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tv   Headline News  RT  November 19, 2013 12:00am-12:30am EST

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terrifying video of a boeing seven thirty seven nose diving to. raising questions as flight data recorders have now been delivered to moscow for analysis. of the civilian death toll from deadly u.s. drone strikes mounts in yemen. to reach one and see the effects. this is all that remains from a u.s. predator drone strike right here in yemen that killed two suspected members of al qaeda but also civilians so the loss of innocent lives justified in the fight against al qaeda stay with us as we report from one of the front lines in the war on terror. and. the upcoming nuclear talks with iran saying there's a real chance of hammering out a deal spite staunch opposition from france and israel.
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moments often. good morning to you and me. world headlines the flight data recorders from a boeing passenger jet which crashed near the russian city of killing all fifty on board have now been delivered right here to moscow investigators hope will shed light on what caused the plane to nose dive into the ground. it was going to reports from the site of the tragedy. the final traumatic moments of a flight that had almost completed its journey forty four passengers six crew members everyone on board gone. such a good boy healthy and handsome what he had a good family his son is only three years old he made many plans for the future
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a tragedy that meant family friends and colleagues in their rivals for waiting to welcome their friends and loved ones home or instead reading their logs. of was meeting his two associates yana from moscow and donna from cameras in england one of the two foreigners on board that moscow took us on flight they were on their way to take part in a business master class for local students. we all knew what happened but many kept hoping until the very last moment that their relative sense survived the horrific picture many became hysterical doctors helped because some lost consciousness others had to lean on walls. just are close at hand to ready for the victims' relatives whenever they were needed ambulances are also on standby for when the shock is too much to bear was because the complications were good and the cation in the early began government in its samples there nobody is only fragments the force
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and speed of the impact means there are few clues right now the flight recorders have been taken to moscow since they were badly damaged but could reveal what was said in the final few minutes in the cockpit and whether the plane was functioning normally twenty four hours after sunday's plane crash flights have resumed international airport but it's not business as usual scores of people have been coming in bringing flowers to show their respects to the victims while instead of new evidence giving answers the latest footage of the crash is only raising further questions you've got this kind of artsy republic. and we've got all the latest information on that tragic flight dot com has just check out our live updates. section. of the program yemen is one of the hardest hit targets of america's deadly drone campaign but despite president obama's promise of more transparency relatively little is known about who is actually being killed
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there. and off was able to reach one yemeni village where a community has been simply devastated by the effects of u.s. drone strikes. it says no faith for the one who has no trust but both are now in short supply in this part of yemen for months the class has been without its mouth teacher and this pupil without his father this is the big show about a charity i didn't ask his name is still on the staff schedule but i leave hasn't been here since signing out of class on january twenty third the last of the the final to be the father of three was killed by a u.s. drone alongside his twenty year old cousin salim a college student who drove them in a borrowed to yoda they picked up two strangers who turned out to be suspected al qaeda militants witnesses reported a whirring sound in the sky then missiles struck their car. the smell of death was everywhere some of the bodies were burned beyond recognition of the rest were
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ripped to shreds and scattered all around. i found a part of something inside the car the rest was outside of the house but we only recognised him by a piece of his trousers. you couldn't tell who was who if they were even human it was sickening. one drone change the c.b. farming village for ever less than an hour's drive from yemen's capital lawn is far removed from al qaeda operations but without warning it was thrust into the war on terror. saleem's mother shows me where her son used to sleep she can't bear to get rid of his things although she knows she'll never return home oh if i can help us i don't understand until the next day that an american drone killed my son why tell me may allah deprive them of their souls like they robbed us of our son he was the only one providing for this family all we have left now is our tears we only target
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al qaeda and its associated force and even then the use of drones is heavily can strike before any strike is taken there must. the near certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured the highest standard we can set. out. except there was a deadly failure yemen's interior ministry confirms the cousins had no links to terrorism in a country where tribal ties surmount all the loss was felt far beyond the family the white house has never acknowledged the deaths let alone the strike but mohamed shows me the evidence this is what kills them what's thought to be a fragment of a hellfire missile launched from a drone. the u.s. believes this is its best weapon against al qaeda although not officially out war in yemen the covert drone campaign has been dramatically ramped up here under president obama. yemen's al qaeda threat is real
