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tv   [untitled]    November 21, 2013 7:30pm-8:01pm EST

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i think. it was like. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution which says that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy. that i know i'm sorry and i'm this show we reveal the picture of what's actually going on and we go beyond identifying. rational debate and real discussion critical issues facing them are ready to join the movement then while they take. a walk back to the big picture i'm sam sachs in for tom hartman coming up in this half hour now we all know that the tea party is crazy but could austerity be fueling it even more dangerous levels of crazy more on that in just
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a moment and abraham lincoln was wrong secession isn't such a bad thing after all tom will tell you why in tonight's there we take. europe is a place to find by history try as hard as you can you just can't escape it if you've ever been to europe you know that it's virtually impossible to visit any town in say france or germany without finding some symbol of the past whether it be a thousand year old church or a memorial to the great war that's what europeans called world war one the past is always present across the pond and as a result old habits especially old political habits die hard and for a place like europe that has such a violent history this is an important note to take right now the continent is mired in its. worst economic downturn since the great depression of the one nine
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hundred thirty s. years of budget slashing is only lengthen that downturn the last time europe went through such a prolonging economic crisis the austerity policies of one central european country germany gave birth to the most famous right wing movement in history the nationalist socialist party the nazis with their violent nationalist rhetoric and promises of full employment they attracted people allien aided by germany's mainstream political parties winning thirty seven percent of the vote in the one nine hundred thirty two national elections after months of complicated political maneuvers and nazi leader adolf hitler was finally appointed german chancellor nine hundred thirty three and we all know what happened next right now flash forward eighty years and the europe of two thousand and thirteen though bound fiscally through the eurozone is undergoing economic turmoil reminiscent of the one nine hundred thirty s. and over the past few years right wing populist movements have grown in power and influence across the continent the golden dawn terrorizes immigrants in greece the
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jobbik movement hungary's third biggest political party calls jews monsters with tails and in denmark that model of scandinavian democracy the danish people's party screams about islamisation while at the same time bashing cuts the social welfare programs in europe as in the us economic disaster and misguided austerity policies have led to a rise in the type of far right political parties that send a shiver down the spine of anyone who knows the history of the one nine hundred thirty s. for more i'm joined from san francisco by marshall our back market analyst and research associate at the levee institute marshall welcome back to the show. and thanks for having me so history tells us what happens when austerity is embraced we saw what happened after after the great depression across the world across europe it led to world war two and the rise of fascism and we're seeing studies today show
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that with austerity we're seeing suicide rates spike and we're seeing the same sort of extremism rise what is the mechanism at work here what is it about spending cuts and austerity that trigger this sort of political extremism. well i think first of all you're right to point out that the history of naziism came about as a result of the austerity policies of the balloon a government and it wasn't because of the weimar hyperinflation of the by my you which i think it called a mistake that people make but today you've got a similar sort of problem you've got. ruined it's all said the policies being imposed all across the continent and they are being imposed by qualities of the right and the so-called left so it doesn't seem to matter for example in france where there you have a government led by a up before president nicolas sarkozy or the current government led by the socialist francois hollande the same sorts of policies are being implemented and the same thing is true in italy in spain and in portugal and of course in greece so
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when citizens find that the traditional outlets for their discontent are not met by the conventional mainstream they turn to more extreme parties and and that's been manifesting itself very well you know very worrying trend towards a party which embraces a kind of neo fascism and you're seeing that all across the continent why do you think this mistake is being repeated i mean i feel just forgotten what happened. yeah i think that they have i mean you know you the what tends to happen is that history the mistakes of history tend to be repeated i think when the when the collective experience of the collective memory tends to dissipate and unfortunately there are no longer very many people left who can recall the days of the great depression and ironically we are getting the same kinds who were who are like all of these that were introduced during that period and this is i think one of the reasons why history is warningly starting to repeat itself we're not seeing that
