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tv   [untitled]    October 23, 2013 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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no. we've got the future covered. closed for business europe struggles to shut its doors to the flow of illegal migrants from the middle east and north africa with economically unstable nations like greece taking the biggest. police brutality protests sweep the u.s. national day of action with activists saying simply have too much power and that to be to use it also. right here at a. time. twenty nine six dead. in a city in mourning in just a few minutes here in. volgograd from social media tariff to the moment the religious zealotry claimed innocent life.
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good morning from the entire news team here in moscow. live on our top headlines for this hour. a shake up of europe's asylum policy because it struggling to deal with a p.d. of immigrants that things have just gotten worse over the last several years as large numbers of refugees flee conflicts in the middle east and north africa some of which were fueled by italy's more hawkish e.u. colleagues more than a half arrived on migrant ferry risking their lives for asylum many never make it italy and greece are among the most affected putting pressure on their already burdened economies are let's bring us the numbers for you here you know what we're talking about here official statistics suggest that migrants from outside the e.u. now amount to more than twenty million and to every twentieth man is
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a registered migrant. in greece the number is even higher now more than seven percent of the population and the number of asylum applications in italy has increased by more than one hundred percent just compared to last year and greece is only second to germany when it comes to the highest number of pending applications let's get more details on the problems now with r.t. correspondent you go to prison off. they want to buy the food from and the opium to saddam then traveled to libya and finally reached sicily after what must have been the most nerve wrecking ball right of their lives these three women are hiding their faces from the camera since now they're risking being sent back when we were at sea now the boat with refugees sank into a three hundred people died but we were lucky and in sicily we managed to void getting registered it's illegal between need to go further north there is nothing for us here under regulation all newcomers must seek asylum in the country where they are right and under italian law any one of voting registration is sent home
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but nowadays more and more newcomers are ready to take their chances don't register to try to go to northern states where there are more opportunities probably when you arrive here they give you the very minimum there is no jobs no school and you sleep in the street for six months italy is one of the worst european states in this regard youth unemployment has exceeded forty percent while the economy is in the worst recession since the second world war international obligations and plain human principles can't allow italy to turn away refugees since for many is the only chance for survival but the situation is now which to a point when this duty has become too heavy for it to handle on its own the e.u. has pledged italy would receive an additional thirty million euro or just over forty million dollars to deal with the refugee crisis but how will this help to distribute the more evenly throughout the union and integrate them into the economy is not clear they have been so on ideas so far the sherry they may be some positive
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. and i see embodies a lot of. good hope but no concrete ideas and as governments and international organizations brainstorm the solution one thing is certain the flow of refugees is only going to continue you've got this kind of italy. the fight against police brutality you have seen protesters come out across the u.s. . a rally is against the heavy arm of the war held in a number of cities and associate trucking i went to one to find out why the people are so angry in new york and dozens of other cities across the u.s. a national day of protest to stop police brutality repression and the criminalization of a generation this is a time when trying to second marks the eighteenth time these people gather for the simple message this is not a gentle to how they treat us they shoot us like animals and that's typically unwarranted is literally on warranted when something breaks through like trayvon
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martin. lee graham or sean bell it gets treated in the media like this is a isolated incident something that rarely happens and then more often it's not reported at all organizers have been documented cases of what they call the stole lives project they say just over the last two decades thousands of killings have taken place by the hand of police officers they say the majority of these cases have been under reported or brushed aside hundreds every year were killed by the police that the majority of them were unarmed and not involved in any criminal activity when they were killed and also the majority of them were young and either black or latino in the mass media is a very good propaganda saw a lot of people under the impression that people are being stopped and frisked who are being gunned down somehow criminals one of the major concerns for these protesters seems to be the lack of accountability when it comes to gun violence
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police brutality and even killings that occur under the hands of law enforcement they see the justice system continues to neglect these cases of violence thus not doing anything to improve the system and bring about real change you have to go through hell and high water just to get a conviction of the officer and what he's convicted for doesn't meet the crime to he's accused any winds up if not he and found guilty eva. if he's convicted he gets out on good behavior after serving minimal time activists and families of victims called police brutality in the us a pandemic considering the united states lectures the rest of the world on human rights it's time that it begin to follow its own example not just words but deeds. are still to come here on r t washington and its most useful friend in the middle east are going through a rough patch saudi arabia says it's reconsidering its partnership after the u.s.
