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tv   Headline News  RT  October 16, 2013 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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olympic torch relay. m r r r. breaking news this hour u.s. lawmakers strike a deal to stave off default and reopen the government potentially ending two weeks of brinksmanship that have left the dollar more vulnerable than it's been in decades. defending its image at all costs cuts are detained two journalists investigating heroin conditions face but migrant workers preparing the nation for the twenty twenty two world cup one of those reporters tells me what he uncovered. and the destruction of syria's chemical arsenal gathers momentum with international experts dismantling equipment at six sites now but it's no easy task in the midst of a raging civil war. all
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over again even t.v. just joined us this is r.t. international it's nine pm here in moscow one pm one of the afternoon in washington and with the deadline looming u.s. lawmakers have agreed in the last hour to raise deal to raise the country's debt limit and hopefully reboot the government now though it'll have to be approved by both republicans and the democrats in fighting between who bought the world's richest nation to the brink of default let's go to washington when our teacher in the snow over there to try to makes more sense of this from us so the headline is they've put together a deal last at the last minute they think they can probably vote through when is that vote likely to take place and what was in that deal. it's expected that that vote will take place sometime throughout wednesday that senate leaders seem very confident that it will pass right through the senate the problem we might run into is in the house of representatives and we're hearing reports that in fact the house might vote first to ensure that this deal does get through they seem to think that
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that will make the approval more speedily you know approved and getting through this is a deal that they have been pushing for for two weeks or so sixteen days the government shut down eight hundred thousand workers not working lots of businesses losing money and there's been a lot of pressure on these leaders to get something done now the tentative deal would allow for the treasury to continue borrowing it would keep the u.s. government up and running until january fifteenth and allow it to continue borrowing in till february seventh according to the senate majority leader harry reid this would allow for lawmakers to come up with some kind of permanent budget solution to not have these kind of crises halt hold the government here in washington of course have the rest of the world standing and waiting to see what would happen whether or not they would be thrust in a recession so they seem very confident that this deal will get through there are some skeptics that we're seeing especially on social media that saying that you can
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expect should expect anything from some of the house republicans so we'll have to wait and see to confirm completely whether or not they suck down has come to an end . to the president president. this potential deal in the senate to push it through the house to push it through and that's the latest from the course he's been blamed for this from some quarters may. not be starting everything you've just said the term proof will give to john you of course the bleak midwinter because we facing all this again could we. absolutely it's essentially just kicking the can down the road the problem is going to come up again the u.s. lives on credit this is a problem can it keep borrowing we're almost we almost came down to the wire like i'm saying it's still not confirmed that this setup is over on the u.s. defaulting on its seventeen trillion or so u.s. dollars in debt that is just going to keep going they will continue to borrow as they try to come up with some kind of more permanent solution to this budget to not
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have this kind of chaos take over the u.s. capitol the government and if you like so many millions of people not just in america but around the world the question now is if this deal does go through default is avoided for a couple of months or so what happens to the u.s. reputation already that it's gotten this far you have the rest of the world you have financial institutions like the i.m.f. the world bank warning for the u.s. to be responsible so although harry reid. you know he said in his speech when he announced this so-called deal that the world was watching washington this weekend that's for sure i don't know if a lot of critics would agree that they see now that washington is responsible i think that that is going to be debated over the next couple of months you have countries like china who have already announced they're going to be looking at a new way to do business with the united states and it's not going to be the dollar that they are going to try to. to allow themselves to fall back on so this whether
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or not they have a deal or not things have changed certainly the world has been watching and i don't know if like i said a lot of world leaders trade partners financial experts would agree. that the rest of the world that this is proof i should say that the united states is responsible . to do we get back to it. as the coming through and we should get a little people to talk to through the course of the. well talk which is all through the street smarts adventures on the road and in the markets the deal severely damages america's credibility. we've been kicking the can down the road pretty years in america how do you think we got to we're the largest debtor nation in the history of the world we've got to do something about every year that goes by and we go deeper and deeper into the word doubting in washington
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right now any more with your rate everything is ok now we saw the problem and a year or two or three from now. and we will be back if we are now only worth it because that will be working and countries that are lending to america it really you know that russia china a few other countries that are in your face we've got to do something else we and i keep putting money in u.s. dollars and u.s. government but aren't we going to this thing is going to end the i'm not the only want to know is there any other countries that. we have to find you know look around at the to the u.s. dollar because these guys are not. well what this crisis has done is spark a global reevaluation of the dollar as the world's reserve currency nations such as china say that the washington standoff shows that there has to be an alternative currency but equity strategist in economist peter westin told us it may not be that simple to actually d.m.
