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tv   Headline News  RT  November 11, 2013 1:00pm-1:30pm EST

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to the point that. we are not blind and i don't think we're stupid the us shrugs off israel's condemnation of a proposed nuclear agreement with iran as tensions among. progress and elusive deal . big money big trouble brussels negotiates a free trade deal with the u.s. that could mean billions in profit critics say it will ruin european democracy and make corporations more powerful than governments plus. successfully returned to earth right. now the longest torch relay in olympic history is set to continue we'll bring you details.
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from our studio this is an international news comment. signed an agreement with the u.s. atomic watchdog which allows it access to several of iran's nuclear facilities including the controversial iraq heavy water plant there was no progress in the latest round of talks in hell to limit iran's nuclear program is widely blamed for stalling a breakthrough when israel lashed out at his allies for negotiation what it called a dangerous deal. has more. was it so long ago that the talks did seem promising you had the iranian foreign minister meeting with the european union policy chief foreign policy chief catherine ashton and the mood in that meeting was certainly one of optimism but israel has been opposed to these negotiations from the start to say that iran will cheat anyway and in fact israel has always been against iran's nuclear program but what netanyahu says is that easing sanctions on
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iran would be like to quote netanyahu putting a hole in a tire on the other hand you have the united states which is pro these negotiations of what was seen as possibly the most serious american israeli standoff and dispute in the years. because it. as a nuclear threshold may should we are not blind and i don't think we're stupid i think we have a pretty strong sense of how to measure whether or not we are acting in the interests of our country and of the globe particularly of our allies like israel john kerry also says to quote him that israel needs to recognize that no agreement with iran has of yet been reached and any kind of israeli opposition is essentially premature what kerry stated was that the time to oppose any kind of deal is when you actually see what it is now we did earlier hear from iran after the talks aimed
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it on saturday that it was in fact paris who was responsible for blocking any kind of deal the french foreign minister fabia saying that we don't want a fool's deal what we're hearing now from the u.s. secretary of state is that the blame is on the ground shoulder kerry saying that the major powers were in fact united on and ukranian a nuclear deal but it was the rain ians who were i'm able to accept it kerry saying that they were united front united on saturday when the proposal was presented to the iranians but to quote him the french had signed off on it we had signed off on it but he ran wasn't able to accept the deal at that particular moment when iran's supreme leader accused france of showing open hostility during the weekends talks negotiations on terrans nuclear program are set to resume later this month though and dr mohammed house on her knee believes france's economic interests
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in the gulf region determining its position. france wanted to somehow show a sense of support for the governments in this region specifically saudi arabia on the united arab emirates view all moved out of there or. of billions of euros and that could be a very good explanation that why france is not that hard to see a solution to the crisis you know the longer discourse is goes on the more opportunities for the arms sales to these contras so in that sense the economy and to trade could be a factor which is a very unfortunate case while in cross talk today peter lavelle and his guests debate whether the hardline stance of western powers against iran's nuclear program is justified. priscilla he is in for a do in south after ron was not iran was not transparent according to the nonprofessional if you have you can pursue but you have to be transparent and. when
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you establish order for you you you feel you build a place in order to enrich uranium so you know it's this i think kind of can understand information but again i don't want to go into detail into the no but i do agree with you when i was saying is that if you look at how countries view the western assault on iran for the last few decades most countries in the world disagree with it very strong majority against it it is the perception is is that the again the americans and it's a close hijack what do we mean by the international community and you know what they could even be bombed to hell in the name of the international community which would be an absolute fraud george go ahead. yes exactly. in the case of iran the i.a.e.a. has never found that iran had a nuclear weapons program that he was diverting any. towards nuclear weapons
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program even the us intelligence agencies have not found that iran is has a nuclear weapons program so therefore this us israeli policy against iran has absolutely really no basis at all on the law or on evidence. crosstalk coming away a little later today the u.s. and e.u. are putting together a free trade agreement that they're hailing as historic and mutually beneficial but critics saying it's ignoring something democracy now a single market for europe and america means not just regulatory differences between the two sides will be removed but his claim big business will also be able to overrule the will of governments wherever the e.u. is promise big benefits of one hundred nineteen billion euros annually let's discuss this now with the host of artes financial show report and here is lex kaiser live from london next one hundred nineteen billion euros profit every year
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this is exactly what the struggling european economies want isn't it this is surely good news. now bell this is unbelievable act of corporate hubris they've invented something now the corporate state or the investor state so that corporations have the ability to override sovereignty to override country's legal framework for profit seeking and rent seeking they gave an example of this for example you've got chevron corporation which has been active in ecuador devastating the ecology in ecuador not only do all they be able to go after chevron chevron for damages but chevron can claim that the fact that the ecuadorians are going after them for damages means that chevron can sue ecuador for the government for damages for being inconvenienced for the ecological holocaust that they've
