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this is the place that has been consecrated to god for almost a thousand of years people dream here twenty some years ago so he established the last a life on the silence. and people feel the love of christ all working. people so you can catch. something happens on this island that makes them return to it again and again they say the below saves them. join me james brown on
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a journey for the soul. only on o.t. . well if you're going to lie should be. the face of you know. pleasure to have you with us here on our team today i'm sure. it'll be right on the street. first street if you live and i think pictures.
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on our reporters twitter. and instagram. would be on the list on. live. live. live. like seacoast is one of russia's top tourist destinations sung sea and the best one in the country has to offer but if those weren't good enough reasons on their own
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scum here there's also a little mystery but i want to gets the bottom of. i had heard long ago that there was a man named brown would come to russia's black sea coast to grow grapes and make wine he might not have been my ancestor but the namesake in the region seemed a pathic to excuse for a visit i turned up one bottle of the family wine if there was another one i was going to find it and if i had to have a few of the local vintages along the way that was a sacrifice i was willing to make. this is a venerable institution in russia's wine industry the miss haka has been running almost continuously for nearly one hundred and fifty years and culturists. is in
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charge of making sure it's still one of the country's top. nice to me. but can you tell us all about you know well this is one of the first places in the region and in russia was a whole off to the crimea of course when the first video it was set up. to miss halcombe been you know it's a joint almost mediterranean climate protected by mountains close to the sea and with winds that blow in from the step to keep the temperature balanced it's been a recipe for great great for over one hundred fifty years and some of the workers have seen quite a few vintages come and go. how long have you worked here but about. the future i've been working here since one thousand nine hundred eighty five when i first came to the vineyard. and i still work here. i really like this job so i've never worked in any other place i began after
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finishing seventh grade i got married here to. this is definitely a job that inspires loyalty grandma zhenya isn't the only person who returns for the harvest year after year but there's always room for new workers. away thank you mr l. with this one ok listen james you have to pay attention to the following you don't come small branches like this one we don't need the small ones just the big ones don't touch the little ones otherwise the one will be poor quality. carefully does it grasp it with your hand and cut it off like that but the great because job doesn't end when his bucket is full. james i'd like to draw your attention to the fact that the great gathering involves not just gathering but you also have to put the grapes into this container very carefully and sort through
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them see there's a leaf there ok they have to be taken in. each of these crates weighs between two hundred fifty and three hundred kilos so getting them to the factory takes some good teamwork. and i would go. grapes. loaded up factory. the way. i. write.
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this is a lot more than just rows of dusty bottles it's actually the best stuff in the
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winery the ground that's been sitting here for at least a year to develop its flavor much of which it gets from these these wonderful huge heavy oak barrels. which give all the different notes and flavors to the wine and parrot me if you pressure it here long enough yet to hear the occasional. we may twig grapes will ripen in your kiss was sweet like red one. knew the move to the. moon last forever.
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most wine companies in the crescent all reason might be trying to up production but there are some that still think that small is beautiful i'm off to meet the king of russia so cool garridge wines and i've heard that this is some pretty high level home brew. you know your pattern is the man behind me gordon. he used to be an important exporter of wine and he's visited vineyards all over the world but seeing other people cultivate their own brands wasn't enough he wanted his own. two thousand and five we bought a cross of learned and in two thousand and six planted the first great plains which brought their first harvest in two thousand and nine. in two thousand and ten we
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took second place at the new zealand one competition in the industry developed rapidly the wind was in high demand among our guests and we doubled the size of the harvest. fourteen as an area we mostly grow companies so when you're. in a little malone a little. bit early how many containers other three taken of the three and be done with. the most coming and will stop processing ok in carriage wine quality is everything and he has to micromanage the process everything is handmade from beginning to end strictly this is a home brew but can anyone actually do it well if you've got the right fruit anything's possible. and these plastic bins where my beautiful grapes end up.
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this is where the fermentation process takes place as you can see it's completely low tech but the grapes sit here for several weeks and we do really come along and give them a good stir four or five times a day. so once the grapes become it's a sign that they're ready to be pressed so now the worst happens we can get the first crest of the one going in here. probably it's best not to wear white when doing this to be honest. is completely. traditional method. so beautiful to use here. is through this hose and into. to. get to in time
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this. great big steel container and it's here for about three weeks and it's ready for the next stage of the push. and the right barrel is all important in the wine making process because if you have good quality oak it lets the wine. and imparts all sorts of interesting notes so. new batch is going to sit in here. months. and hopefully it will turn out to be rather delicious. fermentation of red wine which we've already processed and mix is about to finish it's been fermenting for a whole two weeks now. and then we're going to fill these barrels with the very first bench. to alter the wines been sitting
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in its barrel for several months comes the great season is it ready to be bottles and this is all down to the one make his personal choice and i see. that's pretty good. you know we don't filter our wine if we bottle it directly from the barrels. or the bottle break no we're not going to put your foot here to keep it in place. yeah that's right james brown been to twenty thirty it's going to be invaluable in the few years that . who knows maybe this been to will be another international award winner to add to
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his collection. but one thing's for sure there's no brown family both lin his so i was going to have to keep looking. and. thinking with the economic ups and downs in the final month the london deal sank i and the rest because i meet a few little baby every week on me. choose your language. calling for week over though and if you're going to stay still some of the. treatments the fumes the concerns you can.
