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tv   Headline News  RT  November 12, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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visit. britain restores diplomatic ties with the raw power struggle to reach a nuclear agreement with iran israel and the proposed deal. also. you can go to jail because i find you annoying new legislation. passed the fines or even in jail sentence that's simply being. adopted in the us. we talk to a young man who narrowly escaped tragedy after his adoption. live
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from our studios. with international news and comment high profile talks on iran's nuclear program ended with no deal last weekend but progress is being made on other fronts britain's renewing diplomatic ties with iran appointing a new representative two years after an angry mob stormed the embassy in tehran. reports from london. it's another round of monday names new envoys to each other's countries now that scene is a continuation of this reestablishing of diplomatic ties and coming on the back of course of the meeting at the weekend in geneva. two rounds nuclear program by and large actually considering the u.k. of course traditionally a very staunch critic over on seemingly very confident in their way of saying that
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there is going to be a deal which i'm convinced that the agreement we were discussing would be good for the security of the entire world and we will pursue it with energy and persistence but of course those talks also not successful we've seen the finger of blame pointed by fun front that's largely attributed to the french foreign minister quite publicly making it known his concerns about the proposed agreement saying that he wanted to avoid a food game now we've seen the u.k. and the u.s. for a minute this week to try and play down these differences saying that the differences between the western powers are actually very narrow first being said by some experts to be a basic saving exercise here and of course as we said you kate certainly much more positive start surrounding the talks looking forward to november the twentieth when the. foreign secretary william hague saying that he is confident that further
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progress will be made despite the failure of last weekend's talks being largely blamed on france the u.s. insists major powers were more or less united on an agreement and john kerry says it was iran that rejected the deal something to iran has denied but how do you choose a kind of britain's parliamentary group on global security and nonproliferation says there's no point in playing the blame game. i do not myself think that it is sensible to blame anyone at this stage in a very delicate negotiation the french nor the iranians nor the americans that sort of blame game leads absolutely nowhere clearly this is on a knife edge and i think there are a lot of reasons for hoping that a deal will be struck of course only at this stage an interim deal and i think one of the important things now is to do as little as possible to disturb the atmosphere around the resume talks on the twentieth of november on monday iran
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agreed to let the u.n. a nuclear watchdog have broader access to its atomic facilities we spoke to barbara slavin she's senior fellow in leading us think tank the atlantic council and she believes tara was hopeful of striking a deal as soon as possible it's iran that's changed its attitude toward the talks most radically let's face it this is foreign minister zarif who came with a new proposal at the last round of talks and who is very serious about wanting to get an agreement for him for rouhani this is a second chance it's what we call a do over they didn't manage to improve iran's relations with the united states and get a nuclear deal the last time they were in power and i think they're determined to do it now. causing a nuisance in britain could get you two years in jail or an unlimited fine if new anti social laws a push through and it could even apply to children as young as ten which is really
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worrying civil liberties groups as artie's put it explains. anti social behavior orders or as close as they shorten to here in the u.k. have been the brunt of many jokes for quite some time now namely because of the quite bizarre things that police have reprimanded members of the public for in the past now examples include a deaf child being given an as though for spacing in the street or a thirteen year old girl being banned from saying the word grass for saying it too many times and homeless people getting the begging in the street but that's being replaced with a new injunction to prevent nuisance and annoyance which is called and for short now these orders require only that an individual might engage in behavior capable of causing annoyance now the wording of this law is now much vaguer the punishment is much harsher it carries a penalty of up to two years in prison now i don't know about you but i personally
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know a lot of people both adults and children above the age of ten who can be extremely annoying at times and that is precisely the problem that a lot of human rights campaign is on having with this law at the moment they say that the lines between simply being annoying which many of them will see as a fundamental human rights and being a criminal all those lines are now being and it's not just human rights campaigners that have taken issue with it police officers have been coming forward to say that they're worried that children are going to be needlessly criminalized with these new orders and also for them dealing with things that people deemed to be nuisances well that's a royal nuisance for the police because they are going to have to divert their attention away from fighting real crime and now another part of this draft bill that's causing a lot of concern are public spaces protection orders which could theoretically be used to stop public protests from gathering now human rights campaigners of even
