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tv   Headline News  RT  October 19, 2013 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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was. a global attack the rallies around the world unite against shale drilling demanding the authorities opened their eyes to the risk of a dangerous technology. in the eye of the storm are two reports of the syrian village of mali and means of the rebel fighters whose territories have encircled and. ever heard circle the circle were rowing. on the ground yet wrong it's a british service call also involved in the country's a day to day needs but it has some big questions to answer over failure and fourteen it's.
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a very warm welcome to you if you've just joined us here on our do you were live from moscow you're with me to bomb would say to our top story this morning right saturday is global a down day and international protests are uniting activists worldwide demanding a ban on shale gas drilling they claim of the technology is extremely dangerous and can lead to catastrophic climate change now twenty six countries are listed to take part so far while in canada demonstrations are held over the past week resulted in clashes with police and arrests for activists as they're known say they want the authorities to hear the truth about the risks of shale gas drilling although british leaders are smitten with the fuel the prime minister's of being a vigorous advocate of the risky technology as well as smith reports. it's going to make household energy bills cheap he says it will create loads of job c.
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infuses we'll pay you if you let us do it in your area u.k. prime minister david cameron has got behind flocking in a big way evangelical in his drive to the british people north and south it's a tough sell as he's found out from environmental groups and local people worried about the countryside being hauled off and down the u.k. . locals and campaign is barricaded to propose drilling but to money and they now vowed to move back to wherever. the wrecking energy goes next. and they've got the experience of americans to back them up one hundred times more
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fracking well yeah in the us than in the whole of europe and environmental impacts all showing campaign is talk gas and dangerous chemicals leaking out from underground contaminated water supply risks to quality and even quakes linked to fracking and they've been seen here in the u.k. . cooled by drilling. if i did that to justify a ban on the technique according to cameron it would be a big mistake to rule fracking out on environmental grounds in the choice between boosting the economy and saving the forum and the british prime minister has come down firmly on the side of the economy. so wants or to be so dangerous about a fracking and a do the benefits of creating jobs and fuel outweigh the risks here's how it works right the companies a need to drill deep down about a kilometer into the shale rock formation as you can see right there and inject
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water to crack them and extract oil and gas now to run a well like this you need millions of gallons of water combined with sand and chemicals now those toxins as you see there this is what happens when the drilling gets there the radioactive substances start coming out returns to the surface and could get into the lakes into the atmosphere into drinking water not to mention that the radioactive water has to be dumped somewhere and then comes into the pollution now is highly potent greenhouse gases are released in the air but the drilling for doing everything they can to prove that people shouldn't fear fracking as activists emily wirth explains. gas industry has spent millions of dollars trying to educate the general public through advertising to believe that fracking for every last drop of oil and gas is good for us and likewise they've spent tons of money both through lobbying and campaign contributions to try to convince
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elected officials at the highest level as you i think are being lobbied to believe that this is in this is something that they should be behind and they often use what we call green washing to make it seem like you know natural gas just that warm alone is cleaner when in fact this is the multinational oil and gas industry and there are basic motivation is to generate profit for their shareholders and they will do that regardless of what their costs are to local communities who are affected by this process and the larger cost to all of us through what could be a long term threats to our drinking water as well as catastrophic climate change a village in romania is to hold a referendum on fracking the locals get to decide whether they want the u.s. energy giant chevron to explore shale gas under their homes the company halted its drilling following a mass protest both on the side and in the remaining capital. the energy giant. locals in this remote region of remaining i have been saddled with an
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unwanted guest u.s. energy giant chevron is due to begin drilling for shale gas. agriculture is our lives if they come to grow in our soil for sure all will die because we've seen on the internet what they have done in other places when they came up with many residents here fear that the process of fracking could release chemicals into the soil and contaminate the water. i'm so afraid of this kind of guess exploitation people see they will be big problems for our animals because the water will be affected and this one and the food for animals and for us and our children as well we have children and grandchildren what should we do these locals and environmentalist have been camped out here braving the elements in order to stand up to us oil giant chevron and the remaining government which has given them the green light to start exploratory drilling and not feel david that without any
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public consultation. that's the biggest problem and problem that. gives through just people to real. feeling of puking because they didn't ask. we didn't matter to them part of the sense of betrayal is echoed by most protest as there are many in prime minister was against fracking during his election campaign and after being voted into office he changed his mind and granted chevron permits for the controversial practice for now nothing is happening chevron was forced to leave the area last week on able to get past the locals human chain around the site but it's only a matter of time before they retire and when they come with guess the don't have a new future because the children present the future the old people in the village
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told us that they can die but they say it's important for us to have a future chevron told us see that they have all the required permits to begin drilling and plan to return to the site and begin fracking safely as soon as they can something that's less than reassuring for the growing number of people gathering head result was not when we hope to stop them even if it means paying with our lives and if they want to send the army we will die if it is fated for us to die so let it be but we won't give up until the outflow franking in romania employed here are actually pretty gestae romania. on air and online will be following the day of protests against of fracking as they gain steam are wrong the globe stay with r.t. .
