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tv   [untitled]    October 24, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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woods good folks welcome to breaking this man well rob lowe filling in for abby martin hey remember that viral video that came out of the height of the occupy movement you know the one showing a cop at u.c. davis pepper spraying a line of students. to have it right. pretty brutal right well good news justice is finally been served that's right john pike the policeman in the video who was merely watering is hippies has been awarded a much deserved thirty eight thousand dollars in workers' compensation from u.c.
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davis you see back in june pike filed a claim with the university saying that he suffered from quote unspecified psychiatric and nervous system damage i can totally relate see releasing an entire can of mace on a group a lazy students can really give you a case of pretty bad p.t.s.d. in fact maybe we should start getting all the cops who participated in occupies brutal crackdown on protesters comp money watching old ladies cry and dirty hippies bleed from their head as a result of your actions can really take a toll on one's mental health so make sure to give a shed a tear for john pike today and let's go break the. the. a. very hard to take. once again. like you ever had with that you are right there. was.
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an. earlier this year breaking the set was joined by peace activist cindy sheehan she along with a group of dedicated writers took a trip across the country called the tour de peace speired what she learned on that journey and the support from a growing number of citizens disillusioned by the two party system cindy has decided to run for governor of california on the peace and freedom party ticket she joined me earlier today to discuss her campaign and the biggest problems facing california i asked her why she would choose to run for political office knowing the long odds for third party candidates. well because we are are
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i'm with the peace and freedom carty and not run of the dominant corporate party as our war party is or the party and the bankers as not one of the parties of the establishment and yes running or office and then a real establishment things to do that let my campaign daily in as we're actually talking about revolution where talking about not re for mean. and you know. overthrowing it and renu in there and doing that as a community community is jerry brown and is running as a matter of fact he's refused to raise millions and millions of dollars for his campaign and fourteen when he hasn't even announced he's running again but he's running around. here is logan of california is back california is back for the
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perpetrations for the oil companies for the prison industrial complex for privatized education for the month per cent for the establishment i am the candidate of the people i am the candidate of the revolution and because a revolution is looking to overthrow that system and put in place one that is healthier for i want to ask you specifically about one issue is the issue of police violence especially in southern california where it's really turning into an epidemic this week was a national day against police brutality and there was a thirteen year old that was executed by police for carrying a fake gun you know this is a really important issues governor what would you do to address this well the first thing that we would do is we would have. overturned that police officers bill of rights they have that protects there from accountability that we want to put in place in every community that has
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a police force we would put in place citizen oversight not police oversight. you know the actions of the police officers and my heart goes out to that family and santa rosa where that happened in my campaign will be there on tuesday in solidarity with them and have protests that terrible incident of brutality but it's what you say that's happening all over the state and there has to be accountability that's what the families are carrying for and manny that's what i've been calling for since my son. i counter bill readdy to these people who are murder people all over the world and in our state where there are large marine teri's or the empire or and these police forces there has to be accountability to you unfortunately or are one of the few people that are speaking out against this sort of thing and california ends up being one of the like a sort of microcosm for the bigger issues plaguing the country another issue is
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with overcrowded prisons and the prison industrial complex in california you know there was a recent hunger strike that just ended the un is now looking into california prison system what do you think is the root of this problem and what needs to be changed well i think the root of the problem in our prisons for profit now and the prison industrial complex jerry brown gets millions of dollars for a prison guard union and the private prisons like. corrections corporation of america and brown who as ordered by the federal government. lease thousands of prisoners and instead of doing that he's taking. the surplus that the state has a one billion dollars and he has given it to these privatized prison to open that bads are up and have room for the people who instead of releasing nonviolent
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offenders and people who are out low to no risk adverse events how is it that corporations can have a louder voice than people in california support for labeling when from sixty one percent to less than fifty percent because of those incessant ads that reach people before the election how can people's initiatives that way how can people's initiatives win against the corporatocracy. well the initiative process. actually. california led the way or early part of the twentieth century and as a missionary these progress and reforms to government but then my knee has overtaken them look at prop eight. the propaganda the profit and against gay marriage we had millions of dollars flowing in from outside the state to. defeat gay marriage here in california what we need to do and we're talking about this revolution is give the people that control of the state we need and one of the
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reasons i constantly run for office is my third time is too close to. ideas these alternatives to the dialogue to say that there are many should not buy candidates money shouldn't buy propositions that we should and that propaganda shouldn't be. there if there's going to be propaganda is that both sides of the issue have a fair chance to promote their case and their fats to the public not just the side that has a must many and of course jim are labeling they raise fifteen million dollars to defeat that where the produce people raised eight million dollars and manny my thing as is we have to go to the internet research what companies. supported prop thirty seven and what companies you know didn't support prop thirty