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fortunately at the us because we do have the institutions such as social security and medicaid which came about as a consequence of the great depression and also the great society but the irony is that these very mechanisms which have prevented a retreat or descent into that kind of political barbarism in the us are also under attack in the u.s. as well marshall the united states had has its own far right populist movement you know quote unquote populous it's the tea party the tea party has these racist and nationalistic tendencies like european far right movements but unlike say the danish people's party or even the the front national in france it's pro austerity what do you think accounts for this economic difference. well i would say first of all that the tea party i can do group my friend michael lind who's written some very very good piece about this and he suggests that actually it's
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it's not radio right wing working class movement it's actually a party in which you have. wealthy you have a lot of people what working class voters who are being manipulated by by wealthy individuals such as the coast brothers and i think that's actually a very important point and then there's certainly a a lack of coherence in a lot of their views because yes they are pro austerity many respects but you know heaven help the person that tries to cut medicare or social security for example those remain popular even i think among people in many many people in the tea party so it's much more complicated and it hasn't taken on even though there has been a racist element to it and it hasn't taken on the warning. tones that you see saying in countries like greece like the. new dawn party which is an explicitly neo nazi party world i think the european union plays in all this i mean it's hard for
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us to imagine or maybe that's just because we forgot as we were talking about earlier europe just breaking out into a war nowadays i mean the countries are also financially bound together and trade together now it's almost like one giant country do you think without any you we would have seen this sort of violence break out or do you think we still might see down the road even with the you or we might see a dissolving of the you that leads to this where is this all headed. well you have a comparable level a bit of an integration by globalization in europe before world war one i mean you were you actually had a huge degree of very much the type of the internationalized globalized system that you have today but i think that the difference is that you also have this talk of austerity that's being is being introduced and again. it was introduced in the 1930's at least one thousand nine hundred thirty days you could argue that there was the excuse of not knowing about say the importance of government stabilizing
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our economy because you know keynes even though he was a well known economist wasn't actually part of the economics mainstream by any stretch there's there's less. excuse for that today and i think the problem today is that you've got a series of countries that continue to misdiagnose this problem they continue to say that europe has a problem of too much national debt getting to understand that that debt is a consequence of having socializer taken out a lot of the pie but then it's in the national balance sheets and that is fundamentally a banking crisis a banking crisis that was caused by a lot of talks in private debt and i so i think you missed diagnose the nature of the illness and of course you offer the wrong kind of medicine right we need some people to read some history books back yes thanks for your enemy. thanks and thanks for having me.
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the good the bad in the very very but moxley ugly good pollinate energy the australian renewable energy nonprofit received an award from the united nations on wednesday for its role in helping the poor in the developing world gain access to solar power pollinate energy makes and distributes low cost solar panels to people who live in the slums of bangalore india the organization than trains slum dwellers who usually use energy efficient kerosene power on how to resell those solar panels throughout their neighborhood but the idea is that these small scale panels sellers will pollinate clean energy throughout the slums so far the program has helped save one hundred thousand kilograms of carbon emissions and bangalore alone could work pollinate energy. now the bad mcdonald's it's holiday season once again but for many americans especially those working stressful low wage jobs and struggling to
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meet their financial obligations christmas time doesn't feel all that festive pluckily mcdonald's one of the country's largest low wage employers has some helpful tips for its workers on how to survive the holiday money crunch mcdonald's recommends selling some of your unwanted possessions christmas presents on e bay or craigslist to get some quick cash and for those struggling to put food on the table mickey d's says breaking food into pieces often results in eating less and still feeling full you know if mcdonald's is worried about its employees financial health and there's a real easy solution it's called a living wage and i can drink some eggnog to that. now. very very ugly tallahassee florida police state quarterback james winston's sexual assault case has set the college football world a blaze with controversy controversy got even deeper wednesday when the tampa bay
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times reported that the investigator in charge of the case told winston's accuser that quote her life would be made miserable if she pressed charges against winston and he warned her against doing so the tallahassee is a big football town and the investigator apparently thought that she would be blamed for ruining f.s.u. shot at the national title i don't know what's worse but a public official trying to warn a potential rape victim against pursuing justice or that some people value football more than human dignity. it's all just very very ugly. coming up today's senate democrats told the so-called nuclear option changing senate filibuster rules but that still may not be enough to stop republican efforts to sabotage the obama presidency so maybe it's time to let the right split away from the rest of america and put an end to republican obstructionism once and for all. more on that tonight's.