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failed to strike syria and promised talks with iran although america is downplaying the drama saying it's all just words. no poetic justice in qatar human rights groups condemned the fifteen year sentence for a writer who criticized the regime via the written word. it's good to have you with us here on ars here today a roadside service has been held in volgograd in memory of the six victims of a suicide bombing on monday more than forty others were wounded doctors are still fighting to save the lives of those critically hurt. piece together what happened on that day from the unassuming start to the horrifying in october twenty first started just like any other monday here and people woke up with places to go and things to get but heavily using bus stations just like this. but for several people needing bus number twenty nine they could never have foreseen how quickly their
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lives would change when they took that ride. the route ran without incident from morning till afternoon until one person got on board thirty year old lie you see all about that is when things took a tragic turn anastasio the very honorable was on her way home from classes at the university laughing and talking with the other students crucially it was in the middle of the bus which saved her life it was the roof of our troops when the blast hit everything around me when flying and from that moment i don't remember anything on there recall being thrown onto her window then suddenly finding myself on the street and in a panic i realised something had happened to my hands i was covered in blood it was right here at about two pm local time that a blast ripped through bus twenty nine filled with about forty people first responders thought it was perhaps a malfunction of the bus fuel systems but aside from the shop they felt to ask themselves if this was a gas explosion was the fire. and that that was the city that everybody in the
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blast was touching their faces and heads asking what happened what happened there was a lot of blood on them and a lot of flesh everywhere i was very afraid i got out of my car and i saw a head lying there i mean my friend took a young boy and his father to the hospital the remnant of an explosive device told the tale shrapnel t.n.t. and a grenade the accident site became a crime scene while r.c.l. over a jihadist from the republic of dagestan became the central focus of the investigation and then the story took another twist the attack wasn't meant for volgograd at all as the all of a had apparently taken a detour. she had purchased a ticket to moscow and boarded an intercity boss that passed through volgograd when the bus was almost at the city limits i see all of our gateau and went back to
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downtown belgrade right now investigators are trying to find out whether this move had been planned in advance or are altered the plan along the way looking for a place packed with as many people as possible also under suspicion are three men believed to have helped in the plot to attack the russian capital two from dagestan wanted for twin terror attacks there in two thousand and twelve were said to be waiting for her in moscow on his way there was an aussie all of us husband dmitri sokol of an ethnic russian convert to islam missing since two thousand and twelve some reports suggest the couple had an argument shortly before the attack which may have caused a last minute change in her deadly plans authorities will be keen to find her husband in the hope he may have the answers lindsey france r.t. in volgograd it is well known that terrorists plot their attacks hidden away in small clusters called cells for terrorism nowadays could be changing with criminals
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opening gaging in society and using social media to raise their money a poll scored as the story that we don't even know what happened please help us. well this is the russian t.v. program called wait for me it's june two thousand and thirteen and a distraught mother is making an appeal for information for the return of her missing son who's been missing for around a year now it's the type of appeal that's been at hundreds of times before over the years and at first glance nothing appears to be out of the ordinary and likewise this appeal in a russian social networking site doesn't appear to be out of the ordinary it's an appeal for funds so that a friend can receive medical treatment for an incurable disease well the friend turned out to be naive to assay allover the suicide bomber who carried out monday's volgograd bus bombing the son turned out to be dimitri circle of an explosives expert wanted by the authorities and living on the run having converted to islam a married couple headed to dagestan after meeting at
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a moscow university or thorazine believe that at the very same time these appeals were being made public plans for monday's volgograd bus bombing were being hatched and those who donated rubles to help a sick woman or phoned in information to help a distressed mother later discovered that those capable of carrying out such atrocities don't always shun mainstream society and in some cases play an active part in it. the witness accounts. she apparently used to get. the program revelations of. the country's politicians in a state of shock. if you're going to follow. another reporter exposes the alleged. swarm of spyware
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inside diplomatic computer. on the gifts that keep on giving young women in the u.k. specialized online dating. older men. money. just ahead. react to situations i have read the reports. you know i will leave it to the state department to comment on your part of the month. to carry on the job. thank you no more weasel words. when you question me prepared for a change when you when you should be ready for. freedom of speech.
