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tv   Headline News  RT  October 16, 2013 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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breaking news this hour u.s. lawmakers strike a deal to stave off default and reopen government potentially than ending two weeks of brinkmanship that have left the dollar more vulnerable than it's been in decades . values image at all costs cuts are detained two journalists investigating the harrowing conditions faced by my group workers prepare the nation for the twenty twenty two world cup one of those reporters tells me what he uncovered. other destruction of syria's chemical arsenal gathers momentum with international experts dismantling equipment at six sites but it's no easy task in the midst of a raging civil war. which
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is joined us ten pm here in moscow two in the afternoon in washington d.c. right now one is kevin i mean this is our tea warm welcome to here so with a deadline looming u.s. lawmakers have agreed to put together a deal to raise the country's debt limit and hopefully reboot the government it will now have to be approved by both republicans and democrats in fighting between who brought the world's richest nation basically to the brink of default let's go to washington to we are he is innocent now is the make sense of it all for us i dare say so it looks like we're kind of on the homestretch here that this awful default that was looming has been averted almost tell us take us through what's up the last couple of hours. it doesn't didn't look that way slightly averted it should be say we're getting pretty close to that deadline of october the seventeenth when the u.s. would have to default on its borrowings of some seventeen trillion dollars but
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senate leaders this morning here in washington did announce and confirm a deal at least in the senate which would basically just push this issue down the road it would allow for the government to be funded until january fifteenth and continue borrowing until february seventh according to the senate majority leader harry reid that would allow for the u.s. government to come up with some kind of more a long term solution so it looks like a default has been averted at least for now we know that within the hour or so the house of representatives where if there's going to be a problem with passing this deal back is where it's going to be they are set to meet around three pm local time and then we'll know for sure whether or not we can say that the shutdown has ended for those you say it's pushing the problem along the road certainly not out of the woods yet all thoughts then go to mid november don't. they do indeed and the question is if this time around i mean the
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u.s. and the government knew that this was coming they knew the deadline existed for months they waited until the last minute and the answer the solution was to shut down the government for sixteen days harry reid also mentioning that the world was closely watching washington this week he seems to think that the world has now been reassured of americans america's responsibility i should say but i think critics and some major trade partners like china would beg to differ and this week china already announcing that it's time to de americanised to find a way to do business around the world without the dollar so this default be averted but what is what mark is it going to leave on the u.s. reputation in terms of the global economy and how to do business in the future. ok and it's a thanks for the up there because burchill bit later. well
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as this was sent across is brought more questions that sensitive spot to global reevaluation of the dollar as the world's reserve currency nations such as china say that the washington standoff shows there has to be an alternative currency now but i could do strategy as an economist peter weston says that might not be so simple to actually deal merican our sister calling it is going to be if it's going to happen a very slow process but given that we see time and time again these political crisis appear in the us i think there would be more cause for thought of trying to reduce dependency on america in the same way as america has been trying to the reduce dependency on the middle east for its oil but it has to be a very slow and sort of gradual process of coming through hopefully a bit later this hour too on this developing story tonight now the director of the central piece in liberty at the independent studio when ellen spoke to us as well he says the crisis has been a blow to washington's reputation government spending increases when the government
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shut down because they have to shut it down and started up again and also if they would go over there i doubt seeing women and not renew it you pay a lot more in interest payments and i think it does slowly erode the credibility of the united states now that war happened slowly i think the real problem that the u.s. has and this is a significant problem is the sixteen point nine nearly seventeen trillion dollar debt and continuing budget deficits and that's really those deficits have to go back and we have to start paying down the debt or we're going to end up like greece and the senate who stay with us next will be staging a comprehensive debate a panel to hear all sides of this who was right who was wrong and that with three weeks of shutdown international condemnation of no left america. currency crisis could teach you the system the president uses. take some medicine. say. the longer this goes all the worse it
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will be. here waiting for you. coming up imagine a town largely abandoned by working age children the elderly well such a place does exist. we report from there on our. children. also to. iran's nuclear program. at the start of next month. just ahead. disagree. but i believe america is exceptional.
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think. with the economic downturn the find.