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seven in fact defeated it we have to we have to support those companies that gave money to prop thirty seven by buying their products that are already in label that they agreed to label them with no g.m. i was and then we need to boycott the people who defeated prop thirty seven we had angela. purchase stock power to to kind of drive these corporations into irrelevancy cindy i wanted to ask you just one last question running out of time you support something called the grange movement and i wanted to know exactly what that is and how you would implement the statewide we have about a minute left well you know that's something california leads the world is warmer and there are moral leaders in agriculture we need to change from these big agribusiness back to organic farming and we need foreign collectives and cooperative and the greens movement. is
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a movement that these people can and farmers are gannett small farmers can get together that increases their purchasing power it increases you know the benefits when you have more people. and you can get benefits but it also builds this community that we're talking about for a revolution and so granger movements we need community centers we need you know community councils that work with sacramento right ergo chavez did in venezuela when he did his revelation and we can work together to build california into a state into a model into a road map that hopefully the other forty nine states can follow and people around the world can look at california as this model and the people's revolution and a place to live where everybody has access to health care education a clean environment healthy food and shelter indeed cindy it's
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a revolution of values that would is what this country is what california needs they can so much for taking the time that was cindy sheehan anti-war activist and candidate for california governor thank you so much. i. just pakistan have a double standard when it comes to drones it's a question worth asking after prime minister nawaz sharif sat down with president obama yesterday in the white house according to the guardian sharif asked obama to stop the drone strikes that have become a chronic problem in his country however some white house officials are rolling their eyes especially after leaked cia memos allege that pakistan's government has been in the know on the strikes in their own country now despite a hypocrisy surrounding streets white house visit we should remember that pakistan is only one of several countries where the u.s. is conducting drone strikes. in fact u.s. drone use has been ramped up immensely over the past few years in places like yemen
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algeria libya and somalia and just like pakistan the strikes in yemen are only fueling civilian hatred toward the u.s. in fact a former state department official now bill koori recently explained in an article that the drone accuracy rate is embarrassing saying that quote given yemen's tribal structure the u.s. generates roughly forty to sixty new enemies for every al qaeda operative killed by drones excuse me forty to sixty new enemies it's like battling the high drug cutting off its head only to have forty more appear in its place to say that drone strikes are counterproductive to u.s. interests is a severe understatement and it makes sense last year four hundred and ninety one civilians were killed by drone strikes in yemen alone. who.
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said it. was just so they're. ok let's face it drones are reality they are the frontline of the war on terror. but how did it come to this on the one nine hundred eighty s. israeli born kareem designed the albatross an unmanned aircraft able to fly for fifty six hours straight and as soon as the u.s. military learned about this early stage drone they put darpa funding behind it eventually drones were used for surveillance eighteen soldiers on the ground in bosnia in the ninety's and then in two thousand and one the cia decided to mount weapons on the now infamous predator drone and in a rush response to nine eleven the cia put together a program that would allow the agency to kill al qaeda operatives almost anywhere in the world this was the birth of targeted assassination by way of drones and while george w. bush did use drones the program was still fairly secretive it wasn't until president obama the drones really took off in fact than a c. blair a former white house official explained the shift from capture to kill when he said
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quote the steady refrain in the white house was this is the only game in town right by two thousand and ten we learned about the weekly counterterrorism meetings held every terror tuesday where obama would personally approve the names of an ever growing kill list. since then drone strikes have led to thousands more deaths all over the world and it's prompted a new type of war where drone operation drone operators in a cia trailer in nevada are completely disconnected from the actual devastation caused by these strikes and as if the thought of a killer drone isn't scary enough a recent article by joshua fattal alludes to the fact that drones could soon make calculated attack decisions get this on their own yup it's the dawn of an automated killer robot so these ones can fly this news arrives on the heels of condemnation by human rights watch and amnesty international who deem some drone strikes as war crimes not to mention the questions over privacy and civil liberties by using them
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here domestically and knowing that the us flies these things around the world has prompted other countries to create their own drones there really is like another arms race the fact of the matter is that the longer the us continues to pretend that drone strikes are the most effective way to fight terrorism more terrorists will be created if we want to continue to spread democracy and let this be our foreign policy that we better be prepared to live with the consequences. all right guys after the break we'll talk about the latest on libya with well. it's not for. everybody to do. that you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of
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our government and our proud. we've been hijacked right handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers. are and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world. we go beyond identify the problem try rational debate in a real discussion critical issues facing america by feel ready to join the movement and welcome the. i'm the president and i'm a society but i'm big corporation trying to convince that to consume consume can do . to the bank trying to get all that all about money and i'm fascinated that for a politician writing the laws and regulations tax break. somebody's head up.
