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one i know what's really happening to the global economy in the reports. we believe we have been. so i want the us intelligence chief suggests there's nothing wrong about speaking on world leaders while the e.u. is being criticized for not doing enough to rein in washington and just spying was revealed. time frame this cruise in london for its security on the line of rushing to separate civilian level intelligence ties with scotland if it was for independence. the pakistani victims of a cia drone strike traveled to the was there representative behind that visit calls on congress to acknowledge is lying about can't handle security problems at the south. and a canadian cafe at sound the walls boston digital currency a.t.m.
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dialing out cash told bitcoins the cryptocurrency taking the online world by storm and. news from russia and around the world this is the with me. thanks for joining us. it's ok to spying that's apparently the view of u.s. intelligence had james clapper testifying in front of a senate panel he said that collecting and analyzing the intentions of foreign leaders isn't deede america's major focus the latest league suggests that german chancellor angela merkel was on the target list and the country's delegation is in washington to question american officials and that is the level the of the n.s.a. type phone calls from ordinary people is thought to be massive as well with hundreds of millions of calls intercepted monthly across europe or is the reaction
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of the e.u. enough to force the you asked if the surveillance not at all things is about duran bolton politician and a.p. and member of the party so i think that the reaction of your european union it's not enough we cannot only only say all this a problem we will see you know we have to see in our relationships with us see we suspend the relationship especially the trid discussion the trade agreement discussion it's a capacity of a saint in order to say to the usa no we don't accept what you do with this of spying questions we are not in the past with the dividing of the world in some blocks we are the move throughout all of relationships so we have to change our ways to do and also always to spy because it's not normal multilateral relationship . news papers have also attempted to drag russia in the center of the spying
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scandal she's arena going to she has been investigating the claims for during the g twenty summit which took place in st petersburg this year guests including political leaders world leaders have received a gift box which contained flash cards as well as phone chargers which according to the newspapers are essentially supply where now these allegations have already been denied by the presidential spokesman a russian presidential spokesman who said that as a matter of fact it looks like. just an attempt to sway the attention away from the real problems towards imaginary ones and because the newspapers didn't particularly cite to any of their sources specifically is it a fact italian government itself is already starting to look into these allegations in order to find out where exactly they're stemming from. a red lights to green energy in the u.k. coming up later in the program the majority of the population voted down believing
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the benefits outweigh the aggravating tox. let's not talk about the u.k. in a different perspective london will bloke's copeland from sharing in time level intelligence if it was to become independent next year a lower smith has the details on their home secretaries and housman for. she says that any scottish independence words undermine the fight against organized crime cyber attacks terrorism and things like that because scotland would have to build up its own security infrastructure that would no longer necessarily have access to intelligence that comes from the u.k. or indeed from other countries that currently. information so it's got them would have to build up its own infrastructure while it was doing that there would be holes in the defense system for everybody scotland's plan it says we don't need your army anyway its plan is to build up its own three armed forces an organization
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like m i five an organization like g c h q but also just two point five billion pounds which is fourteen times less than the u.k. has to spend on its defense budget but the scottish national party has said that it's ok declaring independence for scotland would reduce the risk of terrorist attacks because it says that as part of its independence plan it would get rid of the nuclear arsenal on its submarines and it would also not take part in any more what it calls illegal wars so the alex salmond's constantly talking about how he would never have taken part in the war in iraq for example the scottish national party in scotland and the parliament here in westminster have been tapping into these kind of emotive issues. he uses age old rivalries between between the u.k. of scotland between england and scotland and also taps into this nationalist sentiment meanwhile the westminster parliament which obviously wants the u.k.
