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tv   [untitled]    October 21, 2013 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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breaking news this hour a suicide attack on a boss in the russian city of volgograd claimed six lives and leaves dozens injured pointed the finger of blame at the wife of an islamist militant. frons six an explanation from the you reveal the n.s.a. conducted large scale spying on french citizens planes that paris calls shocking. are seen backlash from all levels even up to the highest levels here in europe against the embassies activities. said to avoid a new regulations that would outlaw almost data transfers to the you asked a move seen as a fast concrete response to edward snowden's surveillance revelations.
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in russia and around the world and we start with our breaking news story this hour a grenade was detonated on a passenger on the southern russian city of volgograd killing six people and leaving dozens injured. joins us now live with more details say so what do we know at this point. we do know according to the the investigative committee of the prosecutor general's of the russian federation that's about two o'clock local time in the female suicide bomber and. backed with people there were forty people on board and exploded an explosive device whether that was a grenade or self made explosive device that is still being determined although there. are reports that a second the grenade was found underneath the exploded bus and it was designed.
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that is yet to be confirmed by the officials in any case we do know that six people were killed in that explosion twenty eight were delivered to local hospitals with severe injuries twenty seven of them have very very serious injuries and one of them suffered a concussion nothing life threatening for that person we also do know that most of the injured and killed were students of the local university and the main version the main reason for the bloss now considered by the authorities is a terrorist attack this is being proved by witnesses on the ground and one of and one of the surviving. one of the survivors the woman who survived the blast also sad that a suicide bomber a female suicide bomber walked inside the bus and detonated the explosive device the eyewitnesses of what's happened in volgograd reboard off nightmare scenes at the bus station and we managed to speak to one of them who was not
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a direct eyewitness he was the one who witnessed the aftermath of the explosion let's have a listen. to her i was driving along the bus routes there was a traffic jam and then i sort of close on the ground the first i thought it was just a traffic accident and i didn't see any cause around and about two hundred meters down the road i saw the bus with no windows they were clearly blown out by an explosion but it didn't look like the explosion triggered a fire of any kind there were many ambulances and police around people getting out of their cars to help they were pulling people out of the bus giving them water sharing their first aid kits. is that there was one woman still inside the bus satele covered in blood and i couldn't tell whether she was dead or alive the bus route starts at the city's heart center and also passes near the university so the bus was full of hot patients and students martians.
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investigators already have information that this female suicide bomber could have been i say ya'll of a. citizen of the republic of the. wife of one of the islamist militant terrorists operating in the russian but of course that will be determined later as the investigation continues we also have one of our crews flying in to the city of volgograd and obviously they'll be bringing more details from the ground as they get their show or. live with the latest on our developing story and talking about the blast in the russian city of volgograd i say thank you very much and the blast in of all the grand father we'll be joined live by a raphael a to change from the international center for the city study of radicalization at king's college in london mr a file open to change do you think this attack had a particular message like terra strikes often do and if so what was it.
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why i think it's still a bit early to know exactly what the message was i think the early indications would seem to suggest that we are dealing with an incident that is somewhat linked to the troubles that russia has in the caucasus however we haven't had any official claims here from any groups and we haven't had any sort of official statements but the indicators seem to be pointing in that direction right but from your point of view why do you think the city of volgograd quite a big one but not like moscow st petersburg became the target of this attack. well this is in some ways a very good question one we traditionally expect when we've seen terrorist attacks coming from groups linked to the north caucasus they've tended to target moscow they've tended to target. or in some cases they tend to target cities very near
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them where they can sue to get large groups of people when we've seen terrorists this was sort of individual suicide bombers on public transport it's tended to be in moscow to be honest so it is a bit surprising that we see in volgograd which is i think why one cares to be slightly careful to say definitively that it is linked to the north caucuses yet we haven't had sort of official confirmation or the indicators of pointing in that direction but it's not completely certain yet and the choice of targeting it does seem a little random in some ways i mean yes groups target public transport system with suicide bombers like this but the choice of a city like volgograd it is a substantial russian city but it is not moscow. it's quite interesting because it's not like the woman believed to be that had been living in a remote place in fact even had a page on a social network asking for financial help for a serious bone disease so how unusual is that terrorists living among it's not hiding from view. well i mean the
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because of do terrorists living among us and not hiding from view is not entirely novel we've seen in a number of instances in the past in terrorist plots all over the world where individuals who seemingly come from quite pedestrian backgrounds will suddenly be motivated by various ideologies to conduct an act of political violence i think this page is emerging again i would. caution to say do we know for certain that this is linked to her she is specifically behind this i think we're in the very early stages of clearly a horrible incident and you know in these investigations in the early stages sometimes the false leads can be thrown up so i would hesitate a second to say we know definitively that this is linked or if it turns out that it is it could however give her sort of a reason for wanting to express anger at the system that she may perceive or sort of let her down in some way and also the woman came from the north caucuses but her husband was reportedly a russian man from the moscow region who joined
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a terrorist underground network in the north caucuses or he usually causes radical raji radicalization of non muslims not just in russia but anyway in the world. tends to be a very complicated and you know a very individual picture people tend to be motivated sometimes our political ideologies they find it attractive it sort of comes if they come across a time in their lives or maybe they are not achieving all that they wanted to or they feeling some sort of sense of blocks an ability in other situations you see individuals who have a very personal aggrievement with the north caucuses tradition you see in the wind to become involved when their husbands died fighting with groups they will sort of take on the responsibility and say ok my husband died fighting because it's my turn to participate as well so i think the causes and reasons tend to be very complicated not to be very personalized it's perfectly possible that with this
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individual we are seeing a person who who was suffering within the system who was trying to raise money for some cause that she was unable to do and for all that sort of expressing around go through political political violence was her only option all right. to change from the international center for the study of radicalization at king's college in london mr pontiff thank you very much indeed for your insight. and as the investigation into the blast continues we'll bring you the latest on the story we're going top twitter feed for the updates and stay without. seeing. and i think.
