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tv   Headline News  RT  October 16, 2013 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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defending its image at all costs guitar detains two journalists investigating the harrowing conditions faced by a migrant workers preparing the nation for the twenty twenty two world cup one of those reporters tells us what he uncovered. but just hours until a potentially devastating us debt default hurt is already being felt from a looming credit rating downgrade to international frustration american lawmakers have done what few could but the dollar's very future on the line. struction of syria's chemical arsenal begins with international experts dismantling equipment at six sides but it's not easy task in the midst of a raging civil war correspondent joins us live in damascus later in the program.
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and russian opposition figure had only seen a volley avoids a five year jail term as a court overturns his sentence while holding his conviction for embezzlement. this is coming to you live from moscow seven pm here on marina joshing welcome to the program qatar is taking a zero tolerance stance on any probing into its human rights record to german reporters investigating the slavish conditions facing workers at twenty twenty two world cup construction sites were detained in the middle of their investigation one of them. described what happened. first we got arrested by the federal police in the hotel rooms were taken to the headquarters which is an doha city and
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we were questioned and interrogated for a couple of hours and just after midnight we got cuffed our equipment cameras all the memory sticks we had everything was taken from us and we were taken to a state security prison right in the suburbs of doha where we had to spend the nights in separate cells my camera man and me. we were in there in that prison in those separate cells for a total of twenty one hours the best thing about those twenty one hours was we weren't even allowed a single phone call not to our embassy not to families no one was there to tell us what the charge was really so we were kind of desperate in there not having any contact with the outside world well here's a glimpse at a heavy toll the world cup preparations are already taking in the gulf kingdom according to rights activists over the past summer a one worker died every day on average and more than half of those cases involve
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heart attacks or workplace injuries temperature is a construction site in qatar frequently soar above forty five degrees celsius and estimates suggest up to four thousand people may die before the first ball is kicked off in the twenty twenty two tournaments peter his album got a firsthand look at the workers' plight in qatar. able to talk to some human rights workers down there locally on the ground as well as quite a number of workers as it turned out one gentleman there for twelve twelve years i think working as an air come in addition specialists ironically his accommodation that sells doesn't even have a vent fan but this guy told us he said i think thirty five about him not getting the salary and his bonuses for a number of years now and his main difficulty was to fight the case against his.
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against his boss and his firm he was working for as they see a specialist so the best thing is the boss took his passport from him so he has problems fighting the case and called us problems getting back he's not making the money he's supposed to make for the flight home that's a that's a bad devil or circle he's in and the bleak picture facing migrants doesn't end there are many of the labor is from nepal bangladesh or india hoping to send money back home don't see paychecks for months on end but if they decide to cut their losses and quit the off the final sales unable to escape as their passports are withheld without any alternative form of identification they're effectively stranded and to add insult to injury construction staff are even forced to work without basic necessities like drinking water heating is now explained what he sees as the root of the problem. another bunch of guys who just tell you that you'll be might be seeing in the pieces well four of them they haven't got paid for seven
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months in a row right now trying to file their cases well all of those workers and have one major problem they have to work within the so-called kufa system let me try and explain to you what that is it's a law basically stating that every migrant worker that comes into qatar has to find his own personal sponsor meaning his boss the firm he's working for the cup ration . and that sponsor has to take care of him legally legally medically but most of the sponsors of the state take the past post away from the migrant workers and that put so numbers of them maybe tens of thousands in a miserable situation i mean martin is also on the case in breaking the set s. to getting into inhumane conditions facing nepalese workers toiling away in qatar and you can see the show over on our website r t v dot com. this is a country of two million people there are currently three hundred forty thousand
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nepalese migrant workers many of which been assigned to world cup construction but according to several reports released by the guardian the workers face brutal working conditions long hours lack of pay and wretched living corners and just yesterday it was confirmed that seventy napoli's labors have already died while working on world cup projects yet both the nepalese and guitar governments refuse to acknowledge this massive human rights problem so if you're sick of world powers treating migrant laborers like garbage and tell fifa to pressure qatar and put an end to this modern day slavery. with hours left until sliding into default lawmakers have reportedly agreed on a deal to raise the debt limit and reboot government it hinges now on those who sparked the crisis republicans and democrats fighting between who brought the world's richest nation to the brink of default theory and boring reports on
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america's most vulnerable caught in the middle of partisan politics. we are here now at the world war two memorial where the military coalition just held a press conference there calling on congress and president obama to strike a deal and to end the government shutdown now the military coalition is a group of thirty three service member and veterans organizations they represent about five point five million people as includes the active service of veterans retirees and their families and the president signed into law the pay our military act on september thirtieth just hours before the government shutdown is though was supposed to ensure that our active military members would contend you to get paid if the government did in fact shut down but the bill didn't include a lot of programs that military members and veterans rely on now i spoke with gary augustine he's from the disabled veterans association and he explains exactly what's going on there many veterans especially veterans who are injured or ill