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created in ecuador this is the most remarkably corporate friendly devastating human centric not. benefitting law that i've ever seen in my life but money talks max and this is mutually beneficial so european corporations will make huge profits as you said it's about profits but profits tax don't they and isn't that exactly what governments want income from taxation. well crapper asians are taxed less and less you know here in the u.k. the big corporations we now are taxed very little if anything very little of what corporations make and what the very wealthy in the world make is actually half the that's the taxable income the reportable income most of the income that they make is either through offshore accounts or special purpose entities it counts as completely on tax look bill let me let me i don't think we're really getting to the nettle of how devastating this is this is basically
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a business model based on holocaust this is like saying that the manufacturers of cycle on the during world war two groups to the million or so victims that were exterminated was like on the grabbing the nerves of being dubbed dying because they were gassed by the manufacturer to fly clumpy this is all this makes her look cost a legitimate business model this makes monsanto's genetically modified cities which are causing widespread devastation across the world not only does it cause devastation but monsanto consume a country like india where the indian farmers were committing suicide but i'm not a convinced them ok just devastating piece of legislation private corporation in the history of ever seen it's absolutely mind boggling mind numbing or. just come down for a second because somebody come to you and say wait a minute this surely means my job prospects in europe are going to be improved why not let this deal go ahead because it's my life my life at stake at the moment in a devastated european economy i want a job and this can improve my prospects. because because it gives all the power to
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the entities that have destroyed the european economy the big banks that have gutted the european economy the style gives them ability to sue the countries for damages that they imposed on these economies for compensatory damages from the economies that they're just devastated they can then get the governments to sue the citizens for more money after they stole the money imagine for example goldman sachs they ransack greece they store billions from greece now this gives them the ability to sue the greek government for more compensatory damages from the greek government we're going to go to the population to collect more money this is giving the actual judicial power to corporations trading in investor state to give them the powers beyond imaginable even in the worst and willian nightmare whoever cooked the stop and i know who it is by the way barack obama the most corporate friendly human cost genocide provoking that ever occupied the white house he just threw the keys to these corporations and said soon everybody you can tell all right i
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actually think in genocide a legitimate business model ok strong words from me but what i want to ask you surely brussels will listen to what you have to say they will have those concerns and they will surely make those laws protecting consumer interests and indeed the environment from any invasive policies from the us surely they're not just going to let that stand but we know how strong brussels is with legislation anyway. let's some some countries are pushing back against this but unfortunately and this current era with the n.s.a. spying on every country what happened to angela merkel in europe she said i don't want the n.s.a. spying on me now she's laying down supine just letting the american this new law which favors american corporations to re-enter like a little slap in the woods like a ban be in the woods just roll over what you just stand up for a citizen she's being completely duplicitous by saying we don't want n.s.a. but we want this new law so she's been identified as a completely duplicitous completely in the pocket of american corporations there
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are some countries that are trying to push back but remember with the n.s.a. and power with the u.s. dollars world reserve currency the federal reserve bank running the world's economy there's very little recourse and you've got extrajudicial killing actually visual law making you know it's the americans become a red state america has become an outlaw state and these countries have to wake up we're going to find themselves as american casino goo lag state where they're just being thrown down into a dungeon and forced to trade online virtual games to make virtual gold for their masters at facebook or some other virtual corporation or gaming entity or casino operator it's devastating bell as usual giving it to us very straight next live in london clubs a few thousand miles between us because that was quite something thank you very much indeed max for joining us you know on a sports thank you jim bell. well this free trade agreement suggests europe is not letting the revelations that u.s.
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intelligence targeted its leaders and citizens get in the way of business on the heels of the spying revelations that you complained about lack of trust so i asked economic analyst michael ross whether the frustration is enough to end a lucrative trade deal. just over our shoulder over here just over your shoulder over there is the u.s. embassy now the john kerry the secretary of state says that the n.s.a. spying saga isn't going to be an issue when it comes to talking about trade but that saga has limited trust between the two countries how can you have trade when you don't have trust i mean germany and e.u. is nothing. of the united states politicians are saying oh this is very bad. but there is no real consequence out of it you know how does that relate to business in particular if you will say one of the big giant german companies would you be willing to sit down with one of your american counterparts do you trade knowing that perhaps they were listening in to
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all of your secret conversations of course in this and all the spying is not only about political issues but also about economic facts german companies are aware there and thirty americans take the results of the spying for themselves but they cannot do anything against it there is a potential legislative minefield that comes from this and also the potential for the stripping of sovereign rights lots of people have campaigned in the e.u. saying that too many rights go to determine by brussels what this could end up seeing is that trade could end up determining the laws of a country how will it go down in germany let's face it mean does this treaty there's nothing else then submitting the e.u. walking force to the good of u.s. corporate crissy michael in economic analyst thank you very much for talking to me there so the second round of talks on taft are underway but certainly. still a long way to go to convince the people of europe that this is best for them.