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france has become the latest country caught up in edward snowden's snooping revelations paris is demanding an explanation from the u.s. authorities over claims the n.s.a. has been spying on millions of french citizens intercepting their phone calls on a sweeping scale on she's tests our senior pastor details. france is certainly not happy with the latest revelations from ennis a whistleblower edward snowden's leaks and the interior minister calling all of this shocking and unacceptable especially the extent to which the spying was happening in a report that was a published in the limo newspaper it says that between december tenth two thousand and twelve an eighth of january twenty turned thirteen the n.s.a. recorded some seventy point three million phone calls in france and what has angered authorities even more is the fact that it's allegedly not just terror suspects remember this is the justification for the practice in the first place but
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also politicians and businessmen and some government officials and the fact that it's reportedly a systematic recording of target's communications a very similar reaction that you see coming from another country a high level coordination of the n.s.a.'s actions coming from mexico which alleges that the n.s.a. also had hacked into the e-mail of its of the president felipe calderon in two thousand and ten now we know that the u.s. director for national intelligence has been defending the legality of these practices but certainly it has not stopped these diplomatic roles from happening it has also spilled over into a business such as the e.u. u.s. trade talks of france certainly not happy about this having already summoned the u.s. ambassador in paris we've seen a reaction coming from individual entities across europe here and other countries that say for example in germany telecom has been pushing to have all of the data communication just limited to local german servers in order to stop spying from
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outside specifically the united states and also brazil had planned on having a secure e-mail service also to war spies but on a broader scale we deal with set to sign a vote on a new regulation essentially bans any transfer of data from e.u. member states to the united states in reaction to all of this is the first major move really after the edward snowden leaks and also it would hope to subject. a largely u.s. or foreign corporations as well as social media providers to follow laws or say seventy five's numbering in the billions as has been reported so we are seeing backlash from all levels even up to the highest levels here in europe against the embassies activities be representations from edward snowden's revelations are affecting not only governments but also to journalists in today's crosstalk be to labelle us his guests whether the so-called war on whistleblowers has made investigative journalism a thing of the past and here's
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a taste of what's to come next hour for you. i do think that the obama administration is quite hostile to whistleblowers to transparency in government quite the opposite of what candidate obama campaigned on and toward independent journalism and freedom of the press is what it counts for obama's change from candidate to being president right now because you know this is the most secret we i don't know every single president since richard nixon this is the most secretive president presidency we've ever had i mean how much more secret can it get i think that obama is has been is the most aggressive this administration in terms of whistleblowers and journalists in our history that's for sure control of information when by the worst governments historically is what they go out and the first group of people go is really squelched in any kind of totalitarian state or the journalists in the information seekers.