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to stay together for stuff like this in the past it said or if scotland declares independence you won't necessarily be able to use the pound anymore you might have to apply to join the euro you probably wouldn't be automatically in the european union in nato so this is just another one of those things if you do if scotland declares independence it will be worse off says the westminster parliament. experimental online currency is now a global one complete with its own and so far only a.t.m. the first machine has been set up in a cafe in vancouver where people can exchange digital money for physical cash but you're probably asking yourselves what are the bitcoins and in this simplest strands it's just a currency but an ally one bitcoins are stored in web while it's a completely anonymous liking even your name though transactions are public records can be sent from one wallet to another at the click of
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a button in most cases with no fees or delay the system bypasses buying some middle man and a government that's more bitcoins can be easily sold for any current said vailable where they'd be dollars or euros the downside being that big change rates are volatile and finally where do they come from the process is called bitcoin mining and consists of computers running special programs to generate a steady flow of currency and jeffrey albert tucker from the foundation for economic education calls the currencies rise simply spectacular a year ago this time i thought it was and say well this is just another student technology you know they come along every few days and they slam our so i'm a fairly recent convert the more i look into it the more confident i'm getting that the future of monetary system is crude cryptography and this kind of crypto market based currency it's quite spectacular and i tell you it only takes a few times you simply realize this is incredibly easy it's much much easier. and
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there's no danger of fraud or identity theft or all these other things that come with the old fashioned credit card system it's just sure your technology. quite a change is and brokers have prop up all out there all over the wild popped up i should say all over the world even china's largest search engine now accept payments in the digital currency and we're also told it could well become a major player. really it's funny that it to be an alternative currency and there's no reason why it can't itself become a means of capping that calculation so you can do your accounting that in fact people do this all the time and you can enter into the big trading because fear and a wonderful life meaning that you can bypass government currency entirely the u.s. is now restricting what's called money exchange businesses so there's so much high costs associated with a.t.m.'s it doesn't surprise me that it started in canada
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rather than the us the u.s. would lose out if it continues this trend towards regulating cryptocurrency. bitcoin may be only four years old but it has had more than its fashion controversy and turbulence the currency materialized in two thousand and nine created by students research years and a year on there was a funny famous sale where somebody bought a pizza for ten thousand big coins a sum now worth about two million dollars by twenty eleven because value had gone up a thousand fold a single b two c. was selling for more than a british pound european euro and american dollar at this point more than a thousand online merchants and organizations like so we keep easier work cept in bitcoins as payment and donations earlier this year the value of the bitcoin economy it's a pos the billion dollars. prices remain very turbulent that the and that's why deduction of the bitcoin was picked up by financial authorities worldwide eager to
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tax and regulate this new phenomenon and money laundering concerns and shady online activities last month so online marketplace silk road raided and shut down by the f.b.i. they confiscated bitcoins equal to roughly thirty million dollars in that raid but mitchell damage to the chief of bitcoin officer bit corny it's such scrutiny only makes the currency stronger. we've got any money laundering policy in place where we limit users to three thousand dollars per day every transaction you make is recorded on a public ledger. but if somebody wants to find out who was making the transaction it can be done the silk road is a perfect example of the shutting down the silk road the. black market and actually shut down which is actually a very good thing for the currency as a whole as a lot of people associated it associated big one just directly with the silk road
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and so since it's been shut down the currency did about ten percent for both twelve dollars and since then people realize that it's not just about the black market and it's actually a legitimate currency and it's actually got over one hundred percent since then. and officials could find out more on how bitcoin watson wyatt has been going for contraband. and also coming up later in the program sochi countdown and the homestretch readiness takes off and the olympics has been one hundred day long until the winter games opening ceremony that's right. jamie the national security agency has taken months of scandal embarrassing lies to get obama and his administration to this point what is clear is the following the
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obama is unaware of the extent of n.s.a. surveillance or he remains untruthful to the american people and the world in the end it's all about trust wealthy british style. sometimes. more. why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cancer the no holds barred look at the global financial headlines. there's a report. this
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is all c. welcome back addressed to seeking journey of thousands of miles with a surviving members of a pakistani family who endured a cia drone attack has culminated in that testimony in front of the u.s. congress but the strike killed their grandmother but failed to hit any militants so the victims of the bombing off lawmakers why the hard war started in the first place. also the briefing. this was the first time actual victims of u.s. drone strikes were in congress and apart from the congressman who initiated this briefing i saw only four other members of congress it's no secret the u.s. congress generally approves of gross writes so it's very difficult to expect a sudden change of heart even though hard was what these drone victims were appealing through the twenty fourth of last year a u.s.