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the rest they need every. flight from moscow says r.t. it's kevin and it's my but i do a top story more a lot of promise you will comment on it a deal looks like it's been reached in america to avoid default chris klug hedge fund manager at lawrence clark investment management on the line chris either you've been watching it with great interest as well the unfolding events over the last couple of hours in washington as it looks like the last minute agreements being reached i use the word pantomime earlier on perhaps that was a bit too flip but you know year in year out we see this argue between the democrats the republicans on how much money they're going to spend the not going to do it i mean the whole thing end of the day is almost ridiculous when you think about how much kind of make believe money is out there piling death on top of that what's your thought about what's happened this time though i think you just some
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day out to be honest with you i mean i think the whole thing's been a bit of a pantomime. you know we're going to get a deal and i want you to believe any doubt that we're going to get a deal and in time you know we'll be right back here in fifteen weeks time in february the only difference at that point we believe that the debt burden on the u.s. will be even bigger than it is now and how sustainable is that long term how long can this keep going on. well i mean good question absolutely it's not sustainable you know the u.s. is seventeen trillion dollars in debt so you know people are worried about whether or not it's going to default on that debt you know semantics it already has devalued on its debt because in my book if you can't pay back your bets for you to follow it on them they will not pay back that debt so i think what is interesting at the moment if you want to know how long it's going to go on for is if you look at some of the financial markets the price in the risk of us to follow are now starting to move aggressively higher the credit default swap market on the u.s. government is that and even on the announcement today that prices going up the
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market not all of investors out there are buying this and a lot of them are now gravely concerned about the ability of the u.s. to pay back its other we started our church saying well hey nobody actually believe that this wouldn't know that some sort of agreement wouldn't happen but it has caused harm it's caused harm to individuals and been paid for weeks it's caused harm to the markets it's caused america's reputation isn't it. well it certainly hasn't caused any harm whatsoever to the financial markets no i mean the financial markets are sitting on absolute all time high so the financial markets are saying this is no problem at all you know yes it's caused a lot of concern. here to know if it's a situation didn't go through tomorrow and isn't voted through would have been a wouldn't it. no i don't think it would necessarily because i think they'll get a deal at the weekend or they get a deal monday tuesday they always get a deal they'll always keep kicking the can down the road the thing that will stop
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them kicking the can down the road is when the people who buy u.s. government debt say you know what we can see what's going on here we we know what's going to happen and they start selling that government debt then you will have a problem you know at the moment investors seem to be buying everything that they get told hook line and sinker but it is an unsustainable situation and it's worth remembering that you know the u.s. is not the only game in town here i mean japan is in an even worse situation china is beginning to china's beginning to put itself in that situation but europe is in that situation i mean it's about time that somebody out there started to realize that the the model that has been in the western economic model for the last seventy years is now well and truly broken and pursuing economic growth and full employment at all costs my day is not a sustainable model and something needs to change here because we are going to face a u.s. default at some point in the near future three months two so what is the alternative absolutely but the alternative is going to cause an awful lot of hardship for
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everybody well yes absolutely but i mean what you've got here i hate to use this analogy but i'm going to use it if you have an addict a heroin addict for example he's got two choices he can either go through a lot of playing and sober up so. the two options we have and sooner or later if you want to cure the situation you've got to sober up and take your pain now you know all the u.s. is doing is continuously kicking the can down the road and delaying the day when the pain will come and the longer it goes on the more painful it's going to be when that day comes so you know yes there is pain now if they don't sort this out don't stop pushing up the debt ceiling there will be massively more pain in the future who is going to hand this pill what you're talking about there was brave enough to do it and of the. well i think that's another good question. you know what we have to remember here is that politicians are interested in one thing only and that's getting reelected what they're not interested in necessarily what you genuinely
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probably not interested in doing the right thing for the country because if they did the right thing for the country they would have to take an enormous amount of pride and they would find themselves out of office very very quickly and here in lies the fundamental problem of having governments that are elected for four year periods because who in their right mind is going to come in and do the absolute right thing now you know now we start getting into dangerous territory because maybe the answer is that in order to finally get the problem sorted out we're going to have to have a government that isn't elected and you know where i'm going with that and that is not good news for any of us. spend thirty seconds or about invest as you said the markets we. want to little blips i was alluding to earlier on in america but what what what are they so calm why have they remained so stable. they've remained so stable you know again you're starting to hit upon the real fundamental problem here is that the financial markets. are beginning to get very used to. doubt time and time again and the longer this goes on the more comfortable the financial
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markets will be with big insurmountable problems whether you know that someone's always going to backstop and will always bail them out like in two thousand and eight like in the euro crisis and now with this situation and the problem is you get a market that is has got a very blast i don't care because someone will always be there to buy yeah we know that we're not going to see an armageddon situation ok and the problem is the longer that goes on the armageddon situation will just be more catastrophic when it happens because you're getting a whole generation of people in the markets now i've been there five six years and all that ever seen is governments bailing out banks governments and whatever you know the situation is very very dangerous why cover the proverbial proverbial airbag in a car but god help the day it doesn't work ok all right chris i hope you like the way i put that chris clark. good economic peril doc of if you thought.
