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from libya. which is the main italian oil and gas company has it's pretty convinced they can find alternative supplies if the libyan supply is shut off completely but obviously this is going to be expensive for the italians to have to bring in ellen g. perhaps from elsewhere even russian gas to once before so it's not good for italy and it's not good for libya because they're losing in very important revenues of course of course as you say if it's going to diversify or find their gas from elsewhere silly levy is going to be the biggest loser in all of this. that's right and the authorities continue to say they repeatedly say and stress to their own people that they are losing something like one hundred thirty million dollars a day for the disruption to the oil and gas to the oil minister the prime minister the guy from north or it is the making pleas daily almost to the activists to please stop because you're ruining your own country here we are november we still
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want trouble when you see the end of the. it's very very difficult to say the oil sector is completely paralyzed still production is down to two hundred two hundred fifty thousand barrels a day a long way off capacity which is about one point six million barrels a day and it's been stands at a standstill now for nearly six months so what's going to happen well i think really realistically there's very little the government can do because they don't have control of the eastern part of the country and i don't know if people know but in recent weeks two separate groups in eastern libya have actually declared independence for the east of libya so they have actually formed their own eastern libyan government's against each other if you like but what they're trying to do is to break away from tripoli from the rest of libya create this independent eastern libya and then about point they want to be able to start restart exports as an independent country now the government in tripoli. i will not accept what they're
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going to do there is anyone's guess that ruled out the force but ruled out more bloodshed you know they don't want to return to two thousand and eleven were lots of people were killed so at the moment very the government could be is completely stuck i don't know what you can do pretty much nothing you can do so unless they agree to these becoming a separate country i think we're going to see the disruption continue for some months yet thank you for talking to us very much appreciate it. so this week the twitter trading debuted to the new york stock exchange by storm the share price jumped seventy three percent raising more than one billion dollars but another storm that's been brewing is the n.s.a. spying scandal and it's interesting that despite the latest revelations over spy intrusions social media companies such as facebook and google continue to rise why do we no longer care that our personal details are being sold on to make these multi billion dollar companies even more money. and expert analysis on this right
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here from like engram from b g c parness so with that in mind mike with all this spying allegations going on why is it that these social media companies continue to rise so martz ok.d. i think is a big picture reason where we are in a row world really where growth remains elusive right yesterday because growth in the eurozone and inflation appear to be on the downside so any companies which the market could identify as having a strong growth profile are going to be very much in development what we've seen in twitter is a combination of factors where it's a product which has brand recognition or about two hundred thirty million users of twitter worldwide plus this very very strong growth story and the question of course raises is always already very much in the price of twitter and i think the consensus today seems to be that we haven't closed just below forty five dollars a share. this is this is pricing and growth in this company which is probably not
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going to materialize do you think mike that at some point we're going to get a backlash because clients information is is being shared by these companies do you think at some point this social media market is going to crash. i think is a possibility although you know one thing a very well aware of is that you know the public has a very short attention span and you know where is the whole n.s.a. spying allegations a few months back where they had logs for all of it it's all been pushed back into the background because we're assuming that the same people who are worried about information sharing with the social media companies are the same people who would draw you the share prices of the day on a daily basis i would say they aren't necessarily saying people will go for instance on twitter but fifty percent of a company want to take a large institutional investors. in out and buy pleasure b.d.c. partners. now if the success of the twitter debut has got you wondering about
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other successful tech i.p.o.'s let's have a look at how they got on in their day so if you invested thousand u.s. dollars in aid a friend says that would be worth twenty seven thousand u.s. dollars today we got amazon just about we were two hundred thirty six thousand and if you bought microsoft stock back in one thousand nine hundred eighty five you would have three hundred seventy eight thousand dollars so i bet you're kicking yourself right now if only we'd have known in hindsight brilliant thing isn't it. time to call these now them or the start of russia's biggest airport is going to release some euro buttons in london actually to do with their business expansion. is currently operating at close to full capacity now with out to investment cannot increase passenger numbers it hopes to transfer three hundred fifty million year old. son to its is top. kariya hopes russia's arab league can save it from
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bankruptcy alex tarney up to three hundred million euro looks to the top of the. almost a billion euro to do well enough for the. goldman sachs indeed to be capital over forty by thirty seven's a stake in russian but it's great which is a country to provide out if it is subsidies would rub salt in the top ten in the wall begin to turn over all of two point one billion dollars. right now get over to the business desk join thomas saw it house investors see what he's been up to now so in last week it was a bit of a night about all round and i think you're logging without one you chicken absolutely. are you recovering. well i'd like to say that everything was a swimming success katie there's always good news and bad news but in this case the good news is that i'm alive the bad news is i took another beating in fact if you