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drone strike left this pakistani family devastated a nine year old girl and her thirteen year old brother. death their sixty seven year old grandmother was killed that's the cold hard and. i no longer love blue skies i prefer the gray skies the drones do not fly when this kinds agree and for a short period of time the mental tension and fear eases between the. the drones return and so does the fear you know this family has never been abroad out of their home in north. he said he looked at the life around here in d.c. he wished his children too would be able to walk the streets not afraid of being bombed that in moment. my mother was killed my children were injured i'm so glad that people are going to hear our story that's why we came to america they have no idea why our village in my house to talk to. the family came to washington of course hoping to get answers for why they have to live in fear every day i have no
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idea why my grandmother was killed when the drone hit i was outside with my grandmother everything became dark i was scared so i started to run then i noticed my hand was bleeding so i tried to clean my hand but not kept coming out but i was very scared so i just kept running. we also learned that the u.s. government did not grant peace or to the lawyer of this family prominent practice any lawyer who has sued the cia in the past on behalf of the victims of drone strikes in pakistan four hundred fifty thousand population of more tourists if you knew the constitution. they're being picked for this year off what kind of loyalty to the show on how long the for so long. as you leave and they're thinking how they're being targeted and at the same time they're not really in a position to leave the area the purpose of this briefing was to put a human face to drone strikes there's a four chance that in congress the tragedy of this family will fall on deaf ears
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but there is hope that the public will take notice in washington i'm going to. being one of the toughest opponents of america's drone warfare a u.s. house of representatives member alan grayson is the man behind the visit all day iraq non-family to his country speaking to all he has said he believes the pakistani army is completely capable of handling militants in the south. pakistan is the third largest recipient of military aid from the united states and year after year receives approximately a billion dollars in aid why ask yourself why are we doing this when there are alternative means that come nowhere close to doing this kind of harm to innocents and inflaming foreign public opinion for instance given the fact that we are giving a billion dollars a year to pakistan when we have the pakistani army arrest of one hundred or two hundred or even five hundred militants that we believe could possibly one day pose some kind of threat to that state's. well it's good for america's foreign wars also
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on its crime fighting wish list of pros the sheriff in turks is known for his stop and to immigrants johns has said he wants unmanned flying machines to get below down crime scenes and stop the flow of drugs across his state that song by. song two pilots have a narrow escape on the outskirts of moscow bailing out just in time from their experimental military helicopter as it came crashing down in a forest home as. the incident for you. may have a rethink on green and the trees since a survey claims two thirds of its citizens are against directly propping out the no competitive industry the so-called green levies make up a hefty part of every age and injury bells and are only predicted to snowball if the u.k. proceeds with pro green policies. are reports now from london. talking about the
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weather may be a british foible but nowadays it can make or break a household budget when terrorists are seeing it as our announcement that energy prices rise yes again now roughly ten percent of the u.k.'s average household energy bill is made up of so-called green taxes and the prime minister david cameron has pledged to do away with them in order to help out struggling brits now the ideas proved popular for a country battling with all staring at each according to a recent poll by savation some sixty percent of brits object to having to shell out for the green levies to sort about the first real world you know bill so that about what it is cost to wait and see its way through cheaper food stores a bit more prefer that they coach profits and optionally reduced a tax that more be. spun might see bills come down defeat us about shadow of a doubt opposition leader ed. miliband says that green levy's aunt to blame for
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britain's high energy prices the government figures show that green taxes adds one hundred twelve pounds to the average household energy bill in the u.k. now roughly half that money goes toward supporting cleaner greener energy such as solar panels like the ones located on the roof of london's blackfriars train station but is the latest survey shows for the brits counting the pennies to keep warm this winter concern for the environment is going to have to come in second for now polly boy arty london. the fukushima disaster has become an eye opening for europeans who realize that they are sitting on a powder keg with almost two hundred atomic reactors all across the e.u. states but it is the green energy frenzy which followed after really were said let's not have a low so green technologies do not pollute the environment while more conversion of
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energy sources they are nubile like unlike fossil fuels which the world will eventually run out of windmills and solar panels are available all across the world and can be used by any state and this is indeed bad news for the oil rich countries but it's so not all positives here so no wind or sun means no energy the energy quality and quantity produced by green means is very small compared to how much interested traditional sources can provide and technology is to maintain it green facilities and the energy they produce are extremely expensive and this puts extra pressure on taxpayers pockets. and despite all that some european governments still force a unity companies utility companies to clinch an unprofitable deals with the green energy producers and raise the tax burden for citizens and this is not a good thing to do things professor dr frank and. right now
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there's one principle problem if you rely on winter no dollar energy you have to be real to you for all the energy of the wind blows or if the sun shines if there's not a case of more energy so if you have industry country which needs a base lot of energy you need a backup power plant so we have from germany in the us to ration. that we build more and more with moves more and more solar panels but they will never deliver you a stable energy so we have called power called fire power plants and this will increase the cost. in germany and as mentioned we have a situation that in principle nuclear power plants are forbidden so there are no longer accepted by the people and therefore this renewable energy is oregon or called renewable energy use or regarded as without any alternative the way
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for the start of the twenty foreseen sancerre saussure winter olympics has crossed the one hundred day mark the game's clocks in the russian capital and the host city have swished counting down the harm stretch actually is paul scott is a social. the preparations are continuing we are at the port building in sochi for the unveiling of the uniform that is going to be worn by the volunteers during the day it's a multi-faceted multi-colored designed to represent the eighty three regions of russia on wednesday the international olympic committee to begin a two day conference a bi annual conference on sports on the environment is designed to raise awareness of green issues and finally early on tuesday the i.o.c. president of course tuesday the day that marks one hundred days until the start of the games had a tour of some of the venues in and around sochi to see how the preparations are coming along he visited the athletes' village the main media center on the fixed olympic stadium which is going to host the opening and closing ceremony and he says
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the venues are impressive and he's confident that the athletes will be delighted with their. cool down the traditional play. sometimes literally from this. point. on the plane. is on a journey to show. one hundred twenty three days. through two hundred two cities of russia. really fourteen thousand people or sixty those who kill him. in a record setting trip by land air. and others face. olympic torch relay. on r t r c dot com.