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europe's top utility companies are warning of an energy crisis if subsidies for green power and not scrapped they believe by financial or encouraging the use of renewable sources politicians europe's overall competitiveness their firms have boxed their thoughts with a simple comparison let's not have a leg china is among the world's leading energy low cost as where businesses pay only seven cents for kilowatt the u.s. is just a few steps behind double that and you've got france where nuclear power holds down the ever growing and injury a bell but there's europe's main a powerhouse germany is selling energy at raves four times higher than china public service companies say this is making business a bear the burden of the government's. and the booming renewables industry which has been forcing our power grid prices has made chancellor merkel look for ways to reduce the amount charged but for now the
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unstable free sources like the wind and the sun are killing the longstanding energy production methods as our cheesecake to people be explained as consumers continuously see their utility bills rise the conflict between competitive business and the. us is escalating decisions to subsidize selected technologies have our energy prices so for example we rein in on germany for now and subsidies for renewable energy of running at around sixteen billion euros a year and that's rising and in total says the introduction that sixty billion there now the value of utility is on global stock exchanges all over the e.u. have gone from around one trillion euros in two thousand and eight to less than the hof of that now so as a consequence it's perhaps not surprising to you that investors they are losing
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interest our german utility company they seen their share price drop seventy five percent since their peak in around two thousand and seven and this is what we see of the company has to say about that tsunami impressive talk so while the energy companies are losing patients money the environmentalists will they are pleased but the question is can they global economy and the average consumer afford renewable right now war can it afford not to. and fred worded directional the young voices international advocacy group says for sun and green power is a lucrative source of income but it's costing many germans dearly. imagine you have various consumers going to a grocery store supermarket some of them just want to buy a bottle of beer for one euro and others say no actually i would like to buy a bottle of champagne for thirty euros in the german and energy markets actually different people what the champagne buyers would pay something like two euros and all the dia by us would also pay to your to subsidize the champagne buyer and
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that's basic and the energy market if you buy energy from legacy energy kariya such as coal or nuclear power you subsidized those which do not energy for much higher price and that other renewable energy such as a winter in solar power it's a bulletproof investment at the moment to build a wind well in your yard or to put some sort up on notes under your roof government is subsidizing them you need to actually afford these things and then you get together and treat fries for every kilowatt hour you produce it's a bulletproof investment and a lot of people are doing this because it's a good way to make money but at the end it's us consumers paying for it. coming up later this hour not to be trusted ever since paul shows little faith british people have and those running the country the details after the break.
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because at one time i saved money to hire a hitman to shoot me dead from the next building or through the open window. i searched through the internet typing things like i'm looking for you i'm waiting for you before i wrote i'm waiting for you i'm looking for you i didn't care at all what this man would be like deprived disabled. you know you want the battery is right. i love everything about him i have grown to love every here everyone interesting to him actually be healthier and other guys who drink beer in a bench i've always promised that if she ever realizes it's too much for her and she decides to leave me i will accept her decision without criticism because it's her choice.
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have again this is welcome by the british public things politicians already tell the truth and are unlikely to own up if they make mistakes or recent poll shows a politician has now the most mistrust of press mistrusted profession in the u.k. the streets of london to find out all four. cash for questions selling access to the prime minister and of course m.p.'s abusing their expense accounts the story that just keeps on giving all of these scandals and more have come together to undermine the moral capital of politicians and the amount of trust that able to
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command with the public a poll done earlier this year said britain's thing politicians tell the truth less than buncoed all real estate agents don't to nicholas allen co-author of a new book on ethics and politics says this creeping loss of trust goes right to the heart of the legitimacy of all governments and there is a perception i think that politicians have. become less and less onerous less ethical in the way they conduct they say politics if people perceive politicians to be generally immoral and dishonest the politicians are going to lose a certain amount of moral authority politicians governments need a moral authority if they're going to lead the public lead society down quite difficult policy parts the times we live in to mond difficult policy pods raising the pension age paying taxes to pay off the deficits everything to do with. they
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all require real moral authority something politicians arguably just don't have as i found out outside their offices over there in port colors house politicians. i mean the girls otherwise they would be there with you for the more i think it's a group of people away from the barman like a rabid frost you know the trees the stars the pain this became something on how i come across or how. i suspect in general i know very much the government is trying to do something about it focusing on greater transparency with money how politicians spend and misspent cash but don't or islands. findings show those efforts of falling on stony ground rather touchingly all people in the u.k. really wants is to know that when a politician says he or she will do something they'll do it and that could be the hardest thing of all for the political class under the always you can go online for
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more stories including underground runaway s.k. in the moscow metro as a driver pulls out of a train to his death leaving a dozen parked car just pedaling on to the next station with no one at the controls . also that the doctors in england have been getting the regular financial buses for pushing patients on definitely to accomplish more health service costs and go the story at all to get a home for you. where they can only concession to prevailing in large parts of the western world breaks group of emerging economies are turning to each other for stability the engine prime ministers in the russian capital to father samantha relations between moscow and delhi and china will be his next stop on tuesday my call to go research i discussed this with. we're talking about
