks this week is to explain to the british people just how far china has come how sophisticated your businesses are how would grant you are in the fields of high tech and science and one of my principal goals this week is not just to increase british investment in china but to increase chinese investment in britain the u.k.'s current visa regime for the chinese has been criticized as colonial because of excessive red tape and application forms the u.k. is estimated to get just a seventh of the chinese tourists that visit from several here as a result britain is thought to be losing out on over a billion pounds annually chancellor george osborne wants to bring that money into
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britain and announced that visa rules would be simplified he even announced a twenty four hour super priority visa for chinese businessmen for economists the u.k. government's relatively recent enthusiasm towards making friends with china is easy to explain china's economy is one of the foster growing in the world while the u.k. is struggling to emerge from a recession and it looks like the guys in there have finally decided that if you can't beat him if you're not even close. join them. chinese investment has been a hot topic in europe in recent years with one side is eager to lure beijing in its riches the other though is more wary pointing to allegations of china taking advantage of angola's oil sector or flooding the markets of garner with counterfeit goods as examples of why caution is needed well more now on the risks and the payoffs with ben harris quinn he's chairman of the group think tank joining me live
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in london but so just last year david cameron upset china by having a meeting with the dalai lama now we see george osborne there courting investment in beijing money is talking now rather than politics is it. yeah it's a fascinating rebalancing of our approach to china from a government point of view training to what i would perceive to be a far more realist approach george osborne who's been out in china lecturing the british about why they need to change their attitude to china as opposed to pry position of often lecturing the chinese on human rights abuses or other issues so now i think we're talking about moving to china in a business context as opposed to a foreign policy context does that mean you markets that can work together that means you can simply say look for in china right so that means completely ignoring the human rights issue here shouldn't britain be
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a bit wary of involving itself so closely with a country with a clearly a very dubious track record. well i think it is important to be realistic in foreign policy terms george osborne has said and boris johnson who's also in china of course has said that they're not there to play the role of the foreign office they're there simply to attract investment in london and the united kingdom however obviously a government needs to adopt a coherent policy across the board and as i say i think you're seeing less emphasis on lecturing china and more emphasis on wanting to do business with china i think that is an appropriate response because david cameron's talks about britain being the go global race. we've got to start to think about how we are going to compete in that global race doing obviously not trying to affect of trade arrangements with china not having a. story there's a bit about the ageing business we're doing business with china doing business with
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well wait a minute what do we mean what do we mean by that some people are wary of the fact that in fact the chinese could take over many british companies a much of british industry is there something to worry about there. well i think there is something to worry about where regards core infrastructure things like energy and security those are areas where i think there is a concern about any foreign power having control or investment and i think there are absolutely needs to be protections to ensure that our energy for example is not run from abroad in that we have control over it is there for structure who were guards all the projects that investment is is dolly needed and the quality is is dolly needed i don't see any problem and then just finally britain is clearly in many ways distancing itself from the e.u. china be there in the future to fill a void perhaps. no i don't
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think so but actually britain has distanced itself from china by requiring the chinese to get an extra fees or on top of the new u.b.s. so i think all we're actually looking at is britain moving in line with the you in terms of how easy it is for china the chinese people to come here to do business to visit and to build those sort of connections so i just think it's a movement towards the that the relaxation of the european union has friends try to rob the way that ben thanks for dealing with that short delay between communications between london two to moscow very much. enjoyed talking to you thank you very much indeed ben harris county chairman of the think tank live in london thank you for more than a thousand suspected illegal migrants have been detained in southern moscow following a raid on a storage industrial area it came in direct response to local outrage over the scale of unofficial workers in the area people say they're sitting on
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a powder keg so i think a catastrophic collapse of security and angry crowd of people we have it overnighted protests were sparked by the murder of a local resident. brings a small. their rides didn't start off of violently in fact they started off as a gathering of local residents who are concerned with the investigation of the into the death of a local man who was killed last week in the only witness in his case was his girlfriend who said that the attacker was known slavic origin those who have shown up the rally over the weekend flows through them seemed to have been members of nationalistic groups as well as football fans and they have essentially hijacked the rally shouting ethnic as well as racist slogans and they have turned their anger against migrant workers a lot of whom are working at the shopping center as well as the produce warehouse nearby while some of them were smashing storefront windows others are said to have
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been looting stores inside afterwards they took to the streets where they were clashing with police overturning cars destroying a kiosk selling watermelons which provided for some colorful and somewhat pictures and then they wanted to head on over to the to the produce warehouse nearby they were stopped by riot police however we know several police personal have actually been wounded at least one of them received a blow to his head with a broken bottle there were fears that words could last well into the night their anger towards migrant workers from central asia is essentially indicative of the ethnic as well as racial tensions which have been simmering in russia for quite some time something very similar happened about three years ago in december of two thousand and ten after a murder of a football fan by a representative from the from the northern caucasus region of russia also sparked