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remember i went with gazprom and energies they lost one and a half percent which means i am down to one hundred forty dollars this week which brings my total down to nine thousand three hundred thirty six dollars not doing too well not to into well sean i can get a step. i'm thinking you need some kind of a strategy in place you can't just grab a pen and yell start just basis it's all about strategy that is who i am in fact if you recall last week i went to the audience so i decided to get a little help from our viewers to see what they had to say got a lot of really good suggestions one of them was for the company which is the company that makes a k forty seven seven that they are weapons company i'm not about weapons it's a personal thing even though it seems like a good suggestion cause they're making a new weapon also which is a metals company if you recall that's what got me into this mess in the first place that's what i lost most of my money on so i'm going to do something
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a little bit unconventional all right i am going to stay seventy five percent with gazprom to you know kind of see if i can ride that into a wave of goodness if you will but a lot of people mention bitcoin because of the show last week and i think that that's a good idea not exactly a russian stock not exactly what we've been doing but it seems like fun so going to twenty five percent in two bitcoin and see if i can regain some of my losses and that's that's my story i'm going to stick to it all right you stick with that mr schoen and i like a gas from a big cloud that's quite a combinations that service is shown thomason house investor a trader with lowe's which you played just doesn't happen often but they. the miss universe contest took place this week for the very first time and despite appearances it's not all about big hair kills and plunging necklines are some serious cash to be made the global beauty industry is now worth three hundred fifty
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billion dollars i went along to the pageant to talk money. you would be forgiven for thinking about the problem the global economy is a pretty big deal but believe it or not it was a big competition with life back in nineteen thirty five during the great depression and it managed to get itself back into good in the lines you fifty's once the u.s. economy was back on track and opposite the second world war of course now here's twenty does seem it would have been higher with an undisclosed salary but it's true because it was the one hundred thousand us dollars i was that he didn't design award people received products go laura and that it's about a holiday tomorrow but would you believe the luxury of all that now without it might just break some of the gals but i also pumping money to them on. their own my dad always told me to be myself first so no matter how much build. something way
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ten dollars or twenty dollars. or do it is guys are going to have it with interest rates is the worst thing you are. in your pocket and just spend it if. you know or if there are other people you'd step it was so ok right that. they have it you. know i was still saying fuck today that britain has never won a competition and i can be little bit sure but i'm going to go and see if it's not too late ted to block this out well. yeah i didn't get price but you know what a coke can dream cause you don't think grow with that now moving on to the ugly side of beauty a chinese man has reportedly divorced so sued his ex-wife for given what he thought to be an extremely ugly baby girl turns out that wife had splurged hundred thousand u.s. dollars worth of cosmetic surgery before they met which is why the baby didn't quite
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like the mummy mystifying one the court case would you believe in one hundred twenty thousand u.s. dollars on the grounds that she should have told a. all the surgeries so he could have made an informed decision on whether to marry her and create. now i'm thinking this step thing here hasn't been you see is in the eye of the now i may never be miss universe but i will always be capital. thanks for watching. remember way back when we first talked about the first downloadable guns that could be printed out on a three d. printer at home while technology moves pretty quickly because british police have
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already busted in the legal armory pretty out firearm parts and special three d. printers this technology may make gun control literally impossible in the same way that banning and burning books has become futile and the past they used to be able to just burn books or forbid them from being printed but in the age of the internet all you need is a scanner and an internet connection and the information that's found in a book cannot be destroyed because it is out there on the magical ether of the internet so basically the near future any person with even half a brain and some patients can start making guns in their basement which means the gun control laws will basically become pointless because they'll never be able to catch all the people doing it nor will be able to take the guns not even obama or the hardest of hardcore liberals this technology could be the best thing to happen to the second amendment ever but i shust my opinion. if you. know opportunity.
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to construct your. bed. the time but. you just made some progress i was like. a rock look. i don't want to die i just really do not want to die. or go. to the. technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered.
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weekly continues here on a. clean up team at japan's fukushima plant is preparing for one of the most hazardous tasks yet and attempt to move the facilities fuel rods to a safe location now the procedure is needed to stabilize the site that was crippled by an earthquake and tsunami two and a half years ago but removing the spent fuel from a pool inside one of its reactors presents serious risks and even a slight mishap could release a huge amount of radiation into the atmosphere nuclear power expert says given all the risk now the fukushima operated tepco nor japan's government should be trusted . it's very dangerous it's never been done before but it has to be done it's not like it can be avoided the risk of keeping nuclear fuel way up in the air on that pool given the seismic problems of a building that's been exploded. are too severe so it has to be moved.