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europe and other states are being urged to take in their displaced syrians the un refugee agency estimates that four thousand people a day are fleeing across the mediterranean there's still no end to the bitter fighting there with the rebels appealing for more money and western military aid to fight in the regime which is where if a national is one of the few journalists who's been reporting from syria and has spoken to members of the free syrian army inside rebel held territory. we cross the syrian lebanese border every day many times a view on her son is a soldier for the free syrian army lawful general. we take injured people to lebanon hospitals we get i mean issued from there we bring in and out if fighters want to go to see their families our cell is a safe haven. our so is a mostly sunni lebanese village on the syrian border along this road which appeared
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here in the first days of the conflict in two thousand and eleven it's possible to reach all of syria's main battlefields bring in weapons or militants and many have done in those two and a half years. damascus has repeatedly called on foreign nations to stop supporting what it calls terrorists in syria but when these calls apparently ignored taken the capital remains the ultimate go for all the forces fighting president assad know to do that. the security bill that the regime created around damascus is huge and to targeted we need many fighters in advanced weapons and to be honest we don't have those kinds of weapons but what we can do is watch operations here and there to relieve the pressure on the regime last month's attack on the village of malala here in the southwest of the country could be part of that strategy this ancient mostly christian settlement lies in a valley surrounded by mountains on the way from homs to damascus it's loyal to the
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syrian authorities but surrounded by f.s.a. held villages it is practically the only obstacle to venton fighters from two large syrian battlegrounds uniting but in more than a month of clashes between islamists and opposition fighters on one side and governmental forces on the other dozens were killed according to government sources and the siege continued while we feel and at the scene what you can see over there is a village we can see actually the village itself look we can see is the hotel saffir that the milton fairfield holding for weeks now so right now we are on the other side of the clashes a door. from here to the hotel is territory held by the rebels after safai hotel it's the regime this is the highway to damascus but we cannot reach it because of my own rula. the fighters seized control of the heights around the village while we
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were filming it was still held by them. it was the patients using the crisis hundreds of thousands it's just used to just take a look at this this will these days does this to me this is where you see these trees that house than our own soldiers of the syrian army when we were in mali alongside the army there were snipers in these very caves in the mountains around the village stopping us from getting out when i was stuck here in this corner and we're now trying to get out of here but while f.s.a. soldiers can hold their opponents they seem unable to make their own advances a boom how mount an f.s.a. fighter was injured in an order he says they need more money and american military aid washington has conceded a limited assault on syrian military bases over august's chemical attack god you
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know if they strike with just ten rockets the regime of bashar al assad will fall by itself. but america changed track up to moscow pushed washington to agree on a peaceful way forward pulled its warships spec from mediterranean and put its tomahawks on hold it didn't please everyone. saying us all of them are liars the americans the arabs all of them i don't know how i can express it better and we're not hoping for anything from them. was army forces struggling to come but fighters he didn't in the mountains and militants helpless in the face of government tanks artillery and abby ation the country's at a deadly impasse is neither side prepared to blink first. or tease morea for reports from fragmented syrian rebel held territory. syria rebel group. transport health care prisons or school services and many other
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public services and in the u.k. there's one for him with a finger in all those pockets but few in the u.k. will know much about it even though it's accused of a show to show the performances and even overcharging taxpayers for it as a silly investigates the suspicious and suspicions about sicko. for bicycles for rent to health services prison speed cameras ambulances and even the government's work programme for the jobless chances are they're operated by global private companies that you may have never even heard of have you ever heard of the companies. should know better about. have you ever heard of the compass screen the compass being. never had never heard of serco. on the ground yet now one of the biggest companies providing public service is a thanks to outsource government contractors a company called serco operating various services for the transport for london