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typhoon haiyan has left have a can devastation in its wake of the sweeping across self east asia party has spoken to a meteorologist about the aftermath of disasters like this you can stay with us and find out what he believes should have been done and whether this is just the beginning. that's still to come but first the most ambitious leg of russia's an impact torch relay has been completed the symbol of the twenty fourteen winter games in sochi was taken for a space walk by the crew of the international space station and now it's safe and back on earth in the france has been following the momentous trip. right here in mission control when the big red letters landed flashed on the screen a huge round of applause went out to see the torch back safely here on earth with three crew members of russian cosmonauts fyodor yurchikhin american karen nyberg and italian luca parmitano and we watched as the capsule broke through the atmosphere and that large parachute opened up over the skies of kazakstan as it
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came back toward earth the torch has been in space before but it's never been taken on a spacewalk and that's exactly what occurred it blasted off from the back door cosmodrome on thursday made it safely up to the i assessed nine crew members up there and then it was taken out on a spacewalk on saturday by two cars minot's we were here live watching and it was very excited to see the engineers actually walk walk the cosmonauts through the steps on how to get around the i assessed without a torch in hand of course it was not lit but nonetheless the spirit of unity and sportsmanship was up there on the i assessed in the form of that torch next it plans to go to the beautiful area out in the eastern part of russia and it's going to go to the bottom of lake baikal it's going to go to the top of europe's highest peak mount elbrus and it's going to continue on on this longest relay olympic torch history and all the way to saatchi in february something that we're all watching and enjoying
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a lot but certainly this detour to outer space was something very momentous and historic to see happen. or if you live here in moscow with the twenty four hours a day still ahead for you here are three recording memories. receive a special thank you from russia for their actions in the second world war remembrance day is marked across the globe all the details in a few moments. it's technology innovation the least developed around russia we.
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react to situations i have read the reports. from the no i only nexus to comment on your latter point. it's. no more or. question to be prepared for a chase when you throw a punch be ready for a. pretty tough speech. down to freedom to cost. continues here in r.t. separatists in eastern libya have gone a step further in challenging the authorities in tripoli by forming their own oil
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breakaway militias control and share of libya's crude and now intend to export it for their own needs the central government a threat to take action and less oil facilities are handed back within ten days tripoli or so far been unable to regain control of the self-proclaimed autonomous region which has its own shadow government will by call consultant. believes libyan fuel production is a long way from recovering from the recent war anyway. since the foreign intervention and leave leave be as oil production has there surely stopped now adays lead to is hardly able even to satisfy the domestic consumption and i guess that background leave will be when the stalled to be an oil exporter for quite a while until a step really tea is a return to the country that is the countries like libya and have been
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for the chaos inflicted on them by western intervention. rescue teams are searching through tabor in the philippines off the most powerful typhoon ever battered the region people are now desperately searching for food and drinking water and the country's infrastructure in ruins more than one thousand seven hundred people have been confirmed dead and hundreds of missing some local officials believe the death toll in just one province could exceed ten thousand in vietnam thirteen people were killed and hundreds of thousands fled coastal areas when the storm reached that on sunday and in china five people are dead and a state of emergency has been declared despite the storm weakening we try to just wrote karylle thinks there were more super storms to come. to the city the energy in the storms in the pacific you've gone up by fifty percent over the last thirty years or so and this is largely due to a warmer ocean warmer atmosphere so we're going to see more of these very severe
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storms so-called three four five category storms. in some cases when the communications systems are very active we can give good warning to other people in other cases when those are not there or not as robust it's very difficult for everybody to know that it's such a severe storm is coming so preparation is going to be absolutely essential and the countries are clearly going to have to make the kind of decisions about how they're close or populated in order to minimize the impact. hundreds of millions of euros up in smoke europe's costly gravity surveying satellite apparently burns up reentering the atmosphere drink and control dissent is more in the story on r.t. dot com. plus britain spying activities are all to again find out why d.c. h.q. needed a spoof of the professional social network linked didn't have the details on that
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online. a brief look at some of the global news now for ya. whole setting. of the labor camps was basically a dump. this is the un's view on the conditions inside cattles labor camps comparing them to slums in all rich state has come under severe criticism for his treatment of migrant workers during major development in preparation to host the football world cup and twenty twenty two foreign labor is represent eighty eight percent of its population many allegedly have their passports confiscated by employers not paid for months on end. thousands of left wing activists in athens rallied in support of a no confidence against the country's current government initiative was tabled by greece's main opposition party it was defeated by