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launched a petition in part. meant because they say that this is the biggest threat to freedom of protest in modern history but i better go because i have been speaking pretty loudly in our news room and in case any of my colleagues think i have been too annoying i could be slapped with an epic now. and the public protests which are deemed harmful to be quality of life for those living nearby could fall victim to this law now that's just one concern for carry on mendoza a blogger and activist who is campaigning against this bill. attempting to do is give the police. to make any lawful protest immediately illegal simply because i quote this directly from the legislation may has always likely to cause nuisance or annoyance as you can imagine the whole point of protest is to cause nuisance an annoyance is to get in the way to disrupt people in their
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ordinary daily lives. of them focus on an otherwise ignore or issue which is really important what's even more unnerving about this piece of legislation is it also allows the police to then bar people from what they call a paluxy locality hasn't been defined so it could be a city or county a country. nobody really lays out again with the intervention of a court of law. activists are on the move in russia they've been sent to some petersburg to stand trial for trying to board a russian oil rig in the altie the allegedly putting the crew risk our correspondent is full of that transfer and we have the details for you just ahead on r.t. . but first a leaked afghan security report says the country's intelligence services have abandoned an investigation into the alleged murder of civilians the u.s. refused to cooperate seventeen men disappeared after being detained by american
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forces the bodies of ten were later discovered near a u.s. base or she's going to khan has more first of all where the accusations come from the afghan translator who had worked with the u.s. army special forces said the soldiers were involved in the killing of the group of afghan civilians now as you said seventeen men disappeared when they were detained in u.s. raids in the wardak province between up to over twenty twelve and february twenty eighth thirteen and bodies of ten of the men were found by residents in shallow graves near a you was the base which hosted the special forces unit afghan authorities have repeatedly asked the u.s. to allow them to question the soldiers at the base but the u.s. repeatedly if we barfed the request u.s. forces are immune from afghan law but not for long the immunity issue is the very stumbling block on the way to an agreement between the u.s. and afghanistan under which some u.s. troops we've stayed of ghana stay past twenty fourteen and that's what the obama
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administration wants immunity for their troops so that they can stay beyond twenty fourteen the same agreement that the u.s. wanted with iraq but iraq refused to grant u.s. forces further immunity from justice incidents like the killing of civilians in the word out province make it that much more difficult for the afghan government to justify such an agreement with the u.s. in front of afghan people. twenty four hours a day still to come this virtual money provides real help. people this is my face my family my village and this is what we need help we talk to those making the digital.
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technology innovation. the. mission is to teach.
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adoptive parents in the u.s. . to children. an investigation has exposed an illegal. vulnerable kids headed over to people who have been refused the chance to adult. children. animal owners may be familiar with the term private re homey typically it refers to those seeking to give their pet away but today the practice is reportedly being used by parents looking to give away the child they adopted from overseas and no longer wants an investigation conducted by reuters found that this type of child trafficking is happening largely in cyberspace where parents allegedly advertise their unwanted children through yahoo and facebook groups the lawless atmosphere
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allows internationally adopted orphans to be passed on to strangers without government scrutiny or even a paper trail as a result many of these children can end up in the custody of criminals sex offenders or abusive adults that would have never been allowed to legally adopt according to the reuters investigation many of the children advertised online for private re homing range between the ages of six to fourteen and had been adopted from abroad including from countries such as russia china ethiopia and ukraine some of the kids don't even speak english experts say in this expanding underground market of foreign orphans innocent kids are being treated like cattle given away without any legal oversight it poses huge risks right because some of the families into which these children when they're probably perfectly good in the children are doing better perhaps and some of them are not so that the risk is that it's not
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being done right the risk is that the child is not entering a better situation and certainly as a legal matter again whether the child is yours biologically you are required up to that however that child got into your family we want legal processes in place so that the rights of those children are protected the lack of oversight and protection of foreign orphans adopted by u.s. parents has faced ongoing criticism as of this. here u.s. citizens are banned from adopting russian orphans since nine hundred ninety one thousand russian children have reportedly died at the hands of their american i adopted parents according to the u.s. state department nearly eight thousand seven hundred orphans were adopted from foreign countries last year what we don't know is how many of those kids are still living with the american parents that brought them here and how many have been given away reporting from new york marine upward nial r.t. . the own laundry home post the authorities by the media revealed eight internet
