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tv   Larry King Now  RT  November 6, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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today larry king out played me the most famous adult film star in the world but she's also a new york times best selling author it's jenna jamison what makes a great point star. brains about what i did on film was all about building an industry building a company and being on the fortune five hundred last plus i like prince you know but it's a call me to create a current if i am a conservative you are eligible a little bit sort of saying i'm a paradox that's all ahead on larry king now. welcome
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to larry king now today's special guest is jenna jamison on to burn or new york times best selling author she's the world's most famous crossover of gold and a dame a star she has retired from the adult film industry is now an erotic romance off her debut novel is titled what made you turn to writing well i wrote might book how to make love like a porn star which is my autobiography i was a big so it was a huge seller it was on the new york times bestsellers list like you said and i didn't really expect it it was it was kind of shocking to me because it was just me telling my truths and you know it was relatable by women so i my fan base with women grow so that i think that's what kind of helped me cross over the any male fan and one novel well you know i read the whole shades of grey trilogy. and i signed a opening because to me it was. i'm. a pro at sexuality
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you know it's what i do best so i thought who better than to write you know i think that's a great it this is an erotic book it is it with a good story line you got a good plot i mean you could take so much eroticism well not a plot i take a lot of my. you are but your whatever's happening with me or has happened to me and i apply it and you know so there's a lot of fun things that have happened to me in the book you mention abusing two women are isn't of basic appeal to men well you would think so you would think so but you would be surprised i would say at least fifty to sixty percent of my followers on twitter or instagram are women who are famous men vote you know i'm sure don't you. know but i don't like who follows oh i am south macfarlane who had me on a family guy and love him is the best half day but there's so many of them like i mean bill o'reilly hill i feel misled debated on his show i think he thinks
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pretty large of me you never proven me well you know i like you know that it's to call me the prude of porn if i am a conservative you know i would be a little bit sensitive yes i am i'm a paradox or you're the first adult film star featured on a billboard in times square the first to go film star immortalized by them to show i got my thing that will move us together they should go form a company club jenna was sold to playboy for you says an extreme amount of money you're a major bestseller in books you love the industry. are you comfortable now do you miss porn movies i think that's the golden question it's once you do it and you feel the fame and you feel because i was the very best at what i did and you know when you remove yourself from something like that it's kind of hard to just stop and i did i mean i just stopped and it's been about eight years and i you know i
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got into the industry at the perfect time i built a huge huge company of the perfect time and i got out at the perfect time so i don't think i'd ever go back because in the industry in trouble it's in trouble i knew it was going down quickly with all the piracy problems and you can't you can't police it it's impossible you know you spend all your money in lawyer fees. oh about this testing for each of the you know some it positive right from what i hear you know i don't keep up to date with a lot that's going on in the adult industry anymore but you know i can speak on the fact that when i was in the adult industry i prided myself on allowing the girls that worked for my company to make the choice to wear condoms and i think that nowadays it became not a big deal they didn't realize that how important safe sex is and now that there
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is a problem everybody's panicking running in panicking so what about the is oh i have a lot of condoms from what i know i think that they do and i was i going to ruin it when i will that will not watch i was back at one hundred percent i would be below watch because they were a condom and still so that here's the problem is people no matter what if there's a law for condoms there's always going to be the black market of people not doing it and all the viewers want to watch something bad and dirty and sexy you know what i mean when you know how stupid not to use a condom absolutely would be so one hundred percent what makes a great point. i think brains come up i really because it's it's about being able to act because i mean nobody is sexy twenty four hours a day but i pride myself on being
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a fantastic actress you have to be you know if you have therefore you're telling me you didn't enjoy it but much. if i don't break it down a woman i have a grudge you're going to see what you did of course of course well when you're in a room full of thirty people with cameras and booze and lights and you know it's it's hard to focus enough why do you think you're beautiful you've always been beautiful or you're beautiful kid right appreciate you popular in high school i wasn't i was not i think but i you know i really hate that when pretty girls say oh i was such an ugly duckling like i heard jessica alba say that one time and i was just like there is no possible way you were ever ugly ever you're gorgeous you're born gorgeous but i was always kind of an awkward studious child would you grow up in las vegas i think that's partially why i am such