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it's a lot of attacks on international airliners and caused hundreds of deaths the cia described it as the most dangerous and active branch of the terrorist network. the defense is that drone strikes have seriously damaged his ability to plan attacks but critics here say it's doing the exact opposite it does not. contain the growth of the facts that may have contributed to the growth and expansion of the at some point when i get off powerful enough to be able to inflict serious damage the u.s. war on terror has no borders often waved remotely with cruise missiles and drones it's an undeclared global battlefield in which yemen is just one of the front lines of fight against groups like al qaida in which ordinary civilians also end up paying a price. i ask obama to bring my dad back to life. all the kids at school have
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their fathers but we don't. reporting income on in yemen and lucy catherine of. meantime a delegation. from yemen is due to meet u.s. lawmakers to push for an end to the attacks families of drone strike victims also voiced the pain of their losses at an international conference in washington just over the weekend activists were there as well calling for more transparency and accountability with some declaring america's unmanned aircraft campaign a form of terrorism. it was heartbreaking to hear these stories of people who had not even heard about the united states didn't know why these missiles were coming down and attacking them you know people who have committed suicide because of the mental pressure of having these stones hover overhead twenty four hours a day in my mind having missiles come out of the sky from out of nowhere and attacking families is a form of terrorism. so i don't know how you can determine that somebody is
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a terrorist without presenting evidence against them and that's what the geneva conventions call for so you know these drone strikes violate many many tenets of the geneva conventions they violate the sovereignty of the foreign countries that we're attacking the drone attacks are not only you know not effective but they're actually counter effective because absolutely we are creating more enemies with every innocent person that we kill or there's still to come on the business of spying. that scans my face it recognizes that i'm female and aids between see and. then send that information back to advertise that you can learn how facial recognition systems are being deployed to help big companies sell their products to unsuspecting consumer. or just turning ten minutes past the hour here in the russian capital by u.s.
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secretary of state john kerry you played down the israeli prime minister's fears that a possible nuclear deal with iran will threaten israel's security. sanctions will be lifted only if gives up its entire nuclear program but russia which will also take part in the latest round of talks on wednesday i think there is still hope of an agreement a short while ago i spoke i spoke with scott. on monday at the initiative of russian president vladimir putin he and his iranian counterpart house and rouhani had a phone conversation after which but imputing was quoted as saying he believes there is now a real chance that iran and the international community can come to an agreement over the country's nuclear program now that agreement would eventually see the easing of sanctions on the country now the store chase opposition to that move is coming from israel who has strong the backing from france within the negotiating
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group in fact french president francois hollande is in israel right now but despite the documented differences between the. group them has been echoed by russia's foreign minister sergei lover of the residual discussion with the respect relation that the positive shift we now see in negotiations over iran's nuclear program has only become possible because of pressure coming from sanctions against this i suggest we leave it to historians to decide that we as diplomats simply can't afford to be dragged into these meaningless discussions with you but we now have a real chance to sign a solid deal and if we let speculation lead us astray was we could lose this chance use there are many who will be very upset at the talks collapse once again the latter of also added that tehran is willing to agree to two specifications two stipulations from france following those first round of talks that is that there will be no you ring him in richmond to twenty percent and that limits the amount of
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uranium enrichment to three and a half percent so it seems that despite the differences there is a real sense of optimism that there could be a breakthrough in this decade long standoff. right that now we've also i spoke with the policy director of the national iranian american council and he believes that israeli prime minister netanyahu is against any deal with iran on principle even if it ends up favoring his own people. this is actually very concerning for for israelis to see their prime minister going out and lobbying against a deal that would actually be in the interests of everybody in the region who doesn't want to see iran potentially have the ability to build a nuclear weapon that's what this deal does and what i think the problem here is is that benjamin netanyahu was never in favor of getting a deal he's more concerned with keeping iran isolated with advancing his own you
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know geostrategic ambitions and that's the same case for the saudis so now they see that there's actually a deal on the table that would achieve the stated goal of putting measures in place that we can verifiably assure the world that iran does not have a nuclear weapons program they're trying to undermine it. this morning high education below ground level. join me to find out what it takes to graduate from europe's only. grave digging introduces you to the professionals. who. if you. start
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to construct. the time. you just me because i was there i was in the hood. i don't want to die i just really do not want to die. in the morning. because.