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qatar is taking a zero tolerance stance on any probe into its human rights record two german reporters investigated the slavish conditions facing workers at the twenty twenty two world cup construction sites were detained in the middle of their investigation one of them peter geisel described to me what happened. first we got arrested by the federal police in a hotel rooms were taken to their headquarters which is in doha city and we were questioned and interrogated for a couple of hours and just after midnight we got cuffed our equipment cameras all the memory sticks we had everything was taken from us and we were taken to a state security prison right in the suburbs of doha where we had to spend the nights in separate cells my cameraman and me. we were in there in that prison in those separate cells for a total of twenty one hours the bad thing about those twenty one hours was we weren't even allowed
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a single phone call not to our embassy not to our families no one was there to tell us what the charge was really so we were kind of desperate in there not having any contact with the outside world well let's take a glimpse than at the heavy toll the world cup preparations are already taking the gold kingdom on the news only a quarter rights activists over the past summer one worker died every day on average more than half of those cases of old heart attacks or workplace injuries standards are good there plus of course being counted so the temperatures these guys are going to work in sometimes above forty five degrees estimates suggest in fact up to four thousand people could die before that first ball is even kicked off in the twenty twenty two tournament again back to journalist paid to he got a firsthand look at the workers' plight there in qatar. able to talk to some human rights workers down there locally on the ground as well as quite a number of workers as it turned out one gentleman there for twelve twelve years i
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think working has come in addition specialists ironically his ark of education itself doesn't even have a vent fan but this guy told us he saw i think thirty five about him not getting the salary in his bonuses for a number of years now and his main difficulty was to fight the case against his. against his boss and his firm he was working for as they see a specialist so the best thing is the boss took his passport from him so he was probably fighting the case and cause us problems getting back he's not making the money he's supposed to make for the flight home back that's a that's a bad devils circle he's in. and the bleak picture facing migrants doesn't end there either men or the laborers from the pole bangladesh india hoping to send money back at home that's where they're at they do it in the first place most of them don't see the paychecks for months on end but if they decide to cut their
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losses and quit they often find themselves unable to escape because the passport says a sailor have been withheld without any alternative form of id then they are effectively called in that they should circle the stranded and to add insult to injury as well construction stuff forced to work without even basic necessities some of them not even drinking water we spoke to here balloonists a french football player who's trapped in cata paid by his club. i tried negotiating with them for a year and a half and i understood that it was not working i decided to file a claim against them and because of this they refused to let my wife and my kids leave the country this is why i complained i went to a tribunal for when you are not paid at work i didn't think they would block me now the local government said that by the end of the month i will be able to leave the country but to do that i have to sign a paper that i agree with the conditions i was fired under and there are no guarantees i will be able to leave at the end of the month. an international team
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of experts in syria have destroyed equipment for chemical weapon production the six sites as well as some of the government toxic arsenal as well the deal to dismantle the stockpiles was broken by russia and the us marti's paula slayer's in damascus. experts from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons as well as the united nations have now visited eleven sites at six of those sites there oversaw the destruction of critical equipment and this is equipment that is classified as category three it includes an unloaded chemical weapon your mission is a week ago the team had only visited some two sites so we rarely see an acceleration in the progress that they're doing and they do seem to be on track to meet the deadline of the first of november by which all producing equant needs to have been destroyed the final deadline of course is the middle of next year by when syria has to have destroyed all its chemical weapons stockpiles one of the problems that the team is facing is the fact that some of these chemical weapons are in territory
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where the rebels are in control and there has been no word or any kind of indication from the rebels that they're prepared to halt the fighting for short ceasefire to allow the experts to actually gain access to these stockpiles for the last two days there has been fierce fighting in the north east of the country between armed rebels aligned to al qaida groups and kurdish fighters some sort one people have been killed in the north east of the country that is in addition to a bomb that exploded overnight truce day that bomb killed between twenty one and twenty three people all of them civilians that happening in the south of the country in daraa and they ended earlier in the week there was another explosion in the northwest of the country i mean that explosion some twenty seven people were killed so we really witnessing an exhilaration in violence all of this comes as the major group in the opposition bloc has said that it will not be party to the
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proposed peace talks in geneva later this year so they really does seem to be an acceleration in violence and very little progress being made on the diplomatic front all of saloon a. nuclear program avoided with an agreement to. meet again and hammer out a deal at the start of november comes after two days of meetings in geneva with the p five plus one group it's made up of russia china france britain the us plus germany this has been kept secret over what looks like all sides still agreed to disagree russia's foreign ministry said that there's a low level of trust between the sides which makes it difficult for me to a complete success the u.k. for its parts maintained its call for iran to make first steps toward reconciliation and convince the international community that its nuclear program is totally peaceful iran's foreign minister mohammad javad zarif sounded more optimistic though he said the result of the negotiations quote will hopefully be the beginning of a new phase in relations between iran and the six powers while the e.u.'s foreign
