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just. coming up on our t.v. n.s.a. leaks firestorm keeps spreading worldwide germany is now demanding answers from washington over its controversial spying program coming up next former presidential candidate and former new mexico governor gary johnson discusses the latest revelations and more. then speaking of secrets revealed cia documents indicate that for years the pakistani government has known and endorsed u.s. drone strikes so why is pakistan's prime minister urging president obama at the white house this week to stop these attacks. and it's october and that means breast cancer awareness month is in full swing before you go out buy those pink products to help fight cancer and you don't want to miss our report.
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it's thursday october twenty fourth eight pm in washington d.c. i'm sam sax and you're watching r.t. . and we begin with another diplomatic fire started by the national security agency today the european union is holding a summit in brussels and one of the topics of discussion will be revelations yesterday that the n.s.a. was listening in on german chancellor merkel's private phone calls yesterday merkel placed a phone call to president obama saying that if these latest spying allegations are true then it is quote completely unacceptable and a serious breach of trust germany is just the latest ally of the united states found to be a target of the n.s.a. surveillance edward snowden's leaks have shown that mexico brazil france all of them are in the u.s. is crosshairs as well the guardian reports that the n.s.a. using information from the white house state department and pentagon acquired the
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phone numbers of thirty five world leaders and monitored their phone conversations to germany's foreign minister some in the u.s. ambassador to south or new to explain the n.s.a.'s activities also today white house press secretary jay carney tried to dismiss further criticism against the administration we're not going to comment publicly on every specified alleged intelligence activity and as a matter of policy we have made clear that the united states gathers foreign intelligence of the type gathered by all nations as i mentioned yesterday the president spoke with chancellor merkel reassured her that the united states is not and will not monitor the chancellor's communications. and we have also said broadly that at the president's direction we are reviewing the way that we gather intelligence to ensure that we properly balance the security concerns of our citizens and allies with the privacy concerns that all people share now for more on the latest n.s.a. created diplomatic scandal i was joined earlier by lizzie failing head of the
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roughly newsroom in berlin and i first asked her that even though the white house wants this story to go away is it going away in germany. well it's very difficult obviously to make it go away i mean it looks like it was the german government who preempted any of the leaks and s.a.e. leaks and came out with the news themselves because obviously looks like it would have been very embarrassing for them to be on the back and somebody like the spiegel the god you know glenn greenwald that come out this says say that merkel's phone was being pat and then for the german government to react against it so it looks like the german government has planted this and said hey we know that we're being spied on and we're not happy about it although it's really difficult to believe that they haven't known about this for a very long time because of course. when the scandal first broke i live this year broke with the news that g twenty leaders which of course includes germany were being spied on and this is really just a follow on from the the news
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a couple of months ago that germany is the most spied on country by the usa so it is really very embarrassing here of course germany and u.s. are supposed to be very close allies but then on the other hand it you know is the outrage is also a little bit difficult to believe because we've also seen revelations that germany was complicit and if they spying scandal so how much of this is a p.r. exercise on the part of the german government in order to kind of say face in the face of a german public which is very sensitive about issues of privacy it's really difficult to tell which way you know which is which way they've tried to play it. to the leaks previously that sure that germany was largely complicit with the reason for german intelligence was there were massive amounts of. you have to wonder if a lot of this is talking cheek of merkel. saying that she has to be all rage for
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the sake of her public the united states saying we're not spying just for the sake of it sure. yeah. but then on the other hand you know. germany and the us of every close in that sense in germany is of course the most powerful economy in europe and does also have its own policy which is independent of the us and it is having a changing world in which the u.s. is no longer the only show in town to trade with it cetera and of course is building up relations increasingly with economic power as namely russia and china for example which the u.s. obviously sees as a threat to being able to regain its position as the only show in town in the wallet and in a sense this is just another thing that exposes that what the n.s.a. scandal is all about is not about u.s. national security is the u.s. government keeps on arguing but it really is about the u.s.