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because of their military service that solves the income that they have coming in every month with those benefits being paid they won't be able to mortgage their will be able to live bills many of them won't be able to put food on their table so that is catastrophic for many of them now another issue that's surrounding d.c. right now is the debt limit and what a lot of people don't understand here is that if we hit the one that without reaching it without extending out not going to automatically default on the debt what would happen at that time if we don't raise the debt ceiling is the government would have to start prioritizing. the treasury brings in about two hundred billion dollars per month in revenue our interest payments are close to around twenty billion dollars so there's plenty of cash on hand to make our interest payments but there's not enough money to pay for all government programs now earlier i spoke with jonathan mann he's facing very tough financial decisions right now he doesn't know if he can pay his rent even though. he's prioritizing payments as a billion employee i'm not able to work like my salary as
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a drilling reservist i'm not able to drill. and as. full time student my g.i. bill and it may not be friends first november so it's been an entire. income loss. of course i can't travel or do anything or visit family right now i'm just in a holding pattern on the rent and eating so the military coalition has said that congress and the president are using the military as pawns and that the shutdown is jeopardizing our military readiness and while we're at war it jeopardizes our security had to find the military and a few special bases as you can see it's causing a lot of people to fall through the cracks in washington d.c. perry and boring party with out of the united states now stands at just under seventeen trillion dollars an astonishing solemn debts growing by bought a trillion a year economist and i can down
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a clue iraq will told us that excessive debt only empowers the elite. the idea that the whole world is sustained by growing american debt there has to be more and more borrowing in order to you know make everybody prosperous it doesn't work by the way unemployment rates are horrific rates all over the world of the western world none of us feel comfortable economically and we're all worried about the future the government is is it is harming us so the idea that you know less government is somehow harmful it's just the reverse this is of course keynesianism but we have to have more government more spending more debt perpetually and that will make us all wealthy no it doesn't help the banks it helps the government helps the military industrial complex and you know all the big companies associated with the government it hurts regular people if they really are worried about you know they don't have enough money one of the shut down the n.s.a. and stop spying on everybody one of the you bring the troops home from afghanistan and iraq and yemen pakistan and all the rest of the places stop killing people that
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would save a could really in dollars that would solve all the budget problems that's my advice to mr obama and on our website we're asking who do use saying we'll suffer the most if the u.s. defaults let's take a look at the figures that we have so far well as you can see at this point more than half of those of you who voted think that it's the american people who will bear the brunt if the government fails to find a way out of the shutdown if it's at this point believe it's america's creditors and bondholders who should be worrying as they will see their investments hit slightly less than that saying that it's president barack obama will suffer the most as a president who led the world's largest economy fail and finally just a tenth of you say it's the republicans and it's tea party movement who will be the biggest losers because default will cost them votes in future elections well do let us know what you think on the issue by logging on to comment letting us know what you think. well switzerland is taking steps to lift the veil on its to tory
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asli secret banking system and sign a convention allowing the sharing of financial data with dozens of other countries in what's being portrayed as an attempt to crack down on tax evasion but is this good news for the global economy financial markets actor patrick young doesn't think so the situation in the euro zone much like the usa is the government is essential an alcoholic it drinks too much vodka it wants over more vodka a new mother what happens it seems to always consume endless endless amounts more vodka in that sense it's government spending governments are spending too much through what western europe in the united states of america they simply cannot afford to go on with that sort of spending therefore we have this frankly ludicrous nerve approach with the belief that the ending of private banking anonymous private banking and switzerland is solely going to see us have a huge wall of money appear that will pay for government the truth is even if all
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of that money was repatriated it wouldn't be enough to save the government from having to go through more a sterile cutting back on their spending the overall reality also is that no matter what you do in these circumstances money will tend to leave the countries that tax it too highly and therefore western europe has a huge crisis because let's face it it would be much easier for us all to go and live in say moscow and pay only twelve or thirteen percent flat rate tax compared to the swindling writs that are being charged in western europe at the moment. well imagine a town largely abandoned by working age adults leaving children and the elderly behind well such a place does exist in greece so coming up here in our two you were reported on how a lack of work is forcing parents to leave their children behind in search of a steady income. and. go wayne shoots of compromise as we go
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on iran's nuclear program looks set to continue in several weeks' time that's so i have here in our team to stay with us. we speak your language or not a day in. the program says documentaries in spanish what matters to you. but what will turn it into angles to the stories. you hear. the spanish find out more visit to our. interview. a feel good.