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a rare piece of good news in the u.k. where true should be that's a measure of annual economic output has risen by almost one percent but while some areas are getting back on their feet others particularly in the north of england. to a halt on the south want to find out what it will take to bring flies back into the struggling towns once presiding the lifeblood of the british economy now much of christians industrial infrastructure lies in ruin. but whilst full industrial hubs like leeds and manchester have risen from the ashes many smaller northern towns and cities have had a harder time reinventing themselves and a recent article in the economist magazine took it one step further suggesting that rather than further investment in places like middlesbrough or burnley and whole decaying towns and cities should be left behind it's true that economically britain
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remains a deeply divided country but with all this talk of failing towns and cities we thought we'd come and speak to some of the people who actually live in and find out what they have to say about it all and say we've come to the market town of burnley in lancashire in the north west of the country. so. people services. from. i need help i'm going to leeds. here. because i don't envy your. local opinion might be divided but burnley which was recently named the most enterprising place in britain deserves that accolade says n p called in but this is the university college.
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to million probably a room. what's transformed. into a person learning for future your people. there are stored in engineering and construction. there will be the old people of our future in the money for the building go bald. do you think there's a lot a lot of all bills all of your or all be renovated to. move it in there when it's for the first who would rebuild the fortunes of the. fuel through the economist has publicly defended his article and despite millions in government spending for regeneration projects and burnley's evident successes well across the northwest of the country unemployment has continued to rise despite falling marginally across the u.k. on paper to look at the banding some of these towns may carry some weight but try telling that to the people he's livelihoods and indeed lives centered around such
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towns. real people who are connected to a turd i mean i'm connected to this in my life my heart beats here so you die we will fight back this earth r.t. reporting from burnley in the north west of england and now some more world news for you in brief a postcard from russia in ankara the turkish conservative government on the country's republic day riot police fired tear gas as they clashed with demonstrators the day mounted the nation's nine to have us free. bus traveling from bangalore in the south of india to hyderabad burst into flames killing forty four people on board people was carrying fifty passengers when it was said to have paid highway barrier over a cupboard in front of ruptured the fuel tank and engulfed the people in flames india has the highest annual road death toll in the world according to the world how can i take. and so signed
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a tox talking soldiers and the al qaeda militants have code twelve people in iraq on tuesday and injured at least nineteen the first explosion targeted the dyno celebrations on a sunni leader in northern baghdad the second blast occurred in mosul so sign boma detonated his kind of a police checkpoint well that seven thousand people have been killed in violence this year alone in iraq. the second set of palestinian prisoners has been released by israel as part of a peace talk to the group of twenty six who are greeted in the west bank by around two thousand people for a final agreement to be reached one hundred four convicts are said to be released in the following month that's. up next on aussies khan's talk in which people of all discusses the possible diplomatic and economic effects of the you ask global surveillance inquiry. if we look at the history of the o.p.c. w.n.
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it's in danger men say in the past with the united states day there is a history of let's say intimidation or money collation whatever you call it if you indeed go we find that president assad is lying or cheating and i and doubtful if you'll do that because his life was really on the line in the life of the whole regime then of course then i think a military strike could take place. but . to do that you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution and. that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy albums. in fact the single biggest threat that you see in our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and our press.


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