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just legalize all drugs there are a few problems with this when something is legal that tends to make it ok is it really ok for you to spend your whole life in a trance to avoid reality is it really ok for everyone in town on friday night after work to go on an ice crystal meth rampage the other problem is that the war on drugs fails because it's fighting the drugs and not the reason why people take them which is to escape reality why do people want to escape reality because in modern times or post modern times we live a soulless pointless isolated consumeristic existence of working in a pointless office job just to get poor so we can scrape by and get some cheap plastic junk at walmart when people's lives are empty they will fill them with something through a needle but that's just my opinion. but different georgia was built in front of the very eyes of tbilisi citizens to meet
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architecture was dismissed and the president personally approved the new ridiculous constructions bridge or a console shaped like giant pipes they were erected in tbilisi ruining the historical parts of the city is clear that the georgian authorities were keen on putting form over substance besides the capital the president experimented on the city of but to me several point just skyscrapers were built. philly regarded everything is as personal villa he got on his private jet landed here and then threw parties with lots of girlfriends the boulevard was closed off for that of course this is outrageous this was the case not just and but to me. to tbilisi to. georgia's ruling elites combined a passion for western ways with violent fits of russia phobia traditionally the vast majority of georgian spiegel understand the russian language and the history
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of virtually every family is linked with russia and all of a sudden georgians were forced to think that anything russian is bad russian lessons were dropped from curriculum in schools and movies were banned from television a new generation of georgians grew up not knowing a single word in russian. we don't get to speak russian often. there is much more practice in english. sources inside he says it's useless to be looking for the cause of this hatred to anything russian demonstrated by sexually in his teens it seems strange because they were all born and grew up in this army you. yes. we're always looking for some philosophical roots for these. all this so you ask why well there's a simple reason they link their career their wellbeing their future their own only with the west but not with the interests of georgia.
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the establishment specifically the former ruling elite or extreme rusa photo ops. when they play they even show contempt all through the georgian came cowley to home plate books. well ordinary people feel russians are closer to us than europeans. and every georgian village people still remember the times of this story union with nostalgia it was a time when russians and georges lived together in peace and visited each other regularly of course since the old generation that still has these memories of that so did you watch the old soviet movie father of a soldier you plow the land first and then you sow the seeds likewise first comes russia and then europe we should lose russia those who lived in those times who saw
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what it was like back then want to get back to the old ways. of the young people don't understand it they didn't live back then. they can only get this experience from us. of a needs has worked his whole life is a pot make to produce to sell in russia hundreds of why import so unique georgian plans call can't see he now lives from hand to mouth he will use does go to russia to sell apples or whatever and they are in their income this way now they don't want us anymore they don't let us ordinary people are struggling. looking for whatever food they can come across. time is passing us but we never had any democracy don't trust those talking heads on the television. know dorry says that young people sometimes also came from russian lessons but he complains that he doesn't speak as well as before just. everyone wants to chat in
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russian. they want to learn it it's much more difficult to do it now. it was in november two thousand and seven when the top down system of power built by mikhail saakashvili showed its real face for the first time the authorities launched a heavy crackdown on opposition protests attended by tens of thousands of georgian people hit the streets to demand that the president resigns. the army and the police that were formed by. prove their allegiance by shooting at people with and threatening them with battle. at the very avenue. they celebrated the revolution embraces saakashvili beat us up he opened fire on us ordinary
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georgians it was for the first time the georgians saw that the nation they voted into power in two thousand and three could be a different man altogether any government that goes against its own people will end up in jail saakashvili will also end up in jail by then the president's close associates and defense minister record became an exiled. me should you have made a big mistake you will go down in history as georgia's most corrupt president. the government put down the brutality of the army and the police to the simple allegation that the protests were rated by the kremlin the roost which was supposed to convince the nation the second really had no other choice. that he had to defend democracy was a trigger words in georgia one q. why did the international community keep quiet. after such a cynical and brutal crackdown by the police. why was.