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as much privacy as cash now that's a blessing for users worldwide but it's causing a headache on capitol hill the senate committee on homeland security and government affairs has held a special hearing on the threat posed by digital currencies details here with. from us live foresman officials we heard about all the bad things related to virtual money we heard that cyber criminals love it drug dealers use it terrorists are looking into it child pornography is bought and sold with virtual money to direct the treasury department's financial crimes and horsemen that weren't even suggested that the stateless currency may have been created to facilitate illegal activity because it bypasses central banks and government regulations here's what the u.s. secret service said. while digital currencies may provide potential benefits they present real risks through used for the criminal and terrorist organizations trying to conceal their list of activity and search digital currencies challenge law enforcements ability to carry out our responsibilities to enforce the law and
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suppress criminal activity the chairman of the homeland security and governmental affairs committee asked what congress can do to help the agency's crackdown on what they described in such dark colors the lion force one official said there are good with the existing laws including the patriot act the language of which is broad enough to allow the agencies to go after the new players in the world of virtual money but they did say they expected the big corners and others providing money exchange services online to report to the u.s. treasury and generally to comply with existing regulations like getting a money transmitter license and so on following the officials testifying in congress where the gentleman from the bitcoin foundation the chairman of the committee senator carper questioned them and at the end quote it albert einstein's wife mrs armstrong who approached quite brilliant in her own right and. asked if she understood her husband's theory of relativity and she allegedly responded i
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understand the words but not the sentences so with regard to virtual currency it is fair to say the us congress understands the words but not sentences which is true for the public in general bitcoin users are not exactly the average consumer for now in washington i'm going to check out. and patrick mudd the general counsel for the bit coin foundation he believes the government should not burden the digital currency with yet new regulations if you are operating a big queen service company most likely you fall into an existing regulatory framework if you're building securities around big quine then most likely that use of the protocol will have you regulated by the securities and exchange commission if you're using it as a money service then most likely your money service business those are highly regulated businesses and industries today so there's not a need for new regulation in the space it's just
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a matter of the service industry around being built up and integrating that into the traditional system so let's see how things turn out whether it's a currency or a payment network or both let's see how it shapes out a little over time before we rush to create new laws or regulations around this. now one of the world's largest retailer that's the british supermarket chain tesco is planning to install facial recognition technology to improve its advertising strategy and privacy campaigners are concerned about the program which identifies customers to targeting them with customized ads based on their age and gender laura smith explains. so you say it's the day morning i will kid to a shop it is all the usual stuff plus a special camera that scans my face it recognizes that i'm female and aged between thirty and forty thought i then said is that information back to advertised who
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collects it to establish a pots and if who goes into the shop from now on on thursday mornings customers will be bombarded with. shampoo and fashion magazine. if you think about something out of a futuristic movie think again it's what's happening now tesco the u.k.'s biggest supermarket chain is planning to introduce facial scanning technology in its petrol stations with a view to targeting advertising at the demographic that uses the shop most times of day even the c.e.o. of the company that makes the technology says it's like something out of minority reports seemingly not realizing that comparing something to a film about the negative effects of having technology in media everywhere is a bad thing but tesco to friends the proud to say it's not new technology and isn't
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capable of facial recognition all in the name of advertising customers permission will be sought and previous the campaign is worried it could be the tip of the iceberg with technology improving all the time how long before you are being tracked identifies why you pay for your groceries. with trillions on trillions of calculations if we could that's exactly what china's most powerful supercomputer is credible of its closest u.s. rival way behind you can find out how wide the margin is on our website so well as to what it's actually being used. in the kuwaiti jail one local activist just one post was enough for a five year sentence those details on the website right now.