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massive riots in the center of moscow this i'm on when there's no square around five thousand people came out most of them again with ball fans and not just nationalistic groups so the tension is subsided but definitely there is still some upper henchmen hanging in there. well for more on the chaos that broke out in southern moscow you can go to our website r.t. dot com there you'll find a timeline showing what happened in the city over the last forty eight hours as well as the dramatic pictures. of several major universities in greece still closed as a strike by teaching staff continues one into a fifth week they say they're not going back to work until plans to far more than a thousand administrative work as a scrapped and with no lectures to attend undergraduates of venting their anger in the streets ortiz under a farmer reports. students have studied athens university since the middle of the nineteenth century but today they carry placards not books youthful fight austerity
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it says the message is black and white america the anger aimed at government cutbacks but you force the university to close. of course i'm concerned right now a lot of the students you know in schools in universities feel that they have no future here. the protesters are heading towards the greek parliament among them administrative workers who are the brunt of the redundancies archivists treasury employees and security guards standing alongside students who should be starting a new academic year across time it's a similar story at the national technological university so this auditorium should be full of students right now it has absolutely fortunately it's because of serious cutbacks in minister of personnel and in public subsidies but they're not work we are to choose not to work because there is no possibility for that in fact empty
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lecture halls and desolate corydoras can be seen it eighteen of the cities across greece all deciding to shut this cut bank slashed their admin staffing levels by as much as forty percent back at the demonstration one lecturer shows me a letter being sent to universities around the world asking for their support there is a serious threat against greek universe it's against greek public universities so everybody fears. people who are going to lose their jobs and that public universities will be i think over the past in a few months it is a desperate attempt to protect the higher education system but the greek government at this stage stands for a deal. struck with the e.u. and i.m.f. to secure funding means four thousand public sector jobs have to be axed by the end of begin and another twenty five thousand posts have to be redeployed if it isn't
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going to happen without a fight but this latest demonstration has ended had sought the ministry for administrative reforms which many people but i fear that cut backs all the way through the process i have been singing chance including people will not play by that history is written with resistance and they really do believe that expression themselves lot i have done today can make a difference and three farmer. athens. more with me in the news team in just over half an hour from now in the mean time it is news from the world of sport.
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switzerland will soon vote if they should start giving out thousands of dollars in cash to every adult citizen in the country you heard me right there's a grassroots campaign that is trying to get the government to give out to every adult says a two thousand five hundred swiss francs approximately two thousand eight hundred dollars per month the motivation for the project is that many in switzerland fear that the financial crisis has caused wealth inequality to skyrocket you know i'm not an expert at swiss culture so maybe people there are different but if they gave out thousands of free dollars per month anywhere i've lived you would see the majority of people going into early retirement and not working at all and it's sort of like how they tell people not to feed the bears at parks because then the bears lose their instincts and will go hunt because getting a sandwich thrown at them is a lot easier i mean why go through the effort of auditing when the sandwich just magically appears handouts. often creates law according to reuters some people are proposing a much better law for switzerland limiting executive pay to being twelve times higher than that of the lowest paid employee although this plan is making headlines
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it seems like a much better idea because it doesn't do motivate people to be productive and yet it would create almost utopia like levels of wealth equality also if the bosses salary is tied to the employees that a lot of people be getting raises very soon this one to twelve p. ratio is much better than the free swiss francs and it gets my seal of approval but that's just my opinion. alone not going to be all to this book show hollow talk about action from russia around the globe let me take part trade and use some of what's to come. nearly that group actually does russia win for nearly knock somebody and move a step closer to qualifying the next year's world cup finals. while playing
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heroes world champion you hear your claim about wins again as russians win this dominate the must go like the short course well up. and fighting to aggression heavyweight alexander can talk tactics talk a good we're not off to his defeat to super champions that is. the first football and in a week a world cup qualifiers in russia won for now in luxembourg to go three points clear at the top of group path with one game to go as far beyond capello's men took a big step towards reaching the finals for the first time in twelve years because of them but. the routine for nail victory works so russia almost wrapped up a successful qualifying campaign and they can confirm a place at their first world cup since two thousand and two with a favorable result against us or by john in baku on tuesday meanwhile israel's latest lies are again second place or to go produced as shock won all draw in
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lisbon living christiana ananda side heading for the playoffs and only expected bonus for fabio capello's man. who heard the news on the way back to russia and of course were surprised by the scoreline but we're not thinking that we've already qualified for the world cup we need to win the last game and after that we'll be happy russia's only casualty from their trip to luxemburg is here is your cough the wingback will be out for a month with a hip injury and misses the last match however that shouldn't cause too many problems for capello as the russians hone in on their first world cup finals in twelve years. we had a tiring flight back but it's always easier to recover after wins everyone in the team is in a good mood but it's too early to relax we have a very important fixture ahead and we're aiming to take all three points against their budgets and. portugal still retain slim hopes of flying to brazil by avoiding the playoffs bands as team.


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