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tv   [untitled]    October 23, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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video for your media project c.d.o. dadar teeth dot com. in response to the intense law enforcement skip around some local residents have made it their child to watch the police. my mother in law father both came to california in one nine hundred fifty six and they both got a job downtown l.a. work in a bullish department store on seventh and broadway. my father had been living downtown ever since. but my mother she lived out in the projects the bad part of it was that i ended up hanging out in my mother's old neighborhood where i ended up joining the games and so for near i got into my diction my addiction landed me in front of a judge. because you're doing robberies he said you don't have to go to state prison so they say as soon as me to an eighteen year state prison.
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when i was doing my time in prison i became really more radical i was on the revolutionary side before i got out you know i i promised all of that when i get out i would give back all the wrong that i've been doing as a gang member and grown up in my life so when i got out the first thing i did was i came back to steal a role. so one day to bicycle security goes from the business improvement different color suburban shirts had just one twisted home up in the air and it was about to break the woman on so i say what are you doing man this is little woman cohen goes you crazy because i don't shattuck she got by i say so you go to break girl because you got a pipe so the lady was dramatic i know my back i know i'm yours i lied right so she tried to run she opened up her head to learn to go i said my letter goes with a little girl and she opened up her hand it was a nice lighter so i told myself when i was a homeless in medicine that we don't know but. it's purpose i'm still
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a general so i tell myself i got to go get me some soldiers while i'm you know walking around talk to one of my friends and he told me you need to go to l.a. can they do that kind of stuff. and so from him witnessing an injustice a day later he's. gone through leadership development classes and now three years later he's lead human rights work and my job is to is to keep trying to wake up the messes you know and keep you know exploited you know standing with the system is doing. right now my personal hero and i think all. the time general. and the reason i admire him so much as the reason i admire so many people . he's really somebody who grew up here and i'm now sperms always energy basically trying to from the rights of other folks down there. did nine years and stay pain six of those nine years were in solitary confinement.
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is the individual that if you listen to the policymakers if you listen to people with money and wealth and power there's no rehabilitating. you know he's a career criminal. i guess you would have said the same thing about malcolm malcolm x. he was a career criminal and now he's on a postage stamp. a second. and even. though i don't. look you. good news or a smile. i saw a big picture saw what i came from saw was going on now and that's what really helped me open my eyes is to far did every post my field today the reason why i get up and go do what i do every day you know when i go work for a kid but yeah that's me minister. as first responders to
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emergency calls to skid row fire station is good business to north america. back in the mid seventy's the city made a policy that skid row would be a contained preserved area much like an indian reservation or a ghetto where the unwashed wanted would be contained literally. for humanitarian reasons that it would be easier to. keep people off. the river or. one of the other important things to understand about skid row is that it's not primarily a homeless population and people tend to think it is and it's really critical people understand that because if you think of skid row is primarily a homeless population that's one set of issues with one set of solutions then you build large shelters and if you do it the way some people at city hall would like it you would build them out in the desert that's not what skid row is skid row is
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principally endangered low income residential community in the fifty blocks of skid row there are sixty five what we call single room occupancy housing without this people and they would have nowhere to go who in the private or the public sector for a single adult who's total income is a two hundred twenty three dollars check. the majority of people in this community . service are social security argy all and so. we call this community a hole we could use what we can afford. you know we have to go to the community redevelopment agency moratoriums. lower income housing units into condos in los. we lost a thousand units in about three or four year period from about two thousand to two thousand and four. and took the city a long time to respond with a moratorium on losing their. housing gentrification is the process which new
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people who come there and they have higher income levels and economically the older people were forced to leave. and all these uptown or so want to come and have their sort of disneyland manhattan experience they have other options to other communities they can go to but the poor skid row really have no other housing anywhere at all almost any one would say if you've got to be crazy why would you save skid row what is the possible value of saving a skid row if you think about it by if thousands of people on main street lose their housing that's thousands of people for whom the city will have to build a massive and costly shelter system and makes far more sense to preserve the housing the poor live in and let the poor continue to pay their own brand so makes good economic sense not just good social and moral sense for the city to in fact preserve the housing that's in the skid row area. there are a lot of empty lost in the area the city could convert that into housing for me
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under. sixteen to twenty four thousand dollars a year to have someone. supportive houser. the services there will. be four percent of your return true. to anywhere from forty to one hundred thousand dollars a year people through emergency room records or storms or. this is the famous security issue three years dream is for you. know. we're. seeing only. the good guy up in the train line evolving getting getting there they are what we're there so i want to hear. that they are my prayers canceling it they never do that.
