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tv   News Weekly  RT  October 27, 2013 4:45pm-5:01pm EDT

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nothing for us here under regulation all newcomers must seek asylum in the country where they are right and under italian law anyone of voting registration is sent home but nowadays more and more newcomers are ready to take their chances don't register to try to go to northern states where there are more opportunities with you probably when you arrive here they give you the very minimum there is no jobs no school and you sleep in the street for six months italy is one of the worst european states in this regard youth unemployment has exceeded forty percent while the economy is in the worst recession since the second world war international obligations and plain human principles can't allow italy to turn away refugees since for many is the only chance for survival but the situation is now which to a point when this duty has become too heavy for it to handle on its own the e.u. has pledged italy would receive an additional thirty million euro or just over forty million dollars to deal with the refugee crisis but how will this help to distribute the more evenly throughout the union and integrate them into the economy
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is not clear they have been so on ideas so far the charity they may be some positive. and i see embodies a lot of. good hope but no concrete ideas and as governments and international organizations brainstorm the solution one thing is certain the flow of refugees is only going to continue the work is going to italy. this us week american media reported that the f.b.i. suspects a russian official who heads a cultural exchange program in the united states of recruiting spies sources in the f.b.i. apparently told journalists that yuri's i'd say from his associates were organizing expenses paid visits here to russia for about one hundred thirty american citizens who could potentially be used for spying but moscow's refuted the reports is entirely untrue with the foreign ministry stressing that the probably worsen relations between russia and the u.s. the ongoing investigations also bewildered your him self called the allegations
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a return to the cold war era. we're carrying out a presidential order regarding short term visits by young leaders scholars journalists and cultural delegates to russia to get them acquainted with the country we found out about this from calls by those we worked with they were approached and asked whether they were interrogated while in russia and so on they were very surprised and called us when we were also very surprised and first thought this was some kind of a joke but of course officially nobody informed us of any investigation and i don't want to call this yellow press but i guess if there is no sensation it has to be created somehow a book of an ongoing hunger strike detainees being force fed and legal appeals to have the painful practice stopped as a little of the daily reality but on the barbed wire that it's always go and tell them about prison and rare access to the facility to see things for us selves is
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what the us military chose to show us. transparency is a word repeated by u.s. officials working at guantanamo like a mantra by those few who are comfortable speaking on camera you see the conditions under which the detainees live you get to talk to the people who are responsible for garnham we make it is transparent as possible and those preferring to remain on identifiable like the majority of officials we were permitted to speak to every week we get media like yourself international media local media whatever and they're welcome to come you know we tell them we have any journalists workflow at guantanamo starts with a mandatory introduction to media rules the so-called operation security briefing or the material that you guys are gathering to make sure that it abides by our policy here even though transparency is a word brought out by all the personnel we talked to on the ground we as journalists access to detainees aside are asked to be very careful about the shots
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we filmed all the backdrops and at the end of each day videos are reviewed and any shots deemed unacceptable are deleted this one will be ok because palm trees are not too controversial remind you of any frowned upon seaward like censorship it's in this series the program established to our. program accomplished with recruit regulations sorry old video and audio recordings and even sketches are carefully studied cellphones are banned from camps we're not supposed to put anything on facebook or anything like that or you know even worry about talking about it over the you know anything over the phone the said purpose of these ground rules to protect the safety and security of get more operations to detain easier not to get their vision so we try to photograph them down we are warned violations of media ground rules may result in restricted access denial of future visits and or removal from guantanamo bay. people just kind of mislabeled it and have called a good will for just not leading. giving the true picture i mean the only people
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who knows what goes on get more is os and the detainees and getting the detainees side of what goes on and get most apparently just couldn't be done after an extensive explanation of how exactly we are to film the prisoners the amount of detainee face time we get a total of one minute and five seconds through a dark glass window the reason we're given out of respect for them and then not using them is as you know. you know. making them some kind of curiosity you know on film the thing like that we don't want to do that despite our requests to not even film but at least witness more real prison or life a high ranking guantanamo admiral convinces us that we actually have a lot more access than we think you're seeing what there is to to see you know. given the amount of time that you have here to to see if we are as transparent as
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possible after one minute glimpse at one need our schedule is in fact all booked up i think i mean they they were taken to the detention camp kitchen to witness how well things were on their wilsons were not really being allowed to close to the detainees this might be the closest glimpse of their life we might be getting today we're being told the that these are the meals that they're offered on a daily basis. we're also taken to the only local radio station all made up like zombies in the audience military personnel serving at the base do you do any news related to the time to tell him that i know. that. public media because you know there's enough journalists over there covering that music sports and talk radio pure infotainment rains here. and so we learn there we're not the only ones simply being treated to a show and party. camera. thousands of opposition