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first rate. and i think. to. open up the aussie will adopt i swear at least nine are being killed the island was hit by severe storms and heavy flooding because the shots there a local official saying that a number of others a missing when rivers a burst their banks homes were flooded bridges brought down as well hundreds of people across the island have been evacuated from their homes. under way for a gunman in france who shot and critically injured a photographer with a hunting rifle and newspapers head office all the main media offices in paris and
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all being heavily guarded by police and the attack escaped from the scene and hijacked a car in the drive but it's taken to the seans elisei a police confirmed it's the same man who attacked a twenty four hour t.v. news channel on friday no shots were fired but he did threaten not to miss next time. now death is a very good opportunity for the living to make a living and sought his parole of a found out the only university in europe dedicated to training highly skilled and accomplished undertake. a small town college a class like any other except for the coffin in the middle of the room that is these students are learning how to be undertake is. what i want to work on help people through that is a very difficult time when my grandmother died the funeral directors didn't do a great job and i saw the distress that caused my family this isn't a job it's a calling. the college in northern bavaria is the only one of its kind in
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europe each year they take about five hundred students on a three year course rain or shine they are drilled for every eventuality. home but. ok the buddies down all the guests have left but the police call and says this lady may have been poisoned and must be exuberant how do you get her out of there any ideas yeah. a lot of the course is spent on the job at local funeral parlor as despite the onus being on professionalism it doesn't leave the participants immune to the realities. do sometimes you know if there is a kid line there or someone my age it hits you how for gyal life can be. the students don't just spend their time digging graves they also receive extensive studies and not to me as well as lessons in how to deal with the deceased using
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some rather realistic props also the correct way to measure on build a coffin including those designed to fit the regulations for international travel. and perhaps most importantly a lot of work is done to make sure the students can be sensitive to the needs of a grieving family if a meeting actually here or there we aim to make sure that when someone graded they have the skills to work anywhere or even set up their own enterprise when they leave our gates they're professional funeral directors. which will be welcome news to any of their future customers because you only get one chance to get it right these are all over r t germany now is america's exceptionalism a myth or reality of the modern takes on the matter in today's edition of breaking the set. america land of the free home of the brave you see for
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the moment you're born to the moment you die there's one thing bred in the mind of every american this country is bigger it's better and if people don't like if they can get the hell out see it all boils down to one thing america is exceptional and guess what we are at least when it comes to being bigger let's be honest guys america's fat is hell with thirty five percent of the population officially classified as obese and if you don't believe me you probably never been to the old country buffet feeding trough for people walmart dot com well the us has held the number one heavyweight title among populous nations for several years mexico is close to tying so we don't focus because we keep that top spot secured to be fair and healing calories isn't the only thing we're good at is a pretty damn good at locking people up in cages that's why when it comes to mass incarceration the us imprisons more people per capita than any other country in the
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world it's actually appalling us hold only five percent of the world's population yet has one hundred five percent of its prisoners in a related category while the us fights a global war on drugs americans also consume eighty percent of the world's opiate pain killers and don't forget where the opium comes from a place in the us has been occupying for over a decade have ghana stand. art of us break in the sun coming up throughout the day here on our show a closer look at the wreck old gun violence hitting the us city of new orleans.
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dramas the. stories others refuse to notice. faces changing the world. picture of today's news. from around the globe. looking. oh my god. wait ok are you going to have to give me a second to think about this life or. not a couple one. three. for. five well i know about seven people
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a good team by the guys so yeah it is like i run through my fam but that's the close of my brothers i know about ten people who have that i. told them i brought us thank you every day i walk out my house i would feel right you know bust six impudent. they all died before he even turned seventeen this is almost imagine it's you know somebody you know nobody's son row which is. every time something like bankers they changed me on insanity. you to see somebody and i did in the cool way i don't know but i don't go to see the enemy just send out a young gays kind of expose my life it's
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a lot of. the first that they happened because of violence it was like you know it was a shotgun but we came together. the second one it was odd but we still came to get it in a day when everybody just seemed just to just split up. one thing we do citizens one thing we tend.


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