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tv   [untitled]    November 25, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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today. there and so proclaimed nerd zachary levi what's your bucket list now take over the world i don't have the room if. you're not doing the show so that you know critic a or critic b. gives you the love that you would you feel like you need or want as an actor that validation you do it because you're all of your audience plus the chances of your dreams coming true in such profound ways i find to be pretty thin you know i mean it doesn't happen to everybody and it's that's not lost on me that's all ahead on larry king now. of larry king now we're in new york can a return visit with zachary levi the actor director singh and so proclaimed nerd
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and was proud to be a nerd he makes his broadway debut by the way the romantic comedy first date he's back on the big screen as fans are all the dashing in the newest installment of four title for the dog world that will open in theaters on november eighth what brought you to broadway first of all that may be the greatest summation of my life that any want to separate the whole thing here is like the everything i when i was a kid i grew up doing nothing but theater that was you know child actor well kind of i mean school theater community theater nothing really professional or anything that anybody ever saw outside of california or ventura california. but i you know as a young actor coming up that's what you know that's what you love that's what you you want to reach the highest level of in broadway is that level and. about twelve years ago i was my career took a really amazing turn in that i was blessed to go into television and film for
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about the last you know a dozen years but never did i. ever let go of that dream ultimately the bucket list you know check more gov go live in new york and go and do a broadway show and. you know a couple of shows have kind of come our way that just the timing wasn't right the role wasn't right and then this one came along and i thought you know this is this is fun this is an entertaining show that i think people will relate to and when they're open august eighth we started previews july ninth and then the show openoffice say to play seven actually there's myself and krista rodriguez who are the kind of the it's a two hander between us on the dates. kristen was on a smash on n.b.c. and as she's a broadway veteran i'm the newbie in the group and then there's five others. they kind of fill out the rest of the ensemble and and they are all either like the waiter in the restaurant or two of other couples in the restaurant that double as the voices in our heads as we are on this date so these you know they that was
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where you were thinking yes exactly so there are just a random guy and a girl but then it in a moment's notice they'll pop up and they are like my best friend who's giving me advice you know don't bring up your ex on a date don't do that that's a bad idea or use ago as a musical you have a romantic comedy musical in it and i want to have no information it's kind of like an hour and a half said come with music it is all broadway on whereas on broadway on broadway it longacre theater on forty eighth street what was opening night like and you know it was very interesting because we had also a dream yeah definitely and we had a month of previews before that so we had already been performing it for a good month. but but opening night was the whole to do with you know the red carpet outside and people coming in a lot of industry folks and my agents and you know everybody else's agents and lawyers and and friends and family and. it was it's it was very special is very
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special to finally say we are open now we are we're not making any more changes to the show previews are done rehearsals done the show is locked and it's frozen the critics have come they've made their decisions and this is where the critics. how are the critics we critics were they were mixed we had some that were not kind at all we had some that were incredibly kind. and i think ultimately when it came down to was do do they see the show for what the show is or the or are they trying to or the judging or something of that it's that it's not. i've always said that you know that it's not it's not high art it's not highbrow we're not doing chaucer shakespeare it is it's a romantic comedy musical incident it's modern and you know many people in the arts over the years that i've interviewed have told me. that they never read
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a critic who help them well you know they were able to say yes that's right i'll do that differently yeah well one of the things fortunately i only read two i should never read any of the reviews some people don't yeah and you shouldn't particularly if you're doing theatre and you've got to go back because you can't go back and do it again the movie for your movie it's done your you've finished it you know i do a bit like the way exactly exactly still not not necessarily beneficial go read what other people have to say about it but you know necessarily however on on broadway or doing you know off road or whatever if you're doing an ongoing performance it just it's it's these you know these little worms that just like they burrow into your head and into your mind then. you don't you shouldn't bring any of that into the stage you need to be be there or be present and be the character that you are so good they were you able to overcome i was yeah there was because there was a few days that i got really really messed with me for
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a second and then it was like you know what i still believe in this and i and i and i stand by the choice that i made for why i wanted to do this show and you know when you when we have a packed house of like eleven hundred people and they're laughing their asses off and they're enjoying it you go that's why you're doing the show you're not doing the show so that you know the critic a critic be. gives you the love that you you feel like you need or want as an actor that validation you do it because you're all of your audience i said next to a famous critic ones who go on main. at a comedy at a preview and he left his head off i mean i was eleven double of me and he rapped it no way he let he thoroughly enjoyed it and then he just panels that appealed to the lowest element was incredible i couldn't believe it was this our show. we always assumed there. i grew up doing a lot of musical theater and stuff as