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merican our system of calling it is going to be if it's going to happen a very slow process but given the time and time again these political crisis appear in the us i think there would be more cause for thought of trying to reduce dependency on america in the same way as america's been trying to reduce dependency on the middle east for its oil but it has to be a very slow and sort of gradual process. to get more of this potential deal this construct with director of the center on peace and liberty at the independent institute joining us live now hi there. no matter what you say about it for the bad let's look at the good focus on probably better to kick the can down the road than to to default in the next few days no. yes well i have some sympathy with the tea party people because they we do have a sixteen point nine trillion dollar debt and we have a big budget deficit and that what they're trying to do i think is to reduce
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government spending and that's a good thing but i'm not sure that this is the way to do it because government spending increases when the government shut down because they have to shut it down and started up again and also if they would go over this debt ceiling on women and not renew it you pay a lot more in interest payments and i think it does slowly erode the credibility of the united states now that will happen slowly as was just sad but. i think really whether the dollar will remain the reserve currency is if the u.s. has a good economy and is gets its debt and deficit down and i think that's important and i think the tea party is helping out with that it's just that i think their tactics in this case have backfired on them but the way they're going at the moment the big elephant in the room is how long can it go on the public debt until the debt ok most countries work with a heck of a lot of debt in the back pockets but this surely is not sustainable very much
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longer is it what is the picture. no i don't think it is and they have unfortunately united states might be better if it didn't have the reserve currency it wouldn't have that crutch to fall back on i think that's one of the problems is not the only problem the real problem is over spending and i think we've really got to get that down and you know this is this is what the tea party republicans are trying to do and i think they should be congratulated for that but i but these constant government shutdown crises and the debt limit crises i think does undermine the market and undermine the economy and i think there are tools should be used rather than that to try to get the budget down how seriously has this undermined america's standing around the world i think to some extent i think you can overstate that because the real problem with the reserve currency is where do you go if you don't use the dollar and right now there's really no alternative there's no real alternative to treasury bills america is not like argentina and the
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fact that it can't pay its debt it's just that it won't pay its debt temporarily if this if this debt limit is not raised so that's sort of a technical default but not a real default and i think the real problem that the u.s. has and this is a significant problem is the sixteen point nine nearly seventeen trillion dollar debt and continuing budget deficits and that's really those deficits have to go back and we have to start paying down the debt or we're going to end up like greece a final one would on say yes or no will this get through the vote do you think this latest plan. well i think it probably will because i think boehner has said he will not breach the debt you know you will not. you know alter it as a yes or no even though i don't currently have it we don't have a yes i have to have dramatic democratic votes to do it excellent to see on the program and the director of the center for peace and liberty at the independent
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institute thanks. well i spoke to geo political analysts patrick henningsen just last thinks that what's happening on capitol hill is nothing short of political theater. this really looks to me like a w w f wrestling match in other words there was no way and we actually said this last week on our website there was no way that the government was going to default on that simply because the us government has approximately and is not exact figure but two hundred fifty billion dollars a month in total receipts they paid maybe around ten percent interest on that as to the bankers so they pay on that it's one of the greatest arrangements ever and there's no way that would ever come to an end the u.s. government in present form cannot exist without expanding despite what harry reid and others say. in his bloated form it needs to expand and therefore needs new
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lines of credit. currency crisis could change the system the president uses to negotiate chapa told he'll take some bitter medicine and doctor a deal saying. the longer this goes on the worse some will be. here when you destroy the american economy and the mess they getting here. coming up imagine a town largely abandoned by working age adults leaving only the children and elderly behind well such a place exists and it seemed greece we report from there about how a lack of works forcing parents have to leave the children on a search for a steady income. also reporting to. compromises countries taking part in the ghostly actions on iran's nuclear program set a date now for more talks at the start of next month is just ahead but this is
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obscene. sally. writes. the. pain for the young girls. for the future harder. between two and three hundred million guns united states so you can act like they're not here and keep kids away from them. the causes. you know teaches them a lot of response ability and simply come to pay through the eyes of children if we can't do it for our children future.