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there is just too much rat is a days. that. this week marks the anniversary of the fall of libyan dictator moammar gadhafi but you won't see much celebration on the streets of tripoli you see since the arab spring libya has been plagued by instability and political violence in fact earlier this month libyan prime minister ali zedong was abducted from a hotel in tripoli and health for several hours by armed gunmen although he was rescued shortly after the incident reveals the fragile state of libya following the nato back intervention in two thousand and eleven and just today politicians in oil rich eastern libya declared autonomy from the central government as militias gain more and more power in the government authorities expose repeatedly undermine
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experts now worry that the infighting within the country is leading to another civil war so to help me break down the roots of the violence as well as what's next for libya i'm joined now by columnist and middle east affairs analyst well thank you so much for joining me thank you man so earlier this week you know the anniversary of the fall of gadhafi the end of a forty two year dictatorship that we saw no celebration out in the streets why is well i think you answered the question by asking it people out of extremely disappointed security is done exist in. people at the last legitimacy of the gnc and the government has been shaken beyond they think repair so people are completely lost as to what is going on in the country where is it heading today's announcement by the people in. the east side of libya and is a small group let's be very frank they don't have really the wide support and they
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are shooting themselves in the foot i think by the way they are trying to preempt any constitutional or national dialogue to achieve their aims which is for a federal system which is a legitimate claim but you can't just jump on it by declaring a government. or hijacking oil fields and ports yeah it seems like it's a very complicated situation when you throw all that into the mix but another aspect of it that i found very interesting is that nato with the help you know with parents in the united states had said such a heavy hand in the intervention yet we have no you know coverage by the by the american media and this is what do you what do you think this is like and how can they just turn a blind eye to well having recently unfortunately this is. you know i'm chinese line that you know if you repeat the same mistake expecting different results that's the definition of stupidity and nato and western allies have repeated this
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mistake consistently in afghanistan in iraq in somalia and so on they jump. on the military bandwagon they destroy. that they don't. like which is fine and to stand in libya it was a u.n. resolution but then they never follow up with what needs to happen afterwards which is the post conflict face and they just turn a blind eye go away for a few years and build something happens. to shake the security of the united states or the west itself on its own right and i do want to ask you and then they go bad but ok so let's let's talk about another story that just came out today that what we just said eastern libya declared autonomy from from the central government how much of that decision is based on oil and you know how much of a you know what does that play into the conflict into the fact that eastern libya
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is or oil rich in that they're now announcing autonomy from the government on the oil front the map of oil in libya is yes there is big chunks and traditionally historical oil fields are in the eastern side but there is also oil in the west and in the south. two days ago there was a major discovery of oil in the south of libya so. it is spirit but in the east it is entirely about oil i mean you are talking about a bunch of gangsters and militias and all kinds of self motivated groups and that's what adds to this to the absolute complexity of this is that we hear that we have all these growing militias and not all of the country is oil rich but and it's really hard to understand who these militias are comprised of as well you said a lot of them are very self-serving but this isn't all about oil so what do the different sides in this have to gain what they think the by declaring themselves as an independent separate. government they will achieve two things one is they get
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control of the oil that is in the region and to day preempt the process of constitutional making. the idea is libya is going through a process of coming up with a new constitution which will define the kind of government the libyans of libya as a whole would like to have whether it's council whether it's federal whether it is centralized government where the it's the centralized these guys are jumping the gun because they are afraid that this is put under. even within the east itself not too many people are going to go for the federal option you have to understand the options started in one nine hundred fifty one but then it got changed in one thousand nine hundred sixty three so. claiming that they want to go back to the old constitution is actually not a correct assumption. changed and that itself is adding to the sin in politics there's a decent groups of men you have to understand these groups are it's
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a combination of all kinds you've got criminals you've got politically motivated groups you've got tribal groups you've got groups that have ideological and jihadist background to them so it's a complete mix i mean as as for example the respected and prestigious oxford analytical point said it's becoming a country of militias of gangsters it's not even a failed state we are heading to a state that is full of gangsters and it doesn't mean ministers story is exactly that's that's a perfect examples of trying to minister kidnap it shows the rift but i want to point to another story which is the story of gaddafi son who has along with several others been indicted under charges of treason murder. and several other charges and i'm wondering what this news might do to to the political risks and whether or not