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a kid i'm not a trained singer by any stretch i really enjoy singing and it was something that i wanted to incorporate more into my career but singing and acting is a very i don't know i've always seen it as being a very interesting one way street if you're a successful recording artist and you want to be an actor i find that hollywood is very open to that idea maybe they really like that. and however if you are a very if you're successful actor and you want to become a recording artist the music industry is much more like will wall in a second who are you. and i feel like you know there's it's much more difficult to earn that and so because my career started very much in acting. singing is always been this kind i don't i don't know exactly how to how to tackle that but i think you know going to doing a broadway show helps do that i did this animated movie called tangled for disney and i sang in vats and a lot of people came to know that i could sing through that but i thoroughly enjoy
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singing he'll be back on the screen in four of the dark wars of the dark what the dark world dark world now you are you playing a part differently than your predecessor josh was supposed to just alice originated the role as fanjul in the first film and he had some conflicts with the television show he's currently on call once upon a time and there it was a kind of a the fate of it was interesting as i nearly played the role the first time and then it ended up being in josh's hands and then marvel remembered me and said hey would you like to come in and help and that's what we made you. come to exactly are you a comic fan i love comic books i mean my big comic book heroes when i was eleven well in fairness my big comic years were right around that time it was like kind of nine to fourteen yeah. but even now you know comics have actually taken
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a really interesting turn in like the graphic novel kind of world now you have comic books that are much more like you know adult fiction you're not just dealing with stuff that kids would deal with you and that's actually some very you know adult themes and darker kind of themes and you know being able to read a novel because it really is a novel but you get the pictures with it so it's kind of a fun way to you know be told a story who is fender oh fans are all is of what i have found all the dash and yes he is one of the best friends and fellow warriors from as guard he's like this kind of errol flynn. authority over time. good with the ladies and good with the sword you are working with him is worth important oh yeah i was fantastic i mean you know we were definitely supporting characters the warriors three so you know our screen time with them is not as much as they you know got to do together but we had scenes
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with with chris and natalie and with him coming up you know yeah i love that that he is the d.m. run amende season he is he's not had a ball at oh you mean the fact that he you know when you when you meet him and you say oh you know sir and first he i love that he's not even a so what you but he's you know he's isn't he denounced that i think something like that first citizenship thing i don't know what it was but but he insists on being called tony and. this multiple academy award winning amongst every other award he's won is a great day such a great guy. and you are people know you already what is this going to do for your career do you think gosh i don't know i mean i hope i hope it will be doors yeah i think i think it will be i'm just i have more than anything i'm just really happy to get to work in that marvel universe and as a comic book fan in as
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a fan of marvel i think they put out some really great entertaining films it's pretty it's still very kind of trippy to think that i was you know just this special little kid who like making people laugh and now i get to make a living out of it you know and that's carried me to places like this and like here live in a new york and doing broadway. the chances of your dreams coming true and such profound ways i find to be. pretty thin you know i mean it doesn't happen to everybody and it's that's not lost on me brothers and sisters two sisters one older one younger and in the business know well my younger sister works for me she's my sister but that's the closest to anybody in my family being in the business my older sister is fantastic wedding and event coordinator at the ohio valley and. own and she loves that my younger sister is just an incredible individual who has helped me in my career for the last ten years you know help keep all the t.'s
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crossed and i's dotted and the next segment we'll talk a little above being a nerd and everything to nerds get married of course and you marry no you anon marrying nerd no no no i have every intention of getting married someday i just haven't found what. by definition and i left probably and i've said i'm close we're going to show a clip and we might just oh yeah yeah comma time by the way before it's with that explained comic-con to me i mean i went there and it was to me we're. well comic-con is the hollywood boulevard it is you sure well yet certainly now or or times square with everybody dressing up you know a little that's witty at that but those guys are always trying to make a buck and that's how we were all about everybody it is where it is we're and those costumes are very good but the costumes at comic-con are very good and it's because people are really passionate about it all this oh i'm incredibly incredibly and that's really what it is comic-con is just this it's this you know this four day
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event. and by the way come a cons happen all over the world and all of the country but say you're going to come is the kind of mecca of that los angeles tried to get it lawson yeah and so san diego kept yes well the city's always trying to it's a giant income generator for san diego and could be for los angeles but it's also just all the you know the kind of logistics of it you know how many hotels do you have how many people are coming into town where you put how big is the convention center city goes trying to expand their convention center because it's grown so big but when we come back we'll show you a clip made him mad. at comic-con for the good. it was. very hard to get. together on a. saturday that would make their lives.