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a sinner's that like you grew up there. i grew up wanting to be twenty one. that's i that was always my goal i just wanted to be grown up you know and i was stripping at the crazy horse when i was seventeen you know you just grow up fast in las vegas. you have early show crew experience and you know i would like to tell you a really fantastic story that yes i was but you know i lost my virginity at fifteen which maybe for some people out there that's really young but nowadays i hear about like these really really young kids going after it and it's frightening because i'm a mom what do you make of those group book i was actually really excited by the shades of grey trilogy because it is allowing women to kind of embrace their sexuality and i am all for that i think women should have all the same. like
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gusto sexually as land in a movie would make you want to hope it's not ruined it's very violent isn't well if it i haven't read a glorified s. and m. which i i think all women should experience one time or another in that line you enjoy well i mean what they go by and i am all or was your first experience of breaking into this business well wow i started with penthouse. then i saw then i went to hustler i went to i mean i started doing the magazine circuit and then i was a political posing nude yeah i always wanted to be a show girl in las vegas because my mother was a lead dancer at the follies pleasure and in las vegas and i wanted to be just like her but you know ended up stripping. and of course father how did you get into the the adult business it's kind of a snowball effect you know once you start doing magazines you start getting
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approached by a lot of the adult producers so i saw an opening that you know there this is a totally male industry and i thought you know this is if he's man that don't really know what sexy so i thought if i there isn't i'm going to go in there and just crush people did you become a star or mediately i did i did i just saw on purchases right yeah yeah i mean we read a star on the mother of d.v.d. sales and you know i was drivers porn movie my first porn was up and comers ten and eleven oh my god so embarrassing but yeah. kind of really very young what was the first the first time you had to have sex being photographed what was that like for despite your scripture despite all the rest fifty year old you lost your you but still now there's cameras dating people around you got to have
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sex with a guy it was horrifying it was completely horrifying and i don't think it was really because i was having sex on camera i think it was because he sweated on me. for it ok but no i think i was i really prepared myself for him but good at it right away when i was always the very sexual person so i felt open with it i don't know why but i thought the feel about it was . my father always supported me with everything that i did but i think that when i came to him and said dad you know i've decided to become a porn star he looked like he saw ghost he was scared. so yeah i mean it was it was you had a really cool head i was very close with my father my father was incredible in very much the way yes i had lost him two years ago where after you became
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a born star do you feel well my father was incredibly proud of me it was yeah that's that's the shocking thing people don't really realize he was on howard stern with me and he became his own little celebrity and you know he would like didn't his friends killed him or he would have to deal with that of course people saying you know i watched all your daughter's movies she helped me get through college she help me get my ph d. in all these things but you know my dad always looked at me like he would say things to me like. i get emotional i'm sorry. you know one word famous person you're like you're like cher or madonna you know and i would always like dad stop it that's not true you know all i want to do is like make an impact and change things for the industry to live to a ripe old age and my dad lived to seventy and saul's isn't enough cancer it was a heart attack it was
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a heart attack and he was just so healthy and your brothers and sisters i have a brother but we were close and you know my my dad's passing just kind of changed things really yeah as you grow apart yeah she don't keep in touch with them now i hope he's watching maybe he'll reconnect why is the arctic fiction now so in. well you know with my book how to make love like a porn star it kind of. it right been things i think for women it made it ok now with shades of gray and now in my book sugar women feel comfortable like being on the airplane reading it like excepted but it's if you read it it is written pornography i mean you can actually get completely turned on by these books i mean i was so engrossed in them my x. would look at me like jenna hello what about me i'm like i'm busy i'm busy he's
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handcuffing her right now you got turned on by reading it yeah but to me i think that in the written word is all that is here and of course in your book you know there's a to be much more than that doc tape duct tape. what are your boys going to think you think therefore right yes my boys are four and a half and you know i think what i wrote when they're sixteen them that's good that's a frightening what are going to struggle that this was you know the kids in school were sixteen would be twelve well i only like your mother i know right here and it's i mean when i when i decided to get pregnant this is something that i thought about concerns like consistently what you know i don't i going to handle this and i think that it's important for me just to be honest with them and tell them that you know this is what your mom did but once i decided to have you you were the most important thing in my life and i quit next-gen attention on the naysayers what did