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and the freedom to. right to see. the first strike. and i think that your. letter. or at a quarter past the hour here in moscow a busy day for news thanks for joining us on arts say america and its best friend in the gulf may be in for a difficult break up saudi arabia's ruling family is upset with changes to u.s. foreign policy the worst case scenario for washington could be
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a disruption to oil supplies however white house officials insist the route was no big deal and saudi's guy nature can explains they have been wrong before. saudi arabia hates the fact that he was didn't bomb syria saudi arabia did everything possible to make it happen and he didn't saudi arabia hates iran and any mentioning of a possible nuclear deal between the us and iran washington and tehran are far from any deal really but even the talk irritates saudi arabia so saudi arabia decided to go public with all that invitation the saudi prince bandar bin sultan said there will be quote a major shift away from the us and that it will affect arms purchases and oil sales and most recently citing a protest against the us saudi arabia refused the seat at the un security council so could an ally be turning into a follow up i spoke with professor. the u.s. has invested a lot in the relationship with saudi arabia and now saudi arabia is rightly the us
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i mean talking all supplies and all we're is this alliance going where the u.s. . heavy price by supporting saudi arabia or saudi arabia and many of the gulf countries are probably the most undemocratic the most corrupt. and they have contributed to the sense of alienation between the you. know who are. specially. to take this position on issues. i think i don't think that there will be a total disconnect but if there would be one it would be in the best interest of the us on the whole. the u.s. would not be associated with a country that is the generator of terrorism it would not be associated with
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a leader like but who is. playing a major role in the bloody war going on and supporting terror the u.s. now downplays this shift with saudi arabia possibly thinking that the saudis are not going to go too far but the u.s. has underestimated dynamic before with saddam hussein he was an ally of one point with a majority in in afghanistan and other folks so in this case it all depends on how four saudi arabia is actually willing to go with this number in virginia i'm going to strike them now in qatar simple rhymes can land you in prison a court has upheld a fifteen year sentence for a poet who was found guilty of insulting the ruler and inciting people to oust the government a decision for the activist who was sympathetic to the arab spring has been condemned by rights organizations and the glass mcguinn research from human rights watch says the case clearly has
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a political slant. what we've seen of the poms that were on board it onto the internet but doesn't seem to be a say that he's guilty of these offenses and of course you know these offenses are a country it's international standards of freedom of expression and we saw it does seem to be a case that has a political slant to it yes it gives out a bit amount of material treated pretrial here in addition to that it wasn't present for many of the original trial stations and friday wasn't even present for the the final court of appeal decision which was a yesterday morning when i was you know pressure on both green marching a lot of pressure mean a lot of the emirates and count i was doesn't have the same levels of the mastic dissenters either it's the same story the issue where they are getting pressures migrant workers' rights no boy but generally speaking i think the international community can be a bit silent where the goals can sound and obviously. to some extent enables them to as you say to get away with some serious human rights violations. part of r.t.
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dot com for you this hour a very special souvenir from iran to russia a copy of a cia spy drone toran says it shot down two years ago the full story right now on the web site including how the machine was captured reverse engineer and d. coded also why they're at r t dot com check out rain from orbit european science satellite is expected to fall back to earth after two and a half years working overtime it will split into more than fifty pieces but where they'll end up well that's anyone's guess. arfon are on the program in its latest official statement on n.s.a. spying in france the u.s. has labeled allegations that it logged millions of phone calls a lie now this hasn't stopped the newspaper publishing another report about how america got the diplomatic upper hand by bugging computers at the united nations and more than half
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a billion dollars was reportedly used to keep the so. called jeannie spy program running at the sibling of the notorious prism project it allegedly saw millions of machines fire walls around routers all infected and dominique de villepin who served as the country's prime as well as interior and foreign minister he says simply put the us across the line we knew that. some practices were existed but the search and overall system this came as a surprise for everybody in fact what we are seeing today is that the incredible privileges of the u.s. administration over the control of the world system we knew that the us were controlling the financial system through the banking dominance of some big banks through the dollar currency reserve currency but controlling internet controlling the formation you know world this is a privilege in monopoly if we are going to follow the same direction then
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confrontation might be in the lead to both and civil rights activist norman solomon he thinks the u.s. is trying to undo the damage to its image but isn't even thinking about changing its policies. president obama is extremely adept at dancing through this kind of a firestorm and saying that he's willing to disclose and willing to be more forthcoming and he's willing to re-evaluate frankly he said that earlier this year when there was a big speech he gave in washington about the use of drones and yet we saw almost no change in actual policy once it could be measured so i think one way to put that in context is that after secretary of state kerry arrived in paris in the last day he told a news conference that he would not discuss intelligence matters so there's a lot of fog coming from the white house and the state department not