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trying to always have an advantage politically and economically and that's been shown numerous times throughout the course of this and i face of course it's been shown when the u.s. recently was exposed they've been hacking the e-mails of the mexican president and the internal n.s.a. documents showed that that was so that the u.s. could have advantage in political talks and investment decisions and of course as well when the u.s. was exposed to be spying on brazil and the brazil the huge brazilian energy company this very difficult is that i mean increasingly difficult for the u.s. therefore to argue that an essay is about national security when it is spying on its friends when is spying on huge international corporations that really it should be trying to shape new relationships with and to. trade with and to cooperate with but inspect sped it's just kind of embarrassing itself more and more i was
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speaking to the point as you mentioned we've seen diplomatic fire started all over the place all over the world as a result of the n.s.a. spying activities brazilian president dilma rousseff in response to as you mentioned the spying on petrobras and on her personally canceled a meeting with president obama which could put in jeopardy billions of dollars in contracts for the country. elsewhere in the america there's a european union summit being held today in brussels what might the diplomatic fallout or economic fallout be with the european union over allegations like this well you know as i said previously it's really difficult to believe that it is including the french the french media and the germany didn't have a known about this for a very long time so. it looks like any kind of outrage is. difficult to judge the how genuine that is and i think if anything the
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european powers kind of accept that you know friends do spy on each other. and carry on doing business as usual and building up their relations with the u.s. competitive is all about the end result seems to be is just more kind of public embarrassment for the u.s. government which is finding it increasingly difficult to claim the moral higher ground in this whole scandal was sort of the newsroom a reclusive berglund thank you so much. now staying on the topic of the n.s.a. there are serious doubts of the spy agency's tactics really are keeping america safe on wednesday pro publica called into question claims that have often been repeated by the n.s.a. by members of the administration by members of congress and by members of the media that the n.s.a. has mass surveillance operations have thwarted fifty four terrorist attacks pro publica argues there is a lack of evidence to support such a claim having to defend its surveillance programs of something the white house
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never plan to spend its summer and now fall doing but then edward snowden came along and similarly the white house likely didn't anticipate having to fend as a drone program to which it's now forced to do after human rights organizations released two reports this week kissing the u.s. government of committing unlawful killings with drones in yemen and in pakistan so have the executive branch's activities in the shadows from spying to drone warfare many of which predate president obama now reached a critical tipping point as citizens of the u.s. and the world finally come to realize their scope i was joined earlier by former presidential candidate and the twenty ninth governor of new mexico gary johnson and i first asked him what he made of the administration's claims that they are just balancing privacy and security where's the balance when when you've got one hundred men we see today one hundred twenty five billion phone calls being monitored when a judge grants a surveillance to the already to n.s.a.
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to look at a one hundred thirteen million varieties and users and bottom line maybe we've awarded one act of terrorism and that's really questionable look we're throwing civil liberties out the window this is the basis for this country it is and it's important and it's being. it's horrible it has to stop and you have to wonder if it is actually counterproductive i think it was michael hayden erd keith alexander the current head of the n.s.a. when he's talking about these mass collection programs he says well you need the haystack to find the needle isn't the question is why you're throwing the needle in the haystack to begin with completely and when you when you have a revelation that angela merkel's phone is being monitored well it isn't just the united states it's a broad also and when you talk about drone strikes look let's wake up to the
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fact that we're making more enemies because of you we don't just kill the target we kill a lot of innocent civilians every every time these drones launch a missile and it's resulting in more enemies to this country when you have this surveillance going on in the united states it isn't just the united states that. that's looking at this negatively it's the whole world is looking at this negative or in regard to these spying allegations against our home urkel and we've heard them about against brazil and mexico and france now what do you make of claims that come from the administration in defenders they miss ration that this is a messy world everyone is spying on everyone friends spy on everyone it's just the u.s. that got caught well. i say i say baloney and now you're back to just show me that show me the results of why this world is so much safer for everything that you're doing and that aside look i don't think this is constitutional and and yes you
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would argue that it is constitutional because a judge rule holds that you can go ahead and garner evidence from one hundred thirteen million verizon users to me that is not the fourth amendment that is not targeted law enforcement that's not a judge looking over some law enforcement shoulder that is a blanket. abuse of of what. and a lot to process should be a lot of members of congress are waking up to that we're seeing momentum building for some n.s.a. reforms there and there's these two camps you have people like ron wyden and justin amash who want to have very aggressive reforms to rein in the n.s.a. then you have this other camp of. defenders like dianne feinstein and mike rogers who are looking for more watered down reforms what do you hope to see in the next few months as far as changes coming from congress. to the n.s.a. radical change i mean let's let's rein in the horse and let's not let's not make it any worse so looking at something dramatic and and that's the agenda that
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i think this country was founded on civil liberties are important let's move on to drones you just briefly talked about them a second ago there are two reports out this week from and one from his amnesty international about drone use in pakistan another one from here in rights watch about drones and we have a picture of the reports here about the drones in yemen and the both the reports allege that the united states is committing unlawful killings that perhaps even amount to war crimes do you think the u.s. is committing more crimes with its drone program i do. and it starts right at the top the fact that these get ordered in the first place and something that i have maintained you know for years during a presidential campaign look we're making more enemies we don't just get the intended target and who is who is where is the judge and jury when it comes to the intended target we are saying that this is an enemy combatant and with a u.s.