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policy chief described the talks is the most detailed talks ever cover for shelby's a former advisor to rein in nuclear issues and he says it's a good sign that these results the negotiations are being given. iran has asked who are secrecy with respect to the. package or proposal because you know the western media has counterproductive role in the past and this not in needs to be kept out of the media lying like to some extent in order to allow our serious ongoing negotiations the foreign ministers that eve at the same time that is being cautiously optimistic has a stated that he anticipates the difficult and bumpy road ahead iran is really to implement the intrusive addition of political of the i hear as part of the game the problem of how it is that what you iran wants to be part of the final package the western powers the u.s. in particular want to see as the in to media steps and is less focused on the end
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game by these powers and then iran and russia and china. family is used to watching the children grow up and fly the nest in greece though it's the opposite biting cuts of seeing parents who are to take work abroad and leave their kids behind central farm has been finding out. on the surface and from a distance it looks like a normal time in northern greece but if you look more closely you'll find things a very different afternoon the times central square children play but in the background a much older generation is looking on here grandparents take the role of parents who've left the time to find work abroad over half of achilles one hundred children are brought up in this way fourteen year old ana maria is one of them this guy take them all to a boy but if i understand my parents left to find a better life i also understand if they return they would be unemployed but i think
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in a few years all of greece will be like a town of course it is difficult to leave here because i need the love and affection of my parents my gran and grandpa do their best but they cannot offer me this grandpa is now seventy but except his new responsibilities his own kids emigrating to austria to open a restaurant after failing to find employment. our town is abandoned it is a cruel reality that forced my children to emigrate many locals have gone abroad in search of a better life take a drive down any street and you will see what he means shutters are permanently down on dozens of homes the price of the time this teenager to act making an award winning film about the problems her parents' friends are facing.
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and there were examples in your film where in the playground the child schooled an orphan cruel words from the children but these sort of things do happen. and their everyday lives are. the. howard so a lot. of their cruelty is that they leave or are sad their parents despite the playground taunts academically the children don't seem to be held back though the local head teacher says that's because they know they have to succeed for their future or here because it's a myth these children whose parents live abroad make a special effort they want to show they are trying often their dream is to leave greece and to be with their parents if that happens hilaire will continue to shrink just under three thousand people live here after
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a similar amount left over the last decade increasingly those that remain are the young and the old a reminder greece's financial problems are also changing the social landscape andrew farmer for arctic. news now from russia this is the biggest chunk of a huge meteorite webroot that blasted across the skies of the russian city of show you have been scary this year has been recovered from a lake bed is footage of the operation for marty's roughly video agency well this piece alone narratives weighs more than half of the next stage and over his trip is to a russian lab let's go back there to the fifteenth of february show we made quite an entrance but then didn't it plan together. thousand people or. windows and doors in the middle of winter margy to cause thirty million dollars worth of damage. thanks for your company this is our to
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international law but with more news in thirty four minutes next though it's the second part of our program the big things looking at the dark secrets behind one of the worst oil spills in history. science technology innovation all these developments from around russia we've got the future covered. we speak your language of the law and out of the. news programs and documentaries in spanish what matters to you breaking news what will turn it into angles stories. for you here.
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in troy altie spanish find out more visit eye to eye on t.v. dot com. one after the b.p. spill dr rotten chain two can we see anywhere in bear attack which is forty miles from the gulf and about one hundred fifty miles from the wellhead the oil and dispersants have come into here yesterday the wind blew really hard these tables got this cloudy gritty glaze on it look at that that's just what's on the table before we even start the interview. was b.p.
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about to repeat the same strategy that exxon used with the valve the use of oil spill this pack of confidential documents were uncovered as part of the toxic lawsuits that followed with some of the workers who realized that their sicknesses lingered lingered lingered these documents are very incriminating and they show that thousands of workers actually did in fact get sick from exposure to a number of chemicals including to be a toxic ethanol axons chief medical adviser dr kind of cool it's a memo to x. on and at the very end here you see the intent we do not need a health hazard evaluation and should try and avoid it if possible. the health hazard evaluation is osha and nyasha coming in and saying sorry there's too many sick people here and you.


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