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really managed to convince many in the west of the street it was an operation planned by russia's main intelligence directorate and the federal security service or the kremlin or all of them together that everyone was waiting for the onslaught of the russian tanks. that we were going to raise the red flag. in november of two thousand and seven also showed that the democratic authorities were going to welcome any criticism from the journalists t.v. station he made he was the first victim of the new regime. i see them entering our office they are about to break into the studio something terrifying is going on i hope they won't use force so here they are about to get into a studio goodbye and. that was the evening when george's highs for the freedom of speech were crushed since then the media space has been exclusively pro president. not a single component of democracy was functional in those times elections were not
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fair courts weren't show. this situation in the mass media was disastrous. t.v. networks could not broadcast to a nationwide audience unless they played to the tune of the saakashvili. really called an early presidential election in january two thousand and eight so was this a face his main contended this time was the. leader of the opposition the lines. that was a dirty campaign with heavy mud. slinging directed at me and at the united opposition our purpose was to bring down a dictatorship because that was a tacit dictatorship we won the election and january fifth two thousand and eight big deal action commission unlawfully name second the victor and then the bush administration later and later russia back to. within less than
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a year the georgians would do the outcome of that election. you won't need we shall keep on fighting russia hasn't just invaded some country in the caucasus with its tanks it is invaded europe georgia is the forefront of a word against evil the just two thousand and eight came is annoying i know for many georgia suffered a humiliating defeat and its people led to the bitter taste of fear and the casualties that could have been avoided. on top of that the west never came to the rescue is really had hoped they would and the georgians had a chance to glimpse their presence valor in action that's were. that was a shameful scene that i can neither forget not forgive to this day. deserves to be
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put in prison for the events of two thousand and eight alone even if we were told. the fultz on the show led us to a disaster and caused our country to be split up but that calls for punishment doesn't it. the georgian government propaganda machine works day and night shaping the narrative of the moral. purpose the georgian public is convinced that russia has occupied and cause the end southall said by recognizing their independence today five years on the hopes into place. still cannot stomach defeat. more than go to you can see skin vaal is a lost battle but the war is far from over eighteen percent of our territory is under occupation. by the war will continue until georgia's territorial integrity is restored. album who should always remember as winston churchill
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famously said he would have to be naive to believe that russia respects anything but force. russia could have imposed harsh sanctions against georgia in the wake of the war but didn't one of the reasons for that was the fact that there are about a million ethnic georgians living in russia they've done their best to support their relatives in georgia. says regular georgians appreciate that age. was more than sure didn't public. has learned no lessons from the conflict with russia in two thousand and eight. faith in the might of the west. the idea that the west will come to our rescue has become an article of faith george's political elite.
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no sooner had the fight than the georgian government launched a witch hunt to find someone to blame for the defeat with eight days of the end of the war general tristen. and one hundred fifty army officers were arrested and charged with high treason. was personally introduced to the comforts of a georgian prison which they woke me up in the dead of night and took me to some decrypted building one of them is through a gun and said shoot you if you don't sign this. i told them we'll shoot me then i won't sign this because it's all fiction then they took my children hostage my son was ten and my daughter fourteen years old. they would walk into our cells and say plainly you will rot here afraid the rest of your life. really has been formally recognized as a political prisoner and it made no difference to the georgian government whether
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a suspect was an active duty general or a military advice and with the georgian mission to nato. had spent several years working on behalf of his country at the nato headquarters in brussels that helped him a little once he was charged with espionage. he spent almost four years in detention . they maintain that i had been spying for. russia the cia a the british intelligence service the french intelligence oh yes and al qaeda apparently through doku umarov of.
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basis with economic ups and downs in the final months of the london new york and the rest but life during the making believe everything they. but. i would like to know that you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy like ours. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of
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our government and across several we've been hijacked by handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers one school class by job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem try rational debate and real discussion critical issues facing america ready to join the movement then walk in the big picture. book write the scene. first trip. and i think that you're. on our reporters' twitter. and instagram.
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to be in the know. on. the west did assist georgia once the war was over and extended credit and dispatched teams to build settlements for the new displaced refugees the village of vieques maybe was arrested by a german construction team several razor thin walls similar looking cause just the village lies within walking distance of symbolic those are our mountains and beyond them is our land we used to have everything very good houses our own gardens. here we have to buy everything. the wolves are rotting away no one has supported us in all this time the government what good is it it was them who brought this upon us if not for them we would be fine now. now has an ailing mother brother and sister who stayed behind. she has never seen them in five years refugees have been
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stuck away from their native villages strangers in the eyes of locals the only hope these people might see is the hope of going home one day we will return. when. our children will come home. i don't want to stay here i want to be home. i miss my family i have met with my sister but i cannot see my brother i want to meet my mom my friends and. my teachers and my neighbors. this war was a mistake we need to make peace with. either way will never get any better. the war of two thousand and eight georgia's political elites away from brush it for good at the same time he really became something of
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a pariah for the international community. he is no european nation would welcome the president of georgia for an official visit he was seen as a disappointment even by the americans who took to calling him a loser behind his back. from the georgian leader. false patriotism is the last resort of scoundrels. he found himself in this role and he exploited it in every possible way. he used it to assert himself limits beyond. it's feasting on it it would be pointless to look for any rational reasons here. the woman a c. for the fallen georgians of world war two was the first to fall victim to the new policy. and that is that it was the momotaro was over there all over by that tree.
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today there are any seventy two war veteran still alive in could see see his really however was and concerned about the memory of that war all the veterans opinion. three hundred thousand died in the war one hundred twenty three of them were heroes of the soviet union it's a sign of utter disrespect i don't think anything one except for fascists could have done such a thing. but it turns out there was no other place in georgia to build a new parliament. and then it looks like a trudeau sort of a. load . of. a lot of us. oh it's. two thousand and twelve was
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a critical year for georgia a new political figure if it had been seen at ivanishvili. cost of the revolution of the roses this billionaire supported the young democrats and fast he says he spent almost a billion dollars on their initiatives but later he became disillusioned with second israeli and in recent years he distanced himself from politics and was mostly involved with charities to d.c. now has the largest orthodox cathedral in georgia. his construction was funded by in vanish really essentially been seen. and vanish really was the only person with enough money and power to charlie. on october first two thousand and twelve georgians used their right to fight. just says that during second israelis rule georgians experience the biggest.