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the problem will be that we've got tokyo electric moving it and there's not a lot of faith in this world for it tom put in see it tokyo electric there's no international oversight there and that's the problem it's tokyo electric is basically saying trust us we have no basis to trust electric i think the japanese government is not telling its people the truth and what it really boils down to is that they're measuring the radiation with these radiation detectors in the air but they're not registering what these people are breathing in and the inhalation dose from the dust that's on the ground is not included in the japanese calculations so it's critical for these people to stay away stay away from these areas for as i'm concerned the surge of violence in iraq has made this the deadliest since two thousand and eight schools are continually being killed in attacks in crowded areas
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schools and mosques the country's witness more than one hundred thousand vomits have been in death since the u. since the start of the u.s. led invasion back in two thousand and three and some experts believe the blame lies with the iraqi government as well as the international community. why the government is failing because the politics that is being played by the prime minister mr maliki at the moment it's feeding into the various sectarian fighting it's feeding into the. idea that somehow everybody keeps on. i think it's really this is really wrong to do so because it's diverting the actual attention i think the attention from the actual problem the failure of the government. the police authorities to the sectarian based rather than national one they don't exchange information but i think the problem at the present moment is that most of the governments in the world treating the current regime in
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iraq as if it's a normal regime it only concentrates on the regimes they don't like whether it's miley or syria or sudan or whatever but everybody seems to be quite happy to deal with the with the iraqi regime. has launched a joint online project to document the iraq body count to bring the tragedy into the spotlight and you can head to r.t. dot com for more information on the attacks and casualties. margy dot com is launching a special project to mark the appalling scale of violence in iraq. we want you to
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know. syria is pushing ahead with chemical disarmament in accordance with agreements brokered by russia and the u.s. but despite assurances from the world's chemical weapons watchdog washington is now doubting the implementation of the deal anonymous u.s. official or so. there is reason to believe the syrian government may be intending to hold back from destroying all of its toxic to terror and washington has refused to trust damascus and has continued to strongly backed the opposition syrian conflict calming things that the u.s. is simply trying to draw attention away from rebel atrocities. well it's in the west is very very desperate in syria right now they've been bogged down there now for two years with foreign mercenaries and foreign terrorist groups they've been basically sending over the border from turkey from lebanon from iraq and neighboring countries so they are not really interested in disarming syria this is not a question of this are in syria this is basically
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a smokescreen what they're really trying to do is cover up for their own crimes crimes of the groups that they've been sending into syria now since two thousand and eleven these are these are clerical fascist groups extremists are funded by saudi arabia and qatar and israel and what they're trying to do is to divert attention from the terrible atrocities being committed by these groups and the assad government again but there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever of the use of chemical weapons against the syrian population by the syrian government britains there are crowds may live in luxury homes but all that splendor comes with some crushing maintenance bills and in some cases the gentry of yesteryear or even having to take menial jobs to make ends meet or investigates whether one speaks of the british aristocracy be traditional or landed gentry or noble that one would imagine lavish lifestyles a grand estate as it would have been centuries ago but the reality today is not
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quite up to par as it would have been in the past. i'm on what we called her the job seeker's allowance so i have to support the smart couple on a single month allowance so each of us gets five pounds a day my wife and i this isn't what one would expect to hear from an earl heir apparent to the market side of aylesbury the estate has been in the family for a thousand years but he's now in a fierce legal battle with the state's trustees with no access to his money i have no money to heat this house there is the horton's house so when my wife and i want to wash we couldn't for public baltimore the financial times reports high court cases of beneficiaries challenging trusts doubled from two thousand and ten to two thousand and twelve coinciding with the financial crisis the cost of looking after a large house is staggering on a yearly basis this stately home in norfolk was built in the late nineteenth
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century and while much of the state remains intact parts of it have been left to wreck and ruin and restoring it to its full glory could cost up to three million pounds add to that gas electricity water maintenance the list goes on around sixty percent of british historic homes are now open to the public interviews for various purposes such as weddings conferences and tours and this one in particular used to be used as a wedding venue and the reason for such diversification is to be able to generate some income for properties that are very expensive to keep them going the reality is that the cost of maintaining these houses is so great now their stocks it tend to be a very asset rich but cash pull something that holds very true for this girl even finding a job that didn't quite work out for him because through the great unemployment because the recession. i'm not i don't have many skills that i can so