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welcome back this is our international team of experts in syria have destroyed equipment for chemical weapon production at six sites as well as some of the government's toxic arsenal the deal to dismantle the stockpiles was brokered by russia and the us are just policy or joins us now live from damascus and our policy doesn't look like a significant step forward in syria's chemical disarmament. it
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certainly is experts from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons as well as the united nations have now visited eleven science at six of those sites for the destruction of critical equipment and this is equipment that is classified as category three it includes an unloaded chemical weapon munitions a week ago the team had only visited some two sites so we've really seen an acceleration in the progress that they're doing and they do seem to be on track to meet the deadline of the first of november by which all produce to be quick and needs to have been destroyed the final deadline of course is the middle of next year by when syria has to have destroyed all its chemical weapons stockpiles one of the problems that the team is facing is the fact that some of these chemical weapons are in territory where the rebels are in control and there has been no word or any kind of indication from the rebels that they are prepared to halt the fighting for short ceasefire to allow the experts to actually gain access to these
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stockpiles in fact a few days ago there was a warning posted online by armed rebels in which they threatened that they would rain down damascus with various ammunition and mortar shells and in fact over the past few days almost every hour you do hear water shells exploding this is a capital city where people are afraid. of paul as we just heard from you i mean the weapons and birds obviously working in very very difficult conditions there tell us a bit more about other obstacles of the are facing in carrying out their their missions. well there has been a string of violence over the past few days for the last two days there has been fierce fighting in the north east of the country between armed rebels aligned to al qaida groups and kurdish fighters some fourteen one people have been killed in the north east of the country that is in addition to
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a bomb that exploded overnight choose day that bomb killed between twenty one and twenty three people all of them civilians that happening in the south of the country in daraa and they ended earlier in the week there was another explosion in the northwest of the country and in that explosion some twenty seven people were killed so we really witnessing an acceleration in violence at the same time the human rights watch has issued a report detailing atrocities carried out by the rebels in this report it says that it has evidence that points to the fact that rebels are carrying out genocide carrying out crimes against humanity all of this comes as the major group in the opposition bloc has said that it will not be party to the proposed peace talks in geneva later this year so they really does seem to be an acceleration in violence and very little progress being made on the diplomatic front. politics very much indeed for bringing us a subject line from damascus. to other stories now russia's
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most prominent opposition figure out scene of ali can breathe a partial sigh of relief now accord that gave him a five year jail term back in july has overturned its decision handed down a suspended sentence however his conviction for embezzlement remains in place as are the reports in a volley doesn't see the latest ruling as a cause for celebration. from one of the most popular bloggers online to one of the most notable figures of the russian opposition only became known as blogger exposing a fraudulent schemes and corruption on his blog just several years later he was already running for the mayor seat in moscow garnering twenty seven percent and being placed second eventually in the mayoral race that was after he was convicted to five years in prison for embezzlement at the cute offense organization when he worked as an aide as an associate to the governor of the cure of region. and the
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irony here that something which has been noted by many over the years that now finally has been involved and has been found guilty of a criminal act which he has been fighting all along corruption certainly the judges overturned all appeal claims from his defending lawyers eventually replacing the actual five year prison term for the violin a four year prison term for his associate editor if it's a suspended sentence as many have been indeed surprised by such outcome of the court session not vitally included himself he's been saying that he never expected such a decision obviously in an interview just twenty four hours before going to the town of cuba for the court session said that he was packing all his belongings in case he was to be transferred from the courtroom to the prison directly certainly such a decision by the court leaves a huge room for debate whether his political career would continue but the blogger himself declared himself unhappy even somewhat of a positive decision coming from the court and he said that he will still appeal against his decision decision demanding
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a full and complete acquittal of himself. iran has reportedly signal to it's willing to make some concessions on part of its nuclear program and this comes of after two days of meetings in geneva with the p five plus one group that's made up of russia china france britain and the u.s. plus germany the details of the talks are still being kept secret but the parties involved have suggested they will meet again in several weeks after a c.r.b. is a former advisor on iranian nuclear issues and he says it's a good sign there is also of a negotiation aren't being given out iran has asked for secrecy with respect to their. proposal because you know the western media. counterproductive role in the past and not and needs to be kept out of the media limelight to some extent you know due to serious ongoing negotiations the foreign ministers that if at the same time that is being cautiously optimistic has
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a stated that he anticipates a difficult road ahead iran is really to implement intrusive additional protocol. as part of the game the problem is that what you iran wants to be part of the final package the western powers the u.s. in particular want to see as the into media steps and is less focused on the end game by these powers and then iran and russia and china. the man who helped n.s.a. leaker edward snowden reveal his secrets quits his job glenn greenwald says he's turning your back on the guardian newspaper to set up his own news outlet funded by and e bay billionaire that story is online for you. to blast from the past the largest piece of meat here and yet to be recovered is fished out of the late in central russia after it blazed a trail across the russian sky early this year before videos are to dot com.