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the possibility of moving away from this so-called auld world order enough of the cold war rhetoric are saying a lot of political analysts out there and as well as leaders of the brics countries what are these countries well let's look at the letters they're essentially standing for brazil russia india china and south africa and these countries are covering more than one quarter off the planet coverage and people living in these countries comprise almost half of the world's population is forty four and a half percent so definitely countries and people to be contented with and to listen to it so the numbers of these countries came together and said hey finally it's about time we stepped away from the germany of the united states and the old europe they have already decided that they should be doing business in local currencies as most people know many certainly that india is a surging economy in the world one of the biggest importers of oil to showing the effect of that economy but when it comes to today's meeting though can you give us a broader scope what's india's role here india's role should not be underestimated
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in fact just recently there has been reported by transparency international which said that out of all brics countries as a matter of fact india has placed at the top as the most open country when it comes to corruption and actually business dealings so that is one thing to keep in mind another thing to keep in mind is china which is also india's neighbor it is just a centrally issued a very large statement when it comes to de americas of american is ation off the world essentially what beijing is saying is that the dollar isn't helping the economy the currency in fact is dragging the world economy down and it's time to step away from it and look for other options as the ministers get together here and those from india and of course are with their russian counterparts here and in the capital economic speed discussed but of course politicking as well now absolutely you are that we cannot get around that of course and if you look at the map you look at india and then you see other. countries next and we're talking about a gala stand in pakistan so obviously the two issues which are on the table is
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fighting terrorism and of course battling drug trafficking that is something that moscow and new delhi will put their heads together on and hopefully come up with a few solutions in that regard as well. signs of persons have taken to the streets of the bahraini capital once again this time of the death of an opposition activist protesters claim hussein raimondi have been had been sentenced to fifteen years in prison for speaking out against the ruling monica i shall die by regime forces or rain has been experiencing unrest since february twentieth eleven but they also are she is responding with a massive crackdown on protesters so if you show them not to discuss the human rights situation in the gulf country with prominent bahraini actually wrist. watch or and here's a taste of what's coming out. what's what is anarchy i mean if we're looking at the situation right now where we have a crackdown almost on a daily basis where we have people getting arbitrarily arrested from their homes
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during night raids where we have children being picked off the streets where we have people attacked with tear gas inside their homes where torture is rampant is that not in itself it's a form of anarchy we don't really have a system that is you know governed by a legal system there are no laws basically the police or free to do what they want government officials are free to do what they want in my opinion that is an anarchy itself. and now back to our breaking news story of the blast on a bus in the city of volgograd authorities say they identified that tonka as session year old and neda. from doug a stone and his the made his footage from the blast that claimed six lives and left dozens injured a camera on
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a pos income distantly captures the moment when the bus exploded the suicide bomber was reportedly the wife of a leader of radical militant group stay with us for objects on this developing story here on our city. and right now finding love against the owens coming up next our documentary about a very different individuals who decided to spend their lives together. it seems like politicians can get away with anything nowadays but not all of them the former mayor of failed detroit has been sentenced to twenty years in prison after being found guilty of committing record tiering conspiracy fraud extortion and tax crimes while mayor yeah the prosecutors say he funneled millions of dollars
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to himself and family members all while detroit moved headstrong towards the bankrupt state it is in today this is big news not because some mayor took bribes but because he got punished the judge you could victim stated why this is such an important case she said at the very least a significant sentence will send a message that this kind of conduct will not be tolerated yes sending a message you see corrupt officials are usually cowards and they do what they do because they feel they can get away with it when you start to put the fear of god into them they start to behave much better so the question is will the mainstream media grab the story and really use the conviction of detroit's former mayor is an example probably not but it would really help the country if they would but that's just my opinion. more is how do you tell and once your name. since i was born i haven't been able to get all body was slowly changing my spine
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was curving my ribs were tightening well i guess you can see for yourselves. at first the doctors told my parents i wouldn't make it to five years when we went to hospital they'd say. what if you're still alive. but despite my body deep inside i'm a worrier and i always wanted to die a different way not in a hospital ward no not because of this illness. i went time to do i saved money to hire a hitman to shoot me dead from the next building where the open window you. know even told my parents or my brother about it they were shocked at first of course but then somehow resigned. i told them that if i saved enough money there but and then changed my mind i give them all the money to renovate the apartment.
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i can think what you could possibly do to make my hair beautiful. just the opposite and i was always the last girl to catch him and so i and the ones who didn't notice me were mostly drunk men just didn't go for me. my life seemed pointless i was twenty one and my peers all had families or at least boyfriends. everything was as it should be for them but nothing like that was happening to me at the centers went outside i could hear people laughing behind my back i know i know this stick insect requires a more donna cricket see it here snow is i'm serious that's what i had to withdraw . but i was always an ugly duckling.


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