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this is going to add and exacerbate the violence that we're seeing right now absolutely i mean we. you have iraq here revisited the authorities in libya have repeated the same mistakes of iraq they did not recognize that it was a civil war and therefore you have parties that were aligned to gadhafi and you need to engage them they went further and isolated anybody who ever worked in the government from one nine hundred sixty nine to nineteen to two thousand and eleven so what can the government do to regain that either getting this i don't think the government can do anything at this stage i mean let's be honest right now libya on its own will not be able. to actually saw them out of this i think those the international community which still has libya under chapter seven needs to take its responsibility and needs to engage in this country in
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a serious way so let's talk about the international community second because if the united states has a responsibility the united states doesn't have a very good track record when it comes to to post occupation anything to that end i want to ask you about libby who is the alleged terrorist behind the one thousand nine hundred eight bombings in tanzania and kenya now the united states kidnapped him in tripoli without the permission of the of the libyan government so is the u.s. is this the kind of message that the u.s. is sending that they themselves are they not undermining the legitimacy of the government by doing this well there are two things here one is we can't call what's happened in libya an occupation and us our people it was a you and unanimous vote. so it is the response we've had that into an international community as a whole not of the united states alone secondly the issue of this and leave it there is a lot of debate and there are some and name sources as as the new york times revealed last week that the libyan government was cooperating with the u.s.
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in seizing him they just could not publicly say they do because they were afraid of the backlash which shows you again how weak the libyan government is it cannot come out and take responsibility for this act now and that's in libya is actually a much lucky guy because he ended up in new york. in front of a court he has human rights protection he has due process now think about a date that's arguable i know. but it doesn't normally occur that it's not doing exactly or and here i mean he was indicted and he's going through the legal process which is which are better but believe me this is much better than the eight thousand libyans who are languishing in legal jails or run by militias all over the country that the united nation itself i was born to do so if you say that this is a fault many of much of the blame falls on the international community given that whenever we have international involvement anywhere we can see the failure that
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they've had in syria after so many years of civil war there what do they need to do in libya what could they possibly do to make things better i think they already have the framework the legal framework is in place to be still under chapter seven . i think the implications of a complete collapse in libya are global in each libya imagine this libya is not going to stand this is a country with two thousand miles on the me today and this is a country with enormous trees at the fifth world history and it's got the fifth level of reserves in the world of oil and gas you have militias that want to go everywhere it is the country that triggered instability in the countries you have egypt that is suffering from arms smuggling from libya and gangsters tunisia is going through they say it's so it is an international year old higher region and thank you for joining us well and columnist and middle east analyst thank you so much thank you thank you i think. unfortunately that's all the time we have guys but please join us again tomorrow check us out on bond facebook and twitter and you
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can follow me at men well under school have a great night folks. this is the media leave us so we. are the same motions to the other party there's a goal. that no one is asking with to get that you deserve answers from. politics . one of the new poll shows coming alive should be making news all the face just like you know.
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pleasure to have you with us here on our t.v. today i roll researchers. who are not psyched to active campaign ads watan about where patients are forced back to the months after i'm out of the car strike never turned the world's attention to the place that summed up jobs gulag of our times. the for.
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much too. alone wilkinson old joke dates is the end of all it's all but not so closing in moscow but luckily for us the someone hasn't finished everywhere so we story pop called bikes i'm going to set up a song winces knocking at moscow's dole but when nobody's done a long johns just yet so we travel to europe to soak up some rays imbibes a culture and see what's going on in the world of technology fronts with europe's long. exports of electricity last year but despite this opponents in power the country is still looking for new energy sources and even hopes to bring the part that drives the song down through words. there's a lot of energy in france i'm not just talking about the street dunces the country ranks second in the willed in terms of nuclear power stations but with growing.


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