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activists of march through central moscow they were rallying in support of those arrested on may the sixth last year one thousand strong protest on the eve of president putin's no gration turn violent the authorities set a limit of twenty thousand people for sunday's march for the turnout has been much lower apparently an artificial opposition movement in russia emerged two years ago in response to allegations of ballot rigging during the country's parliamentary election but have since lost momentum. east or west where should you crane place its loyalties the country's been facing a major dilemma since russia's warning that kiev would have to give up any hope of a free trade agreement with its fellow former soviet republics should it pursue a similar deal with the e.u. and the stakes are high too as artie's alexia jessica explains. the funeral of independence this is how ukraine's movement but i guess by describe the him and signing of an association agreement between kiev and the european union. our government doesn't tell the truth about what will really happen with our economy
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health of his g.d.p. relies on export and half of it almost evenly split between russia and the european union agriculture bosses are happy believing their goods will be in demand in europe but other vital sectors of industry like machinery are under threat so you're gonna miss a railway. equipment can be sold to the european union because the technology is different because the standards are different european union can't be substitution for the serious market. believes that. those employed in here are probably you can close the specs for some enterprises in ukraine export up to seventy five percent of what they produce to russia vladimir putin made it clear if key of aligns with the e.u. moscow will take protective action but judging by political course potential economic risks are not worth the sweat after so it will be joining
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a unity of different values were human rights are protected you will help ukraine sort out its human rights institutions banners like these are part of a long standing national wide conveying to persuade ukrainians their future lies within the european union in fact according to the recent opinion polls more than half of the country want to be part of the e.u. and more than forty percent say yes to the association agreement but it will not become a e.u. member anytime soon says ukraine's only recognized you are skeptical. association backed would bring only one way benefits no. we are not a human we won't take part in decision making but will have to carry out someone else's decisions ukraine tries to sit on two cheers saying both the e.u. and the c.i.s. are regarded district trade directions with. refusing that ukraine could enjoy trade privileges with both the e.u. and russia at once it's vague how the country would feel makes this leap of faith at the eastern partnership summit in view of the twenty eight. reporting from.
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the news the dominated the week after the break including the terror of tragedy in southern russia the spying a world leaders left the white house red faced. it was a relief to take a. look. at that fact with her hair cut. cut cut cut cut. oh.
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oh oh oh feet. feet see the top of the paper. they're doing whatever they want in syria these days and even the obama administration can do nothing to rein the saudis in and i think the sad asher is that the united states doesn't have the power that it wants. it doesn't have the leverage that it wants tries to work through allies three international organizations and occasionally on its own and deal with the court of public opinion . the best. there is our law in the toolbox right now there are many tools like.
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drugs some of the sixteen percent of imports came from illegal fishing. the european union is ironically taking fish from some of the poorest nations on earth so this is a very serious and very urgent problem that needs immediate international action. they enter our territorial waters they fish they load the fish on to the ships and leave for europe. to day illegal fishing is taking the bread out of our mouths. he turned his lover into an amazon. that had been my dream for so long. but he couldn't hold on to research a thing as i was growing up a teacher and now she runs her own factory where they screw down
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a challenge to man there's no alcohol or smoking and even coffee is forbidden they worship the earth. and water. and learn martial arts. will he ever be able to wind up back man versus woman on o.t. . look it's also having students go back to libya because for all the criticism that you have about russia and syria russia doesn't want to see syria explode everyone thinks it's russia trying to protect its friends by geopolitical interests you know it's about a region because explode and they explode in a really vicious fashion say way for me over the outlines of the owners because we're not doing the old in a civil war is that your position no matter who is sitting this is what you're saying which is business people that doing something the civil war during nothing in only one hundred in a lodger to be heiress richie to your publisher you know who are those who are on my even across the. handle it i mean the rest ok you you good you finish the
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russian oil i'm not i'm not going to be in a line of peter lavelle my line. and do whatever they want in syria these days and even the obama administration can do nothing to rein the saudis in and i think the sad answer is that the united states doesn't have the power that it once had it doesn't have the leverage that it wants tries to work through allies through international organizations and occasionally on a child and deal with the court of public opinion. the best america can but there are there is a lot in the toolbox right now they're not many tools that. eavesdropping
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on allies the latest and i say leak shows the agency has been monitoring with german chancellor cell phone for over a decade adding fuel to get upset. u.s. surveillance practices also this week. i remember flying out of the window and suddenly i was on a. suicide blast that hit a crowded bus in the russian city of volgograd. america's a man killing machine condemnation from amnesty international and human rights watch you say the drone strikes in yemen may constitute war crime. the syrian government present full list of its chemical weapons and its.


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