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she say to those who are opposed the whole concept of born right absolutely. well the. slaves technology innovation all the is developments from around russia we've got the future covered.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are the day. pretty major those are not the whole industry that you people are bad you're at the biblical you're and this is a danger grow up with this well these are the ones that are my biggest viewers and usually that's what i've learned over the years they're the ones that are you know behind their keyboards watching so you know i believe that you know at a certain point in time in our generation we're getting we're going to get to the point where everybody realizes that sexuality is a natural thing sex is a natural thing and no matter what they say no matter what they do we it'll always
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be there when you were appointed or before you were married didn't you intimidate you guys freely did you date that's always been my problem i intimidate i'm kind of a very forward girl and that's why date alpha males don't intimidate me but. don't look at me oh. i didn't think i could intimidate you know you would be there and your husband is what he's a fighter i got my axes if he is a u.f.c. fighter she didn't intimidate him no well maybe a little bit he was scared when i first talked to him he was nervous. well it's not odd you go out on dates but if i call you up and say let's go out to dinner now you know i'm always the one that initiate things did you date any of your partners from film. yes that's something that i think that it's inevitable because
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for a female sex is it's emotional it's hard to not connect with someone so yeah i did i and for the greater part of my whole career i worked only with my husband i had quit doing men in my movies and he was like we are into our company together and he was like well you know in order to make money you have to be doing boy girl what we call boy girl and so he decided to start doing movies with me did you do girl girl two yes he was really down for that he was yeah . the joy that you know at the time in my life i really loved it you know i was very experimental and you know i was i have been in female relationships before i think love is not you know just placed upon a person's sex gloria steinem friend of mine just one of the founders of
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feminism said porn means female slavery that sad i think she's she's mistaken and i have great respect for her i love what she's done for her for all of us women but but to me being in porn meant taking hold of my sexuality not being held down not allowing anybody to tell me what i can and can't do with my body. and the film to do shit yeah she made herself as a victim. yeah. you know but i don't buy i don't buy it i think the traci lords also did the same thing it's an easy way out it's to gain acceptance and i think that it's braver to be truthful that i love my sexuality i love of having sex and there's nothing wrong with that pub or as you
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bother you but you know when i first moved to hollywood it was out of control. i would have packs of them just following me because you know i was dating i was running around with paris hilton and i was acting like a heathen and so i was you know i lived actually next door to the car dash in at the time and this was prior to them starting their show but they were still on the name of being famous so imagine the car dash and the jamesons next starting each other it was it was chaos you husband is tito ortiz are you do or should. we were never married but you know we were together for a very long time i was called in my husband is that. not a nice break up. yeah i would say that that we've had our issue is that's for sure but i think that it's important for us to you know be gentle with each
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other you know it's watch him fight i would never allow my kids to watch him fight no way so they will not watch him fight they will not watch your film and absolutely no do you think you're above both right rights rights in that you know i'm just i'm going to prepare them i'm going to prepare them you know and strengthen them it's important that you get kids are raised understanding the reality of life not not not you know umbrella by their parents i want my kids to be tough because us that drove in your enjoyment of it would you have been in the old days cold easy. i am probably the most difficult one and you have ever met your. people that's i think the seed of the son of gentlemen would presume it's easy of course of the forest i mean what i did on film was all about building an industry building
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a company being on the fortune five hundred list making a huge amount of money and you know it wasn't about that you know people think that i wake up and have orgies but that's not how my life is i'm sorry to bust everybody's bubble but it's not i'm actually a very monogamous girl. it sounds to me but is it now your idea of the hour now that you're single again are you dating again. yeah i'm open to dating i think have you found anyone i haven't they haven't yet where you look for another man. rather than the effects people have jobs of well i don't know about all that i don't want and i don't want that anymore i want some but i think i'm gonna change up my style i want i want and i'm kind of turned on got by guys with beards doesn't have the latest thing of yeah i'm like kind of a hole that's the nights are. good for me yeah it seems i want to kill you oh yeah . what's the number one question about sex that women ask you what it women want to