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a majority in parliament that stricken nation is being granted to multi billion euro bailout speculation it will need more cash to keep its crumbling economy alive . protesters in the british capital attacked the russian embassy with bombs during an independence day march which ended in street battles and also set a security booth on fire tried to scale a fence scuffles with police have been reported and dozens were arrested you've been isis had promised the. violent but tens of thousands turned up and police are now trying to disperse the crowds. on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month remembrance day was marked across the globe a minute's silence was held to all of the heroes of victims of the first world war and other conflicts including the second world war russian and british veterans were among those who join together to recall their alliance beat the nazis reports . earlier this year the russian government was finally allowed to say
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a special thank you to british arctic convoy veterans who had traveled to the soviet union with supplies during the siege of leningrad the u.k. government gave its blessing for the veterans to receive russia's naval bravery award called the medal it's the result of years of campaigning because of illegal snag that forbids the queen subjects from receiving foreign decorations it is very significant because actually generally people in this country and allowed to receive medals from other countries that is not the norm i with dates back into the mists of time with queen elizabeth first in a sort of rather aggressive way said my dogs will only wear my colors but this is now being waved in the case of the medal and i think it's because of this very close links being forged at a ceremony in downing street in june the russian president awarded the first twenty veterans where he is that is the in russian we see all those who contributed to the fight against nazi germany as heroes and it gives me great pleasure to ward you all
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with a medal. but what toward all that man him barked on the freezing journey through the arctic waters is still under way for the past four months the russian embassy here in london has been working hard to track down every single veteran eligible for the medal but let me show you the actual room where they work takes place. with the help of the ministry of defense and its medals office the russian embassy has been busy writing to veterans and many of them have been writing back and we have. really found those people are writing from their hearts they really thankful for this medal this was such great sometimes we even read with tears these letters because it was really touching it's a medal that many of the men that took part in the convoys the youngest of whom. is now eighty six say they thought they wouldn't live to see your circle jerk
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recognition first that it was able. to receive in this year's cup very much in fact . it's very far to where they don't force your neighbor down the road are. going to start right. there and offer after some time jimmy's not the only one over three thousand veterans have responded to the russian proposal to award them with the magic. this is in no way the last chapter in a book which is about recognizing the war effort in both countries the man that braved the arctic wind to say that in my state that russia and britain have finally managed to come together to decorate them for the heroism all those years ago i. see. that brings up today for the moment but with a new team with more in just over half an hour from the mean time so if you have not. interviewed program on o.t. .
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president obama despite being king liberal loves to flatter the troops he loves their courage selflessness and teamwork as he said in his state of the union address but he doesn't love their expense of injuries which the troops are going to have to pay three times more for according to yahoo news the president's administration wants to force military retirees to get out of tri-care their current plan and added to obamacare the plan calls for them to raise premiums from up to ninety to three hundred forty five percent within five years one example provided by the free beacon estimates that a retired army colonel with a family currently paid. four hundred sixty dollars a year for health care would have to pay around two thousand dollars making you pay
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even more for your war injuries apparently that's what obama is actually planning well he is reading those lovely speeches off of teleprompters people who are against the post nine eleven war against who knows what are often told that they don't support the troops will do the people who say bring the troops home never advocate tripling their health care premiums no they don't all of the chicken hawks who send the troops off to die in questionable wars are the ones who want to make them pay even more for their injuries but that's just my opinion. hello and welcome to sofia and co i'm sophie shevardnadze israel is expanding its
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presence in the west bank despite the fact that's one of the main obstacles to peace talks prime minister benjamin netanyahu however keeps talking about his desire to find a solution to the middle east conflict by looking at the action and not the words does israel really want peace. israel and palestine will both of those names ever share the same maps while political leaders struggle to even agree to hold talks about talks real peace is far from sight israel keeps building settlements while the palestinians keep insisting they want to all of the land but. where is the nonexistent relationship between the two neighbors taking. our guns today's our lonely and former director general of israel is foreign ministry mr lee always great to have you with us today so you did not believe netanyahu wants peace with the palestinians any peace it would with.


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