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everything to feel for. her read. this years and reasonable things that they do down here the harass people. topple over and they'll stop think first and maybe zero five times in one day and this goes on all day loaded just cloudesley if you wear white t. shirt and shorts you're considered a good don't they are arguing so that's probable cause to be stopped which is. no where in the world is a neighborhood kid has not been a street not. not great nowhere but downtown boston the only place to get rid of it
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. that you can't board is neighborhoods still play all day. just in the street all day but it could downtown all since black large brown you can still sidewalk can still break can't call street kids just use a plantation. for years officials turned a blind eye to skate around in two thousand and six the chaos finally caught the city so tension fifteen new police officers were deployed to an area less than one square mile in size. the safer city soonish it cost the city of los angeles six million dollars in its first year alone. they say for surveys initiative that was launched on september two thousand and six and on the drawing board since two thousand and two there was. originally called the homeless reduction strategy that
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was launched with a vengeance in september of two thousand and six and there was going to furthur was really targeted by mayor of the overdose of chief bratton knows a comprehensive approach to skid row. there were going to be two problems there was going to be a serious crackdown on what was called serious crime and skid row and then there was to be a big expansion of services. well one of those things happened and the other one didn't the city put zero dollars him to your services side to come in so hard with the enforcement without having the the enhancement patients getting the services that are necessary to make this how the community is kind of backwards if you make me get off the sidewalk where am i going to homeless where am i going to go where am i growing you know take me home. so know where to are going to sit here i can't
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stand here i can't lay here so nowhere do i go when you look. behind every parent skin and when you see that drug the. life you need prostitution and the train on this we have every right and every responsibility giver sponsibility to address and i stand behind you see police in the city people leave on the. weekend and. you'd think that the mayor was you know east in the way talked about safer cities you would think it was mother teresa. instead of being the most fascist democrat and the most the you know he's always allowed the fascists to take over his city administration the manhattan institute and as far as i'm concerned up from my perspective chief bratton runs his stand city and i don't know why we have a mayor. rule of the schools. where.
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yes you won't see while you i began to check things was the last friday meal on the street still after. police chief william bratton made his name cleaning up new york city with the controversial broken windows theory of crime reduction. safer cities how to implement the same policy in his new town. the same tactics there was jones and the broken windows theory in new york right where necessary concepts are you the same way he justified new york in the same way you plan on jennifer. california because once was a really big of a story for hours of the people here especially people with disabilities in the first year there were times i was in a row seen an area that i was supposed to or thirteen girls or people were twelve thousand citations issued the most for cyber slur littering or jaywalk there
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was someone who kept her under the thirty dollars for their members or a warrant for. over. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy check albus. role. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and across several we've been hijacked lying handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once built up my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually. going on to the world we go beyond identifying the problem trying to fix
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a rational debate and a real discussion of critical issues facing them that if i ever feel ready to join the movement then welcome to the. wonderful strawman in washington d.c. thank you all the same i think you know about. the pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i roll reception. every gives jaywalker tickets this way to get the check in for all sorts of
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warrants as they now say every time a change trying to do something they get itchy walking stick right up the street here i've had guns put them ahead by they are the finest several times for a smoke america medical marijuana they have to realize well as i got as marijuana and a marijuana pipe and i got the medical marijuana card they let you go but that's you have to sit there with the hairs on your head these guys are all shakey and they got their guns to your head you're on your knee and knees with guns you had five six console got the guns on your door look like i got some place to hide a weapon. i remember just the sight of a pretty ricky officers walking down the street with white gloves on they walked up to a campaign area and they took everybody go get out you know and they lined folds up against the wall to they threw coffee all out on the street. six police and said that the plain sight mob telling. me it's so incredibly dangerous to me several.