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hello again cut taking a zero tolerance down so many probing into a human rights record to judgment reporters investigating the slavish conditions facing workers at the twenty twenty two will cut construction sites would you tell you the middle of their investigation one of them described to me what happened to him. first we got arrested by the federal police in a hole tell rooms were taken to the headquarters which is an doha city and we were questioned and interrogated for a couple of hours and just after midnight we got cuffed our equipment cameras all
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the memory sticks we had everything was taken from us and we were taken to a state security prison right on the suburbs of doha where we had to spend the night in separate cells my cameraman and me. we were in there in that prison in those separate cells for a total of twenty one hours the bad thing about those twenty one hours was we weren't even allowed a single phone call not to our embassy not to our families no one was there to tell us what the charge was really so we were kind of desperate in there not having any contact with the outside world when you go back to peter again in just a moment we'll hear in fact is a glimpse at the heavy toll of the world cup preparations what's already happening in the gulf kingdom called into rights activists you see the figures on the screen over the past summer one worker died every day on average more than half of those cases involve heart attacks or workplace injuries temperatures there that they're
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going to work in as well extremely high frequent catarrh they soar above forty five degrees celsius estimates suggest too fucked up to four thousand people may die before that first ball is kicked in not twenty twenty two tournament but back to peter again he got a firsthand look at the work his plight in qatar. able to talk to some human rights workers down there locally on the ground as well as quite a number of workers as it turned out one gentleman there for twelve twelve years i think working as a. specialist's ironically his arc of a duration that sells doesn't even have a vent fan but this guy told us he said i think thirty five about him not getting the salary in his bonuses for a number of years now and his main difficulty was to fight the case against his. against his boss and his firm he was working for as they see
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a specialist so the best thing is the boss took his spot from him so he was probably fighting the case and cause us problems getting back he's not making the money he's supposed to make for the flight home back that's a that's a bad devil or circle he's in. the big picture it doesn't end there to the migrants many of those laborers from the pole bangladesh or india they're hoping to send money back home that's when they do in it for them see their paychecks for months on end and of course as peter was saying if they do decide to cut their losses and quit often they find themselves unable to escape because their passports are being withheld and with that you know tentative full of identification id they're effectively stranded as well to add insult to injury construction stuff or even forced to work with basic necessities talking drinking water peter geisel explained what he sees then as the root of the problem. other bunch of guys i'm just tell you that you'll be might be seeing in the pieces well four of them
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haven't got paid for seven months in a room right now trying to file the case as well all of those workers have one major problem they have to work within the so-called system let me try and explain to you what that is it's a law basically stating that every migrant worker that comes into qatar has to find his own personal sponsor meaning his boss the firm is working for the corporation. and that sponsor has to take care of him legally legally medically but most of the sponsors obviously take the past posts away from the migrant workers and that put so numbers of them maybe tens of thousands in a miserable situation. an international team of experts in syria have destroyed equipment for chemical weapon production at six sites as well as some of the government's toxic arsenal the deal to dismantle the still poses brokered by russia
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and the u.s. polis lee is in damascus. experts from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons as well as the united nations have now visited eleven sites at six of those sites for the destruction of critical equipment and this is equipment that is classified as category three it includes unloaded chemical weapons your mission is a week ago the team had only visited some two sites so we rarely see an acceleration in the progress that they're doing and they do seem to be on track to meet the deadline of the first of november by which all produce to be quick and needs to have been destroyed the final deadline of course is the middle of next year by when syria has to have destroyed all its chemical weapons stockpiles one of the problems that the team is facing is the fact that some of these chemical weapons are you territory where the rebels are in control and there has been no word or any kind of indication from the rebels that they are prepared to halt the fighting for short ceasefire to allow the experts to actually gain access to these stockpiles for the
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last two days there has been fierce fighting in the north east of the country between armed rebels aligned to al qaida groups and kurdish fighters some sort one people have been killed in the north east of the country that is in addition to a bomb that exploded overnight choose day that bomb killed between twenty one and twenty three people all of them civilians that happening in the south of the country in daraa and then it earlier in the week there was another explosion in the northwest of the country i mean that explosion some twenty seven people were killed so we really witnessing an exhilaration in violence all of this comes as the major group in the opposition bloc has said that it will not be party to the proposed peace talks in geneva later this year so they really does seem to be an acceleration in violence and very little progress being made on the diplomatic front porch. talks on iran's nuclear program