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groups where this was happening or whose lives will met a young man who was given away to a family that never should have had the chance to adopt dimitris stewart was five years old when he and his brother were adopted from an orphanage in a small town near moscow it would be a rocky road living with his adoptive american parents they really feel like. i was there when he was a young teenager after years of strained relations and after his parents had biological children of their own the stewarts decided it was time to find him a new home and that's when they turned to the internet is that i go underground groups where people want. to start of a dog stands and eventual levy internet search led the stewarts to meghan axon axon moderated a website to help find new homes for children that's how dimitris parents found
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nicole isa in eastern advertiser self as an aspiring mother that ran a home school to major found out that this was far from the truth this is little tiny basic. him it was clear that his new home was no home school there was an even desk there had to do homework he didn't even make you go to school and gave me the option to go to school and then we had a biological kid that was taken away from them from the stay so they want a lot to have any more kids and that's why they're in this underground underground then the living situation didn't last long a month after being dropped off axon was shocked to learn more information about who the easton's really were nicole had been married to a man who was a pedophile and that she could not get a homestudy due to their finances traditional adoption agencies are becoming a thing of the past you both have to have lawyers you have to do things legally
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this is not an easy way to adopt these days private adoptions are far more common it's unclear how many of them were facilitated on the internet where it's harder to regulate the transactions between families after the traumatizing ordeal dimitri moved to this group home outside atlanta he feels safe with his new guardians in this quaint home in a nice suburban neighborhood today he has words of caution for families turning to the internet to adopt you just never know who's going to. be out there looking for kids and there's six people out there everywhere and marietta georgia liz of all are. along by the revelations of the underground child market us nor makers are calling for better safeguards for adopted children really post from the organization against child trafficking says children from foreign countries are the most wonderful and should be the main cause for concern. intercountry adoption when
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the children the arrived in the u.s. already europe is not considered a child protection measure it's a private matter between you adopt a family and the child and nobody is following up the children from foreign countries are not under their normal child protection measure if you adopt a child from u.s. foster care i can imagine that you as a child protection service are still the first while keeping an eye on that and people know where to turn to keep the children from from foreign countries come from this least what we call the child markets it's commercial agencies who are dealing with providing children to adoptive parents and there's absolutely no oversight at zero. despite widespread condemnation of its drone program the u.s. military is unveiling a brand new concept a robots which can fly a drive swim and even hop like a frog you can head to r.t. dot com for more details on that. cost american taxpayers find out that millions of
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dollars being paid to maintain afghanistan the war torn infrastructure is ending up in the wrong hands you can find out what a recent government survey reveals just a click away on our web site. right see. first rick. and i think you're. going to. be a. digital currency big coin is climbing to a new record its value is now approaching four hundred dollars the latest surge is being fueled by strong demand from chinese investors now let's remind you what bitcoin aims to achieve when there are two main features of traditional money one
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there is real value behind it and secondly currencies are under centralized government control but big aims to overturn those principles first it's not backed up by national assets but mind from a digital code and it's free of all government oversight critics say this encourages criminals however as artie's peter oliver has been finding out it also offers the opportunity to do good. in the headlines it's betrayed as a vehicle for drug dealers and potential assassins these people calling in a different light god will only help you if you help yourself so we could do charity to get the possibility to have them for all we have to do to start thinking and make this possible is for is a mixed school and it's already being seen in uganda where supporters of using the calling for charity hope to see one hundred percent of the donation reaching those in need something that other charities can't offer the reason that bitcoin could
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benefit charity is that every penny of what you donate ends up with those who need it no middleman no admin no cut for anyone else if somebody in somalia has access to the technology and to the hardware. and he needs a shovel for his acre he can put up a charity project that just says i need this is this is my acre i need to grow some food there i need a shovel will cost me two euros and can put that up there getting those in need access to the technology is one of the main challenges that those behind the krypto charity say things are moving along quickly there you were to go i'm on my boat find there's already people doing it corn payments for my ballpark and so all of this is going to work itself out just one click in the right place on the website and your donation is there however those that work with established charity say they are convinced all of the kinks have been worked out in this system just yet