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dramas that can be ignored. stories of those the few still notice. the faces changing the world. to picture those two days these days. and from around the globe. i think. the word like. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mention of the constitution and. that's because a free and open prize is critical to our democracy shred albus. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of
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our government and across several we've been a hydrogen right hand full of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once told us about my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem to try and rational debate and a real discussion of critical issues facing america have i ever feel ready to join the movement then walk a little bit. thursday
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let's get geeky on getting in a good workout most athletes runners and gym rats know about it in the wall is the point to which your body is so exhausted that you can't continue to function either out the field or in the gym but new research suggests that hitting the wall may be the perfect example of mind over matter and that exhaustion may be all in your head researchers at the university of kent in england wanted to figure out if mentally pumping yourself up and encouraging yourself during a workout could help fight off the effects of exhaustion so they turn to a group of twenty four healthy and physically active men and women and ask them to ride on the stationary bike until they just couldn't ride anymore the researchers
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took physical measurements of the study members before asking each one to ride on the stationary bike and and until they hit the wall as the study members rode on the bike researchers memory measured their heart rates their pedal power their overall pace and the researchers kept track of their facial muscle movement and grimaces which are signs of physical exhaustion and they repeatedly asked the bikers how hard the exercise was on a scale of one to ten after each bikers measurements and initial reaction size was recorded the group was divided into two one group of bikers was told to continue their normal exercise routine for the next two weeks while the other group was coached in using self talk during exercise learning how to positively talk to yourself about your workout during your workout it's positive talking clear phrases like you know well keep up the good work i'm feeling good this is making me feel better i can get through this after two weeks both groups return to the lab to take
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another round of exercise tests and the bikers who had learned self talk used it during their tests while those who hadn't did. researchers found that the group of bikers who had talked to themselves pedaled much longer before becoming tired but in their first rides and reported that the exercise felt easier even though the objective measurements their heart rates their facial expressions they remained the same from the first exercise test meaning that the second biking unexercised has was actually just as hard as the first one it just didn't seem that way to them sam wal-mart kora senior author of the study said that the results indicated that quote motivational small talk improves in durance performance compared to not using he went on to say that it's very possible that physical exhaustion develops primarily in the head so next time you head to the gym or go for a run think some happy thoughts and you may run right past that wall this applies
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to the real world by the way too this whole idea of coming up with affirmations is one time tested back in the eighteen under it's there was a frenchwoman. a really courageous something they had a long name at the end who came up with this what became an international fad where people would say to themselves five ten fifteen twenty times a day every day in every way i am getting better and better and better and it works if you can to actually talk yourself into things claude bristol wrote a brilliant book called the magic of believing and he told the story about a fellow that he knew who was had more to drink the need actually intended to who stood and looked him self in the mirror and said i am sober you are sober enough you are so and actually did how people can talk themselves into being successful. magical believe bristol check it out.
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thanks. crazy alert the future looks crappy. seeing professional scouter mansour oh you don't know what a scout a mansour is well it's someone who predicts the future by looking at the whole matter as and. it's sort of like the bathroom version of miss cleo if you think i'm kidding just check out this clip from the new documentary journey to planet sanity of seeing demonstrating his skills. as. you support a friend or family member project. away shaped like a cigar. leadership straight away long jeopardy. according to saying
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scott amancio has become a lost start over the past few centuries i just can't imagine why. washington d.c. has gone nuclear sort of earlier this afternoon the senate voted by a margin of fifty two to forty eight to change its rules regarding the use of the filibuster the so-called nuclear option although in reality the nuclear option should refer to the republicans this isn't a filibuster everything and blow up how the senate normally does business rather than refer to a relatively modest rule change by democrats to prevent unparalleled obstruction anyway with this change from now on any and all of the president obama's judicial and executive branch nominees except for supreme court nominees will only need
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a simple up or down vote to get confirmed they won't need sixty votes anymore today's vote was the culmination of a long battle under mitch mcconnell's leadership of the g.o.p. minority in the senate the use of the filibuster has skyrocketed everything came to a head on monday when senate republicans blocked the nomination of robert wilkins to serve on the d.c. circuit court the second most important court in the country after the supreme court and this was the third filibuster of one of president obama's d.c. circuit court nominees in just the past three weeks and for senate democrats it was the last straw so they took action the new filibuster rules will make it easier for the president to fill empty court seats and cabinet posts but they're not a cure all for washington gridlock republicans in the senate will still get to block popular legislation like the manchin toomey gun bill that they filibustered back in april and the cap and trade bill that they filibustered back in two thousand and ten and of course if the senate does manage to pass