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choose the opinions that immigrate to. choose the stories get in high school life choose me access to your office. the olympic torch is on its epic journey to such a. one hundred twenty three days. through two thousand nine hundred towns and cities of russia. relayed by fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand killings. in a record setting trip by land air sea an outer space. a limp a torch relay. on r t r g dot com. my
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first interest here when i came. to my first question. what are you doing at the. russian wind has been enjoying a resurgence in recent years thanks in no small part to european technology but it's not only machines that are being imported from the continent. born in the heart of france's wine country has a lifetime of experience in the business after projects all round the world he's made his way east to russia although he's found a winery with
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a familiar name. he's in charge of the. stock and brown which boasts its grapes of the equal of any in bordeaux and felipe is gearing up for his first harvest. from his own. little dream because my. side was born in crime. and when i was young people are. every time i hear. and after a long. and united states i disabled i disabled work in ratio and. proposition four and in one week. job.
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it's just simple story. but heavy rain and strong winds are causing significant problems. with the harvest already behind show jewel sean felipe has to make sure the process runs smoothly the weather hasn't been kind and he needs to check the quality of the grapes that are coming in and exactly how long it's going to take the longer the fruit stays on the vine the riper it becomes which can significantly affect the taste judging the moment of perfect rightness is one of the most crucial decisions in wine making. good the. people. tell us please what are
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you going to finish if it doesn't start raining. into our. report on and then let's call it a day. like you've never heard of the brown family one really in this region have you know what . a legs a stick. a have a good find. out what the kids. will receive the grades you see if. this is my last why. do you want to discuss it ok i'll just go. to break so why do you need to distinguish. between.
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this if i can decide does this seem. to. be just. in the hands of. the depressed. when suppressed the food we start to receive and we take the juice we steal and we still can seduce ended junction. but what i will get for a city mentation i. was. happy. to chas and friends and we keep the wind. and some poor of the star of the film until it's. not real finished but if you fold to just this is my first song so be you'll feel ok you want to just be just a little bit true or
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a. yes yes yes. so this is it. this is all to help how much time. as a moment to eighteen eighteen days and i think finish next week afterwards when the twenty. the twenty two days. but. also for this to. be so. it's a planned. uncross will stop. a
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. blended typical male one but we have to buy you to listen to stuff we meet as value to you because you were what did you feel to you and. although bland at the russian speaking. fate like the horizon his suppurating tones from each other i don't know if i'll ever see the can. have is this last bottle we made that sound. i will keep it until you return. i decided i've been thinking too much in my attempts to find my bottles twin so we're going to take a trip back in time this is supposed to be home to one of the largest collections of soviet wine in the reason. maybe i'll have a bit of better luck. it
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seems the wine was popular if expensive throughout the soviet union by the one nine hundred seventy s. this factory alone was producing more than two million bottles see here. this isn't just the oldest wine cellar in the region it's also one of the largest each one of these titles is the length of almost three football fields and if you were so inclined you could drink a liter of wine a day for each of these barrels and it would take seven it's finished. this wine cellar contains eighty two thousand bottles of about two hundred fifty six of the best sorts of wines from all wine making regions of the former soviet union and here we have wines from georgia and russia mainly from dawn and the stuff . but could i find
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a brown family bottle tucked away in this collection. even in all these thousands i still wasn't having any success. my personal quest wasn't going all that well but i was getting a crash course in the history of wine in this region greek settlers brought the technology to the black sea coast more than two thousand years ago and one of the descendants is still following the traditions to this day. it is a little business buzz tell us about your technology please. difficult business. is fine. that's how we would crush bunches of grapes until recently but it hasn't been long since electric powered wine press has appeared.
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after the revolution of one nine hundred seventeen people became obsessed with globalization and production growth. and drinking culture fell victim to the changes. controlling the harvest rate is important we do it as well you have to set limits to the output volume if you're expanding it more and more it's easy to lose control then you'll have to use preservation agents and conservatives to put it simply it's murder they kill wine we take specially selected grapes no rotten months. we don't throw away grapes of lower quality we use them to make paths of wine and you.
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well i'm i'm not a fan the second bottle but there have been plenty of unexpected benefits from my trip to the greek stress or even the odd excuse me i'm. one making is a very personal business everyone has different aims different tastes and a differently and tell that trying to reach choosing the correct moments of bottle can be the difference between success and failure and that often comes down to one man's opinion guessing you're right it seems is never a perfect science so we've been asking the. question again for one thing. do you think the secret is. a perfect one. saurians that's my secret
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so good bye for. the more important for make a while so good why. make a good for me a good way to make a real good to. see the secret after all if you have a real good gripes. in the city you can make so good why but if you don't have discrimination it's impossible. better than you have to care for your video to video grapes should be wholesome that would really love it but luckily the climate here is favorable you should controls of an insatiable procedures. clean the cellar and then store instead of bottles probably with just my secret with which you off the bed is nothing special about it you know it was. you know they have you heard the surname brown in this
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region i'm looking for a second bottle. in use but i can't answer your question well if you search hard enough you never know what you might find to. know that. it seems who never meet again in this life wine has never tasted the same to me since our bottle still sits in my cellar. perhaps one day it will find its way home. one could.
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this is the place that has been consecrated to god for almost a thousand of years. old jim here twenty years ago so early established a monastic life on the silent. and people feel the love of christ all working. people say you can. come and something happens on this island that makes them return to it again and again they say the beloved saves them. join me james brown on a journey for the soul. only on nazi.
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a roundup of the headlines this week on kiev in lockdown protesters in the ukrainian capital clash with police in a dispersed violently after walking out over the government's decision to pull out of a trade deal with the e.u. . so if sanctions all diplomatic action was agreed the nuclear deal with iran is a breakthrough but what made it possible also. this agreement has moved much more do you dress place it will make our partners in the region safer the obama administration is facing pressure from skeptics both at home and abroad to deal comes under fire from washington and tel aviv.


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