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electronic tagging a president for the ministry of justice and some out of hours general practice services for the national health service now these are just powerful of areas of the company operates and the company is currently making headlines as is being investigated for fraud mismanagement of the long list of complaints on the quality of the service it provides are they competent to have their expertise. they really effectively manage the service and i think. it's becoming clear that. for its part has said that the situation is being dealt with we will embed quickly and effectively any changes needed into the way we do business and we expect to emerge stronger as a result that practices. publicity two different things the u.k. government is set to continue on its massive outsourcing drive the n.h.s. or the health service for instance isn't working on its single one big contract to
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date inviting bids valued between seven hundred million and one point one billion pounds one of the reasons that the public has often well is because the pace and scale of the reform is causing significant problems in the rush to develop public service market is avoidable areas. often been made and design and oversight and what we would the government is to slow down quickly from mistakes and correct them out of the system before another mistake grabs the headline but there doesn't seem to be any slowing down on the part of the government and for those in the private sector it's simply business as usual just. as the families killed in an afghan taliban attack on an international residence complex we believe she's a candidate the next year's presidential election was what he thinks is behind the increase in insurgent attacks that's a hit. and
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a decade's long who's using all the water reaches boiling point in the us with three states locked in a dispute the details coming up. it's
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. a pleasure to have you with us here today. but i will only react to situations i have read the reports and let you know please you know i will leave them to the state department to comment on your latter point of the month so it's mr kerry because i'm going to. take
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no more weasel words when you veda direct question be prepared for a chase when you throw a punch be ready for a. pretty speech and down the street into costs. thank you for staying with us here on ars to meet a family of six has been killed in the latest source of violence in afghanistan as the country's government comes under pressure to make a peace with the taliban for children who were among the photos when a taliban suicide bomb detonated a consulate at spencers leaving an international compound east of kabul and nato convoy is said to have been the target foreign forces and diplomatic missions often come under insurgent attacks as a teaching force is a cell for nato troops withdrawal in twenty fourteen one presidential candidate for the next year's election told us that full government control is to blame. i'm
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afraid the increase. has been very very evident in the past few months mr karzai is not living in afghanistan that will be remembered as a stable afghanistan and afghanistan that our government has public support a government that has been able to attack bigger problems that people are suffering from which is poverty lack of jobs corruption lack of rule of law their baby some some some achievements but these achievements have not been because of this government these are for your students have been because of the mass inertia of the presence of the international community and the global push towards freedom of speech women's rights or some technological advances in the communication area or in the in the media area these are not government made achievements these are achievements that were here because of the presence of the international community
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this government has not produced anything that is sustainable or tangible. around the world now for some other top stories and the un is urging washington to release more data about the drone strikes the organizations latest report says at least four hundred fifty civilians have been killed in pakistan afghanistan and yemen in unmanned attacks since the two thousand and four a figure that's been dumped played by the u.s. the u.n. wants an investigation to provide accurate casualty figures. supporters of egypt's decrees president morsi have staged mass a nationwide protest at least ten people were reported me injured in clashes between demonstrators and residents in the city of that while south of cairo one person taking part in the modules wounded by gunfire the muslim brotherhood has been organizing almost daily demonstrations as ns morsi is overthrow in july.