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citizen we've targeted u.s. citizens abroad with drones and. look more enemies to the united states as opposed to less enemies the united states because of this drone program because we're killing hundreds if not thousands of innocent civilians you said this comes from the very top administration when president obama took power in two thousand i was elected. office in two thousand and nine there was a lot of criticism leveled at him for not going back and holding people from the bush administration accountable for torture not going back and investigating and prosecuting people from that instruction do you think the next president which could be you if you decide to run again should go back look at this drone program look at these surveillance programs and actually investigate members of the administration and hold them accountable for what type you know one point i said that this should be should be water under the bridge but the more of the more i look at this look a crime is a crime. thwarting the law disobeying
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a law breaking the law should be prosecuted when it comes to drone warfare and when it comes to surveillance. patrolling drones around the world go it well i just want to quickly point out that you know the bush administration the obama administration they're going to believe that they are legally entitled to do this and they have got a qadri of lawyers to come to the table to say that in fact everything that they are doing is legal but i say that you could have a qadri of lawyers come to the table to say that this is illegal and that they should stop. these programs they're global in their nature and beyond legalities they speak to us i think american empire this idea of american empire that these are the tools necessary to make sure that the united states remains the sole superpower in the world as someone who ran to be the leader of the united states are you are you comfortable with the idea that these are the tools necessary to be
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an empire right now to americans ok well should americans be comfortable that of the united states not being a superpower and would you be prepared to break that news to them well i say that the united states can be a superpower but that that the department of defense should actually be the department of defense not often it's and that's that that's all we've been doing we've been militarily intervening in the state of affairs and as a result of that our military interventions are going to suggest. that we're a whole lot less safe not more safe we go in we're going to back the good guys in syria well guess what we back the good guys in syria and several months down the road or several years down the road they're committing the same atrocities that assad is. of committing today record that he planned some twenty sixteen iran well where my plans are is to provide a voice that is not being not being provided for in american politics today and that's just a simple mixture of being a classical liberal it's civil liberties are important military and interventions
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need to stop and let them balance the federal budget governor gary johnson. they're moving on the prime minister of pakistan is in washington d.c. this week meeting with president obama and knowing that the washington post published this report showing the top officials within pakistan's government have routinely been briefed on and even endorsed the cia drone program in pakistan documents handed over to the post described drone attacks in the tribal regions of pakistan and were labeled to be specifically those documents labeled specifically to be shared with the pakistani government in addition it's known that pakistan provided use of its air strips during the early days of the drone bombing campaign in pakistan and seen more than three hundred fifty drone strikes launched with them in supporter since two thousand and four killing more than three thousand people including by some estimates hundreds of innocent civilians while in the united states this week prime minister nawaz sharif has been very critical of u.s.
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drone strikes the use of goons is not only going to you. what did you do to the dignity but also to get two men to do what is owed when it which even if you could isn't from one country this issue has become a major it didn't do nobody a tradition should visit with. i would if it was just the need to put it in really kicks and despite the rhetoric you heard this new report from the washington post shows a new level of cosiness between washington d.c. and islam abad when it comes to the covert drone war. that's sticking with the issue of drones and in the wake of president obama's meeting with pakistani prime minister washer if yesterday drome seemed drone seemed to be on everyone's mind including the residents laurie harvest who tonight explores the obama administration's addiction to drone warfare.
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the obama administration is a drone addict and it's still in the denial stage the entire world keeps trying to tell it that its habit of using unmanned aircraft is killing innocent civilians everywhere but it just won't listen countries whose own people are being killed staged the first attempt at intervention a secret internal document by the pakistani government reveals that at least one hundred forty seven civilians were killed by american drone strikes there many of the big ten it was valid proof that u.s. drones are killing civilians but the administration denied those numbers and
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defended the drone strike program. the international community staged the second attempt at intervention the united nations issued a report from this year's general assembly meeting which calls for more transparency about how drones are being used one official said the violations of law and the right to life are real under the u.s. targeted killing program and its president is a very dangerous one which the u.s. may well come to regret in response the administration continued to deny that it has a problem insisting its drones were not a human rights violation and now its own people are staging a third attempt at intervention to do reports from american organizations details horrible civilian casualties from u.s. drone strikes in pakistan and yemen one report even goes so far as to suggest the drone strikes be classified. as war crime the reports are by advocacy international
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and human rights watch both of which are based in new york hell even c.n.n. is writing articles now with titles like the folly of drone attacks and u.s. strategy so what the administration response this time you got it's more denial white house spokesman jay carney continues to insist that u.s. drone strikes are precise lawful and effective. the country's new civilians are being murdered the international community and now organizations within its own borders have all tried to stage intervention the whole world is trying to get the u.s. to accept that its drone program is another front to humanity how many more times can how many more people that it what the hell is it going to take to get the u.s. administration out of denial and ready to accept that it needs to get help for its drone addiction tonight let's talk about that by following me on twitter at the
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president. about. that who could forget the information pepper spray incident on the campus of u.c. davis well that car behind the canister just got awarded thousands of dollars details on that story coming up next. a. very hard to take. that back with that right there.