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a bill over republican filibuster threat that bill still has to go through the house where the republican majority serves as a de facto filibuster threat of its own. we're seeing that right now with the senate's immigration bill which passed five months ago in june but which john boehner has yet to call a vote on it's easy to explain away washington gridlock with buzzwords like partisanship but the roots of dysfunction are a lot deeper than just normal my team your team politics america is really two different countries one red conservative republican country and one blue progressive democratic country these two different countries share very different values and they're moving farther and farther apart every day for example while deep blue vermont is getting ready to unveil its single payer health care system deep red texas is preventing its poorest citizens from getting expanded medicaid coverage. when lawmakers go to washington from these two american nations they
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bring their values with them and that more than anything explains our country's political dysfunction so in the long run if we want to get things working again maybe it's best to let red america blue america just go their separate ways about the subject of tonight's their way to. the tea party is nothing new the activism we see from tea party radicals in washington today is just a modern day reboot a rebranding perhaps of the same government obstructionist strategies that have been around since the early days of slavery from the battles over segregation and discrimination of the one nine hundred fifty s. and sixty's to the war on voting rights that alec is driving in state capitals all across our nation today tea party esque strategies and values every pete earley rear their ugly heads throughout american history as chuck thompson over at salon dot com points out the tea party strategy of today is the same old obstructionist
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strategy that's been pursued by traitorous southerners and government since long before robert e. lee is doomed to charge at gettysburg thomson goes on to say that it is part of the same soiled fabric that stretches from john c. calhoun in south carolina's eighteen thirty two order ordinance of elevation all the way to the newt gingrich led government shutdown. simply put the tea party represents the twenty first century rebirth of angry nineteenth century white male confederates who wanted to secede from the united states and start their own dysfunctional country based on a plantation economy so maybe we should let him do it and while we're out of let's make it easier for people like ted cruz and michele bachmann and the rest of the tea party friends let's help start their own plantation economy style country. we could do it by starting to such a movement of our own in the blue states the idea of northern industrialized states
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seceding from america is actually not a new idea back in eighteen fourteen and eight hundred fifteen the hartford convention took place in hartford connecticut federalist met to discuss their growing grievances provoked by the war of eight hundred twelve and principally the disagreement over slavery going on down south those at the convention discussed changing policies like the three fifths compromise which allowed the slave states to have more members in the house of representatives. and requiring a two thirds supermajority in congress for the admission the new states are for declarations of war for laws that had to do with trade. ultimately cries for new england from the rest of the union were strong those cries were drowned out by the moderates and talk of a northern drop. i'd say it's time for
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a new hartford convention so what would an america free of southern lunacy and tea party radicalism like well first the disaster of citizens united supreme court decision would be a thing of the past in a modern twenty first century america it would be clear corporations are not people and money is property not speech similarly billionaires wouldn't be able to buy politicians in a blue america so their mountains of money could corrupt democracy in the political process next the destructive policy decisions that came out of the reagan revolution would be overturned we put the sherman antitrust act back into enforcement and roll back the reagan tax cuts the fairness doctrine could be rebooted so that the media had to actually cover the news instead of programming infotainment to drive profits from there we live in a disastrous trade policies like nafta the debbie t.e.o. return to a kind of protectionist tariff based trade policies the built this country and our middle class from the george washington and ministration until ronald reagan begin taking them apart and the medicare eligibility age to be lowered to the moment of
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birth giving us a national single payer health care system over night. when this is accomplished america will reflect a twenty first century version of the ideals and visions of our founders if it takes the secession of blue america to achieve all this then so be it it's time to let small minded bigots go back to their plantation style economies let them run their states like third world countries meanwhile the rest of us can get started filling the dreams and visions that our founding fathers had for the general welfare and a more perfect union of these remaining united states. that's the way it is tonight thursday november twenty first two thousand and thirteen don't forget tom's new book the crash of twenty sixteen is now available for purchase at all online retailers and at your local bookstore and also don't forget as tom always says democracy begins with you get out there get active occupy something tag you're it.
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well. it's technology innovations and all the developments around russia. that's huge you're covered. i'm the president and i think. that i'm a big corporation mind. can do and the bankers i think it's all been all about money and i'm a family that for politicians write
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a lot and recommend that bankers come up. here just to plug in today's. topic that. there's a media leave out so we leave that maybe. by the same person surely oh your party there's a poll. shows that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from. politicking only on our t.v. .
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coming up on r t in afghanistan tribal leaders gather for a momentous vote at issue should u.s. troops be granted immunity in the country beyond twenty fourteen the future of u.s. intervention in afghanistan calling up go we nuclear senate democrats are changing the protocol to approve presidential nominees does that mean a clear path for janet yellen and update from capitol hill on the push for the next chair and food lovers be aware in an attempt to tip the scale in the favor of clear honorees the f.d.a. is about to take your trans fats away get saturated in the issues coming up.


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