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please. please. please. please. for the. first time as a new alert animation scripts scare me a little. there is breaking news tonight and they are continuing to follow the breaking news. alexander's family cry tears
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of the wife and him great things out there that there had to be added brenda arquette a court of law found online is a story made for movies playing out in real life. i think that anyone is an artist is what you're nerdy about because i think being married just means you're passionate about something you my friend are a suspender and timer that's why your passion i search right market with that was angry levi he's in first date on broadway and that was a clip from our interview back at comic con the first encounter you're still with
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in a nerd so i want to definition what is a nerd well a lot of people give you a lot of different answers but your my definition is essentially everyone is a nerd because i root there is the stereotypical nerd there is the george clooney is a nerd well yes because. i'll explain. not as the stereotypical nerd is horn rimmed glasses and a pocket protector and super into technology and video games and comic books and that that type of. the picture that you could paint of the soul of a nerd pencil sharp yes. but to me i feel like those people were given that moniker simply because they were just very passionate about whatever those things were i think gates was a builder sure absolutely he told me oh yeah. but to me i think that that can translate over because i really believe that being a nerd just means that you are passionate about something being nerdy about something means you're passionate about something i think that jay leno is
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a car nerd. germs is a book listen best as a best of all are exact i'm a broadcast and you're a broadcast nerd absolutely and a suspender nerd i would say this is splendid yes exactly you're an open caller to i'm going to do but that's that's exactly right yeah and i happen to be nerdy about some of the stereotypical nerd things like comic books and video games and technology but i think that everyone can fall under that you see it that way but the the worldwide impression of a nerd is not just someone who is passionate sure someone kind of that's that nerd in the corner sure nerds don't have a lot of friends if the school nerds are not out there but that's changing touch football but that's changing a lot i think we've we've we've come into a new age in the world where you know top level jobs have more to do with your brain than your brawn you know fifty years ago. there and certainly even before that i mean there was a there was a premium put on somebody who about their strength their physical strength and how
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many how much of what they could shop or how much coal they could shovel and if you and as a man that was a value that was put on you but now if you know of this muscle of your brain if you can go and come up with the next new great app on that to sell on i tunes you're the man you know you know her well fine but nerds have taken over the world and so here are the more everyone kind of wants to be will you have a website called the nerd machine dot com yeah what do i find when i go there what we find a lot of. articles editorial a lot of fan generated stuff basically what i wanted to start with the nerd machine was a lifestyle brand for nerd culture going down to comic-con every year i would notice that this entire demographic of people in a very powerful and amazing demographic of people had no brand was chucked a nerd was definitely a nerd yeah took was a hit. you could say that we were here we were on the air for five years out of your head if yeah but we were also on the chopping block every single year where
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our numbers were never good enough to just give us the green light. we get yellows all the way through and then. fortunately for us we just happened to be on n.b.c. at a time and place where the network needed a show like ours to continue to stay on the schedule and that's true of many shows odd couple was never in the top forty really and ran seven years wow never in the top forty wow i did not know they just kept their own it wasn't a failure resin hit it was bad yeah and sometimes you just need as a network you need those other you know there's just going to be a movie well i don't know that it ever was going to be a movie i would love to i feel like the family that we had there the actors the crew. the writers we we had it we had a really special thing especially with when you when you brought in our fanbase and how lovely and interactive and passionate they were and i would love to continue
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the story for them and for us to just you know get the band back together for you know about film every couple of years and we'll career you're in a multi-phase right broadway singing yeah for music websites. oh man i'm trying to figure that i'm a self i don't know i what's your bucket list now. take over the world. i don't have the room if. i want to look i really want to change the world i really want to i want to impact the world in a way that when i'm gone it's. i have a continued legacy of swords and not that i want to monument build for myself i want to create of movement i want to create i want to change the world in a way that's everlasting that touches people and. and changes things for the better and allows artists to create. their art and to get it to
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people and and allow those people to get the art that they really wants and and bring joy to people and i don't know and so does us all very existential i suppose but no it's great you know but i want to but i think that we live in a really amazing times and i think that technology has really allowed for a lot of doors to open where i mean look look at you you now get to you get to do your show however you want to do your show them at yeah or not beholden to anybody no other venue knows you've got your mike you've got your table you're overlooking columbus circle right now and a beautiful hotel with a bunch at least teeny little cameras you don't need giant broadcast cameras anymore oh you've got these guys yellow canon five days and they look fantastic and you get to go put it online to all of your fans and oh that's freedom and that's power and that's something that i want to i want to i want to use that for you and that power and i want to keep rolling with it and change the world even more and keep you around we have some social media questions and yes i love these names on