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thrill in the last nine years almost three hundred thousand people have had some experience with georgia's penitentiary system they were either imprisoned or came in contact with the system in some other way. our people have never been traumatized like this before. we are this poorest but the safest country but we paid an extremely high price for our safety. georgia has the highest number of prisoners per capita. lists of political prisoners longer than those in north korea and a fair bit of these facts are backed by european observers as well that. people enjoy just say that just ahead of the election many was swayed by footage of torture and abuse in georgian prisons by local television. indignation for stronger than anger people voted for
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a vanished blog if it weren't for ivanishvili i think it would have been a rerun of one thousand nine hundred one he would have started shooting at each other it's all because of me pushed it too hard on people. because of the three young reformers who emerged out of the revolution of roses and stood for a political spring just one is a major player in politics. now calls mikhail saakashvili a puzzle enemy. course i realized i was an enemy for him. but unfortunately i wasn't lucky in my enemy didn't prove to be worth fighting. he crossed the red line he put pressure on my family and my children but what's more important is what he has done to my country. shows a charge featuring sec israeli's approval rating over the past year today it's as low as one of eduard shevardnadze in two thousand and three when he was basically blamed for anything that was wrong in the country history repeats itself. gives you
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an idea of the evolution of approval ratings of mr saakashvili it was as high as seventy three percent in two thousand and four when he came to power with triumph. and here's august two thousand and thirteen just fourteen percent. according to police said the leader of the parliamentary majority campaign manager of the blocs nominate the ruling coalition will not repeat mistakes. i spent my political career in the opposition. and i remember what kind of methods were used against it i will not allow the use of these methods against the opposition ever again. relations with russia getting more and more complicated the ruling party led by events really says it's ready. but indicates it will not happen overnight i haven't been to russia for ten years. and i don't
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speak russian very well no. but i will speak russian. we are fully prepared to revive our friendship with the russian federation. we realize that it will be difficult. i hope that russia will feel the same way about georgia. together with his supporters cockup indicated say is now writing a book called two hundred years of occupation according to him join. never wants to be part of the russian empire he says such sentiment is still present in. abkhazia and south of our part of georgia. i hope that georgians will never elect a government that would follow a different policy. knowledge a different political reality. with both russia and georgia have
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what we call red lines and unfortunately these red lines cross we are not so much concerned about visas or mineral water or wine exports to russia we are more concerned about our territorial integrity about the skin vell district this is our concern. ultimately only mean. it's a good campaign saying she knows how to negotiate with moscow. without make fizzling you suggest true we are in a dead end unfortunately. but there is always a way out. yes. as a motorist you would agree with me that sometimes in order to move forward to a longer route i think you need to back down and to make a u. turn or a left or right turn and then you're on the right track again and when you get it only. i think we must do it this.
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the past nine years that we're trumpeted by cycles really as the time of democratic reforms actually lived invade the unemployment rate remains very high standing at more than forty percent. i mean i mean to be honest little has changed for us not politicians fighting for power but in the villages that still what it used to be. the residents of the old someplace tired of the experiments of the regime the election is seen as a new hope for the better they don't even want to talk about cycles really he's been consigned to the past. we don't need the old president enough is enough here thinks about his pocket and no one thinks about the people.
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because of the time being no one in georgia knows what policy the new authorities are going to take but most georgians have learned one lesson from the presidency of seconds really there's so much between george and some russians and you can destroy a relationship that spans many centuries with just one strike as people in tbilisi say georgia cannot relocate itself into space to some other continent russians and georgians are bound to live together forever regardless of the name of the possible future president drew up is that young back.
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maybe you don't know if you don't take or no response to really. most everyone in my life that i cared about their goal much and then. i came askin well. i was so national champion in track and field and also was able to go and qualify for the olympic games. you know nine hundred eighty eight i started to experiment with that the drugs i had lost all the financial means that i. was really on the street. black market can't. break. free.
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the first. is on a journey to. one hundred twenty three days. through some nine hundred two cities of russia. relayed by georgians ocean people for
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sixty five thousand killing her in a record setting trip. to. see another's face. the torch relay. on r t r g cool. mission and free credit take should free in-store charges three. months three. three stooges free. download free blog videos for your media project a free media. tom. portal outside the camp at guantanamo where are. the first strike never turned the world's attention to the point that some. of our time.
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a female suicide bomber killed six people on a bus in russia. we report from the scene. more revelations from n.s.a. leaker edward snowden with reports claiming germany's chancellor. has been spied on for over a decade thousands of protesters gather in washington united in anger at the country's global surveillance program and. whatever happens i will not leave my house again and could not be worse than the us our jihad the frontlines of the syrian civil war way of palestinian community is fighting to protect its homes and families also coming up. at least in some cases they clearly killed civilians inside.


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