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tv   News Weekly  RT  October 27, 2013 8:45am-9:01am EDT

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right to. first strike. and i would think that you're. on our reporters would. be in the.
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welcome back you are with r.t. for tass service have been taking to the streets across the u.s. this week over what they call an epidemic of police brutality but amid all the young grass to policemen has been awarded a generous compensation for psychiatric damage after he pappas sprayed a group of peaceful demonstrators are just mean apart now reports. the next u.s. law enforcement official to face off against unarmed peaceful protesters may easily get away with brutalizing them and even be rewarded afterwards remember that horrifying video of a university police officers spring pepper spray into the faces of students who were seated on the ground well that man has been awarded nearly forty thousand dollars in workman's compensation john pike sued the university of california davis claiming he suffered from depression and anxiety was brought on by death threats against him and his family following the two thousand and eleven incident last week
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a judge approved the thirty eight thousand and fifty nine dollars worker's compensation award settlement between pike and u.c. davis now initially pike was placed on paid administrative leave after pepper spraying u.c. davis students during a protest in support of occupy wall street he was fired eight months later however an internal university investigation concluded that he acted appropriately a u.c. davis student we spoke with expressed shock over the lucrative board doled out for police brutality. what the pepper spray led to was not following orders and they wanted us to be an example for what you shouldn't do as a student and they wanted to put fear into people and it pretty much worked i remember after the pepper spray happened i went home and was deeply afraid of ever protesting again the police. stop on the road maybe for
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a moment awarded later if people are like he got money away that was a good thing when really he would still putting like trauma and fear and weapon on other incidents of police brutality extend from the west all the way to the east coast of the united states. month here in new york city police officers attack students who are protesting visiting professor position given to a director david petraeus at cuny the city's official university her testers were punished slammed on the ground and six students were arrested jailed and arraigned on charges of obstruction of governmental administration riot resisting arrest and disorderly conduct however there's been no reports of the officers involved to being penalized or charged with misconduct according to the latest confirmed
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figures there are close to one thousand four hundred federal civil rights cases pending against the new york city police department reporting from new york. r.t. . the curtain is about to fall on me how saakashvili is decade long rule in georgia as voters head to the polls to decide who will be there next president with twenty three names on the ballot experts predict they run our vote between three candidates meanwhile tampers are riding high at the polls with one of the front runners accusing prime minister visited iran ishmael you of violating campaign rules analysts say the country is moving closer to a parliamentary democracy with keep hours being handed to the prime minister's office but is still far from overcoming political instability art is where you finish looks into saakashvili conover szell legacy. they are among the maze determined detractors all judges i would go with the president.
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they follow me how selfishly everywhere to leave him in no doubt to where they stand. circus really was the once popular leader of the rose revolution the first color revolutions which saw power change in post soviet republics. in the last days of his near ten year presidency even former allies on the attack. after his successes started building an authoritarian regime the media was attacked one million people fled one quarter of the population went through the penal system they were either arrested or interrogated in two thousand and seven police used tear gas and rubber bullets against protesters one thousand such as phil is given to resign. in two thousand and eleven they did it again.