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a lot of substance or it's athens we go for the update with the greek parliament has passed a law banning government funding to parties whose members are involved in criminal activity this means the golden dawn party is funding will be frozen after its leaders were charged in connection with the killing of an anti fascist musician a death which caused a violent protests across greece the party denies being a neo nazi movement despite its swastika like symbol also on the idea. hundreds of workers in london's chinatown the stop work making a racket as they marched through the streets in protest of police raids against illegal immigrants they waved banners and slogans labeling the as racist and. border control officials have raided more than a dozen businesses in the area. and bank of america says the us government has
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failed to produce any evidence to back up its lawsuit for mortgage fraud the four week trial coming to an end the bank could be forced to pay a six billion dollars fine if found guilty of the institution is accused of misleading lenders during the housing boom that led to the two thousand and eight mortgage crisis though some economists say the government is simply searching for scapegoats. the banks that were responsible for the housing boom it was the government that's actually looting the banks right now i mean how they have been overinflated for probably a half a century is a redirector exultant washington policy is this is every u.s. president was like housing housing housing is greatest thing ever the banking industry was just sort of riding the wave they were looking for a. prize and they've found mostly with a big surprise government about. why did other world news headlines for you here on our clashes between israeli soldiers and locals have been reported in the west bank
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city of ramallah it's after troops killed a palestinian thought to be a member of a radical shia hardest movement by the man who was shot dead while hiding in a cave from i.d.f. forces who say he played a key role in a television boston bombing last november. they are young attractive and have a whole pile of debts to pay off so some female university students in the u.k. turning to pay for dating websites where men can laugh cash and gifts on the goal of their choice but our cities are sara for three ports this modern approach to money making could certainly have an unwanted consequences young pretty student seeks wealthy older man welcome to the world of dating where anything you want to question the. homebuyer's hair can apparently be yours at the click of a button. websites like seeking arrangement link up young sugar babies like
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nineteen year old sarah with sugar daddies men who are willing to cough up some serious cash he may. be in reality that probably. between. seven in the seating arrangement launched recently in the u.k. students in particular it's being taken to the concerts that's not surprising given the rising cost of tuition fees for the controversial dating websites released the twenty british universities that have the highest number of students signing up. was one of those that topped the list according to seeking arrangement survey eighty percent of relationships that form through the website involve some form of physical intimacy the remaining twenty percent claim to be platonic i spoke to the site's founder brandon wade about the criticism that this is another form of
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prostitution it's like the power of it's like a nice break this is what i mean it's how you use the system and how you use the mind well it's a tool to find a better life to find or it can be exploited by using the site to really explore people or as you say to do the illegal the websites say they operate a robust system to weed out these engaging in illegal activity and that they kick off roughly one hundred members every day for violating the rules and if you're wondering by now what the payoff is my mama she hard that i was a prosecutor said she heard that she actually start. with. you. do have a ticket at i don't have to get. a pair of r.t. london. well thank you so much for staying with us here in oz here today if you can just for a moment we'll have a very close look at the rich tapestry of lives in one of the world's largest
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homeless communities live from moscow. we'll go to the. show thirty four countries spend over billion euros until she says thirty to one hundred fifty million degrees with some talk among no cells from same piece bits of fronts we travel in search of the so. we've got the future covered. serious last chance as the dates for the geneva conference are being arranged the assad regime may sit across from an empty chair syria's rebel oppositions on the ground are hopelessly divided the syrian political opposition in exile is divorced from the brutality on the battlefield so what can geneva two point zero hope to achieve.
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scatter as a neighborhood of fifty blocks which does not appear on any map of los angeles. do. you.
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mean you. need to move. in and root. root. root. here. you know. this new rule basically. and there's still. this is good in bed when i see things here that you've been experiencing shit that there is just no way i mean it's no movie it is no book this dish is a real life experience to see people get beat up every night people get robbed of
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a bus ticket because. i seen people get hit by a car you don't pay b.o.'s you don't know snows you don't pay the car knows you're no response to release we're not here because we're homeless just less of a home baby my reality was that i was there you know skid row is the last house on the block at g.o.p. but just in my neighborhood you know i. basically almost slept on every street down here at one time or another i think i would never ever live in a way else you know skid row is my home. as many as eleven thousand men and women make their home on l.a. skid row. about two thirds struggle with mental illness track addiction or both but it wasn't always this way. i came to skid row it was more like skid row's we identified old drunks old drunks on the street.


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