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families are used to watching their children grow up and fly the nest in greece so it's the opposite biting cots are seeing parents having to take work abroad and leave their kids behind as andrew farmer has been finding out on the surface and from a distance looks like a normal time in northern greece but if you look more closely you'll find things a very different. afternoon the times central square children play but in the background a much older generation is looking on here grandparents take the role of parents who've left the time to find work abroad over half of achilles one hundred children are brought up in this way fourteen year old ana maria is one of them is a guy like them all to a boy but if i understand my parents left to find a better life i also understand if they return they would be unemployed but i think in a few years all of greece will be like
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a town of course it is difficult to leave here because i need the love and affection of my parents my granny and grandpa do their best but they cannot offer me this grandpa is now seventy but except his new responsibilities his own kids emigrating to austria to open a restaurant after failing to find employment. our town is abandoned it is a cruel reality to force my children to emigrate many locals have gone abroad in search of a better life take a drive down any street and you will see what he means shutters are permanently down on dozens of homes the price of the timespan this teenager to act making an award winning film about the problems her parents' friends are facing. they were examples in your film. in the playground the child an orphan
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cruel words from the children but these sort of things do happen. in their everyday lives. howard so once. the cruelty is that they leave without their parents despite the playground taunts. academically the children don't seem to be held back though the local head teacher says that's because they know they have to succeed for their future or here because as a navy these children whose parents live abroad make a special effort they want to show they are trying often their dream is to leave greece and to be with their parents if that happens it will continue to shrink just under three thousand people live here after a similar amount left over the last decade increasingly those that remain at the
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young and the old a reminder of greece's financial problems are also changing the social landscape and. take next that's part of the big fakes looking into the dark secrets behind one of the worst oil spills in history in the gulf of mexico. may disagree. but i believe america is exceptional. just wake. up where can i. bring. up. the. seas about.
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my. sleep. just. good leverage sure to mccurry was able to build on each most sophisticated robot which on fortunately goes into gear with donna found anything changed missions to teach you the creation and why you should care about humans and. this is why you should care only on. the after the b.p. spill dr arden chained to louisiana where in bare a terrier which is forty miles from the gulf and about one hundred fifty miles from the wellhead the oil and dispersants have come into here yesterday the wind blew really hard this table got this cloudy gritty glaze on it with that that's just what's on the table before we even start the interview. was b.p.
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about to repeat the same strategy that exxon had used with the valve these oil spill this pack of confidential documents were uncovered as part of the toxic tort lawsuits that followed with some of the workers who realized that their sicknesses lingered lingered lingard these documents are very incriminating and they show that thousands of workers actually did in fact get sick from exposure to a number of chemicals including to be toxic. axons chief medical advisor dr kind of cool it's a memo to x. on and at the very end here you see the intent we do not need a health hazard evaluation and should try and avoid it if possible. the health hazard evaluation is osha and nyasha coming in and saying sorry there's too many sick people here and you spiller are now labile for doing long term medical
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surveillance how exxon avoided it was by misrepresenting the information as. simply . facts on managed to successfully hide these documents from the media from the people from the sick workers from the court from the federal health care officials and b.p. is following pretty closely everything that axon did. we were actually flying over the disaster site on sunday april twenty fifth and what we saw when you're out there were two airplanes were flying over and already carpet bombing this bill with this person and we started to notice that the planes and helicopters were flying over they were dropping this stuff the spray they were really secretive about where those planes were coming from and when they were going out they didn't really want shoes taken of these planes coming down.


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