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there are people who are afraid to express or even have their opinions if they faced injustice they failed to report it small as it could affect their families. told me his brother used to run the state all. office and claims he was tortured in jail when he took his case to the human rights calls in strasbourg told me he says he too was arrested over fabricated case becoming another recognised political prisoner. i got eight and a half years if it wasn't for new premie ivanishvili i wouldn't have got out in just one week i saw they took out four dead bodies from jail they said those young men died from diseases but that's nonsense days before last october's parliamentary election videos showing young inmates being humiliated and beaten became the last straw for the georgian people selfishness party lost but this georgian media veteran says the public euphoria over circus will is defeat is tempered by how much
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the people had already lost individually and electromotive georgian people astelin to the nation with history and we started to live in it we started moving away from our soviet past to be our heroes of the hour genius he managed to convince the entire world and under the flag of democracy we got fascists as georges a letter of votes for many here it's less about twelve can in the future but saying goodbye to their past the law prevents macao circa srila from running for president again now has a mission is life far away from politics in the wine business but the public seems in no mood to simply let him fade into the background there is a strong desire here in georgia for circus really to be broad justice and it seems his detractors want to stop until that thirst is quite used. to really see georgia now they are going to oregon president will also be remembered by some for his calls to boycott the sorts of twenty fourteen winter olympics and his
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latest comments came earlier this month just after the launch of the games torch relay. artist sophie shevardnadze who is a georgian has been awarded the privilege of carrying the flame through the streets of st petersburg and when it comes to the idea of boycotting the winter olympics she doesn't see eye to eye with mr saakashvili i think georgian people should do whatever it is the right thing to do it's up to them but if you ask me personally that lightly. or just would be a proud torch any member loves your job clubs as it were to. get a good. easter wireless where should you crane places loyalties the country's been facing a major dilemma since russia's warning that key of would have to give up any hope of a free trade agreement with his fellow former soviet republics should have pursued a similar deal with the e.u. now the stakes are high as explains. the funeral of
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independence this is how ukraine's movement but i'd describe the him in signing over an association agreement between kiev and the european union. our government doesn't tell the truth about what will really happen with our economy health of his g.d.p. relies on export and half of it almost evenly split between russia and the european union agriculture bosses are happy believing their goods will be in demand in europe but other vital sectors of industry like machinery are under threat say economists are railway. city equipment can be sold to the european union because the technology is different because the standards are different european union can't be substitution for the serious market. believes. the rules employed here are probably you can close the spectrum some enterprises in
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ukraine export up to seventy five percent of what they produce to russia vladimir putin made it clear if key of aligns with the e.u. moscow will take protective action but judging by political course potential economic risks are not worth the sweat after so it will be joining a unity of different values were human rights are protected you will help ukraine sort out its human rights institutions bettors like these are part of longstanding national wide conveying to persuade ukrainians their future lies within the european union in fact according to the recent opinion polls more than half of the country want to be part of the e.u. and more than forty percent say yes to the association agreement but it will not become a e.u. member anytime soon says ukraine's only recognized you are skeptical economy the association pact would bring only one way benefits no. we are not a human we won't take part in decision making but will have to carry out someone else's decisions ukraine tries to sit on two cheers saying both the e.u. and the c.i.s.
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are regarded as strategic trade directions with. refuting that ukraine could enjoy trade privileges with both the e.u. and russia at once it's vague how the country would feel after it makes this leap of faith at the eastern partnership summit in vilnius on the vendor of the twenty eighth. reporting from kiev ukraine avi back with more news and the week's top stories about five minutes time so distain with r.t. . she turned his lover into an amazon. that had been my dream for so long. but he couldn't hold on to there is such a thing as teacher now she runs her own amazon factory. down a challenge to men there's no alcohol smoking and even coffee is forbidden they worship the earth. and water. and learn martial arts.
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will he be able to wind up. men versus women on o.t. . one of. the face. pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today. one hundred days remaining. days of flame.
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the fact that the military practiced. at any given moment in palestinian towns on palestinian people you know doing false arrests is basically like like a normal wrist that you actually drag somebody out of his house in the middle of the night only difference is that the person that you are arresting is not really wanted for anything this is just for practice for training the soldiers now obviously one of the reasons that it's being done is in order to actually train the soldiers which is problematic but i would say that if you look at the whole of the testimony hundreds of soldiers you will see that the main mission around. there the
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palestinian society as a whole not just the gunmen men women and children everybody needs to be afraid of you because that creates effective control over the palestinian population. two years after the force ouster of gadhafi forces would you stand at the abyss the lack of a strong central government weak rule of law and endless violence in a country awash with weapons has resulted in libya facing a failed state status the presence of islamic militants can things get any worse in libya.
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dropping on allies the latest n.s.a. leaks shows the agency has been monitoring the german chancellor's cell phone for over a decade and adding fuel to europe's frustration over u.s. surveillance practices also this week. a suicide blast on a bus claimed the lives of six people on the left dozens more injured in the russian city of volgograd. america's unmanned killing machines draw condemnation from amnesty international and human rights watch to conclude that drone strikes in pakistan and yemen should be classed as war crimes. the syrian government submit its plan to destroy its chemical weapons to the hague while nineteen opposition.


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