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i come across drives so i've had a few part time jobs as a driver. delivery driver van driver lorry driver i don't know what my peers think they must think. i shudder to think what they must think of what's going on. yes and it seems a total can only mean so much when cash is still king duster so you're. now some more news making headlines this hour thousands of people marched through greece's second largest city thessalonica to protest against new gold mines in the region and instructors say they are concerned about the risk to public health and the environment due to water pollution as well as the effect on tourism the authorities hope the project will create much needed jobs and boost the local economy. at least one person has died in schools have been injured in bangladesh during clashes between opposition activists and the police the violence marks the first day of a national strike aimed at pressuring the government to resign and hold
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a general election on saturday vehicles were set alight as demonstrators marched through the capital dhaka and is one of the poorest nations on earth and a string of deadly factory incidents this year a stone. police are searching for two suspects after at least two people were killed and twenty two wounded in a shooting at a house party in a suburb of houston texas witnesses say gunshots at eleven pm forcing guests to flee in panic more than one hundred young people were reportedly at the gathering which was avatars on twitter as an eighteenth birthday party the motive is currently. two policemen in a lawyer have been killed in libya in the latest spate of violence their security has been shattered by a surge of infighting between rival groups and militias across the country meanwhile russia has asked the un to investigate the security of libya's radioactive materials a stockpile of yellowcake uranium in the middle of the desert was held by a militia which is allegedly been approached by al qaeda with offers to buy the
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nucleus stash one expert explained to us what extremists could be seeking to accomplish. it is not highly radioactive itself however we did see a uranium ore i.e.d. in india some six months ago and if i get hold of this yellowcake. it is potentially could be used a radiological explosive device or. or just to terrify people it's not very toxic but it is radioactive and that would create a tremendous amount of terror if al qaeda got it everybody is is terrified of radiation and we hear the horror stories for a place like for. where accidents to occur and yellowcake is radioactive it appears to be held in an unsecured store and although it wouldn't present a a health risk for very short periods but long exposure to it and certainly if yellowcake is ingested in eurabia miners to suffer from
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a high degree of cancer from ingesting powders similar to yellow cake so certainly not at all surprised they're concerned about it and not happy to have it in their community on god it u.s. officials rushed to israel after talks on iran's nuclear program failed to reach a deal we'll bring you more on that story as one of the rest of the week highlights in about six minutes from now here on this is the weekly. it's simply forth so i only goal in life was nothing more than making money and as quickly as possible with what we got to offer the kids. would mornings wake up no wonder sleep. it's not a kindergarten or an orphanage it's a host where you live with your family your children five children and you can be
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a father to seventy children just like i'll be a husband to twelve mothers. why are you all shouting i wasn't ready it's like if a man proposes to and you answer oh whoa i need time to think so when she called me mom i needed time to think with that well i think. you could say mom is the most important person in your life and your if they told me much here is stories about what their lives were like about their trunk mothers fleeing home and living on the streets they've let me into their world and it became easier for them to comb. the fact that. we're going to go digital the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy albus. role. in
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fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and across several we've been hijacked lying handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once told just my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem trucks and rational debate and a real discussion of critical issues facing america by the book you're ready to join the movement then walk a little bit because. you've got a lot of sneering and negative press for your engagements here in russia especially for your public appearances with putin even though they weren't explicitly political you were just supporting sports one of the things that certain people's regime has become very adept at is controlling the media flu example all see it
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right here c.n.n. do i think c.n.n. is you know completely telling it like it is no i think it's a have an agenda i think through genda is is bought and paid for. leaks. please. please please. please . live.
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live. live. live . klyn.
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please please please. please please please please please. please. r.t. dot com is launching a special project to mark the appalling scale of violence in iraq. we want you to know. wealthy british style sun it's time to. market. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with mike's cause or the no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kaiser report. talks over iran's nuclear program and in arguments and no agreement with tehran condemning france for defending israel who completely rejected the proposals. this british listening post on the roof all of its embassy in berlin is allegedly being used to intercept communications from the german parliament chancellor's office and revelations like these are pushing some to stand up the privacy be don't share our information about our customers if you don't have a warrant we meet the owner of a tiny tech company resisting the far reaching operations of u.s. spy agencies. and also this week a space walk starring the olympic torch russian cosmonauts take the winter games symbol into outer space for the first time.


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