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clashes in colombia as over a thousand indigenous people rose up over land drive and agricultural pollution rather was mainly led by farmers who claim that you need the mining is affecting water resources and spoiling crops in a wide broadside at the government of the rural population accuse the president of allowing free trade to undercut them walk was in their own cross to rise. a hostage drama in paris where on the armed men took three people went out onto men to kill people captive at a bank in the capital the frenchman who is in his forty's demanded that the state provide social housing for him and his to able to son after police around of the building the man was eventually persuaded to surrender after two hours and no one was harmed. dramas the truth being no word to the. story others who refused
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to go. for instance treating the world right. to the truth. for the rams didn't. drop the. in the u.s. three neighboring states are struggling to divide supplies from one shared river a battle that's been going on for decades they blame each other for using too much water as wall of their dispute it. for over two decades three states have been in a bitter battle over water now the fight has reached a boiling point there's certainly an issue about whether there's enough water for everybody georgia alabama and florida all have a stake in the apalachicola chattahoochee flynn's river system it's the source of
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drinking water fishing business and recreation or i'm standing right now i am in georgia just on be very side of this river that's alabama of the water is flowing down south into the state of florida and with all three states having a stake in this river it's leading to a war over water early october florida filed a lawsuit against georgia in the supreme court the sunshine state charged its northern neighbor with using too much water florida says georgia's water consumption is drying out business for oyster farmers oysters need a healthy mix of fresh and salt water to thrive so who is sucking up the most water many blame atlanta the city is growing and so is its third for water. is population growth this combe this climate change is coming we're starting to stretch our water resources particularly periods of drought but outside florida
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experts keeping an eye on the water level of the chattahoochee river say it's not all atlanta's fault but that there's also a lot of climate change strands we see less rainfall the new year will last ten years and that certainly affects the flow into have to go and there's a lot of other variables that if you know the oysters of than just various waters the neighboring states have been fighting over the rivers resources for over twenty years one lawsuit after another there's been no solution that clinches everyone's thirst it's not very often that the come to. a. around something that both people have given taking on though you there win or lose usually in court you think of the cost of twenty three years of litigation and these and then the federal agencies that are involved it's a moment for the most part the river is regulated by the army corps of engineers if
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florida gets its way the corps would force atlanta to cut back on its water consumption and divvy up the water among the three states but some that have a stake in the river still hold out hope that the dispute can be settled outside the courts i would hope that within the next five years the three states can get to the table and bring rose allusion to in columbus georgia liz wall r.t. . right to those voices in your head might just be real scientists and say they're not only a place of stopping bullets but that big discovery might allow minds to be manipulated find out if you could see rain brains and teeth dot com. and the monster. bushfires that are reveling southeast australia right now we've got a gallery of dramatic images showing just how terrifying the plane. struck a household. the controversial often behind
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confessions of an economic hit man isn't someone who holds back on our team later today john perkins a tells every martin hall the third world's being colonized by banks operations and the u.s. government. your book also claims that so-called jackals are the corporate murderers that have carried out assassinations on world leaders that don't comply with the program such as the former president. if that's the case john why are you alive. where are your very question a lot and the reason is i actually started writing this book. in the early eighty's my daughter had just been born i contacted other people that had been in the business and received threatening phone calls throughout my life that my young daughter's life but i didn't expose what was going on and then after nine eleven i decided i had to come clean at this point i decided to write the entire manuscript without telling anybody i was writing it and then get it out into the hands of
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major publishers at that point it became my best insurance policy in fact even today you know if someone were to shoot me when i walk out of the studio the book itself many many millions more copies and that's exactly the opposite of what the jackals would like to have happen so whistleblowers should never threaten to blow the whistle they should just get all their ducks in order. coming up it's max and stacey with the latest reports. technology innovation all the developments around russia. the future.
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welcome to the kaiser report imax guys are time to reset this sucker.


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