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one. of the. only. thing. i would rather as questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question more. about
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the same story doesn't make it news no softball interviews no puff pieces some tough questions thank you. and welcome back the month of october is breast cancer awareness month you probably noticed pink coloring everywhere from ribbons on clothes to n.f.l. football player cleats well today press secretary jay carney said the white house would be turned pink in recognition this evening in honor of breast cancer awareness month both the white house north portico and naval observatory anger will be lit pink but just how much of the money raised going paint for breast cancer awareness month actually makes it to helping those with breast cancer or to finding a new cure or new treatments for breast cancer well arty's parian boring takes a look. october is breast cancer awareness month pink ribbons and pink products are
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flooding the market place but how much of the money from pink products actually end up at the organizations that fight the disease the pink ribbon is unregulated anyone can put on anything and they do and some products wear pink ribbons and donate no money to any breast cancer program others donate more pennies on the dollar karuna jagger is the executive director of breast cancer action they launched a campaign called think before you pink that calls for companies to take part in breast cancer fund raising to be transparent susan g. komen one of the largest breast cancer organizations in the u.s. popularized the pale pink for breast cancer komen raises a lot of its donations to corporate sponsorships who's helping products known as cars marketing carry glasscock coleman's director of corporate relations explains how her organizations consumers see which products are actually contributing to breast cancer research with susan g. komen is corporate partners are social corporate partners you will always be able
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to tout right there on the packaging when you're making your purchasing decision that it susan to comment on you know clearly listed on the packaging as the beneficiary you'll also be able to tell exactly how much of your purchase is going back to the organization what the company is donating back to susan g. komen one of the biggest marketing campaigns is in a male dominated industry during the month of pink tobar the n.f.l. has teamed up with the american cancer society and their campaign a crucial cat where you can catch the players the coaches and referees all wearing pink products on the field the n.f.l. is also selling pink merchandise where a percentage of the proceeds go towards breast cancer research however we found that only eight percent of that actually goes towards that research according to research by the business insider only eight percent of money spent on pink n.f.l. merchandise is actually going towards cancer research. the retailer often the individual team keeps fifty percent i asked
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a few washington redskins players what they think of this what percentage of the proceeds from the n.f.l. paying products are going towards breast cancer research i'm not really sure what procedures do you think with do you expect at least at least at least but you'd be surprised to know that only eight percent actually going towards the research. that's news to me. and phil makes enough money every year and i donate everything they make for this and you know i think all of it should go first while the n.f.l. has recently undergone some scrutiny for donating a small percentage to the cries of it seems to be on par with other cars in marketing campaigns even susan g. komen which claims to be the seal of approval for consumers i stand guard that we work with this ten percent of every health house price the n.f.l. also claims it's raising awareness for breast cancer but corona says we're a nation that is already aware of breast cancer and it's time we focused on finding a cure or f.l.
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is making billions of dollars off of pink ribbon products and we would like to see the money that they are spending on their marketing campaign to reach out to women actually go to do some good for the women that they claim to care about breast cancer action also warns against pink washers which are organizations that sell products in the name of breast cancer that contain harmful chemicals a link to causing breast cancer looks like many companies see pink as the new green and washington d.c. parian boring r.t. . and finally you might remember this incident that took place on the campuses of u.c. davis back in november two thousand and eleven. that's to serve john pike as he douses occupy protesters with pepper spray as they are just sitting peacefully on campus officer pike was put on administrative leave
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after that incident and he eventually left the police force but now it turns out pike is going to collect a nice check for his efforts that day a judge has approved a worker's compensation settlement for pike totaling more than thirty eight thousand dollars he claims he began suffering from work related depression anxiety after video of him abusing peaceful protesters wound up on the internet and went viral now this thirty eight thousand dollars settlement to pike that's more than any of those students who were pepper sprayed received when you see davis agreed last september to pay out roughly thirty thousand dollars to each victim and that is going to do it for now for more on the stories from officer at u.c. davis to syria to anything we've covered today go to youtube dot com forward slash r t america check out our website r t dot com forward slash usa you can follow me
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on twitter at sam sachs till next time take it easy. well. technology innovation and all the developments from around russia we've got this huge you're covered. the for. i would rather.


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