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know do you wanna know the truth yeah how to give a great blowjob really yeah. i mean you would be surprised when men are so much dirtier than men and women a dirty a good man they are the conversations i have with my girlfriends are so much crazier than what men talk about when you approach dating know how do men come to do it i scare the hell out of men i know it's yeah i think that they think that because i've done what i done in the past as as being a porn star that i expect you know that i'm a size queen or you know you have to go for hours and you know i'm used to other point male porn stars and that's totally untrue like i just i just want someone to love me. enough to give love a problem. give some question the meg king on twitter wants to know are you done with the adult industry are you totally away from it i am i'm completely done even
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though you know releasing sugar is somewhat we're utilizing on the porn industry but yeah i can't see myself ever doing porn again i mean i'm almost forty i got a hang up my stilettos a felicia terry on facebook yes do you believe in god yes i am i i'm very and you can see you can see me as over religious person absolutely as you greg are the rules of the bible well i i think that. we've come a long way religiously i don't think that you have to take the bible literally i think that you know having faith and i love being able to teach my children. what it means to just believe and have the strength of faith you know and to go to church i mean i used to go to church all the time and my my ex used to tell me oh
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my gosh the roof is going to burn and fallen and you know but now i mean i have always been extremely catholic my father was catholic and he brought me up that way i know it sounds odd but well these is a view of the catholic girl loose they go nuts you know zaki on twitter if you're given another life would you opt for the same profession you know i have no regrets i love what i've done i love when i walk down the street and you know groups of teenage girls eighteen nineteen year old girls are like jenna you're my hero like how to make love like a porn star is like the bible to us will you please a lot of people and you think about it you brought enjoyment to many people in many places couples watching you together people watching you've turned on america and that's exactly what i wanted to do i love it when when couples say we conceived our first child to want to hear movies and they've named their kids after me jenna yes
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sure there's going to be a hit we play a little game because if you only knew the other celebrity crush is there a guy you want to you could have a or any person do you want to be with for a night charlie stern show that those are all these are all would be your number one she's gorgeous the first person you ever kissed. oh this little boy in the park i think i was eleven and he put his tongue in my mouth and it freaked me out so bad i was like spitting member's name i think his name was jake in vegas in vegas so he's hardly that he probably brags about it all but so. how would you define love. my definition of love is trust and being able to lean on that person and and. know that they accept you for all your faults we human arguments in your
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marriage yes absolutely most of the war about money what keeps you up at night i think that all the worry about if you're a business woman or a businessman. money always keeps you up at night no matter how successful you are i'm always thinking of new schemes and what to you know how to how to change things how to make money how did you know where's that where's the next guy me when you money money money yes yes if you could change one thing about yourself what would it be my height i want it all holler and five seven and in order to be a show girl you have to be five eight what's your guilty pleasure. i'm a foodie i love food i love big stick popsicles. i know this. i know that's like the answer that everybody things i would say but it's true i eat them do like by the dozen biggest regret. i really don't have any regrets i
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don't i you know i've made mistakes but they're there they've made me learn and made me a better person made me more intelligent made me a better mother better person period you quote again. it's said best advice she ever got. my father i think a quick story my father i debated at oxford on the right to be of pornography and i was going to turn them down because i was so terrified i said i'm not going to do it i can't do it and my dad sat down with me and he said jenna who is more of an expert on porn than you and i was like nobody i'm the biggest the best the most i know everything he goes then what do you think so i went and i debated and i want to thank you jenna on my son the same year jenna jameson looks at a book should go down remember you can find me on twitter at kings things i'll see
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you next time. cross talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want.
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video for your media project c.e.o. don carty dot com. there i am marinate and this is boom bust here are some of the stories we're tracking for you today. first up the federal reserve is considering changing the goal posts heard short term interest rates will get beyond the jargon that's coming up right ahead and jacket able to grease the wheels of power on capitol hill as one of the most infamous lobbyists in d.c. ever and iran sat down with us earlier today to talk about dodd frank and the politics of money you won't want to miss that one and ever wonder what goes on behind the doors of the gilded doors that is of goldman sachs we've got the guy who can tell you author stephen man does it work to goldman for more than a decade and joins me in studio today to discuss his.


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