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a very good with an agreement to meet again and hammer. the deal at the start of november comes after two days of meetings in geneva with the p five plus one group made up of russia china france britain and the us plus germany france reportedly signaled it is willing to make some concessions on part of its nuclear program but the details are being kept secret so far. as a former advisor on nuclear iranian issues and he says it's a good sign that the results the negotiations aren't being given out iran has that or secrecy with respect to the. package or proposal because you know the western media has counterproductive role in the past and needs to be kept out of the media lying late to some extent in order to serious ongoing negotiations the foreign ministers that eve at the same time that is being cautiously optimistic has a stated that he anticipates a difficult bumpy road ahead iran is really to implement the intrusive addition of
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political. year as part of the get the problem of how it is that what do you iran wants to be part of the final package the western powers the u.s. in particular want to see as the in to media steps and is less focused on the end game baddies powers and iran and russia and china so we'll be brief there first off and allow our planes crash to become river is killed forty four people on board it was a domestic flight traveling from the capital to pax in the south when it went about eight kilometers from the airport there were thirty nine passengers and five crew on board the plane was in a plane french thai south korea nationals are among with. the greek parliament strips half a dozen far right m.p.'s of immunity as police press various charges against them all six belong to the anti immigration golden dawn party and the accused of running
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a criminal organization the government going to crack the party greece's third largest after the murder of an anti fascist rapper by one of its members. the pain of a stare at either the original low golden dawn to come to power is no tearing apart even the sanctity of the family in greece unemployed parents are leaving their hometowns in droves to find jobs elsewhere but given the tough circumstances many are forced to leave the children behind in the care of aging relatives andrew farmer reports. on the surface and from a distance a hill it looks like a normal time in northern greece but if you look more closely you'll find things a very different afternoon the times central square children play but in the background a much older generation is looking on here grandparents take the role of parents who've left the time to find work abroad over half of achilles one hundred children
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are brought up in this way fourteen year old anna maria is one of them. came a boy but if i understand my parents left to find a better life i also understand if they return they would be unemployed but i think in a few years all of greece will be like a town of course it is difficult to leave here because i need the love and affection of my parents my granny and grandpa do their best but they cannot offer me this grandpa is now seventy but except his new responsibility is his own kids emigrating to austria to open a restaurant after failing to find employment to do our town as a band and it is a cruel reality to force my children to emigrate many locals have gone abroad in search of a better life take a drive down any street in it and you will see what he means shutters are permanently down on dozens of homes the plight of the times this teenager to act making an award winning film about the problems her parents' friends are facing.
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and there were examples in your film. in the playground the child an orphan cruel words from the children but these sort of things do happen. and their everyday lives. howard so once. the cool thing is that they leave us out there are parents despite the playground taunts academically the children don't seem to be held back though the local head teacher says that's because they know they have to succeed for their future or here that's the same day that these children whose parents live a broad base make a special effort they want to show they are trying often their dream is to leave
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greece and to be with their parents. if that happens it will continue to shrink just under three thousand people live here after a similar amount left over the last decade increasingly those that remain at the young and the old i remind you that greece's financial problems are also changing the social landscape andrew farmer take. is twenty six minutes past nine at night i hear a moscow thanks play with us up next as part of the big fix looking tonight to the dark secrets behind all the worst oil spills in history again in thirty four minutes. i may disagree. but i believe america is exceptional.
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just like the. else we can. bring. to. see that there. is still to. come this. wealthy british style. market. can. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with max cons are for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report. the story ends in iran. the british geologists discovered iran was sitting on an emotional boil and they decided they would take and they formed the anglo persian oil company and made a corrupt deal with the iranian monarchy. they guaranteed itself all the rons oil. shortly after that the british government bought fifty one percent of the company and of the suggestion of winston churchill the british navy switched three cold boiled the the warships of the projected british our all of the world were now running one hundred percent oil wrong. and that in one thousand fifteen to go
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ronnie ins decided to take their oil. the democratically elected government of prime minister mohammad most an act nationalize the anglo iranian oil company. he banished all the british diplomats and along with them the secret agents who were plotting his overthrow so prime minister churchill asked president eisenhower to overthrow most and act on their behalf the cia and the british helped stage the coup that ended the last democratic government in iran ever. after most of that was overthrown he was sentenced to three years in the president and house arrest for life. after the cia deposed most at the place mohammad raise ashot power the shah ruled for twenty five. question until finally spoke provoked them eight hundred seventy nine islamic revolution.


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