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this is so called will young it's very difficult to control if the money is being spent in the way it was intended at this point i'm skeptical but in the future we'll see. bitcoin advocates are determined to push charity as a use for the cryptocurrency it's peer to peer format adding a personal edge you can show people this is my face my name my family my village and this is what we need can you please help us it's being portrayed as funds without borders if bitcoins twenty first century philanthropists are right it could help some of those most in need peter oliver r.t. belin. a little later on today when our team takes on the economists in the mainstream media who are trying to whitewash the world's financial troubles. over the decades and really after the post war period. economists writing in mainstream media outlets try to convince the public that what they see is not true don't
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believe your eyes listen to what we have to say on the pages of these editorials describing what the truth is even though people in their gut and in their heart know that they're being alive to the difference today is you've got other media outlets you've got other social media outlets that are confirming what people know in their hearts they're being. hard and they want recourse they want answers. because a report from you a little later today here in r.t. now let's have a quick look at some other world news making headlines this hour dozens have been injured in violent clashes across bangladesh where thousands of close workers took to the streets demanding higher pay protesters threw stones at security forces responded with tear gas rioters also attacked factories and industrial tell miss paying conditions are a major issue in bangladesh which is the second largest garment manufacturer. the u.n. is appealing for hundreds of millions of dollars in emergency aid to help the typhoon devastated philippines more than one thousand seven hundred are known to
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have died but it is feared the real number is more than ten thousand troops have killed two liters who ambushed an aid convoy as people in the worst hit regions are left to search for food and medical supplies a massive international relief effort is well underway with rescue teams trying to reach cultural thing areas. police in bulgaria have clashed with students blocking areas around the parliament and some fear as part of a protest against corruption activists have also chained doors of the country's largest university causing lectures to be cancelled major demonstrations started on sunday with thousands demanding the socialist government. line to make way for early elections it's. a three month state of emergency and nighttime curfew has come to an end but in out security forces to make arrests without warrants and search people's homes was introduced in august after a hundred people died in violent sparked by the government's crackdown on camps of mohammed morsy supporters in congress be deposed president and other key muslim
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brotherhood figures are facing trial in general charges of inciting murder. thirty members of the green peace crew who tried to storm a russian training platform in september of arrived in petersburg that's where they will now face trial or. the details upon arrival to train station they were at the carriage was one of the carriages was separated from of the actual train away believe we believe that that is the carries that was holding the thirty activists we know that moments had said that they were moving the thirty activists because of the fact that charges now way out of the jurisdiction we also know that you know moving them to st petersburg means that they'll be able to see their family far more easily twenty eight to greenpeace activists including. the sunrise a vessel that's
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a vessel led itself. with the. oil rig of russia then are snotted to go on board to the oil rig up on that so they continue to go ahead they were then arrested and the vessel was seized we know that they were charged with piracy which holds a minimum of fifteen years in prison but that piracy charges had been downgraded to hooliganism which hold up to floss seven years in prison not only has it become an environmental issue but it's also become a political issue tensions have definitely been running high between the netherlands and russia the dutch since responded by taking russia to the married time tribe you know to our. activists and it's now up to between the two governments to see how they will work this one out. with a team. right where you are to find out why female.
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in america women with guns. it was a terrible day and very hard to make out. once again on here is a plan by patton that had sex with that hurt their number. one. which. was.
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one of. the. in rural areas the majority of families living here are pro gun learning to fire is often part of a child's education the moral value of protecting the family is more important than the physical aspect where in south dakota. jack is five he can barely get out of the car in his own but every weekend his father teaches them how to shoot with real bullets under the watchful eye of his mother gretchen you want her some stuff. plus stuff. for her that. the other. one.
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jack hasn't been learning long and already he likes helping his dad set up for him it's just like any other day. i've been shooting since i was five or six. and i learned. in r. or. brains or we had in california and i used to go down and shoot every day after school i started shooting not to i was probably a late teen. with brian he would go to the shooting range and he took me with a few times and tommy had a should have been doing it ever since i think it's important that women know how to shoot that they can protect themselves. the weapon is heavy difficult for such a young child.


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