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social media they're great i j f k on facebook wants to know now that you're a star is it easier to be around women. was a harder before. i don't you know actually is kind of a double edged sword i suppose i mean you know i suppose certainly women are attracted to. stability so knowing that when a woman knows that you have a job and that you know i know when you come famous most european people they know you more and you know when you are but the other but i think a problem with that also is that you don't know when a woman actually likes you for you i would think just like you because you're famous or you really want to know what a great jockey bill hard time was want a great job one five kentucky derby when he was single as i've always had a lot of women and i asked him do you feel but women are attracted to you because you're a famous jockey and he said but i am with english. guys if they were dragged into
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you because his act relieved my true odds are pretty much true true anyway at lovely ness of via twitter wants to know if you could pick another current broadway musical started what would it be for any broadway musical of a little. that would be made again about two hundred pounds yeah. gosh i don't know i mean i really love i really love big river. is a goal of huckleberry finn and i did that when i was younger i was huck and it was just such an incredible show roger miller's score is fantastic and he was a great oh my gosh my title so yeah. but i'm going to all the play hockey now so i don't know what i would know the king of to do something at zero on twitter i want between chuck and thought what's the scariest stunt to you've been asked to perform oh wow. i don't know i i don't really get scared with stunts do we have stunt men to do stand well yeah but we also get to do a lot of our own stuff too and i always felt i had been anything really crazy. you
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know writing on and on for i ride a horse and you know horses have a bit of money their own they do and. there was a couple moments where my horse wasn't doing exactly what i thought he was going to do or it was oh no no no never got that on but in training we you know we was a couple moments where he was galloping back to the barn and sick everything that i had in me to stop him that was a little hairy joshua on facebook i want to know if you have a consider standup comedy i love standup comedy i have actually done about six or six stand ups. most. people do you with all your standup i've toured all year i didn't know if i was a doing is a no way or my favorite i am a i'm a giant fan of stand up comedy i wish that i was a better stand up comic i love but i just it's so terrifying and really so
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terrifying to get out there that one state away if you haven't but he did not heckle he got to go and stories and stuff i don't go live you have story you're larry king everybody loves you no stop you can read the friggin phone book and then larry keep. jessica lever on and stick around once what inspired you to become an actor. making people happy personal cv ensure that any other team the projects coming up for you now the moment no but i get too busy doing the play at the moment but i think it would be really fun to do a television show here in the city i'd like to do a t.v. show here in a little game if you only knew i assume quickly first kiss. i think that was nicola just see the cola just see where was it that was in ventura when i was a kid what was your first date. breaking up at disneyland on it's a small world. it was your first date essentially yeah kind of yeah went through
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that ride we went through the ride that it is a little silent walls and the worst of the ride is if you do that right early in the morning how then signa song will be on goes through your head and it never leaves your head whoever wrote that song go to the tiki room and in the morning that's a much better so if you had a funny fan encounters oh gosh i've had plenty of funny fan encounters i mean did you know typically it's just people that are like really really passionate and i don't know what to do with their emotions and so you just have to calm them down a little bit but then a short for fanatic and yes i know what was your worst audition. man too many to count i mean just auditions where you don't you view you practice your lines you for her so much and you know your prom and it just it all goes away you know like what's happening why my son nervous right now is your biggest thing you've ever splurged on probably vehicles a car a motorcycle i really love you until you driving less than a little bit of
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a swan levels and no no now this crowd oh no not terrible nuts he's got so many vehicles i mean it's ridiculous got to anger and he's got to and he works on them he goes oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah like he's legitimate like he ever yells out of work on concert on us soil i don't know how to do any of that stuff dream costar oh man i mean you know some of my idols i suppose like tom hanks i'd love to work with tom hanks. just so my broad wish to rip a sword and i will sell. the show was fantastic it was great yeah yeah what was your first car in one nine hundred eighty four chrysler fifth avenue was the hammer down from my grandma in the butt across if there was a big car there's a boat there's a boat something no one knows about you. i don't know i'm i pretty much talk about everything. bad driving i can't get me to people in the fast lane who are doing you
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good fingers no i do not give a finger and i'm jack you're great larry you're great thanks man zachary levi you'll see him on broadway in first date look from and for next month follow me on king's things at twitter on twitter at c and i start. the world with. science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future of coverage.
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crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want. i was. a society. where for ration mind. i think they tried. all the money and i was actually sick for a politician the last. attack right.
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here just two. days. there i marinate in this is boom bust and here are some of the stories we're tracking for you today. first up iran is open for business at least slightly and at least for the next six months we'll tell you about the groundbreaking deal designed to curb iran's nuclear program and the implications it sobbing on the markets and also trying predictor of jerold at some entity joins me later on in the show discuss iran policy war pretty much anything else you can think of so have it all and finally in today's big deal rachel courteous and i discuss life and death and everything in between it's a loaded one for sure and you won't want to miss that and it all starts right now.


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