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liberties or something that belong to people who live west of main street or. beyond little tokyo or in the south park area there are no civil liberties honored at all in the skid row area and outs known by the city attorney's office it's known by the mayor it's known by everybody at city hall but nobody cares. we say with some of these people stuff i went through our stuff in the street because the police kept a line to clean it and i think those people stop in the street because they were going to clean that site walk. back right up and that was our blankets over people's heads and they've been. stolen they lost their blankets and. there's a place just down the line i mean surveys go clean sidewalk and they were. skid
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row is full of contradictions. it can be violent. but it can also be a refuge. a place to go well. find acceptance. to be free. one of the first people that i met and that was robert. soulmate lover he became my guy. has a dream of being married to my guy i want to walk down. without. you know that the leisure. yes one of my greatest three. feet. so. just. because my days people to me. sleeping in
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your house and i have to get back. so i want to fill up do something with it i'm free to do those things when i heal people that i know tonight you know can be called because you got a call to a photo of something. real right. now i'm not on skid row anymore or caramel place it's insane and i got my section eight i'm off the street i'm sober and i made compliant people knock it but you can't come to. your party fresh out the dumpster gotta love dumpster diving fire such stuff you know you forget you need these things you would never think about that you need you need the dish soap and. she wrote spray you know cooking oil with salt and pepper and toilet paper and cleaning supplies and a broom and a mop this is my lovely walk of fame he's got all my pictures my certificates of
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completion this one here is a star for get from the class foundation this is a thirty day primary detox this one here i have to say i'm changed gendered which was a tough one to get and this was and i was very completion for whom was caught i got total like one hundred fifty tickets and what i had to do is go and check myself and to get at least to me this by getting into a program so if as long as i was in a program the course a clue about all the tickets and this one has a picture of my dad as state and as my step mom i like to feel the ocean as a hotel but i don't really like their faces so i just kind of stuck a right turn i had a little picture of my cane but they were my baby when she was a. tiny little tyke she's my youngest are tax proudly two or three this is that because the condos this is the main house and over here would be to guest house you know i was from skid row with this tent was on skid row with me and now it's in my living room and the cops can't comment tell me to pack up my tent because can't check to see if i got a pop. i would rather have
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a couch. and a chair don't have a ten i have to sleep on a couch and there i think fits me more because i've been in a tent for so long i don't want to forget how i got here and large this is a symbol of what i was what i could be and what i could have been and what i was this is. my house inside my house which is the best house in the world. it's not about what i did. and. i'm still trying to become the best and i still can it doesn't matter. what age they reached you know i'm still their mother now the toughest job that i have now is taking care of me. i can't come full circle because i never. had
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a full circle. i want to keep getting better and i want to do things so i'm getting therapy is the first time in my life that there will be does. i know that. there is an illness growing. boiled over at this point i don't even realize it but i'm scared to death to find out really a lot sicker than the. scary people always say you know what you know just go to therapy maybe talk to somebody and you hear that so much and you think it but who wants to just go and you know because that's all i did all my life was just how. to see maybe the web person wasn't listening if skid row is a step away from the pits of pale thank god i'm not in here because the one little step makes a damn big difference because this is health is something i've been. like.
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a link to. it or not if they're going on camera. lee end of the is a part of my life because she's a very special person she's very special and dear mom hard ok when you come into my little home abode liers pictures on the wall. and you know my well for his coalition to go who is a little boy various near your business. and we're living in his golden hour is really what i think about all the time. you probably know him and. marry me enough for her success. in the past to become rich. our bill.
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maybe on sixty acres and suntech and she care our own house catches me she can have it all the trash. there never be fenced off from harry by you know for a foreigner move and go bob and be. collecting. stores just so she could store. garbus. because that makes her happy and content and it makes me contain when i see she have. jesus me this. followed. his. name. is do him. very. good. here. is. the.
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yeah. danny harris is maintaining a surprise he began on skid row today is an assistant coach at iowa state university and he recently got married. bam bam still lives in section eight housing. he recently reconnected with his daughter and is living with hiv. linda is singing with a gospel band she remains hopeful about her health and plans one day to marry. general doak on continues to advocate for the homeless through his community work with allie can. detroit finally got her own
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apartment in a building with supportive services. she's still a member of land. land was homeless for twenty four years in two thousand and eight she moved into lamp launch she continues to feed the cats and birds of skip around every night. early on easter morning two thousand and nine. k.k. and another man named tommy heyse were shot and killed inside a skid row residential hotel. he was forty nine years old old .
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ha. ha ha ha ha ha ha. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. ha ha ha ha ha ha. ha ha. ha.
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ha. ha. ha ha ha. ha. ha ha ha. ha. ha. ha ha. ha ha ha ha. serious last chance is the day for the geneva conference are being arranged for the assad regime may sit across from an empty chair syria's. rebel oppositions on the
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ground are hopelessly divided the syrian political opposition in exile is divorced from the brutality on the battlefield so what can geneva two point zero four do achieve. and. i think. mind. you i'm back on. monday and i'm bashing my pick for a politician right. here just to let. you know c.n.n. the m s n b c news have taken some slightly but the fact is i admire their commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be accurate. that was funny but it's close and for the truth from that might
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think. it's because one whole attention and the mainstream media works side by side the joke is actually on we're going to be coming up. at our teen years we have a different brain. because the news of the world just is not this funny i'm not laughing dammit i'm not how. you got us into the jokes we'll handle the mayor said i've got to. we're now outside to an active camp at guantanamo where patients are forced that just months after a massive first strike never turned the world's attention to the place that some
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jobs gulag of arts minds. were. a profit. over by the way to do its job did you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution and. that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy which recall books. will. never go i'm sorry and i'm a sure we would be a little picture of what's actually going on we go beyond identifying to try to fix rational debate a real discussion critical issues facing america by the book go ready and join the movement and walk with the big picture. but i'm telling our bit of washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture. joe mccarthy were alive.


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